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And The Seeds Became Trees

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She cursed and swore under her breath and slammed her fist against the wheel. She hadn't moved more than ten yards in the last fifteen minutes and her patience was running dangerously low. Around her, other agitated drivers blew their horns and so far she'd witnessed two angry men giving each other the finger and a woman shouting 'asshole' through an open window at a driver who tried to cut in front of her.

Brenda glanced at the clock on her dashboard. 1.53 pm. She had exactly seven minutes to get to where she needed to be, which happened to be the other side of Los Angeles. Fifteen miles away.

With a frustrated groan she picked up her cell phone from the passenger seat and began typing a message. She knew she ought to ring but she wasn't ready to hear the disappointment so she hid behind a text message. 'On my way. Traffic's a bitch. Am gonna be late.' She hit send and chewed her lip.

Brenda leaned back in her seat and looked around. She suspected the traffic jam was being caused by an accident or a broken down vehicle. She just hoped that whoever was dealing with it would open the road sometime soon. She fiddled with the knobs and buttons on the radio until she found a station that wasn't trying to fry her brain with these godawful pop tunes and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane."

In the end, she was half an hour late. She managed to park her car in front of the building and climbed the two steps leading to the large glass front doors. She pushed them open and found herself standing in a softly lit corridor. The waiting room, complete with soft leather seats, was empty. There were posters on the wall and leaflets and magazines on the table.

There, leaning against the wall, stood Sharon. She looked up when she heard Brenda approach and Brenda watched the anger melt away behind her lover's eyes. Sharon was never good at staying angry at her, Brenda knew. Not that she made a point of getting Sharon angry, she rather tried to do the opposite, but in the cases where she did slip up, Sharon always forgave her.

"Did we lose our appointment?" Brenda nervously asked. Sharon shook her head.

"The people who had an appointment after us were already waiting so I asked them if they wanted to go first. The doctor said he'd wait for you."

Brenda let her head fall back. "I'm sorry I'm late," she sighed and leant in, softly kissing Sharon on her cheek. "I really left on time."

"I know," Sharon smiled. "Don't worry about it."

"We've been waitin' for this for months. I can't believe I almost ruined it. I could kick myself right now." Brenda stamped her foot.

"Brenda, it's OK," Sharon reassured her and put a hand on the blonde's arm. The soft touch was enough to calm the agitated blonde down. "We're here now."

Down the hall a door opened and a woman poked her head around. In her hand she held a clipboard and she briefly scanned the paperwork before calling out, "Sharon and Brenda?"

Sharon's hand slipped into Brenda's and she squeezed it. "Ready?"

Brenda nodded. "Ready."

Together they walked down the hall until they met the woman in the doorway. They stepped inside and the door slowly fell closed behind them.

On the silver plaque beside it, black bold capital letters spelt out LOS ANGELES CRYOGENICS AND FERTILITY SERVICES