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Perry's Mission

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Perry looked sorrowfully at Major Monogram, who stared back with a frown. He had loved the thought of the boys, his boys and Candace knowing his secret. They would have so much fun together, not to mention Perry could be free to do as he pleased. It wasn’t to be though and he supposed it was for the better...The good that came out of this was that he could stay with them, they’d just be forced to forget. Forget this day of complete chaos and brilliant adventures. As long as he was allowed to stay with his family, it was all okay. “You’ll forget this day everyone, gather there.” Major Monogram stated, pointing to the space where the group was to stand. Everyone gathered but as they did, Perry sensed a change in the air. His head turned to the boys, who were staring nervously at the ground. Even Ferb, whose expression didn’t falter all too often was bunched up with an anxious stare.

“Major Monogram?” Ferb murmured, looking to his boss, who glanced over at the green haired youth. “We’ll forget this? Everything?”

“Yes, today will be nothing to you after this.” Ferb’s face changed again, into a small smile and Perry watched Phineas look up from the ground himself. The two looked at one another, smiling. He’d always known they two brothers cared for one another. They were drawn together, they were simply meant to be together. The smiles they gave to one another confirmed everything he already knew. “Phineas, I love you.” Ferb whispered.

“I love you too, Ferb.” Phineas’ smile couldn’t be wider as the two hugged, the type of hug that anyone could see was more than brotherly. Perry caught Isabella frowning but it lasted but a moment. The girl may have a crush on Phineas but seeing the happiness the brothers were experiencing quickly turned her frown around. Without warning, Major Monogram pressed the button, erasing it all. Perry gasped, staring at his boss and shaking his head. Perry had long since been given the ability to change his form and that was one secret the boys hadn’t found out. It had occurred during one of Doofenshmirtz’s stupid inventions. He had been changed into a person, complete with a nice suit and his trusty fedora. The suit was a dark brown to match his fedora, his hair was cut to rest against the middle of his neck and held the same teal color as his platypus body. Perry the platypus had the ability to become a five foot eleven young male. He’d been shocked at first but began to utilize this new ability. He chose this time to change, pointing at Major Monogram.

“Why did you do that?!” He hissed, glaring at his boss who sighed in response.

“Agent P, you know I couldn’t leave them like that. They can’t remember this day, unless you want to leave them.” Perry bit his lip, crossing his arms and huffing. “Look, I’m not the best at relationships, I’m an old fart and what not.” He chuckled and patted Perry’s head, watching the teal haired male shake away. “They’ll still have those feelings for one another but what they won’t have is the knowledge that they both feel that way. Why not work on that? You certainly have a knack for fixing things.” Perry snapped his fingers, he’d not thought to do that, to get involved. It would no doubt be a trial but who the hell cared, this was for his boys.

“You’re right! I’ll get working on that.” Perry saluted before gathering Phineas and Ferb up. Karl, Major Monogram and a few other agents helped with the others. After dropping everyone off in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, all agents, interns and boss’ retreated, leaving Perry with his family and their group of friends. The young man smiled before reverting back into his original, semi-aquatic mammal form. He’d set Phineas and Ferb beside one another and found himself a perfect resting place in between them. Chattering softly, he wished them a good sleep as he closed his eyes, letting the sun beat warmly along his body. His newest mission, aside from any Doofenshmirtz related missions was to show his boys the light. To show them that their feelings weren’t merely one sided.

Five years. It had been five years since their two dimensional adventure and Perry felt like a failure. Phineas and Ferb were as oblivious as ever to one another’s feelings and now, there was added sexual tension thanks to puberty. Ferb, now sixteen had outgrown wearing his pants as high as he had. Though the purple had certainly not been forgotten. His pants rested on his hips now, jeans mostly but on occasion he would wear shorts if the weather truly called for it. His shirts were always the same, he didn’t care for much change after all. A purple button up would always accompany him to school, or adventures. His oddly green hair rested short against the start of his neck and always remained in the same style. The front was a bit longer, cupping his face, while his bangs were short and always swiped to the left side of his forehead. Ferb had gotten his ears pierced when he was fourteen, a gift from Candace and something he had rather liked. Small, solid black studs rested in both ears and had remained there ever since. The teen had grown in height just as much as his mother had anticipated, now standing at around 6’ 2”. Ferb had grown into a very attractive young man, who caught many eyes in school but who only had eyes for another well grown young man.

Phineas, now fifteen was only a few months younger than his brother but he never minded being young, it wasn’t something that ever really mattered to him. His attire hadn’t changed much in the five years that had passed. Much like his brother, the colors he’d worn back then had followed him throughout the years. He still wore a striped, orange and white shirt, although it changed into a long sleeved version of the one he’d worn for so long. Almost always it was accompanied by an orange hoodie, thin enough for warmer weather, although he wasn’t against removing it now and again. A simple pair of jeans and he was ready for school, adventures and other engagements. His dark red hair was just a bit longer than his brother’s, a tad curlier and fluffier due to his morning routine of blow drying it. Phineas stood at 5’10”, shorter than his brother but not as much as he thought he’d end up. Phineas’ bright blue eyes still shone with the brilliance and excitement he would always have. He too had his own group of admirers, what with his talkative and thoughtful personality but his eyes had never strayed from his brother.

Perry had watched and worked, trying his best in platypus form but it was impossible. The cues he gave just weren’t working. It was the day before the boys started their sophomore year of high school. Candace would be in college, the loud young woman missed dearly but they would all see her for holidays, which was better than nothing. The boys still invented things, everyday after homework was completed. Their friends still joined them for the fun of adventures. Isabella had long since gotten over her crush for Phineas. She may have forgotten the kiss between the brothers but as they all grew, it was something she naturally noticed. She was never done with the fireside girls and was still earning the rest of her patches. The only things that changed with her physically was her height and clothing. She was a good two inches taller than Phineas, proud to be as tall as she was. Her outfits were still pink but consisted mostly of long skirts, white shirts and a few dresses. So maybe her clothing didn’t change as much as Perry had originally thought. Buford really hadn’t changed much either. He grew taller but other than that there was really nothing different about him. As for Baljeet, he was out of the overalls and stuck to jeans and loose shirts. There was no time for fashion when there was physics to study. He stood the shortest at 5’8” but he was still as happy as he always was, even while still being the subject of Buford’s bullying. It was still just childish bullying though, never anything more than a wedgie or a push. Buford was the kind of bully that didn’t escalate and while he was mean, he still had moments of genuine kindness. Baljeet knew that he enjoyed the attention Buford gave him, he liked the friendship they had, even if it was a bit strange.

The children had all grown into their teens but their personalities hadn’t changed in the slightest. Perry watched them every day but now he was beginning to wonder if the efforts he put into trying to get his boys to see the truth was all for nothing. Sitting out in the yard, he watched the group get to work on another idea for an invention before pulling himself up and walking away. Hiding behind a bush, the platypus shifted himself, hopped out and walked away. He needed time to think and for some reason he found himself walking straight into Doofenshmirtz’ lair, or home, whatever the man called it these days. The evil scientist turned and cocked his head at the younger male. “Perry the...well, not so platypus, what are you doing here? I don’t have any ‘inator’ ready for you to ruin yet.” The German accent was welcome to his ears. For all these years, Perry actually enjoyed the man’s company. He was a bit of an idiot but he was a good idiot.

“I’m frustrated.” Perry muttered, sitting on the couch and crossing his arms. The brunette cocked his head, moving forward until he joined his nemesis on the couch.


“You remember five years ago? With the second dimension stuff?” Doofenshmirtz nodded, remembering that time all too fondly. “Well, my boys have always cared for each other, right? They just don’t realize that the other one cares too. I’ve spent five years trying to get them to see and it just hasn’t worked.” Perry let his head fall back, growling, almost like a chatter up at the ceiling.

“Well, we don’t usually help one another out but...why don’t you infiltrate their school this year?” Doofenshmirtz grinned at the platypus, who stared at him. Did Doofenshmirtz always have to make everything sound evil?


“You look like a teenager, or young enough to be. We can forge you an ID, I can be a proud parent again!” Perry almost forgot Doofenshmirtz had a daughter, Vanessa off at college herself by this point. Perry’s eyes widened at the idea, it was actually good.

“You’d help me get that far?” He questioned, the scientist nodding his head.

“Course I would! I can’t have a mopey nemesis!” Perry smiled and nudged Doofenshmirtz on the shoulder.

“Don’t think this means I’ll go easy on you.” The older male laughed.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Perry the not so platypus. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got your fake ID to make and a call to the school to arrange.” Perry stood with Doofenshmirtz, pulling the doctor into a hug. His arms wrapped around the man’s neck, holding him close. He’d always enjoyed this, enjoyed the fact that he had someone he could talk to, who didn’t have to forget about him.

“Thank you Heinz.” Perry whispered.

Arms wrapped around his back, hugging him back in a surprisingly gentle manner.

“You’re welcome...Perry.”

And for once Doofenshmirtz just called him Perry.