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Twin Helix

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This story was started several years ago now, when I was working the graveyard shift in helpdesk - hence the listed post date of August, 2004, which is when it was originally finished. I bought the Exalted RPG books (first edition now, and I honestly haven't followed the game since then) because the universe fascinated me. Even though none of my gaming friends were interested in playing, the universe the game presented was interesting enough to write a story in - once I had the basic concept down, it flowed pretty much at the rate of several chapters a week.

Technically, this is not a well-done story, by my standards now at least. The same adjectives or adverbs were over-used in each chapter (in one chapter, I think I used "quickly" about eight times), and there are minor holes in the plot. Moreover, each chapter was written from start to finish in one go each time, and this shows as well in the writing. Nevertheless, I invite you to comment away - I'd like to see what stands out in your read of this work.

I am still proud of this story however, despite its many flaws - mainly because it was my first real novel-length story I've completed.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy. The first forty chapters are written from alternate points of view, the latter twenty with a more combined and fluid perspective. If you've any questions or comments, I'd be glad to hear them. Especially regarding tags and such, since I honestly have no idea how to tag this story.