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looking for sunlight

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Eijun carelessly wiped away the trail of blood that ran down his face from the cut near his eyebrow. He looked around, his heart heavy and aching. There was only a few of them left, only a few alive... and they were surrounded. They took refuge in the gym, the barred windows were the only thing keeping the zombies out.

Chris' arm was broken, Tetsu and Isashiki were over by his side trying to construct a makeshift sling for him from the material of their jackets. Ryou-san's face was scrunched up in a scary frown as he tied his uniform tie around his brother's injured thigh. Furuya was hovering nearby, his presence even more fiery and brooding than usual. They had no news of Toujou and Kanemaru, but Zono and Kuramochi had split up from them a while back to find them. Since then, they hadn't seen either one of the four and the mood was quickly turning sour. The rest of the team and a few random students they managed to grab on their way to the gym were more or less safe, with just some cuts and bruises here and there.

But Eijun's concern was somewhere else.

"Are you okay?" he crouched next to Miyuki who was sitting to the side, slumped against the wall.

His eyes were closed and his face unreadable, but Eijun knew what he must have been thinking about. He reached out and grasped Miyuki's wrist, turning his arm over and carefully pulling up his sleeve. Miyuki didn't even grimace at it, didn't open his eyes. He just sat there motionlessly as Eijun inspected his wound.

The gnawed, bloody flesh of his forearm made Eijun sick to the bone. But not because of the blood. He had seen enough blood in the past few hours, enough guts spilled on the ground, enough bones protruding out of the flesh... He got used to it. But he'd never get used to the chewed flesh that covered Miyuki's forearm.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, voice a little weak.

Miyuki's head rolled to the side to look at him, eyes emotionless. "What do you think?"

Eijun glared at him, but it quickly melted off his face. Miyuki had been bitten protecting him, it was Eijun's fault. He had no right to be upset with Miyuki, not after he'd gone to such lengths to protect him. And yet, the truth was, he wanted to smack that stupid face of his. For being an idiot. For letting himself get bitten. For, soon, leaving him...

"Don't do this to me, Miyuki," he begged, the hand on the catcher's arm shaking a bit. "It was hard enough watching you get bitten, I really can't handle you–" his voice got stuck in his throat.

If Miyuki turns into a zombie... If he goes mad for human flesh... Eijun couldn't even think about it.

"It's going to happen sooner or later," Miyuki said, resigned. He looked calm, as if he had already made peace with it. "Hey, Sawamura?" He waited until Eijun locked gazes with him and then with a small smirk, a mere shadow of his usual grin, asked: "When I turn, will you kill me?"

Eijun's heart stopped. He couldn't breathe. At first he thought it was shock, maybe disgust, but then his heart thrummed against his ribcage and he recognized the familiar pang of rage. He pulled back his hand and closing it in a tight fist, with no regrets, punched Miyuki straight in the face. A few people looked their way at the cracking sound of the back of Miyuki's head hit the wall with the force of his punch, but Eijun didn't care. He grabbed Miyuki by the collar and leaned in close, glaring.

"If you die, I'm gonna kill you," he threatened.

He made no sense, he knew, but it didn't matter. Nothing about this day made sense and Eijun was losing it, the nerves and panic slowly settling in. If he was going to lose the control of his emotions now, he was only ready to lose that. Nothing else. And he definitely wasn't about to lose Miyuki.

Miyuki groaned, rubbing at the back of his head. His nose was bleeding now, thanks to Eijun, but Miyuki didn't seem to care about it at all, his focus fully on Eijun.

"How are you going to kill me if I'm already dead?" he asked, snorting and then grimacing at the blood spilling over his lips.

Even in a situation like this, with zombies out for their flesh and a bite already imprinted in his forearm, he was still himself. Still joking and teasing, still the Miyuki Eijun remembered. Eijun's throat tightened as tears filled his eyes. He didn't stop glaring, though.

"I'll find a way," he said, determination like steel colouring his voice, fingers around Miyuki's collar tightening. "So don't you dare give up on living until then, Miyuki Kazuya."

Miyuki just looked at him for a while, silent and contemplating, before his own hand closed around Eijun's.

"Okay," he said. "I won't."

His fingers were cold on Eijun's skin and without thinking, Eijun took his hand into his. And then, overpowered by his raging emotions, he lowered his head, resting his forehead on their joined hands as his shoulders shook with the strength of dry sobs.

He was going to save Miyuki. He had to. No matter what it cost him, he had to.

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With a grunt, Kazuya rolled off of Eijun's sweaty back, their skin sliding together smooth and hot. His chest rose and fell hard, harsh breaths leaving his parted lips as he tried to calm down his thundering heartbeat. When his pulse finally slowed down, he turned to the side, slinging on arm over Eijun's bare back and placing a kiss to his shoulder blade. A slightly rough hum, more like a moan, made him smile into the warm skin. His lips tasted salty with the sheen of sweat, but he didn't mind – this sweat was the product of his own work, and of that Kazuya was proud.

"That was a very nice present, I have to admit," he whispered, kissing the muscle that had just twitched when Eijun shifted to lie more comfortably on his stomach, with one hand under his cheek.

"It wasn't a present." The voice was husky, hiding the tone of hurt, but it was clear to Kazuya's ears. "Couldn't I have just missed you?"

Kazuya's mouth opened in surprise at such an obvious admission of feelings. He wanted to say something back, probably tease Eijun for it, but... he found his tongue tied against anything but the truth. And the truth was, Kazuya's throat clenched tightly because he, too, has felt that way.

He leaned down and peppered Eijun's shoulder with light kisses. Just as he was pressing his lips to the sun-tanned skin for the last time, Eijun shifted and turned his head to look at him. Propping his cheek on his forearm, his eyes met Kazuya's – soft, warm and glowing golden in the dim light of the desk lamp.

"I do have a present for you, though," he said, and Kazuya's lips quirked in a small smile.

"Oh, really?" he asked. "And what might that be?"

"Just don't laugh," Eijun warned with half a glare before pulling himself up to reach into one of the drawers.

"Why would I laugh?" Kazuya's eyes trailed after the movement of his hand. "Did you cook again?"

He snickered at the scowl on Eijun's face, which he caught with the corner of his eye.

"Shut up or I'm not giving it to you," Eijun threatened and Kazuya obediently fell quiet, muffling a chuckle with his hand.

When Eijun lied back down, there was a small, green box between his fingers. He presented it to Kazuya who took it, curiosity taking the best of him. He sat up, the sheets curling around his waist as he did, and opened the mysterious box.

It was a ring. A simple silver band. But it stole Kazuya's breath away for long moments. He forgot how to form sentences, how to speak. The meaning of words slipped past his fingers as he watched the light of the lamp on the desk glisten off the edge of the ring.

"Are you... proposing to me?" he finally choked out, genuinely confused. They were young, still too young to be thinking of marriage, but knowing Eijun and his love for shoujo manga, it could be possible.

"Well..." Kazuya tore his eyes away from the ring only to find Eijun's deeply flushed face hiding into one of the pillows. His heart skipped a beat. "Not really," Eijun continued, voice muffled by the pillow. "I mean, in the long run – yeah, one day... But for now..." One gold eye peeked from the mess of brown locks and sheets. "It's a promise ring," Eijun explained.

Kazuya would have never admitted it out loud, but some invisible pressure lifted off his shoulders.

"A promise ring?" he repeated, pulling the ring out of the box. "So what are you promising by giving this to me?"

Eijun sat up, plucking the ring out of Kazuya's fingers and taking his hand with his other one. Despite his previous words, it felt weirdly similar to a proposal, Kazuya swallowed nervously.

"I want you to promise me something," Eijun said, brushing his callused thumb over Kazuya's battered knuckles.

"Isn't this my birthday?" Kazuya asked, amused.

Eijun rolled his eyes, but his lips were slanted in a gentle, affectionate smile.

"Humour me," he said. And so Kazuya did.

"Fine. What do you want me to promise?"

Before he replied, Eijun slid the ring on Kazuya's finger and leaned down, pressing his lips to the cold metal. When he looked up, his eyes were glowing fiercely, just like they did when he was pitching at the top of his abilities. Kazuya's chest tightened.

"Promise me forever, Kazuya," Eijun asked.

Forever was a long time. Forever was eternal. And somehow, as his breath left him, Kazuya didn't feel afraid to spend his forever with the person that made his heart tremble like only Eijun could.

...but Eijun didn't need to know that. At least, not yet.

"I don't know," Kazuya said, doubtfully looking down at the ring and their joined hands. "Forever is rather long, wouldn't that be boring?"

Just by looking into a stunned in outrage face that was beginning to blotch crimson, Kazuya knew – it wouldn't. He smirked.

"But I think I can spare some, hmm," he shifted closer, free hand reaching up to cup one red cheek, "let's say 80 years for you. Would that be satisfactory?"

Eijun's brow furrowed and his face morphed into a scowl which looked much less intimidating with the blush sweetly adoring his cheeks. Kazuya completely missed Eijun's free hand, though, which pinched him hard in the side for his comment. Kazuya's hiss of pain changed into a snicker, as Eijun whispered "Bastard" against his lips.

They fell back onto the bed together, Kazuya's weight pinning Eijun down to the sheets. Skin to skin, mouth to mouth, heart to heart.

Kazuya broke the kiss to look deep into Eijun's golden eyes. "I promise."

Forever did have a nice ring to it.

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He was close. So close Kazuya could actually smell the thin sheen of sweat on his skin, the faint wisp of coconut that he knew was his shampoo, and the one thing he could never mistake for another – the sun-warmed skin that had its own unique fragrance, that summer breeze, embedded in the pores as if he was purely made of it.

He was so close, Kazuya could just stretch out his arm and trail his fingertips over the flushed cheeks, the square jaw, the throat swallowing breaths with difficulty.

He was so close, and yet, when Kazuya reached out, desperate to touch him… his hand found only thin air and nothing else.

He was close, but he wasn’t real. He was there, but not really.

Because he was just a dream. Just a figment of Kazuya’s imagination. A memory that his mind stubbornly refused to forget.

“Eijun,” he whispered into the dark night, curling on himself in a much too big, too empty bed. He squeezed his eyes shut, his heartbeat slow and aligned with the ticking of the old clock on the nightstand.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

“I miss you…”

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"You look good... cute," Miyuki said, his voice blank of emotion.

Eijun twirled on his heel to face him, the folds of the skirt draped around his hips swaying with the motion.

"Is that all you have to say?" he squinted at his boyfriend.

Miyuki's face was completely closed off, eyes unreadable, as he took in Eijun's full form once again. His gaze trailed from head to toe, from the red, polka-dotted with white bow in Eijun's brown locks; to the white high-collared shirt with long, button-up sleeves, which fit his frame perfectly; and the red flared skirt that hugged Eijun's waist in all the right places. The heels completing the look clicked on the wooden floorboards when Eijun impatiently stepped closer.

"If you don't say something I'm taking it off and never ever letting you see it again," he threatened.

It seemed to work because Miyuki's hand closed around his wrist as if to stop him from changing, even though Eijun made no move. Watching his face closely, Eijun could sense the struggle behind the calm façade.

"You look..." Miyuki started and then paused again, as if undecided which word he wanted to use next. Or maybe which word was the one Eijun wanted to hear. "...stunning?" he finished in a question.

"You're asking me?" It was somehow amusing to see Miyuki at such a lack of words. Eijun could get used to this. "Come on, Miyuki, just tell me what you think."

Miyuki's bronze eyes glistened mysteriously behind his glasses. "Do you really want to know?"

"I wouldn't have asked otherwise," Eijun nodded, urging him to continue.

A hum was the only thing he received in response before Miyuki's free hand – the other was still holding Eijun's wrist – brushed through his hair. Fingers touched the bow briefly and slipped down, thumb brushing the side of his face, fingertips trailing the tender skin of his neck until they met the collar. Miyuki's hand then slid across the almost see-through fabric of the shirt, down Eijun's arm to the elbow, to the wrist, to the hand and fingers, only to gently entwine their hands together. With his other hand, Miyuki pulled Eijun closer, enough to make the edge of his red skirt brush against Miyuki's thighs.

"I want to kiss you," Miyuki finally said, eyes gleaming as he looked straight into Eijun's. "Kiss you breathless so that this collar..." He let go of Eijun's wrist and brought up his hand only to swipe his thumb right where the white fabric met skin. "...feels embroidered with my name."

Eijun shivered at the sudden change in the mood. Miyuki's gaze was hot on his face, burning up Eijun's cheeks with its intensity as his fingers played on the soft skin of Eijun's throat.

"I want to unbutton your shirt with my lips," Miyuki continued, his face inching closer as his fingers slid down the front of Eijun's shirt across the pearly buttons. "To lay you down before me and unravel you with my tongue."

Eijun's breathing hitched, his heart beating wild in his chest. This wasn't what he expected when he asked for Miyuki's thoughts, but... His blush deepened, crawling down his neck. He didn't necessarily mind this. Especially not when Miyuki's lips were brushing against his cheek as he whispered more, voice sultry and making Eijun shiver involuntarily.

"I want to slip my hands under your skirt." Miyuki's breath was right beside Eijun's ear as he let his hands freely roam over Eijun's waist and back before he slid them lower, briefly rubbing at Eijun's ass on the way down. Hands pushed up Eijun's skirt, making him unconsciously take a step closer and hold on to Miyuki's shoulders. "I want to bite your thighs and suck on your hips until the colour of my marks is as refined as the crimson of your skirt."

Eijun bit his bottom lip to strangle the gasp that threatened to escape his lips. He could feel the fingers caressing the dip of his ass under the skirt and arousal was already burning low in his abdomen. He shifted closer, his arms circling Miyuki's neck as he pushed his face into the crook of his shoulder. Miyuki's smell along with his dexterous fingers and the sinful voice made Eijun tremble from desire.

Which Miyuki was definitely aware of, because he continued:

"And then I want to fuck you up-skirt," he whispered, pressing an open-mouthed, hot kiss behind Eijun's ear. "Until you come undone underneath me with your bow askew, shirt ripped open and skirt stained with cum."

A throaty moan rippled through Eijun's whole body. He couldn't stop himself anymore, he couldn't just stand there and listen, so without even thinking about what he was doing, he started rubbing himself on Miyuki. They both gasped when their crotches aligned.

"I just wanted to hear you say I look pretty," Eijun complained between his quickened breaths.

"Well, you look pretty," Miyuki quickly agreed, his hands clenching on Eijun's hips and bringing him even closer. "But I can make you even prettier."

Eijun pulled away from Miyuki's neck to look him in the eye. They gleamed bronze and Eijun was immediately captured in the well of lust swirling in their depths. He let out a shaky breath, inching closer to Miyuki's lips.

"Then do it," he said right before his lips were claimed in a hungry kiss.

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Sawamura was angry with him, Kazuya could tell by the narrowed eyes, the downturned corners of his mouth, the tense back and the stiff shoulders. He was avoiding looking at Kazuya, but every once in a while his head would turn, just at the right angle to catch his form with a corner of the eye, and he would scowl briefly before pointedly looking away with a small huff that Kazuya could clearly see in the way his lips pursed together. It never failed to make Kazuya smile, a little quirk to his lips, half fondness, half amusement.

Sawamura might have had a good reason to sulk, too... He shouldn't have teased him so much, a thought wormed its way into Kazuya's head, but then he thought about it again and a lazy smirk replaced his tiny smile. Watching Sawamura get flustered was just too much fun to give up.

"Hey, Sawamura!" Kazuya shouted down at the first year to get his attention.

Kazuya was standing on the second floor of the dorm building, leaning against the railing near his room, and watched Sawamura talk with Kominato on the ground level below. At Kazuya's voice, the first year's head snapped up, a scowl perfectly in place. Sawamura glared at him and Kazuya snickered quietly to himself. It was so much fun watching his face transform in a blink of an eye, just because Kazuya was near.

Having Sawamura's full attention, Kazuya lifted his right hand and pressing the inside of his fingers to his lips, he blew a single kiss down at the first year. There was a flash of surprise in the golden eyes and the scowl slipped off Sawamura's face, replaced by shocked, open-mouthed silence. It didn't last long, though, because just a moment later Sawamura's face changed again: a tiny pout that puffed up his round, delicately flushed with the wind – or something else entirely – cheeks.

Kazuya grinned when Sawamura's hand rose up and his palm closed in the air around nothing in particular, the catching gesture he had been expecting from him. What Sawamura did next, however, made Kazuya's heart soften a bit, his smile losing the teasing edge. He watched, entranced, as the first year pressed his fisted hand to his chest, right over his heart, and slowly uncurled his fingers as if pressing the caught kiss right to his very soul.

The moment was broken when Sawamura's head snapped up to stare at Kazuya. His face was harsh again, or he tried to make it be, the scowl firmly in place. But the golden eyes that locked with Kazuya's were soft and warm, transferring the same emotions straight to Kazuya's heart.

Sawamura's voice echoed through the dorms. "This doesn't mean you've been forgiven, Miyuki Kazuya!"

He then pointedly turned his back on him again, but it didn't matter now. Kazuya noticed how the tension in his shoulders disappeared, and the memory of the tender gaze they shared just seconds before was still fresh before his eyes. He smiled to himself, hiding the soft curl of his lips behind his hand.

When will Sawamura Eijun stop being so amusing?

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"Miyuki Kazuya!"

The coin slipped out of his fingers as he startled at the sudden loud call of his name. He picked it up before turning around to face the first year. It was already half past nine in the evening, so Kazuya really hoped Sawamura didn't come all this way to bother him about catching.

"No respect for your elders, as usual," Kazuya chided lightly, turning back to the vending machine he was standing in front of. "What do you want, Sawamura?"

The first year's steps were loud as he came to stand next to Kazuya, demanding attention. Pushing a button for the canned coffee, Kazuya cracked the drink open and took a sip before he faced him.

Sawamura's face was a bit flushed and he was fidgeting more than usual, which piqued Kazuya's interest enough to play along with whatever it was Sawamura had intended to do.

"I lost a bet so I'm here to say something to you," Sawamura ground out, avoiding his eyes.

"Oh?" Now Kazuya was even more curious. "So?" he prompted.

He took another sip of his coffee, watching Sawamura take a deep breath and--

"I like you," Sawamura said, voice a bit squeaky but earnest, eyes focused and staring straight at him.

And Kazuya choked on his drink. He coughed until his eyes watered, his brain completely frozen even though the coffee was warm. When he finally caught his breath again, he just openly stared at the first year before him.


Sawamura looked away, his cheeks even redder than before. "I was told to confess to a person I like, so..."

Kazuya's heart suddenly felt a lot lighter and his shoulders slumped in relief as his mind frantically worked out the meaning of Sawamura's words. A person, which meant any person, not the person. Kazuya wasn't special. He was probably the first one Sawamura had stumbled upon, hence...

"So that's why..." he mumbled to himself, giving Sawamura an appraising look. "Who knew you could be so sly."

A frown on Sawamura's face made Kazuya's lips curl in a smirk.

"What do you mean?"

Kazuya's smile sharpened. "Well, confessing to a friend that you like them wasn't what that bet was about, now was it?"

"We're not friends, though," Sawamura said, a confused look in his eyes.

Ouch. Kazuya's heart gave a small pang of hurt, but he brushed it off quickly.

"Still, nice move." Kazuya saluted him with the coffee can.

He moved around the first year, ready to leave, but Sawamura's hand locked around his arm, holding him back.

"You're really frustrating, you know that," Sawamura gritted out, voice frustrated and face scrunched up.

Kazuya's eyebrows rose in question.

"You didn't give me an answer," Sawamura reminded him.

And Kazuya stared at him in silence. An answer? This was just a friendly confession, why would Sawamura need an answer for?

"You're one of my teammates, of course I like you," he gave in and said.

"...teammates?" Sawamura repeated, his brow furrowed as if he had trouble grasping the concept.

Suddenly though, the skin smoothed and Sawamura's golden eyes caught Kazuya's – wide and shocked for a brief moment, and then Sawamura burst out laughing. Kazuya watched him double over, and this time it was his face that scrunched up in confusion.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"You–" Sawamura wheezed. "You're so dumb, Miyuki." He laughed even more, making Kazuya's eye twitch in irritation.

"I'm going back," Kazuya announced, which successfully broke Sawamura's fit.

"Wait, wait." Sawamura stopped him again, and reluctantly, Kazuya turned back to him. "You thought I like you as a teammate, right?"

Kazuya only lifted an eyebrow to make him go on.

"Well, I don't." Sawamura continued. "I mean, I do," he corrected himself quickly, probably noticing the unamused look on Kazuya's face. "But when I said I liked you, I didn't mean like that, I meant like... like."


Kazuya's mind went blank. Like... like? He meant...

"Oh," he breathed.

The can in his hand slipped in his sweaty fingers, and Kazuya closed both of his hands around it in order not to let it fall to the ground.

"So," Sawamura said, looking straight at Kazuya even though his cheeks were becoming more red by the second. "Your answer?"


Kazuya swallowed harshly, mind frozen, heart suddenly beating out of his chest and expectant Sawamura watching his every move.

Oh... fuck.

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Thump... Thump... Thump...

The soft beat filled Eijun's ear. He smiled against the warm skin, nuzzling his cheek on it and sighing in bliss. He was relaxed and content, both body and mind at peace. Satisfaction coursed through his veins and he breathed delight. He was so, so happy... There was no person happier in the entire world.

He stretched lazily, letting out a tiny moan as his joints popped into the right places, and settled back in the exact same place – on his boyfriend's bare chest, right over the heart that sang in tune with his own.

Thump... Thump... Thump...

Eijun's body felt weightless as he closed his eyes and gave himself over to the feeling of warmth spilling across his limbs. He was close to falling asleep then and there, the slow breathing of the body beneath him and the palm comfortably settled on his bare back were making his consciousness fly in a heaven of fluffy clouds and sunshine.

His head moved with the ups and falls of the chest he was resting on, the whisper of the other's heartbeat like a lullaby in his ear.

Thump... Thump... Thump...

"Kazuya?" Eijun asked, motionless, without even opening his eyes.


Miyuki's pulse skipped from the quiet hum into a quicker buzz.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

"Kazuya," Eijun said again, just to hear that hitch in his heartbeat again. And he wasn't disappointed.

Tha-thump. Thump. Thump.

"What is it?" Miyuki's voice rumbled through his chest, deafening the subtle change Eijun was listening to.

For a while Eijun was quiet, letting Miyuki's pulse recover, and when his ear could clearly catch the soft lull of his heart again, he whispered:

"Tell me you love me."

Tha-thump. Thump. Tha-thump.

After the previous calm rhythm, the sudden jump into a wild run made Eijun grin against Miyuki's chest. He could feel the strength of the beat on his cheek, and he no longer needed to hear Miyuki's words to know his feelings, it was all right there – engraved in Miyuki's speeding heartbeat.

Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Tha-thump.

"What's all this about?" Miyuki asked, his voice betraying nothing, but Eijun had the proof of his real emotions right beneath his ear. "We just had sex, do you even need to ask?"

He was teasing, and normally Eijun would pout, but not tonight. Tonight he only hid a smile, running his hand across Miyuki's stomach which quivered lightly under his touch.

"But I want to hear it," Eijun said, dipping his fingers in Miyuki's side and making him grunt.

Usually it was Miyuki who was the tease, but at times, especially times like this when they were tangled together in a warm cocoon of sheets, Eijun had his own brand of teasing to inflict on his boyfriend. A small, sweet revenge.

Miyuki sighed, but his heart danced around again as if to contradict the front he was putting on. Eijun stifled a chuckle.

"You're so demanding," Miyuki complained, threading his fingers through Eijun's brown locks. But despite that, he gave in, gently tugging on Eijun's hair. "I love you."

THA-THUMP. Tha-thump. Tha-thump.

"Again," Eijun breathed, entranced by the drum suddenly present in Miyuki's heart.

"I love you," Miyuki repeated.


Closing his eyes, Eijun smiled to himself. Miyuki's voice was soft, but his heart thundered in his chest, right against Eijun's face.

"Again," he asked.

"This is embarrassing if you're just going to listen without saying anything."

"What do you want me to say then?"

Miyuki hummed, the sound reverberating into Eijun's cheekbones and making him scrunch up his nose at the tingling sensation. "Maybe that you love me too?"

Tha-thump. THA-THUMP. Tha-thump.

Eijun chuckled out loud this time.

"Deal," he said.

"I love you," Miyuki whispered.

"I love you, too, Kazuya," Eijun replied.


He wanted to laugh even more, but instead, he pushed himself up and pressed a kiss to Miyuki's chest, right over his heart. The heart that screamed Miyuki's love for him loud and clear. He couldn't always trust whatever Miyuki's mouth was saying, but this heart – it was always honest.

Eijun grinned to himself, leaning up to steal a kiss just as his hand rested over Miyuki's heart. Smiling into Miyuki's waiting lips, Eijun could feel his own pulse racing, echoing the throb beneath his fingers.


Chapter Text

"So... What are you wearing?"

The line was quiet for the longest moment except for the soft hum of the TV somewhere in the background.

"Did you really just ask me that?" Eijun's incredulous voice made Kazuya's lips quirk in a smile.

He swallowed the laughter that tickled at the back of his throat. He was bored out of his mind and he still had about twenty pages of notes to look through before he could go to bed. But right now he was bored, bored and so tired of the monotonous material that he was ready to call it quits. He needed a distraction, something to refresh his mind. And what better way was there than making his boyfriend adorably flustered.

Kazuya leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs under the desk.

"I'm bored of studying, amuse me," he asked.

He expected refusal, expected to be told he should find amusements on his own, expected the call to end after promptly being dubbed a pervert, but he surely didn't expect the muttered "The lengths I go for you..." followed with a click of the tongue. Kazuya let out a surprised, but content chuckle.

"So what are you wearing?" he repeated the question from before, closing his eyes to better focus on the other's voice.

"My uniform," came a short, dry answer. "I didn't have the time to change, or shower for that matter, because a certain someone is bored."

Kazuya's lips quirked up. "You should change then," he proposed. "And share all the details with me."

"I can't believe you're actually making me do this," Eijun complained.

"I can always make it up to you the next time we meet," Kazuya offered generously.

"You'll let me top?" Eijun's voice picked up, curious, disbelieving, but also vibrating with excitement.

Kazuya would have rolled his eyes if they were open. Instead, his grin sharpened.

"Whatever you want," he promised.

There was a long silence from the other end of the line, during which Eijun was surely weighing his options. Kazuya waited patiently, knowing very well what his boyfriend's answer will be. He'd never let an opportunity like that slip between his fingers.

"What do you want me to do then?" Eijun finally asked, voice unsure but resolved. Kazuya smirked in satisfaction.

"Take off your clothes," he whispered into the speaker. "Tell me what your hands are doing, where your fingers are... everything."

"Just so you know, this is the most embarrassing thing you could have come up with," Eijun said, but Kazuya could hear the rustling in the background. "I'm unbuttoning my overshirt."

"The one with the ace tag on it," Kazuya supplied. "You must feel so good finally getting to wear it."

"I do feel good in it," Eijun agreed, his voice full of pride. "But it would feel even better if you were here to catch for me."

"I wish I could," Kazuya replied. "I'd pat you on the tag, rub circles on the small of your back..."

"I can almost feel your hands on me if I close my eyes," Eijun whispered back.

Kazuya let out a long breath, imagining himself pulling the overshirt off of Eijun's shoulders.

"Tell me more," he asked, and Eijun did.

"I'm pulling up my undershirt, slipping out of the sleeves." The line cracked a bit when Eijun let go of the phone to take off his shirt. Kazuya hummed.

"I remember how your skin glows with sweat after practice," he said. "If I was there, I'd brush my hands on your stomach, run them up your chest, your arms, your shoulders..."

The breathing in the speaker hitched, making Kazuya's own heart skip a beat in anticipation.

"I would shiver under your touch," Eijun whispered, voice cracking with tension. "Like I always do..."

"And I would kiss your jaw and bite your neck to taste you, in that very spot you like so much." Kazuya licked his lips that were suddenly too dry, and then continued: "And in the meanwhile my hand would slip into your pants to–"

"M-Miyuki!" Eijun stuttered, his voice betraying how flustered he was. "Stop, you're making me–"

"Hot?" Kazuya supplied with a smirk. "Horny?"

"Both, so just stop!"

Kazuya only chuckled. "Wasn't that the whole point?"

An outraged shriek of his full name made Kazuya laugh openly, his eyes watering with tears of merriment. His boredom was gone with no trace. Just imagining Eijun's flushed, scandalized face made Kazuya's sides tremble with the force of his chuckles.

"I miss you."

It rolled off his tongue effortlessly, his breathing still ragged from laughing. Eijun's fussing on the other side of the line stopped in surprised silence, and Kazuya's own eyes widened when he realized what exactly it was that he had said. He didn't regret it, though. Especially not when a soft voice whispered back in his ear:

"I miss you more."

Chapter Text

"Wha– How–" Eijun choked on his breath as the blood rushed to his cheeks.

He stared at his cat, his asshole of a cat that was actually a real ball of fluff. His cat who loved sunbathing and pushing Eijun's mug off the table with his butt just to annoy him. His cat whose fur was silky and smooth and who purred deep and velvety whenever Eijun's hand dipped into that special spot behind his ears. And he stared at that cat, that very same cat, except... it wasn't a cat anymore.

"This isn't real," Eijun said with conviction, nodding to himself and rubbing at his eyes for a long while as if the weird hallucination of his cat turning into an admittedly gorgeous human, admittedly gorgeous naked human, could disappear just like that.

He cracked open one eye, hoping to see everything back to normal, and sighed. The human was still there. If he could even be called a human. Cat ears peaked from the mess of brown locks, their colour meshing perfectly with the hue of the human hair. A tail swished anxiously behind his back, to and fro, and for a brief moment Eijun's eyes followed its movement as if hypnotized.

Before he even knew it, Eijun was already reaching out to grab at it, but just before he could, the tail flicked out of his grasp, Eijun's fingers only brushing the smooth fur. In surprise, Eijun looked up and noticed a pair of narrowed bronze eyes staring down at him. The same eyes that he remembered from the adorable, furry face of his cat.

"How is this even possible?" he asked, more himself than anyone in particular, but his cat answered him as if it was the most obvious of things.

"How should I know?" His voice wasn't anything like the soft meows and hisses Eijun was used to and he stared at the other's lips, mesmerized. "I'm just a cat."

"You're still a cat then?" Eijun frowned at the tail that was moving again. "Or part cat..."

The very human cat followed Eijun's line of vision, catching the sight of his tail. The smirk that blossomed on his face should've been Eijun's first warning, but he was too engrossed with the idea that his pet turned into an actual human being to notice. And then it was too late.

With graceful movements despite his now larger body, the cat that was no longer a cat crawled towards Eijun on all fours. Eyes narrowed and ears lying flat, tail lazily circling from side to side, he looked... Eijun blushed when his pet (thinking of him as such when he looked like that made him blush harder) carefully climbed into his lap. The bare skin that brushed against Eijun's arms was hot and Eijun could feel his heart speed up.

"You're quite small for a human," the cat spoke and Eijun bristled a bit because even if it was true (which it definitely wasn't) he didn't want to hear it from a cat. "You looked bigger before."

"Don't insult your master," he shot back, knowing full well that his cat was never the one to listen. And he didn't do so now.

"My master, huh?"

The hard chest pressed against Eijun's – and goddamnit why was his cat ripped – as the other leaned in to rub his cheek against Eijun's. The kitty Eijun had cared after for so many years did this same thing from time to time when feeling especially affectionate, but this... This was all wrong.

Hands larger than Eijun's rested on his shoulders, bare thighs slid over the fabric of the jeans on Eijun's hips, the tail curled around Eijun's waist and its tip slid right under the hem of his shirt, teasing the sensitive skin. Eijun could feel his face burn, but somehow he couldn't bring himself to push the other away.

"Get off me," he said weakly, which had no effect. "Come on, we have to find you some clothes to wear or you'll get sick running around butt naked."

The nuzzling stopped and Eijun heard a small snicker next to his ear, which sounded like one of the noises his cat made oh so often. Hot breath ghosted over the side of Eijun's neck and he shivered.

"Yes, master," the human cat replied and Eijun could've sworn there was a teasing smirk on his lips, even if he couldn't see it. Despite that, Eijun's face heated up even more at those words.

They clambered up and it was hard not to look at the other's naked body, but somehow Eijun managed. Thankfully, some of his clothes fit and as he sat on his bed, waiting for his cat, his very human cat, to emerge from the bathroom, Eijun found himself with his face in his hands, groaning.

"What am I gonna do with you, Miyumiyu?"

Chapter Text

They've been at it for years. Kazuya didn't even remember what his baseball life used to revolve around before they'd met. He vaguely knew there had to be something that drew him in, but now when he thought about baseball all he could see behind his closed eyelids was the bright gaze of golden eyes burning into him from the mound. And the owner of those eyes... Oh, Kazuya couldn't help but shiver with excitement at the mere thought of their face offs.

Sawamura Eijun. He was a first year at Inajitsu and Kazuya would have probably never paid him any attention if he was a normal kid, but he wasn't. Loud and annoying were two words that could describe Sawamura best, and yet over the years Kazuya realized that it wasn't all there was to the young pitcher. He was fascinating and aggressive when he pitched, never backing up from a challenge. And before he knew it Kazuya started admiring that.

Their showdowns were legendary, as all Seidou versus Inajitsu matches were. But when Sawamura was on the mound, Kazuya couldn't really care about anything else other than beating the cheeky pitcher. The feeling of smugness never left him when Sawamura's cat eyes squinted at him as he ripped out a base from his grasp with a clean hit to the outfield. Predicting Sawamura's pitches was hard, hitting them even harder, but Kazuya always took immense pleasure in their silent battles on the diamond (well, as silent as they could be with the loud-mouthed Sawamura screaming dorky insults at him at all times). Even when they became tentative friends in Kazuya's third year, even then or maybe because of that, the thirst to beat the other only grew.

By the time Kazuya's graduation rolled down, they have swapped phone numbers and were familiar enough with each other's texting styles that when Kazuya received a message asking him to meet at the park near the Meiji Jingu stadium, one without the usual kaomojis that Sawamura always used, Kazuya knew better than to refuse. But what met him there wasn't what he expected at all.

"So what's up, Sawa–" He was rudely interrupted by a catcher's mitt that was thrown right into his face. "Oi, oi, what–"

"We're gonna play catch," Sawamura said with a grin and it was different from the ones Kazuya had seen on the diamond. It was a little shy and mellow and Kazuya found himself staring.

"And I don't get any say in it?" he asked once he recovered.

"Nope!" was the short reply and Kazuya hated that he was more amused by it than inconvenienced.

They exchanged a few warm-up throws and when Kazuya squatted down into the position, the cheeky grin he knew so well was back on Sawamura's face. His foot slammed down and his hand whipped through the air and Kazuya would have missed the ball that bent right before him if he was anyone else. But since he was Miyuki Kazuya, he caught it, unable to help the sharp smirk from forming on his lips. The feeling that quickened his pulse was exactly how he imagined – thrilling and incomparable to anything else.

"So what's the occasion, Sawamura?" he asked, throwing the ball back and setting his mitt in place again.

"Can't I just want to play catch with a friend?" Sawamura asked, throwing a cutter to the outside. The ball slammed into Kazuya's mitt with a pleasing thump. "Why do you always think people must have ulterior motives for everything, Miyuki Kazuya?"

"Because they do," Kazuya said undeterred. "So spill."

Sawamura looked at him for a long while without saying anything and when Kazuya threw back the ball he just stared at it, hidden in his glove. His shoulders dropped and his posture was a little tense, which Kazuya noticed with a trained eye of a catcher. Sawamura then sighed and when he turned his head to look at Kazuya, his eyes were glowing with a warm flame. Warm, but not enough to burn, so different from his usual incinerating gaze.

"I'm gonna miss you," Sawamura said and Kazuya's eyes widened at the sudden confession.

His heart skipped a beat, pulse quickening as it started hammering against his chest, because... What the hell was this? Kazuya didn't know, didn't want to know and yet... He couldn't say anything, his tongue tied, mouth dry, lips unmoving.

Sawamura must have realized the implications of what he had just said and with a blush he spluttered, "I don't mean it like that! I'm gonna miss our face offs, that's all!"

A corner of Kazuya's lips twitched, even though his heart was still out of rhythm because of the red colouring Sawamura's face.

"Are you sure?" he teased. "That sounded like some quality love confession to me."

"Well, maybe," Sawamura's eyes glinted as he raised his chin stubbornly, "it sounded like that to you because you wanted it to sound like a love confession."

Kazuya stared at Sawamura, not for the first time surprised by how lucky and accurate in his observations the other was. Before he could say anything though, Sawamura was winding up. The ball slammed into Kazuya's mitt, bringing him out of the trance.

"Where are you going from here?" Sawamura asked after a few silent pitches.

"I haven't decided yet," Kazuya answered, a little glad at the change in the topic, but also a little disappointed. "But I think the Saitama Lions have some interesting pitchers."

"Didn't you get scouted by the Tokyo Giants, though?" Sawamura frowned at him.

"Ah," Kazuya smirked behind his mitt. "And what fun is there in joining a team that's already on the top?"

A matching smirk appeared on Sawamura's face as he swung his arm down again.

And a year later, Kazuya watched that same arm whip through the air from the mound as he crouched in the catcher's spot right before him, wearing the same uniform and the same exhilarated smile, because after all this time of being rivals they knew better than anyone that together they were unstoppable. Together they will conquer.

Chapter Text

"Do you maybe, I don't know, want to get married or something?"

The question came out of the blue and Kazuya stopped chewing on his burger to turn his wide in surprise eyes to his boyfriend of four years. Sawamura Eijun was taking another bite of his own teriyaki burger unperturbed, the sauce making a sticky mess on his lips. Kazuya stared. He swallowed the food in his mouth with difficulty and then asked, completely stunned:

"Did you just propose to me?"

A lone half-bitten slice of tomato fell down Kazuya's lap and he cursed, picking it up quickly before it could leave a stain worse than the one it already had. When he looked up, Eijun was watching him thoughtfully, chewing on his burger.

"Look," he said, still not done chewing and Kazuya wondered for a second why exactly he was dating this guy. "It's not like we can do it on a whim, my mom would murder me if I didn't let her organize the whole thing." Eijun swallowed the food and then took a drink from the can of soda they shared. "And I kind of want it to be perfect, you know? Because it's us."

The smile he was sent from across the table made Kazuya's heart stop for a second and then tremble as he breathlessly thought: oh, yeah, so that's why I'm dating him.

"So what do you say, Kazuya?"

The trembling paused, now turning into a more anxious shaking as Kazuya pondered over the question. He didn't mind it, he guessed. It wasn't like he was planning to ever break up with the dumbass he's been in love with for over six years, during which his feelings never waned, not even for a second. In fact, they only grew and Kazuya was pretty sure that that in itself was a good pointer towards his final decision.

"Well," he started when the silence had stretched for a little too long. "I never really thought about it. I'm just comfortable being with you, like this." He nodded his head to their half-finished burgers. "But I guess I wouldn't mind getting married to you. One day."

"Sounds good to me," Eijun grinned at Kazuya, biting heartily into his burger again.

Kazuya watched him for a while, before turning back to his own tray. 'One day' made up for a good promise, he thought. One day...

Except 'one day' came by rather fast, just a week later, when Eijun came home slightly later than usual and put a small velvety box on the kitchen counter right where Kazuya was making himself some tea.

"What's that?" he asked, even though he suspected what would be the answer.

"We're engaged now, aren't we?" Eijun smiled that cheeky half-smirk that was so endearing Kazuya always melted right into his hands. "So of course you have to wear an engagement ring!"

Kazuya's eyebrows rose as he stared at the box unimpressed. "And why should it be me? Why don't you wear one?"

"Well, I was the one who proposed," Eijun's grin got even wider and suddenly it wasn't as endearing when Eijun opened the box and pulled out a simple silver band. "So obviously, you're the bride."

He took Kazuya's hand and was ready to slip the ring on his finger, but Kazuya pulled his hand back.

"I'm not putting it on unless you get one, too," he said, voice unrelenting.

Eijun had already opened his mouth to argue, but closed it in defeat and pouted. "Fine, fine."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out another box, just like the first one, his face morphing into a smile faster than Kazuya could handle.

"I knew you'd say that, so I came prepared."

For a second Kazuya didn't know what to say, because the forethought that must have gone into this was something he was not expecting of Eijun and yet... He chuckled quietly to himself, prying the box out of Eijun's fingers.

"Fine, let's do this," he said, taking Eijun's hand and looking him in the eye. "Will you, Sawamura Eijun, do me the honour of marrying me?"

Just as he slipped the ring on Eijun's finger, he heard a breathy "Yes," and a corner of his lips quirked in a satisfied smile.

Eijun took the other ring and repeated Kazuya's actions, placing the ring on Kazuya's finger as soon as he heard the softly uttered "Yes".

They stood together in the kitchen, the brewing tea long since forgotten, simply looking at each other, frozen in time. And then Kazuya smirked.

"So, does this mean you'll be taking my name?" he asked teasingly. "Miyuki Eijun..." He hummed to himself, noticing how Eijun's face immediately reddened up to his ears.

"Now hold on a second, who said I'll be the one changing my name?" Eijun protested loudly, as he always did, and Kazuya only grinned.

'One day' sure as hell sounded exciting.

Chapter Text

"Should we break up?" Kazuya asked.

He was... He didn't even know what he felt. His heart was empty, eyes dry, tongue heavy and obstinate in his mouth. The words scratched at his throat, but there was no emotion in them whatsoever.

Without his heart clenching in pain and guilt, he watched how the golden eyes he came to know so well during high school widened. He watched the lips he knew the taste of as if they were his own pull into a tight line. He watched how the cheeks he caressed with his knuckles so often paled against the sun-kissed constellation of freckles. Kazuya felt no guilt, no urgency to take back his words... he felt nothing.

"Wh-what are you saying...?"

The whisper that came out of Sawamura's mouth was quiet and shaky, so unlike his usual confidence and loudness. Kazuya knew that this, at least this if nothing else, should make him feel something, but his heart remained a stone – hard and unmoved.

"I'm leaving," Kazuya answered. "I can't expect you to wait for me. It's three years."

He received a frown in return. "You expect me to wait?"

"I don't. That's why I'm saying we should probably break up," Kazuya explained. "I don't want you to waste all that time for nothing." For me, he thought, but didn't say that.

"No, no, no," Sawamura shook his head. "I mean, did you really expect me to stay here in Japan and do nothing while you're going to be over the ocean in another country playing the best of the best for the next three years?"

Surprise. It was the first emotion that had crossed Kazuya's heart ever since he made up his mind about this matter. Suddenly feeling it again, Kazuya couldn't help but blink dumbly.


Sawamura's face that was previously contorted in a pained frown relaxed now, and a small smile quirked the corner of his lips as he gazed at Kazuya warmly.

"I'm not going to wait," Sawamura said, his voice amused as if he had just heard the finest joke. "I'm going to go to Koushien this year as well and get my name out there as one of the best pitchers of our generation," he proclaimed unashamedly, reaching out for Kazuya's hand and locking their fingers together. "And then, right after graduation, I'm taking the first flight to you. "

Kazuya blinked, surprise running down his back in shivers that he wasn't sure were caused by Sawamura's words or the callused thumb that was gently caressing the side of his hand. His heart, frozen until now, gave a weak pump, but in the silence of his body it sounded almost deafening to Kazuya's ears. He blinked once and then twice, piecing his next words with sudden difficulty.

"Are you crazy?"

Sawamura barked in laughter, his grin wide: teeth flashing, eyes sparkling, cheeks reddened and round.

"Crazy in love, you mean," he answered cheekily and Kazuya felt like groaning. That was way too corny.

"God, you're ridiculous," he complained, looking down at their joined hands just because he couldn't handle the bright smile splitting Sawamura's face.

"Hey, I'm not the one considering breaking up with you," Sawamura pointed out, poking Kazuya's chest with a finger of his free hand. "Have some consideration for the guy who's trying to save your relationship!"

It was hard to believe that mere minutes before Kazuya couldn't feel anything, because now he could clearly feel the warmth of Sawamura's hand in his and he could hear his own heartbeat in his ears, thumping in a sweet sound of happiness and hope.

"But that's... I can't ask you to do that," Kazuya tried being reasonable for the last time. One of them had to look at things realistically. "It's still a whole year."

But Sawamura wasn't listening.

"You haven't asked, though," he simply said. "I'm doing it because I want to. It's my choice, Miyuki," His eyes hardened. "You have no say in it."

And Kazuya truly didn't, couldn't, say anything back. So he gave up and pulled Sawamura closer by their joined hands. He leaned his head on Sawamura's shoulder, hiding the small smile that inevitably made it onto his face. Sawamura put his free arm around him, his head resting against Kazuya's, intimate and comfortable, and Kazuya sighed in defeat. He just couldn't win against this idiot. Not when it came to this. Because no matter what, he didn't want to win at all.

"I'll be waiting," he said softly, and it was as close an admission of love as he could force past his lips at the moment. And Sawamura clearly realized it, because the arm around Kazuya's back tightened.

"I know," Sawamura said, his voice sounding as if he was answering Kazuya's unspoken declaration rather than the words that had left his mouth. And as if to prove it, Sawamura whispered, "I love you too, Miyuki."

The back of Kazuya's neck flushed and heat rose up to his cheeks, but he didn't change his position. He only squeezed Sawamura's hand, but for now it was enough. And maybe in a year, maybe after the time apart, maybe after his heart starts longing and craving earnestly, the words he truly wanted to speak will finally find their way out.

Chapter Text

Eijun watched Kuramochi pack up his bags, silent and unmoving. It was weird to think that it was the last time he'd get to see his roommate like this. The summer tournament came and passed, and even though they had made it to Koushien with no great difficulty, they didn't win it. And so, the 3rd years had to leave the dorms and the new team was about to be formed. Eijun still had trouble wrapping his mind around how fast everything was going now. It was the same as in his first year, but it also wasn't. The heavy feeling settling between his shoulder blades was much more pressing than a year ago, because when the third years graduate the whole responsibility will rest on his year. And Eijun wasn't sure they were ready to pick up the torch.

"I'm gonna go say goodbye to the others," he said, standing up from where he was sitting on his bed, helplessly watching how the other side of the room was becoming more and more empty as Kuramochi packed his belongings. "Don't leave before I come back!"

"Huh?" Kuramochi turned a glare on him. "Don't order your senpai around, brat."

But Eijun knew he'd wait. Kuramochi was always harsh with words and actions, but everyone knew that deep down he was a caring person. So sending him a grin, Eijun slipped out of the room they had shared for two years and went on his way.

People everywhere were exchanging fistbumps and words of farewell, and the invisible press on Eijun's back grew the more he faked his smiles and forced his words. It became unbearable as he got to the second floor and without thinking, Eijun ducked into one of the rooms. He shut the door and bumped his forehead lightly on its surface, trying to get himself together. He was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the voice coming from behind his back made him freeze: breath, heart and mind.

"Hiding from someone?"

There was no way Eijun could mistake the snicker that followed and so, when he turned, he wasn't surprised to see Miyuki dropping his already packed back to the floor. Eijun opened his mouth, but there were no words on his tongue that didn't make him feel sick. He closed it a moment later, leaning against the door in defeat. Miyuki watched him for a while, not a word exchanged between them, Eijun's eyes stopping everywhere except on Miyuki's face.

"You're gonna have to move," finally Miyuki broke the silence, slinging his bag over his shoulder once more. "I should be leaving."

"I don't want you to leave," Eijun whispered, but as soon as it left his mouth, his eyes widened and a flush crept up his neck right onto his face. "I mean, I don't want any of you guys to leave."

He expected Miyuki to smirk and tease, but the other remained strangely quiet. A few steps brought Miyuki to a stop right before Eijun and with an unreadable face, he asked:

"Hey, can I kiss you?"

Eijun threw back his head in shock and banged it on the door, but the brief pain was nothing compared to the wild beating of his heart that clearly wanted to escape the confines of his chest. He didn't have time to think of any answer though, because Miyuki's eyes crinkled and he was chuckling right into Eijun's face.

"Just kidding, just kid–"

Pulling him by the front of his shirt, Eijun smashed their lips together. It was clumsy and awkward, and a little painful when their teeth clashed against soft lips, but it was a kiss nonetheless. It didn't last long, yet when Eijun leaned back, Miyuki's face was painted with a blush.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd go through with it," Miyuki admitted a bit sheepishly, the red staining his cheeks darkening.

Eijun felt a vein on his forehead pop and he scowled. "Then you shouldn't have asked."

That only made Miyuki snicker, but it was a different sound from the ones Eijun was used to: it was softer, gentler, more affectionate, and despite all his previous worries, Eijun found himself relaxing.

"My bad," Miyuki said, his lips quirking in a smirk.

And when he leaned in for another kiss, a better one this time, Eijun did nothing to stop him.

Chapter Text

There was a collar around his neck, harsh leather biting into the already bruised and torn skin of his throat. He swallowed with difficulty, mouth parched, as the collar slid on the dried blood cutting even deeper into the flesh. The movement of his head was slight, but enough to make the long chain bound to the rusty metal clasp at the back of his neck clang along the wall it had been hammered to. The sound echoed through the small cell, a reminder of his fate.

He was a dead man walking, it was only a matter of time before death took him into His arms. An ugly smile quirked the corner of his dry, split lips as he thought of finally being released. If he could, he would have found a way on his own already. There were so many to end one's life... But his hands and legs were bound and chained, just like his neck, to the slimy wall behind him, keeping him prisoner. In the stinky cell. In his own battered body.

He was a prisoner, a slave. Trash that no one cared about. Trash that even he had stopped caring about.

The sounds of a scuffle came from beneath the slit under the massive door, but he didn't even open his eyes. There was no need to. It was probably the drunk soldiers fighting. After the first few times even that had stopped being amusing. All humour was lost in the dark and pain and the longer he had spent there, the less he found any enjoyment in life. In being alive.

He leaned his cheek against the cold wall. It was dirty and smelled, some weird form of fungi growing freely throughout its length, but the slight cold against his abused skin was the only kind of pleasure he had left in this world. He tried to swallow again, but his throat was too dry and he ended up coughing out more of his breaths than had stayed in his lungs. He rasped out, fingers clawing at empty air around his collar, his throat burning, lungs burning, chest burning... Breathing hurt. He just wanted it all to end...

He was so out of it that he didn't hear the heavy steps stopping right outside his cell. He did, however, hear the clang of metal bars and the creak of the wooden doors being pushed open. His head was heavy and eyes half-blind, but he forced himself to look. It's been so long since he'd seen another human being...

Clad in gold armour, the breastplate shaped as a lion's roaring maw, a knight like he had never seen before stood right there in the entrance. The visor was still down, so he could not distinguish the face hidden behind it, but hope clutched his heart painfully.

Was this his saviour? Was this... death?

A smile ghosted across his lips, fleeting like his breath. The knight made it into the cell, but he wasn't watching anymore. His head rolled to the side, too heavy for him to keep up. He could hear the chunk of the armour when the knight knelt down before him, another when he took off his helm, and when he felt the metal fingers of the knight's gloved hands fiddle around his neck, he knew – this would be over soon.

"Are you sound of mind?" a voice asked, and it breathed new energy into his limbs.

It sang of summer and sun, of open skyline and fields of ripe corn, golden and glistening with dew. Despite himself, he felt the answer slip off his dry tongue.

"In these walls that is the only thing I'd been allowed to be..."

He heard the chains clutter, heard a key cling against the locks and then–

The air brushed his neck, wrists and ankles, refreshing as if he stepped outside. He would have sighed with relief if the burning in his throat didn't choke his breath before he could take it. He coughed, hand clawing at the dirty rag of something that was once a shirt and now barely covered his sunken chest.

"Are you here to send me off to my death?" he rasped out a question, desperate to have this done and over with. Let this pain finally end...

"What's your name?"

The metal fingers returned, this time spidering across his face, pulling his consciousness to the forefront of his mind, as if the knight was not a knight, but a sorcerer.

"What's a name to a dead man?" He would have barked a fit of laughter if he could get enough breath for it.

"You are not dead yet." The metal gloves pressed harder against his bruises and he winced, trying to pull away, but the knight had none of it. "Dead men feel no pain." The touch of metal fingers turned gentle once more. "Now open your eyes and tell me, what is your name?" the knight commanded.

Struggling against himself, he cracked open his eyes, his vision swimming. Gold, gold, everything was gold, shimmering, glowing in the dim torchlight. He believed it a reflection of the breastplate at first, but when he blinked, he caught the knight's eyes truly as they were: as golden as his armour, as alight as the flames licking at the lion's head.

He opened his mouth to answer the question, compelled by a strange force of the knight's gaze, but he couldn't. His name... What was his name... Once, a long time ago, he used to have one. He could briefly remember the sound of it, syllables sounding alien to his own mind.

His lips moved soundlessly, forming around it, as if it was a foreign language he did not speak.

And then on a breath, he wheezed: "Kazuya."

Before his eyes closed tiredly, he caught a smile on the knight's face – bright and warm like his eyes, like the flames, like the gold that beloved him. He was scooped up in arms of metal, cold and hard, biting into the thin skin over his bones. And yet, the lion's head was warm, right over the heart. His head lolled to the side numbly. He fell unconscious, but not before the voice of summer and freedom promised:

"You shall not die today, Kazuya. Your time has yet to come. Today, you are saved."

And Kazuya allowed himself to believe it.

Chapter Text

Kazuya was seventeen when he realized he had a crush.

He was eighteen when his crush confessed to him.

He was still eighteen, not a day older, when he gave his first kiss away, willingly and with no regrets.

He was twenty when he lost his virginity. And pressing his cheek to the sweaty shoulder blade beneath him, he couldn't imagine being happier.

He was twenty-two when his heart was broken with a single sentence. "I don't think we should go on like this, Kazuya." He agreed. What else could he do but let him go?

He was still twenty-two when he started regretting it.

He was twenty-three when he saw him with another guy. Smiling. Happy. He didn't see him, and Kazuya was glad, because the bitterness filling him up from the inside told him clearly that it was all he couldn't give him.

He was twenty-four when he got into another relationship, but it wasn't the same. It lacked everything Kazuya wanted, itched in just the wrong way, all the time.

He has barely turned twenty-five when they broke up. Kazuya didn't feel anything even after a long while. He never did. Not for this guy anyway. He was just a replacement for what he had lost.

He was twenty-six when he started treating bed partners like disposable tools. It lasted. Long. He didn't care. About nothing, not anymore.

He was twenty-seven when he met him again, wide golden eyes smiling at him warmly, and making his heart thump against his ribcage after years of being a heavy stone in his chest. He was twenty-seven when he realized he was still in love with him, that he never stopped, not even for a day.

He was twenty-eight when they miraculously got back together. On that very day, Kazuya vowed to never let him go again.

He was thirty when he proposed and realized how happy a single 'yes' can make a man if it's spoken by the right person.

He was thirty-two when they took a trip to LA and got married in a small chapel, spending the weekend cut off from the world – just the two of them, alone, in love.

He was thirty-five when his husband started talking about kids, and since Kazuya could never say no to him, he was still thirty-five when they submitted papers for adoption.

He was thirty-seven when they finally got the green light. He was happy. The happiest he'd ever been. He had a family: a loving husband and an adorable daughter, whose laughter filled the halls of their house with joy. He wanted nothing more from life but to make it last.

He was forty when he realized happiness was nothing but an illusion.

He was forty when got the call in the middle of a busy workday.

He was forty when his breath got cut short and his heart stopped beating.

He was forty when his husband died.

Sawamura–Miyuki Eijun's funeral was held within days and a still forty years old Kazuya hugged their daughter tight in his arms as they lowered the coffin into the ground, his eyes unseeing, heart unbeating.

On that day his world ended. On that day life lost all happiness. On that day he buried his heart nine feet in the ground along with him.

Kazuya was forty when their– his daughter tugged on his hand, softly saying "Let's go home, papa."

He was forty when he put her into bed, kissed her goodnight and after closing the door behind him curled on the hard, cold floor.

He was forty when he cried.

Chapter Text

Eijun never wanted presents for his birthday. He never needed them. All that he wished for every year was his friends and family, happy and healthy, surrounding him with love and smiles and wishes of the best. That was enough. No material possessions, no amount of gifts could ever compare to the warmth of everyone's presence and he thought it would stay that way forever. People didn't change so deeply, after all.

Except that just in his second year of high school, he did.

Or maybe the change came earlier.

Maybe it was during the yips incident when his cold, cold hands were held by those rough, big ones that were so much warmer and unusually gentle. Maybe it was that time when in the midst of the summer training camp he was dying from exertion and a refreshingly chilled can of a sports drink was pressed to his cheek, bronze eyes gleaming down at him with concern hidden somewhere deep behind the mocking facade. Maybe it was even as far back as that one afternoon, back when he was still a rowdy middle-schooler, when he'd pitched with the hardball for the first time. Maybe it was the sound the ball had made in the catcher's mitt, or maybe it was all about the words spoken to him that day: clear like a cloudless sky, bright like the sun shining down on them, painting a clear picture of his path right before him...

Eijun didn't know when, but as May 15th of his second year neared, he knew he wanted more for this birthday. So when the day came and everyone wished him all the best, he smiled and thanked them and waited – waited for the thing he wanted most.

It was almost the end of the day when it finally came to him in the form of the barely-there presence at his back, silent, observing. The day's been packed with practice and people swarming around him to pat him on his back or hug him cheerfully, but Eijun could never back from his additional pitching practice and after sneaking off, he finally found time to work on his numbers. Pitch after pitch, the balls landed in the net, until–

"Oi, Sawamura!" He twirled around with a scowl, eyes immediately zeroing on Miyuki who stood in the entrance to the indoors practice area for quite some time, his eyes boring into the back of Eijun's head. "It's your special day today. Don't overwork yourself, idiot."

Gritting his teeth at how long the catcher had him wait, Eijun pointedly turned back towards the net. He threw another ball with a little more force to spite Miyuki.

"Hey, listen when your senpai is talking," Miyuki chided, but Eijun's jaw only clicked tighter.

Normally, he would've asked Miyuki to catch for him. He'd play the birthday card and get what he wanted, except... that was no longer his main goal. He didn't want Miyuki to just catch for him. He wanted something else. Something far more precious.

Miyuki apparently didn't like being ignored, because he walked over to stand in Eijun's field of vision, blocking the net with his body. He was holding his mitt under his arm and for a second Eijun let surprise show on his face.

"So I know everyone's got you gifts," Miyuki started. "I don't have any, though, so I thought I'd offer to catch for you until you're satisfied. How about it?"

His grin was snarky, as always. His eyes were gleaming, as always. He didn't look like he cared, as always.

"No," Eijun found himself saying, bitterness on his tongue.

Miyuki, shocked by his refusal, blinked at him dumbly. Eijun never refused his offers. With the way he was chasing after Miyuki day by day, one would think he'd jump at this occasion like a hyena on easy prey.

But he didn't. He wouldn't. This wasn't what he wanted.

"I want something else from you," Eijun continued, dropping the ball he was holding into the half-empty box at his feet.

Miyuki considered him carefully. "What is it?"

Eijun took a few steps, stopping only when he was close enough to touch Miyuki's chest with his glove, like Miyuki had done so many times to him. Bronze eyes were guarded and narrowed behind the glasses, making Eijun crack a small smile. It wasn't a happy one, though.

"Just for one day," he said slowly in a soft whisper. "Just for one day I want you to act like you care about me."

He looked for Miyuki's reaction and found it easily in the closely knitted brows and the marred forehead, in the frown that brought the corners of Miyuki's mouth down.

"I always do that," Miyuki replied and Eijun felt like laughing, despite there being nothing funny about these words.

"Do you, really?" he asked back. Miyuki's frown deepened.

"Maybe I voiced it wrong then," Eijun added, letting his hand drop to his side. "For just one day, I want you to care for me. Not act like you always do. Not pretend just because I'm your teammate. I want you to truly care. Just for a day."

Miyuki was silent, his eyes boring into Eijun's with intensity that was oh, so familiar. It was just like the burning glow he could so often see on the diamond, but it was also a little different, wilder, more raw. Eijun felt a shiver run down his spine, but he stood his ground, freely letting Miyuki see whatever was visible in his own gaze. He was never good at hiding his emotions anyway, not the way Miyuki was.

The silence was stretching and the hope that Eijun could still somehow feel batter against his ribs died. He dropped his head and turned away.

"You know what? Forget I asked," he said. "My birthday's almost over anyway."

He would've walked away if Miyuki's hand, as large and rough as Eijun remembered, didn't catch his forearm. Glancing over his shoulder, Eijun noticed the soft glow in Miyuki's eyes.

"Just for a day?" Miyuki asked and Eijun nodded.

"Just for a day," he agreed. "Unless you want to keep it up. I wouldn't mind that, you know."

Miyuki's mouth twitched as if he was trying to suppress a smile. The atmosphere shifted, lightened, and the hope returned to Eijun's heart.

"Don't push your luck, Bakamura," Miyuki warned, but it was more teasing than an actual warning. Eijun smiled a little.

"Now is that any way to speak to someone you care about?" Eijun pointed out, his smile widening.

Miyuki snorted, rolling his eyes at him.

"Let's get you to bed then, Ba-ka-mu-ra," he said, pronouncing the nickname slowly as if he was trying to make Eijun mad on purpose. "And yes, that is me talking to someone I care about. That's what you wished for, isn't it?"

Eijun squinted at him until his words fully registered in his brain. Because this Miyuki, the caring Miyuki, he was no different from how Miyuki usually treated him. And when Miyuki's palm rested on his back, gently pushing him towards the dorm, Eijun's heart thumped hard in his chest as he realized that maybe... just maybe... Miyuki had cared about him all along.

Scowling to himself, Eijun thought: Damn, I wasted a birthday wish.

But with the way his heart was skipping, he couldn't really be upset about it.

Chapter Text

He did it again. Kazuya felt a helpless grin stretch his lips in response. The sound of Sawamura's giggling, soft and bubbly, filled his chest with so much warmth he couldn't honestly be mad. It didn't stop him from pulling back and pinching Sawamura's side in a petty show of revenge, though.

"Stop smiling so much, stupid," Kazuya said, but the curl of his own lips betrayed his affection for the idiot he was holding close to his heart. "I keep hitting your teeth-"

He couldn't even finish because Sawamura dived forward, arms coming up to rest around Kazuya's neck and teeth pressing against the flesh of his mouth. It was hard to keep from rolling his eyes, but Kazuya somehow managed.

This was just too dumb, couldn't Sawamura kiss him like a normal person? Without all this grinning and giggling and those adorable little snorts of breath that made Kazuya's own get a little stuck in his throat with tender affection...

"Oh, come on," he pulled back again, lifting a hand to tilt Sawamura's face and tapping his thumb on Sawamura's lower lip. "Stop this."

"What," Sawamura complained, still grinning widely, cheeks flushed pink and beautiful. "I'm happy. It's normal to smile when you're happy!"

"How am I supposed to kiss you then?" Kazuya cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Just like you've been doing until now," Sawamura replied as if it was the most obvious thing. "Who'd think Miyuki Kazuya would ever need kissing advice from the best kisser in the world, Sawamura Eijun-sama!"

Kazuya snorted, and then he did it again, seeing that Sawamura was actually serious. Bowing his head as his whole body shook with the force of his laughter, he felt his chest warm up. Only Sawamura could ever say something like that and Kazuya was completely screwed when instead of calling him out on it, he found it irresistibly cute.

Finally, once his amusement had settled, he lifted his eyes to catch the warm gaze of Sawamura's golden ones, smiling. Nudging his thumb on Sawamura's chin, Kazuya leaned in closer.

"Just shut up and kiss me properly," he demanded and when Sawamura opened his mouth to argue, probably with something just as dumb and just as cute as before, Kazuya pressed their mouths together.

This time there was no teeth, no giggling. Nothing, except the soft sigh against his lips, the smooth glide of Sawamura's arms tightening around his neck and the slow burning warmth in his chest as their hearts aligned in beating. When they broke apart, it was Kazuya's turn to grin, because really, how could he ever love anyone more than this dumbass?

"See," Sawamura pointed out, pressing a kiss to the corner of Kazuya's mouth, which was quirked in a broad smile. "You smile when you're happy, too."

And if Kazuya's heart sped up just a little and his cheeks flushed a shade darker, he couldn't have helped it. Because as much as he wanted to deny it, Sawamura was right.

He was happy and he grinned, and he kissed his stupid, grinning boyfriend right in his bared teeth.

Chapter Text

From outside the half-closed door Eijun could hear the soft sound of Kazuya's voice as he tried to get their daughter to sleep. It was always amusing how gentle Kazuya was with her, his teasing nature and smirks turning into careful smiles and protective strokes of hand in a blink of an eye. Eijun would have teased him about it, but he was just as weak when it came to their precious angel. And even more when he could watch them both peacefully. Just like he was doing now.

He had finished doing the dishes by the time Kazuya was ending the first bedtime story and switched into something Eijun would never think him capable of if he wasn't hearing it with his own ears. As he quietly stood outside the door, he smiled to himself, listening to Kazuya sing.


lalalu lalalu

hane wo yasume ni kawaii angel

lalalu lalalu

sotto oyasumi

lalalu lalalu lalalu


A grin made it onto Eijun's face. It happened from time to time that when he was the one trying to get their little princess to sleep he sang to her. It was nothing out of the ordinary, some itsy bitsy spider or other twinkle twinkle little star, like his mom had done to him when he was a child. But it was the first time Eijun heard Kazuya do the same. His choice of repertoire though...

Covering his mouth with his hand to muffle a snicker, Eijun recalled the movie they had all watched that afternoon. Who knew his husband would like it so much. Smiling, he continued to listen.

Kazuya's voice was soft and velvety, something Eijun heard too rarely for his liking. Standing behind the door, he let himself melt in its smooth tone. He would've applauded when their daughter demanded an encore, but he was trying to stay hidden so he only smiled proudly. Kazuya's voice filled the room again and Eijun closed his eyes in bliss. The more he listened though, the more sleepy he felt, and in surprise he noticed that Kazuya's voice worked magic not only on their daughter, but him as well.

Shaking his head like a dog out of water, Eijun stepped into the room when the singing stopped. Kazuya, who was perched on the edge of the bed, beckoned him over, motioning him to be silent. His free hand was stroking the short brown hair of their girl and Eijun's smile softened. He tip-toed towards them, bending down to press a tender kiss to their daughter's head. Kazuya did the same and quietly they left the room, leaving the door only slightly ajar.

An hour later, Eijun was fluffing up his pillow, his mind tired after the whole day, when Kazuya laid down next to him, a sigh on his lips. It was then that he remembered. The gentle singing, full of tender adoration and a father's love. And then he remembered the lyrics as well.

Eijun snorted to himself, resting his head on the pillow, a stupid grin on his face.

"What's so funny?" Kazuya turned to him.

Eijun couldn't really help himself anymore. Grinning like a loon, eyes twinkling and bright, all sleep forgotten, he lolled his head to look at his husband.

"Lalalu," he said, falling into helpless chuckles.

Through tears of mirth in his eyes he glimpsed the crimson blush that rose to Kazuya's cheeks and his heart swell with affection.

"Shut up," Kazuya said, turning his back on Eijun. "You're the one who had us watch that movie."

Eijun let out one more chuckle before he hugged Kazuya from behind, propping his chin on his shoulder. Kazuya's cheeks were still tinted red, embarrassed and beautiful, and Eijun leaned down to press his lips to it. Pulling back with a grin, he nuzzled Kazuya's shoulder.

"You're wasting your talent as a baseball player, Kazuya," Eijun said. "You should've been a singer."

Kazuya snorted as he flipped on his back, catching Eijun in his arms as they readjusted their positions.

"I only sing for the ones I love," Kazuya replied.

Eijun's grin only widened. "Does that mean you're going to sing for me?"

Kazuya rolled his eyes, but his lips betrayed him, curving into a small smile.

"Go to sleep, stupid." He cupped Eijun's face with one hand, caressing his cheek. "We have an early day tomorrow."

"Not until you sing for me. Come on, Kazuya! Just a little," Eijun insisted, nuzzling into his husbands hand.

"Fine, fine," Kazuya sighed. "What do you want me to sing?"

"Lalalu!" was Eijun's immediate reply, which only made Kazuya snort.

"You're not gonna forget this one, are you?" he asked and Eijun sent him his cheekiest grin.


"Why did I even marry you," Kazuya mumbled, but leaned in to place a kiss on Eijun's lips, his smile against Eijun's.

Soon after, the song filled the air, gentle vibrations of Kazuya's voice rumbling through Eijun's chest. Laying his head over Kazuya's heart and letting the melody fill him with warmth, Eijun slipped away into dreams. And they were good dreams, full of love and gentleness, laughter and sunshine, dreams of his beautiful daughter and amazing husband, and he couldn't be happier.

Chapter Text

White dress shirt hanging open, chest swelling with ragged breaths, skin flushed underneath the touch of burning hot hands... Kazuya leaned his head back against the wall.

He felt the rush of heat in his veins, an echo of his hammering with excitement heart. His eyelids fluttered as the wandering, appreciative hands slid over his stomach, fingers kneading the skin of his hips, palms brushing against the buckle of his belt. The air was stuffy and Kazuya could smell the heavy scent of arousal, the cologne making his head spin. Lips pressed to his neck, chapped and rough against his throat, made Kazuya's hands itch to touch. Touch the cheeks dusted with pink, tug on the brown locks that made him shiver as they tickled his sensitive skin, drag his nails down the strong back, bite them into the sides trembling with quickened breaths...

But he couldn't. The handcuffs around his wrists held tight, and as an adventurous tongue slid down his chest, Kazuya buckled against the binds once more. A groan escaped him at the heat of the other's mouth engulfing one of his nipples, the need to touch making his fingers curl into claws. Kazuya's eyes scrunched shut and lips parted in uneven gasps as teasing fingers played with the bulge of his crotch.

"Say it." A husky whisper reached Kazuya's ears between his own racing heartbeat and their ragged breaths. Gold eyes glowed in the dark when the other raised his head to bewitch Kazuya further. "Tell me what you want."

Kazuya bit back another groan, turning his head to the side. The hand on his crotch moved, the palm pressing and grinding against him, and he couldn't stop his lips from trembling.

"Tell me, Kazuya." An open-mouthed kiss was pressed below his ear, the whisper hot against his skin. "Tell me and I'll gladly give it to you. Everything you want."

The buckle of Kazuya's belt clattered as it came undone. The sound of the zipper rolling down sent a shiver down his spine. The pants slipping down his legs to pool around his ankles made the goosebumps tingle across his arms and thighs.

"What do you need from me, Kazuya?"

Hands tightened into fists, Kazuya turned his head to look at his tormentor. His face, his eyes, his lips and body, all of it seemed to be charming Kazuya, pulling him in, rendering him powerless against the other's call. Unable to resist any longer, Kazuya opened his mouth, but only a groan left it. The hand that slipped into his underwear, fingers curling along his hot length and gripping it tightly, stole Kazuya's ability to think.

"Anything you need," the sinful whisper was back, hot against Kazuya's throat. "Anything you want. I want to hear it. All of it."

Kazuya's throat clenched, mouth dry and parched. He wanted him. Needed him. The heat engulfing his body was a torture, but all he could wish for was more.

"Fuck me." His voice was croaked when he spoke, but nothing mattered to him now. Nothing except the hand pumping the length of his dick, and the lips promising sweet release against his feverish skin. "Fuck me hard," Kazuya rasped out, the handcuffs biting into his wrists as he strained against them. "I want you..."

It took only a second for the glowing golden eyes to meet his, Kazuya's gaze getting lost in their intensity. In an oddly gentle gesture, the other brushed his nose against Kazuya's cheek, his lips coming to hover over Kazuya's mouth. He smelled of wine, of summertime and sun. Unknowingly, Kazuya arched into him, his mind mashed into a mix of desire, need and admiration.

And when the other's breath filled his lungs, Kazuya felt his soul tremble.

"Your wish is my command."

Chapter Text

"This is weird," Sawamura mumbled to himself, but Kazuya's ears picked up on it.

He turned his head to the side, watching the first year chew on his lip in thought. They were resting on Kazuya's bed, side by side, shoulder's touching and oozing warmth. Sawamura was holding one of Kazuya's hands up, turning it here and there and around, his eyes focused diligently on every inch of skin as if it was holding some secrets he wished to uncover. Amused, Kazuya allowed him to flap his hand around. Until now.

"What is weird?" he asked, noticing the wrinkle that appeared between Sawamura's brows.

"This," Sawamura repeated, shaking Kazuya's limp hand.

Kazuya looked at his hand and back to Sawamura, and then again. "What's weird about my hand?"

"It's not your hand," Sawamura replied.

He was pursing his lips in a way that clearly said oh Miyuki why are you so dumb, can't you see this? But, really, no, Kazuya couldn't see whatever it was that got Sawamura in such a bind. So he just stared at his hand blankly until Sawamura sighed.

"Look," he said bringing his own hand up and pressing his palm against Kazuya's. It was warm, delightfully so, and Kazuya's heart started beating a little faster, soft flush painting his cheeks. Sawamura was unaffected, though, and continued talking: "Look at it. What is this?"

Fighting off embarrassment, Kazuya turned his gaze from the side of Sawamura's face to their hands. His palm was just a little bigger, Sawamura's own couldn't hide it. The slender pitcher fingers looked much more delicate than Kazuya's, but he knew they were anything but. They were longer than his and better taken care of, even though Kazuya could feel the rough press of calluses against his skin in different places from his own. He could see all of that, but he still couldn't figure out what exactly Sawamura was pointing at, because... these were just hands?

"I still don't get it," he said and Sawamura huffed.

"My hand is so much smaller than yours, it's not fair." Sawamura pouted. "I've been training just as much, how come you're still bigger than me."

Kazuya's breath got stuck in his throat. He didn't know if laughter was the best option here, probably not, but before he could help it, it all rushed out. He hid his face in Sawamura's shoulder, letting helpless chuckles shake his body. Tears welled up in his eyes, but he didn't free his hand from Sawamura's grasp to wipe them.

Once he'd calmed down, he rolled to the side fully. Sawamura was glaring at him and Kazuya grinned.

"You can't do anything about that, you know," he said. "That's genetics. And if you put on as much muscle as me, you won't be able to pitch the way you do now. Do you really want that?"

The glaring lessened, and Sawamura's lips pursed together in another pout.

"It's still not fair," he mumbled, not looking into Kazuya's eyes.

"Maybe not," Kazuya agreed, sliding his fingers into the spaces between Sawamura's. "But your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me."

He brought their joined hands down and twisted his wrist to press a single kiss to the back of Sawamura's hand. Pink strained Sawamura's cheeks and when Kazuya looked up with a roguish grin, he was met with the sight of the most beautiful shade of gold captured in Sawamura's glowing eyes.

And then he was smacked in the face with his own pillow, but oh well... it was worth it.

Chapter Text

"Do you have to go?"

The voice was quiet and so unlike him, Kazuya hesitated on the edge of the bed. His body was warm and the thought of leaving made him shiver slightly, the chilled air of the world behind the sheets crawling up his bare back. But he had to go. Kazuya turned around, his gaze falling on the relaxed form of his boyfriend. He reached over and ran a hand over the stiff shoulders he was faced with while the other sulked.

"You know I have to," Kazuya said, a tone of gentle scolding colouring his voice.

There was no answer and Kazuya sighed, rubbing at his eyes beneath his glasses. It was always like this. Every time they met, ever since Kazuya had graduated. And the worst part was that his own heart betrayed him, pushing him back into the warm sheets and willing arms, destroying his resolution to leave.

With another sigh, Kazuya let himself fall back down onto the bed, his head resting on the small of the other's back.

"I'll come again next week," he promised. His eyes disinterestedly traced the details of the worn out wood of the bunk above.

Apart from breathing, the body beneath Kazuya's head didn't move. He closed his eyes briefly, another sigh pressing against his heart. It was hard on them both, long distance relationships always were, but... Kazuya was the one leaving, not the one being left behind. He could understand his boyfriend's reluctance every week as they parted.

He rolled over to the side and left a lingering kiss below the other's shoulder blade.

"Eijun," Kazuya whispered his name like a spell, and like a spell it worked. Eijun turned around, his face grim and rid of light, even though just moments ago it was all but glowing with delight. "Don't look at me like that. It hurts my shrivelled, black heart, you know," he joked.

"It's not funny, idiot."

Eijun pinched his arm and Kazuya hissed, rubbing the spot. He would have answered, but before he could, he was pulled deeper into the bed. With a small curve to his lips, Kazuya gave in, letting Eijun hide his face in the crook of his neck. Rubbing his cheek against brown locks, he slid his hand to where sheets lied tangled around Eijun's waist, stroking his naked hip soothingly.

"The end of term is coming," Kazuya suddenly remembered. "Do you want to stay over at my place for the New Years?"

Eijun pulled back so fast that he almost head butted Kazuya in the chin. "Are you serious?"

Kazuya smiled, a lazy slant of lips, but filled with warmth. "Yeah."

Golden eyes brightened, and Kazuya tried to hold back laughter. Judging by the pout curling around the corner of Eijun's mouth, he failed.

"I would smack you right now, but I'm too happy so I'll forgive you this time," Eijun declared, glaring at him a little just for good measure.

"How kind of you," Kazuya chuckled.

The pout turned into a scowl, which only added to Kazuya's merriment. He rose his head slightly off the pillow and kissed the tightly pressed lips. He lingered, biting into the plump bottom lip and pulling Eijun deeper into the kiss. Their warm breaths mingled as if they had always belonged together. In the sanctuary of his mind, Kazuya briefly thought that indeed, they had. Ever since they met, they were bound. They were made for each other. For this.

The kiss broke, his lips still close enough to brush against the other, hearts beating out of alignment, but chasing the same rhythm. With a tender hand, Kazuya brushed away a stray lock of Eijun's hair.

"So," he started, looking into the glowing gold eyes. "Will you let me go now?"

The only answer he got was a huff of offended breath on his face before he was pulled into another kiss. Laughing against Eijun's warm lips, Kazuya shrugged mentally. He could spare a few more minutes...

Chapter Text

Kazuya couldn't breathe. He couldn't think, couldn't move, couldn't blink. The only thing he could do was stare, as he stood frozen in place among the muttering crowd gathered around, while the royal guards dragged the love of his life from their house.

Eijun's face was hardly recognizable, the bruises and blood covered the handsome lines and sharp jaw Kazuya loved pressing his lips to. Brown hair was pulled harshly by a gloved fist, baring the forehead Kazuya often caressed with his fingers when Eijun was asleep. The small and perky nose that often scrunched up in endearing distrust at Kazuya's compliments was now bleeding freely, turning Eijun's mouth a ruby red. His teeth were bared, caked with blood, almost animalistic and so unlike the smile Eijun has delighted Kazuya with for years.

The only thing that didn't change was the furious glow in Eijun's eyes – bright and dangerous.

Kazuya could see him struggle against the hands that pulled him out the door, but there were too many. Stumbling on the steps leading down, Eijun growled at one of the people holding him and when the guy turned, fist raised to punch, Kazuya felt his body come to life with a start.

He moved before he even thought of moving, his feet carrying him straight to Eijun, the only person who could make him love. Kazuya pushed past the crowd, but as soon as he stepped out of the line, he was clonked on the head and his world shifted. Vision blurry and unfocused, he realized suddenly that he was on the ground: sand in his mouth, temple throbbing, boots kicking him in the gut. Kazuya choked on his breath, tears coming to his eyes, blood stinging in his mouth with its metallic taste.

This wasn't happening. It couldn't be happening. Not to him, not to Eijun. He did nothing to deserve it.

Struggling to lift himself up on weak arms, Kazuya retched. Blood and saliva dripped down his chin, but he didn't care. His eyes were searching for Eijun and he found him with no difficulty, because the dim gold gaze was focused on him as if drawing him to look.

And Kazuya did.

In the few seconds they were allowed to have while Eijun was led towards the crowd, the world seemed to stop around them. Nothing else mattered, only the two of them.

"Why? Why you?" Kazuya's eyes were asking, bitter, mournful, angry at the injustice that touched them.

"Don't do anything rash," Eijun was warning him, almost pleading. "Don't try to stop them, don't get yourself killed as well."

Kazuya's breath slowly returned to him and anger burned in his chest as powerful as the love he felt for the man that was now escorted through the crowd. And then when they parted, Kazuya saw it – piles and piles of wood and a single pike at the centre. The stake where Eijun was to die.

"No," an incredulous whisper left Kazuya's lips, turning into a scream. "Eijun, no!"

He shot up from the ground, slipping from the guard that stood watch over him. Before he could make it to Eijun's side though, an arm closed around his chest, pulling him back.

"Let me go," he growled out, turning to spot Kuramochi's familiar face, which was now tightened in helpless anger.

"You won't help him by dying too, you idiot!" Kuramochi snapped back as Kazuya struggled against him.

"I don't fucking care!" Kazuya elbowed him hard in the stomach and once free, he set off after Eijun.

If Eijun was to die, it wouldn't be much different than having his heart ripped out of his chest.

If Eijun was to die, Kazuya would have no more reason to live.

If Eijun was to die, Kazuya would die with him.

Eijun was already on the stake, his feet crunching on the wood, his hands cuffed to the pike with metal shackles. There was no escape. Kazuya elbowed his way through the crowd just as the executioner was reading out the charges.

"...accused of witchcraft and devil worship." The voice echoed in Kazuya's heart, harsh and unforgiving. "In the name of His Majesty, the King, you are hereby sentenced to death by burning at the stake."

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This was all wrong. Eijun was only helping people. He was a healer, he never hurt anyone for any reason. They couldn't do this.

But the torch was already being handed to the executioner. Kazuya rushed through the last line of the gathered people, desperate. The first licks of the flames ignited the wood, Kazuya's heart burning along with it. He slipped under the arm of one guard, running straight towards Eijun, his love, his heart, his everything–

Two guards stopped him right before the stake and his outstretched hand fell short of reaching it. Kazuya gave a roar of denial, with terrified eyes watching how flames climbed up higher. He struggled against the hold the guards had on him, but to no avail. They held on tight.

With a choked cry Kazuya crumbled to his knees. Eyes blurry with tears, cheeks burning with the heat of the flames, he watched Eijun's vulnerably frightened face through the rising fire.

It was only a moment before it consumed the stake and reached up towards the sky.

"I love you, Kazuya," was the last thing Eijun's lips spelled before the heat engulfed him.

"I love you," Kazuya chocked out through his clenched throat while Eijun's torturous screams filled the air.

And when they died, Kazuya's heart died with them.

He bowed his head.

Among the smell of charred flesh, burnt wood and people's whispers, Kazuya said goodbye.

Chapter Text

The first time Eijun saw the words messily scribbled across the line of his hip he was nine. The letters were too small to read then, just a squiggle of black, but four years and a big magnifying glass later Eijun could finally decipher the writing.

"on the wings of gold"

And he loved it ever since. Wings sounded cool even to a kid, and the wings of gold? Double cool.

He was proud and excited, and he could hardly wait to meet his soulmate – the one to possess the mark of Eijun's golden wings. Every new year when the classes were shuffled new faces replaced the old and Eijun's expectations grew. He wanted to find his mate, that special someone who would remind him of their wings, someone who would stand out from the crowd, bright and unmatched, and Eijun's.

And every year he was left to wallow in disappointment.

He'd graduated from elementary and middle school with no sight of his mate, but that was fine. He was hoping that high school would be it, for most people it was. After all, it was the time when romance for the first time bloomed freely. But again: nothing happened.

His mate wasn't in his year, Eijun knew only a few weeks into his first semester. Soulmate marks were inherently private, but for those still on the lookout for their mate there were no boundaries. So he asked, openly, incessantly, wearing hope on his sleeve, until he came to realize that his mate couldn't be a first year at Seidou.

His next step was to talk to everyone from the baseball club. He'd seen some of his teammates' marks on their bodies in the bathhouse, but although beautiful, none of them were the wings he longed to see. He wasn't discouraged, though. He asked some of the second years and the third years directly then, because one of them could, if not be his soulmate, then at least hold some clues to their real identity. Disappointingly enough, even that brought no results.

As Eijun's second year rolled in, he started losing heart again. Maybe he wasn't supposed to find his mate until college? Or maybe they would end up as colleagues at work? He'd be lying if he said that he wasn't a little irritated by it. People got together left and right, obnoxiously fawning over their soulmates, and there he was: alone, angry and wingless. Eijun promised to himself that when he finally does meet his soulmate, he'll pinch them real hard for making Eijun chase them so long.

It was hard to balance school and practice, but it was even harder to make it work when all Eijun wanted to do was run around searching for the wings of gold on other people. His mind and heart hard at war and his body urging him to rest, Eijun debated giving up. Not forever, definitely not. But just for a while, for a moment, to take a deep breath and stop the clock.

With a sigh, he dipped lower into the warm bathwater, absently rubbing a hand over the words inked across his hip.

If only it was that easy...

Wisps of steam curled all around him, balmy and cozy, and Eijun rested his cheek on his arm, which he slung over the edge of the bath. The tiled ridge was digging into his armpit, surely on the way to cut off the circulation, but for now he didn't want to think of it. His arm was the only thing keeping him from sinking into the warm water, but he was so comfortable that he didn't feel like moving. He could have fallen asleep there in all honesty, if not for the sudden voice cutting into his peaceful space.

"Oi, don't fall asleep, Bakamura," Miyuki stepped into the bath, his movements sloshing the water over the edge. "I'm not gonna do CPR on you if you start drowning."

Eijun harrumphed, sending him a glare. "I don't want your mouth anywhere near me, so if I start drowning just leave me to die. You have my blessing."

Despite his words, Eijun's heart thumped a bit faster in his chest. He blamed the water for it. He'd been in the bath for a while already, and that must have been what had painted his cheeks with a blush. All the thinking about his soulmate must not have helped much either. But that was it. Nothing else. Definitely not the image of Miyuki kissing him, no.

They sat in silence for a while, resting, relaxing after a day's worth of practice. Eijun didn't even notice when he had drifted off into a shallow slumber, but Miyuki's insistent hand shaking him awake was what brought him back to reality.

Sleepily, Eijun blinked away the mist.

And then he saw it.

A glimpse of gold, just barely a tip of something sharp, poking right from under Miyuki's towel. It was soaked heavy so it must have slipped under its own weight, riding low on Miyuki's hips and letting Eijun see something he hadn't seen on him before. Miyuki stood close enough that Eijun couldn't help it, be it curiosity or hope – he reached over, fingers brushing the warm skin of Miyuki's hip and pushing the towel further down to reveal–

"The wings of gold," Eijun whispered breathlessly, eyes wide. His whole body tingled with excitement, the previous sleepiness long but forgotten.

Miyuki's hand caught his wrist before he could reverently trace the sharp feathers with the pads of his fingers. "Don't you know it's impolite to touch other people's marks without asking?"

Looking up into Miyuki's eyes, Eijun felt his heart swell. He was itching to touch the mark again, but first he had to make Miyuki see. So he scrambled up quickly, almost slipping and careless of the water sloshing around wildly, and pulled down his own towel to uncover his mark.

"Rising towards the sky on the wings of gold," he repeated the words that were ingrained in his mind as soundly as his very name.

Miyuki's sound of surprise was swallowed by the sound of Eijun's heartbeat. It was loud in the small expanse of his chest, wailing and yearning for a response.  Miyuki swallowed, eyes following the curve of the letters on Eijun's body and Eijun looked down as well. The words he'd just spoken stood proudly against the pale flesh of his hip, black ink turning gold the longer Miyuki's gaze stayed on them.

Miyuki's eyes were wide while he stared unblinkingly at Eijun's hip. He opened his mouth once before he closed it again, recognition bold, but quiet, on his face.

"The wings of gold," Miyuki finally said, voice distant as if he couldn't really believe it yet, even if the proof was right there.

"The wings of gold," Eijun nodded, grinning. Happiness made his ears ring and his heart beat against his ribcage in an almost painful staccato, but it was all good now. It was welcome. Eijun's hand shot forward to grip Miyuki's arm tightly without thinking. "You are my wings, senpai."

He had to admit that now that he'd seen the mark, everything suddenly made so much sense. It was surreal, too good to be true, but somehow, suddenly, it was obvious that there was no one else for Eijun than Miyuki. Ever since they'd met, Eijun had been chasing after Miyuki without considering the whys or could bes. He knew they were different that normal teammates, than normal batteries.

And now something had just clicked into place and the jigsaw he didn't know he was trying to put together was complete: the missing piece was found.

"You're my mate," Eijun whispered, afraid to raise his voice in the quiet of the bathroom, as if it was too important, too intimate to be overhead by anyone else.

Miyuki, who was in some kind of shock, said nothing to confirm or deny Eijun's words – he just stood there, hand over his mouth, still trying to come to terms with their discovery. Impatiently, Eijun wanted him to speak, to react, to be happy, but there was only recognition and fear in Miyuki's eyes. And it didn't sit well with Eijun.

So Eijun let go of Miyuki's arm and bypassing it, he pinched Miyuki's hip. Hard.

The hiss that followed made him grin.

"What the–"

"That was for making me chase after you, you bastard," Eijun explained, turning his back on Miyuki and getting out of the bath.

He would have liked to stay and talk or do whatever, because that was his mate, he'd waited so long, he deserved this, but it was also Miyuki. And whatever Miyuki was, Eijun knew himself enough to see that they both need to cool their heads before they could spread their wings once again.

Leaving the bathhouse, he couldn't stop grinning, though. The mark on his hip tingled pleasantly, finally having been reunited with its other half. Who ever knew that happiness could be as close to home as this?

Chapter Text

Eijun couldn't believe his eyes. Well, he could, but he didn't want to.

He came home as usual, left the groceries in the kitchen, and seeing no signs of his new human companion, went to search the rest of the apartment. He found Miyuki quite fast, soft noises coming from behind the slightly ajar bedroom door.

When he entered, Eijun almost wished he hadn't.

Because his cat, that was no longer a cat but a fully grown human, was naked on his bed and rubbing himself all over Eijun's sheets and pillows.

Even from where he stood in the doorway, Eijun could see the red head of Miyuki's hard cock and wow, he really didn't want to go there. Stunned speechless, he watched as Miyuki humped his pillow, hips moving, ears laying flat on his head and tail twitching uncontrollably. Eijun heard the soft gasps and mewls that left Miyuki's wet, parted lips and it was suddenly too hard to breathe, too hard to focus on anything except the sound of the rustling sheets and the squeaking springs of the mattress.

With a lot of difficulty Eijun swallowed down the heat that threatened to rise up his cheeks.

"And what exactly are you doing on my bed?" he asked, wanting to come off as demanding and collected, but his voice shook and broke embarrassingly.

Miyuki's ears perked up and he snapped his head around to land his heavy, clouded gaze at Eijun, who stopped breathing when the lust in it pierced through him. A pink tongue slipped out of Miyuki's mouth to run over his lips and unwittingly Eijun's eyes traced the movement. Miyuki crawled closer to him on the bed, a low mewl leaving his throat.

"I'm hot," he complained, and Eijun felt the heat he had tried to suppress hit him square in the face, burning in his cheeks.

"You could have taken a shower then," Eijun tried to reason. And desperately not to look lower than Miyuki's chin, because the heavy girth hanging between Miyuki's legs was already distracting enough without even looking at it.

Miyuki's nose scrunched up at the thought of a shower and Eijun couldn't help but smile. Seemed like no matter what his form was, water was still the enemy.

He didn't get more time to contemplate the cute behaviour though, because Miyuki was climbing off the bed and making his way towards him. His skin smelled of sweat and something else: the scent that was unique to his fur, the scent which Eijun had come to love. He relaxed a little at the comforting embrace of it, but then Miyuki pressed himself to him, tall and hard and oh yes, Eijun could clearly feel Miyuki's dick rubbing into his hip.

Miyuki mewled straight in his ear, breath hot against the shell.

"Do something about it," he demanded, like he always did, and briefly Eijun wondered why on earth he was keeping such an asshole of a cat.

Miyuki continued rubbing against him, and Eijun had to take a deep breath to keep his body from reacting. Finally, at the end of his patience, he grabbed Miyuki by the shoulders and forced them apart.

"Okay, fine," Eijun agreed. "Get on the bed."

For once, Miyuki did as asked, and an unsettling sense of satisfaction warmed up Eijun's chest.

"On your back," he ordered, and again, Miyuki obeyed.

Being in charge awoke something in Eijun, something he couldn't name, but which he enjoyed to pieces. He couldn't help but smirk as he kneeled over Miyuki. Slowly, he reached down to curl his fingers around Miyuki's hard cock. The body beneath him went rigid for a second, but as soon as he gave the hot length a few pumps, it relaxed and Eijun could feel the soft tremors running over Miyuki's skin.

He moved his wrist rhythmically, changing pace from time to time or swiping his thumb over the red head. The mewls grew in volume, and Eijun had to admit that drawing out these sounds made his own dick just a little bit harder. Miyuki's hips arched up to meet his hand and Eijun stroked one pale thigh with his free hand. The skin was silky smooth, like Miyuki's fur used to be, and for a brief moment Eijun wondered what it would be like to suck on it.

He might as well have done it if Miyuki didn't let out a half-hiss, half-growl as he came right into Eijun's hand. Eijun let him ride it off, jerking him until there was no cum left, and only then did he allow himself a deeper breath.

The air smelled of sex and sweat, but it didn't smell unappealing. Eijun swallowed hard, grappling for control with his body.

He reached out for some tissues and wiped them both clean. Once he was done, he noticed the droopy bronze eyes watching his every move and in slight exasperation, he shook his head with a smile. He ran a hand through soft brown locks, taking extra care to gently rub at the cat ears.

"Take a nap," Eijun said, even though Miyuki's eyes were already closing. "I'll get you when it's time for dinner."

And he left him there, leaving the bedroom and closing the door after himself. Instead of the kitchen though, Eijun went for the bathroom, because the bulge in his pants needed a helping hand as well. Rather badly.

Chapter Text


"A necklace?" Kazuya asked, confused and amused, both at the same time.

The blush on Sawamura's face was a strange thing and while Kazuya's eyes tried to find out what exactly caused it, Sawamura grew redder and more embarrassed, looking away from him.

"It's a little more than that," he mumbled.

Kazuya was never one to let his curious side guide him. Curiosity killed the cat. When it came to Sawamura though, he usually allowed himself to believe in the second part of the saying. Because no matter what it was, the satisfaction of being with Sawamura was always worth it.

So he cocked his head to the side and lifted an eyebrow, waiting for Sawamura to explain.

"You put this–" Sawamura picked up the necklace from the box and spread the strings in his hands. He pointed to the top part, his blush deepening. "You put this around your waist. And the bottom part goes on your thighs."


Kazuya's lips curled in a smirk. Now that explained the sweet pink of Sawamura's cheeks and his shy, embarrassed eyes. It was no secret between them that Sawamura was obsessed with Kazuya's thighs. Not that he minded. In fact... 




"How does it feel?" Sawamura asked in a quiet whisper, but Kazuya could hear the choked excitement in his breath.

"I think I did them a bit too tight, but it doesn't feel bad," he admitted, flexing his muscles and the delicate chain groaned from the force.

Sawamura's fingers were soon on it, caressing it, and when Kazuya relaxed his leg, Sawamura slipped his thumb under the chain to rub at the dents in Kazuya's skin. The way Sawamura swallowed, so obviously thirsty, made hot arousal coil in Kazuya's abdomen.

"You look really hot like that," Sawamura said, his voice a little breathless with awe, and Kazuya would have smirked if Sawamura's eyes weren't still focused on the glimmering jewellery.

He butted Sawamura's chin up with his finger, and only then did their eyes meet. Sawamura seemed to have realized this as well, because his eyes widened and cheeks covered in a flush. And then he opened his mouth, stopped, and did a double take. He blinked at Kazuya owlishly.

"Are you wearing my uniform?"

Kazuya did smirk this time. "Yup." 




Kazuya would never peg Sawamura to be the patient type. He knew for a fact that in bed Sawamura was just as impatient as in any other sphere of life, but it seemed like it wasn't entirely true. Sawamura just needed the right incentive. And apparently Kazuya's thighs were just that.




His body was growing hot, hotter than before, and it was hard to focus on what Sawamura was doing to his neck when all his senses were reaching out lower, down to where Sawamura's hands were rubbing against his thighs and the jewelry around them. He was growing hard, Kazuya could feel it. Just from this his dick was already responding and it was hard to ignore it.

Kazuya snorted at the pun, regretting it momentarily when hazy golden eyes blinked up at him.

"What?" Sawamura asked, a little breathless and seeing him like that made Kazuya's breath falter a little in turn.

"Nothing," he lied. "Just marvelling how a single piece of jewellery can excite you so much. If I knew this, we could've done this sooner."

The blush returned to Sawamura's cheeks full force and Kazuya snickered.




Sawamura's dick rubbed against his when he moved his hips and they both sucked in greedy breaths. And then Sawamura's mouth descended on his and Kazuya caved in.

The pressure of Sawamura's clothes-free body on his felt good and warm and so right, Kazuya hooked his leg around Sawamura's hips to just keep him there longer. The jewellery around his thighs kept jingling softly, a sweet music to accompany their heavy pants of pleasure. The sweet friction on his dick was maddening with how slow it brought Kazuya up to the height of pleasure. And then... it disappeared.

Kazuya blinked in confusion.

Sawamura was pulling back and oh. He was spreading lube on his fingers, his eyes aglow, hair messed up and cheeks painted pink, and Kazuya felt a shiver of glorious expectation run down his spine. Those fingers were going up his ass.




His gasp was loud in the stillness that followed. If his cheeks weren't already painted pink, Kazuya was sure he'd blush. The mattress dipped and squeaked when Sawamura moved up and Kazuya felt a kiss on one of his hands. And on the tip of his nose. He felt Sawamura's breath on his lips when he hovered right above him, close but not touching, and truly, Kazuya's self-control was running low.

"Let me see your eyes," Sawamura asked in an unconsciously sultry whisper that made goosebumps tingle across Kazuya's arms. "Senpai."

It worked like magic. Just one word and Kazuya was held at Sawamura's mercy.

Breathing out deeply, he pushed his hands up into his hair, pulling it away from his forehead and face. He wanted to say something in response, he couldn't let Sawamura think he had a power like that at his disposal, but as soon as their gazes locked Sawamura's hand was moving. His fingers pressed against the inside walls of Kazuya's ass and he couldn't fight with his body's reaction – a moan ripped out of his throat while his eyes half closed at the first lick of pleasure.




"You look so pretty like this, Miyuki-senpai," he had the audacity to tell him.

Kazuya snorted, but it was weak and no one would ever take him seriously like that. Not with his thighs spread, asshole stretched wide and waiting for Sawamura to fill him.

"And you're far calmer than I thought you'd be," Kazuya said back. "Not interested in the jewelry anymore?"

And it was true. Sawamura hadn't looked at the chain of crystals glimmering on Kazuya's thighs and waist since the initial awe. He did so now, but when he lifted his gaze again, it was the same one Kazuya had seen the whole time they were in bed: pupils blown, dirty amber shadowed with desire.

Sawamura lifted himself to push his face into Kazuya's hair right next to his ear.

"The jewelry is pretty, but you are far more eye-catching."

Chapter Text

"Have you seen my tie?"

Hiding a helpless quirk to his lips, Kazuya turned away from the mop of messed up brown hair in which he was clenching his hands only moments ago. His skin still tingled with the softness of those locks, an imprint of a touch on the pads of his fingers. Just coming back to the memory of it made Kazuya's neck heat up with a flush and he lifted his hand to rub at his nape.

"How do you always lose it?"

A moment later his tie was thrown at his head with a huff.

Kazuya smirked. "It's not my fault you keep taking it off of me every single time. Any tie fetish you're hiding from me, Sawamura?"

Sawamura's freckled cheeks were dusted with a faint blush when he looked up and Kazuya would be damned if he ever admitted that his heart swell in his chest at the sight.

"Do you want me to strangle you with it instead?" Sawamura asked, scowling at him despite his red face. "Because I sure as hell can do that, just say the word."

Kazuya snorted, but let it go. He slipped the tie around his neck, setting to knot it as neatly as he always did. Except this time it wasn't quite working. Suddenly left to do it without a mirror and upside down, Kazuya found himself struggling. He fumbled once, undid it and tried again.

It was crooked and ugly, and he grimaced.

"Oh, give it here," Sawamura interrupted Kazuya's third attempt. "I'll tie it for you."

Surprised, but pleasantly, Kazuya let go of the loose ends and stepped up to where Sawamura was sitting perched on one of the desks. With a widening grin, Kazuya rested his hands on Sawamura's thighs and watched the slender pitcher fingers work on the thin, blue material of their uniform tie, bounding it into a neat knot.

"Mm, who knew you're so good at it," Kazuya hummed in appreciation.

"That's rude, Miyuki Kazuya." Sawamura's lips pressed together in a pout. "Every proper student knows how to tie a tie."

"Right, right," Kazuya agreed, chuckling. "I wouldn't mind letting you do it for me every morning, though. And then maybe kissing you goodbye before I go off to work and hearing a sweet 'have a nice day' while you stand in the door in an apron seeing me off."

He was looking right into Sawamura's face, watching how his cheeks reddened, a deep shade of crimson, so beautiful in the glow of the setting sun coming from the window of the classroom. Kazuya felt his throat tighten just a little bit, surprised that he actually meant the words that had just left his mouth. Before he knew it, he was raising his hands to Sawamura's neck and pushing Sawamura's face up with his thumbs. Gently, tenderly.

Gold eyes, shaded by dark eyelashes, stole his breath away for a moment and Kazuya lost all the smooth words he had prepared. It left him bare and open to that glowing gaze, which he didn't necessarily mind. Kazuya felt his own cheeks heat up. Sawamura's eyes brightened at that and he was surely about to say something, probably tease Kazuya back, but before he could, before Kazuya allowed himself to succumb to embarrassment, he leaned forward and pressed their lips together.

The kiss was short, just a few brushes, a few soft touches and breaths, but it was enough to make Kazuya's heart beat faster. They parted slowly, Kazuya's hands resting on the sides of Sawamura's neck once more, while Sawamura's fingers still held onto Kazuya's tie.

The sweet moment didn't last long, because then Sawamura opened his mouth and–

"If you want an apron, you're gonna have to wear it yourself, senpai," Sawamura said and Kazuya snorted. And then again, and once more until he couldn't fight back the wide grin from overtaking his entire face.

"My, I guess I will," he replied cheerfully, stealing another kiss just as Sawamura's eyes widened in shock.

Smirking into the kiss, Kazuya thought that this concept might, indeed, deserve a closer look. A much closer look.