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Just One Yesterday

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The me who sent the letter 10 years later


The me who exists in this world, right now

Might be

Two different people.

Even if things


Right now…

The world that I exist in

10 years later

Will not have


One bit

“Just look at you!”

Stiles looked up when Allison jogged over, sitting down on the bench next to him.
She had her dark hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, cheeks glowing red and wet from sweat.
But she was smiling as she handed him a bottle of water.

He quietly thanked her and rubbed a hand over his forehead; the sun was shining down mercilessly, but Coach apparently couldn’t care less about that.

Allison kept looking at him and nudged his shoulder with hers.
“You seem happy right now. Is there something I should know?”

Stiles felt his cheeks heat up even more, as he averted his gaze with a soft smile.

“I’m looking forward to the festival,” he admitted, opening up the cool bottle and raising it to his lips.

Allison seemed a bit surprised at that, her eyebrows barely moving up an inch.
“Ah, I see! Well, it sure is something different and worth experiencing,” she agreed, nodding slightly to herself.

Stiles glanced over at her as he took a few gulps of water, but she wasn’t looking anymore.
He set the bottle down again, rubbing the back of his hand over his mouth.

For a second, he hesitated.

“Scott asked me to see the fireworks with him…”

The pale boy watched as his friend’s shoulders tensed up.
Allison looked up from her lap, but watched some of their team members who decided to just lay down on the field.

Stiles followed her gaze.
“So… Is that okay?”

It was silent for a while.

Then, Allison laughed humorlessly.

“Why are you asking me?”

Stiles flinched.

“Yeah, well, uhm…”
He shifted uncomfortably.
“You like him, right?”

“… What?!”

Allison next to him jumped off the bench with wide eyes, now staring at him.
Some students looked over, to see what the ruckus was about, and as she noticed, her cheeks became a dark red.

Sighing, she slumped down next to him again, hiding her face in the palms of her hands.

“I never even told anyone, is it— is it, like, that obvious?”

Stiles laughed quietly, and carefully pried her fingers from her face; a soft smile gracing his lips.
“I think everyone noticed by now… Except for Scott, of course.”

Allison groaned.

“Hey, do you guys remember last year’s festival?”

“Yeah, of course! I mean, how could I forget Derek’s amazing live performance?”

“Derek did what?” Stiles spluttered wide eyed, almost dropping his pencil.

“Ah, right!” Allison chimed in, tapping her brush against her chin in thought.
“He was playing the guitar! And with him was, ah… Vernon Boyd, right?”

“Please, stop it,” Derek muttered, closing his eyes and rubbing a hand over his face.

Erica was grinning smugly, when suddenly her face lit up and she almost pushed over a bottle of paint.

“Hey, Stiles!” She called loudly.

Stiles flinched, almost messing up the poster he was working on, and looked up.
When he saw her grin, his expression fell.
“Oh, hell no—“

“You didn’t even wait to hear—“

“I don’t need to,” he interrupted her and frowned.

“But I just wanted to suggest you enter the Mr. Contest!” She pouted, crossing her arms.

The Polish boy just looked confused.
“The what, please?”

“A contest for guys. There’s the same for girls, the Ms. Contest; almost the whole school always participates. Everyone else gets to vote, about looks and personality, and the one with the most points wins something,” Lydia explained halfheartedly, focused on her own poster. She didn’t even look up.

“So, basically, everyone’s judging each other, but, like, openly, in front of everyone else?” Stiles deadpanned and frowned.

“Exactly!” Erica chirped.

Stiles just shook his head and sighed.
“No, thanks.”

“You’d have a good chance of winning, though,” Allison pointed out, wiggling her eyebrows and rolling onto her stomach, so another student could walk past her.

The teachers shooed them out into the hallways, to sit down and paint posters and flyers for the festival.

“I agree!” Erica jumped in, nodding furiously.

Even Lydia glanced up to smirk at Stiles.

“Oh, come on, guys, I’m not interested—“

“I’ll enter.”

“Derek, no, you won’t get one point—“

“That’s exactly what I’m aiming for.”

“Ah, but, Derek… If you’d just take off your glasses and stopped that tall, dark and brooding-look you’ve got going on there, you’d have a chance, too!”

They all turned to look at Erica.

Derek looked surprised, eyebrows almost vanishing behind a few strands of dark hair.

Stiles gaped at them, while Lydia and Allison began to snicker and Erica looked horrified, oh well—

Scott walked over with a few more bottles of paint in his arms, and Stiles’ gaze fell on him as he sat down with a frown.

“But then, he should enter, too,” Stiles grumbled, nodding at Scott.

The poor guy just set down the bottles and tubes, and then pointed at himself in a slow and confused manner.


“I guess he wouldn’t do too bad,” Lydia smirked, as she scanned him from head to toes.

“Oh no, you’re talking about that, aren’t you—“

“Hell yes we are, and you are going to participate—“

“Erica, no, I told you last year already that I’m not going to—“

“Well, what about you girls?” Stiles interrupted and they all froze, Scott passing him a thankful glance.

Erica was grinning, which Stiles took as a yes—

Lydia shrugged and probably didn’t care (but was going to enter, anyway. Because, hey, it’s Lydia), but Allison looked not so sure yet.

“Come on, Allison, you’ve got nothing to lose!”

“Yeah, maybe you’ll even win this year—“

“Hey, that’s not nice—“

“Well, she’s pretty popular on the team,” Stiles pointed out, spinning his pencil between his fingers and everyone shut up.

He looked up at that, and continued with a smile.
“The other day, three comrades confessed to you, right?”

Allison looked a bit uncomfortable at that.

“What? Three of them? From the lacrosse team?” Lydia asked, frowning.

Stiles nodded.
“Yeah, all of them at the same time, even.”

“Well, what does it matter?” Erica laughed, scooting over and bumping her shoulder with Allison’s.
“Who did you choose?”

Allison shrugged.
“I turned them down. All of them.”

She glanced at them all, before avoiding her eyes.
“I have someone I like.”

Erica and Lydia looked at each other, before shrugging it off; but Scott seemed oh so amazed by that fact, it almost hurt to watch—

“Ah, yeah, it’s Scott, right?”

Stiles snapped his head so fast to look over at Derek, he thought he’d break it.

Allison’s cheeks were tinted a deep red already, as she stared at him, too.
But then she turned to look at Stiles helplessly.

Stiles blinked at her, before slowly looking over at Scott.

Scott’s eyes just went from Allison to Derek and back again; they were as wide as a pair of plates as realization hit him.
“Uhm, Allison…” He began carefully, hesitantly reaching out for her.

But Allison shook her head and stood up, her hair hiding her face as she walked off.

As soon as she disappeared around the corner, Lydia pulled at Derek’s sleeve while Erica slapped the back of his head.

“What the hell were you saying—“

“That can’t be, you idiot—“

Stiles glanced over at Scott, who watched the others, too.

But as they fought, Scott slowly began to nod and seemed to get lost in thought.

Stiles let out a deep sigh, as the other boy began to chew on his lip and scratch at his cheek, as he thought things over.

The Polish boy smiled sadly.

“We’re sorry, Ally, but…”

“We can’t help you out, we’re Scott’s allies— really, we’re sorry…”

“I know. It’s okay, I’m fine.”
Allison waved it off, leaning heavily against the lockers behind her back.

Erica and Lydia exchanged a worried look.

“So, if they start going out, you’ll be alright with it?”

The dark haired girl smiled softly.
“I know they’d be happy. So, yeah. I’d be, too.”

Lydia stepped forward and took her friend’s hands in her own.
“Then, we’re going to cheer them on with all we have, together.”
She smiled back, giving their hands a soft squeeze.

Allison’s smile wavered, and she blinked a few times.

Lydia laughed weakly and put her arms around the other girl’s shoulders.
Allison buried her face in the redhead’s neck.

“Are you really okay?” She asked quietly, and Erica stepped closer to put a hand on Allison’s shoulder.

Allison wiggled herself out of the embrace and wiped the back of her hand over her eyes.
“I know that it’s hopeless for me!” She laughed, blinking at them; surprisingly, there were no tears.
“Besides, I’m also their ally, y’know!”

Erica smiled and highfived her, before she went back to their friends.

Lydia, though, stayed behind and looked at her friend with a serious gaze.

“You’re a fool, Allison,” she stated quietly.

She whirled around so fast, her red hair almost slapped into Allison’s face.

Allison’s smile fell, as she closed her eyes and slid down the lockers, pulling up her legs and burying her face in her knees.

The school bell echoed deafeningly loud through the empty hallways.

July 13th

“- The first day of our school’s festival!

- Our class is doing a little market.

- The girls wanted us to wear those ugly shorts we once bought…”

Ta-da! Aren’t they cute?”

Derek rolled his eyes and turned away, while Stiles stared at them incredulously.

“Why?” Allison deadpanned, a blank look on her face.

“More like why didn’t you wear them, too, like we actually planned, Argent—“

“Don’t worry, Lydia, Scott makes up for it!” Erica smirked and wiggled her eyebrows meaningfully.

“I’m not—“ Scott protested weakly.

But then Erica grinned, walked behind her friend, and pulled down his dark brown shorts, to reveal—

“Oh my God—“

“Scott, why—“

“I’m so sorry! They forced me!” Scott cried out and furiously pulled up his shorts again, blushing like a tomato and glaring daggers at Erica, who was laughing loudly.

His eyes widened as realization hit him, and he looked at Stiles.

“Oh my God, you—“

Stiles raised his hands in a defensive manner, stumbling back a few steps and blushing, too.
“N-No, I didn’t see anything!”

Scott relaxed.

Derek behind them snickered.

They had their market set up on the lacrosse field.

The field was full with many market stalls and other attractions; other students, most teachers and even some parents were walking around them, looking at the different goods they had laid out;

Most of them even selfmade.

Scott just brought up another tray of homemade cookies and cupcakes to put on display.

“It’s so hot!” Erica sighed and used a small towel to rub the sweat off her forehead.

“At least the crowd is decreasing,” Lydia replied, observing their surroundings; eventually, her eyes got stuck a little to their left, on the edge of the field and out of the way of all the main attractions.
She frowned.
“Those guys are lucky.”

Scott turned to follow her gaze and smiled.

Stiles and Allison both held a garden hose in their hands, splashing each other wet.

The Argent girl just let out a squeal and jumped back a few steps as Stiles hit her chest; the other wore a playful smile, seemingly more at ease than usual.

But just then someone called Allison’s name, and she turned around.

Stiles smirked, using the moment of distraction to hit her right in the face.

Allison cried out in surprise and she turned her back on him, yelling out “Oh my God, stop playing dirty!”

The three guys from the lacrosse team were giving each other confused looks.

A tall, blond guy, who had a serious surfer-look going on, eventually took a step forward and said something they couldn’t make out from their place.

The girl in question frowned at him in response.
“No, of course not, William. We’re just playing around,” she said, giving him a pointed look and glancing over at Scott and the others.

“Don’t tell me!” Erica gasped and gaped, like a fish on land.

“Is that the rumored lacrosse trio? The one that asked her out?” Lydia added and pouted.

“Did she even properly reject them?” Derek threw in, standing up from his seat on the grass and joining his friends.

They just shrugged.

Right now, another guy stepped forward; again, talking so quietly they didn’t understand him.

But whatever he said made Allison thoughtful for a second, before she shrugged.

Then she turned to Scott.

“Hey, Scott! Come over here!” She called and waved him over.

Scott frowned at the others, before slowly making his way over to them.

When he wasn’t far away anymore, Allison came to meet him—

And handed over the hose.

“What the—“

“Sorry, I’m going to take off for a bit,” she explained with a sweet smile.
Scott looked over her shoulder, and found the three guys glaring at him.
He gulped.
“So, yeah. Please take care of this for me?”

His gaze wandered over to Stiles, who cocked his head to the side and stared at him blankly.
When he noticed Scott looking, though, he blinked a few times as if to clear his head, before carefully smiling and nodding.

Scott nodded in response.

Allison clasped both her hands on his shoulders with a wide grin.
“Perfect! Thanks, Scott!”

She then took off with her boys.

Behind them, Lydia nodded appreciating at Allison, while Erica gave her a thumbs up.

Allison just smiled back thinly before she got dragged away.

“- When the afternoon crowd decreased, Allison told me to take over her place and let me be together with Stiles.

I want her to know, that I’ve noticed all the time she’s been worried about me.”

At first, they stood in awkward silence.

But then, Stiles’ knuckles turned white around the hose as he spoke up.

“Allison is incredibly good when she’s doing club activities…”

Scott felt himself frown slightly, but kept quiet.

“She’s good at lacrosse,” he continued, carefully avoiding to look up from his feet.
“She has better judgement than the captain, so everyone kinda relies on her…”

Scott hummed in response, looking at Stiles.

Finally, he looked up and met Scott’s eyes with a soft smile.
“I really like that,” he admitted calmly. “I think… I want to cheer her on. Y’know, about the person she likes.”

His friend couldn’t help but smile back now.
“Same!” He agreed, huffing out a soft laugh. “It would be nice, if all would go well for her!”

Stiles’ smile thinned.

“Yeah. Right.”

They fell into an uncomfortable silence once again.

Scott averted his eyes first.

I know

About it.


Allison is


Looking out for me.


Kind to everyone.

It’s just become



“Come to think of it…”

His head snapped back up to look at Stiles, who was looking at him shyly.

“Do you… Still have, y’know, the ring— uh, necklace— whatever.”

Scott was taken aback by the sudden change in topic.


“Well, I just— If you… Don’t want it, I could get you something different,” Stiles murmured, cheeks flaming up in an embarrassed manner.

“What? No!” Scott exclaimed and Stiles flinched, looking at him with wide eyes.

Scott huffed and forced his voice to calm down.
“I just… If I wear it and somehow break it, or… lose it, I’d feel really bad, y’know?”

Stiles seemed surprised by that answer.
But then he smiled.

“I see.”

Should I

Ask him?


The ring


Its meaning?

The transfer student was looking at him strangely.


Not now.

Scott stared at his reflection in the mirror, his right hand cautiously reaching up to his neck and touching the cool metal resting there.

He had kept it in the pocket of his shorts, occasionally touching it whenever no one else was looking.

The air around them was different since Stiles asked about it; distant, and Scott didn’t like it.

Now, the sky was tinted a darker blue, and the whole school is putting away their stuff.
Most of the students were done already and just stood around talking to each other, waiting to be given the 'clear' to go home for today.

Scott hid in the restrooms, twirling the chain between his fingers.


I shouldn’t…

But he shook his head furiously and slapped his cheeks twice.

Determined, he pulled a flannel over his shirt, since the air cooled down by now and was getting quite fresh.

After a final glance into the mirror and running a hand through his dark hair, he walked out into the hallways.

And straight into—


Scott froze.

Malia stood there, right in front of him.

“I saw you at the library with Stiles earlier. What did you do?”

“We, uh… studied?” Scott replied helplessly.

At the girl’s piercing gaze his hand shot up to touch the ring on his chest, and Malia followed his hand with her eyes, frowning.

She let out a ‘hmph’.

“Is he— No. Are you gay? Are you two going out?”

Scott’s eyes widened, and he blushed.
“Wh-What? No! We’re just— just, friends…”

Malia’s pink lips curled into a snarl, eyebrows twitching in disbelief.
“Well then. Why don’t you just stay away from Stiles? I don’t want to see you together.”

Scott flinched and took a step back.
If looks could kill, he would’ve dropped dead at last now.

“And by the way, what’s up with that necklace?”

Malia took a threatening step closer.
She was shorter than him, but she had her hands crossed on her chest and was daringly looking up at him.

Scott’s hand closed around it.
“It’s none of your business, Malia,” he answered quietly.

She held out her hand.

“Let me see it,” she demanded, frowning.

“No way!”

“Why? Where did you get that?”
She cocked her head, expression suddenly unreadable.

Scott hesitated.
“This is…” he whispered, blinking.

… an important gift Stiles gave me.

One of Malia’s friends appeared by his side out of nowhere, grinning smugly and reaching for the ring, too.
“We just want to see it close up! Give it here—“

A loud slap echoed through the hallways.

Students halted in their conversations and turned around to look at them with wide eyes.

Scott looked at his hand, still frozen in midair.

But one voice called out loud and clear.

“Stop it!”

Malia’s friend flinched and pressed her hand to her chest as she took a step back towards Malia, baring her teeth like a wild animal.

“Ow! You stupid fag—“ she exclaimed, but the other voice drowned hers out.

“What are you doing?”

Scott blinked and stared at Allison’s back in front of him.

The insult made him flinch, his chest tightening.

She didn’t turn around; kept facing Malia.

Malia’s gaze flickered from Allison to Scott and back again, suddenly biting her lip uncertainly.

But then Allison whirled around, her long, dark hair flying around her as she grabbed Scott’s hand while walking past him.

“C’mon, Scott. Let’s go.”

And as she pulled him along, Scott could feel his eyes begin to sting.

Allison kept looking at the ground but didn’t let go of his wrist.

Scott clenched his eyes shut.

“I’m sorry, Ally,” he said quietly, but she heard him nonetheless.

“Why are you apologizing?”

He shrugged, even though he knew she wouldn’t see it.

As Allison led him back outside, she spoke up again.
“I saw that that bitch scratched your hand, is it okay?”
She glanced over her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright,” he shrugged it off again and then finally looked up at her.
“Nevermind that, what about you? What were you even doing there? What about those guys—“

She smiled softly.
“Yeah, it’s fine, don’t worry.”

Then, she turned back to face ahead.

“This is better,” she whispered, undoubtedly not meant to be heard by stranger’s ears.

But Scott’s eyes widened.

“- At that time, Allison seemed to treasure the moment; the way her fingers gently curled around my wrist as she pulled me along through the crowd of chattering students, out into the cool evening air, bashful and caring.

If you notice her kindness,

Please tell her ‘thank you’.

I’m sure it’ll make her happy.”

“Stiles, I’m sorry!” Allison exclaimed and put her hands on said boy’s shoulders.

Stiles frowned.
“Eh? What?”

She blushed furiously, avoiding his eyes.
“Just… Sorry!”

“I… Don’t know what you’re talking about—“

“That’s why,” Allison replied and began rummaging in the pockets of her jeans, “please, give these to Scott!”

She placed them in Stiles’ hand, smiling softly.

He kept frowning; only glancing down, to meet her eyes again.
“Band aids?”

Allison just nodded her head in Scott’s direction.
“He hurt his hand!”

She let go of his shoulders and gave them a gentle push in the right direction, giving a thumbs up.

So he slowly made his way over to Scott, who stood a few feet away from the others.

“What happened?” He asked without greeting him.

Scott jumped and whirled around, wide eyed and flustered.


“O-Oh, it’s, really, it’s nothing—“

Stiles reached out and took his hand into his own, careful of the red, angry scratches stretching across the back of his hand.

Scott froze.

Stiles’ fingers were pale and slender and cool to the touch, turning Scott’s hand around with a sort of care he rarely experienced before.

And then, he pulled the bandaid out of his wrapping and cautiously put it on the grazes, fingers brushing over the smooth surface to straighten it out and Scott blushed; his hand twitching in Stiles’, wanting to pull away.

But how did he even know—

Scott’s face lit up.

“Allison gave them to me,” Stiles explained unnecessarily, as if he just read his mind.

Scott smiled happily.
“Yeah, I know.”

He turned around to face Allison, who was looking at him surprised.

“Thanks, Ally! Y’know. For, like, everything!”

At first, Allison’s cheeks turned a bright pink.
But then she took a deep breath and turned her head away, raising a hand to her face.

Scott’s smile fell.
“W-Wait, don’t tell me you’re crying—“

But the Argent girl let out a sound between a sob and a laugh, before looking at him smiling and teary eyed.

“I’m just happy!” She huffed.

Scott let out a sigh of relief and walked over to embrace her.

Stiles smiled thinly and turned around.

I wonder

If the future me knew,

That the past can’t be changed and

Sent the letter.

I might

Not be able to


The sadness



Of my future self.



My future self

Is properly

Moving forward.

“- Allison is an important person who rescued my heart.”  


In those words, hope prevails.