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Making Up

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Boss? When... when you'd thought I left... why didn't you kill me?

I know I'm on a hit and really shouldn't be asking this right now... but you never did answer me.

Of course I wouldn't kill you! That'd be like cutting myself in half.

But no one leaves your service except in death. I just... I don't get it.

If I were causing you that much pain, why not be rid of me completely?

I guess... I had this faint hope that you'd come back to me.

And you did.

What would you have done? If I'd walked into the interview as me?

I don't know.


I /don't know./ I'd really rather not think on it. Something I'm sure I'd regret later.

I wanted to. I so desperately wanted to. I hoped you'd guess that day in the car, when I called you Jimmy.

Don't know why I didn't pick up on that one. Probably because I was still so raw from telling the story.

It took everything I had not to hug you. I cut my heart out every day that I was in your employ and couldn't tell you

Oh my Tiger...

I gotta get back to the hit I miss you Jimmy, be there when I get home. Please.

I'll try.

What do you mean you'll try?

I'm on a job as well.




See who needs my support.

That's... that's okay. I can handle that.

Don't worry, trying to get out of it as fast as I can.

As long as you don't get yourself killed

Please, it's a meeting of delegates.

Okay. Mark's on the move

Go. Aim true, my sniper.

Always, Boss.


Come back to me.

Done. God, that was beautiful Wish you'd seen it. On my way home now.


You'd have loved it. Perfect spray pattern. Single shot right between the eyes.

Mmmm, I love it when you talk about your work with me.

Lined him up in my scope, slowed my breathing until I was one with the gun, caught him in the crosshairs and just when he turned to look out on London, a dot of red on his skin and he crumpled.

Gives me chills.

You're always welcome to come with me as long as you don't distract me.

That would be difficult.

And why is that?

Because the image of you sighting down your scope, hands in those gloves, your arse in those jeans and the way the fabric of your shirt is stretched taut over your chest and shoulders... I'd be too busy either wanking or fucking you into the ground.

Then we'll just have to set me up on the roof and let you do it anyway.


Do I hear speechlessness?

Now that is a tempting thought. And no.


As in not speechless.

You weren't the /tiniest/ bit drooling at the thought of doing that to me? Struck dumb at the mental image, my arse clad in black leather...

Of course I was drooling, you twit. You're my /husband./ ...

Leather gloves sheathing my hands...

Leather? Since when do you have a pair of leather trousers?

Tight fitting, black knit top...

And /why/ haven't you worn them before?

Oh, oops... Happy birthday, Jimmy.

... Home. /Now./

Don't rush me.

Like /hell/ I'm not rushing you. I want to peel you out of those and fuck you into oblivion.

I /love/ the way you talk when you're horny, Jimmy.

Jesus, my stiffie is hard enough to break concrete right now. Glad I'm home and not at the meeting still.

Oh? You aren't having to sit at a table with other businessmen, holding still because you can't hide a little erection that your husband is giving you just with texts? What if I were on the phone with you now? Talking in your ear?

Usually I'm all for phone sex, but I'll wait 'til you get home. Why have a pale imitation when I could get the real thing straight from the source?

I would just describe what I'm wearing. And I'm not wearing the leather /now./ It's hidden away.

Dammit, Seb. You got my hopes up. : (

I can change! Jesus I was/am saving them for your birthday.

When's your birthday again? Sorry, love, I'm horrid at dates, you know this.

I'll let it slide. September 23.

... Mother/fuck./ All right. When you come home, there'll be a surprise for you.


You'll see. :3

Dammit, now I'm curious

And you know what they say about curiosity and cats...

But you don't want a dead Tiger. Just through the front doors.

Jim snickered as he hung up the phone and wriggled on the tiger-skin rug. The slightly coarse fur was nice against his bare skin as he heard the door to the flat unlock and then shut. Then he heard Seb clattering around in the kitchen, getting some water, tossing his bag into the corner... he could hardly wait.

"I'm baaaack," the sniper called, toeing off his shoes and leaving them in the middle of the kitchen.

"When you're done putting your shoes away in the right place, come to the bedroom," Jim called back.

"Motherfucker," he grumbled, trudging back and dropping his shoes in the tray by the door before stalking through the flat. "You are such a persnickety-" The rest of his sentence died in this throat.

Jim grinned as he saw Seb's jaw drop. He was spread out, naked, on the hide of one of Seb's kills, but he knew that wasn't the thing that made Seb go slack jawed. It was the sight of the leather collar with his dog tags hanging from it. "Happy belated birthday, love," he purred, purposefully making his Irish brogue thicker.

The blonde swallowed hard, shifting where he stood. "I... you... uh..."

He chuckled low in his throat. "Cat got the Tiger's tongue?"

Seb's blue eyes went dark. "Don't mock the Tiger, little cub. And look." He strode over and crouched down, grasping his tags. "You've got an owner."

"Less of an owner and more of a... hmm... more of a keeper. After all, as Kipling once said, "A cat walks by himself, O Best Beloved, and all places are alike to him." I find that befitting, don't you?"

"Colonel Sebastian Moran. Does he treat you well, pet?"

"Why? Are you wanting to take his place?"

"Just judging the competition. If such a... gorgeous little pet went and ran away, I'd like to know whether or not I have to return him. I don't... share."

"Well, if you're wanting to own me, to take me away from him... too bad. I'll claw out your eyes, tongue and heart before I'd leave him," Jim said, his lips curling into a feral grin.

"Good. Loyalty. I like that. What would you like then, little one?"

"My keeper, for one. And... I'm not adverse to a nice, rough fuck."

"Well, your keeper is right here and really, really horny. You look just delectable on this Tiger skin."

"Good... even made sure that it's one of your kills, Sebby," Jim said. He rolled over on to his back and stretched luxuriously, showing off the lean length of his legs and torso, the wiry muscle under his skin, the upward jut of his erect cock.

"Really? The three slash marks behind the ear?"

"Mmmhm. Check yourself."

He did, running his fingers over the preserved gouges. "Wow, Jimmy. I just... wow."

"As I said... happy belated birthday."

Seb tackled Jim, pinning him to the skin and kissing him soundly. "Thank you" kiss "I love you" kiss "I want to fuck you."

"You're welcome" kiss "I love you too" kiss "And do it. Fuck me into the ground, fuck me hard. Make me writhe and arch and burn. Make me scream."

The sniper groaned. "Strip me."

Jim did, rising and dragging Seb's black pullover off of his chest and shoulders, over his head. Then he sank to his knees and pressed a kiss to the bared skin at the waistband of his jeans before undoing the button and pulling down the zip with his clever mouth, letting his breath ghost over the thin fabric of his pants.

"Oh fuck... Jimmy... yeah, that's it... use that clever little mouth, pet."

Jim tugged Seb's pants and trousers down, helping him wiggle out of them before winding his arms around Seb's waist and hips, pressing kisses down from his navel, all the way to where his arousal tugged upwards. He avoided it, though, going around to kiss the tops of his thighs instead, letting his lips curl into a smirk.

"You're a tease, you little fucker," the blonde growled, shaking out his newly grown blonde curls and bucking up toward Jim's mouth.

Jim nipped lightly, a warning. "Taking my time, precious. Let me worship you."

He groaned, sinking back against the skin. "Sure... yeah..."

The smaller man snickered as he kissed his way down Seb's legs, down to his feet, even. He paused at the left one and ran his tongue around the brand that marked Seb as his before making his way back up, still avoiding his arousal. He paused again to nip at the vee of Seb's hipbones and up his belly and chest. He suckled at Seb's nipples each in turn before dragging his tongue along his clavicle and up his neck, his breath puffing warmly around his ears as he ran his tongue over the whorl of it.

Seb was quickly turning into a gibbering mess under the ministrations of his husband's tongue. He yelped when he felt it on his foot, moaned and whimpered during the nipple torture (Jim would deny that's what it was, but Seb wasn't fooled) and groaned very loudly to feel Jim's lips and warm, wet mouth on his neck and ear. "F-fuck, Jimmy... fucking porno mouth of yours..."

Jim chuckled darkly as he moved along Seb's jaw and stopped his mouth with a kiss, one that he knew would steal his husband's breath away; the blonde's eyes rolled back in his head, his hands clutching at the sides of Jim's face. He never wanted it to end, for them to part again; it had only been three months since they'd gotten back together, and everything was still a bit raw. When he finally couldn't breathe anymore, he broke it, licking teasingly at his husband's swollen lips. "Lube, love."

Jim nodded and passed the lube to him, unable to contain a little wriggle of excitement. Seb snorted. "Really? Really? God, I swear sometimes you're five years old."

"So I'm eager. Sue me."

"Awwwww, don't pout little pet. Ruins that pretty mouth of yours," the sniper growled, kissing him briefly. "On your belly, pet. Let Sebby take care of you now."

Jim shivered and did as he was told, the fur tickling his hard nipples and his arousal in the worst way. Liberally slicking his fingers, Seb teased Jim's entrance, trailing his cold digit around the puckered hole until he slowly slipped it in, pumping gently until Jim could take a second one. He was already planning how he wanted to take the man, but until then, he wanted everything nice and slow.

The smaller man arched and gritted his teeth, a moan of pleasure escaping through them as he felt Seb's fingers pump and curl inside of him. "Good... but... need... more," he groaned.

"More?" Sebastian started chuckling, removing his fingers and lowering his mouth to Jim's backside. "Should be more specific than that, Jimmy," he growled before licking his way down and thrusting his tongue into the loosened entrance, his hands kneading the Irishman's arse.

Jim gave a short cry of surprise as he felt the heat and wetness of Seb's tongue inside him, writhing against him. "Fuck!" he hissed. "OhfuckingChrist, Seb. Need your cock..."

The blonde only hummed to show he'd heard, adding one finger back in with his tongue to really drive the smaller man mad. The Irishman's hands were fisted in the loose hide, the knuckles going white. "Oh fuck... oh fuck. Sebby... please..."

Taking pity on the man, Seb withdrew, slicking himself up and wiping his hands off on his discarded pullover. "Hands and knees, pet. Wanna hear those tags jingle while I fuck you."

Jim again did as he was told, trembling slightly in pent-up pleasure. Grasping his husband's hips, Seb guided his length inside, easing in and thrusting ever so gently until he was buried to the hilt. "Fuck," he groaned, dropping his head to Jim's shoulders and kissing along the scars.

Jim wriggled slightly against him, feeling goosebumps rise along his arms as Seb kissed along the wings on his back. "That, I believe, is the idea."

"Oh, so you want it like that? Hold on to something then, pet." With an animalistic snarl, Seb snapped his hips, driving deep enough to hit Jim's prostate on the first go before setting up a brutal pace, gripping Jim's hips so he left bruises in the skin.

Jim cried out as Seb hit his prostate, thrusting hard. He could feel the tight grip that his husband's fingers had on his hips and relished in it. "Oh yes! Oh Sebby... Master... fuck me..." he panted as Seb moved.

The blonde removed one hand to press down on Jim's upper back, lowering his top half to the floor and sticking his arse even higher into the air. Taking advantage of the change in angle, he stood and widened his stance, really fucking the smaller man in earnest. "Like-that-do-you?"

Jim was unable to reply, his breath leaving him in harsh gasps, moaning in ecstasy as Seb took him hard. When he managed to somewhat catch his breath, he said "Oh-yes. I-love-it... I-love-you."

Seb could feel himself getting close, seeing Jim's pert arse in the air and hearing the filthy words pouring from his mouth doing a number on the older man. Tugging Jim back up to his hands and knees, he reached around and began stroking him. "The-rug-is-worth-more-than-your-life... not-a-drop-on-the-fur."

Jim snarled and whined as he felt Seb stroking him, feeling himself rocketing towards the edge, beginning to twitch and jerk under Seb's rough hands.

"Cum-for-me-pet. Only-for-me."

Jim tensed and shuddered, moaning Seb's name as he came. He was careful as well, catching his seed in his cupped hands as it spilled from him. Three thrusts later, Seb followed, gasping and snarling and growling as he spilled into Jim, carefully pulling out of his lover. "Don't... move..."

Jim did as he was told, trying to hold perfectly still, even as he twitched slightly from the aftershocks of pleasure that still coursed through his body.

"Now then... good enough to eat," Seb purred, lapping up where his release was trickling from his husband, cleaning him up with his slightly rough tongue. "All right. You may relax now."

Jim quaked as he felt Seb's tongue on him, then carefully maneuvered so that he was kneeling before Seb as he lapped up what he had spilled from his palms, looking up at his husband through his lashes.

The blonde noticed instantly, groaning with want and pleasure. "What you do to me," he whimpered, taking one of Jim's hands and licking the fingers clean.

Jim purred as he crawled forward, nuzzling against the sweat-slick skin of Seb's belly.

"C'mere." Sebastian pulled them down so that he was laying fully on the rug and Jim was on his chest. His fingers toyed with his tags where they were on the collar. "Can't b'lieve y'did this," he mumbled, pressing kisses to Jim's sweat-damp hair.

"Well, I did miss your birthday," Jim said as he rested against his husband.

"Doesn't matter."

"Does to me."

"R-really?" he whispered.

"Really," Jim replied, taking a deep breath and drawing in Seb's scent.

"Well then... I know yours isn't for a few weeks, but I think I'll give you your gift early. A week from today, meet me on the roof at ten pm. You're not allowed up there beforehand, you can't send me on a job that night, and no spying with the CCTV cameras."

One of Jim's eyebrows went up. "Really? Now I'm intrigued."

"You'll like it. Trust me. Sleep now, though. Wanna cuddle on my new rug."

Jim nodded and smiled, curling up against his husband, taking in his warmth.

"G'night, Jimmy. Tiger's got you."

"Good," Jim murmured sleepily. "Good."