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Young Justice: New Generation

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| Greenland

| 3 years later, October 1st, 10:02 AM

“Blue Wolf to Young Justice League.” Noel called through his bluetooth to his team. “ Blue Wolf to Young Justice League.” He called again.

No answer.

“ Crap… Alright, maybe they’re busy.”

Blue Wolf was trudging through a blizzard, trying to find one of his captive teammates; Kid Flash. Kid had been beaten and taken captive when he tried going up against Mr. Freeze, alone. No wonder the ice freak would bring him here, though. Thank god for Damian’s high tech tracking equipment, courtesy of his Dad, because it probably would’ve taken way longer were they to just run around Earth like a flock of headless chickens.

“ Damnit… Where the hell are you Bart…” Noel soon got fed up and got into his running position, about to streak his way through this blizzard and find the, what he presumed, igloo Kid was in.

He raced off, using his claws to push snow out of his face. As he ran, he accidentally stumble over something. Noel pushed himself up and looked next to his feet to find vaguely what looked to be handles.

“ Oh… so, not an igloo? I swear, criminals get less creative by the day. Oh well.” He got up and used his claws to break off the lock that was on the handles, pulling them up to reveal a kinda bunker type of room.

He climbed down the ladder, finding that it had no light whatsoever, which could only make him guess that no one was in there at the moment. Blue took out his flashlight and turned it on, revealing Bart tied up in the corner, still unconscious.

Still not totally convinced he’s alone though, he slowly, quietly stepped to Kid’s body and used his bluetooth to call to his team once more.

“ Blue Wolf to Young Justice League, I found Kid Flash.” He said, as quietly but as clearly as he could.

Noel was relieved to hear Robin’s voice from the other side.

“ Robin to Blue Wolf, bring him to homebase immediately. If you are to run into trouble and are in need of backup, Blue Beetle and Beast Boy are available for further assistance.”   

“ Alright, will do.”

Blue looked back to Bart. He reached out his hand lightly smacking Kid’s cheek. “ Come on, wake up Kid. Wake up.” He put more pressure until Bart’s eyes twitched open. The light from the flashlight made him groan. “ Ugh… Five more minutes…” He muttered.

Noel facepalmed. “ No Kid, you’re tied up right now in a secret bunker. You need to phase through the ropes and come with me.” He sighed, pulling the other’s body to stand up.

Bart’s attention finally snapped into focus and he quickly phased out of the ropes. “ Sorry…” He apologized. Noel patted his back.

“ It’s alright, dude. Let’s get outta here.”

Once they were both up the ladder, the bunker’s door closed and the two got into running positions.

Until they were yanked back by a strong force.

It was Mr. Freeze. Not surprised.

“ Not so fast.” The ice freak said, throwing the two’s bodies to the bed of snow. Bart got a face full of snow. Noel jumped right back up and swung out his fighting staff from his back. He lunged at Freeze before he was held back by green glowing light just before Freeze was about to smack him back down into the snow.

He looked at his body. It was lined by a familiar green glowing light now that he thinks about it…

“ Derek…” He whispered under his breath.

Said, young, Green Lantern flew in next to him and smiled at Noel. “ Hey, Wolf.” He said, setting Blue back down onto the ground. Blue growled. “ What the hell, GL. I had him!”

Derek sighed. “ No, you didn’t. He was just about to hit you before you would even notice.” Blue Wolf huffed and realized that Bart wasn’t where he had fallen.

“ Kid-”

“ YAHOO!” Was all they heard before they saw Kid running at top speed into Freeze, causing the taller one to topple over on his back from the force of speed.

GL used his power to form a fist and punch down onto Freeze. Said villain was pushed deeper into the snow. “ AGH!” They heard him yell out.

Blue Wolf springed up onto Freeze’s chest, bringing out his claws to scratch and shatter the glass dome concealing Freeze’s face. Then, just as he was about to use his claws to claw the other one’s face off once the dome had been broken, his arms were held back by GL’s glow once again.

Noel’s eyes went from rage to shock rather quickly when he realized what he almost did. Derek lifted him off and settled him down next to Bart. GL then used his power to lift and form cuffs around Freeze’s wrists.