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Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD

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Stiles Stilinski, Agent of Shield

It’s his last year of college, four years of learning and studying and there’s a little tiny part of him that is happy that it’s going to be over with.

He’s so excited about no more school and no more papers and absolutely positively no more thesis.

The only little rain cloud is the whole going home to Beacon Hills (AKA werewolf central) thing. Because he might not be a math genius like Lydia but he knows how to assign some variables and do the math and he puts his life expectancy at about 4 months (give or take three days). He’s out of practice and been stuck in a classroom.

There’s been not much time for battling Alpha Werewolf packs, or any of the other little things that he’s sure that the pack has been honing their skills with.

He’s done push-ups and sit-ups and he takes a self-defense course and he practices on the range and he does most of that because his dad worries about his safety and he can’t tell him, ‘dad I’m not in Beacon Hills, I’m safe as houses’, without explaining the whole werewolf thing.

Which he hasn’t and is not planning on doing unless someone else spills the beans first.

He’s not a werewolf, he doesn’t plan on being a werewolf so it’s not his secret to tell.




He’s in the wrong room, he knows this because there’s a table set up in the front of it and there’s a guy in a suit and three others in really cool black uniforms and he’d get up and leave but the doors have been shut and the guy in the suit is talking.

He’d slouch in his seat but everyone else around him is sitting up perfectly straight and he learned in his first year to not draw attention to himself by signaling boredom and a lack of interest of actually being in the room.




The meeting is for a job with SHIELD and he remembers the news broadcast, remembers sitting on the floor with his back pressed to the sofa watching as aliens invaded New York City and the Avengers kicked their ass.

He’s maybe just a little bit of fanboy (they saved the world and two of them are even just human with no superpowers), if he’d been a kid he so would have had the Avengers sheets that hit the market months later and he would have been begging for the supercool action figures that came out in time for Christmas.

It’s the only reason that he actually fills out the paper they distribute, it’s not like any application of employment that he’s ever seen before and some of the questions are completely cracked. He wonders briefly if it’s all some sort of joke or if someone is doing some study on peoples willingness to answer stupid questions on a piece of paper handed out by stupidly attractive people in cool uniforms.

He dismisses that idea pretty much immediately, the three in uniforms are wandering the room, arms crossed over their chests looking stern and unapproachable, the suit is sitting at the table in the front of the room looking serene, hands folded in front of him.

He fills out the application / joke paper to the best of his abilities though it takes some doing. There’s an essay question on favorite color, and personal associations that go along with it.

He won’t get selected, his degree is in Folklore with a minor in Psychology (his plan is to treat the pack with love and support and make them a cohesive whole without someone, namely him, getting slammed into walls or beaten up) and from the little speeches they’re looking for like military types with degrees that fit into that spectrum.

At least he’ll have a supercool, ‘thanks but we’re not interested’ letter with the SHIELD logo on it for his collection of Avengers (and SHIELD) memorabilia.




He gets a call for an interview. He doesn’t tell his pack or his dad because he’s almost done with school, he’s not supposed to be extending it by doing an internship and Lydia had told him he was coming home for Christmas, which he’d never agreed to but it’s Lydia so…

“Mr. Stilinski,” the suit from the internship meeting is standing there, he shakes his hand and they both sit.

They chat about the weather, current economic conditions and Stiles’ Folklore classes.

“Folklore and Psychology is an odd mix,” the suit (Agent Twitman, Stiles doesn’t laugh or make a joke, you know, be himself, but only because he’s pretty much chewing through his cheek).

“Well my mom did some stuff in Folklore and it’s just interesting and Psychology is because I know a lot of crazy people back home, easy to get work,” Stiles shrugs.

Agent Twitman just nods, he’s looking at Stiles like he can see right through him, or read his mind, it’s disconcerting and kind of nerve-wracking.

“I think that’s all we need,” Agent Twitman says, he stands so Stiles stands, they shake hands again and the Agent smiles. “We’ll be in contact.”

Stiles figures there’ll be a form letter.




A packet gets delivered to his dorm room door by a young man in a SHIELD uniform; he looks from the thick packet to the guy holding it.

“That doesn’t have a ‘thanks but no thanks letter in it, does it?’” he asks, the guy raises his eyebrows and kind of shoves the packet at him.

“Welcome to SHIELD,” the guys tone indicates that he thinks that SHIELD’s HR department is nuts, but whatever.

The guy leaves and Stiles closes his door with his hip, holds the packet with both hands.

“Definitely not a rejection letter,” he mutters, not unless they also send 150 page papers on why they will never consider hiring you, ever, and that you might as well just pack it in.

Fuck, he’s going to have to make a phone call.




“So,” he starts when his dad answers the phone. “Hypothetically, how mad would you be if I told you I kind of got a job and would possibly not be coming home as planned?”

“What kind of hypothetical job are we talking, son?” his dad says, it says something in how far they’ve come that his dad’s voice doesn’t automatically stray into that suspicious ‘you’re selling drugs and or yourself on the streets to make extra cash to fund whatever illegal activities you and your friends are getting up to’ tone.

“Well,” Stiles starts, and tries to figure out how to say ‘I accidently got a job with SHIELD that I really hadn’t even meant to apply for’ without sounding like an idiot.


“SHIELD,” Stiles says in a small voice, he hunches his shoulders a bit because he remembers how his dad ranted about SHIELD and New York City for days on end.

“SHIELD? The same SHIELD that was responsible for that mess in New York City, all those deaths and about a billion plus dollars in property damage? That SHIELD?”

“Apparently their hiring standards are like so low as to be miniscule, I’m pretty sure that Scott could get hired.”

His dad is silent for a few minutes and Stiles starts fidgeting, the sit-ups and push-ups and self-defense classes go a long way in helping him deal with all his excess energy.

“Have you told the others yet?” his dad asks finally.

“I’m gonna wait until after I have my orientation, they may realized I’m not exactly SHIELD material and fire me before it even becomes an issue.”

His dad sighs that sigh that says he’s disappointed in Stiles’ self-esteem but Stiles has been working on his self-esteem issues for a while, they are what they are.




Orientation at SHIELD is like orientation at any other job he had. Only there’s a cool uniform waiting at the end of it, a reminder that the Avengers are normal people so don’t go to your knees for them and in case of alien invasions or super-villain attacks everyone is required to work straight through to the end which means you don’t leave at the end of your shift you leave at the end of the invasion / attack.

Stiles signs his name on like a thousand pieces of papers and suddenly orientation is over and even though he’s got four months left of college; he’s officially an employee of SHIELD.




He works in an office in New York City, SHIELD sets up housing so it’s like moving out of the dorms at school into dorms at work except he’s got his own room, his own bathroom and only needs to share a living room and kitchen with four others.

He calls and talks to his dad on a weekly basis; though he can’t tell him anything but that the city is nice, his roommates are nice and no he still hasn’t talked to Scott or the others yet.




He’s still research guy for the pack even if he’s across the country and hasn’t been home for almost two years because of school and internships and maybe not wanting the others to tell him they don’t need him.

If he’s not there, then no one can tell him to his face that they were doing fine without him, why the hell did he come back.

Lydia and Danny IM him anytime either of them see that he’s on-line, periodically Peter will as well which always kind of freaks him out a little bit. They always have questions about some creature and any weaknesses said creature might have.

He knows that Allison is still friendly with them, as is her dad, he thinks they just don’t like depending on the Argent’s for all their information.

They never ask him what or how he’s doing and he never volunteers the information.