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8 H/D Drabbles: Magical Artefacts

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Harry Potter had a map kink.

He was always stealing glances at one, muttering. And wherever Draco went, looking for a peaceful spot amidst the Hogwarts reconstruction, Potter turned up. Didn’t talk, just lurked.

Draco finally Accio’d the thing out of Potter’s hands. There were little dots scurrying about, labelled with people’s names. Intriguing.

Potter came running. “Mischief...”

“What mischief, Potter? When’s the last time you did anything for fun?”

They never hexed each other anymore, but surely teasing was allowed? Draco held the map behind his back. Potter lunged for it. They dodged back and forth. Potter circled both arms around Draco. For the sake of mischief, Draco kissed him.

Potter kissed back until Draco was in danger of going all sweet and soft, like a Chocolate Frog left in the sun.

Soon he lay beneath Potter, hero-snogged, sun-kissed. Delicious. Draco reached out lazily for the map. What! His name blocked out by Potter’s! Unacceptable. Draco rolled them over. Now he and his name were on top. Brilliant.

Could the map merge names? Put one inside another? Inquiring wizards want to know.

It could. Later, it did. (Draco Harry Potter Malfoy, Harry Draco Malfoy Potter.) But nobody was looking.