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And The Seeds Became Trees

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The shot hit its target.


She fired her shots in rapid succession until her magazine was empty. One after the other. Her hold was firm yet comfortable, her index finger hooked securely around the trigger. No hesitation. Her eyes were trained on the target several feet ahead of her and she didn't blink. The shots sounded like faint pops because to the thick and somewhat uncomfortable ear protectors she was wearing.

The firing range was empty aside from her. Hardly anyone came here after four and Sharon Raydor knew it. It was why she came here at this time. She liked to practice alone, without distractions or the scrutiny of her fellow officers who were curious about how well the head of FID could hit her target.

She put down the gun and removed the empty magazine, then slammed her hand against the red button at the side of the booth and the piece of paper with the target drawn on it was whizzed towards her by a mechanical arm. Sharon pulled it free from the clip and inspected her score. Perfect hit.

"I'm impressed. I was half expectin' to see my picture on that target."

Sharon spun around at that voice and green eyes darkened. She spotted the blonde woman leaning against the wall behind her and internally groaned. Of all the people in this place, it had to be her.

"A firing range is a dangerous place to creep up on people, Chief. I could've shot you."

Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson smirked. She had her arms folded in front of her chest and studied Sharon with great intensity. Something about that gaze always made the Captain uncomfortable.

"I counted your shots before speaking to you. Your clip's empty." Brenda cocked her head, her brown eyes still fixed on the other woman. "Besides, you wouldn't want FID investigatin' you now, would you, Captain?"

"It would make a refreshing change from investigating Major Crimes."

Sharon put down the target, reassembled her gun after inserting her replacement magazine and pushed the gun back into the holster on her hip.

Brenda watched closely. From where she stood she'd had a magnificent view of the Captain's body as she fired the gun. She'd stood rigid, her spine straight and her legs slightly apart. How anyone could manage to look so poised in a tight black pencil skirt and high heels whilst handling a weapon was beyond Brenda. Sharon had ditched her blazer and wore a sleeveless white blouse. With her arms bare, Brenda had seen how the brunette's toned arm muscles had flexed and relaxed with every shot. She had shamelessly devoured the sight of the other woman, unable to deny the heat that pooled deep down low in her belly the longer she watched.

Sharon wiped her hands along her skirt then went to pick up her blazer.

"You're finished?" Brenda barely managed to hide her disappointment.

Sharon arched an eyebrow. "Why? Want me to stay? From what I've heard, you don't need anyone teaching you how to use a gun, Chief."

Brenda pushed herself away from the wall and slowly pulled her gun from her holster. She put it down on the table next to the one where Sharon's had been and turned to face the Captain.

Brenda's expression was unreadable. Her eyes were dark, so dark that Sharon couldn't even see her pupils. She hadn't missed the way Brenda seemed to be breathing a little faster. Knowing that the blonde Chief had been watching her had only added to the adrenaline rush Sharon was already experiencing. She found Brenda Leigh Johnson to be incredibly attractive, stupid accent and all, and if she didn't know any better, she would think that those feelings were mutual.

"How 'bout it, Captain?" Brenda challenged. She pursed her lips a little and smirked. "Fancy another round?"

Sharon's hand moved down to her gun. She saw Brenda watch her every move with greedy eyes. "Are you going to watch me again?" she purred when she unclipped the gun.

"You always go first," Brenda said sweetly and gestured towards the firing range. She never broke the eye contact, something Sharon was well aware off. "After you."

Sharon picked up the ear defenders and from the corner of her eye watched Brenda do the same. She made sure they were on properly before picking up her gun and taking off the safety. She took aim at the target and became increasingly aware of Brenda's eyes burning into her back. She hooked her index finger around the trigger, supported her right hand with her left and fired.


The shots followed each other in quick succession and the room filled itself with the familiar scent of gunpowder. Sharon lowered her gun once she'd fired her last bullet and yanked the ear defenders off her head. She spun around, ready to face whatever Brenda had to say, but found the blonde woman staring at her with an almost predatory look. Sharon's heart rate quickened and she put the gun down. Without speaking she walked up to the younger woman and smirked, green eyes twinkling knowingly.

"Your turn, Chief."

Brenda swallowed hard. She couldn't even think straight let alone possess the ability to fire a gun. But she nodded anyway, took her gun and stepped into the lane next to the one where Sharon had been. Her teeth sank into her lower lip when she took aim, her finger on the trigger, and she almost jumped out of her skin when she felt Sharon's warm hand on her arm.

"It helps if you relax your shoulders a little," the brunette said although Brenda couldn't hear her through her ear defenders. Sharon pushed against her shoulder, signalling she had to relax, and as the warmth of her touch seeped into Brenda's skin, her muscles complied. Her heart thundered in her chest and she gasped when Sharon moved behind her and the brunette's hands fell down to her hips. Sharon was right. Brenda's posture was awful. But not because she didn't know how to do it properly but because she couldn't.

Brenda's fingers trembled when she lifted her gun and when she felt Sharon's fingers dig into hips, she put the weapon down, turned around and found herself trapped between the Captain's body and the metal table. Her throat felt like she'd just swallowed a handful of sand and she fought to somehow get some air into her lungs.

Sharon slowly reached up and removed Brenda's ear defenders. She was no longer wearing her own. Her fingertips ghosted over Brenda's ear, then slightly through her hair. She was so incredibly close now that Brenda could see every eyelash, every tiny freckle. She couldn't help it. Her eyes dropped down to Sharon Raydor's mouth and she betrayed herself.

"That's what you came here for, isn't it?" Sharon whispered. Her index finger stroked softly along the line of Brenda's neck. Green eyes connected with brown and Brenda felt like she was going insane.

The tension had been palpable for weeks. They could barely stand being in the same room together without going mad. Sharon had come home many nights in desperate need of a cold shower because Brenda Leigh Johnson did things to her she couldn't even begin to express. Matters were complicated by the fact that Brenda was married and that her husband had a habit of turning up unannounced. Sharon was sure he'd caught her looking at his wife once or twice in a way that was not exactly appropriate. It seemed, however, that Brenda didn't care all too much about what was inappropriate, or about her husband for that matter.

"Why, Capt'n, now why would you think that?" Brenda's smouldering eyes held Sharon's gaze, silently daring her to cross that invisible line.

Sharon brought their lips together in an unexpected searing kiss. Almost instantly Brenda's arms wound around her neck and Sharon's slipped around the blonde's waist. The Chief's slender fingers threaded the thick auburn locks and she groaned impatiently when Sharon didn't immediately grant her access inside her mouth.

Brenda tasted of coffee and chocolate and smelt of summer rain and cherry blossom. They were things that Sharon Raydor would never forget. Brenda was also a dominant kisser, something she learnt when Brenda sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and nipped at it softly. Sharon whimpered slightly but then willingly allowed Brenda to do it again and again. When she finally let Brenda's tongue slip into her mouth, she knew there was absolutely no going back from this.

She felt Brenda's hands trail down her arms. Skin against skin. She didn't resist when Brenda untucked the shirt from her skirt and those soft, warm hands caressed her stomach. She'd wondered what they'd feel like. How soft they would be. It was everything and more that she'd imagined it to be. Sharon matched the journey of Brenda's hands with her own and effortlessly slipped underneath the simple black camisole the younger woman wore and sighed in pleasure when she encountered glowing flesh.

Her hands slowly roamed higher, along the Chief's ribcage. She felt Brenda suck in a breath when her fingers encountered the underwire of her bra. Her index finger grazed over the swollen pebble hidden beneath the soft fabric and Brenda's head fell back, exposing her glorious neckline.

A door opened somewhere and they tore apart. Bewildered they scanned their surroundings and recognised the sound of footsteps. Mere moments later, the officer that manned the firing range, an old guy named Jenkins, appeared.

"Ah, Captain, I was wondering if you were finished. I'd like to wrap up for the day." He then spotted Brenda and furrowed his brow. He didn't remember her entering the firing range. "Chief Johnson. I didn't know you were down here too."

Brenda just smiled. "Just keepin' the Capt'n company." She didn't look at Sharon. "But we're done now so we'll get out of your hair."

Flustered, Sharon gathered her things and slipped her gun back in its holster. She was aware that Brenda was watching her after she holstered her own gun. The arousal was undeniable. She'd have to throw these panties away because no washing machine could save them. She turned and found Brenda waiting by the door. They left the firing range and stepped out into the dimly lit hallway. There, with the shadows around them, Sharon closed her eyes and sighed.

She waited for the rejection she knew would surely come.

"Take me home with you."

Sharon's eyes snapped open. "What?"

Brenda just looked at the older woman. "Take me home with you." Brown eyes were filled with desire and she reached for Sharon's hand. "Now."

She didn't need to say anything else. They understood. This had to happen. It was inevitable. No turning back, no questions to be asked. There was only one way this could go.

Brenda followed Sharon to her car.