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[podfic] Accursed Ones by TheThirdAmell

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This is a work in progress. Chapters will be added to the list as they are completed. For the most recent updates (and casting calls), please check out aopodfic on Tumblr!

Cast (unless otherwise mentioned):
Editor - Luapin
Anders - Kess
Amell - Mevima
Nathaniel - Kinloch-ho
Oghren - Itsxandy
Sigrun - Winebearcat
Justice - Draegaa
Velanna - Invisiblespork
Other contributors - Ifthisnightleaves, Ilyahna1980, Un-shit-yourself

Accursed Ones

MP3: Chapter 1: Awakening (Read Chapter) (44.6MB, 32:28) [narrated by Kess; actors Ilyahna1980, Kess, Ifthisnightleaves, Mevima, Draegaa]
MP3: Chapter 2: Nothing For It (Read Chapter) (51.2MB, 36:26) [narrated by Kess; actors Kess, Mevima, Draegaa, Itsxandy, Ilyahna1980, Lyrapuppy, Luapin, Un-shit-yourself]

Apples and Apostates

MP3: Chapter 1: Ma'Arlath (explicit) (Read Chapter) (11.6MB, 12:41) [read by Mevima]
MP3: Chapter 3: Fool for a Day (explicit M/F) (Read Chapter) (17.4MB, 19:06) [read by Mevima]
MP3: Chapter 4: Compassion (Read Chapter) (9.3MB, 10:06) [read by Mevima]
MP3: Chapter 10: Silver Sword of Mercy (Read Chapter) (17.7MB, 19:23) [read by Mevima]