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Training a Dominant

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It smelled like heaven. Samuel hugged Kurt's pillow, letting the scent of product wash over him as he fluffed it. He smoothed his hand along the place where Kurt's body would have lain the night before. Did he sleep alright? Were the pillows too many, or too few? Sam had tried to do little things to make this new place familiar and comforting for his Master. He didn't know if it was helping.

Sam pulled the pillowcase off and placed it in the pile to his left. He replaced it with a freshly laundered one, sad for the loss of Kurt's scent. He climbed onto the bed, wrestling for a moment with the fitted sheet before it submitted to the demands of the adamant tugging. This bed would be perfect, the sheets egyptian cotton just as Kurt's delicate skin needed and with precisely 3 pillows for his use. Sam sighed as he rearranged the vanity, none too subtly shifting all of Sebastian's items and product to a mere fifth of the space. It was still too cramped for all of Kurt's creams and sprays, but it would have to do.

A clatter from shoes in the hallway made Sam jolt away from the vanity, lunging down to his knees to seem like he was gathering the bed linens. He didn't want to be caught doing anything but what he was told by the head of the staff.

Sebastian had to physically restrain himself from running along the last corridor . His long legs could not bring him faster to the bathroom. He tugged on his tie, it stuck around his neck, so tight, so restricting, like a collar. He could barely breathe. The piece of clothing fell on the threshold as he bargained into the room, the force of his push slamming the door against the wall. He walked straight to the windows on the other side and fumbled with opening one while trying to get off his shirt at the same time. He needed the air. He couldn’t breathe.

When Sam wasn't ordered out, or to hurry, he glanced up. What he found was Sebastian, looking…. well, terrible. He inched a little closer. "Sir? It's not ready, yet, but it will be in a moment."

Sebastian twisted from the window, surprised to see the man. He took a deep breath and asked, “What’s not ready? Aren’t you supposed to be downstair, helping the guests out?” He accused, damning his fast temper.

"I was sent up to prepare the bedroom for sleep… It's my duty, Sir." Sam was regretting drawing attention to himself already.

“You do this often…?” Sebastian only now noticed the sheets looked different. It was such a simple thing, making bed for both of them. For Kurt, because Sebastian didn’t doubt that was Sam’s motivation. To keep his Master happy and comfortable.

"I turn down the bed every night. I wash and change the sheets every week. Usually on Friday, Sir." Sam kept his head bowed as he responded. "If you prefer another sub take the task, I will inform them immediately and switch duties…." Sam's fingers curled into the striped pillowcase.

“No. It’s okay. I understand.” Sebastian gave him a smile. It stayed on his face as he slid down on the floor, leaning against the wall, his eyes still fixed on the bed.

Sam inched closer to the slumped Dominant. There was something very wrong about the way he was acting. In fact, from the few times he'd glimpsed Sebastian at the party, the man seemed distracted and fatigued. "Sir, are you okay? Can I fetch you anything?"

“You’re a really good boy, you know. Always thinking about Kurt. I mean, fuck, he didn’t even touch you in, what, a week? But you’d still do anything for him.” Sebastian brought his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them as his eyes filled with tears. “That’s really something,” he choked out.

"Thank you, Sir." Sam inched a little closer. This was nothing like the cocky Sebastian he knew. The Dominant almost looked like he was coming down off of a…. a bad session. "Can I help you, Sir? May I touch you?"

Sebastian covered his face with his hands to block the tears from view. He laughed out loud, it was just like him to make a scene in front of a sub. “I don’t know,” he said quietly. “You should go away probably, it’s not safe for you here.”

"I don't want to leave, Sir. I want to help you." He reached out, his hand carefully unbuttoning the cuffs of Sebastian's poorly pulled away dress shirt. "Let me help Sir get undressed."

Sebastian let Sam move his arms and pull the clothing off them. He dropped back against the wall, his head still spinning a bit from alcohol. “Are you not scared at all?” He asked, staring passively at his hands. “All alone with a Dom in a room.”

Sam folded the shirt and put it to the side. "Should I be scared, Sir?"

“Yes.” Sebastian frowned. “Dave wasn’t and look where it got him.” The reminder of his disastrous session brought up another sob. He didn’t even check on him. He didn’t even try to find him after the party, too taken with his own feelings. Maybe it was for the better. Dave had Kurt now. Sebastian couldn’t think of a single reason his presence would make things better. “I’m... I’m just so…,” he cut himself off, crying again.

"I don't feel scared, Sir." The Dom was clearly suffering. Sam pet his hand down Sebastian's forearm. "Dave looked fine, last I saw him, Sir."

“He’s not fine!” Sebastian screamed. “You have no idea what I did to him! The things I… I made him think are normal. I’m just like Blaine,” he added quietly. “I’m just like him.”

Sam swallowed hard, not wanting to believe that Sebastian could be anywhere near as bad. "Did you make him finger himself in the middle of the party and invite everyone to watch, Sir?"

“What…?” Sebastian looked up, confused. “No… but that doesn’t mean… I would enjoy that,” he said, surprising himself as much as Sam. “I would love to make him do it.” He grimaced, disgusted with himself.

"No? Then what did you do? Did you force him into a dark corner and put out cigarettes into his skin and tell him he wasn't allowed to cry?" Sam spoke in a neutral tone, asking as if he was honestly curious what Sebastian had done.

“No.” Sebastian grunted in frustration. “Stop that. Stop running scenarios like from some S&M magazine. You don’t understand.” He wiped the tears off his cheeks with an angry swipe of a hand. “Just because I didn’t do it doesn't mean I won’t. I have that potential in me, I… I like seeing him in pain. Seeing his skin marked with my own hands? It’s what gets me off.”

"I'm sorry you don't like those, Sir. I was just trying to understand why you were like Blaine. Those are what he enjoys." Sam smiled thinly as he refused to let the memories overtake him. "I do understand, Sir. You're afraid that what you like makes you a terrible person that no sub would ever want to stay with."

“I know it does,” Sebastian said firmly. And then the meaning of Sam’s words clicked in his mind. “Wait… You… Oh god. Does Kurt know?” A part of him wanted to reach out for the sub and hold him, but he knew it’s better to keep his dirty hands to himself. The last thing Sam needed was more violence enacted on his body.

"Yes. He knows." Sam took a deep breath, opening his eyes to connect with Sebastian's. His hand pet Sebastian's arm in slow steady touches. "Blaine never found himself trembling and crying because of it. You are very different from him, Sir. I do not feel afraid. I'm sure Dave will tell you he is not afraid either."

“I don’t know if he’d want to talk to me after today,” Sebastian admitted miserably.

"Tell me about it?" Sam didn't want to leave Sebastian in this state to fetch Dave. There was a good chance that in this state Sebastian might hurt himself by carelessness, if not self-hatred.

Sebastian nodded, sitting up. He couldn’t look straight at Sam, listing all the ways in which he failed was too embarrassing. “First, I used him in the library.” He shifted uncomfortably. “He was just reading something but I was horny so I f-fucked his mouth. Gods, I was such a dick,” he added reminiscing their argument. “But that wasn’t enough. I wanted more, even though he said he’s had enough. I bet he just agreed to go to the punishment room out of obligation. I beat him up, badly, Sam… I couldn’t help it, it’s been so long.” He took a jagged breath. “And then. Then I just left him there.”

"Why did you leave him?" The cause of this mental state was becoming more clear. Dave and Sebastian had shared a rather intense session together and weren't able to regroup. His mind went to Dave, hopefully Jeff or Kurt had found the sub before he could go into sub-drop.

“I needed to start the conference. You know, with press. Everyone was already waiting for us when I hauled him downstairs. I knew it, I was just too selfish to let go.”

"You didn't have a choice but to leave him." Sam ran his hands down Sebastian's side. "Did he need you too? Just as badly?"

“Of course I had a choice! He should’ve come first!” Sebastian shrugged the hand off. “He always needs me. I have to tell him he did good, I have to take care of his wounds and soothe him and I didn’t do any of it!”

"Then fix it. You always have the power to fix it. To make it right." He wasn't what Sebastian needed, it was obvious the Dom wasn't going to be able to be eased out from under the weight of Dom-drop by just any sub. "I will fetch David."

“Wait! Just… tell him he doesn’t have to come if he doesn’t want to, okay?” Sebastian’s eyes were wide. “I didn’t order anything, okay?”

"Of course, Sir. David will come if he wants to come." As if Sam had the power to order Dave to do anything.

Sam slipped out of the room, walking fast as he could to where the party was finally winding down. Where was the big boy when he needed him? He went down to the ballroom, sneaking by the walls to not catch anyone’s attention and get forced into the cleaning team. The room was emptying out, the few guest who stayed were all occupying one table, too involved in a conversation to get a hint and leave. Sam’s heart jumped at the thought that he might run into Kurt. His Dom is probably by the door, saying his goodbyes thinly veiled with insults and too tired to care. Sam sighed, he didn’t have time to go to him, what a surprise. He left the room and turned in the direction of the kitchen. If Dave was not working, he must be with Jeff. The muscular, cantankerous Dominant always put him on edge, but Dave seemed to like the guy. Sam slipped into the short cut for servants and walked right into the middle of a joyful group of Doms and submissives crowded in the kitchen of the estate, early celebrating the end of a successful event. Everyone’s eyes focused on him as if he was some exotic discovery. Awkward.

Dave was rough-housing with Puck, one of the submissives in charge of the grounds. The two were having great fun smashing leftover food in each other's faces and issuing headlocks. In fact Dave was in one such headlock when he noticed the blond.

"Sam! Join in, plenty of leftover food about to go bad."

Sam stepped from one foot to another, not liking how the conversations quieted down with his arrival. Were they talking about him? No. He’s paranoidal. But they could’ve been. Sam bit his lip and lowered his eyes, hoping the posture will let them know he doesn’t want any trouble. “Dave. You’re needed in your Master’s bedroom,” he said quietly.

"Oh!" Dave lit up and wiggled out of Puck's loosened hold. "Of course! Night guys, Night Jeff! I'm off to see Sir!" With soft laughter following him, Dave walked out of the kitchen beside Sam. "I didn't think he'd send for me so soon."

“He didn’t.” Sam breathed a sigh of relief when the heavy door closed behind them. “I’m sorry to burst your good mood, but Sebastian is Dom-dropping hard over what happened today. You need to calm him down.”

Dave's face scrunched as he tried to muddle through what Sam said. "Dom-dropping? What the hell does that mean? Is he hurt?"

“Not physically!” He reassured him quickly. “But he’s not in a good place. Have you ever felt bad after a session with him? Abandoned or not cared for?” He asked. It was obviously not a case right now and Sam wasn’t sure if Dave even experienced the concept. “Have you had a sub-drop?”

"That hasn't happened in a long time!" Dave jumped to defend Sebastian. The man had looked after him, made him feel safe, much safer than he'd ever felt before. Dave took a long breath, reminding himself that Sam wasn't the enemy. In fact, he was a friend who knew a hell of a lot more about being a good sub than him. "Sub-drop is where you start bad spiralling in your head because you didn't do good enough for your Dom to want to stay after he was finished, right?"

“Yes, yes, something like that.” Sam sped up, scared what Sebastian might be doing all alone. “Wait a second, no! Ugh.” He pinched a bridge of his nose, it’s going to be a miracle if he’ll be able to fall asleep without a migraine. “It’s not that you did something wrong. It’s about your Dom neglecting to take care of you afterwards, which evokes those feelings of inadequacy. What I meant is, the aftercare is a mutual business. I know Sebastian left you today without completing the session. It came back to bit him hard in the ass.”

Dave took the stairs two at a time, the explanation increasing his anxiety over his Dom. Dave had felt like worse than nothing after certain sessions, he knew what a bleak place his mind could become. The idea of his strong, wonderful Sebastian enduring the same because he wasn't there…. He wanted to cry. "What do I do? How do I help?"

“Just be there for him. I don’t know.” Sam shrugged. “I tried to reason with him but he wouldn’t listen. He keeps saying he’s just like… Anderson,” Sam added softly.

"Oh, fuck that!" Dave growled as he rounded the corner to Sebastian and Kurt's bedroom. He nearly collided with the door as he threw it open. "Sebastian!"

The Dom’s head snapped up from where he was busying himself with biting off all his nails and he pressed against the wall as if it could swallow him up, shaking lightly. Sam sighed over the dramatics of the other sub, ‘bull in a China shop’ was really not the role to play when someone was dropping next to you.

"Sir!" Dave rushed to Sebastian, falling to his knees in front of his shuddering Dom. "Sir, Sebastian… I'm here."

“Why are you here?” Sebastian looked close to crying again. “Did he tell you you had to come? I didn’t mean to force that on you too. I’m so sorry.” He folded himself in a tight ball against the wall.

"No. I'm here because I need to be here. Sir, please." Dave reached out to Sebastian, his big paw covering Sebastian's hand. "You didn't force anything. I want to be here. I love you, Sebastian."

Sebastian shook his head. His finger itched to intertwine with Dave’s, the small contact point was not nearly enough for his spinning mind. “You shouldn’t… you shouldn’t say that just to please me. I know I don’t show it right but,” he hiccuped, “you are really good to me, just the way you are.”

"Punish me later, but you don't know shit." Dave grumbled at his clearly delirious and delusional Dom. He tugged Sebastian up by the arms and placed him down on the bed. He then knelt on the floor beside it and took Sebastian's hand by the wrist. He placed his own head against Sebastian's hand. "You are my Sir, my Sebastian. You take care of me and I crave every fucking thing you give me. I fucking love you, so stop acting like I don't know my own fucking feelings."

Sebastian curled in embryonal position, his hand stayed in Dave’s hair. He pet him sadly. “You just… you’ve never known better. I understand if… you want to try working things out with Kurt. You should do it. You have some sample of what being dominated should feel like.” He closed his eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

"I love you…" Dave growled, not knowing how to make Sebastian see it. He always felt overwhelmed by Sebastian's dominance, in bad ways at first, but now it was so good to let go and know that Sebastian had complete control of him. He looked to Sam. "What do I…? Sam, help me!"

“I just can’t do it anymore.” Sebastian sobbed, his face hid under his arm. Kurt’s and Blaine’s words mixed in his head, a buzzing reminder of his failures. “I promise I won’t punish you, I promise,” he repeated. How scared of him Dave had to be to go to such lengths? He let go off the sub.

Sam was at loss. “I don’t know, what do you normally do after punishment?” His arms flopped at his sides. “I’ll get Kurt. Just try to calm him down.” He cringed at his own words, well aware how useless the advice was.

Dave nodded once at Sam before pulling himself up onto the bed. Sam left the two alone, hoping it wouldn't end worse for them both.

"Don't you dare let go of me." Dave was more than grateful for his strength and bulk as he manhandled Sebastian. He wrapped his Master's arms around himself and clung to the warm skin. "Sebastian, I need you. Please, Sir. I need you."

Sebastian tightened himself around Dave on instinct. “What do you need?” The question also came automatically. “Are you okay? Did you get help after the punishment? Was there someone to take care of you?” With every tearful ask, his mind focused more on the man in his arms and less on his own spinning thoughts.

"I need you. I need you to hold me." Dave noticed the shift in questioning. Good, he wanted Sebastian's mind off of the idiotic idea of giving him up. "I'm okay. I slept and I hugged the blanket you gave me. I missed you, but I was okay."

“Tell me about later. You were working, right? Did you get anything to eat? I know servants are not supposed to leave the ballroom, but you should’ve changed with someone, it was six hours without anything. You must be tired and I keep you from going to sleep.” The hitch in Sebastian’s voice was back.

Dave tried hard not to growl in frustration. "I was working. Jeff gave me food and water before he let me out. I mostly knelt next to Kurt and fetched him food. I didn't overstrain myself. Oh! And I smushed pie into Puck's stupid strip of hair he calls cool."

Sebastian choked out a laugh. “I should tell him to shave that off a long time ago. The worst is when he grows out hair. It looks like a small animal died on his head.” He pressed a kiss on top of Dave’s forehead. “So you… you’re okay?”

"It does! So glad he killed the skunk on his head when summer came. Somehow Tina still loves him." Dave beamed, taking the laugh as a sign he was doing this right. "I'm okay. I'm really happy right now."

It took Sebastian a moment to remember who Tina was, but he nodded anyway. “Happy? You’re happy with me?”

"Blissful. I didn't think you'd have time for me with the party and all. I'm so happy anytime I can be near you." Dave shifted a little so he could see Sebastian's face.

“Me too,” Sebastian said softly. “Me too, Dave.” He leaned in to peck his lips.

"Sebastian!" Kurt pushed the door open with a slam. Dave's heart jumped into his chest at the sound as he clung to Sebastian.

Sebastian pinned Kurt with a death glare. “What!” He tightened his arms around Dave as if Kurt was going to tell him to leave him again. “Never heard of knocking?” His face still held signs of crying but his voice was the usual cutting sneer reserved only for the most irritating of fiancés.

"Oh good, he's here, and obviously returning you to your usual tempestuous self." Despite the snarkiness, Kurt's tone was relieved. "Sam, shut the door, pet. I don't think any of us need to be anywhere else for the rest of the night."

“That’s what I was going to just say.” Sebastian snipped but his body relaxed against Dave’s. “Dave is staying for the night and so is Sam.”

"Clearly, you have the best ideas, then." Kurt smirked at the haughty tear-stained Dominant.

Dave put his fingers against Sebastian's lips, trying to distract his Sir from starting a fight just because he was seen vulnerable.

Sebastian couldn’t help himself. His submissive was trying to dictate his conversation with another Dom. And his skin smelled of chocolate and cream. He caught the fingers between his teeth and bit down.

Dave yelped and pulled his finger back to the safety of his chest. He wrinkled his nose at Sebastian, but couldn't hold the fake irritation long before he grinned.

He kissed the sub’s hair again, apologizing for the bite, and run a hand over Dave’s back. It’s been a while since he felt so at peace. He tugged up the shirt Dave was wearing. If there was a way to better this moment, it would involve skin on skin contact. A lot of it. As Sebastian tugged off Dave's shirt he allowed himself a small smile at the scene he caught a glimpse of occurring across the bed.

When Sebastian finally shut up, Kurt rolled his eyes and sat down on the bed, more than glad for Sebastian's taste in ridiculously large furniture. "Sam…?"

Sam stepped to his Dom and knelt before him, a little shaky. It’s been so long since he was allowed the privilege. “Yes, Sir?” He congratulated himself on not sounding as out of breath as he felt.

Kurt's hand was not shaking, it was just the jog he'd made to get here after Sam alerted him. Long thin fingers wove into Sam's hair, the texture making him have to sniff to keep tears at bay. "Good boy. My beautiful good boy. Thank you for fetching me. Thank you for bringing David. You did so good."

A good boy would take the praise gracefully and thank for it. Sam lunged at his Dom, wrapped his arms around his thin waist and burying his face against Kurt’s stomach. “S-sir.” The familiar scent was overwhelming.

"Get up here, beautiful." Kurt hugged Sam, trying to press all of his love into the embrace. It was impossible. Instead he wrapped his arms around Sam.

Dave's shirt flew over the heads of Kurt and Sam as the bulky submissive was stripped for his Sir. Whatever Sebastian wanted was easy to give right now. He was exactly where he should be. He heard Kurt's high giggle behind him and knew he wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Kurt's eyes connected to Sebastian. "For my part in it, I'm sorry for pulling you out of the session too early."

“Apology accepted.” Sebastian nodded. “For my part… fuck you for doubting me.”

"Excuuuse me?" Kurt's voice took on the shrill quality that had both subs wincing.

“What, am I supposed to say sorry for handling the press the best I could?” Sebastian propped himself on an elbow, all the vitriol brought up by their previous fight bubbling up. “For saving your company in the long run? I do hope you’re not serious.”

"For leaving me out there to deal with the wolves. They brought up that awful scandal rag and my father. Then you swoop in and act like I don't have a voice at all and you run everything. Not in the plan. Of course I'm irritated at you for taking a different approach." Kurt pet Sam's hair, trying to sooth himself. Sam's touch alone was doing wonders for him not strangling the other Dom.

Sam leaned into it to keep himself from interfering. If Smythe could just see further than the end of his own nose for once… It would save a lot of fighting.

Sebastian smirked. “Why can’t you see it for the compliment that it is? I knew you could deal with them, theater background and all.” He knew he was pushing it, but hell if he was going to apologize after Kurt’s mean comments send him spiralling. The lack of trust from his supposed friend was not helping to settle him either.

"Sebastian, you're being a dick." Dave grumbled, fulling accepting any punishment that would come from the Doms for interfering. Hell, if he was going to be silent while they kept being complete idiots to each other.

“But…!” Sebastian looked down in shock. “Even you are against me now? So I made Kurt look like a sub, okay, but,” he looked at the Dom, “weren’t you the one preaching about how it’s not an insult because we’re equal? Honestly, I thought you’re comfortable in your own skin enough to not be this insecure,” he put his nose in the air.

"For the love of..." Kurt huffed and gave himself a moment to kiss Sam's hair. "It's not supposed to be an insult. Subs are equals, as Dave just proved." Kurt gave a proud little smile to the now blushing Dave. "But you treated me as lesser than you. You treated me like I had no say in my companies. And in the eyes of the media, submissive is bad. You treated me the way that no one should be treated."

“But it’s a good strate-” He grunted when Dave kicked him in the shin. “Alright, alright.” Sebastian huffed. “I guess I could’ve warned you about it before. And asked if you want to play along. I’m sorry I didn’t.”

"Thank you. Your actions were utterly atrocious. Those slimy reporters would have never gotten away with such invasive questions and…." Kurt looked down as he felt Sam's arms squeezing just a shade too tight. "What? I am helping him realize the extent of his trespass."

“Yes, Sir,” Sam answered in the most innocent tone. “It is after midnight, however. I imagine after a night of sleep you’ll have more energy to really rub it in.”

"You are not as clever as you think you are, precious. But, fine. I will save my gloating for the morning." Kurt pressed his finger against Sam's nose and tugged two of his pillows down for himself and Sam.

Sebastian smiled at Sam, thankful for the little help. It’s been a long day and he appreciated postponing that particular argument. He let go of Dave with reluctance and stood up to get rid of his clothes. As per usual, he took them all off and dropped on a pile next to bed, then turned, naked, to the gathered. “Dave, finish undressing. You can leave the underwear on if you must.”

Dave didn't bother with underwear, there was no one to be ashamed for in this room. He glanced over to find Kurt's arms was bare, they were much stealthier than he or his Sir. Dave found he didn't mind at all.

Sebastian nodded in satisfaction when Dave relinquished his clothes. Just few months ago he would have reservations to stay in the tank top around people and now… well, well. Sebastian slid back on the bed with a smug smile and plastered himself on his sub’s body, letting out content little sighs in the crook of his neck. Dave was so warm, so familiar. Sebastian felt the tiredness crashing on him and reminding him how much he needed the rest. That feeling was also familiar, there was not a day in recent memory that he wouldn’t end flopping on bed, exhausted and praying for sleep to come quickly. This time though, the difference was that he was sure he’s actually going to rest.

Sam whined in protest when Kurt got off the bed to clean his face and dropped on the pillows, eyes tracking his Sirs movement as he was wiping his face clean. He sighed and sat up to pull off his clothes as well. Being brought up as a show sub, he never had a problem with nudity and definitely didn’t find it startling. But looking at Dave and Sebastian curled up in each other was… different. There was an intimacy and affection to this picture that he rarely saw, and even less often found genuine. It wasn’t a Dom with his sub he was looking at, but two lovers.

He smiled when Dave caught him staring and moved to get the covers for them all. Kurt and Sebastian were using separate topsheets, to keep the accidental touching to minimum, Sam supposed. And he was thankful for that as he pulled the material up Dave’s thick thighs and broad chest, because he still didn’t ask Kurt’s permission to sleep with the other sub and the view was putting their ridiculous monogamy rule to a test. Sam dropped on his stomach and hid his small groan of frustration into the pillow. It’s been too long since he was dominated in bed and his mind was apparently set on replaying the last session, the one with Dave, even though there was nothing sexual about it. It was a silly road to take his fantasies, what with Dave being a fellow submissive man. He knew that. It didn’t stop the thoughts of hands bruising his ass and strong arms keeping him in place as he’s fucked hard and fast and, and- Sam tugged his cover up over his face in embarrassment and turned on his side so Kurt couldn’t spot his arousal.

"Someone's hard." Kurt slipped into the bed behind his submissive, his voice gusting right across Sam's ear. He pulled his boy close against him, his mouth finding a spot right on the curve of Sam's pale neck to suckle. "Trying to hide from me? Naughty."

Sam bit into his bottom lip to muffle the moan. “I’m sorry, sir. I just miss you, so very much,” he whispered back and pushed himself against Kurt’s groin.

"Shh. Sleep, beautiful. We'll make time tomorrow." Kurt curled himself around Sam's body.

Sam whined in frustration, but knew better than to complain when the promised time with his love was so close. He did his best to relax in Kurt’s arms and ignore his cock. The familiar weight of Kurt’s arm around his waist helped him focus. It was such a simple thing, a light hold on his body and the man’s breath on his neck. It was overwhelming. “Thank you, Kurt,” he said quietly. “Thank you for letting me be here.”

"I'm sorry for neglecting you for so long. I will make it up to you, I promise." Kurt breathed in Sam, his scent, his warmth, his simple existence soothed Kurt's being. "Goodnight, precious."

Sebastian was already dozing off but the exchange tugged at his vulnerable emotions. They were so… close, Kurt and Sam, nevermind that Hummel was avoiding his sub for last weeks, they could still just slide into their roles without so much as one conversation. Sebastian tried to remember Dave’s words, how sincerely they sounded, how much Dave wanted to reassure him, but… he couldn’t stop his mind from reminiscing other times as well. Dave and he didn’t have a history that could lead to a seamless relationship like Kurt and Sam’s. He sighed against Dave’s skin and looked up at him, when the man shifted. Oh, right. His arms. “Better if you stretch out comfortably,” he said disentangling.

"Hrmm?" Dave had fallen almost to sleep when Sebastian started moving. He was swiftly losing touch. "Sir? Are you cramped… Do… I can sleep on the floor."

“No, no, shhh, just sleep,” Sebastian laid next to his boy and rested his hand on his cheek, kidding himself that it was mostly there for Dave’s comfort. “It’s alright. Sleep.”

Dave nuzzled into Sebastian's hand, a dopey smile staying on his face as he drifted back into sleep.