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The ET, The Psychopath, and The Mafia

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Sebastian Michaelis was only trying to find a new attraction or act for his circus. The economy had run into the ground with the new president, and people were losing jobs all over the country. No jobs means no money. No money means that no one will have enough money or time to go to his circus. No people that come to his circus means no escape from this pathetic world.

So the ringmaster had to find something so amazing, so extraordinary that people would spend their precious last dimes and job-searching time just to see it. And the Black Market seems like a good place to start look for this said attraction.

"I'ma tellin' ya Jack! The thing had razor sharp teeth! And claws! Oh, it was hideous, I'ma tellin' ya… covered in muddy fur, too..." a thick cockney accent spoke to it's drinking partner.

Sebastian was hovering near by, watchful wine red eyes scanning for something decent. This conversation between two drunks caught his attention.

"Pfft, bug off. Only thing vicious that lives in dos' old woods are damn coons'. Unless you was drunk off your ass, or a giant rabid coon' 'tacked ya, then i don't believe it."

"I'ma serious!" the first one insisted. "I bet ya it's that demon they're lookin' for. If i had 'nuff cash ta' catch it with, i'd be swimming in dough." At this, Sebastian intervened.

"A demon?" the wine-eyed ringmaster asked. The wiser of the two elderly drunks spoke up. "Ya. Somethin' 'bout a devil runnin' around the old Funtom woods. Ya know, the creepy old one?" Not so wise after all, mused Sebastian.

"Big money is on it's head too," the other one said with glassed over eyes. Sebastian pondered over this, before pushing back the urge to smirk maliciously. He thought of the perfect plan.

"Where can i find the people looking for this… devil?"

The younger and drunker of the two drunks pulled out a crumbled up paper in his coat pocket with alcohol stricken hands, and tossed it to Sebastian. "Address is on dar'. I'm pretty sure it's those people who run da' freak show… ya' know, down 'dar"

Sebastian knew there 'down there' ment. Everything illegal and unsanitary happened there. He sighed, knowing he shouldn't mess with those people, but he had a circus to look after, right? And his own urges...

~Day 2~

That's where the 25 year old ringmaster found himself a few hours later, leaning against the side of his trailer -which was attached to his pick-up truck- , staring into the dark foggy swamp. He had ropes and traps in the back, and two metal cages in the trailer. One was used for lions, the other for the poodles. He didn't know how big it would be, so he didn't take any chances.

It didn't take long for the wine-eyed beauty to find the 'demon'.

He didn't really think it of a 'demon'. More like something out of those Narnia books. It looked no older than 13 or 14 years of age, with stunning elegance and grace.. for something so fragile looking and… pissed-off.

It had attacked first, catching the ringmaster by surprise. Its little claws on its hands? and paws sinking into his back, giving out a very feline like yowl. But Sebastian knew how to fight. He had learned Krav Maga well and the skill of dominance to an art of sorts . He flipped the little monster/creature over his back and pinned it down by its smooth baby-skinned shoulders that had a dusting in fine gray fur. It's face was human, as well the front have of its body. It hissed so passionately with anger and pain, it made Sebastian groan at anticipation of hurting it more. He continued to get the upper hand of the little cat-child, and tied it by hog-style. It was a little thing, no more than 60 pounds at most, despite it's prepubescent-child sized body. It had sharp, feline ears on the sides of its ear, currently laid back in aggression. Its hands had a dust of fur, fingernails more like little, easy to break, kitten claws. Sebastian decided then and there he liked associating the little one with cats. Because it also had cat legs, and tail.

It looked up with such anger, such agony, but held worry of the events to come behind those large, innocent azure and dark violet colored eyes, that made Sebastian want to run his fingers under his eyes, to see how his tears fall.

He smiled softly at his new little kitten. He was bent down on his heels, and reaches out a hand to run his fingers down his inhuman, satin like skin of his left cheek. As he did this, the little hybrid child kid suddenly showed its bright, white fangs and teeth, and took a pretty good bite on the ringmaster's thumb joint. He gasps a bit, surprised, and rips his hand away, only to cause a rip in his skin. As he does, he notices within a blink of an eye, that the little alien child's canines retracted ever so slightly. A vampire?

Sebastian drags his new prize to the trailer, pushing them into the lion cage. The little hybrid was to fragile to break out… it seemed ridiculous to put him in a cage meant for beasts. But, the poodle cage was to small. Sebastian then took to time to see if it was male, or female.

He placed his white-gloved hands on the calves of the smaller one with seductive slowness, running his hands down to his flanks, and spread some fur away from it's neither regions. The hybrid suddenly yowled, twisting away as if the ringmaster had burned them. It's long tail curled up to hide itself, a dark, shameful blush showed.

He smirked, and forcefully pulled it's legs apart, determined now. At first he had believed the little hybrid to be a girl, at first when it so gleefully attacked him. It's slender waist, and child-bearing hips. Its face round and full, plump pink lips, little fangs showing from a snarl. But it's voice was a bit (a bit) too deep to be female… chin small, yet strong.

Now Sebastian had more to believe that it was a girl. A small, very cat like vaginal opening sat huddled wear a human's perineal would be. Ah… a little girl indeed, he thought for a split second, before his brain got a mind explosion. Two small, furry and round appendages sat right around her… it's… his?... womanly part. A little pink hole sat above the scrotum. Like a male kitten's genitals. While staring at it's 'genitals' the little hybrid kit yowled again, it's blush now traveling down to it's neck, and chest and shoulders. It was obvious it had some sort of mental capabilities of a human. Sebastian smirked and pressed a gloved finger to it's little pink vagina, seeing a little squirt of creamy, clear fluids come out. Interesting… he thought, standing up straight and taking his hands of its person. The little one whined with shame, it's hands and paws straightening against the rope tied above it. But the little didn't seem it was ready to surrender. It shoot the most pitiful, menacing looking glare at its master, even though the haze of shame… and lust?

The yowl was familiar to Sebastian. He loved cats. He's had his fair share. In fact, his current cats, Nanna and Poe, were sniffing about the cage with curiosity and… hate? Sebastian knew how cats were around new cats. And they acted just like that.

But in his past, when Sebastian decided he wanted to breed a few, he knew what kind of lingo they go though to reproduce by experience. Nanna and Poe were female and male, unfixed. But he had Poe for a few years, Nanna was a year old. Poe had been very interesting in Nanna's pee, and often sprayed his urine around. Sebastian had to line the walls of the trailer with newspaper. But Nana was going into heat at a pretty slow rate… she made a few mating yowls, but didn't let her potential mate mount her. The ringmaster knew a female cat's heat yowl. His little hybrid child had a very similar sound…. Oh what fun, he thought with a devil-envy smirk.