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Kodomo no Yume

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Kodomo no Yume by Jeffery Mewtamer

Chapter 1: Rin's Dream.

Kagami Kuro and Usa Mimi were having a sleepover with their best friend
Kokonoe Rin. The three young girls, Rin wearing a nightie more
appropriate for someone twice her age, Kuro wearing an extremely baggy
pair of pajamas borrowed from Rin, and Mimi wearing a t-shirt that had
been offered by Rin's cousin and caregiver, Reiji, had long since
tuckered themselves out and were sleeping soundly in Rin's bedroom. As
the three slept, their budding sexualities were leading their dreams
towards some interesting places involving their respective crushes.

~Rin's Dream~

The light from a wood burning fireplace painted the study of Aoki
Daisuke in warm shades of red, orange, and yellow. In the middle of the
room sits a large, wooden desk, at which sits Daisuke in a high-backed
leather office chair, his back to the door. Preoccupied with his work,
the man doesn't hear the door being opened.

Walking up to his chair, Rin calls out, "Sensei!"

Putting down his pen, Daisuke speaks in a stern, yet calm tone,
"Kokonoe, it's half-past ten, why aren't you asleep in your dormitory?"

Letting a bit of nervousness slip into her tone, the girl replies, "I
couldn't sleep and was hoping I could get some of Sensei's warm milk to
help me relax."

Agitation slipping into his voice, Daisuke swivels his chair around,
scoldingly saying, "Kokonoe, how many times do I have to tell you..."
Only to be cut off at the sight of what the twin-tailed girl is wearing:
A camisole barely long enough to hide her girlhood from his sight with
spaghetti straps barely short enough to keep her budding breasts
covered, not that the thin, nearly translucent fabric is sufficient to
conceal that her tiny nipples are quite hard, though whether from
genuine arousal or the fact she's wearing way too little for being in a
room heated only by a fireplace isn't clear to the man.

Noticing the bulge in his pants and not giving him time to recover from
seeing one of his students practically naked, Rin shouts, "YAY! Sensei's
ready for me to suck out his milk!" Before dropping to her knees in
front of him, unzipping his fly, and engulfing his erect member with her

Nearly overwhelmed with the sensation, Daisuke can't bring himself to
force the girl to halt her fellatio, but feeling he needs to exert his
authority over his student, he chokes back a moan and says, "Kokonoe,
you need to stop!"

Pulling off of his member temporarily, and stroking him with her hand as
she speaks, Rin declares, "Sensei can punish me as he sees fit once I'm
done, but unless Sensei is willing to make me stop, I'm going to get my
fill of Sensei's milk before I stop!" Her declaration complete, she
resumes giving her teacher a blowjob.

Knowing he can't reason with her when she's like this and knowing he's
too soft to physically remove her from his cock, Daisuke sighs in
resignation as he reluctantly lets himself enjoy her ministrations.

After a minute or two of her treatment, Daisuke exclaims, "Kokonoe! I'm
about to!" but instead of pulling way, she only increases her efforts
and is soon rewarded with a mouthful of Daisuke's semen as the man

When he's done cumming, Rin pulls off of his wilting prick and opens her
mouth to reveal a pool of cum laying on her tongue and around her lower
teeth. With her mouth still half-full of her teacher's seed, she
comments, "Sensei's warm milk is so rich and creamy!" Before swallowing
the last of his load. Standing up and bringing a hand to her shoulder,
she continues, "But simply tasting Sensei's milk isn't enough!" Before
he can process the meaning behind her words, she has pulled the straps
of her nightgown off her shoulders and let the garment fall to pool
around her ankles. Blindsided for the second time in less than half an
hour, Daisuke's cock returns to full erection as his suspicions that she
wasn't wearing anything under the flimsy garment are confirmed.

Shivering in the cold room now that what little clothing she was wearing
has been discarded, the now naked girl steps out of the circle of fabric
at her feet towards her teacher. Placing one knee on the leather seat by
Daisuke's thigh, rin declares, "I don't know if Sensei's big, fat cock
will fit in my cozy, little cunny, but I can no longer resist the urge
to try impaling myself on Sensei's thick prick!" Now straddling her
teacher's lap, she lines his tip up with her virgin opening and places
her hands on his shoulders.

He snaps out of his shock at the sound of her lustfully saying, "I love
you, Sensei! And I forgive you for the pain you're about to cause me...
, but has no time to react as the gradeschool girl drops her hips,
forcing his member balls deep within her in one smooth motion.

Rin lets out an ear-piercing scream that echoes off the wood-paneled
walls of the cavernous room as her maidenhead is torn and his girth
stretches her internal walls too far, too quickly before collapsing
against his chest in sobs after the initial stab of pain. Fearing that
pulling her off of him will only hurt her further, he wraps the sobbing
and shivering girl in a warm embrace, gently rubbing her back as he
gives her time to adjust to the intrusion in her girlhood as well as
trying to warm her up from where the drafty room has chilled her.


Rolling his chair over to the fireplace and facing so she is between him
and the heat source, he can feel her shivering slowly subside as her
sobs grow quieter. After several minutes of her lying still in his lap
and breathing evenly, he starts to hope that she's fallen asleep and
that he can return her to her bed without further incident. His hopes
are dashed when he pulls her away from his chest to see her eyes puffy
and red from crying, but still wide open.

Pulling a hankerchief from his pocket to dry her remaining tears, he
asks, "Are you okay, Kokonoe?"

Quietly, she replies, "It hurt a lot more than I thought it would...."
She starts to rise off of his member, making him hope she'll let him
return her to her dorm room, but she once again dashes his hopes as her
cheerfulness returns and she exclaims, "But I think I'm ready to
continue!" before slamming her hips down on his member once again, this
time letting out a squeal of delight as he fills her most precious

As she starts to ride him with abandon, he drops his arms to his sides
and grips the armrests of his chair before speaking, "Kokonoe, you need
to stop! If I cum insi..."

Cutting him off, Rin replies, "It's okay, Sensei! I haven't started
having periods, so you can cum in me all you want and I won't get
pregnant!" Pausing in her bouncing upon his member, she muses, "I
suppose one of your sperm could catch my very first egg..." Resuming her
frantic fucking, she continues, "But that's a risk I'm willing to take
for the chance of feeling Sensei creaming my cunny!"

Minutes later, Rin gets her wish as a powerful jett of semen erupts from
Daisuke's cock deep within her. This sends her over the edge as well,
her gradeschooler pussy milking him for all he's worth.

As her climax subsides, she collapses against his chest, saying with a
yawn, "That was incredible, Sensei!" Shifting to a nervous tone, she
continues, "I guess it's time for my punishment, huh?"

Reluctantly admitting to himself that he enjoyed that and deciding she's
been through enough pain for one night, he pats her on the head and
responds, "I guess your punishment can wait until morning."

Letting out another yawn, she replies, "Thank you, Sensei!" Snuggling
against him, she adds, "Good Night, Sensei." Before drifting off to sleep.

"Good night, Kokonoe." he replies before the dreamscape fades to