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Finding Real Love

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"Ma! No!" Carmilla cried and tried to escape from a tall woman who was holding her tight as she saw the bad men took her Ma away from her. "Don't leave me!" She implored as she saw her Ma tried to get loose from the bad men.

But they were strong and big, they seized her. "Be strong Carmilla and remember that I love you!" Were the last words that her Ma told her as they threw her Ma in a carriage.

That was the last time she saw her before she was abducted by the same horrible men in identical clothes and thrown to a different carriage together with the tall woman."


She woke up gasping for her breath, her heart pounding, cold sweat running down from her forehead; she could feel the chill in her body. She struggled to get loose and opened her eyes, then reality hit her when she found herself sleeping on a big four poster bed with heavy drapes.

Many days had passed since she was painfully separated from her Ma. But the excruciating scene still haunts her every night in her sleep.

"Ma?!" She cried in anguish even though she knew that her Ma was no longer with her. She tried to go back to sleep and thought of the happy days and nights she and her Ma spent; the days they spent their times together growing vegetables and flowers in their little backyard; the days she and her Ma would tend the cows and hens that they have in their small barn; the days she could run freely at their small farm and picked the roses in their little garden; the days her Ma would teach her how to sew and embroider her own clothes; the days she and her Ma would spend the day cooking food and baking bread; the nights her Ma would comb her beautiful long locks before going to bed; the nights her Ma would tuck her in bed and kissed her goodnight; and the nights she would cuddle with her Ma when there was storm and would feel secured.

Those days and nights were gone.


She did not know how many days or weeks had passed but she was glad to be out of the new chamber that she was sleeping in now. A chamber that was bigger than her home.

When she arrived in this place, she was crying, shouting and throwing things at the people that brings her food and guards her. She was angry, sad and just wanted to go back to her own home with her Ma.

The tall scary lady who took her away from her Ma discovered her unpleasant behavior and she was detained in this new chamber. She was told that she would not get out of there until she behaved properly. But she did not heed. She was still angry and longing for her Ma and she continued to shout, cry and throw things every day.

Until one day, she got tired and realized what the tall scary lady told her. Maybe if she behaved they would let her out and she could see her Ma again, and she could go back to her own home with Ma.

She had thought hopefully.

So, the next day she did not throw her tantrums to the woman that brought her food and ate it dutifully, she even took a bath and did not give the woman a hard time. Her Ma used to help her with her bath and clothing her, but since they took her Ma away she taught herself to do it alone.


She was snatched from her recollection as she heard the cold authoritative voice of the tall scary lady, and found herself standing in the grandest room that she had seen in her entire life.

"Come here."

The tall scary lady beckoned her to come forward. The eerie sound of silence and the vastness of the room gave her the shiver. The sight of the tall scary lady sitting on the big chair with her dark hair neatly combed and dressed in the finest clothes she had ever seen was intimidating enough to render her powerless and speechless. It was her first time to set foot in this vast room, and she was scared just by looking at the tall scary lady's dark fiery eyes staring at her. She had no idea why she was suddenly summoned. She walked slowly towards where the tall scary lady was sitting. She approached with reluctant steps while her heart anxiously throbs as she came closer.

It felt strange, however, to be terrified of this woman and yet, she felt like she was somehow connected with this woman that she feared. It felt like she had already seen her before when she was still young, but she cannot recall when and why? It might also be a fragment of her imagination and maybe she must be hallucinating due to her pining for her Ma.

She was thankful that it was only her and the tall scary lady inside the vast room; she was not used to seeing a lot of people. She grew up with only her Ma on her side and Da who visited them once in a while. She was taught by her Ma that not everybody was kind and trustful so she was not permitted to meet other people or go outside of their farm. And now, she understood fully well why her Ma did not want her to meet other people, as she found herself in the presence of one of the unkind people she met.

"Do you know why you are here?"

She heard the icy cold voice of the tall scary lady and noticed the fiery eyes glaring at her with full of authority.

She just shook her head afraid how to converse with this woman; afraid that if she says something it would turn out not right and she would be locked again to her new room.

"I want what is best for you."

She wondered and furrowed her brows. Why would this woman want the best for her? Does she even know that this is the most dreadful times in my life!

"From now on you will be called by your real name and you are to forget the name that you are used to hear." The tall scary lady stated.

She looked up, shocked at what she heard. Her young mind cannot comprehend what this woman was saying, she shook her head and was growing upset and confused, and before she could control herself the words were already out of her mouth.

"No! My name is Carmilla!"

She shouted not caring what this misbehavior would cost her. She was growing upset now; all she wants was to go back to her Ma. She had behaved and obeyed all the things that they had asked her to do, and she was looking forward being released and returned to her Ma!

"Silence!" The tall scary lady shouted back and rose from the big chair. "You are not to speak when I am talking to you and you will listen and obey me!"

She was already trembling with anger, refusing to accept what this evil woman was telling her. She made the tall scary lady furious and she knew that she would be punished, but she does not care anymore. She just remained standing there and bowed her head, refusing to listen further as she hid her face behind her long dark locks.

"Look at me!"

She flinched as her small ears heard the tall scary lady ordered her to do. She trembled with fear when she saw this evil woman standing just three feet away from her.

"And listen carefully to what I'm going to say! You will forget that name!"

She reluctantly looked up, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears, her hands balled into a fist and this time she tried to control her temper while she swallows her pain.

"You will always acknowledge when I call you. You will ignore anyone who will call you by that name and that person will be punished if he or she disobeys. There are people here who will provide you everything you need as long as it adheres to my satisfaction. This is your home!" was the tall scary lady's demands.

"I don't want anything from you! I don't want to live here!" she finally burst out, as tears flowed out from her eyes. "Where's my Ma?! I want to go home! Let me out of here!" she demanded.

Suddenly she saw the tall scary lady stepped down from the big chair and approached her, and the next thing she knew, the evil woman was holding her jaw and she found herself face to face with the woman she detests.

"You are forbidden to neither go outside the walls of this place nor talk to the village people who come in here. The moment you tried to escape, you will be punished. You will no longer see nor have contact with your Ma, I have sent her to a faraway land!"

She refused to accept all of the things that the tall scary lady was telling her. "No! I want my mother back!" she bawled in desperation.

She tried to get loose from this evil woman's hands, but she failed, as she felt the hold on her jaw tightens and her face was brought closer to this evil woman, making sure that she was looking straight in those fiery wicked eyes.

"I am your Mother and you're going to obey me!" The tall scary lady reprimanded. "From now on you will be called Prince Carl Philipp Marcus of Karnstein!"

The words came as a shock and she froze as her disoriented mind tried to digest what she just heard.