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Brown-Eyed Riddles

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The sound of idle chatter and phones ringing echoed through the Gotham City Police precinct. Men and women dressed in their respective uniforms could be seen at their desk, following up on leads or just chatting with their colleagues.

You, on the other hand, were uniform-less, instead dressed in a smart, knee length white and gray dress with a small belt around your waist, stockings and a pair of heels. You had no need for a police uniform because you were not an officer. You were just a receptionist, a fresh out of community college one, at that.

You didn't think the two years you spent getting a business degree would amount to a working as a receptionist, but there you were. It wasn't all bad, you got paid a decent wage and your rent was cheap. But if you knew how dangerous it was in Gotham, maybe you would have reconsidered moving...

The phone ringing interrupted your internal banter. "GCPD receptionist desk?" You answered, robotically.

"Hello this is Kristen Kringle from the records annex." Your best friend’s voice rang from the line.

You rolled your eyes and let out a laugh. "Krissy," You snickered, "You don't have to say your first and last name every time you call me."

“Don’t call me that!” She snapped, "Well any who, there were supposed to be some new files coming in for me. Did they arrive yet?"

“Let me check.” You said, putting the phone down and rolling over to the mailboxes in your chair. You found Kristen’s name and saw there was a sizeable manilla envelope in it. You grabbed it and rolled back to your desk. You picked the receiver back up, “It just came in today.”

“Wonderful, could you bring it to me? Then we can go to lunch afterward.” Kristen suggested, and you nodded to yourself.

“Sure Kris, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Don’t call-” You hung up on her before she could finish and snickered to yourself. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, you got your mail cart and placed all of the new mail on it.

As your heels clicked and clacked on the linoleum floors of the precinct, you got warm greetings from all of the police force. Though some of them were a little too warm…

“Here’s your mail Detective Bullock.” You said, dropping a pile of letters on to the bulky man's desk.

Detective Bullock smirked up at you, “Now sweetcheeks,” He started and you raised an eyebrow at him, “I told you to call me Harvey!”

You rolled your eyes and turned to Detective Gordon, giving him a single letter from his mailbox. The detective nodded to you politely, but stayed focused on the file on his desk.

You wheeled your cart back to your desk and grabbed the remaining two pieces of mail from it; Kristen’s envelope and a small package for Edward Nygma.

You walked up the steps to the second floor of the precinct, taking extra caution to hold on to the railing. Turning to your left, you walked towards Mr. Nygma’s office first, so you could have time to chat with Kristen.

You walked to the forensic scientist's office, your shoes clacking away. His door was opened, so you just walked in.

Hearing your heels coming towards him, Mr. Nygma’s head snapped up from his desk. You smiled once you caught his eye and stopped right in front of his desk.

“Here’s your mail for the day, Mr. Nygma.” You said, handing him his package.

“Thank you,” The odd man smiled up at you and adjusted his glasses. You turned to walk away, “Miss!” He called out and you turn toward him. “Take away my first letter and I am unchanged, take away my second letter and I am unchanged and take away all my remaining letters and I am still unchanged!” He paused and smiled, “What am I?”

You pursed your lips in thought for a moment, willing to humor the poor guy. “I give up,” You pouted, sheepishly, “What are you?”

Mr. Nygma grinned, “A mailbox.”

“That’s pretty clever, Mr. Nygma.” You praised and his face lit up. You gave him one last smile and turned around again, heading towards the Records Annex.

“Oh Miss Claus, letter from the north pole!” Your teased as you opened the door to Kristen’s office.

“Ha ha.” The strawberry blonde called out sarcastically, holding her hand out.

You snorted a laugh in response and handed her the envelope, then sat on her desk as she looked through it.

Your friendship with Kristen Kringle was a strange one to say the least. Your first day at the precinct you laughed in the redhead’s face when you read her name aloud on her mail, which she promptly snatched from you, which led to all kinds of cracks about Santa Claus and the north pole. But what surprised you was that Kristen could take your insults and sling some of her own back at you. The two of you became fast friends soon after that. Which surprised everyone in the precinct because they were just so sure that you two would hate each other.

“I really don’t see how you stay up here all day, Kristen.” You said, looking around the dark room, “It’s so depressing in here.”

“Oh? Compared to that messy desk of yours downstairs?” The pretty woman retorted, her green eyes scanning the files.

“My desk is not messy!” You gasped out, glaring at her. “I know where everything is.”

“Whatever you say, dear.” Kristen mocked you, tsking her tongue.

You rolled your eyes at the strawberry blonde and inspected your nails, waiting for her to finish so you could go to lunch.

Kristen got up from her desk chair and opened up a file cabinet. Looking into it, she huffed and slammed it closed.

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What’s wrong?”

“That pompous Nygma moved around all of my records last month and I’m still trying to figure out where everything is!” Kristen exclaimed, before finding the right cabinet to put the file in.

You put a hand over your mouth and snickered quietly.

“I can hear you.” Kristen deadpanned, making you laugh louder.

“He was just trying to be nice, Kris.” You defend the odd man. “Besides, his way was quicker…”

Kristen’s head whipped around to look at you and she glared, a monstrous green glare.

You held your hands up in surrender, “I’m kidding, jeez. Put those things away Medusa.”

The strawberry blonde’s mouth twitched, but she fought the smile and continued to put her new files away.

“Alright!” Kristen’s voice rang after a while, “Let’s go!”

“Great!” You exclaimed as the two of you walked out of her office.

As she locked the door behind her, she muttered, “And we’re not going back to that sushi place today, missy!”

You groaned, “But Krispy Kreme!” She glared at you as you stifled a laugh, “Sorry. But Kristen!”

“I will not get food poisoning just because you want to try something new and eclectic!”

You pouted but nodded. “What about that old-fashioned diner around the corner? Quick Tyme?” You suggested, knowing that she would say yes.

Kristen beamed and nodded to you. “That’s perfect! I’ll even pay for the both of us!”

“Golly gee!” You exclaimed mockingly, “How thoughtful of you Kris Kringle!”

You were rewarded with another green-tinted glare.

The two of you ate burgers and got old-fashioned chocolate malts, chatting and teasing each other the whole time. When the two of you walked back into the precinct, you both clocked back in, but instead of going back to your desk you followed Kristen back to her office.

You sipped on your shake behind the pretty girl as she unlocked the door. She flipped on the lights and you followed after her, taking a seat on her desk again.

“Don’t you have a job to do?” Kristen asked, with a quirk of her eyebrow.

You snorted and looked at the cupcake on her desk curiously. “Hey Krissy,” You called, then quickly added, “What’s up with the cupcake?”

The strawberry blonde picked up the pastry and examined it. “Eck!” She grimaced, “It has a bullet in it!”

You snatched it from her and studied it. You laughed, “Well look at that! Who do you suppose would give you a cupcake with a bullet in it?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

“Nygma.” Kristen growled out, which made you laugh harder. “Out!” She suddenly exclaimed, pushing you off her desk. “Out! Out! Out!”

You were nearly at a cackle now, as she pushed you out of her office, shutting the door behind you. You finally calmed yourself down and began to walk back to your desk, deciding to visit Mr. Nygma in his office on your way back.

Your heels clacked on the linoleum and Mr. Nymga’s head snapped up to see you.

“Hey Mr. Nygma.” You greeted, sitting on the side of his desk.

His eyes snapped to your stocking-clad legs, before quickly averting his gaze to the papers on his desk. He cleared his throat, “Hello Miss.”

“I don’t mean to bother ya, Mr. Nygma.” You said, crossing your legs, “But was it you that put the cupcake on Kristen’s desk?”

Mr. Nygma’s looked up at you quickly with wide eyes, “How did you know it was me?”

You smirked, “Now Mr. Nygma,” You cooed teasingly, “You’re the only one who would do something so…” You thought of a word, “Eccentric.”

The odd man pushed his glasses further up his nose, a nervous tick that you had noticed he had. He swallowed thickly, his adam’s apple bobbing, “I...What did she say?”

“Mr. Nygma,” You gasped, “I could never betray my friend in that way!”

“I’m sorry!” Mr. Nygma hastily apologized, “I didn’t mean to offend you!”

You giggled, “I’m just kidding.” You said, getting up from the desk and smoothing your dress. “But I’m still not going to tell you what she said. Have a good day Mr. Nygma.” With that, you spun on your heel and proceed to trot away from the taken aback man.

“Goodbye Miss.” You faintly heard as you clicked and clacked your way back to your desk.

After another hour of answering phones, and writing memos, you Harvey Bullock walked up your desk and plopped a big pile of papers in front of you.

“What is all this?” You asked, looking at the older man curiously.

“Finally caught up on my old reports.” Detective Bullock said with a grin, “Deliver these to the annex for me, won’t ya doll?” With one last leering smirk, he walked away from you.

You huffed and grabbed the reports, then made the trek back up the stairs and to the annex, muttering and complaining the whole way.

You come to see the door to the records annex open and hear Mr. Nygma’s voice sound from the room.

“What’s green and then red? Frogs in a blender!” He says hastily, chuckling nervously at the end.

You snort at the joke and make a move to walk into the room but pause when you hear Arnold Flass’ hard voice.

“Walk away Nygma.” The detective deadpans, cruelly. “Walk away.”

You frown as Mr. Nygma apologizes to Kristen then walks out the room. Mr. Nygma pauses as he sees you, but just looks down the ground in embarrassment.

“Thank you.” You hear Kristen say, “He is so weird.”

You gasp and turn around to comfort Mr. Nygma, but he’s gone. Pursing your lips, you march into Kristen’s office and plop the files on her desk.

“What the hell, Kris?” You ask angrily.

“Don’t call-”

“I know!” You exclaimed, then sighed. “You didn’t have to be so mean to him.” You chide, then glare at Arnold, before you walk out of the office, trying to find Mr. Nygma.

You see him sitting at his desk in the forensic lab, staring blankly at his desk. His head doesn’t snap up when hearing your heels this time, he just continues to stare at his desk.

You take a seat on the edge of his desk. “Mr. Nygma, I’m sorry for what was said back there.”

“It is not your fault, Miss.” Mr. Nygma says, “I was entirely my fault for offending Miss Kringle.”

“She didn’t have to let Arnold ‘Head up his ass’ Flass talk to you that way, Mr. Nygma.” You urged, leaning closer to him. “That was awful of her to do.”

Mr. Nygma shook his head and adjusted his glasses, saying nothing.

You cleared your throat. “You know,” You started, taking a seat on the edge of his desk. “I’m sure she didn’t mean to upset you, Mr. Nygma. It’s just that, Kristen is not good with people. She doesn’t understand that not everyone has tough skin like her...or me!” You explained, putting a comforting hand on the odd man’s shoulder. You felt him stiffen and quickly retracted your hand. “Sorry…”

Mr. Nygma swallowed nervously, his adam’s apple bobbing. “She didn’t mean it?” He finally muttered, more to himself than you.

You shook your head, “I’m sure she didn’t.”

Mr. Nygma smiled to himself and nodded. “She didn’t mean it.”

You stared at him for a moment. “...Right. Well I gotta get back to work. Have a nice day, Mr. Nygma.” You hopped off the desk and clacked away, not realizing the odd man’s eyes were watching your every sway.