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Going Digital

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Climbing trees wasn't as easy as he remembered it. At least... It wasn't as easy as Yumoto and Ryuu made it look. Eleven-year-old En Yufuin hadn't climbed anything in years, but if climbing a tree was what it took to find some peace and quiet around the camp, then so be it.

En settled down on the thickest branch of the tree, and took a moment to admire the height he'd reached. From there he could see almost all the kids from his group at camp. Io was sitting at one of the picnic tables near the bungalow, the green-haired boy was too engrossed in his tablet to pay attention to what the other kids were doing. Just like every other day of camp so far.

Nine-year-old Zaou Ryuu was reluctantly looking for Yumoto, who had convinced the other to play hide and seek with him. That wasn't something appreciated by their camp counselor Minami Chiyo, a bossy fourteen-year-old girl with shoulder length, dark purple hair, and blue eyes. Thankfully it seemed that Yumoto wasn't that good at the 'hiding ' part of the game yet. Last thing Chiyo needed today was to lose another kid. Especially now that she was already missing three of the boys from her group. She'd been looking for them all morning!

For a minute or two En watched the rest, till he got tired of them and rested his back against the trunk of the three.


"Hm?" Surprised to be addressed, En looked down at Atsushi who was settled on the ground, he'd been quietly reading a book underneath the shade of a the tree, like he had been for a while, but now the blue-haired boy was looking up at his new friend, with a worried expression. His book discarded on his lap.

"Should we help Chiyo-san with finding the others?"

En frowned at the thought of coming back down from the tree, especially for something like a search party for people who didn't want to be found. "Nah Atsushi, you know them." En shrugged. "Two of them are probably of somewhere pouting about getting mud on their shoes or something, and the other followed them around like a puppy wanting to keep them happy."

Still worried for his friends, Atsushi looked at En for a moment longer, before sighing. "You're probably right." He smiled at En, and grabbed his book.

"Of course I am." En chucked and rested his back against the trunk. "Wake me up when it's time to go to the lake." The boy patted his swimming goggles, before closing his eyes.

His nap only just started when five minutes later, En was abruptly interrupted when something cold landed on his nose.

"What?!" En woke with a start and looked up at the sky.

The other kids at the camp did the same.

"Snow?!" Atsushi exclaimed, looking around wildly when more snowflakes drifted to the ground. "In Summer?" 

The whole group gazed at the flakes in wonder, then the wind picked up and what started out as mysterious snowfall in summer, turned into a mysterious snow storm.

"Everyone!" Chiyo cried, gripping her hat to keep it from being blown away. "To our cabin!" 

For once she had no trouble getting the boys to listen to her.

Inside the cabin she and Atsushi stayed near the window watching the snow storm. Large thick flakes coating the grass field white in mere minutes. It unheard of in this area.

Chiyo bit her lip. "They're so gonna kill me..." Where the heck where those three kids? The camp staff would so have her head for this! How could she have lost three kids?! They'd all been in bed last night, Chiyo was sure of it! She'd checked it twice before going to her own bed. Maybe they sneaked out before sunrise...

"It stopped!"


Chiyo looked away from the window just in time to see Ryuu pull the door open and run outside. Of course the other boys wanted to go outside then too. 

"This is so cool!" Ryuu cried, looking around the grass field. Not that there was any grass left in view. "Everything is all covered in snow!"

"Yay!" Yumoto ran past Ryuu, a huge grin plastered on his chubby face. "Snow is awesome! Let's make snow angels!" The eight-year-old cheered and let himself fall backwards into the snow, happily waving his arms and legs around.

Following the two youngest outside, Chiyo sighed, a troubled smile forming on her face.  "Yumoto..." At least the kid was distracted from all the changes from the past six months. She shook her head. "Boys! At least... Get your winter coats..." The young teen palmed her forehead, of course none of them would have packed their winter coats to Summer camp.

Atsushi immediately began to shiver once outside. "It's really freezing now!" The boy wrapped his arms around himself, for extra warmth and started walking towards the rest.

"Guess swimming is canceled." En nodded and followed Atsushi out.

Hearing the older boy's comment Ryuu laughed. "We can go snowboarding instead!" He joked, glancing over his shoulder. His smile fell when he noticed that one of them was still in the bungalow.

Frowning, Ryuu got back inside. "Iooo!" He called out to the boy he had dubbed his friend since the first day of camp. "What are you still you doing here? You're missing out on the snow."

Io was still sitting on the bed and messing with his tablet, but by now the boy had a deep frown on his face. "I thought that the wifi would work again once the storm died. I can't go to the FX site like this."

"The wifi is still out?!" Ryuu gasped and took his pink, xperia phone from his pocket. He'd begged his grandma for months for that cellphone. Instead of showing that there was no signal, the screen was just... a mess. His whole background picture was now pixelated. "It broke?"

Io opened his mouth to answer, but stopped talking when they heard the others gasp outside.

"Io! Ryuu!" Atsushi shouted to them. "Come look at this!"

Io and Ryuu shared a look before putting their devices away and getting out of the bungalow. Outside, they followed the other's gaze to the sky and gasped. Yellow, pink, red, blue, green and purple lights shone in the sky. The bright colors seemed to move around, like rippling water. "It's so pretty!" Yumoto cried, dusting snow from his shorts.

Ryuu nodded, grinning again. "So romantic!" He breathed unable to tear his eyes away from the pretty sight. Chiyo was at loss for words. "It's..."

"An aurora?" Atsushi suggested, looking at the older girl.

Chiyo nodded slowly, that was the only thing those lights could be. It sure looked like the ones she had seen online and on TV. "It's different in real life."

"But that's not possible!" Io protested, adjusting his bag. "How can there be an aurora in Japan?!"

She didn't have an answer to that. "Let's... go back to the main lodge, the others must be there too."

"Yeah," En stretched his arms. "It would be a pain if we got sick from this weather."

They were about to turn around and head for the main area of their camp, when Yumoto stilled because he saw something change in the sky. "Look!"

Behind the lights in the sky, a circle of light shone brighter than the rest, its' center hot and seemed to grow hotter and bigger when suddenly-six orbs of light shot out of it and began falling from the sky like meteors.

They hit the ground like meteors too. The children could only cry out in fear and duck to protect their heads, when the orbs came crashing down all around them, sending puffs of fresh snow up like it was smoke.

When the snow clouds stopped falling, the kids, slowly got back to their feet and looked around.

"Kids!" Chiyo wildly looked at each of them, heart racing. "Is everyone alright?!"

Atsushi gave a curt nod as he let En help him up. "Y-yeah."

Io and Ryuu both nodded, looking around in stunned shock.

"Uh huh!" Yumoto answered, looking down at the hole in the snow near him where one of the 'meteors' landed. The was a light shining out of it, and- Yumoto pulled back in shock when something floated out of the hole. Red eyes wide in wonder, Yumoto reached for the orb and grabbed it. The light faded and Yumoto could look at his treasure from the sky.

It was a small, very simple device, it looked almost like a circle, had a small screen on it, and two buttons.

Glowing orbs floated out of the holes near the other kids' feet too, and since Yumoto grabbed one, the others didn't think twice about reaching out and grabbing onto the light too.

Not even Chiyo hesitated, the light stopped in front of her, and felt warm... But not hot, as she discovered when she grasped it with both hands. The light faded at her touch and she was left with a device too.

"Is it... an old game or something?" En wondered, holding his device up to get a better look.

"It looks tacky." Ryuu observed dryly.

Suddenly the screens on all six devices light up, it died down again soon after. Io was about to suggest that they'd sell these weird devices online, when he suddenly heard the sound of water.

That didn't make sense, the lake was too far away to sound so loud and- Io looked up, gray eyes widening in horror when he saw a huge tidal wave rise from- from the ground? It rose and rose and...

The children screamed when the water came down.

However, instead of pushing them away and submerging them, the wave sucked them in, and they fell...

Lights... Lots of lights, blue... red and green. Ones and zeros ... pixels- No, water. Yes that was it. Water. They would go swimming later today, that's why he'd worn his goggles. En groaned in his sleep, remembering where he was as he slowly started to wake up.


En shook his head, he definitely didn't want to wake up yet. Why was the mattress so hard anyway? Oh right, he'd wanted peace and quiet from the loud younger kids, so he tried napping in a tree...


That voice sounded funny, still... the boy didn't want to focus yet. "Not yet." En tried to turn over, but found he couldn't, there was something on top of his chest. Groaning in defeat, En gave in and opened his eyes. And saw large blue eyes on a beige face

"Eh?" Blinking in confusion, En lifted his head slightly, and stared.

There was a small... creature sitting on his chest. It looked like a baby seal... kind of. But smaller, and... not a seal. It had beige skin, large blue eyes, a tuft of orange hair on its' head, and large teeth that the creature was proudly showing off as it grinned brightly at En.

En stared at the little monster for a total of thirty seconds. Then the eleven-year-old screamed and pushed the little monster off him. 

The creature seemed unhindered by being pushed away, and happily flapped its' flippers and bounced over to En. "En! En! En!" The little monster cheered happily. "You're here! You're finally awake sleepyhead!"

For some reason, the little monster's energetic shouting, was actually calming En down. "It talks..." The boy muttered, face falling back into his usual sleepy frown. "And... you know my name?"

"You're here!" The little monster cheered one more time, before leaping towards En, who instinctively caught the creature in his arm. "En is so great!" 

"Right..." En stared at the monster in his hands. The little guy wasn't heavy at all. "I'm dreaming right?"


Exactly what a dream would say... "What are you?"

If the little seal monster was bothered by En not knowing his name, he didn't show it. "I'm Pukamon." He cheerily introduced himself. "I've been waiting for you."

"Pukamon?" En repeated raising an eyebrow.

Pukamon nodded happily, his grin widening when En used his name. "I'm so happy! You're finally here!"

"Here...?" En repeated looking around, finally realizing that he had no idea where here was. He was in a forest, that much he could tell, but it wasn't like any forest he'd ever seen. There were huge flowers on the ground, the grass was darker green and the trees had purple-ish trunks and blue leaves. He definitely wasn't at his camp anymore.

So... He was still dreaming? En swallowed nervously. Yes, this was a dream. It made the most sense. He looked at Pukamon again. "Pukamon? What is this place? And what do you mean with 'waiting for me? 'What-"


At the sound of that familiar voice En turned around, and saw Io walking out from behind one of the trees.

"You're here too..." Io let out a small sigh of relief when he reached En's side. "I was worried I ended up here by myself "

"What do you mean by yourself?! I'm right here!" A high-pitched voice followed right after Io's statement, and En stared in shock when saw that Io was being followed by a small... ball with soft yellow, skin, and a fin-shaped ears coming out of the sides of its' head. The creature had small black eyes, and a happy smile on his face. "I'm right here with you!"

"Another one?!" En exclaimed, letting go of Pukamon in surprise.

"You have one too..." Io observed quietly. He then reached down and picked his small monster up. "Upamon has been following me around since I woke up here."

"Upamon?" En echoed, frowning lightly. Clearly Io had been awake for much longer than he was. "And do you know where here is?"

"Not 'where here'." Upamon giggled, bouncing out of Io's arms. "Here, here. This is File Island."

"That's what he keeps saying. But..." Io sighed, already tired of this weird 'game'. His mom hadn't said anything about this camp having some sort of role-playing game, or monster spotting game or whatever. And 'island?'. The ten-year-old looked around again. The forest was huge! No matter where he looked, he saw trees, hundreds of odd colored, large trees. The sounds of birds and bugs filled the air, and if he looked far enough, Io could see a mountain top peeking out from above the tree tops.

A mountain that definitely wasn't anywhere near their camp.

"I don't know where we are." The boy concluded with a miserable sigh.

En made a face at Io's tone. "No need to sound like that." En glanced at the tree they were standing near to, and remembered how he could view the whole area from the tree at camp. "I'll find out where we are and where camp is."

Walking over to the blue tree, En paused and considered why they couldn't wait for Ryuu or Yumoto to come here, so they could climb the tree, but decided against it. Atsushi and Chiyo would both complain about him letting the younger ones do something like that.

So En sighed, and began climbing.

And climbing. Grunting as the rough tree bark left tiny cuts on his palms. This tree was much higher than the one he climbed this morning. En went to the highest of the steady looking branches at sat down. En looked around and- his breath got caught in his throat when he saw their surroundings. "A-an ocean?!" The monsters were right! The place really did look like an island! There were many mountains in the distance, and even from this tree top it looked like the forest could go on forever... "Where are we?"

Pukamon flapped his flippers and slowly floated up to the branch En was sitting on. "Hey!" He greeted, sitting down besides En. "En? What'cha doing?"

"I'm trying to see where we-" En stilled and looked at Pukamon. "You floated to get up here?"

Pukamon nodded cheerily. "Yes!"

"Then why did you let me climb all this way up here?!"

"You didn't ask if I could float."

"That's not the point, you shouldn't have let go- huh? " En stopped talking when he heard an odd, loud chattering sound coming closer from the distance. Looking around for the source of the noise, En spotted a red stag beetle flying around in the distance.

It couldn't be too far away, and it was making that chattering noise with it's pincers.

Then the beetle actually started getting closer, and it became very clear that it had been far away when En first spotted it. Because the closer it got, the bigger it got. It had large strong jaws, giant pincers and wings and- It wasn't something En wanted to get closer to!

The monster was freaking HUGE!

Coming closer and closer! The monster roared when it reached the tree, En and Pukamon had to quickly duck to avoid the monster severing their heads, along with the tree top that fell to the ground.

Io shouted out in surprise as he and Upamon jumped away from the falling tree parts. The boy gasped when he saw the giant beetle monster fly past them, and then quickly turn around.

"Oh no!" Upamon cried, jumping up and down in fear. "This is bad! It's Kuwagamon!"

"WHAT?!" Io turned around sharply to look at his small monster. "What is a Kuwagamon!"

Digimon Analyzer.
Kuwagamon: An insect type digital monster. It's final move Scissor Arms, can cut through anything!

Kuwagamon roared and turned back to the three, just when En and Pukamon were sitting back up. Pukamon was the first to see the monster approaching again.
"En! Look out!" Pukamon cried leaping of the tree to tackle Kuwagamon. Pukamon blew out a large pink bubble from his mouth that exploded when it hit Kuwagamon's head. It didn’t harm the larger digimon, but it did make it change direction, and only craze the tree again instead of hitting En. 

The tree shook, and even En lost his balance and fell. The boy hit the ground with a loud thud.


"I'm fine." En groaned, sitting up. He rubbed his head in pain, before letting Io help him up.

There was no stopping Pukamon from hitting Kuwagamon's head, and being pushed against another tree, which cracked upon impact. The small creature whimpered as he fell to the ground.


En hadn't expect his heart to lurch at the sight of the little monster laying on the ground. He was running towards his new friend before he realized it. "Idiot!" He cried, lifting Pukamon back up. "Don't be so reckless! That thing could have killed you!"

Pukamon winced at being yelled it. "En..."

"But..." En exhaled slowly, shoulders sagging and a small smile forming on his face. "It was pretty cool how you attacked that thing. Thank you for saving me."

Smile returning Pukamon nodded. "Any time."

That chattering sound returned and Io gaped when he saw Kuwagamon returning, it flew much closer to the ground now. Pukamon's minor attack must have really angered it. "S-senpai !"

"Oh oh!" Upamon shrieked. "This is bad! Follow me!" He cried, and took off running. Or more like bouncing actually, considering he had no legs. Nodding Io followed it, he tugged at En's arm once to get the older boy to follow them.

And they ran.

The sound of Kuwagamon's snapping pincers followed them close behind. Too close. And the sound of trees snapping behind them was only motivating them to run faster.

"It's too big, we can't outrun it!" Io cried, between gasps for breath.

"Don't have too!" Upamon replied, stopping in front of a thick, blue tree. "In here!" And the little yellow had jumped into the tree.

Io and En froze, staring at the tree. Kuwagamon's chattering got closer and- "No time!" En cried, grabbing Io's wrist and holding onto Pukamon tightly as he jumped into the three trunk. 

Both boys were already panting, tired from their run and the fact that were in a room inside a tree, was slowly sinking in. 

The small space inside the tree was covered in metal, and looked like it was much bigger on the inside

"A hologram right?" Io whispered, slowly sinking down to sit on the ground to look at Upamon. "The tree outside isn't r-real? Right? " 

"It's for hiding." Upamon whispered in reply. Not that really told Io much.

The little digimon flinched when Kuwagamon's roar sounded far too close to their hiding tree.

"Be quiet now." En hissed at Io, pressing the boy's head down.

All of them ducked their heads. Curling up, they tried to keep as silent as possible. The roaring was so close and it felt like an eternity before the sounds finally went away.

And even when the sounds outside stopped, neither of them dared to make a sound. Not till-

"You can come out now. Kuwagamon is gone."

"That voice..." En lifted his head, a smile already forming on his face. "Come on. I know who that is." He told the others, before getting out of the tree.

Sure enough Atsushi was standing a few feet away from the tree, fiddling with the strap of his bag. "En-chan! Io! "The blue-haired boy smiled when his friends came out of the tree. "That was a close one! I saw you run, but Minomon and I couldn't come from our hiding place."

"Don't worry about it Atsu- Minomon?"

Io and En looked at the small creature that was floating besides Atsushi's shoulders. It was an odd looking one, it was a small green, bug-like creature whose lower body was sheltered in a pinecone-shaped cocoon.

Atsushi nodded and let go of his bag to grab a hold of his new friend. "En-chan, Io, this is Minomon, my very own... Something or other."

"Hello Atsushi's friend." Minomon shyly greeted En and Io, his cheeks getting slightly greener and the little digimon rested his cheek against Atsushi's shoulder. "Nice to meet you."

"Hi..." En replied awkwardly waving at the small creature.

"He looks harmless." Io stated. Then again so did Upamon and Pukamon. "But he's also like these." Io gestured to where Upamon and Pukamon were sitting, but then another monster bounced up to them.

This one was shaped like a ball, had a white face, and the rest of his body was covered in soft orange fur. This little monster had large red eyes, and a sharp, black horn on top of his head. "Hello!"

"They're multiplying!" Io exclaimed, stepping back in shock.

"Hi!" The new monster introduced himself to the three boys and their partners. The orange fluffball then turned around. "Hey Yumoto! Over here! I found more humans!" 

"Tsunomon!" Yumoto giggled running out from behind the bushes. "You found the others!" The eight-year-old shouted, and sat down in front of the digimon. Laughing, Yumoto picked Tsunomon up and cuddling his partner close. "And there's more fluffy friends here!" Yumoto shrieked in delight. 

"Yumoto!" Chiyo ran out from behind the same bushes Yumoto had come from. "You shouldn't run off! We don't know how many more monsters there are!" 

"Chiyo-san." Atsushi looked at the small furry creature in their camp group leader's arms."You too huh?"

"Yes I'm here too." 

"No," En rolled his eyes. "He means that you found a monster too." 

"Right..." Chiyo looked down at the yellow creature n her arms. A small smile on her face as she ran her fingers through her partner's thick, yellow fur. "Boys, this is Viximon, she was with me when I woke up."

Viximon was the size of a small cat, and looked like a fox cub, only with yellow fur and without a snout. Vixiemon had large, blue eyes and a fluffy yellow tail with a white tip. "Hello other humans." Viximon smiled, lazily waving her tail around, content with her place in Chiyo's arms.

Chiyo looked from the boys, to the small group of monsters gathered at their feet. "Well..." The girl put a hand on her hip. "You sure all made friends."

"Yup!" Pukamon agreed, clapping with his flippers. The other digimon nodded.

Curious, Io knelt down and looked at all the small creatures. They all looked so different. "What are you?" The boy tilted his head. "And that bug from earlier?"

"That's an easy one!" Upamon chirped. "We're digimon."

Atsushi blinked in surprise at the unfamiliar word. "Digimon?"

"Uh huh." Minomon nodded, making a sound without opening his pink mouth. "Digimon. Digital monsters."

"Digital Monsters huh?" En stretched his arms before sitting down with Yumoto on the grass. "That's nice... Well I'm En, and this is not what I signed up for when I went to Summer camp." The eleven-year-old said, turning his annoyed look to Chiyo.

"You think this is part of the progr- Are you nuts!" Chiyo huffed in frustration and ran her hand through her purple hair. "News flash, it's not! This... is all weird."

"It's really not some... scavenging hunt trick?" Atsushi asked, not sure if he was really surprised or not. Part of him had hoped that this had been a weird theme the camp introduced to force them all to be active or something.

Them being forced to do sports was by far the better option, than them having been... transported to this monster nest. "You... really don't know where we are."

ll kids were looking at her, for the first time since they came to Summer Camp, they truly looked at her and thought she'd have the answer, and they were willing to listen to her this time. But... "No..." Chiyo's shoulders sagged, and she felt a pang in her chest when the boys began showing their worry. "It's okay though, I can... find us a way back to camp." She quickly tried to assure them, looking at all five of the rem- Chiyo froze. "There's four of you... Which one of you is still missing?!"

"Pink." Io perked up, looking around, now very aware that his loud, bunk-mate wasn't with them. "Ryuu is still gone."

A loud scream of terror, had them all jumping to their feet and start running in direction the sound came from. They ran to an open field where they saw Ryuu come running towards them from behind a group of trees, still crying out in fear.

At first they thought Ryuu was running away from the small, pink, radish-like monster with a blue flower blooming on her head that was running after him.

It was proven how wrong they were, when Kuwagamon dove up from just behind Ryuu, crushing tree tops as it dived for Ryuu, who screamed and threw himself to the ground. Gasping when gigantic stag beetle flew past him.


The other kids waited for Kuwagamon to have flown past their heads too, before rushing to Ryuu's side.

"Ryuu!" Io called out again, stopping in front of the younger boy who hadn't gotten up yet. "Are you okay? "

The pink-haired boy was panting for air, and slowly sat up. He and Pyocomon had been running from Kuwagamon for a while already. "Io?" Ryuu looked at his friend and then at the others. "You're all here!"

"It's okay Ryuu." The pink digimon who stood at Ryuu's side said, nuzzling her cheek against her partner's knee. "I'll get him next time."

"Right." Ryuu briefly looked at Pyocomon to acknowledge her trying to comfort him, before letting Io pull him to his feet, and drag him along.

Kuwagamon was already coming back for them!

"Keep running!"

As if there was any need for Yumoto's instruction. Everyone had already figured that out, especially with how fast and big Kuwgamon was. The kids grabbed their digimon partners and ran.

Jumping Over fallen tree trunks and tripping over moist grass. Killing flowers in their wake. The kids ran as fast as they could.

"He's too fast!" Yumoto stopped in his tracks, eyes narrowing and first clenching. "We'll have to fight it!" The eight-year-old declared, turning around to face the monster.

Yumoto had only taken one step towards Kuwagamon, when Chiyo grabbed the boy's arm and started dragging him along.

"New camp rule!" Chiyo shouted, tightening her hold on Yumoto's arm. "No fighting with bugs bigger than you!"

They ran onto a dirt path, but there the group was forced to a halt when they reached the edge of a cliff.

Not thinking, En and Atsushi ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down. It was a high fall... that would led them right into a wild, streaming river. "I-it's a dead end!" Atsushi cried out, shuddering and taking several steps backwards to get away from the edge. "What now?"

Chiyo looked around wildly, "We have to find another path." But there was nowhere else to go but the end of the cliff, and the forest they'd came from.

None of the boys got the chance to question her, because right then Kuwagamon emerged from the trees behind them. The kids screamed and fright and ran to En and Atsushi near the edge of the cliff.

Kuwagamon flew towards the kids, roaring loudly in frustration.

"No!" Pukamon yelled, leaping out En's arms and attacking Kuwagamon with pink bubble again. The attack... was just effective as the first time, and the little digimon got thrown to the ground again.


Kuwagamon kept coming closer and the kids threw themselves to the ground. The monster flew low and attempted to tackle them so that he could get them between his pincers. Chiyo, Io, Ryuu and Yumoto screamed when the wind Kuwagamon created with his wings got stronger, strong enough to slowly push the backwards. Centimeter by centimeter.

Realizing that they needed to do something before it was too late, the digimon leaped up. "Digimon attack!" Viximon ordered the rest.

"Bubble Blow!" Viximon, Pyocomon and Tsunomon shouted, spitting pink bubbles at Kuwagamon.

"Shock Shout!" Upamon shrieked, letting out a high pitched sound wave to attack his enemy.

"Pinecone!" Minomon yelled, throwing hard pine-cones at Kuwagamon.

Their attacks hit Kuwagamon at the same time and the red beetle let out a loud screech, but didn't slow down at all. In the end it was just five tiny digimon against a large beetle twenty times their size. 

Their attacks did was make Kuwagamon change course slightly after ramming into them, and the beetle stumbled, bumping into a group of trees.
And six little monsters all had a painful meeting with the ground.

Slowly, the kids pushed themselves back up, crying out in horror when they saw their new friends lying on the ground, unmoving.

"Pukamon!" En yelled, rushing to the digmon's side and dropping to his knees besides him. "Idiot!" En cried again, carefully lifting the little guy up. "Why- How could you do that?!"

Pukamon groaned, and whimpered before his blue eyes fluttered open. "En..." The digimon winced. "I had to protect you."

Meanwhile the others had gone to their partners' sides too.

Ryuu angrily wiped his eyes, holding Pyocomon close with his other arm. "Pyocomon... That was really, really stupid."

"Tsunomon!" Yumoto didn't try to hide the tears that had filled his eyes at seeing his new friend get hurt. "Are you okay?!"

The little orange, fluff ball just gazed at Yumoto sadly. Why couldn't he be better at protect his partner like how it was supposed to be?

"Why did you do that?" Atsushi whispered, gently stroking his friend's soft green face.

Chiyo looked at her little, fox creature sadly. "Viximon... You- Ah!" Chiyo screamed when she heard that by now, dreadful chattering noise. "It's back!"

This time Kuwagamon didn't even bother to take flight. It didn't have to. It had the chosen children exactly where it wanted them. The monster roared, from its' position on the ground, and began slowly walking towards the group. Loudly snapping its' pincers in threat.

Swallowing nervously, Chiyo put herself in front of the group. This was definitely not how she imagined her summer job at camp.... But she had agreed to watch these boys. And that was what she was gonna do.

None of the kids noticed that they were backing away from the monster, not till there was no more space to back away to .

"Let me have him!"

Blue eyes widened and Chiyo looked down at Viximon. "Viximon? You can't!"

"Yes!" Viximon insisted, starting to wriggle so she could get out of Chiyo's grip. "Let me go! I have to protect you!"


Behind her, the rest of the kids were having the same problem with their digimon.

"Let me at him! Let me at him!" Pukamon yelled, frantically flapping his flippers to get out of En's hold.

En only held on tighter. "You're staying right here!"

Upamon was squirming too. "I can take him!"

"He'll push you off the cliff!" Io tightened his hold around his digimon. There was no chance that someone as small, and friendly as Upamon could survive a fight against Kuwagamon. "T-there has to be another way."

Yumoto hugged his partner as tightly as he could, this time Tsunomon didn't like being cuddled like that. "Y-you're not going to fight!" Yumoto cried. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"Minomon?" Atsushi looked at his partner in worry. "You too?"

"Uh huh!" Minomon nodded frantically. "I can do this!" The little digimon said, hitting Atsushi's arms with his little hands.

Pyocomon was waving with her little, root like feet, trying to get Ryuu to let her go. "Let me fight!"

"In your dreams!" Ryuu shouted, clinging to his partner tighter. "He'll crush you!"

En was having a hard time restraining Pukamon. For such a little guy, he sure could move a lot.

"Sorry En!" Pukamon whispered, large eyes on the arm holding him back. The little digimon took a deep breath before biting down on En's arm, getting the human to release him.

"Attack!" Pukamon cried when he saw the other digimon had followed his example and broke free from the kids' hold and began charging at Kuwagamon as well.


"No! Viximon!"


"Upamon! Wait!"


"Tsunomon!" Yumoto screamed running after his partner, he didn't want to lose his new friend and- he should stay safe! "Tsunomon!"

None of the kids heard that steady beeping sound come from the devices they had gained earlier that day. They didn't hear it, but all of them saw the bright, colorful lights that shot out of the digivices and surrounded their partners.

"Tsunomon digivolve to... Elecmon!"

"Pukamon digivolve to... Gomamon!"

"Upamon digivolve to... Armadimon!"

"Minomon digivolve to... Wormmon!"

"Pyocomon digivolve to... Piyomon!"

"Viximon digivolve to... Renamon!"

When the lights faded, the digimon had... changed.

"They're bigger!" Chiyo exclaimed, eyes trained on the tall, golden fox her partner had become. Her digimon was the tallest of the now changed digimon. She looked like a fox, but stood on her hind legs, and had purple markings on her knees.

The digimon continued on their charge like their change of form wasn't something that shocked them too. Kuwagamon was ready for them though and easily knocked all six digimon to the ground again.

This time the digimon had no trouble getting back to their feet.

"That’s nothing now!" Elecmon declared proudly, feeling so much stronger than before. The red mammal leaned back, looking very much like a cat about to leap at it's prey. "Sparkling Thunder! " He cried, shooting powerful bolts of thunder from it's nine tails.

Kuwagamon screeched in pain when the bolts hit it's head, and the large beetle tried to fly away, but Wormmon was having none of that.

"Sticky Net!" The green, larva-like digimon yelled, shooting strong webbing from his purple mouth and used it to pull at Kuwagamon's leg, keeping the larger monster from flying away.

"Good move!" Gomamon let out a small laugh. His voice hadn't changed much from when he was still Pukamon. Now in the form of a bigger, white seal, the digimon ran forward and rolled itself passed Kuwagamon's still leg, making the bigger monster trip and fall to the ground. "And stay down!"

Of course that wasn't enough to keep the gigantic beetle down though. Kuwagamon roared and started moving its' wings, trying to break free from Wommon's net.
"Oh no you don't!" The yellow digimon who looked like an armadillo with claws, cried. "Scratch Beat!" Armadimon cried, scratching Kuwagmon's side with his long, black claws.

"Out of the way, boys." Renamon stepped forward, and spread her arms. "Diamond Storm!" The fox digimon cried, releasing dozens of leaves, as sharp as diamonds, from her body.

Piyomon was flying in the air, flapping her short wings to get closer to Kuwagamon. "Magical fire!"  The pink, bird digimon yelled as she created twisting green flames around her beak and sent it flying towards Kuwagamon.

Renamon and Piyomon's attack hit Kuwagamon at the same time, and the beetle digimon screeched, it's upper body lit with green fire, and dozens of leaves were stuck in it's chest. Kuwgamon roared in pain, thin arms frantically waving around.

Till the giant insect fell back wards, landing in the bushes.

The kids stared at the digimon, who all waited with baited breaths to see if Kuwagamon would get back up or not. When the insect digimon remained unmoving, they all turned around, bright grins on their faces as they ran back to their chosen children.

"En!" Gomamon cheered, hopping over to En. "We did it! Did you see En?"

Stunned, En knelt down and looked at this creature. Gomamon looked so different from Pukamon. He had white, smooth fur with purple markings, and he was bigger. He had flippers, hind legs and a tail. But... He still had the same playful grin as before, and those were the same eyes En remembered waking up to earlier that day, even if they looked a little different. "I saw." En nodded, a grin of his own forming. "That was really cool, buddy."

"Tsunomon! You were so cool!" Yumoto laughed running over to Elecmon and picking the red digimon up, hugging him tightly. "And you had an attacked and sparkled! You're awesome!"

Piyomon flapped her wings and glided over to Ryuu. "Did you like it?"

Ryuu had a huge grin plastered on his face. "You bet!"

Nodding Atsushi bent down and picked Wormmon up. "That was impressive."

Renamon stopped two feet away from Chiyo and waited. Much to the girl's surprise, then it dawned on her that her new friend was waiting to be judged. Waiting for her approval. Chiyo smiled and walked over to the fox. "I'm so proud of you!" Chiyo threw herself at her partner, much to Renamon's surprise, and hugged her. "You were so cool!"

"You changed." Io stated looking down at Armadimon. He looked very different, which wasn't that heard considering that Upamon hadn't had an actual body before. Now Armadimon had one, one that was protected by a golden armored shell.

"Sure did." Armadimon nodded. "But I'm still me."

Io looked at his partner hard for a moment, then he smiled. "You are." Io agreed, petting Armadimon's head. "And you did really well out there."

The kids were all laughing and admiring their partner's new forms. They didn't notice Kuwagamon get back up, not until it was too late.

"En-chan! Chiyo-san !" Atsushi shouted in fear, when he saw Kuwagamon approaching them. "Look out!"

Crying out in fear, En, Chiyo and their partners ran back to the others at the edge of the cliff. The digimon got back in a fighting position again, but that didn't change what was about to happen.

They couldn't stop Kuwagamon from stabbing its pincers into the ground, creating cracks in the dirt. Cracks that slowly started to spread, and the cliff broke apart, separating itself from the rest of the land, and fell down.

Taking six screaming children and their digimon along with it, into the streaming cold river below.