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His Champion's Journey

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Jareth smiled his slightly feral smile, his blue uneven eyes twinkling in the candlelight. "Hello Sarah."

The purse Sarah had been holding fell to the floor as she stood there, frozen in shock.

"You..but you...and your hair.." Sarah didn't know what to address first.

He was wearing a fine black suit, probably Armani or some such brand. It was cut perfectly for him. His hair was shorter, but still shaggy around his face.

"Pardon my appearance, humans are so judgemental about these things. I felt a little glamour was necessary."

Jareth strode forward to stand in front of her. "You look beautiful." He said, as he raised a gloved hand and brushed a stray lock of hair off her face, letting a finger trace her cheekbone and lower lip. "I have missed you so."

Sarah finally shook herself out of her daze. "You missed me? You missed me?! I've been slowly dying here. I can't eat or sleep, I can barely function, and you missed me?"

He pulled her in close, but her body remained stiff.

"Yes. I missed you. Without you, my life has become rather boring. No one to argue with." He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Sarah kept staring up at him, gobsmacked by his presence.

"What..why are you here?"" She asked him. "I can't take it if you are just visiting for a little romp. You can forget it. I'm not going to be your human playtoy. It would kill me."

"Oh Sarah." He hugged her, though she was still reluctant to hug him back. "No I am not there for that. Let us sit. Wine?" He offered.

She nodded and he poured them each a glass after they sat down. She picked it up and drank the whole thing, and he refilled it.

"Now, what do you want Jareth?" She demanded. She wasn't sure how to feel. Joy, anger, shock, curiosity, her emotions flooded forward all at once.

"It simple, my love, I want you." He answered.

"I told you.." She began to say.

He held up his hand. "You misunderstand me. I want you to come and live with me. To marry me. I...find myself holding more affection for you than I expected to ever feel for anyone."

She crossed her arms, her eyes narrowing. "That is not good enough, Jareth. I already know you have affection for me. What about the fact that I'm human? You're not going to be to thrilled about making love to an 80 year old woman someday."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew what she wanted to hear. He was just having a hard time saying it. It was not something he had ever said to anyone but his parents.

" you. Nothing else matters truly."

Sarah was staring again. "You love me?" She managed to squeak out. Tears sprang to her eyes and she cover her mouth with her hands.

Jareth let all the walls he had been shielding his heart fall away. If he wanted to keep her, he had to.

He took her hands from her face and kissed them each in turn, not taking his eyes from hers. "I do. Do you.."

"YES! I love you!" She screamed before he could even finish. He stood and pulled her up with him and kissed her. After all of the heartache, nothing was as sweet, nothing had ever felt so good, so right as her lips against his own.

When they managed to tear themselves away from each other, Sarah spoke. She had to let him know of her fears before they went forward. "I'm afraid. I don't want to grow old and leave you alone. If we have kids..that scares me."

He smirked. "Ahh..that is another matter. There is something you should know. But before I tell you, I must say this. I had already planned to come here and fetch you before this information dropped in my lap. Or rather, before I had a chance to fully think about it and put it together. With my brother's help. He is a witness that I was already coming for you, just in case I need one, knowing you. Let us sit again."

They did and she waited for him to speak. He filled their glasses again before he began. "When you came to my kingdom the first time, remember, you were bitten by a fairy?" She nodded. "Now, It is question of timing. Had she bitten you inside the Labyrinth it would not have mattered, but you have said you had not entered yet."

"Why does it make a difference?" She interjected.

He chuckled at her typical eagerness to know everything. "Give me a chance to tell you, my impatient girl. Once inside you are shielded by a very specific type of magic that keeps you from being affected by underground magic. has unpredictable results at times, on humans. However there is one thing that happens for certain."

He paused and took a long drink of wine, and she gave him a look that said he had better hurry or she might throttle him.

"You see, there is something about the underground you do not know. The fairies...they are distant kin. We as a race are the result of their...interest in mortals. Not the fairies who live within my lands specifically, but far in the past. Before, when our worlds were much more closely connected, Fairy and human interbred, and my race was the result. Fairy blood, even the slightest bit of it, changes humans."

She waved at him to continue. "The fairy bit you before you could be shielded. Therefore fairy magic got into your veins. It changed you. You are a halfling, a changeling. That is why the fairies were so interested in you when we were in The Labyrinth. They recognized your presence as fairy.

Sarah was surprised. "What does that mean?"

"If you come to live there, within matter of will become fully acclimated."

"And?" She urged.

"With the magic feeding your fairy side, it will be only a matter of times before you become one of us."

"Oh my." Sarah breathed. "This is a whole bunch of information to process. I did fairies and humans even get together? They are tiny and humans are..well, my size."

"In the mortal world, fairies could, and I assume would still be able to if they were to travel here, change to be the size of humans. If a female conceived they had to stay here until the birth of the child, then could leave. The male fairies of course could leave at will, and often did, leaving the human woman to fend for herself. The children craved the magic, because they needed it to feed their fairy side, so they ended up in this world. As the population of half bloods grew, they began having children together. So here were are. The humans started becoming more and more hostile to fairy folk and to us, their own descendants, and it became necessary to close ourselves off from your world to preserve ourselves after The Great War, about which I will not go into details this night. The old blood fairies grew to hate humans for the most part, due to their ill treatment...and they are not very fond of us either. We remind them of their foolish choices that led to the war. They are also quite resentful that our magic grew to far surpass theirs because of our size and strength we can channel much more of it and maintain control. I try to keep them away from the doors to The Labyrinth for the very reason you are now dealing with, to avoid changelings for their own good. Most go eventually go mad when they return above. While the fairies dislike humans they love the taste of them to this day."

Sarah felt lightheaded. "So're related to fairies? Jorwyn said at one time you were as numerous as humans." Was all she could think of to say.

"There were far less humans at the time he was speaking of and they lived much shorter lives. Many many thousands of years back now did the fairies give us life. My family is a good 30 generations removed, and there are some families farther removed than that."

"What..3,000 years?" Sarah tried to calculate.

Jareth smirked. "No. The mortal race was still quite young. Closer to 100,000 human years. Many immortal or underground races are much older."

Sarah's head swam with this information. She grabbed her water and gulped it down.

"Maybe we should eat. You look as if you need a break from this conversation." Jareth suggested.

"Yeah..that's a good idea." Sarah answered.

He went and opened the door to speak to a waiter, then returned to the table and sat across from her. "I ordered beforehand I hope you do not mind."

She shook her head.

A few minutes later a plate of steaming food was in front of her. "Coq Au Vin. My favorite french food." She was suddenly hungry and began eating. The chicken melting in her mouth. "Perfect."

"I am glad you enjoy it. I so rarely get to eat here, but French is my favorite." He said as he took a bite.

The waiter was standing patiently by the door. "Retirer Magnifique, mes compliments au chef." Jareth said smoothly.

The waiter bowed his head and left.

"Since when do you speak French?" Sarah asked teasingly.

"I can speak all human languages, Sarah. Requirement of the job." He took another bite.

"Oh, yeah. I guess it would be. Not every person to wish away a child would be American."

He poured more wine. "Very few are, really. Most are people who have a strong tradition of calling upon Erlkonig."

Her fork dropped. "What? That's you?"

He laughed and winked at her. "At your service. Though the stories have been greatly changed and twisted 'round..basically The Goblin King is the source of all of those myths. No matter who has had the job."

They chatted more as they ate, both ignoring the elephant in the room.

Sarah had still not answered. He knew and recognized it, but did not mention here. He wanted her to enjoy herself, to feel as if she was being romanced and wooed.

When they were done Jareth tipped the waiter, the maitre d', and left a generous gratuity for the chef. They left and climbed into the car that had brought Sarah to the restaurant.

"So, do you..want to see my apartment?" She asked finally.

"That would acceptable. I expect you have more questions." He leaned forward and spoke to the driver.

Once they were dropped off, the car drove away. He escorted her to the door, and she unlocked it. "Be careful. Scar you know." She reminded him.

"Ahh." He remembered. The dog.

She let them in and closed the door, locking it behind them.

Scar was jumping around and wiggling, happy to see them both. She petted him and got him a treat, then put him in her bedroom.

Jareth shrugged of his jacket and took off the tie, while she tended to the dog.

Human clothing is bloody uncomfortable, He thought.

"Jareth..can you do me a favor?" She said as she walked towards him.

"What is it?"

She gave him a flirty smile. "Not that you aren't handsome in this form...but could yourself?"

As her words he smirked and the glamour melted away, leaving behind the Jareth she had always known. Breeches and a tunic, boots and gloves, Amulet and long feather soft hair.

"That's better." She molded herself to his body and inhaled his scent. "I missed you too. So so much."

He wrapped his arms around her, her softness making everything well again, his heart quickening at her closeness.

She pulled away and eyed him up and down. "Now, Your in the world did you become my dad's client and weedle a date with me?" She said looking up and grinning. "You are a sneaky bastard."

They both laughed as he guided her to the couch and sat down, Sarah curling contentedly against his side.

"Magic, obviously, is the first component, but I have well placed connections in the above. Immortals who live here. I've made investments in human businesses. Most of my people, they want nothing to do with humans, but I have this job that requires so much contact that I need to have an identity carved out for myself here. It is for the best. I can hide in plain sight, if need be." He explained.

"So, you were really going to come for me even if I stay human, well at least in part. Even if I wanted to stay here, would you still want to be with me?" She had to know.

He took a deep breath. "Yes. It would be difficult. I would have to go back and forth. I would do it for you. Only for you. Though you are no longer completely human, and might live up to twice as long as others here, I would do what I needed to to be with you for as long as I could."

Sarah felt wonderful, and awful. It dawned on her if she made that choice, children might be out of the question, at least for her. She knew they would have to live with Jareth to be truly happy, as they would be more like him than her. Still, if they married she would want to be the one to give him an heir, which was probably a big deal for a king. "And when I die.."

She felt his arms tighten around her.

"I would grieve for you the rest of my days. I would never love another, or want to. It would cause me unimaginable pain...but I have no choice. I would bear it, if you would have me do so. What choice would I have? 100 years of life with would be worth all of it. Every second."

When stopped speaking he realized Sarah was crying silently beside him.

"I thought I wasn't good enough." She said quietly. "I thought you would forget about me and find someone else. I thought you could never love me.."

He moved and turned her to face him. "I did not want to. I will be honest because I refuse to lie to you. This was not in my plans. You changed all that. You stubborn insolent brave woman. When I asked you to believe in me, you did. When I asked you to trust me, you did. No one has ever done for me what you have. You gave me your complete faith. That is unheard of in my world, to trust someone so deeply."

She touched his face. "When you told me you wanted me to love with all the passion inside me that last night, I wanted to scream. I want to tell you that I already did. That I loved you and I didn't want to leave, but I thought I had to. I figured you would have no use for me."

"Foolish girl." He replied sympathetically. He pulled her tight against him and kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her lips. "Yet, I am so much more foolish that you. I put my pride as a king above both of us."

He kissed her deeply then, and she surrendered to it. His hand slid down her face to her neck, and he felt a small lump just under her blouse. He took it in his hand and pulled away, looking down. The owl.

"You kept it."

"Of course. It was the only part of you I had. They only thing to remind me it wasn't a dream. That out there somewhere, you existed." she answered breathlessly, her desire for him taking over.

He went to speak further but found her lips on his own again, instigating another kiss. Who was he to argue?

She leaned backward and took him along, so that they were both laying halfway on the couch, their feet still on the floor.

His hands were all over her, caressing, touching, pulling at her clothes.

She stopped him and lifted one his hands up, slowly tugging off his glove. "You have the sexiest hands I've ever seen. I'm slightly obsessed with them."

He held up the other one for her to repeat the process. "By all means. Take my gloves."

They kissed again, as he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it open. She sat up just enough to take it off, and he was already undoing her bra. He pushed it of her shoulders and it fell behind her. Then his hands were on her breasts.

She shoved his tunic up and he helped her get it over his head and off. They pressed together, both bare from the waist up.

He went back to her breasts, laving his tongue over them as she moaned. She had missed his talented tongue. Every lick, every nip at her hard peaks going straight between her legs.

He moved up and buried his face in her neck. " are the sexist woman I've ever known. So responsive to my touch."

He had a hand beneath her skirt, seeking out and finding the dampness there between her legs. He pushed aside her underwear and stroked her as she bucked her hips to meet his hand. Two fingers slid into her and a few strokes later she was coming hard, her body squeezing his fingers.

She laid there trying to collect her thoughts after the orgasm had scattered them all over. She watched him withdraw his hand and stick his fingers in his mouth, tasting her. "So sweet." He said as his tongue ran over them watching her eyes dilate as he did so.

"Jareth..let's go into the bedroom. "

He readily agreed pulling her with him to their feet, letting her guide him through the semi dark space. She put her blouse back on but didn't button it.

Unfortunately she had forgotten the dog, so when she opened the bedroom door he came bolting out tongue lolling around, tail wagging like a propeller.

"Your beast is a bit mad." Jareth observed warily.

"No, he just doesn't know a stranger. Go into the bedroom and I'll get him settled in here. "

He did, gladly.

Sarah got him one of his big bones she saved for treats, knowing that would keep him occupied for hours, then went inside the bedroom and closed the door, Scar happily laying in the middle of the living room gnawing away. She had turned the stereo on low to keep him company.

When she turned to the bed, Jareth was lying there stretched out, hands behind his head, dressed only in leggings.

"Take off your clothes...slowly." He commanded her.

She smiled and did as he asked, throwing her shirt on the chair, shimmying out of the skirt, placing first one, then the other leg on the bed and sliding her stockings down. She turned around and swayed her hips to the low music, sliding her underwear down and then throwing them to the side.

When she faced him his eyes were almost black. He sat up and reached for her, tugging her arm until she fell on top of him.

"Vixen." He said, in that low growl that made her only want him more.

He rolled her over, got to his knees and stripped his leggings off, his rock hard erection springing free of it's confinement.

She reached out and took it in her hand as he stayed on his knees, watching her as she moved her hand up and down, running her thumb over the head. She took him in her mouth, making him groan, his head tipping back, his hand winding through her dark hair.

She stopped and laid back, opening herself to him. "Jareth..please. I can't wait. I missed you. I need you inside of me." She pleaded.

He complied, getting between her legs, laying over her to place himself at her entrance. He teased her for a moment, barely pushing in then pulling out until she grabbed his behind in frustration.

"I have never wanted anything more than to please you..My Sarah." He kissed her and thrust forward.

He was inside her then, laying his pelvis flush against the cradle of her hips and thighs. "So fucking perfect." He murmured into her neck. "No one has ever felt like this. Like a glove." He pulled back then pistoned into her again, making her gasp and moan his name the sensation.

He pivoted and rolled his hips, and she was pushing up to meet him. She wrapped her legs around his body, holding him to her, her arms holding tightly to his neck. She surrendered he body to his, letting him set the pace.

He grabbed her hands and entwined his fingers with her as he laid his forehead against her own, looking into her eyes. "Remember you remember this?" He whispered to her as he watched the fire ignite in her eyes. "Do not close your eyes." He told her.

Sarah felt her body growing hot and sweaty from the intensity she knew was his doing as he used his magic to reach within her and connect to her soul, but she never closed her eyes. She knew what he wanted. He wanted all of her. Body and soul. She was willing to give it, because she knew he would give her the same. He would give her everything. His eyes told her all she needed to know. He was giving her his heart, but would settle for nothing less in return.

That was Jareth. That was her Goblin King. He was powerful and commanding, and she liked it. She would never bend enough that he would break her, and she would never ask him to change what he was, as he would always accept her for the smart mouthed, pig headed, contrary woman she knew she was.

They would argue, they would fight, then would push each other, but they would love. That love would always be the undercurrent of everything else. He would get mad and stomp off and she wouldn't listen and go off on her own. They would always come back to each other because for them there was no one else who could satisfy whatever it was they needed and gave to each other. The trust, the belief in one another that was absolute. There was an unspoken agreement that they would always have faith in each other.

Now in this moment, she would yield. She let him take her to the heights, and they crashed over the edge together. His orgasm coming in torrents as her back arched and her body squeezed and milked his until they were completely drained of energy.

They lay together a long time in her comparatively small bed. The music in the next room playing low. Light from the moon peeking through the blinds.

She had her head on his shoulder, His fingers stroked her arm.

Jareth spoke first. "You never answered me. If you would come to the underground."

She looked up. He looked a bit nervous in the dim light of what her answer might be. Sarah found it odd, and endearing. This was a man who was rarely unsure of anything, even if he was wrong.

"I thought I just did." she smirked at him. "I mean, would I stay here, if I could be there, and do this every night?"

"You are a naughty wench." He observed wryly.

"Would you want me any other way?" She poked him, laughing.

He grinned tiredly at her. "Not really. submissive women are boring. I would rather fight with you. Which is a good thing in the long run, since we will have a very long time to perfect the art of war...between us, I mean."

" war.. just skirmishes. Look at this way, makeup sex is always pretty hot." She replied.

"Good point." He said turning them to face each other. "Do you meant it Sarah, you will marry me? Be the Goblin Queen? Rule over a kingdom of imbeciles?"

"Yes..but...can I see my family? And bring Scar?"

Jareth rolled his eyes. "What is one more beast in my kingdom. Of course you can see your family. Once fully changed you can come and go as you please."

"Than abso-fucking-lutley, Your Majesty. "

They laughed and rolled around on the bed, tickling and teasing. Eventually they made love again, then fell asleep. For the first time in weeks, wrapped in each others arms, their sleep was peaceful.