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And The Seeds Became Trees

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This day could not get any worse. She'd been yelled at by Will, there were two bodies in the morgue and she was looking for a killer who had somehow vanished into thin air. To top it off, there were four text messages, five missed calls - or more like, ignored calls because she had simply refused to answer- and two voicemails from Fritz.

Brenda put her head in her hands and groaned when her phone began to vibrate again. Scratch that. Six missed calls from Fritz.

They'd argued that morning. And last night. And the night before that. Frankly, she couldn't remember a day in the last month or so where they hadn't argued. When had he become some an uptight, controlling asshole? The phone stopped vibrating. The screen returned to its original background of the picture of her Mama and Daddy. Then it vibrated again in a quick staccato motion.

Three voicemails.

The door to her office opened without the person at the other side knocking. Brenda's head whipped up, ready to scold whoever dared to walk in without announcing themselves but her features softened when she saw Sharon Raydor appear and she sighed in relief.

"Oh, thank God."

Sharon's green eyes twinkled behind her glasses. She was well aware of what kind of a day Brenda was having. Good news travelled fast. Bad news travelled faster. And half the building been able to hear the way Pope had blown up in Brenda's face because she had not completed her division's budget yet. Since then, anyone who didn't have any business being near either Major Crimes or Pope, stayed far away. Judging from the empty Murder Room, this included Brenda's own squad.

"Is everything ok?"

Brenda smiled. "It is now."

Sharon watched the blonde Chief and then smiled too. She slowly circled around the desk and then leaned against it. Green eyes found brown and she pursed her lips. "Close your eyes and hold out your hands," she said softly, her breath warm against Brenda's face. She couldn't resist leaning in closely.

"What?" Brenda blinked in surprise. Her skin tingled where Sharon's breath touched it.

"Just do it," Sharon soothed.

Brenda did what the brunette asked. She closed her eyes slowly and relished just in feeling Sharon's presence, in smelling her perfume, in just knowing she was here. She relaxed and she sunk a little deeper into her leather chair. Then slowly she opened up her hands and rested them in her lap. She strained her hearing for any sign or clue about what Sharon was doing but she heard nothing.

Then something was placed in her hands and she felt soft, warm lips against her cheek.

"Open your eyes, Brenda," Sharon whispered before pulling away.

Brenda opened her eyes slowly and found Sharon's face still close to her own. She wanted to kiss her. Right here, right now. She wanted to kiss her the way she had kissed her goodnight last night. The way they always kissed when they were together.

She slowly followed Sharon's gaze down into her lap and found the Hershey's Kiss, just that single one, wrapped in the soft golden foil, in the palm of her hand. Sharon had known just what to bring her, in more ways than one.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you, Sharon."

Sharon pushed herself off of Brenda's desk and started for the door. She turned just before leaving and arched a knowing eyebrow. "You can thank me later," she purred.

Brenda promised herself she would.