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Aphrodisiac accidents

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B.A. stretched himself on the big couch, feeling bored. He turned to Murdock, who was watching Formula 1 from a sports-channel.
"Wanna go out, big boy?" Murdock smiled to B.A.
" Shut up, fool."
B.A. was very bored, watching TV didn`t make it better. He was restless and really wanted to do something or go somewhere, but not with Murdock only. Hannibal had gone out and Face was somewhere in the house.
"Hey guys, what`s up?" it was Face, in his black leather-jacket and tight jeans, ready to go out and have some fun.
"Where are you going, Faceman?" asked Murdock, clicking the channels.
"I don`t know," Face eyed his two friends, "I`m just bored. Have you seen Hannibal?"
"He went out couple of hours ago." B.A. lazily stood up. "You coming, crazy fool?"

When Hannibal entered the pub "The Black Cat" some hours later, he saw, that Murdock and B.A. were anxious. Concern and a slight hint of fear were etched into the deep lines of B.A`s face.
"Hey, guys," Hannibal greeted his team-members, "you look worried. What`s the problem?"
"I wanna talk to you, Bossman," B.A. stood up and came closer, "Alone, if you don't mind..."
"Yeah, well..." Hannibal was kinda tired and had no will to talk about something serious right now, but he had no choice. He was the leader of this team and was concerned about his friends well-being. He just couldn`t ignore his team-mates, whatever the problem was.
B.A. went out from the pub, Hannibal followed his strong friend. When they both were outside, B.A. turned anxious eyes on Hannibal and took a deep breath.
"It`s about Face..."
Hannibal raised his eyebrow and simply stated "Tell me..."
"He drunk some kind of weird shit, turned down a very sexy red-head and went out looking for you..." He looked straight into Hannibal`s blue eyes. " I guess, this shit made something with him..."
"How so?" asked Hannibal, taking out his cigar. "What do you mean?"
B.A. looked down, not finding the right words. "When he run off, he said that he wants to HAVE you, whatever this means."
Hannibal nodded to B.A. "Thanks, big man. I think, I go looking for him alone"
"Be careful," B.A. said as he made his way to the door. He paused briefly and added, "I hope, he`s alright."
*I don`t like this at all,* Hannibal thought, as he went to the downtown, looking for Face.

It was well after midnight when Hannibal returned to their rented house, feeling terribly tired. He threw his white jacket onto a chair and moved through the dark kitchen. Then he saw a familiar, tall figure standing next to the window.
"Hi, Templeton," he felt relieved, at least Face was safe.
Templeton Peck smiled at Hannibal, as he saw relief wash over Colonel`s face.
"Face," Hannibal breathed, as much a sigh of relief as a word. "Where have you been all night?" The question filled with concern and a touch of agitation even though Colonel Smith tried to keep his tone neutral. This was very unusual, Face acting like that and turning down nice woman. What`s gotten into his mind?
"Around..." Face replied vaguely before adding, "Mostly here...waiting for you to return, John."
Hannibal felt a shiver run up his spine as "John" rolled like honey off his Lieutenant`s tongue.
"Are you feeling alright, Faceman?" Hannibal asked cautiously.
"Never better, John," the honey like reply came again. "Why don't you go get ready for bed, you look exhausted."
At Hannibal`s questioning look, Face added, " I'll be along in a moment, do not worry."
Seemingly satisfied and sleepy Hannibal turned and started back into his bedroom, when he reached the door he paused and turned back to his young Lieutenant. "You gave me quite a fright tonight, Templeton. I am glad that you are safely back by my side."
With a small grin, the younger man replied "I'm sorry to have worried you, John. I`ll do my best to make you happy..."
Hannibal went slowly to his bedroom and started to un-dress himself. He had just finished pulling off his silky underwear, when he noticed Templeton languidly leaning against the doorframe watching him with a predatory hunger in his sharp eyes.
A bit un-nerved by the look Templeton was giving him, Hannibal asked, "Is anything wrong, Lieutenant?"
Seemingly ignoring the question, Face let his eyes travel over Hannibal's body. Hannibal felt uncomfortable under those green piercing eyes and shifted a bit.
"Have you ever hungered for something that you knew you couldn't have, Colonel?" Face asked as he stalked across the room towards Hannibal."Have you ever wanted something so badly that the blood in your veins screamed out to you, begged you to take action?"
Then stopping just a breath away, he asked, "Have you ever just thrown caution to the wind and taken what you wanted?"
Hannibal could feel the heat radiating off Templeton, the desire that raged in the younger man`s eyes nearly burning him in it's intensity. Hannibal`s own body and mind were at war; the inner turmoil was staggering. His body and heart wanted to throw Templeton down and make sweet love with him. But his mind protested, reminded him that Face was not himself that his desires were brought on by the drink supposedly.
Placing his big hands on Templeton`s shoulders, Hannibal took a step backwards and said, "You should go to bed, Lieutenant. You are not thinking clearly right now. It`s the stuff you had in the pub..."
Piercing green eyes filled with longing met Hannibal's as he spoke."You are incorrect, Colonel. I am thinking clearly, I know what my heart desires!"
He pulled Hannibal against his chest , pulled his head down and proceeded to devour his lips. Momentarily stunned, Hannibal responded to the kiss but then quickly broke free from the embrace and practically ran to the other side of the room.
"Why are you fighting this, John?" Face purred like a cat, as he eyed Hannibal." "I can feel your turmoil, just let it happen..."
Trying desperately to keep his voice calm, Hannibal responded, "You`re drunk and poisoned, Templeton... You may think you are fine, but you are not. Trust me, Temp."
Templeton slowly made his way across the room and Hannibal felt like a small animal being stalked by a large cat. "I trust you with my life, John." Then edging slowly ever closer to his goal, he whispered "I trust you with my very heart and soul."
Hannibal backed a step further away with every step Templeton came closer. Soon the Colonel found himself cornered and he knew he'd been had.
*What now?* he thought.
With a sensual smile, the younger man placed a hand on each side of his body against the wall and stood on his tiptoes so he could whisper in Hannibal`s ear. "Don't fight it, John. Let me love you. Just let yourself free."
The warm breath whispering against his ear was like heaven to Hannibal and the words were so tempting. But his mind said no. He just couldn`t do it with his Lieutenant, though oh, he wanted it so much! Face was drunk and he could not take advantage, would not take advantage no matter how tempting the offer. Hannibal broke free once again from his Lieutenant's grasp and moved quickly once again to a safe distance. " Templeton, please do not make this difficult for either of us, you know not what you want..."
" I tell you I know what I want and I am quite in control of my mind at the moment."
Hannibal was backed against the king-sized bed and lost the balance. Before he had a chance to react, Face was on top of him, straddling him and pinning his hands above his head. Shocked blue eyes met smiling green eyes.
" I have you now."
"Let me up, Temp," Hannibal warned, a desperate edge in his voice. This situation was out of his control. He tried to get free, but failed again.
"No." Face replied plainly, before crushing his lips to Hannibal's once again in a searing kiss. Breaking the kiss, the younger man rained tiny kisses over Hannibal's face before moving down his jaw to his ear. Hannibal made a small moan.
"Do you still want me to let you up, John?" Templeton breathed into his ear.
"Yes." Came the shaky reply from Hannibal.
Hannibal closed his eyes and tried desperately to center himself, to calm his raging body. His body was winning the battle it was raging with his mind.
"Templeton... listen to me...I value your trust, your friendship, too much to do this. I cannot and will not take advantage."
A mischievous glint in his eye, the younger man replied, "Then if you will not take advantage, I guess I will..."
He let his clothes fall... There was no embarrassment as he stood there, only confidence and desire. His chest was smooth, save for the light sprinkling of hair that graced the firm plane. His legs were long and strait, his stomach rigid with muscle. Hannibal
might say that he did not want this, but the heated gaze spoke the truth plain as day...
Templeton crawled back to bed again and settled himself between Hannibal`s legs. "Tell me you want this, John..."
Hannibal`s whole world tilted and he moaned as Templeton, not waiting for an answer plunged his hot mouth down onto his aching hardness.
With a triumphant grin, Templeton asked," Tell me what you want." He`d found a small bottle of massage oil. Applying a small amount to his fingers, Face slipped between Hannibal`s cheeks and delicately teased his opening.
" You... I want!"
Templeton dragged Hannibal`s head down again, ignoring the words that muffled against his mouth, kissing him. "And I want to do this," he spoke breathlessly when he released Hannibal.
Hannibal layd back, breath coming harsh in his chest, one hand gliding down to caress his Lieutenant's cheek with shaking fingers. Templeton trailed a slow, delicate lick over Hannibal`s cock, waiting for reaction.
"I should be doing this for you," Hannibal`s voice was a strained rasp.
"Later," Face withdrew long enough to murmur, then moved over Hannibal`s erection again, sucking gently. His eyes closed as he slid back toward the tip and then down again, a tiny bit further. Hannibal`s hands clasped his face very tenderly. Face came to a realization, that he was getting sober. He added both hands to his task, stroking the unexplored length of shaft, caressing the soft velvet of Hannibal's testicles, and began to suck harder as he increased in speed and confidence. At last Hannibal warned him, gasping broken words, but Templeton continued, what he was doing. Bitter heat flooded his mouth and Hannibal moaned his name, body quivering and jerking in the throes of orgasm. Hannibal pulled him away, dragging him up to lie along the broad, sweating length of his body.