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The Call

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Getting the late night meets early morning call from some nurse who’s name she can’t even care to remember had to be on the top of Eve’s list for most terrifying moments of her entire life.  She didn’t even have time to process the fact that she had been listed in Annalise’s phone as first under ICE. Hers and another unmarked number the nurse had said, one she also knew, but had never dared to use.

 She at least managed to say her name to the woman she knew that much, but all she can remember now as she stood board stiff in the long white hallway is that the words “shot” and “critical” had made her blood run cold, before a fury of anger overtook her.

Eve was glad to see the hall empty at least. None of those students or associates better even think of coming around now.

Her strides felt slow but her long legs had somehow taken her inside the room door before she knew it, and there she was.

For the first time ever, to Eve’s eyes, Annalise looked small. Gone was the spark and presence of the woman she’s loved for half her lifetime, and left in its place was a woman who’d fought someone else’s battles just a little too long. She had her part to play no doubt, but she didn’t deserve this.

No one did.

The peace on Annalise’s face was almost too scary to look at. It reminded her of all the night’s she’d held her after another nightmare scream and just watched her sleep. She’d settle just on the edge of calm then, but this was something else entirely now.

“She’s gonna be fine.”

Eve had to believe that and talking to the walls of the room was just as well. Or maybe she should get a nurse- or the doctor she’d spoken to hours ago. Eve sighed and decided to just let it go, the monitor’s beep was steady and Eve tear filled eyes couldn’t understand what any of the stats meant anyway.

Eve had to make the call.

Her hands shook as she dialed the number and she wasn’t sure how she’d even explain the how and why she was doing this. She’d made the arrangements, so the next step had to come into place.

“Hello, Miss Harkness, My name is Eve Rothlo and I-“

“I know who you are. She told me if I ever heard from this number I needed to get a bag packed. Whatever has happened to my Anna Mae..I want her outta that city and away from those people right now! Can you-?”

“The arrangements are made Miss Harkness, and a car will be at your place in an hour. You didn’t have to ask.”