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Bulletproof No More, my Butterfly

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Park Jimin sighs as he reaches out for the sippy cup of water, handing it to the sniffling pup as the poor thing hiccups from his recent bout of crying. “You sure know how to make your Uncle worry.” He said to the pup, who whimpers in response.

Kim Taehyung, one of the fathers to the pup is in the other room with the pup’s twin, putting the older of the two down for a much needed nap while Jimin takes on the doting Omega uncle role.

“I will be so glad when Namjoon gets home and we can name them already.” Taehyung sighs as he enters the room, his already thin Omega frame even more pronounced in the 5 months since he’s given birth.

“Yoongi-hyung must be miserable being back to work while you are stuck with the twins all the time.” Jimin says as the younger Omega settles down on the floor from his younger pup.

“He is.” Taehyung mumbles, laying his head down on Jimin’s thigh as the older boy shifts on the couch.

“When did the council say Namjoon was coming back?” Jimin asks, as he watches the pup remove the sippy cup from his mouth, dropping it in favor of crawling to his mother and snuggling up against the thin Omega’s leg, falling asleep almost instantly after turning into his puppy wolf form.

“Within the next month.” Taehyung responds sleepily.

“Go ahead and sleep. Jin hyung should be home soon, and we can take care of the twins.” Jimin tells Taehyung.

The younger Omega sighs, slipping into slumber almost immediately and Jimin has to wonder for a second if taking care of the twin’s full time while both of his mates work is causing too much stress on Taehyung.

He can barely fathom how much work one pup is, let alone two, especially when Taehyung’s supposed to have support from his mates for the first 5 months of their pups’ lives.

Namjoon works for the international council of Pack Protocol, and got called out on an emergency assignment not even a week after the twins were born. It’s nearly unheard of for a new parent who works for the council to be called out on assignment when he’s supposed to get 5 months of uninterrupted parental leave, but the way his boss had explained it was that it was a pack that Namjoon was familiar with, and whom they had asked for by name in resolving some sort of dispute involving another remote pack on the western coast of the country.

Jimin enjoys the silence while the twins and Taehyung sleep, deciding that he’s going to ask Jin, Jungkook and his mate if they can move closer to Taehyung and Yoongi so he can help the younger Omega with the twins more. It wouldn’t be fair to Taehyung to continue taking care of the twins while both of his mates work.

Yoongi works for a radio broadcasting company as a DJ, and had only gotten a 4 month parental leave, even though the company he works for knows that Yoongi’s got 2 mates and had twins on the way. Yoongi’s pretty infamous just for having an Alpha and an Omega mate.

Jimin thinks it’s unfair that Yoongi’s required to bow down to his company’s requirements even though the older wolf is a Beta, and the boss happens to be an Alpha. They’d all debated on taking it up with Taehyung, Namjoon, and Yoongi’s neighborhood pack leader, but the company resides in the business district, and is under a different leader.

For now, Jin and Jimin try to help Taehyung out as much as they can, even though they are expecting their own pups in 4 months.

Jimin yawns, his own energy levels depleted from dealing with two moody pups all morning with Taehyung, courtesy of them both teething in their human forms, and is just drifting off to sleep when the front door opens.

“I’m home.” Jin’s voice rings loudly in the house and Jimin winces as he feels Taehyung stirring. “Shhh.” He hisses as the older Omega comes into the room, his face practically glowing. “The pups are asleep and so is Tae.”

Jin’s face turns from confusion to understanding quickly and he shuts the door softy before he creeps into the room. “Can I do anything for you?” He asks.

“A pillow would be nice,” Taehyung mumbles from Jimin’s knee. “Hyung, I love you, but your knee is bony as all fuck.”

Jimin and Jin look at each other, eyebrows raised. It’s rare that Taehyung swears, and even rarer since the twins.

Jin gets the pillow, and they help Taehyung to settle down on the couch with the younger pup still knocked out cold, “Yeah, that’s Yoongi hyung’s pup alright.” Jimin comments as they leave the living room.

They’d had the foresight to buy a set of baby monitors when Yoongi had mentioned the Omegas all having a play date of sorts to teach the two expecting Omega’s how to care for pups, and Jimin snags the one that Taehyung had been holding onto so they can listen for when the older pup wakes.

“What did the doctors say?” Jimin asks as they settle down in the kitchen.

“I’ve got to be more careful of exerting myself, but other than that, the pup and I are fine.” Jin replies. “They think the fainting was due to high blood pressure, and I get a nifty machine that will take my blood pressure when my heart rate spikes.” He explains, showing off the bracelet like object on his wrist.

“How long you gonna have that on you?” Jimin asks as he moves to the fridge to grab a snack. If he can’t sleep, he might as well eat something.

“They want me to have it on for a month.” Jin frowns. “I think it was the shock of finding out you and Hoseok are having a girl while Jungkook and I are having a boy.”

Jimin grins, rubbing at his still barely there baby bump. “You know it’s more than that. I’m with Jungkook that it would be ironic and awesome if our babies grow up and become mates.”

Their 5th month mark had come with determining the sexes of their babies, something Jimin had been looking forward to ever since he’d realized he really wanted a daughter, even though Hoseok had wanted a boy.

It wasn’t like Jin or Jungkook had faired any better. Jungkook had wanted a daughter, and Jin had been indifferent to what he’d wanted, until they’d started helping Taehyung on the days Yoongi had an evening gig at the radio station.

The oldest of them all had shuddered after their first full day of babysitting the twins and declared a girl might be better to care for than a boy, but had been crestfallen to find out the pup he was carrying was a boy.

Jimin eyes the older Omega. “They say anything else?”

Jin shakes his head. “No. They’re surprised I’m not craving food as much right now, but I think that’s more because we’re helping Taehyung out.”

Jimin nods, opening his mouth to respond when the monitor goes off, and the sounds of a pup whining in distress has him moving faster than he thought possible before the older pup goes into a full blown crying tantrum. The last thing he wants is for Taehyung to wake up or for the other pup to wake up too.

Jimin sighs in relief nearly 20 minutes later when he’s got the pup back to sleep after changing his diaper, with no other sounds coming from the living room.

The pups stay asleep, surprisingly, when Jungkook comes home, complaining of a headache and how Hoseok isn’t in a good mood because he’s being assigned a new partner from the council since Jin’s already on his pregnancy leave and won’t be back until his pup is a year and a half old and can be left with a blood relative.

Jimin’s glad he’s not employed by the council, having taken dance as a major in college, and had been looking at dance studios to apply at until he’d gotten pregnant.

Jin and Jungkook disappear upstairs, probably to help Jungkook take care of his headache while Jimin starts preparing for dinner. He knows now that Hoseok will be in a bad mood, and Yoongi should be getting off his shift soon to pick up the twins and his mate, but Jimin makes more food than he thinks he, his mate and the other mated pair will eat.

Taehyung’s been asleep as long as the twins have been, and Jimin knows the younger Omega needs the rest.

He doesn’t hear the front door open, nor his mate come in as he is humming and dancing to some unheard beat in his own head whilst cooking dinner and nearly gasps in shock as he turns to find Hoseok staring at him with lust filled eyes.

“Damn baby. That ass.” Hoseok licks his lips and comes closer to his mate. “I know you were helping Taehyung with the pups all day, but save some energy for me later.” Hoseok grabs Jimin’s behind and squeezes, eliciting a yelp from Jimin as the Beta dives in for a quick kiss while grabbing a glass from the cupboard.

“Damn it hyung.” Jimin groans.

The sounds from the kitchen wake Taehyung up mere moments before Yoongi arrives, and the Beta is grateful that the twins are still asleep. “The doctors said their teething would be worse because they have the twin sibling bond going on.” Yoongi explains to Jimin as he helps set up the table for the lot of them. “It magnifies the fever and pain brought on by the teething.”

Jin comes down, shaking his head. “Jungkook decided to sleep for now. The headache was pretty bad.” He explains in response to Jimin’s raised eyebrows.

“Hyung, your baby bump is so cute.” Yoongi’s usually a petty laid back and quiet person, until he gets around a pregnant Omega. He’d surprised everyone the first time he’d melted into a pile of goo after Taehyung started showing.

“Ook Yoongi.” Jin redirects the cooing Beta over to the table where Taehyung is still waking up. “Show some love to your mate.”

The two Omegas fall into their usual routine, finishing up the dinner before serving it, setting aside a plate for Jungkook if he gets up later and is hungry.

It’s become more and more obvious to them both that something is going on at the council, more than the usual random rural pack causing problems for them over the next few weeks as Hoseok and Jungkook start having to stay later and later at the headquarters.

Hoseok’s new partner for exploration and extraction is a female Beta by the name of Wendy who annoys Hoseok to no end because she won’t shut up about how excited she is to be out of training or how she’s paired with one of the best Betas on the council, in her eyes at least, and Hoseok has already had to complain to his supervisor in the council about being nearly accosted by Wendy on their first job of their partnership.

Jimin’s not happy about the turn of events either, as it seems the female Beta’s cloying scent seems to stick to Hoseok as if she’s been touching his mate a lot more than he wants. He’s tempted to go tell the girl off, seeing as she’s unmated and attempting to coerce a mated Beta but Namjoon’s arrival back to the city pushes the thought to the back of Jimin’s mind as they finally get to throw the naming ceremony for the twins.

Namjoon, for all the Alpha he is, breaks down crying the moment he walks into the share house where Jin and Jimin insisted on throwing the naming ceremony party, becoming a blubbering mess as he sees the 5 month old pups for the first time after their birth.

It takes a while for the lanky Alpha to calm down, both pups snuggled up against his chest as he hiccups and tries to calm down for the sake of Taehyung and Yoongi, both who fought to hold back their own tears of joy at their mates reunion with their pups, though Jimin’s pretty sure Taehyung failed with the way he’s been sniffling and rubbing at his eyes.

Finally they are ready to name their pups after 5 long months of waiting, and an official notary for their neighborhood is on hand to record the names for their records.

Taehyung holds up the oldest pup to Namjoon while Yoongi takes up the youngest. “I present to you, Taejoon.” He says to his Alpha mate, smiling as Namjoon’s eyes threaten to spill over with tears again as the pup yips and licks at his father’s face, having changed in the middle of the excitement of seeing his other father.

They wait until the scribe nods, having recorded the precise spelling of the pup’s name, and then Taehyung turns to his Beta mate, a smile on his face. “And I present to you, Taegi.”

Yoongi grunts as his own pup lets out a squeak and tries to manhandle himself onto Yoongi’s head, having more sense than his older twin to stay in his human form.

It takes some time, but eventually they coax Taejoon into his human form, redressing him and getting the family posed just right for their official naming ceremony pictures that Taehyung will send out to the 3 sets of grandparents.

Cleaning up afterwards, Jimin laughs as he hears Jin smacking Jungkook in the living room.

“Ow! Damn hyung that hurt!” Jungkook whines and Jimin really has to wonder who the Alpha in the relationship is sometimes. “I only asked who let Taehyung name the second one….Taegi sounds too odd for their family dynamics!”

Jimin tunes the couple out as he reaches down to grab at a ribbon stuck under the fridge, yelping suddenly as a pain hits him, and he has to reach out to lift himself shakily up from his bent over position.

“You ok?” Jin and Jungkook are in the kitchen, worry etched on their faces as they see Jimin exhale slowly.

“Yeah, a sudden pain hit me.” Jimin says. “Probably shouldn’t have bent over as much as I did.” He tries to joke, realizing that his head is aching something awful all of a sudden and he blinks as Jungkook catches him.

“Where is Hoseok?” Jin asks, realizing that the Beta vanished right after the party had ended and they’d waved off the newly reunited mates and their children down the street.

“He…” Jimin takes a moment to gather his bearings. “He barely got time away from the council today for the naming party.” He manages to get out. “They were sending him to the location where you guys found me a few years ago as soon as this was over.”

“With that bitch of a partner he has?” Jin asks, voice tight.

Jungkook’s arms tighten around the pregnant Omega. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asks his mate.

Jin nods. “Most likely. Jimin, I need you to focus on me ok? Jungkook, let’s get him settled on the couch for the moment so if needed we can whisk him to the hospital.”

Jungkook barely grunts as he lifts Jimin easily into his arms, carrying the Omega into the living room where the bag full of trash from the party is sitting. Jin sweeps off any debris from the couch, letting his mate settle Jimin into the cushions, arranging pillows behind his head as Jungkook grabs the others for his feet.

“Head hurts.” Jimin mumbles a second later, closing his eyes as dizziness threatens to overtake him.

“Let’s get a bucket for him in case he throws up.” Jin suggests, laying a cool cloth on to Jimin’s head and the younger Omega moans at the relief it brings.

Everything after that is a blur to Jimin, the room sometimes spinning bad enough that he does eventually throw up into the large bucket that is placed next to him on the floor.

Jin’s voice and touch is the only soothing comfort he has, though he wonders briefly for a moment that Jungkook was there at one point and gone the next time Jimin’s lucid enough to take sips of water through a straw.

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Jungkook is furious, to say the least. Even though he’s fully mated to Jin and has no scent to warn people he’s angry, they take one look at his expression and rush to get out of his way as Jungkook stomps down the hallway to the Extraction offices located at the council’s main building.

“What the fuck do you all think you are doing?!” Jungkook rarely lets his Alpha take control, but the anger over the whole situation leaves him practically shaking with rage. He hasn’t felt like this since he met Jin, and for once it feels good to let loose his wolf’s emotions.

The group of people who run the Extraction office, a mix of Alpha, Beta, and Omega all gape at him, some of the Betas and Omegas whimpering in fear at the sight of Jungkook.

Jungkook and Jin are famous in the council more for the fact they don’t tend to follow their stereotypical roles that biology plays, well except for Jin being pregnant, than the fact they’d mated younger than most in their society.

To see Jungkook actually letting his Alpha nature go is a sight to behold, though a couple of Beta’s are scrambling to get their department head out to deal with the enraged Alpha.

Jungkook’s eyes keep flashing between their natural coffee color and his wolf’s golden color, tinged with hints of red as the Alpha lets his wolf side out more and more the longer he’s made to wait, his hands clenched into fists and shaking from the effort it’s taking to contain his rage.

Less than a minute after he entered the office, the department Alpha comes out of his office, eyebrows drawn tight as he stares at Jungkook, pursing his lips. “What has you in a fuss, young Alpha?” He asks, keeping his tone casual, though he neglects to hide the boredom from his tone.

Jungkook’s eyes flash bright red for a moment before he takes a breath. “You sick bastard!” He snarls. “Your inability to see the actions of an unmated Beta trying to make advances on a mated Beta is causing a pregnant Omega to get sick!”

The department Alpha raises an eyebrow, seemingly indifferent even as gasps arise from some of the spectators surrounding them. “Oh, and who would that be? I don’t remember having an unmated Beta in my ranks.” He says.

Jungkook knows that if he could scent the man, he would fully let his wolf out at the blatant lies the man is saying. “You know damn good and well who I am talking about!” He growls, his eyes bleeding red into the irises.

“No I don’t. Better question, who is the mated Beta with the pregnant Omega?” The man asks, raising the other eyebrow, the hints of a smirk on his face.

“That would be Jung Hoseok, sir.” A female Beta tells him. “He’s made numerous complaints about his new scouting partner trying to make unwanted advances on him when he’s mated to an Omega named Park Jimin.”

The Alpha frowns. “He’s not mated to an Omega.” He grunts, glaring at the Beta, who squeaks in fear. “He’s mated to the Beta he’s scouting with. Like I said, I don’t have any unmated Beta’s in my department.”

Jungkook growls lowly, his fists clenching and unclenching as he stares down the Alpha, his wolf clamoring to get out so he can rip the man to shreds, the red becoming more prominent in his eyes. A murmur from his left assures Jungkook that someone is calling one of the upper management Alpha’s, probably to both pacify Jungkook, and figure out the situation at hand.

“That’s a fucking lie!” Jungkook growls as he takes a step towards the counter that separates him from the Alpha.

“Stand down, Jeon Jungkook.” A familiar voice washes over him, and he relaxes a bit. “What is going on that has you so riled up?”

Jungkook turns, and sees one of the Judges who’d helped work on Jimin’s case smiling at him, unaffected by the anger that Jungkook is sure is radiating off his body in waves.

Jungkook turns, glaring at the department Alpha. “He denies the fact that Jung Hoseok has been making official complaints about his new partner on excursions making unwanted advances on him.” He takes a breath, tamping down a bit on the anger that flares when the Alpha’s eyes narrow. “Hoseok is not mated to her, he’s mated to Omega Park Jimin, who is currently 5 months pregnant and is lying sick at home because she’s attempting to mark Hoseok!”

The Judge’s eyes narrow, and the steely glance is enough to make Jungkook shiver a little in fear as the Judge looks around the office and settles his glance onto the department Alpha, whose eyes are starting to bleed a bit of gold into them to try and assert himself against the Judge.

Most of the judges in the council are Alphas, with a couple of Betas and Omegas to ensure that the rulings are fair for all the ranks, and it’s only right that the Judge called down to handle the commotion is not only an Alpha, but the Head Judge.

“I want Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin’s files in my hand.” He says to the Beta who’s standing next to him. “What is the name of the Beta that is currently partnered with Hoseok?” He asks to the rest of the office, not bothering to acknowledge the department Alpha, even though his eyes stay trained on the man.

“Son Seung Wan code name Wendy.” An Omega offers, handing over a couple of files to the Beta.

“Jimin was that Omega case you ruled on a few years back with the Alpha who was marking potential mates from birth.” The Beta at the Judge’s side murmurs. “He and Hoseok had their bonding ceremony 5 months ago.”

The Judge flips through the files handed to him, giving back the one that Jungkook can see has Hoseok’s name on it and watches in fascination, his anger tampered down to a simmer as the Judge’s head snaps up from the file, his face taking on a steely look to it as he stares down the department Alpha.

“This Son Seung Wan happens to be your niece.” He says, his voice smooth and cool. “It also says here, she’s been mated to Hoseok for 3 years, however, in both Hoseok’s file, and Jimin’s council profile, it shows Hoseok is mated to Jimin.” His tone darkens and Jungkook represses the urge to shudder and shrink away from the Head Judge. “Care to explain why this document is false?”

“That’s a lie!” The department Alpha loses his cool, eyes flashing as he shouts. “She’s mated to Hoseok, not that slutty omega bitch!”

The office workers gasp, and suddenly Jungkook has to press himself against the counter, protecting the female Beta as the Head Judge meets the snarling wolf that was the department Alpha. “Call security!” Jungkook tells her. “Tell them that we have a feral Alpha on our hands!”

The Beta nods, escaping out the door to make the call as the Omegas in the office cower away from their boss, some of them wailing in fear as the office Alphas and Betas try to shield them from the sight of their department head trying to take on the Head Judge.

Jungkook takes a moment, now that his anger has been justified by the Judge’s reaction to the case, signaling an Alpha who looks out of place amongst the staff. “Send a dispatch with a med team to wherever that asshole sent them on their mission.” He tells the Alpha.

The Alpha immediately turns, running off behind some of the desks into the doorway at the end of the room and comes back out a few minutes later, and hands over a set of papers to Jungkook.

“They haven’t left yet, Alpha.” The other male says apologetically. “They’re down in the Extraction dorms getting ready.”

Jungkook growls, glancing back to see the Judge has manhandled the feral Alpha into a submission form. They lock eyes for a moment, and then the Judge nods.

Jungkook doesn’t even bother closing the door as he dashes out of the room, the paper that states where Hoseok and this stupid Beta girl fluttering in his hand as he dashes down the hallway.

“2 of you, with me!” Jungkook shouts as he spots the security that the Judge’s Beta secretary had summoned. “The rest down to the office. The Judge has him in the submissive form but I’m not sure how long it will hold.”

2 of the wolves split off from the others, following Jungkook as he runs through the hallways, worry growing that he might be too late to save Hoseok.


Jin ends up calling Namjoon and asking if he or Yoongi could come help him get Jimin to the hospital. The smaller Omega has started to hyperventilate, and Jin worries that whatever is happening to Hoseok will cause Jimin to miscarry their pup.

He’s only seen it once before, where a mate’s bonding mark was overridden by another who was higher in rank, causing a miscarriage for the Omega mate who’d been near her due date. However that had been an overzealous, dictator like Alpha who’d taken the Omega and marked over her Beta mate’s mark, claiming some bullshit excuse of Alpha’s rights.

It’s a practice that only savages and rogues admit to keeping alive if only for procreation reasons. The council had declared such a practice to be punishable by death, though there was nothing they could do for the former mates to regain their bonds back.

Scientists had tried to experiment with chemicals and herbs and other drugs to help, but ultimately the end result was that the former mates would stay together, even without the bond, though they couldn’t have children.

It’s something that puzzles the medical community, and the council to this day is still trying to find ways to help the few wolves out there who suffer from their bonds being ripped away by another.

Jin’s sitting in the hospital room a half hour later, watching Jimin as the Omega is still unconscious, though no longer hyperventilating.

They were lucky to get him in when they did, as the baby had been in such distress from Jimin’s pain that it had nearly triggered him into premature labor. The doctors had recognized the Omega’s symptoms immediately and administered a sedative that was safe for him and the baby.

It was one of the few good things that had come from the council’s discovery of the illegal practice.

Now Jin only worried about Hoseok and his own mate. He wasn’t scared of anyone trying to override his mark on Jungkook, as he had a sinking feeling that Hoseok had been specifically targeted, but right now he had to focus on making sure Jimin comes out of this ordeal unscathed and still carrying his pup.

The door slides open and Namjoon’s lanky form hovers in the doorway. “They got to Hoseok just in time.” He tells the older Omega, relief in his voice.

“Oh, thank god.” Jin slumps in his seat, a specially padded chair for pregnant wolves.

“They’re going to look over Hoseok there before bringing him here to be with Jimin.” Namjoon tells him.

Jin nods in the dimmed light in the room. “Have you told the doctors to expect Jimin’s mate soon?” He asks.

“Yeah, they’re gonna move him to a bigger room with a double bed designed for mates.” Namjoon replies.

They barely get Jimin settled into his new room when Jungkook leads in a very pale looking Hoseok. Jin doesn’t say much about the fact Hoseok is practically hanging onto Jungkook, and the Alpha shakes his head at Jin when he goes to help move Hoseok onto the bed.

“Mate.” Hoseok croaks out, tears already falling down his cheeks as he half stumbles, half walks to the bed, crawling onto it and whimpering as his feet get stuck on the bottom half of the side rail. Jungkook comes over, cooing softly as he pulls Hoseok’s feet free, allowing the Beta to curl up against his mate, nuzzling into the crook of Jimin’s neck as he sobs.

The Alpha and Omega pair back from the room slowly and silently, waiting outside the door until Hoseok calls for them, Jin pressed into the Alpha’s arms tight enough that he had to take shallow breaths as Jungkook buries his nose into Jin’s neck. Neither of them say a word as the Alpha breathes in his mate’s scent, a few droplets of warmth landing on Jin’s collarbones and sliding down under his shirt.

They don’t move until they hear Hoseok saying it’s ok for them to come back in. “They have him sedated don’t they?” Hoseok looks much better, even with the tear tracks down his face and sniffling every so often.

Jin hands the Beta a few tissues to wipe his face. “They had to. The baby was in such distress that they were afraid Jimin would go into premature labor.”

Hoseok shudders, his hands clenching. “I want to kill that bitch so bad.” He growls.

Jin looks at Jungkook, silently asking if it’s ok he asks Hoseok what happened. The Alpha looks at Hoseok, sighs and nods once to his mate, settling into one of the chairs by the foot of the bed.

“What happened?” Jin asks, taking the chair that the nurse aids had brought from the other room for him. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “Best I get it out now before I get too emotional or pass out again.” He says, fingers shredding one of the unused tissues into strips.

He takes a deep breath, letting out slowly. “You guys already know about my complaints to the department about Wendy.” He says. “But it’s much deeper than that.”

Chapter Text

The day Hoseok found out who his new partner was going to be for the next 4 months, he nearly threw a fit, but kept his mouth shut because he’s the youngest Beta in the department.

He doesn’t want to be written up for unacceptable behaviors, even though he’s been in the Excursion department for nearly 3 years, far from being the newest Beta in the department, but still new enough that he’s subjected to the council’s internal review system and any bad mark could be cause for him to be reassigned to a different department.

It’s not a strict rule, or anything set in stone stating that all members of the Excursion department who are assigned to go out on missions have to be mated. It’s recommended that at least one of the two wolves going should be a mated wolf, and to someone in a completely different department or who doesn’t work for the council at all, depending on their rank. Makes things less complicated if one or both wolves get captured and interrogated though it’s increasingly rare that it happens.

It’s also not a strict rule that one of the wolves has to be a doctor or of the medical department either, even though Hoseok has always thought it was important, like it had been when he’d sniffed out Jimin in the woods that fateful day.

So the day he met Wendy, his newly assigned Beta partner, he knew he was going to have a handful of trouble. Not because it was a female Beta, but because she was the niece of the department Alpha, and unmated.

He’d long since realized that the department Alpha was setting Hoseok up to a much higher standard than the others, but being forced to partner with the male’s niece was the icing on the cake that make Hoseok very wary of the office politics that suddenly sprung up out of nowhere.

The girl barely looked a day over the age of 15. The moment their eyes met, Hoseok’s wolf shuddered in alarm and distress. Hoseok tried to soothe his wolf, coming home as much as he could to smother himself in Jimin’s comforting arms the first few weeks that he and Wendy were in the training rooms at the council, getting used to one another.

It was on their second to last day of training together before they’d go out on a short excursion scouting mission that Hoseok jumped in shock as a hand came across the lower half of his body.

He growled, jumping away quickly at the sensation and looked up to see Wendy with a smirk on her face. “Oh I’m sorry.” She fake gasped, attempting to look apologetic.

Hoseok glared at her. “I’m mated, thank you very much, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t touch me in places reserved only for my mate.” He told her, his tone serious.

Wendy squeaked at him that it wouldn’t happen again, and they went about finishing their training together, and nothing really came of it until they were sent out to their first overnight mission.

Wendy had insisted on cooking while Hoseok scouted the area, a place he was more than familiar with due to its proximity to the city. They’d been sent on day trips before, supposedly just so Wendy could get used to being out on scouting missions, though Hoseok knew the packs that lived within a day or two of the city and the council were very much in compliance with the laws and nothing bad would happen.

It had happened again, the subtle brush of a hand across his back, and this time Hoseok’s eyes flash red, growling as he turns on Wendy, seeing the smirk on her face as he goes to smack her hand that is reaching out again towards him.

“I told you I’m mated!” Hoseok isn’t one to shout, but his biggest pet peeve is people who don’t listen to him the first time. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

“Language, Hoseok.” Wendy says, frowning. “I could report your uncouth behavior to my uncle, and he wouldn’t like that, now would he?”

Hoseok can recognize a threat when he hears it and his hand drops limply from where it was about to strike. Unfortunately, it also means that Wendy recognizes that she could use running to her uncle anytime she thinks Hoseok is being rude, unaccommodating or showing a bad attitude towards her.

It also means more unwanted touches now that she’s got leverage to threaten him with, from touching the small of his back to roughly pinching his butt cheeks, Hoseok huddles in on himself, fighting his natural instincts to lash out at the offending Beta.

He’s made a few reports about being sexually harassed by his work partner, but each report is met with eyes swimming in laughter and mirth as the department Alpha dismisses that his own niece would do anything so unbecoming of a council department member.

On the day of the twin’s naming party, Hoseok had been informed they would be going out on a real scouting and excursion mission, this time to the southern side of the country, more than a couple of days away from the city. To the same area that he’d found Jimin in.

Hoseok’s nervous, and his wolf is restless as he packs the inventory he thinks they’ll need for the mission, knowing that there are a few packs to the south who have been slowly pulling away from the council’s oversight, the memories of what had happened to Jimin’s old pack fading away apparently.

He gets the chance to break away from preparing for the mission, a threat from Wendy ringing in his ears if he’s not back by a certain time, and tries desperately to enjoy himself at the party, clinging to Jimin as much as he can, inhaling the scent that only he can smell and trying to be carefree until he realizes the time and has to apologize to Jimin for not being able to help clean up.

Hoseok is late, and he knows it, though his wolf is curious to see what will happen when Wendy tries to make good on her threats. He slows down in the hallways, getting his breathing back under control before a hand grabs the back of his neck, and a blindfold on his head, covering his eyes.

“What the?” Hoseok yelps. He didn’t smell a thing or hear anyone come up behind him, meaning either they’d been lying in wait in the darkened hallway, or they’d been behind him the entire time.

“Shut up if you know what’s good for you.” The familiar voice of his department Alpha makes Hoseok shudder in fear.

He’s not sure where he’s being taken since his vision is cut off, and the scents of the hallways are confusing him.

Hoseok stumbles more than once, getting cuffed on the back of the head, someone grumbling in his ear about hurrying the fuck up, and he’s suddenly shoved into a space and left alone for a moment.

He’d go to take the blindfold off, but somewhere along the way, they’d bound his hands behind his back once they’d gone down a few flights of stairs and the sounds of others in the hallway are gone.

“Well, I told you to be back on time, didn’t I? Now look at where it’s gotten you.” The familiar voice of Wendy, anger laced with scorn in her voice.

The blindfold comes off, and Hoseok gasps, backing away from her immediately, eyes blinking away the brightness of the light overhead and Hoseok realizes that he’s in one of the underground bunkers designed for family of council employees if there were ever to be a large scale rogue attack on the city.

There are no camera’s here to ensure his safety, no emergency call system to bring security down.

Hoseok averts his eyes when he realizes that Wendy is completely naked, a sadistic grin on her face as she comes closer to him.

When his back hits the wall, Hoseok knows he’s trapped. The room is entirely too small to maneuver around the unmated Beta quickly unless he injures the female wolf. He tenses as Wendy closes in on him, running her hands down the front of his shit, one that Jimin has always liked on him.

Hoseok closes his eyes as Wendy leans into his body space, sniffing around him and growling. “You’ve been around that bitch and his friends, haven’t you?” She growls.

“My mate is not a bitch.” Hoseok bites back, eyes flashing at the insult.

A hand twists into his shirt, and a ripping noise is heard as Wendy viciously tears the shirt away from his body. “He’s a bitch, trying to take what is mine.” Wendy growls again, sharp fingernails on Hoseok’s chest as she leans in, pushing his head up and nosing around the other side of Hoseok’s neck, where the other scent gland is still intact.

Hoseok tenses even further as Wendy’s cold, dry lips attach themselves to his bare chest, having scented him even though Hoseok is pretty sure she can’t detect his natural pheromones that are for Jimin, and Jimin only.

A gasp falls from his lips in surprise as Wendy noses down his chest, biting his right nipple as something cold, sharp and painful is injected into his arm.

“You are mine, Jung Hoseok.” She growls again, biting at his nipple viciously.

Hoseok winces as he feels whatever was injected into him start to take effect slowly, his body heating up in ways that he knows should only happen when Jimin’s in heat.

“The fuck!” He tries to jerk away from her, but finds he can’t move. “What the hell did you do to me?” He exhales, releasing his emotions, letting his anger out, his wolf howling inside of him to be let loose.

“Just a little something to help speed up the mating process.” Wendy smirks, backing away from him, as Hoseok’s knees give out now that there is nothing to hold him up from the front.

He grunts, his knees taking the impact of the hard floor beneath him and he sees Wendy slipping on a robe, tying it before she goes to the door and whistles. “Help me get him on the bed and undressed.” She commands, and two wolves that Hoseok is damn sure he’s never met before strode into the room.

One hauls the immobile Beta up onto his rubbery feet, the effect of the drug growing the longer it’s in Hoseok’s system, while the other, unbuckles Hoseok’s belt, throwing it onto the bed and quickly divesting Hoseok of his pants and boxers.

He’s placed on the bed soon after being removed of his clothes, and a rope is thrown on top of him from where he assumes Wendy is standing, acting as a lookout even though they’re deep underground.

Hoseok realizes he’s growling angrily as the two males take the rope and his belt, tying his feet with one and his hands up against the head of the bed with the other, rendering his body even more immobile than it already is.

“All done Mistress.” One of them says, and Hoseok realizes with a start that both of the males are scentless, meaning they’re mated, but he didn’t see a mating mark on either’s necks.

“Good boys.” Wendy practically purrs at them. Hoseok twists his head just right in time to see Wendy exchanging not so innocent kisses with the two males, and his guts twist from the fear he feels.

Hoseok cries out mentally, praying, wishing that his distress can be felt to Jimin, even though the younger is probably passed out from all the work he’s done for the naming party. Hoseok’s jerked back to reality as cool hands touch his now completely naked body and Hoseok has to clamp down on his own tongue to halt the moan that attempts to bubble its way out of his throat at the contact that seems to both cool, and burn his skin.

He’d missed the moment Wendy had ushered the two males out, shutting and locking the door behind them. “Awe, I want to hear your desperate moans.” Wendy taunts him as she reaches out to grasp Hoseok by the chin.

“Fuck you.” Hoseok half growls, half whines in distress. The feeling of her disgusting hands on his body makes him want to throw up, but his body betrays him by becoming heated and aroused.

He can smell the scent of his own arousal in the air, and of Wendy’s as well as she continues to touch him in ways that make Hoseok’s stomach roll. Somewhere along the way, she’s lost the robe, and she grins at him as she leans close, allowing Hoseok to smell her natural scent, her arousal thick in the air and nearly choking him with how potent it is.

Too potent for a Beta.

“The fuck?!” Hoseok cries as he realizes that Wendy not only has been masking her scent as a Beta, but she’s been an unmated ALPHA female the entire time.

He’s no longer ashamed of feeling fearful around Wendy, as Alpha females are rarer than Taehyung’s twins being fraternal.

Wendy smirks. “I see you realize that I’m an Alpha. Your soon to be Alpha.” She says, tracing a fingertip around one of Hoseok’s nipples, licking her lips as it responds to her touch, firming and puckering up. She leans down, licking lazily at it, the smirk never leaving her face as Hoseok squirms in both arousal and disgust, the belt around his hands rubbing his wrists harshly as he pulls on it.

“I’ve wanted you ever since you showed up at my pack’s territory a few years ago.” She explains once she’s done torturing Hoseok’s body. “You’d come to inspect the records we had of the omega’s housed in our lands with that shameless Omega boy who mated with a premature Alpha.”

Hoseok’s eyes grow wide. No one outside of their group was supposed to know that Jin and Jungkook had mated illegally when Jungkook was 11. They hadn’t even told Jimin yet for crying out loud!

Of course no one outside of their group also was supposed to know that Jungkook had matured earlier than he was supposed to, to protect his Omega mate, who’d matured earlier than normal as well. It was sealed information that only the highest levels of authority in the council could access, and even then the head Alpha of the council would not allow anyone to see Jin and Jungkook’s records.

Wendy scrapes her nail against his nipple and Hoseok lets out a hiss at the pain coursing through his chest. “You don’t know shit about them so don’t talk shit.” Hoseok growls at her, even though he knows he’s at a disadvantage.

Wendy twists his nipple in her fingers, her smirk growing as Hoseok lets out a pained groan, the scent of her arousal growing thicker.

‘Fuck,’ Hoseok thinks. ‘She gets turned on by inflicting pain upon her victims.’

“You will do well to watch that filthy mouth before I beat it out of you.” She growls at him, and Hoseok clamps his mouth shut unwillingly. “Good boy.” Wendy moves onto his other nipple, arousing it against his will and suckling on it as her hand travels further down his body.

Hoseok’s breath fails him as her hand touches his most private area, which is half hard. Wendy stops her ministrations on his chest, frowning as she looks down at his crotch. “Are you defective or something?” She asks, squeezing him in her hand, watching his face for any signs of arousal or pain.

“NO, you dumb bitch!” Hoseok yells, feeling a surge of confidence at the half state his body is in. It means he’s fighting off the drug thanks to his wolf. “I told you I have a mate, and my body is only for him.”

Wendy slaps Hoseok across the cheek, huffing as she gets off the bed in a hurry, throwing the robe on and going to the door, unlocking it and whispering to someone whom Hoseok assumes is standing guard for her as Hoseok blinks from the force of the slap.

Female alphas hit a lot harder than he’d expected.

Wendy comes back a minute later, and Hoseok realizes she’s got another syringe full of something. “You are mine.” She growls again as her eyes flash red and she shoves the needle into his bound arm, pushing it in forcefully, the burn making Hoseok cry out loud from the pain.

“I could just bite you and override the mark from that slut, but I enjoy the struggle from my conquests as I torture their bodies into submission.” She tells him after the pain from the drug lessens.

She’s sitting on him, her fingers working at his groin, trying to coax his dick back to life after the pain from the drug had made him go flaccid.

“You are a sadistic bitch.” Hoseok groans as he feels the new batch of drug take effect and the heat surges through his body.

“Oh don’t worry, mate of mine. You’ll enjoy the sadistic side of me soon.” She grins at him, pleased as the drug seems to work better this time, his dick growing hard in her hands.

She leans over his body, licking and sucking the skin as she goes, though Hoseok notices she’s not leaving any marks. He tries to fight her, even though he can’t move much and he gasps as she takes his chin in a free hand, wrenching his neck sharply as she reaches in to kiss him.

Hoseok bites her tongue as she forces it past his lips. “You bitch.” She smacks him again on the cheek, harder than before, and Hoseok is left feeling dizzy and disoriented. “I guess I should go faster so I can claim you sooner.” She grumbles. “There’s no fun in that, but it can’t be helped since you are fighting it.”

Hoseok gasps as his body recognizes that someone who’s not Jimin has just mounted him, his body bucking even though it’s actually causing more of the opposite effect than he wanted.

“That’s a good boy.” Wendy coos at him, arching her back and impaling herself onto him, slamming his hips back down into the bed.

Hoseok feels the tears leaking out of his eyes as he’s raped, his body responding against his will as he tries to think of Jimin and his unborn pup. He feels Wendy’s impending release gathering, her body clenching his tighter, her rhythm becoming uncoordinated and frantic, the scent of her displeasure at rushing things and her arousal growing heavier as she leans over his body, pushing his head to the side where Jimin’s claim mark is.

He whimpers, tears clouding his vision as he feels Wendy’s breath on his neck, the moistness of her mouth there and the start of her sharpened canines pricking against his skin when the door to the room bursts open in a spray of wood.

Chapter Text

“You bite him, and you are dead.” The growl of his best friend has Hoseok hiccupping in relief as Wendy leans back, snarling in rage.

“I am going to kill you!” She rips herself off of Hoseok’s body, flying towards Jungkook, and Hoseok has to chuckle weakly.

The bitch doesn’t even know how strong Jungkook is.

There’s a reason why Jungkook matured earlier than what their society claimed was normal, he’d been defending a sweet Omega named Kim Seokjin from a group of Alphas and Betas who’d sniffed out the Omega. The Omega who’d matured at the age of 15 instead of 16, who’d been out and about that fateful day, not realizing that since he’d matured a year early, his first heat would come early too.

He’d been caught by the group while going back home from the grocery store, and it was Jungkook, just starting his own growth spurt, face full of pimples and still chubby from his baby fat who’d jumped in front of Jin, growling at the grown werewolves, all while protecting Jin from their noses.

Hoseok, for all that he remembers hearing of the encounter, knows that Jungkook rarely lets his Alpha wolf gain control, unless he’s justifiably angry.

Anger, it seems, fueled Jungkook’s wolf to sudden maturity, and he’d gained so much power and authority in a few moments of uncertainty against the group, who promptly fled when they felt the wrath of the squeaky 11 year old boy change from that of a wolf in slumber, to golden eyes, and an Alpha aura that shook each one of the grown men to their cores.

The sounds of snarling, growling wolves die down as the scent of blood increases, and suddenly, Hoseok finds himself covered with a soft blanket, his hands and feet untied and someone bringing a cup of warm water to his lips.

Hoseok felt no shame in crying as he’s shielded from the snarling bloody image of Wendy being held down by Jungkook, whose eyes are flashing between a bright red of anger, and a brilliant golden color, and promptly passes out when he realizes that he’s safe.


Jungkook watches over the mates as Jimin slowly comes out of sedation, Hoseok sleeping next to him, though he can tell the Beta is probably going to have nightmares for a while.

Jin comes in, settling down in the other bed the nurses had brought in, snuggling up to his mate and sighing as he watches Hoseok twitch.

“They’re gonna put him on leave early.” Jungkook whispers to Jin when they settle back after Hoseok’s limbs relax.

“What about?” Jin asks.

“Internal investigation.” Jungkook replies. “I’ve got a bad feeling that this wasn’t an isolated ‘accident’ that happened.”

They settle down when they hear someone opening the door, though Jungkook turns to watch with hooded eyes as one of the night nurses comes in, smiling apologetically towards them. “Just checking his vitals, nothing more.” She says, showing Jungkook that the only things in her hands are a piece of paper and a pen.

Things at the beginning of the night had been good once Hoseok had gone to sleep after recounting what had happened to him, until a nurse walked in to give Jimin a new IV bag of saline and had nearly gotten bit by Jungkook, whose wolf was still in protect mode from earlier.

By now, all the nurses and doctors assigned to Jimin were told to show they meant no harm when they came in, so as not to provoke Jungkook’s wolf, who’s finally, finally starting to settle down back to his normal non-angry self.

They get the call in the morning that Jungkook is being put on leave early as well, and everyone is given a full year off instead of only the 5 months.

Hoseok has woken several times in the night, and Jungkook barely has the strength or energy to coax him back to sleep, reminding him that Jimin is right next to him on the last time he’s woken up.

Jimin wakes up sometime mid-morning, groggy, disoriented and more than confused as to why Hoseok is clinging to him, sobbing apologies into his chest as he hugs his mate close.

The scent of blood hits them before they know what’s happening, and Jimin’s in pain, Hoseok is panicking and Jungkook has to rely on Jin’s strength to keep things orderly as the doctors and nurses order everyone out, and Hoseok drops to the floor outside Jimin’s room.

“It’s my fault.” He sobs, rocking back and forth, arms folded across his chest as he hugs himself.

“No, god no, Hoseok.” Jin tries to sooth the Beta, but the younger werewolf isn’t listening, crying as they hear Jimin scream in pain.

Hoseok blacks out again for the second time in his life.

Chapter Text

*4 months later*

The quaint house reverberates with laughter and squeals as Taehyung chases around one of his two pups, the other already seated in the high chair and munching happily on some cheerio’s.

“Someone’s feisty this morning.” Namjoon rumbles and the pup makes a squeak barking sound and runs up to his other father, tail wagging happily as he yips and tries to jump up towards Namjoon’s arms, his yips getting more excited as Namjoon picks the pup up and gives his son a happy smooch on his nose.

“Can you get him into the high chair?” Taehyung asks, blowing the fringe of hair out of his face. He’s been meaning to get it cut, but with the move it’s been low on the list. “I’m trying to get things settled into the kitchen and he won’t stop getting into the boxes.”

“Sure thing mate.” Namjoon makes a squeaky noise at his son, tickling him before he maneuvers the top of the high chair off. “Taejoonie, I need to feed you. But in order to do that, I need you to shift for me, ok pup?”

The pup whines, wriggling in Namjoon’s arms, but a moment later is a gurgling baby boy instead of a yipping pup.

Namjoon’s quick to get a diaper onto his son before he locks the 9 month old into the high chair, spilling some cheerio’s onto the high chair table and watching as Taehyung places the last of their dishes into the cupboard.

“I’m going to go over later and see how Jin hyung and the crew are doing.” Namjoon says, though it goes without saying that he wants to check up on Hoseok and Jimin the most.

It’s the reason why they’d all moved out to a small village settlement on the edge of town, even though Jin’s near due with his pup.

The Omega had insisted on the sanity and safety for Hoseok and Jimin for the move, and the council couldn’t deny them after everything had happened.

They were still investigating how the unmated female Alpha had managed to pass through all their filters as a Beta, and then kidnap Hoseok, not to mention the arrival of undocumented wolves into the council’s main building. In the one place that’s off limits to council members who aren’t cleared by their internal security to be there.

Namjoon knows the higher ups on the council aren’t stupid. He knows they know that Wendy’s uncle had been the one to make the loopholes so his beloved niece could get into their system, infiltrate their ranks.

All to get close to Hoseok.

They’d heard it a dozen times, how Wendy had seen Hoseok and Jin from afar in her home pack when she was a pup, before she’d matured into an Alpha, how she’d fallen instantly in love with the charismatic Beta.

There were rumors swirling around that Wendy had forced herself into becoming an Alpha because of her one sided crush on Hoseok.

But then again, there were rumors that her home pack was involved in making some very illegal, highly effective drugs designed to induce heats into werewolves, or make them into something that they weren’t going to mature into in the first place.

A whine brings Namjoon out of his thoughts, and he sighs, wiggling his fingers at Taegi, who’s fussing in his high chair, his table devoid of any food.

Namjoon spills a few more cheerio’s onto Taegi’s table, and goes to fill both boys’ sippy cups with a premade water/juice mixture.

Taehyung had insisted their pups didn’t get a whole lot of sugar into their system when they are still babies, and Namjoon’s heart had swollen with pride when he’d learned about it.

The Alpha inside him had puffed out his chest, rumbling in pleasure about how he’d chosen one of the two most perfect mates he could have ever found.

“Do you want anything to eat before you go over to check on the hyungs and Jungkook?” Taehyung asks as he turns around in their larger, and nicer, kitchen to look at Namjoon.

“Naw, you know how Jin is, he’ll probably try to feed me as soon as I get over there, even if I tell him I’ve already eaten.” Namjoon says, reaching out and wiping away a speck of dust from Taehyung’s cheek.

The Omega’s eyes sparkle at the contact for a moment before Taejoon’s screech of displeasure brings them out of their moment.

“Yoongi should be getting home soon.” Taehyung murmurs as he pulls something from the fridge. They’d gone shopping almost immediately after the moving company had brought in the last of the boxes from their old home, while Yoongi still had to report to work.

The radio station that Yoongi worked at hadn’t been as caring as the council had, telling Yoongi that he’d lose his job if he requested any more time off after his 4 months of paternal leave when the twins were born. The Beta had huffed even when his mates told him it was ok. They were plenty well off because of both of their work from the council, and the headstrong Beta didn’t have to work if he didn’t want to.

Yoongi, on the other hand, hadn’t wanted to let his listeners down, insisting that he would be ok with the nearly hour drive back and forth from their new home to work.

Namjoon fusses with the lids on the cups before handing them off to the twins, both boys squealing happily as they grabbed onto them, though Taegi took a sip before he started banging the cup onto his high chair’s table, delighted squeals coming out of his mouth at the beat.

“Great.” Taehyung sighs, rubbing his temples. “Leave it to Yoongi hyung’s offspring to start tapping out a beat with his sippy cup.”

Namjoon chuckles, reaching out to pull Taehyung into his arms, both of them sighing fitfully at the contact, even as the front door opens and Yoongi’s voice calls out that he’s home.

The Beta finds his mates hugging in the kitchen, and the twins making a ruckus. Dropping his bag, he gives each pup a kiss on the top of their heads before reaching out and snuggling up to both of his mates, the tension melting from his body at the contact.

No one ever said being a parent was easy.

Their moment is interrupted when Taegi drops his sippy cup on the floor, and starts crying while trying to reach down for it, causing Taejoon to stare at his twin before bursting into tears as well.

Namjoon presses kisses onto Taehyung before the Omega goes to soothe the twins from their crying, gives Yoongi a long warm kiss and hug to welcome him home from his work day before he takes up his keys and cell phone, promising to check in every so often to let them know how things are going across the street.


Over in the other household, it’s eerily quiet, though Jin is bustling around the kitchen, humming a soft tune to himself as he makes breakfast.

The last 4 months have been tolling for the mated pairs, especially Jimin and Hoseok, both whom are hurting.

“Anything I can do to help?” Jungkook comes into the kitchen, seeing his very pregnant mate scurrying around like his tail is on fire.

“Can you take this up to Jimin and Hoseok? My back has been hurting all night and I don’t think Jimin wants to see me in this state.” Jin says, holding a large covered tray that smells of scrambled eggs and other breakfast foods.

“Sure hyung.” Jungkook gives his mate a long look. “You aren’t going into labor are you?”

Jin stops a moment, his lips pursing like it does when he’s thinking too hard and then finally, nods. “I think so.”

Jungkook swallows the sudden onslaught of emotions that swirl at the fact he’s gonna be a dad soon, hands gripping the tray. “Ok. Let me know when you think it’s time to go in.” He can’t help the crack in his voice, and Jin smiles.

No matter how many times Jungkook reminds himself that this was what they’d both wanted, it still scares him a little bit that he’s going to be a father and he’s barely into his 20’s.

“I will. Now go before their breakfast gets cold.” Jin’s voice brings him back to the present, the Omega’s voice warm with affection though Jungkook detects the very faint tint of pain starting to creep into Jin’s tone.

Jungkook nods, turning and heading up the stairs carefully. He can hear a gentle murmuring as he walks down the hallway towards Jimin and Hoseok’s bedroom, waiting until it ends before balancing the tray with one hand and knocking. “Breakfast.”

“Come in Jungkook.” Jimin’s tired voice rings out.

Jungkook knows the scene he’s going to witness won’t be pretty, and he swallows down his emotions again as he opens the door and slides into the room silently. “Scrambled eggs, toast and some jello I think.” He says in a normal voice as he shuts the door.

Jimin smiles up at Jungkook as he leans over the hunched over form of Hoseok, who has the blankets bunched over his head. “Come on Hobi, food’s arrived. Can you eat something for me?”

Jungkook places the tray on the table next to the bed, watching as Hoseok, once a ball of bright sunshine in their lives, peaks out over the covers, his eyes sunken with dark circles underneath his dark eyes, his hair disheveled.

Jungkook lets Jimin take the cover off the tray, and they both see how Hoseok’s eyes seem to brighten a little at the breakfast, though his fingers grip the blanket tightly. “I’ll try.” His voice is gravely from disuse.

The Omega smiles, though Jungkook can see it’s forced. Regardless of how Jin thinks Jimin feels, the Alpha knows that the Omegas share a brotherly bond, and Jungkook’s pretty damn sure that Jimin can tell Jin is going into labor.

The thinness of Jimin’s front is a painful reminder to Jungkook, of what the Beta/Omega pair have lost.

It’d been too late when they’d gotten Hoseok’s blood labs back after he’d been examined at the council to know that the drugs he’d been injected with had a powerful backlash to them, causing his body to reject the fatherly bond he had with the unborn pup in Jimin’s body.

They’d learned then that unborn pups had a very tenuous bond with both parents, which is why any werewolf who was pregnant, male Omega or female, were pampered by their mates and friends until it was time for delivery.

Jungkook knew, from speaking with Taehyung’s father who was employed at the council that the scientists were furiously working on deconstructing the drug that had nearly cost Jimin and Hoseok their bond.

They didn’t want a drug that powerful to be out on the streets, so a new drug task force had been assembled, in secret and sent out to sweep up any potentials who had access to the drug.

The other backlash to the drug was, Hoseok had gone into withdrawal from being injected with too much for his wolf to handle, causing his wolf to go into a coma a day after they’d lost their pup.

The absence of his wolf side caused Hoseok to spiral into a weird depression state that was compounded by the drug withdrawal.

They’d been lucky the doctors had suggested that they move Hoseok out from the council’s medical bay into a house that would help him regain a semblance of a semi-normal life since there was nothing more they could do to ease the Beta’s suffering.

The doctors weren’t even sure if Hoseok’s wolf would ever come out of its coma, or that he’d be fully free of the drug’s effects on his system.

Hoseok slowly removes the blanket from his face, and Jungkook smiles as the Beta reaches out with impossibly thin arms to lift up the fork that Jin had thoughtfully provided on the tray.

Hoseok couldn’t even eat with chopsticks because of the tremors of withdrawal.

They watch as Hoseok takes a bite of the eggs, smiles and pulls the tray closer to his body.

It’s the first sign they have that the Beta is starting to feel a little better.

“Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” Jungkook asks as Hoseok cleans the tray spotless.

It’s the first full breakfast that he’s eaten in their new home, and Jungkook reminds himself to provide the fork and spoon for Hoseok at every meal.

“Sure.” Jimin smiles at Hoseok as the Beta wipes his fingers on the napkin, looking up at Jimin and yawning.  “You did well mate.” He praises Hoseok. “Go back to sleep, I know you need it. I’ll be right by the door, ok?”

Hoseok nods, settling back into the bed as Jungkook takes the tray, and he and Jimin walk out the bedroom.

“What is it?” Jimin asks.

Jungkook feels a rush of pride over how strong Jimin is to be taking care of his mate, even after he’d miscarried. “Jin hyung is going into early labor.” He tells Jimin. “When he’s ready to go to the hospital, I’ll let you know. I think Namjoon’s gonna be here too so you won’t be alone in having to care for Hoseok.”

Jimin sighs. “Thank you for telling me.” He stops a moment before he looks up at Jungkook. “Hoseok’s nightmares seem to have diminished since we got here a couple days ago. I think this was the best thing we could have done, moving out here.”

It hurt them all to move from the share house that held so many good memories, but the doctors thought a new environment would benefit both the Beta and his Omega mate, and Jungkook has to agree.

Jimin seems less tired than before, even though the dark circles under his eyes haven’t gone down any. Jungkook nods. “I think so too. Namjoon will be pleased with hearing how he ate all of his breakfast.”

They hear the sound of a door downstairs opening, and Namjoon’s soft voice echoes up the stairwell. “Do you want to try to eat breakfast with us or stay up here?” Jungkook asks finally when it’s clear Jimin’s not going to say much else.

“I can try.” Jimin tells him, his voice telling Jungkook that the Omega wants things to go back to some semblance of normal for them all.

Jimin goes into the bedroom, murmuring to Hoseok that he is going to eat something while the Beta sleeps, promising to be with him in a flash if he’s needed. They’d found the set of baby monitors when they’d moved, and Jungkook smiles when he hears Jimin promise that he’s got the second monitor on him, even turning off and on both of them before Hoseok nods his head. The monitors have helped whenever Jimin needs a moment to himself. Taking care of another person 24/7 can take a big toll out on the other person.

Jungkook starts down the stairs when he hears Jimin come to the door.

Namjoon’s face lights up when he hears Hoseok has eaten every single bit of breakfast that Jin had cooked and that he’d only woken up crying 20 times in the night instead of 50 or more. “I don’t want to be too optimistic, but I think moving, the change of everything around Hoseok is helping.” He says.

Namjoon’s actual job, and degree, is in psychology and health care. He mostly mentors and helps other wolves at the council when their charges have relapses, or have trouble getting over a certain psychological event that happened in their past.

His department boss had pulled him aside when he’d gone in to inform them he was moving with the others, the Beta looking solemn at Namjoon while fiddling with his tie. “They, uh,” The man clears his throat. “The council judges want you to report in every once in a while about Hoseok’s progress, or lack of progress. With this unknown drug we can’t be sure of anything that happens, and they want documentation on everything.”

Namjoon nods. He’s already known about the judge’s request. “I know already, boss. No need to be worried.” He’s never had an issue with the fact his boss is a Beta. Namjoon’s wolf is probably one of the most passive Alphas known in the council.

His boss relaxes visibly with that, smiling at Namjoon. “I’m sure we’ll all miss you while you are gone.” He tells the Alpha. “Let us know how those twins do too ok?”

It’s no secret amongst the department staff that Namjoon had been excited about the twins well before they’d been born, and he’d even brought in a picture of his family to show them off when he came back from his last assignment. Namjoon nods again, a smile on his face.

Jin lets out a groan, bringing Namjoon back to the present, and everyone’s heads whip to the Omega, who’s holding his back and front simultaneously, a grimace on his face.

“Hyung?” Jungkook’s up at his mate’s side immediately.

“I think it’s time Kookie.” Jin groans out, a hand suddenly gripping hard onto Jungkook’s shirt.

Jungkook blushes a little at the nickname that’s usually only reserved for when it’s just the two of them. “Um. Ok.” He blows out a breath. “Let’s get you to the car. Jimin, the hospital bag is in the front closet by the door.”

Jin lets out another groan, and Jungkook sweeps his mate off his feet as the others scramble around to get them out into the car before anything else can happen.

Namjoon and Jimin help Jungkook get Jin into the car, but the moment Jungkook goes to leave Jin alone in the backseat, where the Omega can stretch out, Jin lets out a wail of pain and grips onto Jungkook’s shirt. “You aren’t going anywhere mister. Namjoon, you are gonna have to drive us.”

Namjoon and Jimin look at each other. “I’ll be ok with Hoseok, hyung.” Jimin tells him honestly. “If anything happens I will call you.”

“The hospital is a half hour away.” Jungkook protests, trying to soothe his laboring mate.

“I don’t care! You are going to help me with my breathing, and you are too frazzled to drive!” Jin shouts. “Namjoon, get your ass into the car and drive!”

Namjoon gives Jimin one last worried look before he nods. “Ok.” He takes a breath, letting it out audibly. “OK. I’ve got this.”

Jimin tries to smile as the car door is shut, and Namjoon is taking off down the street like a bat out of hell. He feels his phone vibrate, and he texts Taehyung, who’d probably heard their voices in the quietness of the small village area they’d inhabited.

The area actually used to be home to a small pack of 5 male wolves who were looking to add more members to their group, and had made a deal with the council to become a scouter pack that searched for severely isolated or rogue packs and wolves in exchange for the council getting their territory.

Jimin looks around at the 5 houses, wondering how that small pack actually survived with each wolf living on his own within the pack, but he’d also heard before they’d moved out to the area, that a few of the members had been from other countries, though he doesn’t understand how that really works when it comes to pack mentality.

Jimin knows he could ask, but ever since Hoseok’s attack, he’s been busy taking care of his mate, and with Jin and Jungkook preoccupied between taking care of him and Hoseok, and their own impending pup, Jimin’s just taken to writing down his questions as they come, so when someone does have time to answer them, Jimin can get a lot of information.

Jimin stares at the blue house, the one that they’d marked as a future home for Jimin and Hoseok, if his mate gets well enough to function moderately ok on his own. There’s really not much to the village, just the 5 houses and that means whenever they need groceries, or want snacks, they’ll have to drive and the nearest grocery store or gas station is almost 30 minutes from them.

Jimin wonders if the others will agree to do joint grocery runs for all of them so they don’t have to make multiple trips for either household. He jumps with a start, realizing that he’s been outside without the baby monitor longer than he’d intended, turning and rushing into the house.

He doesn’t hear anything on the monitor, but he creeps upstairs to check on his mate, sighing in quiet relief to find the Beta is still sleeping.

Jimin creeps back downstairs, careful so as not to wake his recovering mate, and cleans up the mess from breakfast, shivering as his body temp drops suddenly.

“Oh shit.” Jimin can’t believe it.

The doctors had told him his next heat probably wouldn’t come for a year to 2 years after the miscarriage, as that’s what happened to other werewolves who’ve been in a similar circumstance. They also had mentioned that when he did go into heat, he’d have to arrange for someone to help him through it as they didn’t know if Hoseok would react to his mate’s pheromones, especially not with Hoseok’s wolf in a coma.

It would also mean that if Hoseok couldn’t scent him during his first heat after the miscarriage, their chances of ever trying to have another pup would decrease to near zero.

Jimin grips the counter as his legs wobble, and he waits until the moment of weakness passes, grabbing his cell phone and texting both Namjoon and Taehyung.

He gets a response back from Namjoon, who’d just gotten Jungkook and Jin to the hospital, promising to be back as soon as he can.

A knock on the door, and Yoongi’s voice calling out to Jimin as the Omega sighing in relief as he sinks to the floor, feeling his body starting to sweat.

“Omo, Jimin.” Yoongi, tired as all hell due to his shift at work, crouches down next to the Omega, smoothing back sweat soaked hair. “Did you set up the heat room yet?” He asks.

Jimin shakes his head. “N-not yet hyung.” He stammers through the fever that suddenly ravages his body. “The docs d-didn’t t-think I’d have a heat for a while.”

Yoongi shakes his head, his blond hair falling over his eyes. “Do you want Hoseok or do you want me to make up something downstairs?”

Jimin’s not sure if his mate can smell his blooming heat, but he’s also not sure if Hoseok can actually do anything when his wolf is in a coma. He chews on his bottom lip as Yoongi grabs a fresh cloth from the drawer, soaking it in cool water and laying it on Jimin’s forehead.

“First, take me to Hoseok.” Jimin says, the cloth feeling blissful against his head. “I want to see if he even reacts.” At the very least, it would be good to know if Hoseok can still react to his pheromones so when they send their next report to the doctors, they can include that information.

The cool cloth must have abated the heat for a moment as Yoongi helps the Omega up, politely ignoring the growing wet stain on Jimin’s pants as he helps Jimin up the stairs to his bedroom. The room is quiet, even as Yoongi helps Jimin onto the bed. “I’ll go make up the heat room just in case.” Yoongi tells him.

“The baby monitor is still in the kitchen.” Jimin tells him, blushing suddenly. “If you hear noises…well, don’t come back up.”

Yoongi nods, noticing how Hoseok seems to be dead asleep. “I’ll be back.” He promises.

It doesn’t dawn on Yoongi until he’s got the mattress fitted with a sheet, the box labeled with Jimin’s heat relief open next to it, that he’d been able to smell a light scent of sandalwood and lavender. He’d brought the baby monitor from the kitchen just in case Jimin calls for him.

The sudden burst of noise through the baby monitor scares Yoongi, and he listens for a moment before his cheeks heat up and he heads up the stairs to the kitchen.

Chapter Text

Jimin’s nervous, though it doesn’t stop him from moaning out loud as his oversensitive skin rubs against the sheets as he turns towards his mate.

Hoseok is staring at him in wonderment, his pupils blown wide open as he takes a deep breath. “You’re in heat.” He whispers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Jimin nods, not trusting his voice to answer.

“How is this possible?” Hoseok asks. “I can smell you like….like when you had your first heat.”

“I….I don’t know.” Jimin’s confused. If it smells like his first heat, then could it be that the drug Hoseok had been force injected with caused his own body to recycle in order to reassert their mate bond? Jimin swallows hard. “Does my heat scent do anything to you?”

Hoseok looks more alive now than he had in the last 4 months, even as he leans in to take a long deep inhale of Jimin’s scent. “I…” He stops, eyes growing dark as Jimin can suddenly smell his mates scent.

It was a weird thing that when Hoseok’s wolf went into a coma, his scent all but disappeared from his body, even though Jimin was still the only one who’d be able to smell it. To smell his mate’s scent blooming after 4 months without it causes Jimin to moan again, feeling his body growing damp in his clothes.

“Fuck.” Hoseok’s hands are steady, even as he’s helping Jimin out of his clothes, his mouth watering at the scent his mate is giving off. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I want you.” Hoseok murmurs as he’s skimming his thin hands all over Jimin’s body.

Jimin pants from the overstimulation on his body. “Hoseok.” He whines as the Beta’s hands get dangerously close to his groin. “I know you aren’t ready for this.” He inhales, fingers finding purchase in the sheets as his body grows warmer.

They’ve barely even kissed or touched each other in a romantic or sexual way since Hoseok’s rape, though Jimin wonders if it’s more from the drug withdrawal. Hoseok looks up at Jimin, his eyes hooded. “I think I’m ready.” He whispers. “I…I feel…alive. I feel instinctually that I need to reassert our mate bond. I…” He cuts off. “I want to feel with you.”

Jimin groans as Hoseok comes back up to the head of the bed, turning his head and dipping down for their first real kiss in 4 months. His last coherent thought before his heat and the scent of his mate enveloping him is that he hopes Yoongi got the message loud and clear from the baby monitors.


Jungkook was cowering in fear of his mate by the time Namjoon screeched to a halt outside the hospital that the Omega had imputed into his phone’s GPS map.

It wasn’t that Jin was howling in pain, or gripping his hand to keep the Alpha centered as Namjoon nearly made both of them vomit from his crazy driving.

No, it was because Jin was swearing so much from the pain with each contraction that made Jungkook cower.

He’d never heard his mate swear so much before in all the years they’d know each other, and briefly wondered where his straight laced, mild language enforcing mate had even learned some of the swear words that came out of his mouth.

The door behind Jungkook opened at the same time the door in front of Jin opened, the nurses and a doctor there with smiles on their faces and a wheelchair to help Jin get into once they’d managed to pry his hand out of its grasp on Jungkook’s forearm.

Jungkook fell out the back once he didn’t have his mate’s grip on him, and laid for a second on the dirty pavement, letting his body relax from the cramped position he’d been in. “Dude, you ok?” Namjoon asks as he comes around the car.

A buzz goes off, Namjoon’s favorite line from the anime their group watches as the tall tan Alpha holds out a hand for Jungkook to take.

Jungkook giggles for a moment, before taking the offered hand, and getting up, dusting off the dirt from his pants and back as Namjoon inhales a sharp gasp. “What? Did something happen back home? Is Jimin ok?”

Namjoon looks up from his phone after he sends a reply. “Jimin says he suddenly went into a heat.”

The two Alpha’s look at each other, both in shock and surprise. “I…I thought he wasn’t supposed to get his next heat until after his body heals from the miscarriage?” Jungkook asks.

“The docs weren’t sure if he’d have a heat, not with the way Hoseok is.” Namjoon confesses as they realize Jin’s already been pushed into the hospital.

They scramble to get inside, and Jungkook’s preoccupied with paperwork as Jin’s getting examined in one of the hospitals birthing suites. “What do you mean with the way Hoseok is? Is his wolf being in a coma affecting their mate bond and how Jimin’s body is supposed to act?” Jungkook asks finally as he finishes the last of the paperwork.

“That’s the theory.” Namjoon confirms. “The doctors are baffled about everything, probably because we’ve never seen a drug that powerful before, and so they’re taking every god damn opportunity they can to learn more about what to expect because Hoseok is recovering patient zero.” Namjoon says bitterly.

“So instead of doing experiments on the feral wolves down in the holding cells, they’re using Hoseok’s pain and suffering?!” Jungkook growls. “Wait, so if Jimin’s in heat, will Hoseok even react to him?”

Namjoon texts Yoongi before getting a response from Taehyung and a moment later, Yoongi responds back. Namjoon’s never been more nervous about either of his mates being in potential harm’s way, but he sighs in relief, shoulders relaxing. “Yoongi says that Hoseok responded to Jimin’s heat. In a good way.”

Jungkook looks at Namjoon, a smile flitting across his face. “I knew moving out of that room at the council would help.” He says.

Namjoon nods. “I’ve a feeling the docs were trying to impede his progress while he was there.” He confesses. “Jungkook.” His voice goes serious. “I know you are about to become a father and all, but I’ve got a bad feeling about what happened at the council when Hoseok was attacked.”

Jungkook goes silent. “My wolf and I agree with you.” He says solemnly. “Something about it just doesn’t feel quite right to me.”

Namjoon sighs. “I’m glad.” He says. “That last mission that I was sent out on? Turns out it was total bullshit.” He says. “I didn’t want to tell Jin or my mates about it because, well, both of the packs who requested me to be out there wanted to warn me that they think there is war about to erupt soon.”

“War?” Jungkook looks at him. “What do you mean war, like the Alpha-Beta wars?”

Namjoon shakes his head. “No, much worse than the Alpha-Beta wars. One of the packs had gotten wind that another pack was secretly training wolves to fight, and covering it up as they were helping rogue wolves travel to the city to be redistributed into other packs.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow as if he’s in deep thought. “That doesn’t sound good, or normal either.” He muses. “I guess we could try to figure out what’s going on by going to some of the neighboring packs, but I don’t want to leave you to do all the hard work while I take care of Jin and our son.”

Namjoon shakes his head. “We’ve got some of it covered already. Yoongi’s radio show is late enough in the evening that he doesn’t have as many people watching over him to make sure he’s doing his job properly.” The tan Alpha chuckles.

“What is Yoongi hyung doing?” Jungkook asks.

“I managed to get copies of contact information for some of the packs that are around the city.” Namjoon says in a hushed voice. “Yoongi’s been calling the ones who can hear his radio show at night and asking them circumspectly about things in their area under the guise that he’s calling to get requests in from the packs who don’t normally request stuff.”

“So he’s making it look like he cares about all of his listeners instead of being apathetic to those who never call in.” Jungkook says.

“Bingo.” Namjoon nods.

They’re interrupted by the nurse coming out and calling for Jungkook. “Your mate is all checked in and he’s doing fine.” She assured the Alpha. “He’s asking for you.”

Namjoon hangs back a bit awkwardly. “Hey, Kookie, I think I should head back and help my mate out with Jimin, is that ok?”

Jungkook looks straight into Namjoon’s eyes, and gives himself a shake as his vision blurs for a second. “Yeah…that’s fine.” He swallows. “I’ll….I’ll keep you updated on things here.” He says.

Namjoon reaches out a hand, squeezing Jungkook’s shoulder and the gesture soothes Jungkook in a way he’s sure he’s not experienced since he was a pup with his dad. “Try not to let Jin hurt you too much.” He jokes.

The nurse clears her throat, and Jungkook grunts at Namjoon, turning to follow the nurse without further words. Namjoon’s not sure what had happened in that moment between them either, but his wolf is oddly quiet considering the panic he’d swallowed down when he’d seen the text from Jimin.

Namjoon straightens his shoulders, turning and heading to the car, which is still haphazardly parked in the entrance to the hospital. He doesn’t really remember getting home, only that the worry over everything is occupying his mind.

Things are quiet as Namjoon parks the car in Jungkook’s driveway and he texts Taehyung and Yoongi to let them know he’s back and is going to take a quick run around the perimeter of their new home.

Namjoon doesn’t quite trust many of the wolves employed by the council, especially since he’s well known for having 2 mates instead of one so he’s met most of the higher ups. He couldn’t imagine his life without either of his mates.

Namjoon strips and shifts quickly, relishing in the primal feeling of happiness as he runs around their new territory, marking over the old scents in the area, which leaves his Alpha side puffing his chest out in pride.

As Namjoon runs, his mind wanders back to the moment he first met his mates.


The high school is bustling full of scents, budding Alphas and Betas trying to figure out where they rank in school amongst their classmates as Namjoon sighs, rubbing his face with a hand. He’s new to the school after being forced to move from his parent pack to the city for training with the council by his father, the Alpha of the pack.

He looks at the sheet of paper, realizing most of his classes are in the AP section of the high school, probably where most of the other students will be Alphas, and Namjoon mentally wonders how many potential fights he’ll narrowly miss getting into as he turns the corner to head up the stairs.

This high school is much bigger than his old one, and Namjoon nearly misses the classroom where his AP class is, the room being the first door on the right as he comes up the last flight of stairs.

Namjoon straightens his wrinkled jacket, clearing his throat before knocking on the door to the classroom, hearing the teacher stop talking and the door slides open.

“Yes?” The teacher is much shorter than Namjoon is, staring up at him.

The Alpha can’t smell a scent on him, meaning his teacher is mated and therefore can control the wolves in his classroom much easier than unmated teachers. “I…sorry, I’m the new transfer student.” He says, bowing apologetically to the teacher.

The teacher sighs. “Class started 15 minutes ago.” He says, gesturing for Namjoon to enter. “Introduce yourself and then you’ll take the seat next to Min Yoongi, the kid with the light pink hair.”

Namjoon introduces himself to his new classmates, feeling a bit more relaxed as he realizes he’s in a room filled mostly with Betas. He’s one of 3 Alpha’s in the room, and from the looks of it, the other Alphas aren’t even paying attention to Namjoon as he walks to the empty desk next to the male with the crazy hair color.

“Don’t ask about the hair color.” The male, Yoongi, grumbles as the teacher gets back to the lesson.

Namjoon clamps his mouth shut and pays more attention to the way Yoongi seems to be doodling in his notebook more than writing down the lesson that their teacher is giving them, though Namjoon quickly finds out that Yoongi can recite anything the teacher asks of him as if the pink haired male was taking notes like any other diligent student.

The bell rings, signaling break and Namjoon feels more than hears the other 2 Alphas getting up from their desks, approaching him. “What’s your deal?” One of the Alphas asks, plopping down in the empty seat in front of Namjoon.

“Moved here for training.” Namjoon mumbles, keeping his tone neutral. The last thing he needs in this school is to get into a fight on his first day.

It’s another reason why he’s being forced to training early by his father. Namjoon frequently got into stupid fights with other Alphas in his old school, and the teachers refused to tell his father that the other kids were the ones who’d start the fights.

Namjoon knows the fighting was stupid but their pack had very few Omegas and too many Betas, and some of the other kids had thought Namjoon was going to stake his claim to an Omega the moment his wolf woke up and presented as an Alpha.

The Alpha standing next to Namjoon snorts. “You’re too young to be coming to the council for training.” He says, picking at a fingernail, his tone sounding bored.

Namjoon swallows, trying not to let his nerves show. “I may be too young, but they didn’t say no when I registered.” He says slowly, as if he’s already over the conversation.

“Don’t worry, we’re not calling you out and saying you are lying.” The Alpha in front of him smiles, his face completely changing. “We’re just surprised a new Alpha like you got sent so early.”

The Alpha standing nods, finally focusing on Namjoon. “My name’s Kim Wonsik, but everyone calls me Ravi.” He says, holding out a hand.

Namjoon looks up at the Alpha, seeing nothing but kindness in his dark eyes. Nothing in either Alpha’s behaviors are something Namjoon’s used to, so he takes a breath as he reaches out and shakes Ravi’s hand.

The Alpha in front of him laughs. “I’m Choi Hadon, but others call me Sanchung.”

Namjoon relaxes as he introduces himself to the Alpha’s again, not realizing that Yoongi’s still next to him, head laying on the desk.

It takes Namjoon a few days to realize the sweet smell he’d assumed was Yoongi’s scent is missing as he sits down next to the Beta, though he wisely chooses not to say anything as he watches an Alpha from another class come in during their break to corner Yoongi in the classroom as Namjoon is playing some cards with Sanchung and Ravi.

“Yah, Suga, why don’t you smell like your Omega bitch this week?” The Alpha sneers, leaning over the short Beta as Yoongi’s scent flares hot and angry.

Namjoon and the other Alphas tense up as the imposing wolf continues to stare down at Yoongi, his posture relaxed. Namjoon has heard through Ravi that there are a few Alpha’s in the AP classes that act like they are the superior rank to the others, and this Alpha looks like he’s no different as he stares down at Yoongi.

“He’s not my Omega bitch.” Yoongi’s quiet voice hisses as he stares up at the Alpha. “You’re the bitch Kai and I refuse to tell you why I don’t smell like him.”

The Alpha, Namjoon assumes, is either interested in Yoongi, or the Beta’s Omega friend as he laughs. “The Omega bitch finally went into his first heat, eh?” Kai rubs his hands together. “Just wait till he comes back from his heat week.”

Yoongi’s eyes flash at what Namjoon can only assume is an unspoken challenge between the two of them, and the scent of anger grows stronger as they watch Yoongi’s hands ball into fists.

“Stand down Min Yoongi.” Another Alpha comes into the room, grabbing Kai by the back of his neck. “I am going to apologize for this one’s rude behavior.”

“Suho hyung. I’m not being rude. I want that Omega.” Kai’s voice growls. “This Beta needs to learn his place.”

The Alpha, who looks more like he should have been a Beta, shakes the younger Alpha as he growls, the atmosphere growing heavier. “You are going to stop bullying Yoongi about his friend and you will NOT take that Omega as a mate.”

Kai’s arms tense as they assume Suho is gripping tighter onto the young Alpha’s neck. “Yes I will. You are not my pack Alpha, you can’t tell me what to do.”

Yoongi’s got enough space thanks to Suho to slip out from in front of the Alpha and over towards Namjoon, his face red with the effort to keep his wolf under control.

The next any of them know, Kai and Suho are both in their wolf forms, and Namjoon stares as the brownish wolf, he thinks is Kai, wrestles the dark brown, nearly black wolf who looks larger down to the floor. “Suho’s the brown wolf.” Ravi whispers as they watch. “He just started college and is here on a teaching internship. He’s from Kai’s parent pack.”

Sanchung has enough sense to run for one of their teachers as the brown wolf continues to force the darker colored wolf to submit to him, and Namjoon turns to Yoongi.

He doesn’t know the Beta all that well, but something in him flares up at the look on Yoongi’s face as he watches Kai struggle to get out from under Suho. “You ok?” He asks Yoongi.

The Beta looks up at Namjoon, eyes wide. “I’m…I’m ok. Thanks for asking.” He murmurs and Namjoon’s heart skips a beat.

Teachers come and manage to coax Suho off of Kai once they’ve injected something into the darker wolf and Kai is sluggish a few minutes later as Suho nudges him up from the floor.

“Kai is getting more out of control.” Sanchung mutters as he slips in beside Ravi. “They had to use a level 3 tranq on him this time.”

Namjoon learns that day that Kai has an overly aggressive wolf and is constantly a problem for others in the AP classes. The boy is a half year older than Namjoon but it looks like he’s not fully able to control his wolf when he needs to.

Namjoon feels lucky that his wolf is not nearly as aggressive as Kai’s is as he watches the staff use another tranq on the wolf a week later after he’d cornered a tall Omega with big eyes and a loud laugh that turns out to be Yoongi’s friend. The poor Omega had nearly been claimed by Kai in the boy’s bathroom of the AP halls until Namjoon had come into the bathroom to wash his hands and found the Omega cowering under the sinks, a feat he thinks only the most desperate of wolves could do considering how small the space is.

After poking his head out and yelling for someone to get the teachers because of Kai, he changes quickly into his wolf form, and jumps onto Kai while growling.

Namjoon doesn’t even think about why the Omega is in the building, let alone on the AP floor, as Omega’s are actually separated from the Alphas and Beta’s once they hit middle school in the city because of puberty and their wolves awakening from their slumber. He’s seen what happens when Omegas aren’t separated from the other ranks when they become of age in his home pack and he presses down on Kai in order to make him submit, refusing to let the poor Omega cowering under the sink become a victim to an overzealous Alpha.

The younger Alpha tries to buck him off, but Namjoon digs in with his claws, while latching onto Kai’s neck with his teeth in the same spot that Suho had pinched a week beforehand.

Namjoon knows the overly aggressive wolf hates being made to submit, and he winces as the older wolf managed to move and pin him against the stall next to the sinks, the cool metal biting into Namjoon’s back as he holds on.

Footsteps pound the floor and Namjoon feels the warm hands of one of their medical teachers petting him as they tell Namjoon they’re using the tranq on Kai, and when to let go.

Kai whines as Namjoon lets go of his scruff, and they have to carry Kai out of the bathroom as the medical teacher tends to the cut on Namjoon’s back before checking on the Omega who throws himself into Namjoon arms as soon as the Alpha shifts.

“Thank you.” He sobs, clinging to the Alpha even as Namjoon smells Yoongi’s scent on the boy. A burst of feet and Yoongi’s actually in the bathroom, eyes wide and scent screaming of worry as he looks and finds his friend clinging to a naked Namjoon as the Alpha blushes in embarrassment.

“Taehyung.” Yoongi’s voice is strained. “Did Kai…” He visibly swallows. “Did he claim you?”

Taehyung shakes his head. “No, this Alpha came in time.”

“You can let go of Namjoon now so he can get dressed.” Yoongi’s voice is filled with relief, his scent calming down.

Namjoon clears his throat awkwardly as he realizes that a bag with clothes is next to him, probably from one of the teachers. He’ll have to remember to bring an extra set if Kai continues to rampage and Suho’s not around to control him.

They’d been told that Suho’s actually Kai’s future pack Alpha, as the two are from a small pack to the southeast of the city, and that Kai’s supposed to be getting treatment at the council for his overly aggressive wolf, and part of his rehab was being at school and not terrorizing Betas or trying to mate with any Omega who’s matured fully, like the one currently sitting in Namjoon’s lap.

Taehyung lifts his head up and looks at Namjoon, and it breaks the Alpha’s heart to see the tears in the Omega’s eyes. “Don’t cry.” He coos, reaching up with one hand to wipe the tears trailing down Taehyung’s cheek with the pad of his thumb.

Taehyung hiccups, and suddenly they are both surrounded by Yoongi as the Beta closes in on Taehyung to hug his back.

The Omega shudders at the contact, and Namjoon swears his heart is going to beat itself out of his chest as Taehyung buries his head against Namjoon’s chest, and Yoongi’s scent envelops them both, the unmated Beta sending out his scent to help calm down Taehyung.

Taehyung calms down enough to let go of Namjoon, and the Alpha dresses quickly, a light blush of pink across his cheeks. He’s never been embarrassed to be naked in front of others before, but he’s also not at home around other wolves that he’s known since birth.

Namjoon expects Yoongi to take Taehyung off to leave him alone, but when he’s fully dressed, Taehyung reaches out and tugs Namjoon close. “Thank you for saving me.” He murmurs as he hugs Namjoon.

It’s the beginning of a unique friendship between the three. His days are filled between his AP classes, goofing off with the other two Alphas during breaks in school, his afternoons filled with Yoongi and Taehyung and his evenings training at the council with other wolves that are 2 to 3 years older than he is.

Kai has been suspiciously absent ever since the bathroom incident. They find out the Alpha was suspended for attempting to force a mark onto Taehyung, and has been in inpatient rehab at the council the next time they see Suho, who looks haggard. “I’m sorry for his behavior.” The Alpha apologizes to Namjoon, who claps a warm hand onto the much older Alpha.

“Don’t worry about us. Worry about yourself man. You look like shit.” That’s Namjoon being blunt, something that Yoongi finds endearing though he’s sure the tall Alpha would laugh at him if he said anything about it.

Taehyung’s next heat is coming around the time school breaks for the summer, and both Yoongi and Namjoon sigh in relief when Taehyung shows them the reserved ticket he has for one of the Omega houses in the neighborhood.

Neither one of them get much sleep that week that Taehyung is gone for his heat cycle.

Chapter Text

“You two look like shit warmed over.” Taehyung tells them over ice cream the next time they meet up after the Omega’s heat cycle ends. He sounds a lot like Namjoon when he says it, though the image of him licking an ice cream covered spoon while he says it ruins the effect of the serious tone in his voice.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Yoongi grumbles, shaking his newly dyed hair out of his eyes. He’s gone from the light pink to some sort of burnt red, giving his face a mature look as he mushes the ice cream in his bowl around.

Namjoon grunts next to him, his eyes covered by the cap he’s wearing. “Training.” He says hoarsely.

Namjoon’s training schedule had doubled the last week of school before summer break, and he’s sure it’s due to the rumors that there is some unrest in the North, some pack Alpha whose been turning the council surveyors away.

“You sure you don’t want anything for your throat?” Taehyung asks, and Namjoon shakes his head.

Yoongi continues to mush his ice cream around until it’s mostly liquid as Taehyung happily finishes his own order, and Namjoon dozes off and on, his body warm from the heat radiating off of Yoongi and the comfortable chill in the ice cream shop.

“Hey, Namjoon.” Yoongi nudges the Alpha. “We’re done and Tae wants to go see a movie. You should go home and sleep more.”

Namjoon yawns, about to contest Yoongi’s suggestion until he sees the concerned looks on both the Beta and Omega. “Oh ok. Don’t give me that look.” He grumbles.

He waves the pair off as they leave the shop, promising to text them when he gets home.

Namjoon’s half way there when he senses two wolves following him, and he looks at his phone. His training hasn’t progressed to the point where he’ll be checked on his ability to see if he’s tailed and Namjoon turns around quickly, hoping to spot whomever is following him.

It’s Kai, and he’s got a frown on his face that’s bordering on angry, along with another wolf that Namjoon’s sure he’s never seen before. It’s an Alpha, and the dominance he’s radiating has Namjoon swallowing down a spike of fear.

“What do you want Kai?” He asks, forcing himself to sound bored.

“Payback for what you did to me at school.” Kai sneers. “I am not some bitch to submit to your scrawny ass.”

Namjoon growls. “I’m a trainee of the council Kai.” He warns, flexing his fingers.

“I don’t care what you are.” Kai chuckles. “We’re not in school, and nowhere near the council, so you can try all you want to scare me off but it won’t work.”

Namjoon remembers the first punch, remembers throwing a punch at someone who’d stepped between him and Kai and then he doesn’t remember anything at all.


When Namjoon doesn’t show up the next day at their spot, Yoongi shrugs it off as the Alpha either still sleeping, or he’d been pulled into training again. Taehyung, on the other hand, thinks somethings wrong.

“He’s not coming Tae.” Yoongi sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“Aren’t you worried about him hyung?” Taehyung asks, staring at the Beta with concerned eyes. “I mean, he was out of it last night before we sent him home, and he never texted to say he’d made it.”

Yoongi snaps his head up at Taehyung. “He didn’t text you?” He blinks.

“No. Did he text you?” Taehyung asks, bouncing from one foot to the other. He’s had a bad feeling ever since they’d left the movie early, Taehyung’s stomach becoming upset and Yoongi falling asleep during the viewing that they’d ditched it.

Yoongi looks at his phone, frowning. “No.” He says slowly. “Maybe he was too tired to text us?”

“He’s always made sure to tell us he made it.” Taehyung says. “Come on, let’s go check on him, please?”

Yoongi gets up knowing that Taehyung is right. They’ve both barely known the Alpha for 6 months and already he’s wormed his way into their dynamics this much. Yoongi lets Taehyung press close to him as they head towards the direction of the house Namjoon lives in with a couple of other council trainees.

They’re a few blocks away when Yoongi gets a whiff of blood, faint as it is, and he stops, seeing dried blood splatters on the ground. “Tae, stop.” He tells the Omega, crouching down to sniff at the blood. The scent is familiar, and Yoongi’s stomach clenches in fear. “I think Namjoon got into a fight.” He says.

“We’re only a couple blocks from his house.” Taehyung says, worry lacing his voice.

The rest of their walk is quiet, and Yoongi knocks on the door of the council house he knows Namjoon is staying at. Footsteps fall and then they are being greeted uncertainly by a tall thin male that Yoongi assumes is the house Omega, whose smile is a little strained as he looks at them. “Can I help you?” He asks.

“Is Namjoon home?” Yoongi asks politely.

“No, he never came home last night.” The male says. “Are you school friends of his?”

They nod, and the male waves at them. “Come in.” He says. “Do either of you want tea, water?”

The pair shake their heads and sit on the couch as the male gets himself something to drink. “I’m Kim Seokjin, but you can call me Jin.” He tells the two, seeing how the Omega clings to the Beta. He knows neither of them are mated since he can smell their scents. “And you two are?”

“Oh, I’m Min Yoongi, and this is my best friend Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi says, bowing to Jin.

Jin’s face changes in recognition of the names. “OH! You two are the ones Namjoon’s been hanging out with when he’s not training.”

They make some small talk until they hear the door open and a lanky male comes in, his face haggard even though he looks much younger than anyone in the room. “I found Namjoon hyung.” He yells.

Jin stands, going to the entryway. “We have guests.” He hisses. “Friends of Namjoon’s.”

“Sorry Jin hyung.” The male bows his head.

Jin turns to Yoongi and Taehyung. “This is my mate Jeon Jungkook.” He says. “He’s been out searching for Namjoon since he missed curfew.”

“You said you found him?” Taehyung asks, peering up at Jungkook.

Jungkook nods. “He’s been admitted to the hospital not far from here.” He says. “Looks like it was pretty bad too.”

“Can we go see him?” Yoongi asks, his voice strangely hoarse.

“They’re waiting for him to wake up to talk to him before he can have visitors.” Jungkook says. “But we could go down there to see if we can sit with him.”

Taehyung’s already at the door, his shoes on and bouncing again as he waits for the others to get their own shoes on. “Calm down Tae.” Yoongi grumbles. He’s not liking the tight feeling in his chest that had shown up the moment Jungkook had said Namjoon was in the hospital.

Yoongi makes sure that Taehyung’s close to him as they head out the door and suddenly he realizes that Jungkook’s behind them and Jin’s in front as they walk. “You two are unmated and it’s not exactly safe to walk about without protection in this area.” Jin explains.

“Has it been bad recently?” Taehyung asks.

“We’ve heard reports of Alpha’s attempting to take mates forcefully.” Jungkook explains, his face drawn in a frown that mirrors Jin’s. “The council doesn’t have enough people to enforce the rules in the city because there was a pack out in the northwest that tried to take out 3 other pack Alphas recently.”

“Oh.” Taehyung swallows audibly, pressing closer to Yoongi.

“You two look cute together.” Jungkook blurts out suddenly as they cross the street.

Yoongi and Taehyung both look at each other. “We haven’t told Namjoon hyung yet about us.” Taehyung admits.

“That you two are dating?” Jin asks as they slow down for the light ahead.

“We’ve been together ever since I presented.” Taehyung says, voice solemn. “We’ve….we’ve had some trouble at school and Namjoon saved me from one of our classmates who tried to force the mark on me.”

Jungkook frowns. “What’s his name, the classmate who tried to mark you I mean?”

“His name is Kim Jongin but everyone calls him Kai.” Yoongi says when Taehyung doesn’t answer. “He’s been after Tae for the better part of a year.”

“He’s that overly aggressive wolf I told you about Kookie.” Jin says.

“Well that explains a lot.” Jungkook sighs. “Kai escaped last night from his bunk in rehab.” He admits. “That’s why I was called out before curfew.”

Jin’s shoulders fall and Taehyung finds himself crowding into Yoongi, unconsciously whimpering. “Shhh.” Yoongi reaches up to rub Taehyung’s shoulders. “You’re ok. I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

The mates’ crowd closer to them as they walk the last block to the hospital and Yoongi feels grateful that their reassurance helped calm Taehyung down.

When they arrive at the front desk, Jungkook takes charge, and it dawns on Yoongi suddenly that the boy, who can’t be older than 12 or 13 in his eyes, is an Alpha. And then he realizes he’s standing with the infamous early maturing couple that there’d been whispers about from the Alpha’s in council training and he’s suddenly thankful that they were the mates that Namjoon had talked about being roomed with from the council.

The tightness in his chest however, only grows as they wait for the doctor and the council judge who’s standing outside of Namjoon’s room to give them the ok to go in.

Jungkook’s over with the judge, explaining who Yoongi and Taehyung are to the beaten Alpha in the room, and the judge’s eyes sweep over Yoongi before landing on Taehyung and he frowns.

Jungkook beckons them over a moment later. “I’ve got a bad feeling that this Kai who’s been harassing you Taehyung, is the same one who beat Namjoon, or had some friends helping him.” The judge says. “I don’t think I really need to state it, but if you and Yoongi here are dating, and you are thinking about becoming mates down the road, I would like to speak to your parents and see if that can’t happen a little sooner.” Mating before the age of 20 in the city isn’t illegal, but highly frowned upon since they don’t have to worry about ensuring the survival of the pack as much since the city is heavily populated.

Obviously there are exceptions, such as is the case with Jin and Jungkook, but Yoongi suspects there is much more to the young mated couple than what the council’s released to the public. Yoongi feels Taehyung’s hand squeezing his as the Beta considers the words the Judge has spoken until he realizes what the Judge is implying. Yoongi freezes up, his chest tightening more. “What….what about Namjoon?” Taehyung asks, beating Yoongi to the question.

“What about him? Do you both like him more than a friend? Are you having trouble deciding between them, Taehyung?” The judge seems to know the right questions to ask as Taehyung looks at Yoongi.

It clicks the moment they look at each other. They’re both in love with the goofy Alpha they’ve come to know in such a short time, and the tightness in Yoongi’s chest loosens to the point he gasps. “Hyung?” Taehyung asks, worried.

“I think…we need to tell Namjoon when he wakes, Tae.” Yoongi says, waving off the concern. “I want you both as my mates. Not just you, not just Namjoon. Both.” He says firmly and knows it to be true as his heart beats wildly in his chest.

Yoongi’s never really talked the mating talk with Taehyung, though he assumed that once they’d graduated high school, he’d ask the Omega then if they were still dating but he doesn’t want to cause Taehyung to be limited in his work choices so soon after graduating as mated Omega’s are automatically given certain jobs because they’ll typically be gone from the workforce once they’ve gotten pregnant. They’d never really discussed what they will do when they graduate high school, though Yoongi’s heart lays with music and he’s already got a side gig lined up during summer break to intern at the local radio station.

His parents don’t give two shits about him, they’re more concerned about their own lives, and didn’t even protest when he announced he was moving to the city from his home pack for school. Yoongi straightens up and looks at the judge. “My parents don’t care about me sir.” He says. “They don’t live in the city. I’ve been living with a friend since I moved here.” He says. “So they won’t be a problem.”

Taehyung throws his arms around Yoongi, pressing himself into the Beta’s side. “Hyung.” He whines. “Do you mean it? Both of us?” He asks, looking up at Yoongi with wide eyes.

Yoongi smiles down at Taehyung. “Yes Taehyung. I’m serious.” He says, squeezing the Omega back. “But before we make any decisions, we need to see how he feels about us. I don’t want to scare him off if he doesn’t want us that way.”

The judge and the doctor look at each other. “I think we should let them in.” The doctor finally sighs. “The nurse said he’s just not waking up, and I don’t want to think there is any brain damage from being beaten up.  They may be good for Namjoon’s healing if his wolf likes them the same way they do him.”

The judge nods. “I’ll warn you both now, he’s pretty beaten up. Whoever it was had the element of surprise, and he’s got 2 black eyes, a badly bruised nose, bruised ribs and they broke one of his arms.”

The pair listen to him attentively, Taehyung squeezing Yoongi tighter the more the judge tells them.


Namjoon, for all the training he’s had, doesn’t remember preparing for the beating of his life when he opens his eyes and finds he can’t move his hands though one of them feels funny. He blinks, groans coming out as his eyes focus and he realizes he’s in the hospital.

“Fuck.” He moans. His head throbs, his body aches all over, and…

Namjoon blinks as he realizes that the weights holding down his hands are Taehyung and Yoongi, one on each side, both passed out as they each are holding tightly onto his hands.

The ache dulls a little, and Namjoon allows himself the luxury of looking first at Taehyung, whose soft snores don’t detract from his natural beauty. His sandy brown hair is crowding to one side due to his position, and Namjoon wants to smooth the hair out suddenly, his other hand twitching.

Not to be deterred, Namjoon moves his appraisal down Taehyung’s face. His eyelids fluttering as the Omega sleeps, though Namjoon knows the warm cocoa eyes that hide beneath the eyelids as if the Omega was staring up at him, his eyes crinkling a bit. The long nose below the eyes that fits so well in contrast to Taehyung’s smooth lips, his face devoid of any facial hair that Namjoon can see, and he thinks maybe he’s learned somewhere that Omega’s tend to not have any extra body hair, though it’s not like he actually knows from seeing one naked.

Namjoon’s eyes stray to Taehyung’s lips and he finds himself unconsciously licking his own, tasting the blood that’s dried on them, remind himself that he’s in the hospital, but he can’t help to wonder what it’d be like to kiss Taehyung just once.

A soft noise on his other side has Namjoon blushing as he remembers Yoongi. He looks at the Beta, realizing his heart rate is speeding up. The Beta’s face is soft in slumber, and it makes him look years younger than Namjoon knows he is.

His burnt red hair is a mess, although its cut close enough in front that it shows off Yoongi’s face instead of hiding it like his old hair had done. Even though Yoongi’s complained about his forehead being too wide for anyone to like him, Namjoon thinks it’s perfect for Yoongi’s face. The smoothness of it gives way to his near perfect eyes, the dark brown behind the eyelids are the kind Namjoon thinks he’s likes near equally to Taehyung’s dark cocoa ones.

Yoongi’s nose isn’t as defined as Taehyung’s, but it makes way for heart shaped lips that Namjoon wants to kiss as well and he doesn’t realize he’s whimpered until Yoongi’s eyes blink open and look up at him.

“You’re awake.” He says, voice hushed as he lets go of Namjoon’s hand to brush across his eyes.

Namjoon’s still a bit out of it and doesn’t stop to think before he blurts, “You’re beautiful when you sleep hyung.”

To Namjoon’s amazement, Yoongi blushes.

The sounds of talking stirs Taehyung, and he yawns as he blinks up at Namjoon, a smile flying onto his face as he realizes the Alpha is awake. “Oh thank god.” He breathes. “I was worried you’d never wake up and then we’d never get to talk to you or go to the movies or get ice cream and…”

“Taehyung.” Namjoon’s voice is filled with amusement as he interrupts the Omega.

“Yeah hyung?” Taehyung’s eyes connect with Namjoon’s and the Alpha swears the unspoken emotions in the younger boy are sucking him in.

“I’m not dying or concussed.” Namjoon deadpans.

Taehyung blushes, ducking his head as he realizes he’d been thinking worst case scenario. “Sorry hyung.” He murmurs.

“It’s ok kid.” Namjoon reaches out with his other hand, ruffling the hair on Taehyung’s head. “I still think you’re adorable anyway.”

None of them talk about the unspoken tension in the room as a nurse peeks in and smiles. “Oh good, you’re awake!” And the flurry of activity as the nurse goes to inform the doctor that Namjoon’s awake, and the moment is lost as the doctor comes in, shooing the Beta and Omega out of the room to do a quick check over Namjoon’s body, telling the Alpha of the injuries they’d discovered on him.

“Your guardian is here too. He wants to talk to you about what happened while it’s still sort of fresh in your mind.” The doctor says, patting Namjoon’s good hand.

The reason why his other hand had felt odd was more from the fact he’d had the arm broken during the fight, and Namjoon grunts when he only remembers the first few moments, and the cast weighs heavily on his mind. If he’s this beaten up, what do the other guys look like? Did he even damage any of them at all?

The judge who’s sponsoring him on the council comes in, a recorder in hand and Namjoon tells him everything he can think of.

“You blacked out?” The judge clarifies when Namjoon finishes a moment later.

“Yeah, like, I remember the first punch and throwing a punch, but it goes black after that.” Namjoon says, his good hand reaching up to scratch at an itch on his head that turns out to be a minor scrape he knows he doesn’t remember getting.

The judge sighs. “Ok.” He says. “Let me make some phone calls and we’ll see about getting you out of here. The others from the share house are here and the two friends are more than anxious to talk to you so I’ll let them do that.”

Namjoon nods, and before he knows it, Yoongi and Taehyung are back in the room, the Omega practically throwing himself at Namjoon. “When are you gonna discharge?” He asks, bouncing on his feet.

“I don’t know yet.” Namjoon tells him. He looks at Taehyung, then Yoongi in turn. “The judge said you two needed to talk to me?”

Taehyung goes quiet, looking up at Yoongi as the Beta opens and closes his mouth without words coming out. Namjoon waits patiently, knowing it can take a minute or so for the Beta to formulate the words how he wants to say them in his head.

Namjoon’s not ready for Yoongi to take a deep breath, grabbing Taehyung’s hand. “We’re dating and wesortofwanttodateyoutoo.” Yoongi jumbles the last bit together.

Namjoon’s brain freezes. “Wait, what?” He shakes his head. “Did you just say you two were dating?”

Yoongi nods and Taehyung, uncharacteristically stays silent. Namjoon can feel his heart drop as he forces a smile on his face, not realizing what Yoongi had jumbled together until a moment later, and he gasps. “What about dating me?”

“We both realized we like you.” Yoongi says, this time slower than before. “And…and we both want to date you.”

Namjoon’s fingers flex as he lets Yoongi’s words sink into his brain. “Come here.” He says, trying hard not to sound like it’s an order, but they act like it is anyway.

Namjoon never expected his first kiss to be while he’s in a hospital bed after a fight, but the way Yoongi’s lips, and then Taehyung’s lips feel against his bruised lips, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

Namjoon’s always been an awkward kind of Alpha, not sure what to say or do when it’s something he has no experience in.

It’s even more awkward because Namjoon’s still pretty sore a few weeks after getting out of the hospital and Taehyung clings to the tall Alpha just as much as he does Yoongi, even though they’ve both told the enthusiastic Omega that Namjoon’s ribs are still tender though the bruising is nearly gone.

They’re out on a date, a real one, for the first time since Namjoon agreed to see how things would go dating the two of them at the same time.

Namjoon finds that their date is not much different than all the other times that he has hung out with Taehyung and Yoongi, though the difference is that Taehyung’s freer with his touches to both of them and Yoongi seems relaxed enough to show a little skin ship, holding Namjoon’s hand in his.

However, they actually have some of the council tailing them since they haven’t had a single lead on Kai and his group of friends that had jumped Namjoon.

Jungkook and Jin are in on the ordeal as well, with Jungkook constantly patrolling their neighborhood alongside a new council trainee named Jung Hoseok, a tiny Beta with a loud voice and an infectious laugh. It turns out when Namjoon meets the Beta, that he’s the friend Yoongi had been staying with when he’d moved to the city, the pair of Betas living in a shitty 2 room dorm apartment above a laundry shop near the high school, with a land lady who didn’t ask questions when they’d rented the place out a few years back after being kicked out by Hoseok’s parents.

Namjoon’s guardian had talked to Taehyung’s parents, who are initially against their Omega son mating before Taehyung graduates high school, but ultimately they end up agreeing after the Judge does some quick talking and promises to help sponsor the Omega into whatever job he wants through the council. The Judge, being wise for his age, has seen the potential in Taehyung regardless of his status as an Omega, and signs him up for some educational training at the council, effectively making Yoongi the only one of their 6 member group who’s not a council trainee.

“I don’t mind being the odd one out.” Yoongi explains when Jin asks him about it one day while they’re chilling at the new share house that they all now live in.

There’s 3 bedrooms, one for Jin and Jungkook, one for Namjoon and the third bedroom is split into 2 smaller rooms for the two Betas. Taehyung is over at their new house so much that he practically lives there, snuggling up into Namjoon whenever he gets the chance.

Hoseok jokes that by the time they catch Kai and his friends, the threesome will have mated and knocked Taehyung up already, earning a groan from Yoongi and Taehyung throwing a pillow at the skinny Beta, who laughs when they all spot Namjoon with bright red cheeks from blushing.

The summer rolls by, and Namjoon learns that he really likes snuggling on the couch with Taehyung under one arm, and Yoongi on the other while they watch some anime that Taehyung insists is all the rage in Japan.

Namjoon also learns that summer that Yoongi really likes to be kissed lazily, and Taehyung loves hugs more than anything, except maybe himself and Yoongi.

His training goes on once the cast is off his arm, and he’s cleared by the doctors, and Namjoon finds himself working harder than before, his arm healed nicely, and his wolf feels stronger than before, and some of the trainees who’ve heard about his new relationship tease him about it, but in a good way.

There’s something that’s not settling right with Namjoon as the three walk down the street after an early dinner, Namjoon tucking the Omega between himself and Yoongi.

He can smell Taehyung’s sweet scent, and the Omega swears his next heat cycle isn’t due until after they’re back in school for the fall, and he can tell Yoongi’s a bit nervous. It’s been nearly 2 months since Namjoon’s attack, and the Beta hopes that Kai will be stupid enough to try and attack them before school starts back up in a few weeks.

They opt to head towards the local park, where Taehyung insists on chasing some ducks that have landed there while Namjoon and Yoongi relax on the blanket Taehyung had also insisted they bring.

“Something’s not right tonight.” Yoongi hums as Namjoon’s fingers lazily trace unseen patterns into his skin as they watch Taehyung giggle as he runs around not far from them, the evening sun casting a glow onto the Omega.

“Like something’s gonna happen.” Namjoon agrees.

But for the moment, they’re safe, the council shadows they have tucked away up in some trees. They’d been planning an outdoor date for a few weeks, and Namjoon’s guardian had made sure all the shadows were mated so they wouldn’t have any scents.

It doesn’t matter anyway as Namjoon turns to press a kiss against Yoongi’s temple, when he scents another wolf on the light breeze at the same time Taehyung screams.

Namjoon’s head whips around and sees a wolf has cornered Taehyung against the fountain in the center of the park as the council shadows come alive, wolves dropping down from the lower branches of the trees to surround the wolf who’s got Taehyung cornered.

“Well, that worked too well.” The familiar voice of Kai rips Namjoon’s attention away from Taehyung.

“You bastard.” Yoongi hisses.

They let the council shadows deal with the wolf who’s threatening Taehyung, as Namjoon shifts for the first time outside of training as Yoongi’s hands ball into a fist.

Namjoon smells other wolves on the ground, and he whines to Yoongi, hoping the Beta understands what it means as Namjoon bares his teeth at Kai.

“You know, I thought you were smarter than this.” Kai sneers at Yoongi. “But I guess not. One bitch not good enough you had to take on another eh Suga?”

Yoongi’s scent grows angry, but controlled. “More than you’ll ever have.” He retorts.

They’d been told not to engage Kai into any physical fight, but no one had said a verbal one was off limits. Kai growls at the insult as Yoongi’s stance relaxes.

Namjoon glances back to see that Taehyung’s ok, and focuses on the area surrounding them. He knows now from experience that Kai wouldn’t have come with just one other wolf and Namjoon stiffens when he scents a familiar wolf, the one that had thrown the first punch at Namjoon at the beginning of summer.

“I have a deal for you.” Kai says as several wolves slink up to surround them “I get Taehyung, and you two get to live.”

“Unlikely scenario, because unfortunately for you, Kim Jongin, you are surrounded by council wolves.” The new voice is one of the council judges who’s been assigned to the case.

It feels surreal, the way the wolves ringing Kai, Yoongi and Namjoon are all outnumbered by another ring of wolves in their human forms, tranq guns trained on each wolf as well as one on Kai himself. The wolf who’d been captured after cornering Taehyung hung defeated from the arms of the two council wolves holding him.

“Might as well give up now Kai.” Yoongi says. “Taehyung’s never wanted you anyway, and it’s pointless at this point to even try.”

Namjoon’s not sure what it is that changes, but Taehyung makes his way up between the two of them, even though he’s still in his wolf form, and flings an arm around Yoongi while settling a hand into the mess of fur between Namjoon’s ears. “Kim Jongin.” He says seriously, and it’s a tone they’ve only hear Taehyung use once before when he was talking to his parents. “I loudly and very publicly reject you as a mate.” He says boldly. “I have two wonderful mates right here beside me.”

The look on Kai’s face is nothing short of murderous. “You sick omega slut.” He hisses through clenched teeth. “You spread your legs for more than one wolf? Disgusting.” He steps back, and makes a motion with his fingers and the wolves surrounding them shift back to their human forms, dropping to their knees as Kai lets two of the council men grab a hold of him by each arm. “I’ll kill them someday when you least expect it, slut, and then you’ll beg for me to spare your life.” Kai growls before one of the council men inject him with a tranq.

The moment that all the wolves are gone, leaving Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung alone, Namjoon drops down to his belly, wiggling and snuggling up to Taehyung, who’s sunk down to the blanket, uncharacteristically quiet.

“I’m not a slut.” The Omega says fiercely and Namjoon lays his head in the boy’s lap.

Yoongi sinks down with him, holding Taehyung close. “No, you aren’t anything that asshole says.” He tells the Omega. “You are the most beautiful, upstanding, outspoken Omega I’ve ever known.”

Namjoon pushes his nose into Taehyung’s stomach, huffing in agreement. It takes some more words of love from Yoongi and Namjoon eventually shifting back to his human form, grabbing the extra clothes he’d brought from under the blanket before Taehyung’s bright smile starts to come back.


With the threat from Kai gone, it feels like a weight is lifted from them all. Taehyung finds that he likes the educational training he’s getting at the council, and informs them both he’s decided to be a teacher for the council after he’d been exposed to a case where a young female wolf had been used as a sex toy, been rescued and was so eager to learn she’d latched on to multiple teachers.

School starts back up and not surprisingly, Kai doesn’t return. It seems like everyone on the AP floor of the school breathes easier with that knowledge. Taehyung’s next heat comes and goes and Namjoon wakes up the entire week with Yoongi sleeping next to him.

The term ends peacefully with Yoongi graduating, something that Namjoon hadn’t realized when he found out that the Beta is actually a year older. It makes more sense now why there’s such a large gap between some of the ages in the AP courses because the AP learning track doesn’t rely on school years to teach, it’s how high you test out of some subjects.

Namjoon barely remembers to call home to tell them he’s staying in the city for training instead of coming home to celebrate his mother’s birthday like they’d planned, and his mother is understandably sad.

The first day of spring, and it’s been nearly a year since Namjoon’s been in the city and he finds himself waking up to Taehyung dry humping his leg in his sleep, a drool line from the Omega’s mouth to the pillow and Namjoon realizes that Taehyung’s body is overly hot to the touch.

“Shit.” Namjoon breathes, and then freezes.

Taehyung’s heat cycle has shown up earlier than expected and Namjoon has to fight to stay coherent as Taehyung’s scent envelops him. It takes nearly all of the Alpha’s will power to text Yoongi as he tries to get out and away from Taehyung.

“Wow, he really did start early.” Yoongi’s voice is tight. “Jin and Jungkook won’t be a problem since they’re mated, and Hoseok’s out for his last bit of training.”

“Can…can you get Jin hyung?” Namjoon asks, swallowing hard against his instincts to turn and crush Taehyung within his arms.

He whimpers against the desire. He knows he loves both of them dearly, but having sex before they’ve had the real mate talk? His mother would kill him if he mated Taehyung during his heat and before consent was given. Hell, he doesn’t even know how it would all work between the three of them, and ok, Namjoon has to move away from that line of thinking because now his body is responding happily to Taehyung’s scent and he’s pretty sure he’s releasing his own Alpha pheromones as Yoongi comes back with Jin in tow.

“Shit.” Jin sighs, and it’s the first time they’ve ever really heard the Omega swear as he crouches down by Namjoon’s bed, reaching out and shaking Taehyung’s shoulder. “Taehyung!” Jin says loudly. “Wake up you big baby!”

Taehyung on a normal day, is hard to wake up, they usually have to wake him up an hour earlier than normal for school so he’d make it there on time as the boy loved to fall back asleep or would actually forget he needs to go to school after being woken up. Taehyung on a heat day is a new experience as the younger Omega’s eyes open and he’s sitting up in a panic. “SHIT!”

“It’s ok Taehyung.” Jin’s there to soothe the boy as Taehyung sees Namjoon slipping out of bed, trying to hide the very obvious erection in his boxers.

“What do we need to do hyung? His reserve for the Omega house is for next week.” Yoongi asks.

“I’ll take care of it, you two gather what you need for the next week and text Hoseok not to come home.” Jin tells them.

Namjoon doesn’t need to be told twice, grabbing his bag and stuffing clothes into it before throwing random bathroom stuff in it and seeing Yoongi doing the same. “Any suggestions on where we go for a few days?” Yoongi asks as they holler to Jin they are leaving as they hear Taehyung cry out in pleasure and Namjoon has to force himself to walk away from the house.

“Let’s text Hoseok and see what he says.”

In the end, they ended up asking for a shared room at the council between the three, though Hoseok’s barely there because of orientation to his new unit.

Namjoon nor Yoongi have much energy to do anything, though Yoongi has to drag himself to his new job as an intern at the radio station and Namjoon’s off from classes for the week for something they called spring break.

Namjoon had a feeling it was because a lot of Omegas went into a heat cycle around the first week of spring. Namjoon’s laying on the bed when Yoongi gets home, and the Alpha’s sitting up immediately as he scents his Beta boyfriend. “You stopped by the house?” He asks.

“Taehyung was crying out for us.” Yoongi said, eyes wide. “Jin said this heat is more intense than his last one.”

“Was it because he was sleeping next to me?” Namjoon asks.

Yoongi nods, his cheeks flushing. “I think it was his heat talking, but Taehyung was begging for us to take him while I was there. Even though Jin was with him and I was talking to Jungkook, it’s like he knew I was there, and I’m drenched in your scent because we’re in this space, and…fuck.” Yoongi runs a hand through his hair. “I’m on edge and this sucks because we haven’t talked about mating yet, it hasn’t even been a year since we all got together and…”

Namjoon’s lips are on Yoongi’s, silencing the older wolf immediately. “Hyung, its ok.” He says, licking his lips as he moves away from Yoongi.

“Do that again.” Yoongi breathes.

Namjoon complies, bending his head to the short Beta and coaxing his mouth open as he pulls Yoongi to his body, the wisps of Taehyung’s heat scent exciting them both.

By the time Namjoon pulls away, Yoongi’s scent is all over the place and his face is flushed from the kiss. “I know Taehyung wants us both.” Namjoon says. “And I want you and him too, and fuck this is hard to control…” He breaks off, moaning as Yoongi presses a hand against his groin.

Before either of them can make a move, Namjoon’s phone goes off. “Jin hyung?” He answers. “What’s going…oh. Really? Um. Let me tell Yoongi.” He looks over at the Beta, whose eyes are still dilated from their kiss. “Taehyung’s fever spiked, and Jin thinks his body assumes he’s nearly mated already.” He says. “He says he didn’t want this to happen, but we…” Namjoon swallows. “We may have to claim him in order to break the heat this time.”

Yoongi groans. “Fuck. I had a feeling this would happen.”

Namjoon uncovers the phone. “Jin hyung you still there? Yeah. I guess we are on our way. I….I don’t know how this will work but we’ll figure it out.”

The bus ride over is silent, as Yoongi frantically googles how 3 people are supposed to mate with each other and comes up with nothing, groaning as he leans into Namjoon and wraps the Alpha’s arm around his shoulder.

“I think we get to write the book on how this is gonna be done.” Yoongi tells him in a hushed tone.

Namjoon nods, his hands shaking a little as they get off at their normal stop, and walk the 3 blocks to the house. He stops short and looks up at the 2 story home, swallowing hard. “The only thing I can think of is that we both have to bite him at the same time.”

“We might as well get it over with and bite each other too, and have Taehyung help if he’s coherent enough.” Yoongi’s voice is shaking. It’s not how he’d envisioned their eventual mating to go, and the suddenness of the whole thing frightens the Beta.

Namjoon turns to the Beta, seeing him visibly shaking. “Hey.” He puts his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, forcing the Beta to look up at him. “We’ll be ok. We’ll all work through this.” He says, even though he can see it’s not having an effect on Yoongi so he brings the Beta into his arms, pressing him close and lay a kiss on top of his soon to be co-mate’s head. “Taehyung won’t hate us when this is all over.” He promises. “I love you both with every fiber of my being.”

Namjoon’s love confession is the trigger that calms Yoongi down and he pulls away to reach up and press a kiss to the Alpha’s lips. “I love you too, and I know Taehyung does.” The Beta squares his shoulders and looks at Namjoon. “Let’s go take care of our mate.”


Namjoon finishes marking their new home before he runs back to the houses, shifting and checking his phone. Nothing new from Jungkook, so he assumes Jin hasn’t had his pup yet. Namjoon finishes dressing with a sigh, deciding to check in with Yoongi in case something happened between Jimin and Hoseok.

He knows his Beta mate would have texted him if something had happened, or he would have come out and howled. He doesn’t bother knocking and the very obvious sounds of an Omega in heat being pleasured by his mate makes Namjoon blush, his ears turning red.

“Hey.” Yoongi pops his head around from the kitchen. “Any word on the pup yet?” He asks, popping an earbud out from his ears.

Namjoon shakes his head, taking a couple long strides to press a needy kiss upon Yoongi’s lips.

The three haven’t had time for proper sex since Namjoon got back, barely having time for hurried blow jobs or hand jobs in the shower because of the twins, but Namjoon knows none of them would have it any other way.

Not after Jimin’s miscarriage.

Not after being witness to how Hoseok had withered away into practically a walking skeleton of a wolf and Jimin having to table his own grief at the loss of their pup in order to care for his mate.

A particularly loud keen sounds from upstairs and Namjoon feels Yoongi shiver. “Fuck.” Yoongi swears softly. “Never thought I’d be into kinky shit like this, listening to my friends mating.”

Namjoon licks his lips, his wolf yearning to reconnect with his own mates. “I think once Jimin’s heat is over, and Jungkook and Jin are back with their pup, we ask them to babysit the twins and you, me and Tae have a nice long afternoon of reconnecting.” He whispers into Yoongi’s ear, feeling his mates hands come up and grip onto his biceps.

“Don’t….fucking…test me right now.” Yoongi grits through clenched teeth and then remembers that Namjoon’s easily turned on whenever Yoongi gets aggressive or demanding when the Alpha sucks in a breath.

“I can take you hard and fast, right here.” Namjoon’s not sure if the sounds of Jimin and Hoseok upstairs is riling him up, but he’s having a hard time controlling his wolf. “I know where Jungkook keeps the extra lube.”

“Fuck that’s not fair.” Yoongi groans as Namjoon rolls his hips against his mate. “Fine. But if we get shit later on from anyone, I’m blaming you for it.”

Namjoon grins, pushing Yoongi toward the downstairs bathroom.

Chapter Text

The call from Jungkook comes during a break in Jimin’s heat cycle, and the Omega is glad Yoongi has stayed over to care for them, though he spots a few marks on the Beta’s neck.

“Namjoon figured out where Jungkook keeps the extra lube huh?” Jimin teases tiredly as Yoongi helps him into the bath.

“Shush you.” Yoongi grumbles softly as he blushes.

Namjoon’s in with Hoseok, cleaning the dirty sheets from their bed and wiping Hoseok down while Jimin’s being pampered by Yoongi.

Before everything, Hoseok would take care of Jimin, they’d have snacks and fresh linens waiting for them by their door from Jin and Jungkook, in which they’d reciprocate the food and fresh linens for when Jin went into heat before they’d both become pregnant.

At first, Jimin had been embarrassed when they’d spent the entire week of his heat cycle at the old share house, but over time it’d become somewhat of a natural thing to ignore the moans and keening of their housemates just as Jimin was sure they ignored him and Hoseok too.

Jimin sighs as he feels his body wanting to slip into slumber and Yoongi pinches him on the neck to wake him up. “Try to fight sleep for the moment.” He advises. “It’ll stave off the heat a little longer, and that means you’ll try to get back to bed without flopping all over the place.”

Jimin giggles a little at that. “I take it Taehyung’s done that before.”

Yoongi laughs. “Considering he’s got me and Namjoon to care for him, yeah.”

The faint ring of Namjoon’s phone catches their ears, and Jimin’s suddenly not having as hard of a time staying awake as he was before, even though he’s still basically got no energy in his body.

They’ve been waiting for the call for a while now, Taehyung coming over to check up on everyone at some point while Yoongi had been passed out on the couch downstairs and Namjoon folding linen for the beds while Yoongi napped.

Namjoon wisely waited until they’d resettled the mates back into bed, both of them clean and mostly dry, though Jimin’s body isn’t hot or sweaty yet, before he smiles “Jungkook says their son was born about an hour ago.” Namjoon announces as Jimin curls up against Hoseok.

His mate looks much better than he’d been that morning, and Jimin swears that Hoseok’s scent has grown a bit stronger after they’d been cleaned. “That’s awesome.” Jimin yawns as he smiles sleepily up at the Alpha. “I can’t wait to meet him.”

Out of all the things that could have happened, Jimin’s miscarriage hasn’t deterred the Omega from cooing over Jin’s baby bump and helping the older Omega out as much as possible before they’d moved.

When asked, Jimin just shrugs and says that when he’d found out Hoseok had been assaulted, raped and drugged up to the point where he’d nearly been bonded against his will to the overzealous female Alpha, he knew he couldn’t let the sorrow of losing his first child get to him.

Jimin also would remind about his own near miss from an unwanted mark, so he knew on some level what his mate was feeling, and that Jin needed reassurance that Jimin wasn’t going to forsake their brotherly bond as Omegas when the older one is still pregnant.

The pair fall asleep, and Yoongi yawns as he and Namjoon take the dirty laundry down to wash and replenish the snacks and drinks they’ll leave in the room. Yoongi’s volunteered to stay and cat nap in between taking care of the mates while Namjoon goes home to let Taehyung rest from dealing with their children all day by himself.

3 days later, Jimin’s heat breaks, and the pair are sporting deep bite marks over the same spots they’d marked their claims on before, and Namjoon notices that Hoseok is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time.

“The bond’s not as muffled as it was before.” Jimin says, smiling softly as they make breakfast the morning of the 5th day after Jin went into labor. “We’re both worried that Jin and Jungkook haven’t come back yet though.”

Namjoon hums in agreement. “Last I spoke to Jungkook, their pup had a small complication after the birth.”

Yoongi sighs, brushing his hair out of his eyes. He’s not been back to work since the first day of Jimin’s heat, having called in sick for a couple days when his phone goes off, and he excuses himself to take it.

“Namjoon.” Yoongi comes back a few moments later, his face ashen. “Something’s happened.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook paces back and forth as Jin sits in the bed, looking at his mate. “It’s fine Kookie.” Jin soothes his mate. “I’m sure our pup is fine.”

Jungkook’s already told Jin about the worries that Namjoon’s told him, having promised Jin when they were newly mated that he’d never keep anything from Jin ever, no matter how ‘restricted’ the information was.

It’s how they managed to get away with not having to have Jin give birth at the council’s medical bay, with Jungkook telling Jin to insist on having control over where he had their pup.

Jungkook’s not sure how trustworthy the staff is at this hospital, even after he’d been reassured by several people that the hospital was only an affiliate of the council’s medical bay, and not directly controlled by it.

The soft whine of a pup and a nurse cooing at it brings their attention to the door as it opens, and the nurse smiles softly as she checks the bands on Jin and Jungkook’s arms with the one on their pup’s left forearm before handing the pup over to Jin.

“He’s fine now.” She says, smiling. “Just a bit of a bilirubin mishap. They though he was too high when he’s perfectly fine.”

“When can we discharge? We have friends watching our house and we don’t want to burden them much longer.” Jungkook asks.

“I’ll ask the doctor, but I’m sure he’ll let you go this afternoon.” She assures them.

The doctor does not, in fact, let them go that afternoon. Nor the day after, or the day after that. Jungkook’s sure his legs are numb from all the walking and pacing he’s done and Jin’s worse, the Omega wondering if he suffered from any side effects after the incident with Hoseok.

Their pup is taken again and again, coming back whining or quiet each time a different nurse brings him back, and Jin has to bite back a growl of anger at the last nurse who’d brought their pup into the room, barely checking their id bracelets and dumping the pup unceremoniously into Jungkook’s outstretched arms.

Finally, on the 5th day after Jin gives birth, they’re discharged by the doctor, though the old wolf won’t say what was wrong with their pup for the last 4 days. Jungkook calls Namjoon and gets voicemail, which he finds odd, so he tries calling Yoongi only to get the same result.

He’s loathe to call Jimin, but he’d gotten a text from the Omega the day before that simply stated his heat cycle was over and that Hoseok was doing better. Jin looks up at him with their pup, his eyes soft and loving as he rocks back and forth to keep the little one asleep.

“They’re not picking up are they?” Jin says. “And you don’t want to call Jimin.”

“Yeah.” Jungkook sometimes loves and hates how Jin can read him perfectly.

“Just call Jimin. I’m sure he can tell you what’s going on at the very least.” Jin sighs.

Jungkook bites his bottom lip, finding Jimin’s number in his contacts and calling. Surprisingly it goes to voicemail and he looks at his mate. “I guess we’ll have to take a taxi.”

Jin frowns. “Can you try Taehyung? I know he can’t drive yet because he’s not cleared to by the doctors, but maybe he’ll answer and tell us what’s going on. Everyone’s phone going to voicemail is worrying me.”

Jungkook nods, the pads of his fingers working quickly to find Taehyung’s number. He doesn’t bother putting the phone to his ear as they both clearly hear the moment Taehyung’s phone goes straight to voicemail. “Brat must have forgotten to charge his phone again.” Jungkook groans.

Jin sighs, cooing at their son. He waits patiently as Jungkook calls a taxi service and jerks as he hears his mate swearing, something Jungkook does only when he’s mad, or having to pay more than he wants for something.

“I guess the money for his naming party will have to come out of our savings.” Jungkook says as he comes back a few moments later. “The taxi ride fee back home is going to be huge.” He sighs.

The ride from the hospital is silent, and Jungkook shifts as he watches Jin holding their son close, refusing to put the pup into his first carrier for the ride.

The taxi stops at the road that leads down to their area, and the driver turns to them. “I’m sorry, this is as far as I can go. Taxi company rules and all.” He tells them, his face expressionless.

“There’s no way you can go any further?” Jungkook asks as Jin stiffens beside him. “Our pup is barely a week old and you want us to walk the rest of the way to our home?”

“I’m sorry. The company has the tracking thing enabled on my vehicle. I’d lose my job if I take you any further out of the city.” The driver says, having the gall to sound apologetic.

Jin sighs, pulling the handle of the door and nudging his mate. “It’s ok Jungkook.” He gives the driver an indescribable look. “Call the others and see if they pick up while we walk. It’s not far.”

Jungkook grumbles, his voice taking on a quality that Jin knows means his wolf is coming to the surface, even as the Alpha is pulling his wallet out to pay the driver.

“I…I can’t do that. You two need all the money you can save.” The man refuses the money, reaching over to erase the taxi fee from his counter. “Just….just protect that pup and stay far away from the city.”

Jungkook barely gets all the things the hospital gave them, putting the small items in the carrier meant for their pup, dialing Namjoon’s phone, trying to calm down as the phone rings before a click is heard just as the taxi drives away. “Hyung?” He asks, unsure if the voice mail has picked up again or someone actually answered the phone.

“Jungkook, what’s up, is everything ok?” Namjoon’s voice sounds rushed, as if he’d been running to the phone.

“I tried to call earlier, but no one was picking up. Jin and the pup got discharged finally.” Jungkook responds.

“SHIT! I’m so sorry man.” Namjoon groans. “Are you still at the hospital? Do you need me to pick you up?”

“Namjoon hyung, slow down!” Jungkook laughs. “We got a taxi, but he wouldn’t take us past the city line, so we’re at the road that leads home. What’s going on that you all couldn’t answer the phones?”

Namjoon is silent for a moment. “Uh…Well, Yoongi hyung got a phone call from the radio station and we’ve been kind of scrambling around to prepare things.”

“What kind of call?” Jungkook asks.

“I know it’s only a 20 minute walk, but let me come pick you up. This….there are things we need to discuss and I’d rather not do it over the phone while you two are unprotected.”

Jungkook’s stomach clenches. “Ok Namjoon hyung.” He says. “We won’t move a foot from where we’re at.” He promises.

Jin looks at him from beside the road where he’s protecting their pup. “What’s going on that they couldn’t answer the phone?” He asks.

Jungkook looks at his mate. “Namjoon hyung said he’s coming to pick us up and he’ll tell us on the way back.”

They don’t have to wait long, and after settling Jin in the backseat with their things, his mate still holding their pup, and Namjoon waits a moment for Jungkook to settle in before he turns the car around and heads back home. “Remember what I told you before the pup was born?”

Jungkook nods. “Yeah I do, does that have to do with whatever happened earlier?”

Namjoon hums in answer. “Yoongi got a call from the radio station, someone had called in and wanted to speak to him desperately from one of the packs he’d contacted a while ago. The pack of that female Alpha who assaulted Hoseok is on the move.”

“What do you mean, ‘on the move’?” Jungkook asks, and he has a sinking feeling that shits about to hit the fan.

“They’re coming for the city.” Namjoon says. “The contact said the pack was passing through their territory a couple of days ago and their leader convinced her pack Alpha to join their cause. She took a big risk in contacting Yoongi about the issue because she knew he was looking for information.”

Jin audibly inhales and Jungkook swallows hard. “That explains why things at the hospital were odd.” He says, his mind racing over everything that’s happened in the last 5 days. He turns to Jin and looks at his mate. “I wonder how much genetic testing they did on our pup to see why we matured earlier than we were supposed to, and I bet they think our pup’s going to mature early too.” He says.

“I wouldn’t put it past the council’s more devious members to have kept track of where we are and which hospital we were going to.” Jin replies. “The fact they kept taking him for things and not telling us scares me that they were doing things to our pup without our consent.”

Jungkook nods. “Also that explains why the cab driver wouldn’t go out of city limits. He would have made a lot of money had he not refused to take us further.”

“Maybe it was best he didn’t see where we live.” Namjoon says. “I don’t know what that pack’s motive for moving toward the city is, but I think we’d be smart to start stock piling supplies in case war breaks out.” He tells them as they pull up to Jin and Jungkook’s house. “The others are in full agreement with me.”

Jungkook looks back at his mate, and Jin nods once in agreement to the unspoken question. “We’re in agreement as well.” He says. “We shouldn’t go out more than needed, though we sort of do have to maintain appearances I guess with Yoongi hyung having to work and you still have to report in on Hoseok’s progress.”

Namjoon smiles. “I technically only have to report his progress once a month unless something really significant happens, but you know I’m not going to report much to them. Until something happens, I agree we should maintain appearances.”

The others crowd out of the house, and both the Alpha and Omega are surprised to see Hoseok being brought out by Jimin. The Beta’s skin is looking much healthier than it did before they’d left, and just the fact the Beta is up and about instead of sleeping is a big improvement.

“Omo, look, he’s got Jin hyung’s nose.” Taehyung says when they introduce the pup to their friends.

Jungkook won’t say it, but he can feel that Namjoon’s a more powerful Alpha than he is, and with the fact they are pretty much on their own land, isolated from the city pack mentality, he can feel the pull that Namjoon has on everyone.

It’s relieves some stress from Jungkook, who knew if push came to shove, he’s more likely to protect Jin and their pup than getting everyone to safety, and he and his wolf both know he’s not emotionally mature enough to lead everyone anyway.

Taehyung and Yoongi bring the twins over and the older pups sniff at the newborn, and to everyone’s surprise, shift into their own wolf forms and snuggle up next to the pup and fall asleep with him.

“That’s way too adorable.” Yoongi coos and Jin runs to get his camera.

“So have you figured out a name for him yet?” Jimin asks once they’re done cooing at the puppy pile, with Jin putting his camera away after snapping several pictures.

Jin and Jungkook look at each other and Jin blushes slightly. “We were thinking either Jukjin or Jinkook.” He says.

“Jinkook sounds nice.” Hoseok, whose been quietly watching the pups, suddenly speaks up. “I like how it rolls off the tongue.”

Jungkook beams at Hoseok. “That’s what I said when we were talking about names.”

Jin chuckles and looks at his mate. “Well if everyone here likes it, then I’m ok with the name.” He says.

Jungkook smiles and nods in agreement. It’s as close as they can get to normal now after everything that’s happened. Jungkook won’t say it, but he can see the toll that constantly taking care of Hoseok is putting on Jimin, no matter how much the Omega protests that he’s fine.

Since the pups are all napping, Jin lays down near them in case Jinkook wakes and needs to be fed. Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon sit down in the kitchen away from the pups to start making lists of things they want to stock pile including diapers for all the pups.

Jimin and Taehyung decide to make lunch for everyone, and Jin’s mildly surprised that Hoseok’s not asleep in the bedroom upstairs. “Hey hyung.” Hoseok’s voice is quiet, raspy from disuse, but without the depressive quality it used to have before they’d moved. “Do…” the recovering Beta licks his lips. “Do you think that we’ll be ok?” He asks.

Jin sits up, looking at Hoseok. It’s been 5 days since he’d seen the Beta, and he wonders if Jimin’s sudden heat is the catalyst for Hoseok getting better at a faster rate. He hums for a moment, his mind racing. “Honestly, I don’t know.” He sighs. “I won’t lie and say we will for sure be ok, but I can’t be totally pessimistic and say we aren’t.” He says.

Hoseok nods and lays back against the couch, his body wrapped in a blanket from his and Jimin’s room. “I wish I was stronger. I wish I was over this shit and my wolf wasn’t comatose.” He says, blinking up at the ceiling. “I want to help protect you, Jimin and Taehyung and the pups.”

Jin moves so he can lean on Hoseok’s legs. “Don’t force yourself into things you can’t do yet.” He says softly. “I don’t want you to get hurt any more than I do the others.” He places a hand on Hoseok’s knee, forcing the Beta to look at him. “Just because you can’t fight with your wolf doesn’t mean you aren’t strong, Jung Hoseok. You have a strong mind and a fighting spirit. If push comes to shove, I know you can come up with a plan to keep us all safe.”

By the time Jin’s done, Hoseok has tears in his eyes. “Hyung…” He whimpers, tears spilling over and Jin climbs up on the couch to pull Hoseok into a hug. “Thank you hyung for believing in me.” He sobs as Jin holds him close.

The Omega’s sure the others have heard their conversation as the lack of noise in the kitchen resumes, confirming Jin’s suspicions.


Namjoon and Jungkook go out to buy the list of things to be stockpiled over the course of the next week, and Yoongi keeps going to work, even though it’s now obvious to the group that something is going on in the city.

Jin wakes up to a council wide email stating a mandatory council meeting and even those who are on a pre-approved leave are required to attend. Jin replies to his department’s new supervisor, some Beta who’d been extremely helpful in the extraction office when the former Alpha had gone feral that because of his newborn pup, he won’t be able to leave home to attend the meeting, but if there was a way for him to attend through a conference call, he’d be more than happy to do so.

The response back, while polite, annoys Jin to no end because of the implications it brings. He knows that he has the right to stay home even if it’s a mandatory meeting, and he knows he has the right to ask to be patched into the meeting through a call, but the way his supervisor words the response confirms that either someone, or something is going on internally in the council.

Hoseok’s even required to attend through the conference call while Jimin and Yoongi try to help keep the three pups calm.

Namjoon, Jungkook and Taehyung all leave a few hours before the meeting, promising to call when they’re ready to return to the house and Jin can’t help but feel apprehensive about the whole thing.

They smell a foreign scent half way through the council meeting call, and Yoongi makes a motion that he’s going to check it out while they’re busy. Jin nods, his hands creeping to the extra cell phone that Namjoon bought.

Everyone that works for the council has an extra cell phone now, one that’s not been cleared by the council for use, an idea that Hoseok had when he’d been staring out at the large expanse of forest that’s literally right next to their house. It’s a new habit he’s developed, and just shrugs whenever someone asks him what he’s thinking about.

Jin texts Jungkook and Namjoon at the same time, figuring one of them would respond and sure enough, the phone vibrates almost immediately after he’s sent the message. ‘When Yoongi comes back, make sure to lock all the doors and windows tight, and don’t go outside the house until we get back. RM’ The text reads.

They’ve gone back to using their code names when texting, though Jin and Jungkook never really had code names seeing as Jin was the doctor and Jungkook a mentor, and neither one of them saw the need for such a thing because by the time a runaway wolf came, Jin’s job was to take care of any physical wounds and document everything, while Jungkook didn’t even meet said runaway until they’d been processed and cleared through the council for rehab.

Jin barely remembers the rest of the council meeting, and he’s sure Namjoon wouldn’t say anything about the foreign wolf until they’re driving back from the city when Yoongi drags himself back into the house, his right shoulder bloodied and torn.

“Fuck.” The Beta swears as he shuts the door, and limps towards the kitchen.

The scent of blood stirs Hoseok, who sniffs the air and, in a surprising change, growls for the first time since his assault.

Jin’s glad their connection to the council is done, as the call had disconnected as soon as the meeting was announced to be over with. He stands quickly, pushing his cell phone at Hoseok. “If Namjoon calls, answer it.” He says. “I’ll tend to Yoongi.”

“What the hell hyung?” Jimin’s voice gasps as he sees the Beta.

“Two wolves, smelt like they were from the north.” Yoongi groans. “They were in the trees between the other’s house and the road, watching the road like they were waiting for the others to come back.”

Jin brings the first aid kid to the kitchen, glancing over at Jimin, who had been in the middle of preparing something for their dinner. “Jimin, can you bring me some towels warmed with hot water so we can clean up Yoongi before the others get back?” He asks as he cracks one of the ice packs into use as he’s pushing up Yoongi’s foot to lay across the ankle, which is starting to swell into a nice sprain.

Jimin rushes to comply with Jin’s order, and soon they have the blood cleaned off of Yoongi’s shoulder and Jin sucks in a breath. “They got you really good Yoongi.” Jin says. “Had they gotten any deeper, you wouldn’t be using this arm until the muscles were reattached at the hospital.”

The one thing they didn’t have that the old fictional werewolves that humans used to romanticize did was the super healing powers, and sometimes Jin wants to kick whatever biological process that had made humans into werewolves so it would add that feature in.

“You want the scissors and a trash can?” Jimin asks as they see the extent of the damage done by wolven claws.

“Yes please.” Jin says, dabbing at a trickle of blood from one of the deeper cuts. “I’m going to cut some of the obviously dead skin off, and I’m gonna do some field stitching, is that ok?” He asks Yoongi, who clenching a large rolled up towel in his good hand.

“Fuck I don’t care hyung.” Yoongi swears through gritted teeth. “Just do it. This shit hurts.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have any painkillers to pump you with.” Jin says. They’re actually locked up tight across the street in Namjoon’s house, a precaution since they weren’t sure how Hoseok was going to act as he recovers from the drug withdrawal.

Thankfully the Beta’s proven that he’s a pretty chill withdrawal patient, though Jin has a feeling that the more his wolf nature tries to assert itself without his wolf actually being awake will cause Hoseok to become angry or combative.

Jin is thankful Jimin’s helping him as the Omega brings a pair of surgical scissors, a large trashcan and more towels. “Thanks.” Jin says as he gets straight to working on fixing up Yoongi’s shoulder. He makes a mental note to ask Namjoon for something once the others get back.

He doesn’t even hear the ringing phone, nor does he hear Hoseok’s raspy voice, or Jimin taking over the phone call to explain to Namjoon what happened to his Beta mate, choosing to ignore everything around them except getting Yoongi stitched up quickly and efficiently.

He’s nearly half way done stitching up the first of Yoongi’s wounds when Jimin comes into the kitchen, holding a green bottle that Jin’s pretty sure didn’t come from their house. “It was in one of the other houses.” Jimin asks when Jin looks up at the younger Omega for a second, eyeballing the bottle of soju and frowning.

“Oh thank god.” Yoongi groans.

“Namjoon said not to...” Jin’s voice is cut off by Jimin.

“I know. Namjoon hyung said we were to lock all windows and doors and not go outside.” Jimin replies in a tone that leaves no room for arguments. “He told me over the phone when he called where to find it. I was quick and I’m sure no one saw me.” He says.

Jin lets his shoulders relax a little as he worked, pausing in a stitch, waiting as Jimin handed the opened bottle to Yoongi, who quickly takes a swig of the clear liquid. It’s not enough to get him drunk, but Yoongi’s enough of a lightweight that one shot allows the grimace to slide off his face and his hands relax a little as the alcohol takes effect.

Jin hears Jimin sigh as he takes the bottle from Yoongi’s hands as they hear one of the pups whine in the living room. “I’ll get him.” Jimin says quickly.

It takes a moment for Jin to process, and his shoulders tense up again as he finishes off the worst of Yoongi’s wounds. “Shit.” He sighs.

“Don’t worry.” Yoongi’s voice is still laced with pain, but it tells Jin that the Beta is more able to tolerate it. “You guys don’t give Jimin enough credit.” He says as Jin threads into the next wound.

“I know, but…” Jin sighs again, feeling the weight of being the oldest in their group. “I don’t think he has had time to process things properly.”

“Who says he hasn’t?” Yoongi asks, raising an eyebrow at Jin, hissing when the Omega hits a tender spot that throws pain up his shoulder. “The 2 months Hoseok was stuck in the medical bay and they wouldn’t let Jimin stay with him? Jimin sure as hell didn’t come home did he?”

Jin’s fingers twitch as he pulls the string taunt against his stitch. He remembers well the first month that Hoseok had gone into the drug withdrawal and had to be sedated. Jimin refused to leave his mate’s side even when the doctors themselves barred the Omega from being in the room whenever they treated Hoseok. He knows the Omega stayed in the medical bay after he’d been discharged from the hospital, and had assumed Jimin had stayed day and night next to Hoseok. “I…I guess I never really thought about it.” He responds to Yoongi finally.

“I asked the doctors because Taehyung was so worried about Jimin.” Yoongi’s definitely feeling much better thanks to the alcohol. “Jimin spent the time Hoseok was sedated talking to a therapist who was assigned to their case.”

Jin stops his stitching to look at Yoongi. “They didn’t tell me that.”

“Of course not.” Yoongi flexes his ankle a little. “They wouldn’t have told me either, but I threatened to bring Tae’s father down on their stuck up heads. Didn’t take much for those shit excuse of doctors to tell me what was going on with Jimin.”

Jin starts stitching again, a bit faster than before. He doesn’t want infection setting into Yoongi’s wounds. “Dude, anyone who knows Taehyung’s father would probably spill their deepest, darkest secrets.”

Taehyung’s father was a very well know Alpha to the council, but was not a member of the council. However he was the private doctor to the Alpha who actually oversaw the city, though the man didn’t have a title.

Taehyung’s father was the highest level of a doctor that one could get in the city, and many of the idiot doctors working in the council’s medical bay aspired to take over the job once Taehyung’s father retired.

It’s one of the reasons why Jin had joined the Excursion office instead of moving to the medical bay when he’d finished his training. He didn’t want to have to deal with the self-serving idiots who ran the bay, and his wolf had agreed at the time, they didn’t want to be stuck in one spot forever.

Yoongi doesn’t say anything more as Jin works, watching as the Omega stitches him up, who’s so focused on his task that his tongue is sticking out of the corner of his mouth. “Finally.” Jin sighs, the scissors cutting the thread like string from the last wound that’s been stitched up.

The Omega sits back for a moment, setting aside the needle which still has string attached to it and the scissors, bending over to grab some gauze from the first aid kit and starts winding it around Yoongi’s shoulder and arm before taping it off. “No sex, no activity that could cause your stitches to break loose. Showers are ok, no baths no matter what Taehyung tries to say.” Jin tells Yoongi as he stands and starts cleaning up.

“Hey, I take offence to that.” Taehyung’s voice calls out into the kitchen. “Baths are awesome.”

The tall Alpha and Omega both crowd into the kitchen around Yoongi, and Jin turns away to wash his hands as Taehyung mothers over his Beta mate while Namjoon asks Yoongi for the details on their intruder.

Chapter Text

Jimin sighs as he sees Hoseok’s sprawled out on the couch again after spending most of the day staring out the window again. The Beta’s been doing it more and more since Yoongi got injured. Jimin’s got a feeling his mate’s wolf isn’t as dormant as they think with how diligent Hoseok’s been in watching over the visible outside areas of their homes.

Jimin grabs a blanket from the other couch, one that Jin had insisted be there in case any of the others fell asleep at the house, draping it over his mate, hands lingering as he realizes that Hoseok still hasn’t gained any weight since they moved.

The Omega sighs, hands clenching into fists as he moves away from his sleeping mate and back towards the kitchen, dropping down into a chair.

No matter what he tells Jin, or Jungkook, or Namjoon, he’s still not completely ok after everything that’s happened, though he thought he’d been dealing with the lingering sadness and grief well until Jinkook had been brought home. Jimin didn’t feel the same pinch of grief whenever he looked at the twins, who were both old enough now to start walking on their own in their human forms, though neither one had been showing any signs of doing so yet.

The sharp pain of lingering sadness hits Jimin in the heart again as he unconsciously rubs his fingers against the soft but flat planes of his abdomen as tears spring to his eyes and Jimin brushes at his face when he hears footsteps from the front of the house, biting his lip and standing up quickly to go wash his hands before he went back to working on lunch.

At least he’s not a bawling, sobbing mess like he’d been when Hoseok was sedated in the medical bay, though he quickly schools his face into a slight frown of concentration as Jungkook walks into the kitchen.

“I thought I smelt onions.” Jungkook smiles as he walks to the counter, fingers sneaking a piece of the vegetable.

“Yah!” Jimin smacks Jungkook’s hand as the Alpha tries to sneak another piece. “I’m making kimchi fried rice, leave some onions for the rest of us.” He scolds.

Jungkook laughs, grabbing another piece as he slides away from Jimin. “Thanks hyung!” He says as he exits the kitchen.

Jimin sighs, shaking his head, and going back to cutting the onion pieces when he hears Jungkook laugh from the direction of the downstairs bathroom and Jin’s disgusted voice, which means the Alpha ambushed his mate, giving Jin a kiss before the Omega could realize what Jungkook had eaten until he tasted it.

It gets Jimin’s mind off of things for the moment, though if he’s being honest with himself, it really doesn’t.

The Omega spends the rest of his day trying to keep himself busy with doing the household chores. Hoseok’s gotten well enough over the past month that Namjoon admitted the Beta didn’t need to be monitored 24/7 which lets Jimin breathe a little since his mate is actually waking up on his own for meals and staying awake for longer periods of time.

But it also allows for Jimin to start thinking things he knows he shouldn’t.

Not with the way the news from the city has been lately.

Not with how Yoongi still has the stitches in his shoulder from the intruders on their land, though they’ve not had any other unwanted visitors since that day nearly a month ago.

“Jungkook and I are going to take Jinkook for his month checkup.” Jin says, breaking the younger Omega out of his thoughts, the towel he’d been folding sitting neatly in his lap.

“Ok.” Jimin nods.

“You gonna be ok?” Jin asks, concern lacing his voice as he looks at the petite Omega, noticing how dark the circles under Jimin’s eyes haven’t diminished since Hoseok had started to actually recover.

“Hmm..yeah. I should be ok.” Jimin smiles up at Jin, but the older Omega can tell the smile doesn’t reach his eyes as they used to.

“Ok. If you need anything, Tae and Namjoon should be home.” Jin says.

“I’ll be fine hyung. Go.” Jimin seems to come to himself, waving off the older Omega as he places the folded towel on the pile and grabs a new one from the laundry basket.  

Jimin hears the door shut, the silence settling over the house. They still use the baby monitors whenever Hoseok is in the living room, just as precaution, and Jimin can hear his mate rustling a little as he’s switching the laundry out, but he doesn’t expect the sudden growl that issues from the monitor, loud, and clear. “Jimin, call Taehyung.” He hears Hoseok through the monitor. “We have unwanted company somewhere.”

Jimin barely has time to pull his phone out when he hears the front door close and suddenly his heart clenches. “Shit.” He sighs, leaving the laundry as it is, dialing Taehyungs number, and grumbling when the phone goes straight to voicemail, hanging up and dialing Namjoon’s number as he’s reaching the front door in time to crash into the door as it opens.

“Namjoon sent us over here.” Taehyung’s hurried voice greets Jimin as he blinks up at Taehyung who’s got one twin under each arm. “He and Hoseok took off in the direction of the city.” He says as Taegi squirms under his left arm.

Jimin sighs, getting up off the floor, Taehyung’s anxiety starting to bleed over into Jimin as the Omega rubs at the sore spots on both his forehead from the door, and his butt from falling onto his ass. “Here, give me Taegi.” He says as the pup squirms nearly out of Taehyung’s already tedious grip as the younger Omega struggles to keep both pups in his arms.

Taegi whines as Taehyung lets Jimin take the younger of the pups into his arms, though he stays still as Taehyung shuts the door, locking both the knob and the deadbolt they’d had installed when moving in.

“I guess we should move downstairs.” Jimin sighs, looking out the window for any sign of his mate or Namjoon, but sees nothing but the usual forest behind the threesome’s house across the street.

The two head downstairs, the baby monitor forgotten as Jimin holds onto Taegi while Taehyung’s soothing a fussy Taejoon in order to keep as quiet as possible.

“We should have something down here for him.” Jimin says in passing as Taehyung places Taejoon on the bed in the basement to shut and lock the door that Jungkook and Yoongi had installed barely a week beforehand.

It’d been Jimin’s idea to turn the basement from the heat room to a safe room of sorts, similar to the tree room that he remembered from the day Hoseok and Jin had saved him from his former (and long since dead) Pack’s Head Alpha.

It had taken some time to get all the supplies, including the heavy door since Namjoon had told everyone else what he’d told Jungkook on the day Jinkook had been born. Jimin had to agree that the actions of the council were really suspicious from an outsider’s point of view, especially when Namjoon had mentioned that he though the council doctors had been delaying Hoseok prompt treatment in order to study his withdrawal symptoms.

“Here it is.” Jimin pulls out the second play pen that had originally been a gift from Jimin’s parents, setting it up and depositing Taegi into it as Taehyung finally gets Taejoon settled down enough to play quietly in the pen.

Jimin’s phone vibrates, startling the Omega as he pulls the curtains across the windows to block any possible intruders from looking into the house and seeing them.

“Oh Yoongi.” Taehyung’s answered the phone, something they all do frequently whenever they see it’s one of the others in their little pack. “Yeah, we’re in the safe room in the basement with the twins and Jimin.” The Beta had been called into work early that day for a meeting, something about how the station was concerned when Yoongi had shown up in a sling with stitches.

“No, Hoseok didn’t shift, but he was growling pretty fiercely when he and Namjoon escorted me over to the house.” Taehyung replies to Yoongi’s question and Jimin swallows, a bad feeling springing up in the pit of his stomach.

Jimin looks around the room as Taehyung continues to talk quietly to his mate, wondering if they really have everything settled for the room as Taehyung hangs up the phone and turns to Jimin. “Yoongi says hi and that should anything happen, he’s on his way back from the station and will be joining Jungkook, Jin and their pup to help keep them safe until Namjoon gives the all clear to come back to the house.” Taehyung tells him in hushed tones.

They’re being overly cautious, speaking low and as quiet as they can, keeping the pups quiet until they nod off for a nap when Jimin hears something hit hard against the side of the house, not far from where one of the windows is situated with muted sunlight filtering through the heavy curtain.

Taehyung freezes in the act of making a couple of bottles as the faint sounds of snarling echo through the window, and the two Omegas look over at each other before creeping as quietly as they can to the playpen where the two pups are still asleep. They don’t have to exchange words to know each other’s thoughts that they have to keep the pups quiet at all costs so the intruding wolves don’t think there is someone in the house.

The faint sounds of whatever is going on outside the house fade, but Jimin doesn’t think they can relax just yet even though Taehyung lets out a sigh, his body relaxing only to tense up again as they hear something distantly smashing above them, like wood splintering.

It feels like it’s been hours since they locked themselves down in the basement, and Jimin situates himself in front of Taehyung whose eyes are widening as they hear the snarling getting closer as the intruding wolf or wolves track their fading scents down the stairs.

Taejoon stirs when the wolf on the other side of the reinforced door bangs on it in frustration, snarls echoing through the door as the wolf tries to break through it and failing, causing the pup to whine as the scent of a feral unmated wolf seeps through the seams of the doorway.

“Shit, Tae.” Jimin hisses at Taehyung as the wolf on the other side of the door renews his efforts to get through as the whines of the pup increase. “Give him something to calm him down.”

The snarls grow more frustrated, the banging on the door growing weaker as the wolf on the other side of the door realizes that he isn’t going to be getting through the reinforcement, and Jimin’s thankful that they’d gotten that installed before anything had happened.

But the one thing they hadn’t done, was reinforce or protect the windows in the basement room, and the sound of breaking glass alerts Jimin to the fact that someone’s just busted out one of the windows, causing Taejoon to whine further in distress as Taehyung squeaks in surprise at the intrusion.

“You protect your pups, I will protect you.” Jimin says before he changes over to his wolf form, his clothes shredding as he snarls at the wolf who is now crawling through the broken window in wolf form.

Taehyung scoops up both of the pups, finding the one corner of the room that doesn’t have a window near it and huddles down in the shadows there as Jimin snarls at the intruding wolf whose sniffing the air.

The wolf snaps his jaws at Jimin, and the Omega snaps back, determined not to let anything happen to his friend and the pups. He doesn’t want Taehyung, Yoongi or Namjoon to go through the heartbreak he and Hoseok have suffered.

Jimin can’t scent the other wolf, so he’s got to rely on reading the moves of the other wolf in order to protect the others.

Jimin may not be a Beta or an Alpha, but he’d learned a thing or two about protecting himself from his childhood friends, so when the wolf tries to feint to the left to get past him, Jimin stands his ground, refusing to take the bait and growls lowly at the intruding wolf.

Taehyung watches on, his senses on high alert as Jimin and the intruding wolf snap and snarl at each other, hushing Taejoon as the older pup continues to whine.

They both are concentrated on the wolf already on the floor that neither one of them notice that another wolf has stuck its head into the broken basement window until the same scent that had been seeping through the reinforced door blows into the basement on a short lived breeze and Taehyung stiffens.

Chapter Text

Jungkook turns onto the main road leading to the clinic as Jin relaxes in the passenger seat. Their pup is contentedly sucking on the edge of the blanket that covers his legs in the dual pup/infant carrier, and Jin is grateful for the quiet inside the car as Jungkook focuses on driving.

It’s not a long drive to the clinic, but Jin feels Jungkook tensing the closer they get, though the older Omega thinks it may be from the things they are seeing as they drive into the small neighborhood on the edge of the city, from some houses that have been obviously abandoned, the front doors left wide open, litter strewn across the lawns, to some houses with red spray paint coating the front door in a bold X pattern.

“I’m not liking how things are looking.” Jin whispers finally as they pass the fifth house that’s been abandoned near the clinic.

The parking lot of the clinic was a stark contrast to the desolation that they’d seen on the drive in, and the mates look at each other. “If anything out of the ordinary happens while we are in there, you grab Jinkook and get the hell out.” Jungkook tells his older mate, his concern lacing his voice and Jin could see a little bit of Jungkook’s wolf bleeding through the irises of his eyes.

Jin nods. “Got it. What is the signal for me to grab Jinkook?” He asks, knowing that the better prepared they are for anything, their survival chances increase by a lot.

“I’ll growl I guess.” Jungkook says, uncertain.

The silence outside the car makes Jin even more nervous than he was in the car, and even Jinkook is quiet as they head into the clinic.

Inside is a different story completely than outside, with some pups running around in their wolven form while older ones are quietly sitting next to their parents.

The front desk reception seems normal, but Jungkook senses an underlying tension there that he thinks most others wouldn’t pick up with how subtle it is.

In fact, the tension doesn’t waver the entire time they are there, though the amount of other parents at the clinic decreases slowly as they wait. By the time they get back to see the doctor, the nurse is apologizing for their longer than normal wait. “We had a few of our staff leave due to the purging.” She admits in a hushed whisper.

Jin gets the feeling that there is more to the story than the nurse is willing to say in such a public setting. The visit seems to go just fine, however, and Jin almost sighs a breath of relief at the end of the appointment when the doctor smiles at them, telling them that Jinkook has been progressing exactly as they expected for a month old though they want to keep an eye on the pup and that they need to come back in a month.

They sign out, making the required appointment at the desk and are in the car before either of them relax and Jin lets out a large sigh of relief. “That definitely went better than I was expecting.” He admits as Jungkook starts the car.

The drive home is quiet, and neither one of them think to check their phones on the drive back until Jungkook smells rogue wolves, and the faint scent of Namjoon’s blood as they turn onto the road that leads to home. “Check the phone.” Jungkook orders as he stops the car, his irises bleeding red and gold as his wolf comes closer to the surface.

“Shit.” Jin groans. “Rogue wolves attacked.” He says as he checks Jungkook’s phone.

“Who sent the message?”

“Looks like Namjoon did.” Jin tells his mate, frowning. “He hasn’t sent anything else, and no other messages to you from the others.” He switches phones and stares at his own.

“I’ll try calling Namjoon, you try calling Jimin.” They both know Taehyung’s cell phone is mostly likely dead as the Omega tends to forget about the device more often than not.

Namjoon doesn’t pick up his phone, and Jimin’s goes straight to voicemail. The mates look at each other and Jungkook grips the wheel tightly. “Ok, here’s the plan. I’m going to shit and go check out everything. You stay here with Jinkook. Once I know things are safe, I’ll call you from the house, ok?”

Jin nods. “Got it.” He says as Jungkook shuts the car off to save on gas, removing his shoes.

“If you don’t hear from me in say, 3 or 4 hours, I want you to drive away from here. There is an envelope in the glovebox that has our emergency cash and some prepaid cards. Go to Jimin’s parents down in Busan and wait for me.”

Jin makes a noise of agreement. Jimin’s parents were already in the plan, the younger Omega having called them about possibly going to visit sometime soon, they’d claimed Yoongi had to ask to get off of work as an excuse of why they didn’t have a set date. During the planning of their safety, Jin had sometimes wondered if Namjoon and Jungkook were being overly paranoid about the rogue wolves, but now with the threat looming over them, Jin’s glad they took extra precautions.

Before Jungkook finishes stripping, he goes into the back, giving Jinkook a kiss as an anguished howl rings out in the clearing between the car and the tree line, causing Jungkook to hurry. Jin watches with hardened eyes as his mate shifts, bounding off towards the area where the howl was, and waiting until Jungkook’s tail disappears in the forested area before making sure all the doors are locked and Jinkook is quiet in his carrier.

The silence is deafening and Jin startles when the familiar ringtone he’s set for Jimin blares in the passenger seat. Frowning, the Omega picks up the phone quickly in case any rogue wolves are watching the car, and answers it. “Jimin? What’s going on?”

“Hyung.” Jimin’s tone is quiet. “We…we got attacked by rogues.” He says into the phone.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?” The quiet tone in Jimin’s voice has Jin and his wolf both on edge even more so than Jungkook fighting. “What happened?”

A sob tears through the receiver of the phone, and Jin’s heart sinks. “Hyung.” The younger Omega sobs. “They….they got one of the twins.”


Yoongi growls as the ring of wolves surround the radio station he’s been working at for years after graduating from school. He’d gotten the call from Namjoon that there were rogue wolves on their new territory, and he’d called Jimin’s phone when Namjoon had cut off, only to learn that Namjoon and Hoseok had gone out to ward them off from the twins.

Yoongi didn’t even get a chance to ask about Jungkook or Jin, and their pup when Taehyung’s call dropped. His Omega mate had a bad habit of forgetting to charge his cell phone more often than not, and unless Namjoon or Yoongi plugged it in, Taehyung would go for days without realizing his cell was dead until he’d go to use it but he’d called Jimin’s phone, so the cut off of the call worried him.

There have been rumors that certain areas of the city were being systematically surrounded, each house searched and some wolves would be taken from their homes, never to be heard from or seen again.

Yoongi knows this, because of the neighborhood that is close to their home territory had been ransacked the week before and suddenly, it clicks in his head, his wolf vibrating in suppressed anger.

“Get the fuck out of my way.” Yoongi’s anger is growing the longer he’s made to wait while the group of wolves snarl at him.

His coworkers and boss are all cowered in the building, even the smart ass Alpha that would always refuse Yoongi time off for his family even though the male knows Yoongi’s situation is much different than anyone else’s in the company.

One of the rogues takes a step forward towards Yoongi, making him snarl at the male. “Min Yoongi, you are ordered by the Head Alpha to come with us.” The rogue says, trying to act confident.

If Yoongi could scent the bastard, he’s sure the male who’d spoken was a Beta by how unremarkable he looks. “Who the fuck are you?” Yoongi spits out, his jaw tensing as his fists tighten.

“We’re the new enforcement squad for the Head Alpha.” The male smiles, his tone unaffected by Yoongi’s anger. “We need you to come with us, Min Yoongi. We’d like to do this peacefully, if you will cooperate.” He says.

Yoongi snorts. “If you wanted this to be a peaceful capture, you shouldn’t have brought your squad.” He growls. His wolf’s anger is starting to rise, and he’s sure the red is bleeding into his eyes slowly.

“Our Head Alpha just wants to ask you some question about you and your pack.” The male says, stepping forward again, as if he’s going to walk calmly up to the Beta to take him into custody.

Yoongi freezes. So the new Head Alpha and his group of cronies were the rogue pack that was waging war on the council. The systematic searches make more sense as he stares down the leader of the 15 or so wolves that surround the station. They’ve been assigned to look for him and his friends, and Yoongi’s wolf has a sudden hunch that they’re more likely looking for Hoseok since they’re the pack that the female Alpha was from.

Feeling his phone vibrating in his left pocket, Yoongi frowns. “You can tell your Head Alpha that I am not the type to give up information about my friends, especially to those who want to do them or myself any harm.”

One of the other wolves who’d hung back behind the circle suddenly places a hand on the leader of the group, leaning in to whisper something and Yoongi can tell that something had happened as the leader frowned, taking a step back, turning and talking to the other wolf in hushed whispers for a few moments before he turns back to Yoongi, a scowl on his face. “You got lucky, wolf.” The male growls as he signals something to the others that have circled around, and they take steps back before turning and walking away slowly in the direction of the parking lot.

Yoongi breathes a sigh of relief, turning toward the front door of the station. Whatever is happening at home, it’s more important than going back inside to his job, where he’s sure he’ll be getting fired anyway, so he waves casually at the door, knowing that someone has seen him. He’s feeling a little bittersweet about leaving a job he’s enjoyed, even if the hours were shit.

He makes it onto the road quickly from the station, taking a few extra turns to see if anyone is following him (they’re not, which he finds odd), and he takes a moment to pull his cell out and see that both Namjoon and Taehyung have called, not once, but several times.

“Joonie?” Yoongi asks as soon as he hears someone pick up the phone, but before the speaker can even identify themselves to the Beta, he hears a loud sob in the background, and he nearly runs into the car in front of him as a spike of fear implants itself into his heart, and he breaks out into a cold sweat.

“Hyung.” A sob tears through the receiver just as Yoongi takes the phone from his ear to see if the call was still connected and Yoongi swears his heart clenches. He’s never heard Namjoon so broken sounding, even when he was disowned by his parental pack for having 2 mates. “Are….are you coming home?” The voice belonging to his Alpha mate makes the wolf in Yoongi cry.

“Joonie, what’s wrong? I’m on my way home. Is someone hurt?” Yoongi asks as he clenches the steering wheel and speeds up down the road. “I called earlier, Taehyung said there were rogues on our territory that you’d gone out to fight them…”

He’s cut off when Namjoon lets out a shuddering sob. “Get home.” The Alpha sounds a bit calmer, and Yoongi wonders if Namjoon’s wolf is trying to soothe the human side to his mate. “I….we don’t want you to have an accident. Please be safe.”

Yoongi inhales a shaky breath. “Joonie…” He breathes out, worry lacing his voice and he steps on the gas harder, swerving around the car in front of him recklessly.

The call ends as Yoongi hears Jin’s worried voice sound in the background and Yoongi tosses the phone to the passenger seat, both hands now firmly on the wheel as he looks into the rearview mirror for any possible pursuers again before he floors the gas.

Chapter Text

The door to the car slams shut, and Yoongi can smell several things at once.

The stench of someone’s blood nearby makes Yoongi tense and he growls as his wolf comes close to the surface, but stops himself from transforming when he scents sorrow and pain on the slight wind blowing from across the street.

He also scents the sweetly sour smell of bodies starting to decay as he turns and stares at the house where Jin and the others live.

He doesn’t miss the light trail of blood that ends at the front door of the other house, and Yoongi has to force himself to start moving. His wolf starts whining the closer he gets to the house, and Yoongi feels a sharp pang of sorrow bloom in his chest.

“HYUNG!” A wail from the open front door of the house.

Yoongi shudders, hearing the open sorrow in Taehyung’s voice as he gets closer to the house, and the scent of blood familiar to him hangs in the air. Unconsciously Yoongi’s hand comes up to grip his shirt over his heart, and he starts whimpering softly.

His steps get slower and heavier as he gets closer to the house, and while Yoongi knows that the sorrow scent he’s smelling are coming from both of his mates, his mind doesn’t want to acknowledge what his heart and wolf already know judging from the familiar scent of blood.

Before he can call out and let the others know he’s home in one piece, a body barrels into his slight frame, and Yoongi’s knocked back as Taehyung grips onto his shirt tightly, a loud sob tearing from the Omega’s throat.

“Hyung.” The male weeps, burying his face into Yoongi’s chest as the Beta’s arms automatically wrap around his Omega mate. “I’m sorry, I’m so SO sorry.” Taehyung hiccups, his hands tightening in Yoongi’s shirt. “I tried....we were safe…but windows…and a second wolf…” Taehyung’s words jumble off into some mumble of incoherent until he goes limp in Yoongi’s arms and the Beta ends up lowering Taehyungs unconscious body onto the ground as the realization that something had happened to one of the pups finally hits home.

He can hear it now, the soft sobs from the open door of the house as he gathers Taehyung’s limp body in his arms and carefully makes his way inside, his heart clenching and his eyes becoming blurry as he carefully places Taehyung on Jin’s couch, the one Hoseok almost never sat on, pulling the blanket over the back and tucking it around Taehyung carefully.

Yoongi knows he has to go down and see his other mate, but the human side of him wants to stay with Taehyung and not acknowledge the reality that one or both of the pups is either gone, or dead. He takes a second to sweep a thumb across Taehyung’s cheeks, the tears still leaking out of his closed eyes, and Yoongi chokes back a bubble of sadness at how distraught Taehyung and his wolf must be if the Omega is still crying while unconscious.

‘Ok, Yoongi, one foot in front of the other.’ He can feel his wolf guiding him subtly and Yoongi is grateful for the warm strength from his animal half. He half stumbles, half crawls down the stairs, which have droplets of dried blood on them, noting the wood around the reinforced door with deep claw marks, the scent of pain stronger from Namjoon as the Alpha openly weeps.

His eyes blur, and Yoongi barely feels the wetness accumulate on his cheeks as he reaches the bottom of the steps, and nearly buckles at the sight laid out before him in the basement room.

Namjoon is holding a limp form in his arms, his back curved as if he wants to curl over the small body protectively while Jin is leaning over the pup, gloved hands stained with blood.

“Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin’s sad voice catches Yoongi off guard.

Yoongi feels more than sees as he stumbles into the room, and his knees give out, crashing down onto the padded concrete as tears stream steadily down his face, dripping off his chin into the blood soaked carpet. The familiar green shirt that his son had insisted on wearing that morning is torn, covered in blood.

“Taegi.” He sobs, reaching out one hand towards Namjoon and his child.

Namjoon seems to register his presence just then, looking up as he inhales a hiccupping breath. “Hyung.” The Alpha crumples a bit at his Beta mate, and the small body in his arms jerks suddenly and whines as Jin does something that Yoongi can’t see.

“What….what happened?” Yoongi can’t recognize his own voice, his hand reaching out towards his son as Jin barely glances at him.

“They…..” Namjoon stops, shakes his head and Yoongi feels his heart drop. His Alpha mate doesn’t say anything more and Yoongi turns as Hoseok comes over to him, Jinkook cradled in his arms, the pup looking peaceful as he sleeps.

“If it hadn’t been for Jimin, Taegi would have been killed by a rogue wolf.” He tells Yoongi, his voice hushed. “Jimin said that Taehyung was amazing even though he’s got no real fighting skills and managed to fend off one of the rogues who broke in through the basement window.”

Yoongi looks at where Hoseok’s pointing, awed that the other Beta is finally starting to act like himself near fully again, and then blanches as he sees the blood stained shards of glass littering the floor.

And Jimin, who’s slouched against the wall, his knees pulled up against his chest as his shoulders shake in silent sobs.


Once Jin takes care of Taegi, Namjoon lets Yoongi take his son from his arms, but the Alpha doesn’t move from his spot.

“We can move the playpen upstairs and lay Taegi down in it with pillows and a sheet.” Jin says as Yoongi stands.

“Let me take him. We’ll be upstairs watching over Taehyung.” Jungkook’s somber voice echoes in Yoongi’s ear, and he lets the young Alpha take his son, though his heart clenches when the weight of Taegi leaves his arms.

“Namjoon.” Yoongi crouches down, worry etched on his face as he sees the scratches on the Alpha’s face from the rogues. “Joonie.” He croons, trying to get his Alpha mate to look at him. “Look at me, please.”

Namjoon lets out a breath, hiccupping. “They….they took Taejoon from Taehyung when they attacked the Omegas.” He chokes out. “My…my son is gone.”

Fear and grief flood Yoongi until his wolf whines, and he quickly kneels in front of his mate, ignoring the blood that is coagulating on the floor from his son, and pulls Namjoon into his arms.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

They were supposed to be SAFE.

But no one had thought to reinforce and scent barrier the windows to the basement, believing that Namjoon and Jungkook would be able to fend off whomever showed up on their territory.

Yoongi finds out later that Jimin had successfully killed one of the rogue wolves who’d broken into the house, but had been knocked around by the rogue wolf enough that by the time he’d recovered enough to help Taehyung defend the pups, the other rogue wolf had slashed Taegi across the chest, a move usually intended to kill since it aimed for the soft flesh of the abdomen, and had snatched Taejoon, kicking Taehyung in the stomach as the Omega cried out, seeing one of his pups injured.

Jimin hadn’t had the chance to intercept the other wolf as it clamped its muzzle around the back of Taejoon’s neck, causing the pup to freeze mid-yelp and bound over to the window and leapt out of it nimbly, is if it had done the same move a thousand times before.

Namjoon seems to brighten up a little when Taegi wakes up a few hours later in his human form, but they can all feel the Alpha still is coming to terms with his son being kidnapped as Yoongi informs them of what had happened at the radio station earlier that day.

“I think they were looking for Hoseok.” Yoongi finishes, looking over at the other Beta, who is holding Jimin in his lap, the Omega still upset over not being able to protect the pups, though his tears stopped not long after Taegi had been moved upstairs.

Taehyung’s up, but uncharacteristically quiet, his face drawn down in a frown, cuddled into Yoongi’s side while Namjoon is pacing up and down behind the couch.

The breeze from outside reminds them all that there are a couple of dead bodies still waiting to be burned, the front door of the house had been ripped off its hinges by the dead wolf who’d tried to get into the basement.

Jungkook stretches, looking at everyone as Jin hovers protectively around Taegi and Jinkook. “The pups are our priority right now.” He says firmly. “I think we should send them down to Jimin’s parents for safekeeping.”

“No.” Taehyung’s voice is quiet but forceful. “They’ll be expecting us to do that.” Taehyung’s always been good at puzzles, figuring out things that some of them might miss while analyzing a situation.

“Why do you think that?” Jimin asks.

“Because your parents are in the council system. If what hyung is saying is true, they’re after Hoseok because of that Alpha who tried to mate with him.” Taehyung says. “They’ll have gone through all of our council records, and our public record profiles to find out every bit of information about us in order to bring one of us in, or get Hoseok.”

“What do you think we should do then?” Hoseok asks, his voice laced with worry.

“My parents.” Yoongi speaks up. He hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about his family situation, even to his mates, though Hoseok is probably the only one who really knows why Yoongi was sort of on his own from a young age.

“Where do they live?” Jin asks.

“Are you sure you want to approach them?” Hoseok asks, worry lacing his voice.

Yoongi sighs, nodding. “My parents, they weren’t very happy that I exhibited signs of being a Beta long before I matured.” He explains to the confused looks of Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and his mates.

Chapter Text

Daegu, S. Korea

A young Yoongi watches from the windows of his home as his parents bow down low to the Head Alpha of the pack, a scowl on the imposing man’s face as his parents gesture back and forth between the house and themselves.

He’s only 11, but he can tell already that he’ll be a Beta when he matures, something that the pack already has too much of, and Yoongi’s parents are worried that the Head Alpha will ask them to leave the Pack, seeing as that his older brother had also turned out to be a Beta, though his hyung was an exceptionally skilled hunter who’d proven his worth to the pack when he had matured. Yoongi’s talents don’t align with any jobs the pack has for those of the Beta ranking, even though he’s gotten high recommendations from his music teachers for music and creativity. Two things they don’t really have a big need for in the Pack, if he goes by anything his parents have said.

Yoongi watches with an increasing trepidation as his parents bow again to the Head Alpha and wait until the man has gotten into his car and left before coming back into the house. His father sighs, going to the kitchen while his mom heads straight to the phone.

Yoongi stays where he’s at, afraid to move because he can practically taste the tension in the air as he hears his mom talking on the phone, and his name is heard, and the words “move” and “Seoul”.

“Son, come here.” His mother calls for him.

When Yoongi arrives in the kitchen, his father is already 2 beers in, and his mother is starting to cook for their dinner already and Yoongi breaks out into a cold sweat. “Yes mom?” He asks, standing at the threshold.

“Your aunt wants you to come to Seoul and stay for a little bit.” His mom tells him, her voice brooking no room for argument.

Yoongi knows in that moment his parents have sold him out for their chances to stay in the pack, and he lets his shoulders drop. “Yes mom.” He says, his voice steady despite the turmoil starting in his guts.

“After dinner, I expect you to go upstairs and start packing things you need to say with her. She’s got a room already for you and you’ll be transferring into a nice school there.” His mother continues as she starts something to simmering on the stove.

Yoongi stays quiet all throughout dinner, and as his mom starts clear the table from dinner, Yoongi slips out up to his room and lets the tears fall as he starts packing a couple bags full of clothes. He doesn’t bother packing anything else, as he has a feeling his aunt will ‘insist’ that he stay with her throughout the summer and probably the last few years before he matures and is able to get a job and his own place and his parents will send his things along sooner or later in their haste to remove his existence from their home.

The next morning, his mother sighs as he brings the 2 bags full of clothes and a bag that contains his most precious items, a binder full of song lyrics he’s been working on ever since he’d learned how to write, a few books and the laptop one of his teachers had snuck to him last year when he’d shown up for the first day of middle school and was the only one in his class who hadn’t had a laptop, even though it was required for one of their new classes. Yoongi remembered giving the letter to his mother the day he’d gotten it from school, but she’d never gotten the item for him.

“Is that all you are bringing?” His father asks.

Yoongi nods, not daring to speak with the look his mother is throwing at him. They don’t speak during the 10 minute drive to the bus station, his parents not even taking the time to send him off properly once he’s gotten his one way bus ticket in hand.

The bus ride is much longer than Yoongi expects, and he realizes when the bus stops at a station, that his parents didn’t even give him money so he could get something to eat, or give him food for his trip. ‘Stupid parents.’ Yoongi mentally curses at them as he curls up miserably in his seat, feeling his stomach growl. He didn’t even get a chance to eat breakfast before they’d left, and with how fast they’d taken off once Yoongi had his ticket hadn’t given him a chance to say anything about money for food.

Even the other passengers on the bus are apathetic and stick to themselves, especially when Yoongi’s stomach growls loud enough for the people around him to hear it. He hears someone tisking in the distance, though he can almost bet they’re thinking he’s some runaway who is saving his money for important things once they hit Seoul when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time the bus stops, he gets out and takes his time at the drinking fountains in order to fill up his empty stomach, though he knows it’s a foolhardy measure as his body will start demanding food sooner or later. Yoongi can only sigh and curl up as the bus gets closer to Seoul and pray that his Aunt will be nice and feed him, though from what he remembers, his Aunt and his mother aren’t too far apart in personalities.


“You look like shit.” Is the first thing Yoongi hears when he comes out of the bus station. He’d spend several minutes inside the station, drinking from the water fountain out of necessity trying to distract himself from the hunger that gnawed at his insides.

“Hi Auntie.” Yoongi manages to smile in spite of the lightheadedness he’s starting to feel. He’s still a growing boy, future Beta or not, and he’s pretty sure that the lack of food is not good for his body.

“I can’t believe your mother dumped you on me.” His aunt huffs as she turns and starts towards the parking lot, and Yoongi has to run in order to catch up to her. “I have strict rules.” She says as they approach her car.

“You will have a curfew of no later than 5pm on a weekend, and during the school week, 9pm once night classes get out. You will not have any friends over, and I expect you to behave in school. If I get called to the principal’s office, you will be punished severely.” His aunt says as Yoongi hops into the backseat, his bags feeling heavier by the minute.

Time passes, and Yoongi’s last year of middle school changes the moment he meets Jung Hoseok, a tiny loudmouthed boy who insists that he’ll be the best Beta someday and everyone will remember his name.

He spends his free time writing lyrics and learning instruments, but no matter what he does, the interest in his music is fleeting, and though he really wants to produce music, the furthest he thinks he’ll get is a radio broadcasting degree, so it’s what he chooses when it comes time to figure out his high school study track, and lies to his aunt saying he’s going to choose something business related so he can get a job with the council. It’s not like she’ll check what he’s put down anyway, she barely cares about him other than to see his grades every report and pats him on the head when he aces everything.

He meets Kim Taehyung by accident when he gets lost on his way to a job interview, and even though he calls the place to tell them he won’t make to the interview, he thinks later on that it was a blessing in disguise as he finds out that the place ended up closing a few months later, and he’s gained a new friend who is loud and boisterous, if a bit impractical and goofy sometimes, but it brings a new dynamic into his friendship with Hoseok.

He barely even sees his aunt as time flies by, and the night before his 16th birthday is spent with Hoseok and Taehyung, the younger of the 2 finding the stash of alcohol that Hoseok’s parents kept carefully hidden, he still isn’t sure how Taehyung had known where it was, and getting intoxicated enough to pass out in Hoseok’s room, where the future Beta’s parents found them the next morning.

It’s not the first time Hoseok’s been kicked out of his parents’ house, but apparently this had been the last straw, even though Taehyung had protested and admitted he’d been the one to find the alcohol. Hoseok just packs his bags and smiles, telling Taehyung that it’s ok when the younger boy is nearly in tears.

“We’ve been preparing for this for a while now TaeTae.” Hoseok tells Taehyung as he stuffs his bookbag full of his school things while Yoongi tosses clothing out of the closet to be stuffed into a dufflebag. “I was planning on moving in with Yoongi once I matured, but this way we get to start a bit early.”

Taehyung sniffles and wipes at his eyes. “But hyung. I’m really really sorry.” He whines.

“Taehyung, this means you can sleep over more if you want, and no one can kick you out for curfew.” Yoongi says as Hoseok moves from the bookbag to the duffle bag. “You should ditch the hangers, we can always buy some from the allowance my aunt gives me.” He tells Hoseok as the younger starts to stuff clothing into the bag.

“She’s gonna give you an allowance?” Hoseok asks as he stops for a moment to look at Yoongi.

“Yeah, something about my parents being forced to send me money because she’s not gonna pay for me to live on my own now that I’m a Beta.” Yoongi shrugs. “Not like they care anyway.”

Yoongi, in preparation for his wolf awakening, has already gotten a shitty 2 room apartment above a laundromat, the only place that he could find that the landlady didn’t ask why a still unmatured wolf was looking for a room, so Hoseok moves in.

He barely thinks of his parents, though he does send them a letter stating he’s matured and is a Beta as they’d all suspected he would be, and isn’t surprised when he doesn’t get a reply or call back from them.

His aunt gives him a familiar looking thick envelope and tells him she’s moving away for her job now that he’s matured, and Yoongi find the envelope stuffed with his documents, paperwork and a few thousand won stuffed between the documents, a final parting gift he’s sure is from his parents to his 11 year old self. He remembers seeing his mom stuff the envelope into his bag, and telling him not to open it up, just to give it to his Aunt when he’d arrived at her home. Yoongi’s sure the money is actually from his dad than his mom, but he’ll probably never know.

He doesn’t mention the bank account book that had his name on it, he’s sure his aunt started it when he’d moved in with her, and the amount listed in the book isn’t a lie when he goes in to check to see if the balance is still the same on his first day off from school when Hoseok and Taehyung aren’t around. He doesn’t plan on squandering the mini-fortune before college, he can hear his aunt’s nagging voice in the back of his head about how important paying for college was, and he stuffs the book into the back of a drawer with envelope full of documents.

Yoongi, Hoseok and Taehyung continue to hang out, until Hoseok’s 16th birthday comes and he presents as a Beta as well and Taehyung’s parents don’t want their son hanging out with two matured Betas alone, so they take to meeting in public places so Taehyung’s mom is at ease with their friendship progressing.

Yoongi’s fateful meeting with Namjoon comes a little more than a month after Taehyung comes of age and presents as an Omega, and yet he still hasn’t heard anything from his parents. The week after he, Namjoon and Taehyung mated, he’d tried the phone number he remembered as a kid, leaving a voicemail on the machine that still had his mother’s simple message on it, and told his parents he’d mated with both an Alpha and an Omega, and that he was sorry they’d never meet his wonderful mates, but he was happy and he hoped they were happy with their decision and maybe someday they’d all get to meet up again.

Chapter Text

Yoongi has tears in his eyes as he tells his friends, his mates about his shitty childhood. Taehyung clings to him tightly, pressing his face into Yoongi’s side as he feels Namjoon’s hands come down on his shoulders, the move comforting Yoongi more than he’ll admit.

“Let’s do it.” Jimin says, looking up at Hoseok before looking at the others. “Let’s contact your parents and see if they’ll help.” A change in the breeze from the doorway raises goosebumps on Yoongi’s arms and the conversation dies down as a single monarch butterfly, it’s orange and black colorings standing out in stark contrast to the darkness of the living room, flutters down and lands perfectly onto Jimin’s arm, the Omega staring at it in awe as it moves and flaps it wings a bit before it suddenly moves from Jimin’s arm to the arm Hoseok has wrapped around his mate.

The silence is deafening but after a few minutes going between the mates, the butterfly lifts up like it senses something and flutters gently out the door the same way it came in and both Jimin and Hoseok let out identical sighs.

“Hold on, before we jump into things too quickly,” Namjoon’s frown breaks the spell of the butterfly and everyone looks up to the tall Alpha. “If we do get in contact with Yoongi’s parents, who’s to say they won’t rat us out to this rogue pack?”

“What do you suggest then hyung?” Taehyung asks, his voice still hoarse from crying earlier.

“I know that my parents disowned me officially when I told them about mating you two, but I still have a speaking relation with them.” Namjoon says. “They were wanting to come down to see the twins before Hoseok’s attack, and….well this’ll give us a reason to go.”

“Don’t they run the pack in Ilsan though?” Hoseok asks.

“Not since my younger sister mated with a rival’s Alpha son.” Namjoon shakes his head. “Since Father disowned me he gave up the Head Alpha title to my sister’s mate, with the promise that the first Alpha pup they have becomes the successor.”

They sit around the room a bit longer before Jin gets up. “I’m going to see what we have for leftovers and make some sort of dinner.” He says. “Can two of you take care of the rotting corpses on our front lawn before we come to a final decision?” He asks of Jungkook and Namjoon, probably the only two who are capable of doing such a task in the moment since Yoongi is cuddling Taehyung, and Hoseok won’t let Jimin out of his sight.

“Sure thing hyung.” Jungkook squeezes Jin’s arm in silent thanks as his mate moves to head into the kitchen.

Taegi is still laying in the play pen that they’d brought up from downstairs, the pup sleeping in order to heal, and Yoongi hasn’t let his son out of sight since he’d coaxed Namjoon up from the basement. There’s no use in trying to track the wolf who’d taken Taejoon, they know it was the group of rogue wolves who have been systemically scouring the neighborhoods in the city for Hoseok.

The dinner goes uneventfully, and no one wants to move from the house, even though the door is gone from the front, and the smell of blood still lingers in the air, but Jin brings out thick blankets for them all to snuggle into, and Jungkook finds the extra pillows he and Jimin had stashed away when Hoseok was still recovering in bed and they make a big pile of pillows and blankets for everyone to crowd into, keeping Taegi in the corner in the playpen, though it looks like the wound the pup had sustained is healing at a faster pace than anyone remembers a wolf healing. Jinkook is fast asleep, tucked into blankets in the playpen as well, though Jin put a pillow between them so Jinkook couldn’t accidentally hit the older pup in his sleep.


“Where the fuck is my mates son!?” Yoongi screams as he stands in the basement of one of the spare houses, his anger over Taejoon’s kidnapping overwhelming his wolf. “AHHH.” Yoongi screams, his wolf dangerously close to the surface, still angry over everything. The Beta turns, his anger white hot and he steps over to the table full of bottles and sweeps them off towards the stairs in a fit of rage, the crashing of the bottles against the concrete doing nothing for the ache that continues to roar in Yoongi’s heart.

“HYUNG!” Jungkook leaps over to Yoongi, grabbing the older wolf by his shoulder, spinning him around. “Stop this! Getting mad isn’t going to solve things!” He says even as Yoongi pushes him away.

“Yah!!” Yoongi’s too far caught up in his wolf’s rage to listen to Jungkook, the Beta bending over in his frustration.

Jungkook goes to Yoongi again, pushing himself against the Beta, grabbing Yoongi in a hug as the older wolf heaves with the efforts of his anger, and grunts as Yoongi punches him in the stomach, pushing him against one of the closed doors in the basement. “Ugh.” Jungkook groans, looking up at Yoongi. His own eyes are flickering between gold and red, his wolf angry that the Beta isn’t calming down.

“Damn it hyung, don’t make me do this.” He huffs, taking quick strides and his right fist comes up to catch Yoongi on the corner of his mouth, the Beta stumbling back from the force of the punch to the stairs. Jungkook goes over to pick Yoongi up and holds onto to him, tears streaking down his own cheeks. “Hyung, come to your senses, please!” He pleads, his wolf lacing his voice.

“Fuck you.” Yoongi spits, tossing Jungkook aside as the anger continues to rage inside the Beta, and Jungkook lands with a grunt onto the floor, the tender side where he’d been punched landing into the base of the love seat they’d shoved down the stairs for Yoongi to crash on.

The young Alpha watches in disbelief as Yoongi’s picked up a chair, tossing it in his rage against the wall shattering a mirror before he stops, back stiff as the Beta’s senses overload, and he drops, his rage given way to sorrow as Jungkook hears Yoongi start to cry.


Jungkook wakes with an audible gasp, his heart beating erratic in his chest and his body sticky with sweat. He takes a moment to gather his bearings and looks up to see Jin looking at him from his spot in their huge werewolf pile, a questioning look on his face.

“Bad dream.” Jungkook croaks out in response to his mate’s unspoken question. They’re the closest to the pups in the playpen of the pile, with Namjoon closest to the entryway of the living room next to the front door, and Jungkook swallows hard as his gaze sweeps over the others, landing on Yoongi’s peaceful face for a moment longer.

None of them had been sure that the rogues would send another scouting party towards them, not when they’d managed to kill 3 of the rogue wolves, and the remaining members had gotten a hold of Taejoon, but the idea to have someone guarding the open front of the house got nixed in favor of Namjoon sleeping closest to the door. Jungkook gives himself a small shake, getting up as Jin lays back down, heading to the kitchen for a drink of water.

An unusual sound from outside makes Jungkook freeze in the act of taking a drink, and he almost chokes on the water in his mouth as a mournful howl permeates the air. It doesn’t sound like a werewolf’s howl, and Jungkook’s heard that wild wolves still run around in the forests near the city, but this is the first time he’s heard a wild wolf since they’d moved.

The howl wakes the others, and all 3 Omegas stand in front of the playpen as Namjoon cautiously goes outside, Yoongi standing guard at the door and Hoseok behind him. Jungkook stays in the kitchen, where he can see the back yard of the house, watching for anything suspicious.

“It’s just wild wolves.” Namjoon’s voice croaks, still laced with traces of sleep. “There’s a small pack on the edge of the houses that leads into the city.”

The wolves don’t move from their spot while the group gets on with their day. Namjoon and Jungkook escort Taehyung and Yoongi over to their house to gather the things they’ll need for Taegi, and start packing up essentials for leaving and Jungkook has to distract himself when he hears Taehyung start to cry as he packs up the twin’s things.

“What do you think will happen to our pup?” Taehyung asks tearfully as Namjoon holds the blanket his son slept with.

“Worst case, he’ll be killed.” Namjoon says, his voice tight with unshed tears. “I can only hope that they’ll take him to their leader, and he’ll raise Taejoon until he matures.”

“What if they use him as bait to lure us in?” Yoongi asks from the doorway.

“As much as I know I’ll want to go save him, we can’t fall for any of their tricks.” Namjoon replies. “They’re ultimate goal is probably getting Hoseok, so that stupid bitch of an Alpha can either claim him, or kill him, and as heartbreaking as it is to lose our pup, I’d rather keep Hoseok safe than risk all our lives to save Taejoon.”

“Do you think he’ll come look for us?” Taehyung asks, his voice small.

Namjoon looks at Taehyung, his chest tight with worry. “I don’t know, but we can only hope.”


By the time they gather for lunch, most of the group has essentials packed, and Jin’s already had Jungkook pull things from the largest vehicle they have, though he thinks that it’ll be a very tight fit for the 7 adults and 2 car seats for the pups.

“So, now that we’ve had a day to calm down and think about things,” Namjoon says as they finish up lunch, “We need to make a final decision on 2 things. Where we are going, and are we going to fight back against this rogue pack?”

“Of course we’re going to fight them.” Jimin speaks up, his tone serious. “No one tries to take my mate by force and gets away with it.” He growls.

“I feel the same.” Hoseok speaks up, sounding more and more like his old self. “They killed our child all over a stupid crush.” He spits. “She should have died when they found her guilty.”

And there’s the anger phase of withdrawal.’ Namjoon thinks, as they listen to Hoseok. He’d been wondering when the Beta would actually move into the anger phase, which means his body is healing from the damage inflicted by the drug on his system.

“Wait, not to sound mean or anything, but are we sure that the rogue wolves that are taking over the city and kidnapped Taejoon are the same pack as that female?” Jin asks, his eyes wide.

“Why else would they be sending out scouting parties to find Hoseok?” Yoongi asks. “Of course it’s the same pack. Jin, you don’t know this because you’ve been big city pack your entire life, but the rural pack and smaller city packs don’t always operate the same.” He says, looking at the Omega, his tone calm and patient. “Most of the rural packs place a big emphasis on Alphas, going so far as to elevate them sometimes to a near god like status.”

“Yeah hyung, remember the reason why I left my parental pack? Power trip crazy Alpha who broke the rules and marked those he thought would be Omegas when they were born?” Jimin pipes up.

“Not to mention, the corruption that we suspected that is happening the council. Sure it may have mattered a little bit that she’s a rare female Alpha, but the laws are pretty clear, anyone caught taking another wolf’s mate is automatically sentenced to death, and the fact they kept her locked up in the isolation cells instead of executing her is a big violation of the laws the council enforces.”

“Remember when you guys got discharged from the hospital?” Namjoon asks. “I remember Yoongi hyung getting a call from a listener that the pack of that female Alpha had suddenly moved and had convinced the listener’s pack Alpha to join their cause.”

Jin’s eyes widen in recognition. “Of course.” He exclaims. “That’s the reason why you guys weren’t picking up your phones when we got discharged.”

“So, we need to decide now, where are we going to go? If we plan on fighting the rogues, and getting Taejoon back, we will also need the back up of more wolves.” Namjoon says, bringing the conversation back to the topic on hand.

“I still think we need to go

“What about the packs that asked for you when the twins were born?” Jungkook pipes up.

“Shit I didn’t think of that.” Namjoon sits back, a thoughtful look on his face. “I kept in contact with the Alpha of the pack that contacted me, so maybe I should give them a call.”

“What’s the worst that happens?” Jungkook asks. “They either got assimilated into this rogue packs cause, or they resisted or stayed out of it.”

Namjoon looks at the others and sees the resolve on their faces. “Ok. I’ll call the Alpha here in a moment, but I think we should have a backup plan just in case they fall through.”

“I still say Yoongi’s parents will be a good option.” Jimin says, looking at the Beta. “I’ve no doubt my parents or the city packs that live in Busan are compromised, and what better way to get to Hoseok than through me?” He adds.

“Oh, you’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you?” Yoongi asks, an eyebrow raised at the Omega.

“It would make sense, considering what little we know of them.” Jin agrees. “Add in the fact that Jimin’s parents know about what happened with Hoseok, they’d be willing to do whatever these sick wolves want to ensure that things go back to ‘normal’.”

“I wouldn’t put it past them to have already made contact with your parents, Jimin, probably under the gist that they found a way to help Hoseok recover his wolf nature fully.” Namjoon adds. “If my hunch about the council being compromised is right, then I wouldn’t put it past some of those idiot doctors in there to have sided or been one of the rogues and intent on fulfilling his orders, probably from that alpha.”

Yoongi sighs. “Alright. Namjoon, you call that Alpha of that pack, and I’ll call my parents. Maybe Jimin should call his, just to see what they say.” He adds almost as an afterthought. “It wouldn’t hurt to assess if they’ve already been contacted, or know about the attack here.”

He leaves it unsaid, but the fact of the council being compromised is a reality they don’t want to have happen, since the council was the one who set all the pack protocols, both in Korea, and for Korean packs spread out internationally as colony packs.

Chapter Text

Jin and Taehyung clean up after lunch, while Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin all make their phone calls.

Yoongi’s the first one to come back to the living room, a grim look on his face. “They didn’t answer, which is what I figured would happen.” He says to Hoseok, getting ready to set down when Jin comes back into the room with the first aid kit and what looks like fresh bandages.

“No answer?” Jin asks, seeing Yoongi.

The Beta shakes his head. ‘Nope. You gonna change Taegi’s bandage?” He asks.

“Yep.” Jin nods. “You can help me if you like. It’ll probably go better.”

Hoseok helps get the area ready and just as Jin pulls the old bandage off of Taegi, Jimin comes back into the room, pale and looking upset.

“What’s wrong?” Hoseok is suddenly up and embracing his mate, a move that reminds them of how Hoseok used to be before everything happened.

“I think his wolf is being really dormant, not in a coma anymore.” Jin murmurs as they watch Jimin shake his head silently as Hoseok pulls him close. “Yoongi…look at this.” Jin says in shock.

Yoongi tears his eyes away from Jimin to look down at the bare chest of his son, and gasps in surprise. “How…we don’t have…holy shit.”

“What’s wrong?” The Beta/Omega mates are there when they hear Yoongi gasp.

“He…Taegi….the wound he had was bad yesterday…today it looks like just a scratch…..” Jin trails off.

“Taehyung, get in here!” Jimin forgets about his phone call, running into the kitchen where the other Omega is doing dishes. “Tae, come quick. Something amazing happened!”

Taehyung wipes off his hands, a confused expression on his face as he follows Jimin into the living room, being tugged close by Hoseok and he gasps. “My baby.” He stares at the pink line that the day before was a mess of blood and skin and baby fat.

“Namjoon needs to see this.” Jin says, glancing up at everyone. “I think….no….this…” He pauses to take a breath. “I know Taehyung the docs said your pregnancy and being able to conceive a pup for each mate at the same time was rare…but….this….the scientists at the council speculated that we wolves would start evolving to compensate for the losses suffered during the wars, but…I…shit, that means Taejoon is more important now to get back…and….” He trails off, the weight of the pup’s enhanced healing hitting him.

“Does this mean that Jinkook is going to have something too?” Jungkook asks, having returned from doing a quick run of their territory to assure they don’t have any unwanted visitors.

“I don’t know.” Jin says, sitting back as Taegi blinks up at them.

“We need to keep this quiet for now.” Yoongi says, looking up at everyone. “Regardless of where we go, and who we encounter, none of us can say a word about Taegi’s healing unless someone sees something. I don’t want him, or Jinkook taken away under the pretense that they need to be studied like some fucking animals at the council and would defeat one of the reasons why we’re leaving.”

The others nod, knowing that Yoongi’s right just as Namjoon comes into the room, a smile on his face. “Good news!” He smiles, but falters in his next words as he sees the seriousness of their face. “What’s going on?” He asks instead, the smile turning to a frown instantly.

“Uh, it’s nothing bad hyung!” Taehyung jumps up from where he’s crouched next to Yoongi as Taegi. “It’s just that…Taegi healed faster than we expected.” He says, pulling Namjoon over.

Namjoon looks down, seeing the almost healed scar across Taegi’s chest, and blinks. “Well shit.”


Once they get over the shock of Taegi’s rapid healing, Namjoon tells them that his phone call was successful and they’re going to be heading towards Gwangju, where the pack who’d called for him had relocated after the rogue pack tried, and failed, to take over that pack not long after Namjoon had been there.

It doesn’t take much for them to pack up any remaining items they want to take, scouring the bedrooms for any forgotten items, and jamming them into the second vehicle. As it is, they don’t have quite enough room to take everything in one vehicle, and Jin makes the suggestion that they take some of their reserve cash and buy a van or something to hold everyone.

“Maybe once we’re out a bit further than the city.” Namjoon says to Jin as the others are finishing up loading. “If the rogue pack is waiting for us to make a move, that would be the first one, especially since we are fleeing the city to protect Hoseok instead of going after Taejoon.” He adds.

“I don’t think the alpha or whomever is running this rogue pack is very smart.” Yoongi throws in as he adjusts the snapback he’s wearing over his colored hair. “But on that note, they may have pictures of what we currently look like, so I’m proposing the first place we spend the night in, we get some boxed dye and go to town on our hair.”

And that’s how they ended up in some town past Yongin, in a small 2 bed motel that night with 7 boxes of hair dye in various colors. Taehyung and Jimin giggling over how Namjoon’s dye job ended up being a failure and his hair is some screwed up hue of green, Yoongi’s hair had taken on a funky grey coloring that he’s never done before. Jin had opted to try the blonde coloring, which made him look like a completely different person, though Jungkook had to take him outside the bathroom and kiss his mate breathless with the change while Jimin and Taehyung worked on Hoseok’s hair.

Jungkook and Hoseok had both opted for the two shades of brunette brown, until Hoseok suddenly grabbed the left over dye from Jin’s hair, and threw some odd blonde streaks on the front, making him look more foreign like. Jimin had taken the bluish black coloring, which left Taehyung with the red coloring that made him look younger than he already was.

The two pups had fallen asleep sometime between Namjoon’s hair, and Jin’s, and didn’t stir when they’d taken turns showering after the dye jobs, packing up the few belongings they’d taken out and left the motel to continue traveling. The less time they spent in one place while they traveled, the less chances of being spotted and potentially recognized, so by the time they’d stopped in Jeonju to exchange both vehicles for a passenger van, Namjoon’s pretty sure that whomever might be trying to tail them is having a harder time of it.

It would be hard for anyone in the council to trace them though, seeing as Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jungkook had ditched their council phones with the territory they’d left behind.

They spend the night in a motel off the beaten path, and Namjoon makes a call to inform the alpha of the Pack they’ll be staying with to tell him they’re almost there when Hoseok suddenly, and unexpectedly shifts while taking clothes out of his bag.

“Holy shit!” Yoongi exclaims, the snack he’d been munching on falling out of his mouth.

“Jimin!” Jin’s at the door of the bathroom, where Jimin’s taking a shower, knocking as Hoseok’s wolf form sniffs the air, growls and suddenly is cornering Jin.

“Down pup.” Namjoon lets his alpha voice through, and it seems to register in Hoseok’s mind that Jin isn’t trying to harm his mate, as he stops growling and sits back, whining in apology to Jin.

“It’s ok Hoseok.” Jin smiles shakily, reaching out to let Hoseok lick his hand.

Taegi seems to find Hoseok fascinating as the pup pops into his wolf form, barking at Hoseok to get his attention, but the older werewolf simply ignores the pup, instead focusing on the bathroom door.

Jimin opens the bathroom door a moment later, his hair covered by a towel as he steps out, and bumps into his mate, whose tail is wagging suddenly as Hoseok stands up to whine at him.

“What’s going on….oh holy shit.” Jimin gasps, seeing Hoseok. He leans down, and Hoseok rears up on his hind legs to lick at Jimin all over his face. “I can’t believe you shifted.” He says and they all can smell the tears that Hoseok is licking off of Jimin’s face.

Hoseok stays in his wolf form as the others sleep, with Namjoon and Jungkook taking turns to stand watch for any possible threats.

The pack Alpha is nice, welcoming them all the next day with open arms, explaining that he’s not going to force them to join his pack and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring down the rogue pack.

The Alpha goes by the name Ravi, and Namjoon explains that he, Ravi and Yoongi were all in the same classes in high school, and has only recently become the pack Alpha of the territory.

Jin and Taehyung are surrounded by younger Omegas who coo and fawn over Taegi and Jinkook. Jimin and Hoseok find themselves being lead towards a medical looking building, as the Beta who leads them explains that the pack Alpha had asked Namjoon to allow their pack doctors to look at Hoseok and Jimin both to see if anything has changed.

Jungkook sticks with Namjoon and Yoongi, and the trio follow the pack Alpha to his office to talk specifics.

It’s not until later that night when they meet up in their new home that Hoseok shifts back from his wolf form.

“How do you feel?” Namjoon asks as they sit in the living room, the house had been specially built for them with 4 bedrooms, a nursery, a reinforced basement with a heat room, and both the kitchen and living room large enough to hold them comfortably.

“Like I got run over by a truck.” Hoseok groans, burying his face into Jimin’s chest. “But in a good way.” He admits.

Chapter Text

3 months later

Jimin’s working in the pack nursery with Jin when the first wave of his heat unexpectedly hits him, causing the Omega to groan.

“What’s wrong, uncle?” A petite girl with pigtails asks, tugging on Jimin’s shirt as his knees buckle and he drops to the floor.

“Uncle doesn’t feel good.” Jimin says, burying his head into his hands. He hasn’t had a heat since that one in their old territory, the one that told him his bond with Hoseok was still there. “Can you go get Uncle Jin for me?”

The girl nods, running off towards the baby room of the nursery where Jin is working with another member of the pack they’re staying with.

Jin comes back as Jimin bits back a moan when he shifts his legs. “Jimin! Are you ok? Little Dasom said you fell down and don’t feel well.”

“My heat.” Jimin whimpers, leaning into Jin’s hand as the older Omega’s touches his forehead. “I’m in heat.”

Jin’s eyes widen, and he lets out a breath. “Ok. So I’ll go tell Hongbin to let Hoseok know to meet you at the house and then I’ll tell Bora I’m taking you home.”

Bora is the other Omega assigned to the nursery and Hongbin is the Beta who oversees the Beta training camp they’ve set up with some of the other Packs in the area who have heard what had happened in the city.

Jimin can only nod in reply, as Jin runs over to the walkie talkie that the pack uses to communicate to the training groups, changing it to the appropriate channel and speaking quickly into it. Something about this heat is different than his past ones, and he thinks maybe it’s because it’s not been a full 6 months since his last heat, or the fact that he didn’t have any warning signs again.

Cool hands on his forehead, and Jimin can hear Jin telling Bora that Jimin’s heats have been irregular since the incident in the city. They haven’t told the rest of the pack details about what happened, only that Jimin and Hoseok had nearly had their bond torn apart by a selfish Alpha, and Jimin had miscarried as a result. Most of the pack thought the Alpha had tried to take Jimin away from Hoseok, and none of them bothered to correct the misconception.

Jimin can feel the wetness seeping through his boxers, and he whimpers as another wave of arousal hits him hard enough that he breaks into a sweat.

“Come on Jimin.” Jin’s wrapping a cool hand around his arm, and Bora even helps Jin haul Jimin to his feet. He leans heavily onto Jin as the older Omega starts to lead him out of the nursery.

The walk home isn’t horrible, and the cool breeze seems to wake Jimin up from his heat a little so he can walk more on his own than relying on Jin.

He can smell the scent of his mate well before they hit the porch of the house, and Jimin nearly keens in delight at how strong his mates scent is. Going rogue was probably one of the best decisions they’d ever made, as Hoseok has bounced back much faster than expected and is nearly fully recovered from the withdrawal effects of the drug. The Beta has been enjoying being able to shift to his wolf form ever since they’d arrived at their new home.

Jin’s barely got him in the door before Hoseok is there, leading Jimin to the basement room, calling out a thanks to Jin for bringing Jimin home.

Jimin’s heat is relentless, and it takes nearly 2 weeks for it to break, probably the longest anyone remembers an Omega’s heat lasting.

When the mates emerge from the heat room, Taegi toddles up to Jimin, touching his flat stomach. “Mine.” He says, causing everyone to stop in their tracks.

“Taegi, what do you mean?” Taehyung asks his son, looking flustered.

“Baby inside.” Taegi had been starting to talk when they’d left the territory, and the 3 months around several other pups his age had helped foster his want to communicate like his dada, papa and appa do. “Baby mine.”

Jimin shakes his head. “Taegi, Uncle doesn’t have a baby inside.” He doesn’t feel any different other than being sore and tired.

Taegi shrugs, and toddles off back towards Taehyung, whose watching his son with a thoughtful look on his face.

The pup starts a ritual every morning that he sees Jimin, reaching up to pat against Jimin’s flat stomach, repeating his words and then toddling away as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened.


“Congratulations!” The doctor in the healer’s clinic smiles as she steps back from the table.

Jimin bursts into tears as the doctor tells him and Hoseok that the achy feeling he’s been having since his heat is a positive sign of pregnancy.

Hoseok has tears in his eyes as he listens to her explaining that Jimin needs special care, and that she wants to see him in the clinic every other week because of his previous miscarriage.

He’s only a month and a half along, but after his tears subside, and Jimin thanks the doctor, they head to the house. Taegi is certainly a special pup, and Hoseok swears that the next market day they have, he’ll buy the pup the best piece of meat.

They manage to keep the news to themselves until dinner time, when Jimin slides a piece of chocolate to the pup from his own secret stash. “Taegi, uncle wants to apologize.” He says as the pup looks from the sweet up to Jimin’s face. “You were right when you said there was a baby inside Uncle.”

Taegi grins, but looks over at Taehyung. “Appa, I have?”

Taehyung nods, his mouth hanging open. Yoongi’s face is full of shock, and Namjoon’s has a hint of sadness in it. “Oh my god. He has more than one special ability.” Yoongi whispers as they watch the pup devour the small square treat.

“Taegi, you can not tell anyone about this, ok?” Namjoon says. “Bad people will try to take you away from appa, papa and dada.”

“Like brother?” Taegi asks, blinking innocently up at Namjoon.

Taehyung makes a suspicious noise, but everyone refrains from looking at the Omega, who is still upset about the kidnapping nearly 5 months ago. Namjoon squeezes Taehyung’s hand under the table, feeling Yoongi doing the same on the other side. “Sort of.” Namjoon refuses to lie to Taegi.

The answer seems to satisfy the pup’s curiosity for the moment, but they all know that he’ll ask questions again.

They don’t even celebrate when Taegi’s 2nd birthday comes, though Taehyung goes into heat a week afterwards. It only takes a few days for his heat cycle to break, and Jin wonders if the loss of Taejoon is depressing the Omega more than he lets on, as Taehyung confirms a few weeks later that he isn’t pregnant.

Jimin’s 5 months along when Ravi comes by to congratulate him and Hoseok on the pregnancy and tells them all that he’s gotten some news from the spies he’s sent up north to the council.

 “I’ve sent my cousin Sanghyuk up north with some of the other pack members who wanted to become council members.” Ravi tells them. “He goes by Hyuk up there, and sent me a message this morning.”

“What about?” They’ve heard nothing from the city, and it seems the council’s acting like everything is normal on the outside.

“Hyuk says that about 3 months ago, a small pup came into the main compound, supposedly as the child of the Alpha who took over the city right before you guys left.” Ravi says. “He was concerned because he recognized Namjoon’s features in the pup and found out through subtle questioning that it’s Taejoon.”

Namjoon’s eyes widen as his hands clench into fists. “Is he ok?”

Ravi holds up a hand. “That’s not the most important part.” He says. “Remember that highly volatile alpha who tried to claim Taehyung when we were in high school?”

Yoongi snorts. “Of course not. Who could forget that crazy fucker.”

“Kai announced himself as the new Alpha of the city.” Ravi says somberly.  

“And he’s passing off my son as his own?!?” Taehyung shouts, anger boiling to the surface suddenly. “Is he mental or something?”

Ravi holds up a hand for Taehyung to calm down. The Omega does so, but only after Namjoon and Yoongi both coax him down with promises of giving Kai hell when they are ready to go after him. “Kai issued a notice saying that you, Taehyung, are actually his mated Omega, and that the rest of you, especially Namjoon and Yoongi, have kidnapped Taehyung and his other son and fled with him to Busan.”

“Shit.” Jimin swears. “They went after my parents, didn’t they?”

Ravi nods. “They also took Yoongi’s parents in for questioning. Hyuk was one of the Betas sent out to collect Jimin’s parents, and well, some of the rogue pack’s wolves are loose with their tongues.”

Yoongi snorts. “They ain’t gonna get nothing from my parents. We haven’t spoken since I was kicked out from my parent pack.”

Ravi’s eyes widen, but he takes the news in stride. “The good news is, most of the council who aren’t being corrupted by the rogue pack and the new city Alpha, are suspicious, and a good many of them also told Hyuk that they recognize Taejoon from the pictures in Namjoon’s file.” He leans forward. “They also spoke of concerns about the new experiments going on in the medical clinic.”

“New experiments?” Jin asks, his voice filled with concern.

“Hyuk said in his message that the doctors were told by some higher ups that they had a new drug that they could use on some of the criminals they were holding. Unfortunately he couldn’t find out what exactly they are doing, but suggested I send up someone from the medical clinic.” Ravi tells them.

“They’re testing the drug that bitch used on me and probably the one that made her into an Alpha.” Hoseok theorized. “That’s why she never got executed after she tried to claim me. Kai, the sly bastard wolf, knows that they’ll need someone to be the lead example of how well their other drug works in order to get the city’s populace to let them inject it into their children. He’s gonna use the unspoken ideal that most parents want their pups to mature into Alphas as leverage to get himself his own Alpha army.”

“Then we need to smuggle Taejoon out of there quickly before they do anything to him.” Ravi says, eyes flashing a gold/red mixture for a moment as the pack Alpha struggles to internalize his anger.

“There is something else you should know Wonsik.” Namjoon says, looking over at his mates. “The twins….they….they’re different than the rest of us.”

“Well, yeah, they have you for a dad for one.” Ravi jokes. He knows Namjoon only uses real names when he’s serious about something, a trait they’d discovered back in their last year of high school after Namjoon had mated with Yoongi and Taehyung. The laughter dies down and Ravi fixes his gaze on Namjoon. “What is different about them?” He asks, his voice calm.

“Taegi was attacked by one of the rogues who took Taejoon that night.” Namjoon says, his voice quivering slightly at the memory. “He’d had his chest ripped open like it was rice paper and if it hadn’t been for Jin, the pup wouldn’t be alive.”

“He…his healing ability is much faster than ours.” Yoongi says when it’s clear that Namjoon’s not going to be able to finish, being reminded too much of that day. “Taegi was nearly fully healed the next morning.”

They’d decided earlier after Jimin’s checkup at the medical clinic, to tell Ravi the truth about Taegi, though only about the healing, not about the fact the pup could sense that Jimin had been pregnant well before it had been confirmed.

Ravi exhales. “Well shit. I can tell Hyuk to extract Taejoon. My bet is, he’s going to try to use the pup as leverage to get Taehyung away from you two.”

“That’s going to be hard to do.” Taehyung’s voice is hard, angry and no one can blame him. “I’ve been marked on both scent glands, as are Yoongi hyung and Namjoon hyung. From what we know of the drug they used on Hoseok, and the other cases at the council before we left, I would need one scent gland to be unmarked for him to try to claim me.”

The others nod as Jin clears his throat. “It’s true. Once both scent glands are gone, there is no way for that wolf to be claimed by another, even in the event that one of the wolves who did the marking dies. The…” He stops, swallowing hard. “The council doctors experimented on the first few cases that came in, and they couldn’t find a way for a new claiming to happen.”

“What if this drug does something like that though?” Jimin asks.

“That drug does something weird to the body.” Hoseok adds. “I wouldn’t put it past this rogue pack to be using those held at the council to perfect the drug in order for this Kai to get Tae and actually claim him.”

Ravi exhales loudly. “I’m going to send Lee Jaehwan from the medical clinic up there, he volunteered himself to go as medical student, and his code name is Ken. If we make sure he looks ordinary as can be, he and Hyuk might be able to extract both the pup from the council, and maybe get some information about the drugs and the experiments they are doing.”

Namjoon nods. “That probably would be the best. I’m sorry we can’t help more.”

Ravi looks at Namjoon. “No, you all have helped tremendously by being here, giving us insight to the damage this rogue pack and Kai are doing both to the council, and the city. If things get worse, I’m afraid that we’ll be leading into another war.” He stands. “I need to get things ready to send Jaehwan up north, and send a message to Hyuk about the next step, so I will take my leave.”

They all stand, bowing to Ravi as the head Alpha makes his way to the door. The news of Taejoon potentially being in harms way, even though he’s only a 2 year old pup, scares all of them. Hoseok is still having issues related to the drug withdrawal, even though his mate bond with Jimin is still intact, the Omega’s baby bump proof that they’d been extremely lucky. What would happen if Taejoon was injected with the other drug before he’d matured? Did he have the advanced healing abilities that Taegi did, and would that affect how the drug affected his wolf?

Chapter Text

Taehyung fumes for a few days after Ravi’s visit. “Hyung, I’m sure that Ravi will inform us the moment Taejoon is safe and no one is following them.” Jimin tells him a week and a half after the head Alpha had sent off a group of people to the council under the pretense of training, though most of the group is going to spy on the rogue wolves and get information for them.

“I know that,” Taehyung retorts, a frown on his face. “It’s the normal worry of a parent. You’ll understand more when your pup is born.” He says, softening his tone when he sees Jimin flinching from his annoyance.

Jimin’s become more sensitive to emotions the further along in his pregnancy that he gets. Before they know it, Jimin’s nearing his 8th month when they hear from Ravi again about the Alpha’s attempt to infiltrate the council with his spies.

“Ken’s managed to get in close with the doctors who are performing experiments on the prisoners in the council holds.” Ravi tells them, his face solemn. “It’s as Hoseok says. They’re working on new versions of the drugs that was used on Hoseok and the worst part is, they used the data the doctors saved in his file to make better versions of the drugs.”

“What about Taejoon?” Namjoon asks, his face full of worry.

“Taejoon’s being kept safe. It seems they found out he has the same fast healing abilities as Taegi, so they are taking samples from him every once in a while to see if they can replicate the fast healing.” Ravi says, shaking his head. “Ken says they aren’t actually doing anything more than taking blood and tissue samples though. He’s one of the main wolves who is assigned to Taejoon.”

“Any way he can smuggle Taejoon out?” Yoongi asks.

“Right now, no. They have Taejoon in a high security area, but he does get to go outside to play. There is another pup there that Ken says was brought it not long after Taejoon, that they are doing other experiments on, but he doesn’t know what exactly.”

“I’m glad he’s not being used as a drug guinea pig.” Taehyung breathes, his shoulders drooping from the release of tension.

“Ken says that Hyuk has been working with some of the wolves who know the truth about Taejoon.” Ravi says. “He didn’t say it outright, but I believe they are working on a way to get the pups out of there before we go to war.”

“Has it come down to war to removing Kai from power and removing the threat of the rogue pack?” Jin asks.

Ravi nods. “There will be a southern Pack meeting soon to talk about the threats that Kai and his pack have made against the current peace that the council had enforced.” He looks at Namjoon. “I’d like it if you came, Namjoon. You are both a witness to Kai’s treachery, and the Alpha of your Pack.”

Namjoon’s eyes widen, and he looks around at the others. “Me? Pack Alpha? Are you sure?” He asks, incredulous.

Jungkook nods. “You are the stronger Alpha of the two of us, hyung.” He admits. “You have been since before we fled the city.”

Namjoon sighs. “Alright.” He tells Ravi.

“I’ll let you know when the meeting is.” Ravi says before he leaves.

Jimin comes down from where he’d been taking a nap not long after, right in the middle of a discussion between Namjoon, Jungkook and Jin as Taehyung makes lunch and Hoseok is busy watching Taegi and Jinkook. “What did I miss?” He asks, blinking sleep away and yawing as Taegi comes up to pat Jimin’s protruding belly.

“Namjoon’s our Pack Alpha.” Yoongi tells him as he sits down with a glass of juice. “Ravi came by to tell us that Taejoon is ok. They found out he can rapidly heal like Taegi.”

Jimin nods as he moves to the fridge, grabbing a container that has his name on it.

Even though this pregnancy is going much better than his first one, Jimin still feels a bit of a disconnect, something that the clinic doctor had warned him about. Even though Jimin feels excited to see his unborn pup, he can’t help but feel sad that his first pup didn’t make it.

Hoseok has been a perfect mate since his near full recovery from the assault. He even made sure to make a proper memorial ceremony for their first pup. Even now with preparations being made for war against Kai and the rogue pack, Hoseok has made sure to pamper Jimin, though the Beta still has occasional nightmares that they don’t tell the others about. Hoseok, for the most part, has nearly fully recovered from the drug overdose and withdrawal.

2 weeks before Jimin is due, Namjoon leaves Jungkook in charge, and goes with Ravi to the Pack meeting, and comes back 3 days later, a grim look on his face. The southern Packs have agreed to go to war against Kai, but they refused to extract Taejoon from the council before they attack.

“Ravi and I agreed that Taejoon is a priority since the other Packs won’t do anything about it.” Namjoon tells everyone. “So he’s sending Ken and Hyuk messages both about the impending attacks, and telling them to extract Taejoon and flee the city before war breaks out.”

Namjoon explains to them that Ravi had told the southern Pack leaders about Taejoon’s ability to heal faster than normal, but it still didn’t sway the others into wanting to extract the pup.

Ravi’s pack is busy with war preparations the closer Jimin gets to his due date. Hoseok is torn between pampering his mate as much as possible, and helping Yoongi with the Beta training that the Pack has been doing.

Jimin wakes one morning a few days later, his back aching as he feels his pup shifting lower than what Jimin is used to. “Ugh.” He groans into Hoseok’s shoulder, surprised his mate has been able to sleep next to him as Jimin had tossed and turned all night.

“What’s wrong baby?” Hoseok wakes, sitting up to look at Jimin.

“The pup is moving.” Jimin groans, clutching onto Hoseok’s arm as he winces at the movement.

“Are you going into labor?” Hoseok asks, worry lacing his voice. “Do you need to go to the clinic, or should I bring the doctor here?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, I don’t think I’m in labor yet.” He says. “It’s just painful where the pup is moving to.”

Hoseok moves to see his mate better, and notices that Jimin’s wincing doesn’t really go away over the next hour as the Omega tries to get more comfortable before giving up.

“Might as well go downstairs and start breakfast.” Jimin huffs as he struggles to sit up.

Hoseok helps Jimin up, and watches as his mate waddles toward the door, jaw dropping. “Jimin.” He says, throwing the covers off and rushing to his mate. “I think you are in labor. Look at the bed.”

A small red stain where Jimin had been laying, evidence that the Omega is in labor as he gasps, looking at Hoseok. They’d been warned that the closer Jimin got to his due date, he had a chance of spotting before his water broke.

“Shit.” Jimin sags against Hoseok. “Ok.” He takes a deep breath. “What do we do? The doctor wants me to give birth at the clinic, but my instincts want me to give birth here.”

“Your water hasn’t broke yet, so we have to go to the doctor.” Hoseok reminds him, holding Jimin close.

Jimin sighs again in response, nodding his head. “I know.”

Jimin lets Hoseok guide him down the stairs, where Yoongi, surprisingly, is awake with Taegi. “He’s had a small fever the last couple of hours.” The Beta says in response to Hoseok’s raised eyebrow.

“Oh. Jimin’s in labor.” Hoseok says.

“You need help getting over to the clinic?” Yoongi asks.

“Naw, we should be ok. You take care of Taegi.” Jimin responds, voice pained.

The pup starts to stir in the playpen where Yoongi’s had him resting quietly, whining fitfully as he turns towards Jimin and Hoseok.

Jimin groans again, and Hoseok nods at Yoongi. “Let the others know about us going over ok?” He says as he starts steering Jimin toward the door.

“Will do.” Yoongi nods.

The walk to the clinic takes longer than normal as Jimin has to stop several times to take deep breaths before they can continue, and by the time they make it to the clinic, Jimin’s water breaks.

Hoseok barely remembers much of what happened after that as the doctor and her two assistants push Jimin into a birthing room, and tell Hoseok to wait a few minutes while the doctor gets Jimin ready for birth.

Because of the remote area that Ravi’s Pack lives in, they didn’t get a chance to find out the sex of their pup before its birth. The only thing they know is that Taegi has repeated over and over again that their pup is his.

Hoseok is allowed in with Jimin after 15 minutes when one of the assistants comes out to inform him that the doctor wants Hoseok in because their pup was coming fast.

Jimin’s scared. He’s in pain, but not nearly as bad as it had been when he’d lost their first pup. Hoseok being with him is reassuring, but all Jimin can concentrate on is his breathing.

Chapter Text

Taehyung sighs as he drapes the freshly washed sheets over the laundry line to let them air out and dry. After being up most of the night with Taegi, Yoongi had pressed Taehyung into the bed they shared with Namjoon, who was dead asleep, kissed him softly and murmured he’d take their pup downstairs so the Omega could get some rest.

He hadn’t been able to sleep at all after that, resting quietly beside Namjoon in their big king sized bed, wondering if Taejoon was being fed decently, if he had a good bed, if he wasn’t hurt, lonely or sick.

Taehyung refuses to tell his mates that his worry for the pup has caused him to be sleepless most nights, only getting a few hours of fitful, unrestful sleep a day, barely enough to function properly throughout the day, and he knows that his quiet behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jin and Jimin, who are probably the most observant shifters he’s ever met.

The fresh air coupled with the warm sunshine, and the slight breeze from the north makes Taehyung tired suddenly, as if his wolf form wants to lay down and take a nap. It’s rare for his wolf to surface without him noticing the signs, especially since Taehyung’s wolf form has rarely made an appearance after Taejoon had been kidnapped.

Taehyung yawns, trying to fight off the sudden sleepiness he feels, but his arms grow heavy, and the Omega falls unconscious as his wolf takes over, shifting into his wolf form, and curling up underneath the laundry hanging above him, providing some shade as the shifter sleeps away some of the bone-deep fatigue.

Jin finds Taehyung a few minutes later, wondering where the younger Omega had gone off to when he hadn’t come back into the house after hanging the laundry. “Poor thing.” Jin murmurs, running his hand through Taehyung’s fur.

He leaves Taehyung sleeping peacefully underneath the drying laundry, not knowing that it would be the last time he’d see the young Omega, going into the house to make cookies for Taegi and Jinkook, who are both eagerly waiting in the living room, their little faces plastered to the front window. Jinkook’s old enough that he’s started imitating the older pup in mannerisms and actions, and sometimes Jin wonders if the idolization that Jinkook is starting to show towards Taegi helps soften the loss of Taejoon.

Yoongi had gone over to the clinic to check in and see how Jimin and Hoseok were doing with the birth of their pup, and to get some sort of fever reducer for Taegi, who seems to have recovered from his morning fever, though Jin knows the Beta wants to be cautious about the health of his son.

“Boys, stop messing up the window with your faces.” Jin tells them as he walks into the living room after making sure the cookies were baking properly. It’s one of the few luxuries that he is thankful they can still make since the Southern Packs have decided that they’re going to war with the rogue pack that has taken over the capital city and the Council’s headquarters.

“But Uncle Jin, my mate….” Taegi whines as Jinkook reluctantly pulls back from the window.

“No buts, Taegi. Please listen to me. It will be a couple of days before Uncle Jimin and Uncle Hoseok will be coming home with their pup, so come lay down on the blanket. Your Daddy will be home soon with news on them anyway.” Jin scolds the toddler, seeing the lanky form of Yoongi walking up as he keeps Taegi’s attention centered on him.

“Awe, Uncle Jin, no fun.” Taegi pouts, crossing his little arms and frowning at Jin, but moves towards the blanket that Yoongi had set up for his son to lay on when the fever made him exhausted.

Jin waits for Yoongi’s usual call into the house, but it never comes. Instead, the timer goes off for the cookies, and he frowns, wondering if he’d seen a different shifter than Yoongi coming up the walk to the house.

Shaking his head and wondering if the pup had caught a cold or something, Jin makes sure the two pups are preoccupied with a video on the TV, though Namjoon and Jungkook with both scold him later for it. The cookies are done perfectly and Jin is just setting the last one out on the rack to cool when he smells an unfamiliar scent through the opened kitchen window.

“Tae.” Jin’s stomach drops at the unfamiliar smell, and he cautiously looks out the window towards the laundry lines, and frowns as he doesn’t see the tiny brown fur laying underneath the laundry. His gut clenching, Jin walks back to the living room to see both pups preoccupied, the TV serving as a good idea as Jin makes sure the windows and doors are all locked in the living room.

Heading upstairs, Jin frowns at the silence. He wishes Jungkook, or Namjoon were home, but the two Alphas were in town with Ravi, discussing possible strategies with some of the other leaders who will be directing the war.

Taehyung’s not in the master room that he shares with his two mates, and isn’t in any of the other bedrooms, nor the upstairs bathroom. After checking the basement, which is empty as well, Jin goes back to the living room and nearly jumps in shock.



Yoongi feels restless as he walks back from the clinic, the bag of fever reducers in his hand. Taehyung had been unnaturally silent the last few weeks, and while Namjoon is busy with war preparations, the Beta decides that its time he pampers his Omega mate, even though Namjoon will be sad Yoongi went ahead with their plans without him. He hates seeing Taehyung sad, and while he’s still upset that Taejoon hasn’t been rescued yet, Yoongi wants to make sure that the Omega isn’t falling into some sort of depressive state because one of his pups isn’t with them.

Yoongi’s so caught up in his thoughts that when Jin’s scared cry from their Pack house reaches his ears, the Beta thinks that Taegi must have thrown up horribly or passed out, making his heart clench in fear. “I knew I should have just taken him over.” Yoongi growls out loud as he breaks into a run, only to bounce off the front door instead of barreling through it. “Jin!” He yells, his heart rate increasing as he realizes the front door is locked, and he doesn’t have his keys.

A click sounds and the Omega is standing in front of him, eyes wild. “Y-Yoongi…” He stutters, leaning against the door as if he’s gone through a shock. “You…..come see this.” He breathes.

Yoongi follows Jin, his instincts telling him that something is horribly wrong, and he should be finding both his mates and his child and protecting them with his life when Jin stops short in front of him. “The hell Jin?” Yoongi sighs, sidestepping the Omega. “What’s going o----…..” Sitting in front of the TV with Taegi and Jinkook is a familiar pup, who is thinner, a little bit darker skinned and looks more like Taehyung than Namjoon. “Taejoon, is that you?”

“Papa!” The pup jumps up and races to Yoongi, hugging his legs as Yoongi stares down at his mates child in shock.

“Where’s Taehyung? Why isn’t he here?” Yoongi questions as he lifts Taejoon into his arms and hugs the pup tightly. “He should be here, excited that his other son is back, and wanting to go see Namjoon asap.”

“There’s a problem with that.” Jin sighs. “Taehyung went missing outside right about the same time I found Taejoon in the living room with the others.”

Yoongi growls, his wolf on edge. Taking a breath, his eyes widen as he realizes that Taehyung’s scent is still fresh on Taejoon. “Taejoon, did you see Daddy before you came into the house?” He asks. He doesn’t have to search to confirm Jin’s words, he trusts Jin as much as he trusts his mates.

The pup snuggled up against him makes a sound as he nods his head, and Yoongi’s heart sinks. “Who brought you home?” He asks, the bone weary feeling of dread crawling over his body.

“Uncle Kai brought me back.” Taejoon says, and Yoongi has to suppress a shudder of hate from rolling through his body at the familiarity of Kai’s name rolling off the pup’s tongue.

“Did he tell you why you were taken from us?” Jin asks, his training from the Council kicking in as he makes eye contact with Yoongi.

“He….he said Daddy was sick.” Taejoon replies. “He said I got sick too, but he cured me.”

Yoongi growls. Taejoon may only be a toddler, but the exact phrasing of the words he’d told Taejoon to use implies that Kai thinks Taehyung is still his in some way. “Did he take your Daddy to be cured to?” He asks, forcing himself to keep the anger out of his voice.

Taejoon nods, snuggling into Yoongi’s hold as the Beta’s eyes flash red. “Daddy said don’t worry and he would be back soon.” The toddler adds as he yawns.

Taejoon’s asleep in the next few minutes, and Yoongi quietly lays him down on the blanket where Jinkook and Taegi are sound asleep next to each other. He hands Jin the package of fever reducer and frowns. “I’m going to inform Namjoon. Stay here. Don’t let anyone else in unless its one of us.” He tells the older Omega.

“Got it.” Jin’s eyes look watery, as if he’s about ready to cry, and maybe it’s a good thing Yoongi’s going out. Of all 3 omegas in their small Pack, Jin is the worst when it comes to letting his emotions out and Jungkook is usually the only one who can calm the Omega down.

“It’s not your fault.” Yoongi tells him quietly, his wolf held at bay for the sake of keeping himself together until he tells Namjoon. “I think Kai planned this, the sick bastard.”

Jin swallows hard. “Go tell your mate.” He tells Yoongi, his voice hushed. “I’ll make sure your children are safe.”

Yoongi squeezes the Omega on the shoulder before he turns abruptly, and he’s out the door, a howl ripping out of his throat as he starts sprinting towards the center of town. Jin shuts the door, locking it and then proceeds to lock every single window and door he can find that hasn’t already been locked from his previous search for Taehyung. Once that’s done, he grabs his cell phone, texting Jungkook, Jimin and Hoseok that something has happened and to knock and announce themselves when they come home. He knows already that Jimin and Hoseok will probably stay at the clinic until the Pack doctor releases them and their pup, but he knows the moment Yoongi tells Namjoon about Taehyung’s disappearance, Jungkook will head home immediately to protect him and their pup.

Jin pulls curtains closed and settles down in the living room next to the sleeping pups, and then finally lets himself cry.

Chapter Text

*5 years later*

Jinkook is sniffing around outside the larger Pack house that the Pack has moved into when he smells a scent he barely remembers knowing as he rounds around the backside of the porch.

They’d moved just across the way from the old Pack house after Jimin and Hoseok announced to them that the slim Omega was pregnant again, something Jinkook remembers the adults being happy about. Taegi and Taejoon were indifferent to the news, but little 4 year old Hope cried when she had heard she would become a big sister.

Jinkook growls, though in his human form it sounds weak and pathetic, unlike his wolf form, which he’s told his parents he’s gonna be an Alpha just like his dad, even though it’ll be 10 more years until he knows for sure what his status will be.

The 6 year old smells the same smell again as he gets closer to the back door of the house, but he stops short when he hears footsteps that obviously don’t belong to anyone he knows walking away from the house. Knowing the warnings his papa has given him about strange wolves due to the war, the pup turns, silently dashing back towards the window he’d crawled out of, only to yelp as a hand enclosed around his shirt collar and tugged him backwards.

“I told you pup to be careful.” The familiar voice of his papa washes over him, and Jinkook whimpers. “It’s ok though, you get off from being punished because your Uncle Taehyung is finally home.”

Taehyung. He remembers a tall, scarily thin Omega who called Taegi his pup, and his Uncles Yoongi and Namjoon being kissy with the Omega. He also remembers that Taehyung left the day that Taejoon came into their home.

Jin’s explained to him that Taejoon is Taegi’s twin, but he barely remembers the older pup being around. Most of his young mind’s memories are really of only Taegi until Uncle Jimin and Uncle Hoseok brought home Hope, but by that time Taejoon was already back and Jinkook had started to relax fully around him.

Jinkook and Taejoon had hated each other at first, and more often than not, the two were found tussling in the living room for no real reason at all.

Jungkook sighs as he picks up Jinkook and holds him close. “Your dad and I don’t want anything to happen to you pup. You might not understand it now, but you are a true gift to us.”

Jinkook just sighs in response and snuggles up to his papa, happy that he’s getting attention from his overly snuggly parent.

Jungkook brings his son into the house, frowning as he scents Jin in the kitchen, and a cold, sharp and sad scent is seeping from his mate. Setting Jinkook down, he ushers the pup off towards the others in the living room where he can hear Hoseok attempting to scold Jimin for moving around too much.

Jin’s at the counter, chopping something up with vigor when Jungkook slips behind his mate, and wraps his arms around the older Omega, snuggling into his back and sighing as the obvious tenseness in his body loosens with Jungkook’s back hug. “It’s ok. Our Pack is back to being complete.” Jungkook whispers soothingly to his mate.

Jin just sighs and continues to cut whatever he’s going to be using in the food for lunch, letting Jungkook back hug him until he needs to move away from the counter. “Kookie…”

Jungkook feels the sadness more than hears it, and he tightens his hold on his mate. They may have started out young, inexperienced and on the wrong foot when they were first newly mated, but Jungkook knows better than anyone that Jin loves doting on everyone in their little Pack.

He just also happens to know that Jin would love to have another pup, but for all the trying they have been doing, there hasn’t been much luck in that department. Jungkook suspects it has something to do with the fact Taehyung had been held hostage by Kai for 5 years, and even though the younger Omega is back, he was found horribly malnourished in their old Pack house, wearing some of the clothes that they’d left behind when they had fled down south a few days ago. Jungkook knows that Jin will take it upon himself to dote and love on Taehyung nearly as much as Yoongi and Namjoon will be doing.

Jungkook sighs softly against Jin’s neck, and snuggles in, breathing in the subtle scent of his mate’s budding contentment that he’s paying attention to Jin. The chopping of the food slows, and stops, but Jin doesn’t comment as Jungkook continues to snuggle into Jin.

It’s rare that Jin lets Jungkook snuggle for more than a few minutes, but Jungkook can feel without looking or sniffing at Jin’s neck, that the Omega is struggling with his emotions. To Jungkook, Jin has always been easy to read emotionally, even if the older shifter denies it. And Jungkook can tell that the fact Jin hasn’t been pregnant again since Jinkook and the 5 long years with the war and without Taehyung has taken an emotional toll on his mate.

With one last squeeze to Jin’s body, and a soft kiss on the cheek, Jungkook lets his mate finish making dinner while he goes off to contemplate ways that he could pamper Jin. It hits him as he’s stepping into their bedroom that the first dinner they had together when they were fighting, mad or upset with each other over a little misunderstanding was a simple homemade dish that Jungkook’s mom had taught him a few months before they’d met.

It takes a week, but Jungkook’s managed to convince Jimin and Hoseok to take all 4 kids for the evening, even though Jimin’s close to giving birth. Namjoon and Yoongi were already over at their old Pack house with Taehyung, whose still recovering from his near death starvation so that leaves Jungkook to set everything up for Jin, who is taking his turn in the clinic with the doctor for the week.

He sets up one of the smaller tables with flowers and side dishes that he knows Jin loves, making quick work of the tamagoyaki an hour before he’s set up the other items, and checking on the kimchi spaghetti that he’d put into the oven.

It’s not the greatest meal, but Jungkook remembers the first time he’d made it for Jin. It’d been after one of their biggest fights early on in their relationship as a mated pair and Jin had left for his classes angry.

Jungkook had played hooky from his own classes, even though he was already in trouble for mating well before his wolf was supposed to emerge from its slumber. By the time Jin came home later that evening, Jungkook had a spread of the only dishes he knew how to make sitting out for Jin to try. Somehow, it seemed that it was the icing on the cake and Jin broke down that night. They’d had a long heart to heart talk that night, and ever since then, Jin had made it a point to tell Jungkook whenever he’d start to feel depressed about anything.

Jungkook waits patiently, and soon he hears Jin’s familiar footstep pattern coming down the path, and he pulls the foods waiting in the oven out to let them cool before setting them onto the table.

He’s just placing the last dish when Jin walks in, and his mates’ bright sunshine smell radiates as Jin comes into the kitchen and sees Jungkook with food laid out. “What’s all this for?” He asks.

“I know with everything that’s been happening the last 5 years with our Pack and the war, you’ve been slowly curling in on yourself.” Jungkook states. “Tonight I want to pamper you. Cherish you as my life partner, my mate and remind you that no matter what, I will always love you.” He says simply.

Jin comes up to him, tears already streaming down his handsome face, making his eyes redden as Jin folds Jungkook into his arms and kisses him softly before releasing him and settling down to the food, strengthening their bond with one another.

Chapter Text

A few months pass, and Namjoon and Yoongi are able to bring Taehyung back to their Pack house after the Omega has gained enough weight that he’s no longer tired just from climbing stairs. No one pressures Taehyung about what he had to endure the 5 years he was held captive by Kai. They all knew he would open up to them about it, but it would take time.

After the war, the country slowly picks up the pieces, new laws and council members are put into place and reporting systems and new technology brought over from America help diagnose and treat any shifters who are found to be overly aggressive. No one wants a repeat of the disaster and destruction that Kai and his group of rogue wolves had brought to their world.

Now that no one is hunting them down, Namjoon suggests they find a parcel of land that they can call their own territory again, instead of freeloading on Ravi’s Pack lands, even though the Alpha has offered them safety and jobs among his pack.

The others agree, especially if it helps Taehyung recover more from his time with Kai. Jimin’s nearly ready to give birth to his and Hoseok’s second pup, and their house no longer can support having more than 4 growing shifters and 7 grown ones.

They bid farewell to Ravi, and the rest of the VIXX pack a month before Jimin’s due, with promises of keeping in touch once they find a place to settle down.

They finally settle down in a nice territory that reminds Taehyung of their first house right after Jimin had joined their small pack, and it’s more than therapeutic for the traumatized Omega. It has just the right amount of houses, clustered close enough together that really the only addition Namjoon, Jungkook and Hoseok make to the houses are enclosed and reinforced walkways between them, connecting the 3 houses into one huge house.

Jin and Jungkook insisted on taking the first house, the one closest toward the road that leads to the city from their home, settling in quietly with Jinkook. It’s the house with the smallest amount of bedrooms, though no one really mentions it in front of Jin. He’s been told by the VIXX pack doctor that he’s probably infertile considering Jinkook is nearing his 7th birthday. Most Omegas by his age have had 3 or more pups. After all the fuss over Taehyung and the work everyone has been putting in to help the fragile Omega recover from his 5 years with Kai, Jin can’t bring himself to admit to Jungkook or the others that he can’t sustain a pregnancy, having miscarried twice, once before Taehyungs return, and one not long before they left the VIXX pack.

Namjoon, Taehyung and Yoongi take the middle house, which seems to have the most bedrooms of the 3 houses. Taejoon and Taegi end up with their own bedrooms, and Namjoon gets an office to work out off, having contracted with the new Council for his psychology services long distance. The original master bedroom of the house is gutted immediately after moving in, and they remove a wall from the adjoining bedroom to make it big enough for the 3 mates.

The third house, Jimin and Hoseok loved from the moment they saw it. It was big enough for them with Hope, and their soon to be second child, plus some rooms in case they have more pups.

Jimin starts nesting the moment they get the last of their furniture moved in, stuff that Hoseok, Jungkook and Namjoon had gone to purchase while Jin, Yoongi and Jimin had taken Taehyung to the small hot springs they’d found 20 minutes from their new territory with their batch of pups.

It’s no surprise that the twins are never far from Taehyung, even Hope has taken to helping with Taehyung and Jimin has to hold back from cooing at the care and attention that the pups give to Taehyung.

Even though each house has its own kitchen and dining area, Yoongi and Hoseok end up making a patio area, originally intended for relaxation and entertainment times, which becomes the place where they have their meals. The patio is huge in their back yard, with a large covered pavilion to shield them from the rain, the sun and has ways to enclose it so they can use it in the winter time.

Not far down the road from their new home is a quaint strip mall type area, which has quickly filled with shops of all varieties, allowing for the group to walk to the store whenever they need groceries, or clothes. One spot sits empty, a former doctor’s office that had been abandoned during the war when people were fleeing the capital city for the safety and sanctuary the South had provided to refugees.

Jimin’s days away from giving birth, and no suitable clinic or hospital close that they feel safe sending the Omega too, when Jin proposes that he take over the empty doctor’s office. He’s still licensed to be a doctor from the old Council, and it doesn’t take much to find out that the Council is honoring his license from before the war, only that he’s required to check in for a monthly evaluation and inspection from the Council’s new doctorial head.

After asking around, Jin finds out that the doctor who’d had the clinic before, had died in the war, and no one had been willing to take over the slot since then as the doctor had died because he’d refused to comply with Kai’s laws and restrictions on doctors.

The busy work of cleaning up the office, setting up new equipment, sterilizing operative instruments and getting it ready to see patients, plus an operative suite for emergency patients keeps Jin’s mind away from the self-depressing thoughts that he will probably never be able to give Jungkook another child, even as Jinkook grows and starts exhibiting signs that he will end up presenting as an Omega like Jin.

It also keeps the worry from Jin’s mind that Jinkook will present early like he did at the age of 12 instead of 16.

Jimin goes into labor the day after Jin officially opens the clinic doors. Jin had been lucky when he’d asked the shop ahjummas in the strip mall to spread the word that he was looking for nurses and maybe a couple other doctors that had a good standing license with the new Council, specifically a doctor who specialized in labor and delivery.

Jimin and Hoseok’s second pup is also a girl and ends up being named Jiseok. She’s healthy and Jimin’s healthy enough that the new doctor Jin’s hired releases them within a couple of days.

Things seem to settle down, routines starting to form, and soon it’s time for the twins to start back to school, and Jinkook to his first year of school. Jimin’s busy taking care of Hope and Jiseok and Taehyung has been making leaps and bounds with a female therapist who comes twice a week to work with Taehyung on reintegrating into his bond with Namjoon and Yoongi.

It’s not surprising that Taehyung hasn’t had an actual heat in nearly 6 years, and they’d been warned when Taehyung had been brought back that the Omega may never have a heat again because of all the messed up fertility drugs that Kai had forced him to take. The lack of heats makes it harder for Taehyung when it comes time for the trio to remark the Omega, but they somehow manage to get through the process with only a few tears shed by each one of them.

They celebrate birthdays, achievements for the pups at school, and before anyone knows it, it’s been a year since they’d moved, and Jiseok’s first birthday is coming up. Jin celebrates one year of opening his clinic, which has become very successful and he’s ended up having to hire on a couple more doctors and more nurses to handle the overwhelming amount of patients they see every day. He’s even contemplating asking to build a new building not far from the strip mall and still within a 10 minute walk to home.

Time moves forward, and with it Taehyung seems to come back to his old self, though he’s much more reserved when they take the pups out for things. His hair has finally faded to a more natural looking brownish-blond, rather than the stark blonde he’d been sporting during his time with Kai, something that he admits Kai made him do to contrast the tyrant Alpha’s dark hair, as if to make Kai look devilish and more evil while Taehyung was supposed to portray his innocent, fragile looking ‘mate’.

Looking back on everything, how happy and loved Hoseok and Jimin are, how Namjoon and Yoongi both dote on Taehyung, and even how cuddly Jungkook still is to Jin, and the other members of their small Pack, Jin thinks he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The hardships they’ve faced, the future problems they’ll have when Hope and Taegi present and want to mate, the someday when Taejoon, Jiseok and Jinkook present and become full shifters and finding their mates, Jin’s pretty sure they’re more than capable of handling anything that comes their way.

They are the BTS pack, and no one dares to mess with them no matter what conflicts arise in their world.

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Jin’s looking at the calendar when he realizes that his heat week is supposed to be next week, yet he hasn’t felt any of the telltale signs that normally accompany it. His heat cycle typically came after Jimin’s, but the other Omega had admitted to him recently that he’s been taking a heat suppressant because he doesn’t want to have another pup so soon after Jiseok. They’ve all seen how Taehyung watches the pups running around outside and how attentive he is when Jimin asks him to look after Jiseok, and Jimin and Hoseok have agreed that it didn’t seem fair to either Taehyung or Jin if they ended up with a third pup before the other two had more.

“It’s for the best right now hyung.” Jimin says when Jin asks him about it. “My heart breaks every time I see that haunted look in Tae’s eyes.”, and Jin can’t find it within himself to disagree with the younger Omega.

Jin takes the week of his heat week off, in an effort to maintain appearances that his biology is still properly functioning, but he knows he can’t fool his own mate, who corners him the second day Jin stays home. “You aren’t in heat.” Jungkook looks at Jin, a soft concern in his eyes.

“No.” Jin admits. “Jimin’s on heat suppressants and he didn’t have a heat week last week so I’m pretty sure I won’t have one either because our cycles synchronized.” A common thing that they’d experienced before way back when they were still in the first pack house in the city.

Jungkook closes in on Jin, the Omega tilting his head to the side where his bite mark is exposed, letting his Alpha mate press his nose against the column of Jin’s throat and take a deep whiff of Jin’s scent.

Jin has always enjoyed Jungkook scenting him, and is pleasantly surprised when his body responds to his mate’s scenting until Jungkook growls suddenly, gripping Jin’s arms and pressing his face into Jin’s neck.

“You’re pregnant.”

Jin gasps, pushing Jungkook away. “No I’m not.” He says, shaking his head. He should know the signs well enough having to see pregnant Omegas at the clinic, and even though the lack of his heat is worrisome, Jin’s only 80% sure he’s not pregnant.

Jungkook growls again, his eyes flashing. He crowds Jin again, pulling on his mate’s hair to expose the other side of his neck that doesn’t bear Jungkook’s mark and proceeds to mouth over the scent gland, a spot that he knows Jin is sensitive and will cause the Omega to let his pheromones loose.

“Fuck you are definitely pregnant. I can smell a sweet buttermilk scent mixed with yours.” Jungkook nips at the skin, smirking when Jin lets out a moan. “You smelt like this when you were pregnant with Jinkook.” He pushes his body up against Jin’s and rolls his hips, feeling Jin’s hands tighten on his arms where the Omega has anchored himself.

“Kook….” Jin whimpers.                                                                                                                   

The others assume its Jin’s heat week as well, and aren’t startled at all when Jinkook comes into the middle house kitchen, a frown on the pup’s face and his blanket in his hands.

However, they are shocked when the mates come down for dinner, Jin sporting a blissed out look on his face as Jungkook pulls his Omega mate into his lap and proceeds to hand feed Jin before eating himself. Jin never leaves the room during his heat week, preferring to be pampered by Jungkook when the Omega can stay awake between sessions when he’s not asking for a bath or clean sheets.

Hoseok and Yoongi exchange glances, and Jimin’s about to open his mouth when Taejoon comes in with Taegi and Hope on his heels and the eldest pup stops short as he spots the adults at the table.

“Move, dork.” Taegi pushes his brother aside, holding Hope’s hand in his and heads towards the table when the faint echo of another heartbeat sounds in his ears. He looks around, confusion on his face that nearly mirrors Yoongi’s face whenever the Beta is concerned about something.

Taejoon whimpers, hands outstretched towards Jin and Jungkook. “Pups.” He says before he passes out, his body crumpling to the floor and Taehyung launches himself out of his chair.

“Well, I think that confirms it.” Jungkook laughs, holding onto Jin with a smile on his face.

“Confirms what?” Namjoon asks, as he crouches next to Taehyung with their son.

“Remember when Taegi said I was pregnant after my heat week with Jiseok?” Jimin pipes in. “I think Taejoon has the same ability as Taegi.”

“I thought that was because Hope is his mate?” Yoongi looks between Jin and Jimin.

“Maybe Taejoon’s ability is different.” Hoseok suggests. “He didn’t say mine like Taegi did, nor did he go up to Jin.” He reasons out.

“Guys, I don’t even know if I really am pregnant.” Jin deadpans.

“Yeah well the lack of your heat cycle is proof enough that you are, adding in Taejoon’s declaration….” Jungkook snorts.

Jimin narrows his eyes at the oldest Omega. “You should go get tested.”

Taehyung manages to wake Taejoon, but the pup refuses to get up, nor does he want to stay in the same room as the others. “I’m sorry.” Taehyung bites his lip.

Taehyung gathers up Taejoon and they leave the patio area while Yoongi wordlessly gathers up the food meant for Taejoon and Namjoon grabs the food for Taehyung. Yoongi is the only one who returns to the dinner table, and they proceed to finish dinner, Namjoon showing back up a half hour later when the others are just finishing.

Jungkook convinces Jin to go to a different clinic, one that specializes in complicated Omega pregnancies and Jin feels ashamed as he has to admit to the nurse taking his history that he’s had 2 miscarriages. Jungkook blinks back tears as the nurse takes Jin’s blood pressure and a sample of his blood, and instructs the Omega to change into the gown on the examination table.

“I’m sorry.” Jin sobs as Jungkook holds his hands. “I should have told you…”

Jungkook wipes away tears from Jin’s cheeks. “Mate, don’t feel ashamed. You can’t change the past.” He says, his own face a mess of tears. “Yes it’s heartbreaking, but I think you weren’t meant to have another pup until we were truly safe again.”

Jin sobs harder at Jungkook’s words, and the doctor has to let them calm down before proceeding with her examination. Smiling she turns to them after looking at her computer. “Your mate is correct Jin.” She says. “You are 3 months pregnant.”

Jin’s placed on restrictions, reduced to working only a few hours a day and has to inform his staff and the other doctors under his employ. Everyone at the clinic isn’t surprised by Jin’s announcement. “I had a feeling you were pregnant.” Song Jieun says as she pats Jin on the back. “You kept complaining about being exhausted and having lower back pain.”

Looking back on it, Jin has to admit the signs were all there and he smiles in embarrassment. “I guess I’m not the best role model to follow when it comes to one’s own health, huh?”

Jin settles into his pregnancy quite nicely, and they opt to tell all the pups in their little pack before Jin starts to show. Jinkook smiles brightly, asking if they know if he’s going to have a little brother or sister, and Jungkook has to stifle a laugh at how eager their eldest is to be a big brother.

“We won’t know for another month and a half, pup.” Jungkook says fondly, ruffling his son’s jet black hair.

Jin finds another doctor who can take over his schedule at the clinic for when he has the pup, and smiles when things go smoothly as his next appointment at the clinic. He’s still pretty slim, and hasn’t started showing the closer they get to his 5th month, but the doctor reassures him that he’s progressing normally and that while this pup is a bit smaller for his or her gestational age, it’s more due to the fact that Jin didn’t know he was pregnant and hadn’t been eating as much then as he is now for the pup.

It doesn’t take long before Jin is showing, and the eldest Omega can’t help but notice every time Taehyung looks at Jin’s growing baby bump with a wistful expression on his face. It makes Jin’s heart hurt, knowing that Taehyung is still coping with the aftermath of Kai’s destructive ways, and the wistful expression the younger Omega has whenever he thinks no one is looking at him is heartbreaking.

It seems that the months fly by, and milestones come and go. Jimin has an unexpected heat in the middle of a snowstorm when Hoseok and Namjoon are down to visit Ravi’s pack and pick up the last of the items they hadn’t been able to pack up in the 2 vans they own.

Even though Jin can’t smell Jimin’s pheromones that are crying out for Hoseok to relieve him of the intensity of this unexpected heat, he gets violently ill from the stress of having one of his pack mates in pain. It’s enough to send Jungkook into a worried mess, and making Yoongi smack him upside the head more than once to get the young Alpha to stop running in circles, literally.

Taehyung shuts down completely, and Yoongi barely holds things together while Jimin’s heat continues and Jin ends up staying in bed for the duration of Jimin’s heat.

It takes a frantic phone call and 3 days of Jungkook and Yoongi taking shifts to ensure that Jin and Taehyung are fed, the pups are taken care of, and that Jimin has water and small, easy to swallow snacks to tide him until Hoseok and Namjoon come back. Thankfully Jimin’s heat passes quickly once Hoseok is back home to take care of his mate.

Feeling their pup kicking for the first time a few weeks later, Jin gasps and grabs onto the counter where he’d been making cookies and tears come to his eyes as his pup flutters about in his belly. It’s the first positive thing he’s felt since Jimin’s heat and Jin lets out a sob as tears of happiness drip down his face.

Jungkook finds his mate clutching the counter, tears dripping down his face as Jin laughs softly. “Mate, what’s wrong?”

“Our pup kicked.” Jin hiccupped, looking at Jungkook. “He kicked!”

Jungkook grins as Jin continues to cry in happiness, and the young Alpha curls around his mate, back hugging Jin until his Omega’s tears are reduced to sniffles as Jin holds one of Jungkook’s hands against his baby bump as their pup continues to move and flutter about in response to Jin’s excitement.

Jin’s excitement over the pup kicking and moving around sobers when he’s around Taehyung, as if the eldest Omega knows that the younger one is still hurting emotionally in some way, like a scab that’s been picked at when the rest of their pack had found out about Jin’s pregnancy, and keeps getting aggravated as time goes on.

Their next checkup is coming up in a week, where they’ll find out the sex of the pup if they want, and a more definite due date from the doctor. It’s the transition into the second trimester, and Jin is starting to feel more fatigued and bloated than before. Between his own body working hard to provide for the life he’s growing inside, and his instincts as the oldest Omega of their pack forcing him to be cautious when talking to the others about his pregnancy, Jin finds himself handing off more of his workload to the other doctors in the clinic, taking on a more administrative role.

“Well, Jin I can provide you a more definite answer as to why you are so tired these days.” Their doctor smiles at them as Jin lays on the table, the cold ultrasound gel warming on his belly as the wand moves back and forth. She presses a few buttons, and a heartbeat comes into the silence, followed by another, lighter heartbeat right afterwards.

Jin’s jaw drops and he looks over at Jungkook, noticing that his mate’s eyes are as wide as saucers.

“Congratulations, you are having twins!”