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And The Seeds Became Trees

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She felt absolutely rotten. The cold chills, the thumping headache and the horrific nausea had knocked her about and Sharon lay curled up on her side in bed, the covers pulled up to her chin. Every so often she would kick off the sheets when she felt hot only to yank them back up moments later once she became cold again. It had been years since she'd been sick. Sure, she'd had a cold but this…this was Andy Flynn's fault and Sharon had vowed that if the flu didn't kill him, she would.

It had started with just the signs of a cold but it had quickly turned into full blown flu, complete with aching bones. Her fever had spiked a few hours earlier and had left her almost delirious but now it had come down a little, she felt a little less worse for wear. But the cold chills kept ripping through her and in the darkness of her bedroom, Sharon just wished for it to end.

The door to the bedroom opened slightly and a faint beam of light fell across the bedroom floor. The door opened further then and Brenda padded into the bedroom. She was barefoot and wore black yoga pants and one of Sharon's button down shirts and had tied her hair into a ponytail. Her reading glasses perched on her head, tucked into her curls. In her hand Brenda held a mug and she carefully placed it on the nightstand. The faint smell of herbal tea filled the bedroom. She then perched herself on the end of the bed and softly touched Sharon's forehead. Concern flickered behind her dark brown eyes.

"You're warm," Brenda said softly when she felt Sharon's hot clammy skin against her hands. She brushed some damp hair out of Sharon's eyes and then let her hand slide down to Sharon's; shoulder. The touch was feather light and loving.

"You're going to get sick too," Sharon muttered, her eyes still closed. "You should go."

"And leave you? Sharon, honey, I ain't goin' anywhere," Brenda shushed. "Besides, I've been here all day. I've probably already got what you have anyway."

Sharon tried to turn her head to look at her girlfriend but her stomach turned and she retched, then gagged. An hour ago she'd been sick; the first time since having been pregnant with Emily. Even after brushing her teeth, Sharon could still taste the sourness and now the world began to spin and she recognised the distinct feeling of her stomach turning.

Brenda got up when Sharon kicked the covers off and the brunette rushed across the bedroom before landing on her knees next to the toilet bowl. Sharon retched again and then vomited. Her stomach clenched and tightened and then the next wave came. She desperately tried to catch her breath and her eyes watered. Her body trembled and only stopped when she felt Brenda's fingers in the back of her neck as the blonde held back her hair.

Sharon leaned back into Brenda as the painful churning of her stomach stopped. She felt dizzy and light headed and sighed when she felt Brenda draw small circles on her back. She took a couple of deep breathes and then she stood up, somewhat unsteady, and switched on the tap. She brushed her teeth and washed her face and when she looked up into the mirror, she found Brenda watching her.

"Come," Brenda said softly and extended her hand. Sharon took it and Brenda guided her out of the bathroom and back to bed. Sharon wore only a t-shirt and a pair of panties and bloodshot green eyes glanced up at Brenda as she crawled back into bed. There were dark circles under her eyes and she was pale as a ghost.

"Try and drink some tea," Brenda encouraged before circling the bed and crawling under the sheets next to Sharon.

Sharon glanced at the mug but couldn't find the strength in herself to push up and take it. Instead she sunk back down into the pillows and released her breath. Brenda's arm snaked around Sharon's waist and she pulled the brunette a little closer to her. Sharon shivered, suddenly feeling cold again, and she relaxed a little when she became aware of Brenda's lithe body pressed against her own.

Her body aching and her eyes heavy, Sharon sighed and in Brenda's arms, she drifted off to sleep.