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The Unknown Land

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“If we had tried to understand each other sooner… how different would things be for us?”

Slaine is silent for a while and Inaho thinks he has fallen asleep, until Slaine answers,

“Does it really matter? And what would be different?”

Before Inaho has the chance to answer, Slaine chuckles darkly.  

“You were my enemy. I shot you. You lost an eye because of me…!” Slaine sighs. “I hated you… It never occurred to me that you would make me, despite all that I’ve done- that you would make me feel that… peaceful.” Slaine sighs, again. “We’ve reached this place. That’s all that matters to me, now. I don’t really know how things could be different.”

Your scars, Inaho thinks, after the warmth in his chest from Slaine’s words subsides just a little. Physical and mental. Your bloodstained hands. And so many other—

“Orange. I can’t see you right now in the dark, but I think I can hear the gears in your brain turning and turning. Give the poor thing a rest. Extensive overuse might damage it, you know. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already damaged, if we count all the empty gazes I’ve caught you with, today.”

Inaho ignores Slaine’s comment. “My brain is not a kat.”

“Oh, really? Because I thought—”

“Slaine, I wish things were different.”