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And The Seeds Became Trees

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She didn't often use the gym and shower facilities that were located on the top floor of Parker Center but sometimes, on days like today, she would come here to release the tension and anger that would build up inside her through a feverish running session on the treadmill or cross trainer. Coming here after seven at night also meant she was usually alone, just the way she liked it. Any earlier and she would be scrutinized by every cop in the room. No one liked FID, not even in the gym.

Sharon Raydor dumped her gym bag on one of the wooden benches in the ladies' locker room and began unbuttoning her blazer. She heard a shower running so clearly someone else was still here but they would be gone soon. She shrugged herself out of the blazer and folded it neatly before putting it on the bench. She then took off her high heeled pumps and her feet breathed a sigh of relief. She made quick work of her pinstriped pants and had just folded them when a soft noise drew her attention.

It had sounded like a sigh and it came from the shower. Sharon turned back to her pants and lay them neatly on top of her blazer. Then she heard it again. A little louder this time. Another sigh, a soft, smothered moan. She froze, feeling like an intruder because it certainly sounded like whoever was in the shower was having a good time and was unaware of Sharon being here.


This time it was unmistakable and Sharon felt her cheeks flush red but at the same time, something inside her woke up. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip as she strained her hearing for another noise. She suddenly felt warm, even if she was wearing just her white silk blouse and her underwear. Just when she thought that the other woman had stopped what she was doing, she heard it again.


The hairs on the back of Sharon's neck stood up. This time she recognized the voice. She knew it. She knew it well. She was listening to Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson pleasuring herself in the shower.

She should leave. She knew she should. And later on she would tell herself that she tried - even if she knew it was a lie- but she was drawn to the soft sounds, and to the woman making them, like a moth was drawn to a flame. Sharon's breath hitched as she recognised her body obvious arousal. Her nipples hardened in her bra and she suddenly felt warm and damp between her thighs.

Brenda Leigh Johnson was unlike any woman Sharon had ever met. She possessed re questionably skill to get under Sharon's skin by just looking at her, but at the same time she brought out the best in her because she drove Sharon to want to proof herself, to be better, and she brought out Sharon's softer side too, because Sharon had seen that around them, people were starting to take aim at the Deputy Chief and someone would soon pull the trigger.

"Ooh..." The moan was a little more high pitched this time and was followed by laboured breathing. "Oh... Sharon..."

Sharon froze. Did she just hear Brenda Leigh Johnson moan her name in a moment of... Well, a moment that most definitely wasn't hatred? The back of her throat became dry and her heart thudded in her chest. She took a step towards the showers, then another and another.

The showers were just cubicles closed off by simple white shower curtains. The one towards the far left was the one in use and Sharon could see a shadow move behind the plastic. The water was warm and steam had filled the air. She considered turning around and leaving but she just couldn't. Brenda had whispered her name whilst touching herself. Brenda, who was very much married, had said "Sharon."

The soft moans became more urgent, more desperate, and Sharon clenched her thighs. She was wet and warm and desire and lust pulsated through her body. She let her index finger ghost over her panties and hissed softly at the response she got from her body. Her hips bucked involuntarily and she ached for release.

Later that night she wouldn't remember what came over her but she softly took the shower curtain that separated her from Brenda and pulled it aside. The sight that lay behind it robbed her of her breath.

Brenda stood under the hot flow of water, back arched slightly, and with her left hand massaging her breasts and her right hand rubbing feverishly between her legs. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back, wet curls cascading down her shoulders and back. She seemed lost in her own world and Sharon, for a split second, considered closing the curtain again and walking away.

But something took hold of her and she stepped into the small shower cubicle. The steam and the spray of water made her blouse cling to her body. Even through her bra and shirt, her swollen nipples stood proud,

It wasn't until she softly caressed Brenda's stomach that the blonde's eyes flew open and she staggered backwards. Sharon saw the fear, the panic, the terror... But before Brenda could say anything, Sharon captured the blonde's lips into a soft but persistent kiss

Brenda instantly relaxed and snaked her arms around Sharon's neck. Sharon's blouse was soaked now and clung to her frame but she didn't care. The warm water rained down on both of them as Brenda pulled her closer, her tongue hungrily circling around Sharon's, desperate to taste more of her. And Sharon invited Brenda's tongue into her mouth, teasing it playfully with her own.

"Off," Brenda groaned when they parted briefly and yanked at the soaking fabric that covered Sharon's body. A button popped and landed on the floor and their gazes briefly locked before Brenda fisted the material roughly and yanked it open. She gasped at the sight of Sharon's bra clad breasts and wet skin. She peeled the blouse down Sharon's arms and the discarded material landed on the floor. She made quick work of Sharon's bra clasp and let her fingers trail over swollen nipples.

"I wish I'd known," Sharon husked against Brenda's lips.

"Known what?" The blonde sighed.

"I wish I'd known you might like this," Sharon whispered. Soft green eyes pierced into brown. "Me, I mean."

Brenda smirked as she pulled Sharon closer. Their naked bodies came together under the flow of water. "Now you know," Brenda replied and her warm lips left a hot trail over Sharon's shoulder and up to her neck. Nails dug into soft flesh and she shuddered when she felt Sharon's knee press between her thighs.

Sharon's hands trailed up from Brenda's waist to her breasts. She cupped them and felt her nipples harden against the palms of her hands. Brenda's skin was soft and slick and to finally be able to touch it, to feel it, was everything and more she expected it to be. The soft groan her touch elicited from the younger woman was like music to her ears and Sharon attacked Brenda's neck with hungry lips when the blonde's head fell back against the shower cubicle wall.

"Oh, God, Sharon," Brenda sighed, her voice hoarse. "Yes..."

She brought their mouths back together when Sharon's fingers tangled up in her curls. She pushed her tongue past Sharon's lips and unexpectedly flipped their positions around, pushing the older woman up against the wall. For a moment Sharon was startled, the stones cold against her skin, but then the shock was gone and she relaxed.

Her hands slid down across Brenda's back to her ass and she let her fingers sink into the soft flesh of the younger woman's buttocks. Brenda's hands had found their way up between their bodies and greedily explored Sharon's breasts, rolling a perk nipple between her thumb and index finger. She watched with intense eyes how Sharon's eyes fluttered shut under the touch and moaned softly. Brenda kissed the length of Sharon's throat, sucking down on her pulse point and Sharon's nails scratched at Brenda's skin when Brenda let her teeth sink into Sharon's neck.

Hungrily Brenda kissed her way from Sharon's shoulders down to her chest until she encountered a hard nipple with her lips. She circled it with her tongue, revelling at the feeling of Sharon's fingers now roaming over her scalp, and sucked down. Softly at first but then harder. With a soft 'pop' she released the nipple and moved to its twin. Sharon arched her back when Brenda circled the hard pebble with her tongue.

She let her hands trail over Sharon's stomach. It was flat but bore signs of pregnancy. Faded stretch marks, silver in colour, told the story of life growing inside this body. Brenda explored every inch of Sharon's body with her hands, her lips and her eyes. She devoured the sight in front of her, from the valley between Sharon's breasts and the dark rosy nipples to the silver lines across her abdomen en her belly button, the skin dusted with freckles and the small patch of dark curls at the top of the triangle between Sharon's thighs.

Sharon gasped loudly when Brenda knelt down on the floor, her hands now roaming over Sharon's thighs. Softly Brenda pressed her lips to the soft skin of Sharon's hips before slowly kissing her way inwards. She felt Sharon shudder under her touch, felt her tremble, and Brenda softly nudged the older woman's legs apart. Sharon was wet, Brenda could see the arousal coat the inside of her thighs, and she bit down on her lower lip as she gently let a single finger slide through Sharon's swollen folds.

"Shit," Sharon swore and looked down.

Her eyes locked with Brenda and she almost came undone just at the sight of the blonde looking back up at her, smiling, her brown eyes twinkling as she brought her mouth to Sharon's centre and tasted her arousal. Brenda pushed the tip of her tongue between slick folds and watched how Sharon nearly fell apart.

"I have been thinkin' about doin' this for a long time," Brenda confessed and circled her index finger around Sharon's entrance. She pushed slowly and licked her lips when she effortlessly slipped into Sharon's warm wetness. She added a second finger and looked up at her brand new lover.

"You have no idea how many times i thought about takin' you on my desk."

"Then why didn't you?" Sharon sighed, her core throbbing as Brenda pushed slowly in and out of her.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted me to."

Sharon smirked. "And now you do."

The blonde's eyes narrowed slightly. "And now I do."

Brenda's tongue found Sharon's clit and she circled it. Sharon's hands suddenly flew into her hair and yanked at her curls. Brenda's free hand moved around her lover's thigh and pushed it up. Sharon draped her leg over Brenda shoulder and hooked it around her, her body rocking desperately in a rhythm that matched the blonde woman's thrusts.

Brenda sucked and licked at Sharon's swollen clit, her teeth grazing it softly. She tastes of summer rain and midnight skies, of everything she had ever wanted but had not been able to have. She tasted like the forbidden fruit.

Sharon's fingers tugged at Brenda's hair and her eyes had fallen shut. Her face, now void of make-up, was a mask of pleasure and desire. She stood on the tips of her toes, balancing herself, and her soft moans grew louder when Brenda sucked down on her most sensitive spot.

"Oh... Yes... Brenda... Oh god... Don't stop... Don't..."

Sharon's words were interrupted by ragged breaths and her breasts bounced softly as her chest rose and fell quicker and quicker. Her muscles strained as she inched closer and closer to her release.

When Sharon came, she was absolutely silent. Her body stiffened and for a few precious seconds, all she could hear and feel was the blood rushing in her ears and her heart thundering in her chest. And then she came crashing down and the clutched at Brenda for dear life, desperate not to fall, and Brenda held her up, pulled her close, and their bodies rocked softly together as Sharon rode out the waves of her orgasm. When Brenda kissed her, Sharon tasted herself on her lover's lips.

As they moved, the water still falling down on them, Sharon's knee pressed between Brenda's thighs. The younger woman willingly opened her legs further, welcoming the friction, and brought their mouths together for another searing kiss. Sharon's tongue battled with hers for control and Brenda willingly gave it to her. She pressed herself harder against Sharon's leg, her own arousal now coating her lover's skin, and Sharon's hands came to a rest on Brenda's hips.

Brenda moved slowly, seeking and quickly finding the perfect rhythm, and continued to kiss Sharon. She rode against her lover's leg with urgency and shuddered when Sharon brought her hand down between them and pushed a single finger inside her. She whimpered and rested her head against Sharon's shoulder when she recognized the familiar feeling in her belly.

Sharon curled her finger inside Brenda, brushing against her soft walls, and found a soft, slow rhythm. Brenda continued to move against her, rocking and rolling her hips, her nails clawing at Sharon's back. She knew she would leave marks but she didn't care. She kissed, bit and sucked on every bit of skin she could find and her teeth sank into Sharon's shoulder when the brunette let her tongue circle around her earlobe.

"Sharon... Sharon...oh..."

Brenda's whispers became louder and she chanted the other woman's name over and over, like a mantra. She pushed a little harder, and Sharon stilled her finger for the briefest of moments and in that split second, Brenda fell over the edge. She clung to Sharon as her orgasm traveled through her with the speed and strength of lightening.

Wrapped up in each other, their bodies almost one, they stood under the hot flow of water as it washed away the physical remnants of what had happened. But it couldn't wash away the bruises and the finger marks, the scratches left behind by teeth, or the memories that would last beyond today.

This was the beginning of something new.