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A Little Less Fuck Off, A Little More Fuck Me

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It's all Hoseok can do to roll himself out of bed for his 6am shift.

He's hit the snooze button too many times and has the shorter end of fifteen minutes to get dressed and get out the door. His job at the grocery store isn't bad - he doesn't mind it - but the morning shifts are going to kill him.

He sits on the edge of the bed and tries not to fall asleep sitting up, when he feels the bed dip behind him.

"Do you have to go to work today," a deep, sleep-laden voice mumbles into his bare shoulder and it's the only thing that could make him smile at this time of day.

"Gotta make money for us, Yoongi," he says back, laughing a little at the disgruntled huff he gets in return.

"I'll be back at noon, it's not a really long shift today."

"That's six hours!" Yoongi whines, hands snaking up around Hoseok's neck. He bites softly into the skin of his shoulder; Hoseok sighs.

"Don't do that to me, I have to go to work," Hoseok tries his best to sound annoyed, but he's so tired, and Yoongi is so warm.

The next thing he knows the warmth is gone, replaced by cold air and a last soft scrape of fingernails before he hears Yoongi shift and turn back over to sleep again.

"Go," Yoongi yawns, "wouldn't want you getting fired."

Hoseok hates morning shifts.


"You're not awake."

Hoseok blinks up at the person currently bagging groceries at the end of his register. Park Jimin, who is always way too perky at 6:30 in the morning, is grinning back at him, barely even looking as he throws boxed dinners in the plastic bags.

"Keen observation," Hoseok tries for venom, because he's annoyed and tired and doesn't want to be here right now, with the lady in front of him glaring and fidgeting while he scans each of her five million coupons.

"Ma'am, this coupon expired yesterday," he explains, mustering as much of a smile as he can, "and you didn't get this cereal."

The woman huffs. "Of course I did! You must have just missed it."

Hoseok clenches his teeth and stares Jimin down as he rustles through the bags he just stacked neatly in the shopping cart.

"I don't see it, ma'am. Would you like me to get you a box?" Jimin says easily, all smiles. The woman just huffs again, says "No", and snatches the coupon back before paying.

Hoseok thanks her with a tight throat and doesn't look at Jimin again until their morning rush has died down.

"I need ten shots of soju and a really good back massage," Hoseok says once the customers are (mostly) gone. Jimin squeezes his shoulder.

"I know you've been working a lot lately," he says, sympathy-laden. "How's Yoongi?"

"He's fine."

Hoseok feels a rush of sadness come over him. He misses Yoongi. He's been working long hours with hardly any days off lately, usually closing the store and coming home after his boyfriend has long since passed out, even with an empty mug next to him that once held coffee. 

"I get off a little earlier today, so I'm grateful," he stamps the lonely feeling in his stomach down, smiling a little at Jimin, "we'll get to spend the rest of the day together."

Jimin makes a kissy face at Hoseok. Hoseok swipes at him before their manager can see.


The rest of the day goes by relatively quickly; Hoseok only has to deal with a customer screaming in his face once, and his manager, Kim Namjoon, had quickly saved him, fitting himself between the man and Hoseok and planting a firm grip on Hoseok's wrist as if to say, "I know this guy's crazy - it's okay, I'll handle it."


The train ride home is long and crowded. Hoseok breathes deeply and tries not to count the seconds. The tension in his shoulders lifts, little by little, the closer he gets to his apartment - the closer he gets to Yoongi.

"Yoongi-ah" he calls out to him as soon as he manages to push the door open, untucking his work shirt and loosening his tie. "Please tell me we can order in because I don't feel like going out for lunch."

Hoseok is met with silence. He looks up from where he's kicked his shoes off beside the entrance, and listens.

"Yoongi-ah. What are you doing?" he calls again. He really means "Why aren't you curled up on the couch watching bad television like you normally are when I get home from work?"

Sighing deeply, Hoseok stumbles his way through the hallway to their bedroom, expecting a napping boyfriend and considering doing the same. When he gets there, well - that is not what he gets.

Hoseok doesn't think he's ever woken up or gotten hard so fast. He feels a little dizzy. He suddenly can't breathe, let alone speak.

Yoongi is naked. Normally, that wouldn't be a weird thing - he's seen Yoongi naked before, they've been together for three years. But here, now, Yoongi isn't just naked. He's naked, knealing on his knees in front of the bed, his wrists cuffed together behind his back (How the fuck did he do that?), with a pretty red ball gag sitting perfectly round in his mouth. Saliva is already dripping down his chin, and as Hoseok's eyes go lower, he notices Yoongi is already hard, and - "Fuck", he thinks, winded, "that's a fucking cock ring."

Hoseok's blood rushes in his ears and he tries really hard to steady himself. He stares, watching Yoongi's beautiful pale skin turn red on the apples of his cheeks.

"Yoongi," is all Hoseok can manage for the moment, and his voice even breaks, because seriously?

Yoongi moans - fucking moans - around the ball gag, breaking Hoseok out of his stupor. He walks over to where his boyfriend is knealing. He has to touch - he can't help it - and he runs his fingers through Yoongi's fringe, tugging it back a little. Yoongi's so wound up and already so pliant that his head just rolls back with Hoseok's hand and Hoseok nearly collapses.

"Oh my god, Yoongi," Hoseok breathes, "how long have y-" his voice breaks again and he clears his throat, tries once more to steady himself against the rush of pure want, "how long have you been like this?"

Yoongi, even in his current position, manages to glare. Hoseok slides his fingers down Yoongi's cheek and tries not to laugh. He reaches around to the back of Yoongi's head for clasp of the gag and pulls it out, massages Yoongi's jaw softly and watches, silent, waiting for him to speak.

He already sounds wrecked.

"Not long," Yoongi answers, voice thick and strained, "I, uhm - I know you've been working hard," he stares at the ground, blushes, looks everywhere but Hoseok, "wanted to surprise you."

Hoseok does laugh now, soft and breathless. He curves his hand under Yoongi's jaw and tilts his face up and Yoongi's cheeks are burning, from embarrassment or lust or both, Hoseok doesn't know, doesn't care. He just knows Yoongi is so pretty like this.

"Considered me surprised," Hoseok says, grinning wide. Yoongi glares again, but it's a little less sharp now, a little shaky, a little less "fuck off" and a little more "fuck me."

Hoseok slips his hand through Yoongi's hair again. He smiles softly down at Yoongi and raises his eyesbrows up in a silent question - "Are you sure about this?". He gets his answer when Yoongi presses his cheek against Hoseok's thigh and nips at him through his work slacks. Hoseok smiles again, and wordlessly tugs the gag back around Yoongi's head and slips the red ball back into place.

That's when the air changes.

The hand Hoseok has in Yoongi's hair tugs, sharp, pulling Yoongi's head to one side. Yoongi whimpers around the gag, caught off guard, but sighs when Hoseok crouches down in front of him. He slides his hand up Yoongi's throat, squeezes so, so lightly, and Yoongi's eyes flutter shut before he can stop them. Hoseok's hand disappears as quickly as it came, and his palm connects harshly with the skin of Yoongi's cheek.

"You know the rules," Hoseok whipsers, breathing Yoongi's air, "eyes open. On me."

Yoongi nods, mouthing out a quiet apology in the form of a whimper. They've done this before - not in a while, Hoseok notes, but enough times to know what his boyfriend likes. The stress of the day has already left him, and all he can see now, all he can feel, is Yoongi.

"You're so good, baby, look at you," Hoseok mouths into Yoongi's throat, hands coming up to trace random patterns on the smooth expanse of his ribcage. Yoongi lets out a high-pitched keening noise when Hoseok pulls at one of his nipples, then growls when Hoseok stops just to look.

"So needy, huh?" Hoseok whispers. His fingers brush down Yoongi's front, caressing softly at the downy hairs above his cock, not any lower. Yoongi nearly growls again, Hoseok can hear the beginnings of it getting lodged in his throat, and laughs, standing.

"Stand up," he says, soft but still commanding. He grips Yoongi's shoulder to steady him as he stands on shaky legs, weak from being on his knees for so long.

Yoongi's skin feels so soft against Hoseok's fingertips as he trails them back along the expanse of his chest, down the middle of his stomach, and finally, finally, to the base of his cock. He plays a bit with the ring Yoongi has picked out on his own - a simple black thing, smooth, shiny and new - then presses his thumb to the underside of the head, earning a low groan from the back of Yoongi's throat.

Hoseok keeps on for what seems like an eternity, sliding his fingertips up Yoongi's cock only to drop them away from the head and back down. He leans in to mouth at Yoongi's nipples, biting and flicking his tongue over the soft flesh until Yoongi's shifting his hips into his feather-light touches and his cock is a beautiful red, leaking precome into Hoseok's hand.

The best part, Hoseok thinks, is Yoongi has been teased so thoroughly that where he normally keeps on the quieter side, now he's moaning, keening, almost pleading through the gag. The sounds vary from low-pitched groans to higher, breathy sounds and his breath quickens; Hoseok sees him bite down on the gag every once in a while in an attempt stifle the noises and when Hoseok stops once again, stops touching all together and steps back just to admire, Yoongi nearly sobs.

Hoseok takes his time to look, and drag himself out of his work clothes because they're too tight, too stifling. He's so hard he feels shaky, and he gives himself a small moment to focus on the beauty in front of him and palm at his own cock when he finally slides his boxers off.

"Turn around," Hoseok says, and Yoongi obeys, facing the bed so his knees touch the mattress, and Hoseok grips his arm as he guides Yoongi to climb onto it. He slides his fingertips down Yoongi's bare back, once, reveling in the shiver he gets, before gently pushing Yoongi forward.

Yoongi lands on his front with a soft exhale, turning his face to one side. His face is red, the blush traveling quickly to his neck, down his shoulders, and he shuffles, trying to get comfortable, trying not to feel so exposed, but Hoseok grips his hair again, tight, tight, and pulls Yoongi's head up and back and speaks right into his ear.

"You know better," he growls, "don't move." Hoseok drops Yoongi's head back down onto the mattress and scrapes his fingernails back down Yoongi's back, earning a moan and an arch.

Yoongi can't see, but rather feels Hoseok move around the back of him, and jumps slightly as Hoseok rests his hands on his ass, massaging gently, palming at his thighs and pushing them apart a little wider.

"Relax," Hoseok whispers, and waits to feel Yoongi's muscles melt into his touch. He's sliding his hands all across Yoongi's skin, everywhere, everywhere, except where Yoongi needs them, and Yoongi doesn't even realize when his hands start to strain against the cuffs he put himself in, trying to find purchase in anything, needing to touch. He settles for pushing his ass back into Hoseok's hands and earns a stinging slap to his backside. He whines pathetically, pushing his face into the sheets.

"You're so needy tonight, Yoongi," Hoseok says, voice low, and his hand comes down on the other side, evening out the red on Yoongi's skin. "But I guess I can forgive you, just this once, for the gift you've given me. What do you want tonight, hm?" Hoseok leans forward and kisses where he just slapped, and then bites, hard, and Yoongi yells from behind his gag.

"I'm not taking that gag off, so you might as well just show me."

Hoseok sounds so controlled and Yoongi's breath nearly leaves him. He doesn't know how else to communicate what exactly he wants, so he does the best thing he can think of - he pushes his upper body into the mattress as far as he can, spreads his legs wide, and sticks his ass out toward Hoseok's lingering fingers. He whimpers, partly from embarrassment and partly from lust.

"God, Yoongi," he hears Hoseok whisper from behind him, and Yoongi would smirk if he could manage it. "You're so perfect. So perfect for me, so pretty like this."

"I know you want me to fuck you," Hoseok says, and Yoongi makes a noise of agreement, ass swaying in the air for contact. "I will baby, but I just-" he hears Hoseok make a noise of frustration as he fumbles for a box under the bed, "I have to taste you first."

Yoongi's eyes close on their own account, heat ripping through him. In the next second, Hoseok is on him, tongue laving over Yoongi's ass cheeks, still tinged pink from Hoseok palm, and Yoongi's hips come forward before Hoseok's hands reach up to steady him. Yoongi thinks he might lose his mind - Hoseok's tongue is circling his entrace, his plump lips ghosting over the skin there and he can feel himself being spread open even more by Hoseok's thumbs and he's never felt more exposed. Precome drips from his neglected cock onto the sheets in a thick line, and his body can't decide if it wants to push into Hoseok more or try to get away from the stimulation.

Then Hoseok slides his tongue over Yoongi's hole and finally inside, and the only thing keeping Yoongi from screaming is the gag between his teeth.
Hoseok's tongue explores every inch it can, dipping in and out at a quick pace, his teeth nipping over where his lips leave a trail of saliva, traveling down over the space between his cock and his hole, and Yoongi feels the first tears of overstimulation form in his eyes, squeezes them shut and tries to get a grip on himself.

"You taste so fucking good," Hoseok growls from behind him, and suddenly there's a finger at Yoongi's entrace, prodding and rubbing but not dipping in. Yoongi pushes back against it, needing friction in the worst way possible, and Hoseok shushes him, rubbing soothing circles into his thigh.

"Relax," he says, "I've got you. Stop moving, Yoongi, listen to me," Hoseok's voice goes from wrecked back to steady in almost no time, bringing Yoongi back from the edge, giving him something to hold on to. "I'm going to take the cuffs off now, okay? Nod if you understand me."

And Yoongi does nod, because his shoulders hurt, and he's grateful when he hears the click of the cuffs and they fall off his wrists, making a dull thud as they hit the floor (Hoseok silently thanks god Yoongi had the hindsight to leave the key on their bedside table). Yoongi feels himself being turned over, warm hands on his wrists, rubbing the marks left by the metal.

"Do you want the gag off?" Hoseok asks, and Yoongi's eyes flutter open and he nods once, quickly, and then that's off too, being thrown to the side, and Hoseok's mouth is on his all at once, sweeping Yoongi into a toe-curling kiss, arms wrapping around his waist to pull him flush against Hoseok's bare skin.

"You're so fucking beautiful," and Hoseok's voice is back to wrecked, just like that, and Yoongi can't even speak, can only breathe Hoseok's air and claw at his skin. "Wanna fuck you now."

Hoseok drags his hands through Yoongi's hair once before retrieving what he'd gotten from the box under the bed earlier, a small bottle of lube. He grips Yoongi's thighs and pushes them back, bending Yoongi almost in half, and pops the cap to drizzle some right over Yoongi's hole, spreading it thoroughly before finally pressing one finger inside.

They haven't done this in a while so Yoongi is tight, white-hot and Hoseok works him open slowly, sliding his finger as deep as he can before adding another. He glances up to Yoongi's face and sees how blown out Yoongi's eyes are - he looks so gone, so out of it - he looks the way Hoseok feels.

"Yoongi-ah," he whispers, and curls his fingers, trying to find the nerves that he knows always make Yoongi's back arch beautifully, "tell me how it feels. Need to know you're still with me."

Yoongi looks right into Hoseok's eyes and takes a deep, shuddering breath, like speaking is a huge chore in and of itself.

"Hoseok," he whines, voice broken and dry, "please." His lip trembles and Hoseok feels his body shake underneath him. Hoseok smiles a little, and sighs as he finally feels the small bundle of nerves and presses right into it, and Yoongi's back does arch - as much as it can in his position. His cock twitches, and Hoseok grabs one of Yoongi's hands that are clenched in the sheets and wraps it around Yoongi's own cock, fisting him with both their hands

"Touch yourself," he says, and slides his fingers slowly out of Yoongi's hole, replacing them with more lube and the tip of his cock.

"Keep going," Hoseok says, but it's soft, encouraging, and when he slips the head of his cock inside, Yoongi arches again, a broken sob escaping his lips. Hoseok slides in, inch by inch, until he's buried to the hilt and has to stop to get a hold on himself again.

The hand that Yoongi isn't using to bring himself off is gripping at Hoseok's shoulder like he's holding on for dear life, and that's exactly how he feels when Hoseok slides out and slams back in, starting pace quick and brutal. The only noise Yoongi can make is the small "ah, ah, ah" that Hoseok is fucking out of him, but when Hoseok grabs Yoongi's hips and angles him slightly up, he presses onto Yoongi's prostate and Yoongi finally screams. A few tears escape his eyes, and he does everything in his power to open them and look at Hoseok.

Hoseok knows what Yoongi wants before he even says anything.

"I'll take it off, baby," he says, referring to the cock ring, still firm in its place. "You need to ask nicely, though," and Hoseok is breathless but still authoritative, cool and dominant even as he fucks into the small, shaking man beneath him.

"Hoseok," he manages, "please, please, Hoseok, please, I need - I need to co - Hoseok, please," Yoongi is beyond any kind of shame as he begs, pleads, for Hoseok to relieve him of the ring unbearably tight around the base of his cock.

"Such a good boy," Hoseok commends him, before reaching down to brush Yoongi's hand away and remove the ring from his cock, tossing it away before taking Yoongi in his own hand.

"You've been so good tonight," he says, his hand sliding quickly over the head of Yoongi's cock and down, over and over, and he presses his thumbnail into the slit and says, "come."

Yoongi comes harder than he thinks he ever has before, white stripes painting his stomach and even reaching his collarbones. Hoseok fucks him through it, still pressing against his prostate, and Yoongi sobs at the overstimulation as he comes down, jumping slightly when he feels Hoseok come inside him, filling him up, then relaxing at the warmth of Hoseok hovering over him and breathing hard. 

Yoongi hisses slightly when Hoseok pulls out, then goes completely limp, exhausted. He vaguely registers cold air hitting him as Hoseok stands, shaky, then warmth against when he's being cleaned up by a warm cloth and then wrapped in two thick blankets and enveloped in Hoseok's arms.

Afterwards, Hoseok kisses Yoongi all over, up and down his face, his neck and shoulders, and holds him tight, threading his fingers through his hair, lulling him into sleep.

"I love you, Yoongi. You're so good, I love you so much." Hoseok breathes quietly into his neck.

"Thank you," is the last thing Yoongi hears before falling asleep in Hoseok's arms.