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Getting Along Nicely

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Notes: The beginning is weirdly abrupt, I know.


Getting Along Nicely – ch.1


“Aliens.” Thor told his brother, making a strange wiggling motion with his fingers that he thought accurately represented the insect-like creatures about to invade the planet.

“And how threatening are these aliens?” Loki demanded, not impressed. He stood on top of a car so that he could both dent the roof and look down on the Avengers, who were currently asking for his help.

“They want to eat the planet.” Tony put in helpfully, faceplate up and staring at Loki's legs because they happened to be rather shapely and at eye level.

“Hm. And by 'the planet', you do not simply mean all of the mortals?” The trickster asked hopefully.

“The actual planet.” Steve confirmed, not entirely pleased with the situation. “You know, the one you keep trying to take over.”

Loki looked at his nails thoughtfully.

“I suppose that it would be in my interest to help you, then.” He decided eventually, hopping down from the car gracefully and avoiding looking at the sickeningly pleased grin on Thor's face. “Perhaps it will help stave off my boredom. Fine! Lead the way, I shall accompany you.”

They got about three feet towards the waiting Quinjet before the inevitable happened.

“Dude. Thor. Your sister is hot.” Tony whispered, nudging the Asgardian with his elbow. The alien scouting party they'd just staved off (with Loki's help, since he was in the area. Hence the probably misguided invitation to team up.) had attacked without warning and Tony had been fairly well on his way to getting utterly, completely drunk. Thor looked down at him in confusion.

“I do not have a – oh.” He paused, a frown drawing his brows together. “I do not think you should speak of him thus.”

Tony grinned, producing his favourite pair of tinted shades from somewhere and putting them on so that he could stare at Loki's ass without the trickster catching him. Loki walked in front, swinging his hips slightly in a way that said he knew exactly what was going on back there.

“Just look at those legs, man. Seriously.” Tony sighed. Thor tried not to think of his very attractive brother in such a way and mostly succeeded. Mostly. “How pissed would you be if I hit that?”

“If you tried to hit him, I suspect he would spend several hours killing you.” Thor warned solemnly, watching Loki board the Quinjet nonchalantly, sitting in the copilot's seat and leaning back comfortably. Nobody dared ask him to move, so it was silently agreed that Tony was driving. If he could see straight enough not to fly his suit into a wall, chances were he could do the same with the jet.

“Guh.” Tony said eloquently. “Never mind.” He considered that it probably wasn't worth the effort of attempting to explain what he meant when it was likely to earn him a Mjolnir-shaped dent in his face anyway. He sat down next to Loki instead and spent the next minute staring at the trickster's spidery fingers drumming against his thigh. Eventually Clint punched him in the back of the head and Loki smirked.

“Dad, stop staring at mom. I wanna go home.” Clint whined.

“Can we stop for cheeseburgers on the way?” Bruce asked hopefully, sitting at the back and pulling on yet another non shredded pair of jeans and a tasteful Avengers t-shirt with a huge 'A' emblazoned on the chest. Thor perked up at the mention of cheeseburgers and Tony's stomach made a strange growling noise that almost sounded like the word 'help'.

“Salad.” Natasha muttered, doing her best to ignore them all and staring out of the window, casually taking a gun apart and cleaning it.

“Tofu?” Steve asked, to which Clint gave him a look of pure disappointment.

“What're you having, babe?” Tony asked the very dangerous, not-entirely-sane god sitting next to him.

“Your intestines on a plate if you dare call me that again.” Loki replied, sliding his extremely green eyes over to Tony.

“Cheeseburger it is!” The industrialist announced cheerfully, starting up the jet and then realising that they were, in fact, in a jet. This did not bother him as much as it perhaps should have. “Ok, bets on whether this thing will fit through a drive through, ten dollars says I can do it.”

Loki stared at him blankly, wondering why none of his team mates had locked him up for his own good yet. They all seemed sadly used to this behavior.

Perhaps, he mused, the next few weeks would be more interesting than he had imagined.