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Six Shots To Go

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Being with Coco shouldn’t have been as easy as it was.

Velvet could count off enough reasons to take up all ten fingers without much thought, more than that if pressed. Everyone knew the Adel family made their fortune selling armor and weapons, but their biggest clients were the military and police – humans, exclusively. The trio of fashion subsidiaries to their name were all marketed to the upper crust, tailored suits and cutting-edge skirts hiding bulletproof material and laced with Dust, the kind of mass production that could only be afforded when one had a lucrative and exclusive contract with the Schnee Dust Company.

Coco herself was branded with all the affectations of such a family legacy – the clothes, the credit cards, even monogrammed luggage – and an only child to boot. The perfect recipe for arrogance if there ever was one, but from the moment they’d met in the Emerald Forest, fighting off an onslaught of cave-born Grimm with Fox and Yatsuhashi, Coco had simply been confident. It was real enough to bottle, paired with a charisma that drew people to her like a magnet. Velvet was used to fitting in the slightest of spaces, in-between and out of sight, but Coco filled a room just by walking into it, the presence of power without pressure or expectation.

Yet she was undeniably human too. Not a drop or trace of Faunus blood to speak of across the family lines, else Menagerie’s news cycle would have made a note of it whenever the Adels topped the headlines. Velvet had waited for the inevitable remarks after they went from being a group of adrenaline-high kids to CFVY, a team where she wasn’t leader and outnumbered three-to-one, but the only thing Coco had asked was whether or not she was born continent-side. When she said no, the answer had been a shock and a thrill all at once.

“I didn’t think so.” Sunglasses or not, Velvet could sense the pure satisfaction in Coco’s stare. “That accent’s the cherry on top of the whole package. Just more proof our team’s going to be the best this school’s ever fucking seen.”

That was it. The compliment had gone completely over her head until later, after Coco chucked any sense of subtlety out the window, but Velvet was simply relieved. She was part of the team, and neither Fox nor Yatsuhashi seemed to be concerned with the fact that a Faunus was fighting beside them. When she was alone – be it on campus or Vale’s streets – that was when the barbs came out from others, mocking her ears, her blood, any rumor that could be ascribed to leporid heritage, but tongues fell silent when she was just an interlocking piece in the team. It made sense, though. They were really, really damn good.

All their roles fell out naturally, like it was just meant to be. Velvet had been scouting in the wild since she could walk, making traversing new territory second nature. In a fight, she was the hard kick to the spine no one expected, using Yatsuhashi’s height to keep herself hidden until the perfect moment to strike presented itself. He was an amazing partner too, patient and kind, protective in a way that Velvet never would have predicted, but it was proved without words, without any debt expected in turn.

Fox possessed a wicked wit and the skill in combat to match, but it was the fact that he could see her – really see her – that set him apart. For years, Velvet relied on her Semblance to keep her hidden in the times it was needed most, a last resort when the pressure of the world was too much and she simply needed to breathe in perfect safety and solitude. Yet the first time Fox had found her that way, invisible and afraid, he’d offered nothing but comfort. In no time, they could be vulnerable to each other without any fear at all.

When it came right down to it, Coco was the kind of leader everyone wanted, the sort who lead from the front but refused to leave until the rest of her team was off the field. Even when her orders sounded reckless, there was a keen strategy behind them, although Coco was always the first one to downplay the kind of intellect it took to adapt to a new fight every day. It’s just guts and nerve, Velv. On top of a hard skull, I guess. I’m not going to complain if you like what you see though.

For all those reasons, flirting with Coco was easy too. Velvet couldn’t believe half the things that came out of her mouth when the other girl was around, swinging between wry and suggestive when inspiration struck. All of it was welcomed and came back with twice the implication until Velvet felt heat climbing up her face, and caught Yatsuhashi and Fox smiling at each other like they thought she couldn’t see. When the lines finally blurred between them, it felt like giving into the inevitable instead of discovering something new. The moment had just been there, waiting.

It was after she’d figured things out with Yatsuhashi but before Fox, when they agreed as a team that this was worth making it work. Velvet wasn’t sure how to fit ‘I have a girlfriend and two boyfriends’ into her letters back home, but at the time, it didn’t matter. Having her first birthday off Menagerie was already strange on its own – she was used to both of her parents waking her up with a special breakfast before they all went for a run, a mile per year like tradition asked for – but more so when she was stolen out of classes to open a pile of presents higher than she’d ever seen, and eat a cake that was one candle shy.

“You’re nineteen?” Coco asked, head tilting curiously. “How’s that work?”

“Well, when you get to eighteen, they usually let you keep going.” Fox chimed in.

Velvet batted at his shoulder, hearing Coco snort under her breath. “I got my acceptance at seventeen, same as anyone, but I had to apply for a visa to the mainland. The wait ended up being almost a year since they limit how many Faunus can leave the island at a time.”

Anger flickered behind dark lenses, sharp and defiant. “That’s bullshit.”

There was nothing to do but shrug; it had been the way of things as long as Velvet could remember.

“I should have known you were the oldest out of all of us.” Yatsuhashi said, black eyes brimming with silent mirth. “You act like it.”

The first couple gifts were practical: a set of extremely delicate Dust-forging tools from Yatsuhashi and a sophisticated scroll program from Fox that could be used to create 3D projections for the sake of weapon modification and design, but when Velvet asked what the remaining boxes were, both of them shrugged. Coco just smiled and told her that there was only one way to find out, which meant picking from the stack at random and unknotting the very complicated scarlet ribbon binding the present shut.

Inside was enough matching tissue paper to cover their dorm room walls, but underneath that was a gorgeous white blouse, so soft to the touch Velvet ran her fingers over the fabric a few times just for the sensation. When she finally picked it up, the brand tag came into view, a tiny square of silk stamped with a familiar symbol: a golden spinning wheel. Her eyes went wide and she almost dropped the blouse, whirling around to face Coco, who was now hiding that smile behind one glove, even if it wasn’t quite enough to obscure the very edges of her grin.

“This is a luxury brand,” Velvet said, not believing the words even as they came out of her mouth, “you bought this for me?”

“Do you like it?” Excitement spilled over Coco’s voice before she reigned it in, clearing her throat. “Alright, that’s not fair to ask before you’ve tried it on.”

“But what’s in the rest of the boxes if this is–” Practically worth its weight in pure Dust. Just thinking it made Velvet fear she might get a stain on the blouse somewhere.

“We’re gonna be here all night if you don’t open ‘em.” Fox teased, looking all too pleased from where he lounged on the bed. “I only heard you pop one ribbon.”

With extreme care, Velvet folded the sleeves back as they were before so the blouse would fit cleanly into the box again, and took a deep breath before picking up the next gift. It unwrapped just the same, but this time it was a metallic leather belt, embossed with a fascinating, complicated design and held together by an interlocking gold buckle that had been polished to a shine. This time the brand was stamped on the inside of the leather itself, and one Velvet didn’t recognize, but just from holding it, the quality was incomparable.

“Are all of these clothes?” She sputtered, realizing there were at least a dozen more boxes to open. “Coco, this is too much.”

The comment was dismissed with a wave of the other girl’s hand. “I could have put in all in one big one, but I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven that people like opening more presents, even if it all ends up being the same stuff.”

“But how much did everything cost?” Velvet asked, setting the belt back down like it was made of glass.

“Good question.” After a moment of consideration, Coco gave up with a hum. “I have an account with the store, it all goes on that.”

Yatsuhashi placed a hand on Velvet’s shoulder, drawing her attention. “She’s not kidding. I came with her to carry the bags and they…never gave us a total.”

It was hard to decide if that was more comforting or less; she was floored either way. “But why? I mean, I haven’t–”

“Don’t say you don’t deserve it.” Fox interrupted. “‘Cause you do.”

Before there was a chance to argue that, Coco added: “And I saw the luggage you came here with, Velv. Everything you wear takes up like three inches of space in the closet. ”

“I could only bring a single bag through customs.” Velvet admitted quietly, embarrassed even though not a one of them seemed to care.

“I know.” A reflexive push of the sunglasses back up the bridge of her nose obscured the subtle drop in Coco’s expression. “I figured out that much, even if I didn’t put two and two together on the visa thing. So I wanted to fix it.”

For a moment, Velvet was on the edge of tears, but drew the feeling back with a hard swallow, not wanting any of them to get the wrong impression. She started to open the rest of the gifts, tossing a balled-up wad of tissue paper at Yatsuhashi when he joked the the stack of empty presents was getting taller than she was. He took the hit to the forehead with a tranquil smile, but reached out to catch the ball before it bounced to the floor. With another toss, it was in the garbage, and Velvet was thoroughly distracted by the skirt in the final box, letting out a soft oh at the warm cognac color it was dyed. Every inch was gorgeous.

“There’s one caveat here.” Coco said, and Velvet jumped, not expecting to feel the other girl’s breath hot against her ear. “I did eyeball your size since I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. So I need to have you try everything on to make sure none of it’s got to be exchanged, okay?”

The mattress creaked as Fox sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. “And that is my cue to go smoke a bowl up on the roof.”

“If you’re going to that much trouble, I’ll come with you.” Yatsuhashi said, getting to his feet and turning from side to side in a slow stretch. “Is everything in the drawer, Coco?”

“Same as always. Enjoy, boys.”

Velvet blinked, failing to stifle her confusion. “But you two don’t have to–”

“We’re not going to make you hide in the closet for the next three hours while Coco has you try out every possible combination of those clothes.” Fox turned her way, eyes glowing for a split second before he winked. “Just because Yatsu checks you out in the locker room doesn’t mean you have to give him a show here.”

A blush rushed up Yatsuhashi’s face, settling in a deep red on the apples of his cheeks. “Fox!”

“Your tone totally implies I’m right, just saying.” With a triumphant grin, Fox strolled out of the room, leaving Yatsuhashi to grab their supplies out of the drawer.

Before he left  – everything tucked in his farthest back pouch and out of view – Yatsuhashi stopped to place a kiss on the top of Velvet’s head and whispered, “Anything you two do is okay, alright? I know we talked about it before, but it’s still true.”

Now she was the one blushing; the pieces fell together in one quick jumble. “Okay.”

The door locked by itself when Yatsuhashi showed himself out, and Coco gathered up the clothes in her arms, arranging them with a care Velvet wasn’t used to seeing unless she was polishing her gatling gun. “So, you’re the woman of the hour. Where do you want to start?”

A hundred answers for that question jumped right to Velvet’s tongue, but she held back for once. “How many outfits does that make, anyway?”

“As many as you want.” Coco shrugged, then held out both arms like a ten-thousand-Lien clothes rack. “Technically, I picked out three, but it’s not on me to cramp your style.”

Finding the catch on her combat uniform, Velvet drew the tab downward in one smooth motion, stripping off her jacket before moving to the belt and boots. Disrobing in front of Coco was second nature, seeing as they usually had a collective forty seconds to change whenever Goodwitch called for an outdoor drill, but even with every chance to leer, Velvet was pretty sure Coco’s eyes stayed averted behind her glasses until she was down to her underwear and took a step forward, holding out a hand for the skirt on top.

“Liked that one, huh?” The zipper slid up the side of her thigh, quiet as a whisper, and Velvet let out a sound of approval. “I thought you would. Wanted to make it match your palette and all that.”

Glancing up at the mirror hanging on the closet door next to Coco, it was hard not to be impressed how well the skirt fit. “Exactly how much planning did you put into this?”

“Hey, I take fashion very seriously. It’s part of the family business.” All the exaggerated eye-rolling in the world couldn’t hide the way Coco’s chest had just puffed up a bit.

“I don’t think that’s the only reason you take it seriously.” Velvet quipped, drawing the blouse up over her head and back down. It took a tug or two to straighten the hem, but she liked the loose drape of the sleeves, not to mention just how comfortable everything was.

No wonder Coco could be so laid-back, if all the clothes she wore felt like floating on a cloud.

After a full swivel in front of the mirror, taking in how it looked from back to hips, Velvet glanced over her shoulder to ask, “So, which accessory goes with this?”

“I’ll show you. One second.” Fabric rustled when Coco set the rest of the clothes aside, followed by a jingle of metal links. Velvet closed her eyes as the necklace was draped around her throat, trying not to shiver with the trail of gloved fingertips up the back of her neck, clasp coming together after a quiet little click. “Okay, take a look.”

She did, and the sight of the heavy golden heart settled just past the collar of the blouse, etched with the stitches of her symbol, made Velvet’s throat tight. Without question, the jewelry was custom, and it was strange to see herself as a girl dressed up for a weekend out – not a huntress, not a scout, always practical. “No one’s ever done something like this for me before. I mean, my parents bought me clothes when I needed them, but it’s easier to keep up the mending than have a lot extra, you know?”

Coco’s hands moved to Velvet’s shoulders, black leather sharp against the cream linen of her blouse in the mirror. “It’s my job to take care of the team. Who says I can’t spoil you a little, right?”

Except this was above and beyond. “Coco–”

“It’s not a big deal. I didn’t even think about the money – I don’t have to – but I know some people do, and I just wanted you to have something nice.” There was a pause, a fumbled curse Velvet felt in a warm breath against her hair. “Not that you’re not already nice. Besides, Fox and Yatsu are getting the same treatment too. They just don’t know it yet.”

“You should put Yatsuhashi in one of those athletic cut-shirts.” Velvet mused, shoulders relaxing under the subtle drum of Coco’s fingertips. “Show off his shoulders more.”

Flirtatious heat wound its way through Coco’s low laugh. “He’s got a nice set, doesn’t he? I want to know what his village puts in the water.”

“Me too.” Turning just enough to see her eye-to-eye instead of the reflection, Velvet smiled. “Something about partners, huh?”

“Kind of how it falls out.” Coco smiled back, but it was tight along the edges, smaller. “I mean, not always, but a lot.”

Here went nothing. “And we could be partners too, if you wanted.”

“That…is the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard in my life.” Yet her smile grew, head tilting forward until their brows almost touched. “Works for you, though.”

“Does it?” Velvet asked softly, face angled until their lips were just an inch apart.

The answer was Coco’s hand cupping her cheek, a mix of leather and bare skin. “Fox also told me helping the birthday girl get lucky sounded like something out of a porn mag, but who gives a damn.”

“Yatsuhashi said anything we do is okay.” A wealth of possibility, if there ever was one. “If that’s okay with you too.”

“Yeah. Nothing short of fucking perfect.”

The few times Velvet had thought about them kissing, it was something quick and hard, stolen after a fight when the adrenaline spilled over. This was different, gentle, even when Coco took the lead and drew her close. Then the hand still resting on Velvet’s shoulder slid to the middle of her back, a subtle pressure bringing their bodies flush together, and she slid her arms around Coco’s hips, holding tight until they both broke apart to breathe, hindered when she found herself starting to laugh, joined by Coco a second later.

“That definitely worked.” She was tingling from head to toe, even if the angle was a slight strain on her neck. “So what’s next?”

“We get these nice new clothes off you before I ruin them.” The promise in Coco’s voice made Velvet bite her lip, made all the better when the pendant hanging from her necklace was taken in hand, thumb idly caressing the stitches in the heart.  “But you can leave this on if you want.”

Only Coco’s ability to hang things in a closet as fast as she swapped magazines kept the outfit from being thrown over the nearby chair and abandoned, but Velvet found herself distracted entirely by the mattress pressing in against the back of her thighs and finding the slipknot behind the black rose where Coco’s scarf came loose. That ended up on the bed next to them before she was on it too, letting Coco explore with her hands at will as they kissed and kissed again. Velvet let out a pleased hum when her bra came off with a single pull of the clasp – Yatsuhashi had a hard time with it, owing to the size of his fingers – and rolled her shoulders to ease the straps down, all while keeping her fingers focused on working open Coco’s ammo belt.

“I’m not going too fast, am I?” The question was branded on the curve of her throat by Coco’s lips and teeth, grazing her pulse right near the chain of the pendant. “Feels like it’s been a long time coming, no pun intended.”

Velvet let out another soft laugh as she undid the strap on Coco’s cincher, tugging it from around her waist. “Well, you haven’t told me what you like yet.”

“I’m kind of a top, if you haven’t picked up on that.” There was a smile against her skin before Coco nipped at the juncture of her shoulder. “And usually I stay more dressed than this.”

Stilling her hands, Velvet waited until dark eyes angled up, one brow arched and expected. “Do you want me to stop?”

“It’s not a power trip, I just get overloaded on touch sometimes. Semblance runoff or something.” Propping herself up with one arm, Coco reached up to her beret and took it off, deliberately setting the hat on top of the cincher. “But I want to feel you all the way, okay? At ease, soldier.”

The comment was worth a roll of her eyes, but Velvet felt the sincerity bleeding through, enough to put confidence back in her touch. “If you’re not going to power trip, you can’t say things like that.”

“Yeah?” Coco smiled, stealing a sloppy kiss before her mouth moved lower again and pulled a surprised moan from Velvet’s lips. “What can I say, then?”

“How about telling me where the actual zipper on your pants is?” She murmured.

It was found a second later regardless, and somehow in the tangle of limbs managed to get the the trousers all the way down to Coco’s knees. The buckles on her boots were simple enough, and everything slid down to the floor with a firm yank downward. Watching Coco peel both gloves off with her teeth was a particular treat, but they were tossed aside just the same, joining the pile with Coco’s shirt. Velvet cupped Coco’s breasts through her bra, stifling a smile at the tight, thick weave covering warm skin: bulletproof, of course, and conveniently unhooked in the front.

For all the times she’d seen Coco out of uniform, none of it compared to being able to look and touch at will, the full picture instead of fumbled glimpses out of the corner of her eye. Corded muscle flared like thick cable from Coco’s forearms, triceps and shoulders sculpted and hard as metal, with a scar cutting down over her collarbone. All of them had wear and tear from training, from accidents with Dust in the forge, but Velvet wanted to memorize all the marks and grooves just the same, pressing a kiss to that rough dividing line where skin joined skin. Coco’s answering growl inspired Velvet to trace her tongue beneath the scar, right where nerve found feeling again.

“Get up higher,” Coco said, caught between the steel of an order and a hungry request, “by the headboard.”

Easier said than done when Coco was practically on top of her, but Velvet managed with a hard push against the mattress, pulled into a deep kiss the second her head hit the pillows. Occupied by tongue and teeth, Velvet explored everywhere else with the slow draw of fingertips along Coco’s ribs, the column of strength between her shoulder blades, and learned that when nails scraped down the small of her back, Coco would groan low in her throat. She liked the sound enough to bring it out a few more times, then hooked her fingers in the band of Coco’s underwear to tug them down and out of the way.

“Getting somewhere fast, Velv?” It was murmured against her mouth as Coco’s knees bent enough to kick the underwear to the end of the bed, but before Velvet had a chance to answer, both her wrists were grabbed and pinned to the pillows, held there by a firm squeeze. “Gonna end up distracting me.”

For curiosity’s sake, she strained against Coco’s grip, which went slack the moment her struggle was noted. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Not bad. I just got a few other priorities right now.” A pair of fingers traced down Velvet’s jaw, following the line of her chin and stopping just shy of her lips. “Want to get these wet for me?”

She complied with a soft moan, taking Coco’s fingers into her mouth and teasing her tongue between them. Surprise played across Coco’s face before it was tamped back down, forcing Velvet to swallow a laugh to keep from gagging; if that had been a test, she’d passed it with flying colors. When Coco withdrew her fingers, her thumb swiped the hint of wetness from Velvet’s lower lip with casual affection, leaning down for a gentle kiss that lingered for a few breaths, and Velvet’s eyes fluttered shut, quietly amazed that the two of them had managed to stay apart so long in the first place.

The bed creaked as Coco sat up and straddled her thigh, slick heat spreading across Velvet’s skin when her weight pressed down again. A moan stuttered out of Velvet’s throat from sheer surprise, the scent of such blatant arousal almost as strong as the sensation. Coco laid a trail of kisses down her neck, tasted the hollow of her collarbone before nipping at the softer flesh beneath, and wrote a cool line from sternum to hip, slow enough to make Velvet squirm. Her hips jerked when knuckles brushed the sepia-dark curls between her thighs, too light to be anything more than a tease, and Coco’s answering hum was heady with satisfaction.

“Can I put my arms around your shoulders?” Velvet asked, flexing her fingers to kill the pent-up energy. It wasn’t nerves, per se, but not being able to touch Coco when she was right there happened to be nothing short of unfair.

“Mm, I’m good with that.” Kisses were scattered across Velvet’s breasts, chasing the pink flush rising from her skin, and Coco’s fingers drifted by centimeters, cupping right where she ached. “Want me to start out slow?”

“No,” Velvet gasped it before any other thought could form, “I really don’t.”

Her arms wrapped tight around Coco as she teased her open with precise strokes, waiting until her hips were taut and trembling before both fingers thrust inside. Velvet gasped, nails biting deep into Coco’s shoulders as the initial stretch eased, leaving a warm and full feeling in its place, heightened the second she rocked into it, and Coco’s hips moved right back, riding her thigh with an eager rhythm. When they kissed again, it was a messy, quick clash, but Velvet found no cause to complain, biting at Coco’s lip until her fingers pumped faster, some of the strength written deep in those hands spilling into the movement.

“If this is–” A whimper popped from between Velvet’s teeth, messing up the words, “–is what you do for my birthday–what do I do for yours?”

“Oh, I’ve got a couple ideas.” Coco smirked, eyes dark with desire. “There’s a shop downtown the two of us should get acquainted with sometime.”

Without thinking, Velvet tightened around Coco’s fingers, stifling a moan into their next kiss. At the end of each thrust, Coco moved them just so, pressing against a spot that sent sparks across Velvet’s vision, made twice as intense when the warm curve of Coco’s palm was resting against her clit and providing constant pressure, the exact friction she needed. Velvet felt a cry building in her throat, pushed higher every time Coco thrust to the knuckle, and it finally escaped when a third finger was added. She was more than wet enough to take it, but the sudden shift forced the tension winding through her to peak, balanced right on the edge of needing more and almost too much.

When Velvet came, it was a single huge wave of pleasure, drawing her under before she could do more than claw at Coco’s back and moan her name. All that power tightly contained in muscle and sinew bore down on her, held her close through every whimper, the needy twist and jerk of her hips taking every last drop of bliss there was to have until Velvet relaxed back against the pillows with a deep sigh. Her heart was threatening to jump out of her chest, every solid beat sending a warm buzz through the rest of her body, only for Velvet to feel her pulse skip when Coco’s fingers withdrew, slow and deliberate.

It was a testament to Coco’s control, considering she could make out dilated pupils and the restrained edge to her movements, like steel wires were running under her skin. Velvet spared a glance downward, just long enough to see the arousal spread across her thigh, smeared from that knee to the joint of her hip thanks to the constant roll of Coco’s hips, and had only one question at hand – once she’d stopped panting for breath.

“Are you close?” Velvet asked.

Coco’s hard shiver was answer enough. “I’m getting there.”

“Can I watch you?” Her best efforts couldn’t keep a blush from rising up, but she thought the question was worth the trouble. “I mean, I–I’ve…thought about it before.”

“Yeah?” Curiosity and pride infused that single word; as if Coco’s ego needed the boost. “Well, who am I to say no to that?”

Bringing up her hips so she was completely on all fours, Coco balanced with one arm against the pillows, the other going right between her legs. Velvet’s view wasn’t perfect by any means, but as soon as Coco’s fingers started stroking her own clit, came back glistening with clear, wet heat, she stopped caring. Just the sounds were enough to make her shiver, much less the way Coco bucked fiercely into her hand, exactly as demanding when it came to herself, but it was the fact that Coco hadn’t looked away that made the perfect picture, demanding attention Velvet was all too happy to give.

Whether it was from being watched or already being caught right on the edge, it took no time at all for Coco to come. Velvet saw the tension snap when her back arched, other hand gripping the sheets so tight it looked like they were going to tear, and a breathless curse broke through Coco’s exertion. Pleasure slackened her jaw, vulnerability shining in dark eyes as she rode out every last wave of her orgasm, a rough-edged gasp ending on a laugh when Coco’s hand finally relaxed. Velvet blinked, realizing she hadn’t moved a muscle the entire time, too caught up memorizing every detail.

“I’m guessing you enjoyed that.” Coco said, sitting back on her knees.

That was an understatement if there ever was one. Velvet sat up and tugged Coco back against her, but rather than staying on her back, she hooked one leg around Coco’s knee to flip their positions in a single solid twist. Still flush with afterglow, Coco took a moment to even react, but when she did, it was only to laugh again, stretching out her legs as an obvious tremble went up each one. Content that there would be no counter – at least, for now – Velvet started to show her appreciation another way, starting with her lips at the base of Coco’s throat and working down to the soft swell of both breasts, the divot below her sternum.

“I’m ready for round two if you are.” Velvet said, then kissed the scar set deep in Coco’s hip.

Folding her arms back behind her head, Coco was the picture of indulgence; lucky for her, it was cute. “You bet, babe. How many are we going for?”

“Until I wear you out.”

“Until you wear me–” The humor drained away from Coco’s voice, replaced by a gulp. “–there’s a good chance of that, huh?”

Now it was Velvet’s turn to smirk, hands framing full hips. “Oh, just wait and see.”