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Curse of the Golden Flower

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They are mechanical puppets.


They play their roles to perfection. They are the Emperor and Empress. There is no room for failures, weakness, or petty emotions.

They do everything perfectly together. She smiles at him, inside she is sneering. This Emperor thinks of her to be a fool, and she will act it, only during that moment. The medicine is for her health, he says, he can cure her sickness, she must drink it. Inside, he is thinking, death, death will come soon.

They may hate each other. Deep in their hearts he hates her, deep in her heart she hates him. But on the outside, they are the Emperor and Empress, and they must not let the people see their Hate.

They hold hands tight as they walk to the altar to pray together. The ceremony must begin.

They are mechanical puppets. They are perfect, they know what must be done.



But they will break soon.