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Bulletproof No More, my Butterfly

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Jin’s looking at the calendar when he realizes that his heat week is supposed to be next week, yet he hasn’t felt any of the telltale signs that normally accompany it. His heat cycle typically came after Jimin’s, but the other Omega had admitted to him recently that he’s been taking a heat suppressant because he doesn’t want to have another pup so soon after Jiseok. They’ve all seen how Taehyung watches the pups running around outside and how attentive he is when Jimin asks him to look after Jiseok, and Jimin and Hoseok have agreed that it didn’t seem fair to either Taehyung or Jin if they ended up with a third pup before the other two had more.

“It’s for the best right now hyung.” Jimin says when Jin asks him about it. “My heart breaks every time I see that haunted look in Tae’s eyes.”, and Jin can’t find it within himself to disagree with the younger Omega.

Jin takes the week of his heat week off, in an effort to maintain appearances that his biology is still properly functioning, but he knows he can’t fool his own mate, who corners him the second day Jin stays home. “You aren’t in heat.” Jungkook looks at Jin, a soft concern in his eyes.

“No.” Jin admits. “Jimin’s on heat suppressants and he didn’t have a heat week last week so I’m pretty sure I won’t have one either because our cycles synchronized.” A common thing that they’d experienced before way back when they were still in the first pack house in the city.

Jungkook closes in on Jin, the Omega tilting his head to the side where his bite mark is exposed, letting his Alpha mate press his nose against the column of Jin’s throat and take a deep whiff of Jin’s scent.

Jin has always enjoyed Jungkook scenting him, and is pleasantly surprised when his body responds to his mate’s scenting until Jungkook growls suddenly, gripping Jin’s arms and pressing his face into Jin’s neck.

“You’re pregnant.”

Jin gasps, pushing Jungkook away. “No I’m not.” He says, shaking his head. He should know the signs well enough having to see pregnant Omegas at the clinic, and even though the lack of his heat is worrisome, Jin’s only 80% sure he’s not pregnant.

Jungkook growls again, his eyes flashing. He crowds Jin again, pulling on his mate’s hair to expose the other side of his neck that doesn’t bear Jungkook’s mark and proceeds to mouth over the scent gland, a spot that he knows Jin is sensitive and will cause the Omega to let his pheromones loose.

“Fuck you are definitely pregnant. I can smell a sweet buttermilk scent mixed with yours.” Jungkook nips at the skin, smirking when Jin lets out a moan. “You smelt like this when you were pregnant with Jinkook.” He pushes his body up against Jin’s and rolls his hips, feeling Jin’s hands tighten on his arms where the Omega has anchored himself.

“Kook….” Jin whimpers.                                                                                                                   

The others assume its Jin’s heat week as well, and aren’t startled at all when Jinkook comes into the middle house kitchen, a frown on the pup’s face and his blanket in his hands.

However, they are shocked when the mates come down for dinner, Jin sporting a blissed out look on his face as Jungkook pulls his Omega mate into his lap and proceeds to hand feed Jin before eating himself. Jin never leaves the room during his heat week, preferring to be pampered by Jungkook when the Omega can stay awake between sessions when he’s not asking for a bath or clean sheets.

Hoseok and Yoongi exchange glances, and Jimin’s about to open his mouth when Taejoon comes in with Taegi and Hope on his heels and the eldest pup stops short as he spots the adults at the table.

“Move, dork.” Taegi pushes his brother aside, holding Hope’s hand in his and heads towards the table when the faint echo of another heartbeat sounds in his ears. He looks around, confusion on his face that nearly mirrors Yoongi’s face whenever the Beta is concerned about something.

Taejoon whimpers, hands outstretched towards Jin and Jungkook. “Pups.” He says before he passes out, his body crumpling to the floor and Taehyung launches himself out of his chair.

“Well, I think that confirms it.” Jungkook laughs, holding onto Jin with a smile on his face.

“Confirms what?” Namjoon asks, as he crouches next to Taehyung with their son.

“Remember when Taegi said I was pregnant after my heat week with Jiseok?” Jimin pipes in. “I think Taejoon has the same ability as Taegi.”

“I thought that was because Hope is his mate?” Yoongi looks between Jin and Jimin.

“Maybe Taejoon’s ability is different.” Hoseok suggests. “He didn’t say mine like Taegi did, nor did he go up to Jin.” He reasons out.

“Guys, I don’t even know if I really am pregnant.” Jin deadpans.

“Yeah well the lack of your heat cycle is proof enough that you are, adding in Taejoon’s declaration….” Jungkook snorts.

Jimin narrows his eyes at the oldest Omega. “You should go get tested.”

Taehyung manages to wake Taejoon, but the pup refuses to get up, nor does he want to stay in the same room as the others. “I’m sorry.” Taehyung bites his lip.

Taehyung gathers up Taejoon and they leave the patio area while Yoongi wordlessly gathers up the food meant for Taejoon and Namjoon grabs the food for Taehyung. Yoongi is the only one who returns to the dinner table, and they proceed to finish dinner, Namjoon showing back up a half hour later when the others are just finishing.

Jungkook convinces Jin to go to a different clinic, one that specializes in complicated Omega pregnancies and Jin feels ashamed as he has to admit to the nurse taking his history that he’s had 2 miscarriages. Jungkook blinks back tears as the nurse takes Jin’s blood pressure and a sample of his blood, and instructs the Omega to change into the gown on the examination table.

“I’m sorry.” Jin sobs as Jungkook holds his hands. “I should have told you…”

Jungkook wipes away tears from Jin’s cheeks. “Mate, don’t feel ashamed. You can’t change the past.” He says, his own face a mess of tears. “Yes it’s heartbreaking, but I think you weren’t meant to have another pup until we were truly safe again.”

Jin sobs harder at Jungkook’s words, and the doctor has to let them calm down before proceeding with her examination. Smiling she turns to them after looking at her computer. “Your mate is correct Jin.” She says. “You are 3 months pregnant.”

Jin’s placed on restrictions, reduced to working only a few hours a day and has to inform his staff and the other doctors under his employ. Everyone at the clinic isn’t surprised by Jin’s announcement. “I had a feeling you were pregnant.” Song Jieun says as she pats Jin on the back. “You kept complaining about being exhausted and having lower back pain.”

Looking back on it, Jin has to admit the signs were all there and he smiles in embarrassment. “I guess I’m not the best role model to follow when it comes to one’s own health, huh?”

Jin settles into his pregnancy quite nicely, and they opt to tell all the pups in their little pack before Jin starts to show. Jinkook smiles brightly, asking if they know if he’s going to have a little brother or sister, and Jungkook has to stifle a laugh at how eager their eldest is to be a big brother.

“We won’t know for another month and a half, pup.” Jungkook says fondly, ruffling his son’s jet black hair.

Jin finds another doctor who can take over his schedule at the clinic for when he has the pup, and smiles when things go smoothly as his next appointment at the clinic. He’s still pretty slim, and hasn’t started showing the closer they get to his 5th month, but the doctor reassures him that he’s progressing normally and that while this pup is a bit smaller for his or her gestational age, it’s more due to the fact that Jin didn’t know he was pregnant and hadn’t been eating as much then as he is now for the pup.

It doesn’t take long before Jin is showing, and the eldest Omega can’t help but notice every time Taehyung looks at Jin’s growing baby bump with a wistful expression on his face. It makes Jin’s heart hurt, knowing that Taehyung is still coping with the aftermath of Kai’s destructive ways, and the wistful expression the younger Omega has whenever he thinks no one is looking at him is heartbreaking.

It seems that the months fly by, and milestones come and go. Jimin has an unexpected heat in the middle of a snowstorm when Hoseok and Namjoon are down to visit Ravi’s pack and pick up the last of the items they hadn’t been able to pack up in the 2 vans they own.

Even though Jin can’t smell Jimin’s pheromones that are crying out for Hoseok to relieve him of the intensity of this unexpected heat, he gets violently ill from the stress of having one of his pack mates in pain. It’s enough to send Jungkook into a worried mess, and making Yoongi smack him upside the head more than once to get the young Alpha to stop running in circles, literally.

Taehyung shuts down completely, and Yoongi barely holds things together while Jimin’s heat continues and Jin ends up staying in bed for the duration of Jimin’s heat.

It takes a frantic phone call and 3 days of Jungkook and Yoongi taking shifts to ensure that Jin and Taehyung are fed, the pups are taken care of, and that Jimin has water and small, easy to swallow snacks to tide him until Hoseok and Namjoon come back. Thankfully Jimin’s heat passes quickly once Hoseok is back home to take care of his mate.

Feeling their pup kicking for the first time a few weeks later, Jin gasps and grabs onto the counter where he’d been making cookies and tears come to his eyes as his pup flutters about in his belly. It’s the first positive thing he’s felt since Jimin’s heat and Jin lets out a sob as tears of happiness drip down his face.

Jungkook finds his mate clutching the counter, tears dripping down his face as Jin laughs softly. “Mate, what’s wrong?”

“Our pup kicked.” Jin hiccupped, looking at Jungkook. “He kicked!”

Jungkook grins as Jin continues to cry in happiness, and the young Alpha curls around his mate, back hugging Jin until his Omega’s tears are reduced to sniffles as Jin holds one of Jungkook’s hands against his baby bump as their pup continues to move and flutter about in response to Jin’s excitement.

Jin’s excitement over the pup kicking and moving around sobers when he’s around Taehyung, as if the eldest Omega knows that the younger one is still hurting emotionally in some way, like a scab that’s been picked at when the rest of their pack had found out about Jin’s pregnancy, and keeps getting aggravated as time goes on.

Their next checkup is coming up in a week, where they’ll find out the sex of the pup if they want, and a more definite due date from the doctor. It’s the transition into the second trimester, and Jin is starting to feel more fatigued and bloated than before. Between his own body working hard to provide for the life he’s growing inside, and his instincts as the oldest Omega of their pack forcing him to be cautious when talking to the others about his pregnancy, Jin finds himself handing off more of his workload to the other doctors in the clinic, taking on a more administrative role.

“Well, Jin I can provide you a more definite answer as to why you are so tired these days.” Their doctor smiles at them as Jin lays on the table, the cold ultrasound gel warming on his belly as the wand moves back and forth. She presses a few buttons, and a heartbeat comes into the silence, followed by another, lighter heartbeat right afterwards.

Jin’s jaw drops and he looks over at Jungkook, noticing that his mate’s eyes are as wide as saucers.

“Congratulations, you are having twins!”