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Curse of the Golden Flower

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She is a strong woman.

She is the Empress.

She holds her head up high and she will not bow down to him. Her hand shakes as she places the golden pins in her hair. She curses herself for her weakness, but in the mirror, she stares hard at herself and tells herself, I will hold on. Her hand steadies.

The time has come again. The Hour. She looks at the cup and laughs inside, does he think of her as a fool? She takes the cup and she braces herself. She will drink the poison, even if she will die a cretin, just as he wants her to be. But she will drink it, she will drink it, for he knows he will see the end. She will make him see the end, and until then, she will play the fool, she will play her role, she is the sick Empress, and she will play.. Play along till the time comes.

She will drink the poison.

But she will not give in without a fight.

She is a strong woman.


She is the branded one.

She holds her head up high. She lives her life, but she cannot forget what he has done to her and her family. Fire, anger burns in her, and everyday, she curses the day he has ever lived. The Empress has asked for help, and she will give it to her, she will help the Empress. Not for the money. Hah, never the money. She knows, the best way she can make him see is with fighting with the Empress.

She finds out the ingredient, and she closes her eyes. Her husband has been a fool to trust the Emperor. She feels pity for the Empress, and she knows, he has not changed. Oh the lying manipulating man. She smiles bitterly and the tears come freely. Oh, what a fool she has been, to have loved him, to have bore him a son. She sees the Empress withdrawn face, that determined look in the eyes and she thinks, yes, the end will come soon.

She will help the Empress. 

She is a strong woman. 

And she will not give in without a fight.


In the end, they both are strong. The branded one lies with her daughter, eyes wide open. Dead. The Empress looks at her son with eyes wide open. He is dead and she screams.


They have both been strong. 



But he is stronger.