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Avenging Angel

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Sectionals the previous weekend had been epic. They had been set up in a position to lose, their set list leaked and all eyes had swung accusingly to her. All but one.

Believe what you want but no one is forcing me to be here, and if you ever tell anyone I said this I will deny it. But I like being in glee club. It’s the best part of my day.”

Then it happened

“I believe you”

Three words. With those three words Santana fell a little more. She had been crushing on Rachel since freshman year. She had hid it with name calling, slushies and snarky comments. At first she didn’t want to like her. She didn’t want to admit apart of herself she didn’t want to acknowledge as truth. Then she joined glee club with Quinn and Brittany because Quinn wanted to keep an eye on Finn. She didn’t want to join but Quinn was one of her best friend so she did.

The first time she heard Rachel sing sophomore year while they were spying with Coach Sue, she was blown away. She had never heard anything like it. She was crazy good and she took her breath away. This small, poorly dressed, loud, obnoxious, and stunningly beautiful girl, had the voice of an angel. And she started to really fall.

They joined glee club and the more time she was around the girl the more she fell. Then those three words, “I believe you”, and she was a goner. No one had ever believed in her before. Without proof or contest. Her father had left when she was 6 and her mother was never around. She was a doctor, always working and when she wasn’t working she was closed up in her room or the study. She never spoke more than a few words to her. She did not care if Santana was home, where she was, or any aspect of her life in general. When Santana turned 13 her mother set up an account with money for her to purchase clothing and other necessities. When she was 15 her mother released the trust fund her father had left for her into it and told her she didn’t care what she did with it. That’s all Santana got because her mother blamed her for her father leaving. When she was 6 she got sick and they didn’t know if she would live. When she finally recovered, the day after returning home from the hospital her father left. When he did he left a note say he didn’t want to be a family man anymore, wasn’t ready to be a father. Couldn’t handle the responsibility. So her mother blamed her and rarely spoke to her and never looked her in the eyes. So, for this tiny diva that was always so full of life that she had bullied and never had a kind word to say to stood there and said “I believe you” it was like the heavens opened up for her. Someone believed in her, really believed in her for the first time. She vowed right then and there to be nicer to Rachel and to try and protect her from now on. If someone could believe in her and stand up for her the way Rachel did they deserved her protection and loyalty.

She was standing by her locker waiting for class to start listening to Quinn and Brittney talk when it happened…

Rachel walked down the hall fresh of her first Sectionals win, head held high, on top of the world. They had had their set list stolen and had to come up with another on the fly and still they won. Today would be a new day, she would finally be respected by her fellow students for her talent. She rounded the corner to go to her locker when the icy cold bitch slap to the face told her, well, maybe not.

She wiped off her eyes of red slushy, she hated cherry it tasted awful and stained the worst, and saw half the hockey team.

“Hey loser, sectionals win or not you will always be nothing.”

As they walked away laughing while the student population gathering did the same. She continued on to her locker to retrieve her slushy kit and went on to the bathroom at the far end of the corridor knowing it was one of two never used and she could clean up in privacy.

She went in to the bathroom set up her kit and began to rinse the slushy from her hair. She didn’t hear the door open or someone enter.


Santana was livid. She didn’t see it coming fast enough to stop it from happening. She was too far away. As Rachel went to her locker Santana was flying after the hockey players, Quinn and Brittney hot on her heals not knowing what was going on but needing to make sure she was ok. As she rounded the corner she grabbed the jock that slushied Rachel, swung him around and kicked him in the groin. He squealed and fell to the ground. Looming over him, the students in the hall in a state of shock as she spoke to him in an even voice filled with rage.

“Let me make something perfectly clear to you, you will not slushy Rachel ever again, you will leave her completely alone and never say another damn insult to her. Do you understand?” She was shaking with rage. The hockey player was truly frightened and simply nodded his head in aggreement. She raised her voice and addressed the rest of the students in the hall. “That goes for all of you. If anyone so much as breaths on her funny I will rain hell fire on your sorry asses. I will make every day of your sorry existence in this school a living hell. Pass the word.”

She knew that Quinn was head Cheerio and Queen of the school, but she was the enforcer and everyone feared her wrath. They would listen.
With this she turned on her heel to find which of the two bathrooms that she knew that Rachel used that she would be in. As she rushed down the hall Quinn stopped her and pulled her in to an empty class room.

“What the hell was that all about!? Since when is Man Hands off limits?”

Santana sighed and replied “Since I say so! Don’t call her that! This crap is ridiculous and needs to stop. She doesn’t deserve it. She never did.”

And with that she turned and left a very stunned and confused Quinn and Brittney behind. She continued on to find Rachel. The first bathroom she check was empty so she moved on to the next. As she entered the second bathroom and saw Rachel, her blood ran cold and her heart stopped.

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