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And The Seeds Became Trees

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She stared at the reflection in the mirror. Some days she still had trouble believing she was actually looking at herself. Her body had changed so much that sometimes it felt like it was no longer hers. She had curves in places where she had never had them before. Her breasts had gone up a size. Her hair was thicker than it had ever been before and her skin has never been this clear. But what had changed most of all was the way her belly had grown.

It was no longer flat but swollen with life. Inside her belly she could feel their son move. She guessed it was a foot that was poking into her ribs and she caressed the spot softly, getting several more kicks in return.

"Hey, be careful in there," she said softly. "You're going to give your Mama some serious heartburn if you keep that up."

Brenda looked back up into the mirror, her hands now flat on her bump. She was eight and a half months pregnant and in a couple of weeks, she and Sharon would welcome their son into the world. She'd never thought she'd feel this way but she would miss being pregnant. She would miss feeling their son's fluttering movements, even though these days they felt more like punches. She would miss the limbs poking into her at all hours of the day. She would however not miss the heartburn and the back pain in the same way she didn't miss the morning sickness she'd struggled with. But she'd grown so used to her pregnant body, it was hard to imagine it changing again.

"Are you ready?"

Brenda turned to find Sharon leaning against the door frame, wearing her favorite jeans and a light blue button down shirt. The brunette was smiling. They had an OB appointment to go to. It would be their last one.

"Yeah," Brenda absentmindedly answered.

Sharon crossed the room and wrapped her arms around Brenda from behind. She rested her hands on her lover's swollen stomach and felt their child move. It made her feel warm inside.

"Pregnancy suits you," she whispered in Brenda's ear before kissing her neck. Brenda leaned back into her touch. "It looks good on you."

"I can't wait to meet him but at the same time I don't want this to end just yet," Brenda sighed.

Sharon drew circles over Brenda's stomach. "I know. I'll miss it too." She placed another kiss in Brenda's neck. "I love seeing you like this."

Their eyes met in the mirror and they looked at each other. Brenda knew she would forever remember this image; Sharon standing behind her, her hands on her swollen belly. Their lives were about to change and she couldn't wait.

"We should go," Brenda said and covered Sharon's hands with her own. "We don't wanna be late."