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Utter Defeat

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"Why are you my roommate again?" Miyuki asked as he cleaned up the mess Kuramochi left on their apartment floor.

"Because, Bakayuki, I'm the only that can tolerate you enough for long periods of times in close quarters," Kuramochi stated from his spot in front of the television where he was playing a baseball video game.

"You call that tolerating?" Miyuki mumbled in disbelief while cleaning. He couldn't really think of a time they actually "tolerated" each other. Most of their conversations ended with Kuramochi getting pissed, but it technically was Miyuki's fault for that. At least Kuramochi didn't use his wrestling moves on him like he did with Sawamura. Why did he decide this was a good idea again?

"Oh yeah," Kuramochi called out, his eyes still trained on the television. "Have you gotten anything for Nori yet?"

"For what?" Miyuki frowned as he put the baseball magazines back in the basket by the couch.

"For Christmas," Kuramochi stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Not yet," Miyuki sighed as he stood straight. "Why?" He looked over and noticed that Kuramochi had paused the game. The shortstop was turned toward him with unbelieving eyes. "What?" Miyuki asked annoyed.

Kuramochi's lip twitched up as he tried to hold back the smirk. "You do realize... that Christmas is tomorrow, right?" The smirk spread a little wider.

"What? No it's not..." Miyuki laughed as he pulled out his phone and sure enough the date said it was December 24th. "Shit..." Miyuki chuckled nervously.

Kuramochi snickered. "You are so screwed."

"There's got to be something..." Miyuki frowned as he tried to think of something that he could give to Nori. Something that would at least be good enough so that he could make up a story about the other half of the gift not arriving yet...

"Why don't you just offer yourself as the gift?" Kuramochi laughed. He enjoyed watching Miyuki stress. Might as well tease him a little too. But he did not expect Miyuki to look at him in surprise. A slow smirk stretched across the catcher's face. "What are you doing?" Kuramochi asked as Miyuki began to type furiously on his phone. He stood and walked over. Looking over his shoulder, Kuramochi's jaw hung open. "You can't be serious?"

"What~?" Miyuki sang out as he sent the message. "You were the one that suggested it!" Miyuki laughed at the message that read Merry Christmas, Nori! I'm your present!.

"I... didn't think you'd actually say it." Kuramochi deadpanned.

Miyuki smirked victoriously. "The only thing I regret is not being able to see Nori's embarrassed face..."

Kuramochi felt guilty. What had he done to Nori? "How the hell does he put up with you?"

"Who knows!" Miyuki laughed as his phone rang signaling a new message.

He flipped his phone open, and Kuramochi leaned over the catcher's shoulder to get a better view. He read Nori's response and tried not to laugh. He really tried not to laugh. He even held his breath, but his loud laugh broke through. He laughed so hard that he fell to the floor clutching his stomach. "Oh my god!" He yelled out as tears came to his eyes. "Who knew Nori had it in him? This is gold!"

He continued to laugh while Miyuki just stared at the message on his phone.

Can I get the receipt?

How? Why? He thought it would have been perfect. How had Nori shut him so easily? He was supposed to be so shocked and embarrassed! Not... Not this!

Kuramochi was able to calm himself long enough to say, "He really showed you!" But one look at the irritated catcher's face sent him into hysterics again. Miyuki looked so defeated for once.

"Shut up," Miyuki frowned as he typed viciously into his phone.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone...

"I feel horrible..." Nori admitted as he looked at his phone. His face was still bright red from reading the message Miyuki had sent him, but Shirasu had come to his rescue.

"Don't," Shirasu smirked as he flipped through one of their music magazines. "He set himself up for that one."

"He's going to know it wasn't me that sent it..." Nori sighed as he hung his head. He was always weak to Miyuki. The catcher knew that and always teased Nori.

Shirasu laughed. "I don't think so." Nori looked at him, unconvinced. "He's probably too shocked to even think straight."

Nori smiled slightly. "Yeah... He probably forgot Christmas is tomorrow."

Shirasu smiled. "Probably."

"I hope Kuramochi doesn't torture him too much..." Nori chuckled softly.

Shirasu laughed again, a little louder this time. "Kuramochi is going to have a field day with this one."

Nori shook his head slightly as his phone buzzed. He opened it and saw he had another message from Miyuki.


Nori just laughed. He'd finally gotten the best of Miyuki even if he did have some help.