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And The Seeds Became Trees

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"I swear to God, Chief, there isn't anyone more infuriating in this whole building!" Sharon exclaimed as she raised her hands in despair. "And that's saying something, considering there are about three hundred other people working here!"

Brenda Leigh Johnson smirked, arms crossed in front of her chest. It was late, after ten, and she and Captain Sharon Raydor were one of the few people still left at Parker Centre. Earlier that day they had crossed each other at a crime scene and ever since Sharon had been trying to get under Brenda's skin. According to Brenda anyway because according to Sharon she was just trying to find a way for them to work together.

If working together meant bickering for three hours straight in Brenda's office long after the rest of her Major Crimes Division had gone home for the night then Brenda guessed Sharon was doing one hell of a job cooperating. But judging from the Captain's exasperated look, Sharon didn't exactly feel like they were accomplishing anything.

Brenda didn't know what it was about the brunette FID Captain but something about Sharon Raydor made her skin tingle in a way she had never quite felt before. Just laying eyes on the older woman came with a rush of adrenaline that left Brenda's cheeks flushed, the back of her neck warm and the area between her thighs unexplainably hot. She couldn't deny there had been times where she had fantasised about shoving Raydor up against a door, hiking up whatever tight pencil skirt she was wearing that day and finding out if she felt the same rush of excitement Brenda did.

"Chief Johnson? Are you listening to me?" Sharon's harsh voice snapped Brenda out of her thoughts and she realised that she'd been staring at Sharon's lips.

"Yes Capt'n, you were sayin'?" Brenda challenged and attempted to harden the look in her eyes.

"I just really need you to…"

"Oh for heaven's sake!" Brenda exclaimed. "Can't we just agree to disagree, hand our reports in to Chief Pope and just get over it already?"

"Can you maybe just shut up?!"

Sharon stared at Brenda in bewilderment, shocked by her own unexpected outburst. She was leaning over the back of one the leather chairs, green eyes fixed on the blonde standing behind her own desk. Sharon seemed momentarily horrified by the fact she had yelled like that at a superior officer.

A nerve twitched just next to Brenda's mouth and her breath hitched. She had no idea what came over her but she uncrossed her arms and placed her hands firmly against her desk and leaned in slightly. It was almost an exact copy of the pose she had seen Sharon strike on more than one occasion. Brenda knew because she had been staring at Sharon's ass or down her shirt almost every single time.

"What was that, Capt'n?" she purred, suddenly aware of the fact she had gained the upper hand.

Something in the air shifted, something palpable to both of them. Brenda's breath caught in the back of her throat when she saw the way Sharon's nails dug slightly into the leather backrest of the chair. It was only a tiny detail but right there and then Brenda knew she had her. A surge of power overwhelmed her and she licked her lips. When she looked back up at Sharon their eyes met. Sharon had seen what she did.

"I said that maybe you should just shut up," Sharon repeated herself without a hint of nerves.

Brenda pursed her lips slightly and she waited the length of a single heartbeat.

"Come here and make me."

Sharon's teeth worried her lower lip but she stepped back from the chair and slowly made her way around Brenda's desk. The sound of her heels clicking against the lino was the only sound except for their own breathing. When she was only two steps away from Brenda, Sharon held still. Piercing green eyes searched Brenda's face as if to silently seek approval and Brenda's breath hitched as before her eyes she watched how Sharon's eyes darkened with what could only be described as lust.

Before Brenda had a chance to register what was happening, Sharon's mouth was on hers and they melted effortlessly into a kiss. It was Brenda who licked her way past Sharon's lips and into her mouth, eliciting a deep, almost guttural moan from the older woman. Brenda's hands tangled themselves in those gorgeous brown locks and she pulled Sharon deeper into the kiss.

Sharon pushed Brenda back until she bumped into the desk and nimble fingers began unbuttoning the simple white cardigan Brenda wore over her t-shirt. Brenda's head fell back, exposing the length of her neck to Sharon's warm lips, when she felt Sharon's hands cup her breasts through her clothes.

"Tell me to stop and I will," Sharon whispered, her breath so hot against Brenda's ear it almost left her skin burning. Sharon's hands were now exploring the soft skin of Brenda's stomach, shamelessly fisting the shirt and shoving it further up her body until she revealed the wire of her bra.

"No," Brenda sighed, her mind blurred by pure delight. "Don't stop." Brown eyes briefly found green when she looked up long enough to take in Sharon's features. They both knew why Sharon had said it. The wedding ring on Brenda's finger was a reminder. The blonde Chief shook her head.

"Just once."

Sharon allowed herself a moment to consider Brenda's answer but then her index finger grazed over a swollen nipple behind Brenda's bra and whatever rational thoughts she still had vanished. She crashed their mouths back together in a searing kiss whilst peeling the cardigan down Brenda's arms before pulling the t-shirt over her head. It revealed a simple white cotton bra. Sharon dipped her head and freed one of Brenda's breasts from its constraints before sucking the hard little pebble into her mouth.

Brenda leaned back against the desk, balancing on her hands. She groaned when Sharon's nails scraped over her shoulders and her back before her slender fingers unhooked the bra and the offending fabric fell down Brenda's body.

Brenda only realised she had completely lost control when Sharon unexpectedly spun her around and pressed her against the desk. Brenda was now supporting herself on her elbows and shivered when she felt Sharon's tongue trail along the back of her neck and down her spine. Sharon's skilled hands easily reached around and massaged Brenda's breasts, her nipples hardening even more against the palms of Sharon's hands.

Brenda gasped when Sharon used her knee to part her legs. The technique was identical to the one they used on suspects and Brenda's heart thundered in her chest at the thought of Sharon controlling her. She had never even once considered letting Sharon boss her around; certainly not in a professional manner but right now Sharon had all the cards and Brenda didn't have any intention to change that.

"Well, well, well," Sharon purred into Brenda's ear as her hand slowly trailed its way up under Brenda's skirt towards her thigh. "What do we have here?"

She gathered the fabric between her hands and yanked it up revealing white panties that matched the bra. Even without looking Sharon could tell Brenda was wet. She could almost smell her arousal. She cupped Brenda's sex through her panties and watched as the blonde Chief pushed herself slightly off the desk. The fabric was sodden and Brenda had no doubt she would have to throw them away.

"Please," Brenda whimpered when Sharon lazily drew small circles against the wet material.

Sharon carefully pulled aside Brenda's panties and slowly, making sure to drag the moment out as long as possible, slid her middle finger through Brenda's molten wetness. The soft outcry that escaped from Brenda's throat was music to Sharon's ears and she repeated the move, lingering a little longer around Brenda's entrance before pushing her finger inside.

"Fuck!" Brenda cried out and thrusted her hips backwards against Sharon's body.

Sharon added a second finger, the moisture coating most of her hand, and she started a steady, quick rhythm. Every thrust was met with a counter thrust from Brenda and Sharon used her other hand to apply pressure to the Chief's back, making sure she remained still on the desk, supported only by her elbows. The sight of Brenda Leigh Johnson near enough splayed out in front of her like this, surrendering herself, was almost enough to make Sharon come herself.

It was better than Brenda's fantasies had dared to let her believe and she recognised the tingling feeling of the orgasm building in the depths of her belly. She clawed at something on the desk, ripping one of the pieces of paper she'd forgotten about, and she shrieked when she felt Sharon's hot lips against her ear, along her neck, down her back.

"Oh… yes…." She breathed, overwhelmed. "Sharon…. Fuck…."

Sharon flicked her thumb over Brenda's clit and then circled it furiously, pressing and rubbing it as fast as she could. The little bundle was rock hard and throbbed against Sharon's touch.

Brenda came with an earthshattering orgasm and her muscles clenched around Sharon's fingers as beads of sweat glistened across her pale skin. Damp curls clung to her forehead and she struggled to suck in air but once she regained a sense of control, Brenda pushed herself up and turned around to find Sharon watching her with a satisfied smirk.

Brenda arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"Mission accomplished," was Sharon's answer. "You asked me to make you shut up."

Brenda licked her lips. The Captain's arrogance was both infuriating and intoxicating. She extended her hand and was a little surprised when Sharon accepted. She pulled the brunette closer and brought their mouths together for another kiss. Sharon shrugged herself out of her blazer as Brenda began unbuttoning her blouse. When the fabric parted, Brenda found a beautiful black bra covering Sharon's breasts but she didn't take too long to take in the stunning sight.

Brenda kissed and licked herself a way down Sharon's neck until she reached her breasts. The bra conveniently had its clasp at the front and Brenda skilfully opened it, freeing Sharon's breasts. She took them in her hands, let the dark pink nipples roll through her fingers and watched in awe how Sharon's eyes rolled back into her head when Brenda circled the hard pebble with the tip of her tongue.

The fantasy of shoving Sharon's pencil skirt up her hips became reality when Brenda pushed the fabric along what felt like the endless length of Sharon's gorgeous legs until she caught a glimpse of the black lace panties that matched the bra. The dark fabric was a stark contrast against the soft, pale tones of Sharon's skin and Brenda's throat felt suddenly dry.

Slowly she pushed Sharon towards the desk and encouraged her to sit on it, meanwhile running her hands along the inside of Sharon's thighs and across her stomach. Now perched on the edge of the desk, Sharon watched Brenda through heavy lidded eyes and went to remove her glasses. Brenda caught her wrist and shook her head.

"Leave them on," she husked.

Sharon just nodded and shivered when Brenda leaned in, pressing her lips against the little spot between Sharon's breasts before dragging her tongue down across her stomach. Sharon leaned back a little, offering more of herself to Brenda's mouth, and Brenda dipped her tongue in Sharon's belly button. She hooked her fingers behind Sharon's panties and peeled them down her legs. She caught the scent of Sharon's arousal and kissed her way lower down, eventually encountering the hot wetness between Sharon's thighs.

"Ooooh…." Sharon's voice was hoarse.

Brenda dragged her tongue through Sharon's molten heat and reached up to cup Sharon's breasts just as the brunette arched her back. Sharon somehow managed to pull one leg up slightly, placing her heel on the edge of the desk, providing Brenda with the most perfect access to Sharon's sex. Again she licked her way through Sharon's wetness, drawing an almost guttural moan from the Captain's throat.

She continued to taste the Captain at her leisure for a little while longer before focusing her attention to Sharon's clit. Brenda effortlessly found it and Sharon wailed when Brenda circled it with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. She repeated this again and again and again and when she looked up she had the most stunning view of Sharon's body. It was an image she knew she would never forget.

"Oh please," Sharon pleaded. She sounded a little incoherent. "I need… Brenda…"

"What do you need?" Brenda whispered. "This?"

She pushed two fingers inside Sharon, curled them up and sought that soft little spot she always tried to find for herself. She pushed slowly but then harder when she felt Sharon move against her hand, desperately seeking friction. She brought her mouth back to Sharon's clit and licked it, flicked her tongue over it until she could physically feel Sharon writhe under her touch.

"Oh God…." Sharon sighed when she felt the first ripples of her orgasm building up. "Brenda…"

Sharon came with the Chief's name on her lips and Brenda felt the gush of arousal against her lips as it coated her fingers. She licked and sucked for as long as Sharon could bear it and only when she felt the Captain's hand gently nudge against her head, did she pull away.

Sharon slowly sat up, dark hair tangled and her pencil skirt bunched up around her hips. Silently she and Brenda looked at each other, both unable to put into words what had just happened between them.

A single "Wow" rolled off Sharon's lips.

Brenda was about to speak when outside her office a light was switched on. The desk lamp on Provenza's desk was on and Brenda saw the Lieutenant rummage through his drawers, clearly looking for something. When she looked back at Sharon she noticed the Captain was already buttoning up her blouse but Brenda also noticed the bra was missing.

Sharon threw Brenda her t-shirt and she pulled it over her head before smoothing out her skirt. She grabbed her cardigan and put it on to hide the fact she wasn't wearing a bra either and then she looked at Sharon. To anyone else they looked like two women who were working late but to each other… Brenda wasn't sure how to answer that.

It had taken only seconds and Brenda saw Provenza look up in the direction of her office. The blinds were open and the light was on. He saw her and he saw Sharon. He smiled and waved before switching the light back off. Brenda was sure she could hear him shout, "Goodnight!"

Sharon was at the door before Brenda had a chance to say anything. "We should probably call it a night," she said.

Brenda nodded. "Of course."

Sharon opened the door but didn't leave straight away. Green eyes found brown and Brenda saw something she hadn't seen up until that point. A flicker of hope.

"Just once, right?" Sharon asked.

Brenda nodded. "Just once."

When she watched Sharon Raydor walk away, Brenda knew that that promise would never hold.