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If You Could See What I Hear

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Donna Ackles placed the food on the breakfast table and called her family to come and eat. Alan had left an hour earlier, driving to Fort Worth for a meeting. Her oldest son, stuck his head in the dining room and held up his car keys.

“We’re meeting the new assistant coach this morning. I have to be there early. Can you drive Jensen to school?”

“If I need to do so, yes.”

“Thanks, Mom. No time for breakfast today,” Josh Ackles grabbed a biscuit and headed for the front door. He passed his sister on the way out.

MacKenzie walked into the dining room and sat at the table. She smiled at her mom and reached for the dish of scrambled eggs.

Donna looked at her watch and headed to the hall, bumping into her middle child. Jensen apologized and hurried to the table. She watched the young man sit at the table. His hands touched the table, feeling for silverware and a napkin. His hands touched a cup of coffee. Smiling, he lifted the cup and took a drink. Setting the cup down, his hands moved around the table, searching for food dishes.

Groaning in frustration, Donna brushed his hands away and began to put food on his plate. Jensen froze.

“Mom, I can do that,” he complained.

“Josh had to leave early, so I need to take you to school. I’m in a hurry today and I don’t have the time to fool around.”

Jensen’s face had its wooden look. MacKenzie gave him a sympathetic look, knowing he wouldn’t see it.

The young man quickly ate his meal and excused himself. He hurried to his room to grab his suit coat and his briefcase.


Jared Padalecki drove his black one ton Chevy pickup truck into the donut shop parking lot. He pulled into the drive thru and ordered two dozen mixed donuts and two dozen sausage and cheese kolaches. The young man added a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. He paid with cash; winked at the young woman manning the window.

The young man pulled back into traffic and drove towards the state college. He pulled into a parking lot and parked his truck. The security guard stopped him as he headed across the parking lot.

“This spot is for professors, boy,” the man spoke in a gruff voice.

Jared grinned at the man and said, “I’m the new coach.”

“Sure you are,” the guard responded.

Jared set the boxes of food on the ground, reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. Rifling through the billfold, he found his pass and showed it to the guard.

The man frowned for a second then apologized to the tall man.

“Not a problem,” Jared responded. He picked up his boxes of food and headed towards the sports complex.


Donna pulled her SUV into the handicapped parking spot in front of the arts building. Her son grabbed his briefcase and opened the door.

“Hold a minute. I’ll walk you to the door.”

“Mom, I walk this area all day long, every school day. I know my way around. I’m fine”

The woman made a guttural sound and Jensen bit his bottom lip, said good bye and headed towards the steps.


Jared entered the large sports complex and took a left towards the offices. Josh saw him walk past and left his office.

“Jared Padalecki?”

The taller man stopped and turned towards him.

“Yeah, I’m him.”

“I’m Josh Ackles. We’ll be sharing an office. Come on in.”

Jared entered the office and walked over to the second desk the other man waved him towards. He set the food upon the desk and leaned against it, facing the other coach.

“Well, where do I start?”

Before Josh could reply, the head coach’s voice could be heard down the hall, “Ackles! Was that Padalecki? You two get your asses down here!”

Jared picked up the food and followed the other man down the hall to the head coach’s office. The sign on the door said “Morgan.”


Jensen walked the halls of the Arts building. He kept close to the inner wall, counting doors as he walked. When he reached number five, he opened the door and entered his classroom. He passed the tables and unlocked his office on the far end of the large room. The young man placed his briefcase on his desk and hung his suit coat on the coat rack in the corner. There were no pictures on the walls. He did have his Master’s degree in Art framed and mounted and hanging on the barren wall behind his desk.

The professor didn’t need pictures. His art was sculpture. It allowed the young man to experience art…to touch and feel it. It was why he had a program on his computer that would take paperwork and turn it either into braille or would read the paper out loud. He set the graded pop quiz to the side and touched his watch and listened to the time. It was Friday, and the first week of the Fall semester was starting off well. The students seemed interested in the course. The first quiz had excellent grades.

The college had delivered the blocks of marble for the students. It should take most of the year for them to learn and create a work of art. The class was expensive. He had twelve students. It was a perfect size class and would enable him to spend time with each one.

The class would not start until ten. It gave him time to work on his project. Rolling his sleeves up, the young professor walked into the classroom and headed to a locked closet and opened it. He pulled out a rolling table and set it at the front of the room and went back for a bin of tools. He spent the next hour and fifteen minutes working on his project. At 9:45, he put his project away and went to clean up.

He finished cleaning up and left the restroom. Reaching the classroom, he could hear voices. He entered, and class began.


Jared and Josh spent two hours with Jeff Morgan. Other coaches heard there was food in the head coach’s office and stopped by to grab food and be introduced to the new assistant defensive coach. The building was a large one and included Tennis, Baseball, and Soccer. The main sport for the college was Basketball.

After the planning meeting, the two coaches headed back towards their office where they spent the day working on defensive plays and putting together a list of videos needed of the opponent teams. They had a good photographer named D.J., who would handle this for them. Preseason games would be starting soon, and both men needed to be ready for the season. It would be D.J.'s job to attend the preseason games and film the opponents’ strategies.

At 3:00, Josh called it a day. He sighed and told his new friend that he needed to make a phone call. Taking out his cell, he called his mom and mentioned that he’d be home late. He had a date and would just leave early and spend the evening with the woman.

Jared decided to leave at 4:00. It allow him some time to go back over the ideas they’d discussed and brainstorm on what would work.


Jensen was busy with his project when his mom called. He told her he would catch a ride home with Ellen and not to worry about him.

At 3:45, the head of the Arts Department walked into his classroom. She strolled up to the table where the young professor was working.

“You really need to enter that in the annual arts show.”

Jensen smiled, “You know I’m not good enough for that, Ellen.”

“Quit being so modest, Jensen. You could win the grand prize with this and get your name out.”

The sculptor sighed, “Yeah, Ellen. I don’t think that will ever happen.”

“You need to think about it. You get your name out and you can start bringing in enough money to move out and support yourself.”

The woman watched the man before her wince and shake it off. She knew it was a sore spot for him.

Jensen changed the subject, “What do you need, Ellen?”

“Monday is Memorial Day, so we have a three day weekend. I’m locking the building up….so, go home, hon.”

Jensen went into his office and grabbed his briefcase and jacket. He walked back out and found himself alone. Hoping he would catch his brother, he took out his white cane and headed toward the exit.


Jared walked out of the Sports Complex and down the steps. He heard a shout and stopped to listen.


Jensen walked across the street towards the tree filled park that hid the arts building from the remainder of the campus. He listened to the cheer leaders practicing and followed the sounds, cane out in front of him to prevent tripping or walking into something.

By the sounds, he knew was getting close, when he heard footsteps coming towards him.

“Hey, guys! Look at his.”

The professor stopped and waited. He was unsure of what was going on.

“He’s pretty. How come we haven’t seen you before?”

“I teach at the Arts building. Excuse me. I’m meeting someone.”

One of the men grabbed the professor and swung him around, shoving him into a tree and leaned against him. Jensen felt lips on his and a tongue striving to push its way into his mouth. A hand groped at his crotch. He panicked and bit the tongue while bringing his knee up into the man’s groin. He heard a shout and a groan.

Holding his cane in front of him, Jensen ran towards the noises of the Sports Complex. He heard an angry voice call out, “Grab him!” Running as fast as he could, Jensen almost made it. He ran into a large tree, the cane snapping into pieces as he struck his head on the tree.

Falling to the ground, he was stunned. He felt hands groping him and could not fight back.

Suddenly, a voice rang out, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The world was spinning as Jensen heard running feet and the sound of someone dropping to the ground next to him. He could not see the concern in the hazel eyes.