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His Champion's Journey

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As the sun rose higher she ran, only stopping to catch her breath or take a few gulps of water from the river. She fell several times because she wasn't watching where her feet were landing.

Her lungs were burning and her feet screaming in pain, but by noon she found the place that led to falls.

She pushed herself through the forest, dodging low hanging branches not even noticing the birds and fairies moving quickly to avoid her.

Still she ran. When she finally pushed apart the leaves and saw the falls she cried out twith relief. She got to the water and dropped to the ground, scooping water up and gulping it down.

"Uhrulu?" She cried out. "Uhrulu, please..can you hear me?" She screamed the Unicorn Queen's name.


She sat on the ground and curled her arms around her knees, laying her forehead down on them.

The tears came. The sobs were loud and unchecked. She didn't care who heard or saw her. Jareth was going to die, and Toby was going to be taken. She would have to beg to stay underground so he wouldn't be alone, and their parents never know either of them existed. No one would know to try and find them.

Worst of all..Jareth was going to die. Her heart broke.

What is wrong little one?

She heard the voice in her head. Looking up she found the great mare standing behind her, a puzzled look in her bright purple eyes.

"Oh..Uhrulu.." She jumped up and ran to Uhrulu, throwing her arms around her neck.

"Thank god you came!"

Tell me what is wrong Champion.

The story spilled out, Sarah trying not to cry as she told it.

The unicorn queen listened closely. When Sarah was done, she spoke.

Do you have something sharp?

Sarah pulled the small pocketknife out of her pocket. "Yes."

Retrieve  one of those large fronds, then come close.

Sarah did as she was told.

Uhrulu dipped her head so he long sharp horn was right near Sarah's face.

Scrape some dust from my horn with the knife. It will not hurt me, so do not worry. My horn regenerates instantly.

Sarah did. Soft at first but then a bit harder. As she watched, glittery dust began to fall from the horn and she caught it in the large leaf.

"How much should I get?" Sarah asked.

A pile as large as your fist should be enough.

She kept scraping until it looked like the right amount.

Now, go back to your king, and sprinkle it over his wounds. It is pure light magic. It will heal him. Go as fast as you can, human child, it sounds as if he will not last long.

Sarah wrapped the dust tight inside the leaf and stuck it in her pocket.

"Oh thank you, Queen Uhrulu. I don't know what i would have done if he.." She sobbed.

Go. Go save your beloved king. He feels the same, you know. He cannot hide his heart from me.

Sarah didn't think about the queen's words too closely, she just turned and ran back the way she came.

She will make a good queen, my friend. Uhrulu thought.

Hearing her youngling call for her, she went back into the forest.

After Sarah reached the river she drank a few more mouthfuls of water and continued to run , but her body was starting to give out. So she slowed to a fast walk. She had stop a few times to rest, and it was driving her crazy.

"Damn it Sarah..don't give up now, you have to keep going." She complained to herself.

It was twilight when she finally saw the carcass of the hulking beast, marking the edge of their camp. Making a wide berth around it, she limped to where Jareth lay.

He was in the same position, but the blanket had been kicked off. He was sweating and unconscious, barely breathing. Her stomach clenched in fear.

Sarah took the leaf out of her pocket and unfolded it. She picked up some of the glittery dust and sprinkled it over his wounded arm, then carefully over each of the deep claw marks across his body. She then took the in her hand and blew it gently so it settled all over him.

Nothing happened. Maybe she was too late.

"Oh god. Oh no..please.. Jareth...don't leave me alone." She cried. She lay against him, wrapping her arms around him lying her head on his good shoulder. "Please don't die.." She said into his ear.

Her crying turned to sniffles as she waited. She tried to stay awake but she had worn herself to almost nothing. She had no energy left.

She fell asleep there, her tears drying on his skin.

Jareth felt odd. He was floating in a sea of light. He skin tingled. His eyes were itchy and dry.

He struggle to find his way out..and saw and opening far away. He pushed towards it slowly, like he was swimming through mud.

When he reached it he pushed himself through...

Jareth's eyes popped open and he was sitting against a rock, something warm and soft against his side. He turned his head to see dark hair. Sarah.

He tried to move but she clung to him.

"Sarah..wake up." He shook her. She mumbled and sniffed. "Sarah?"

She opened her eyes and sat up turning to stare at him.. "Are you okay?" She asked.

He moved his arms and legs. Sore but nothing seemed broken. The blood on his chest was flaking off to show new pink skin beneath.

"It seems so. You found Uhrulu." He answered.

He went to push himself up but found himself suddenly straddled and embraced by an overjoyed Sarah.

"Sarah." He managed to get out. He hugged her back to keep them both from falling over.

She grabbed his face and started kissing him all over his forehead his cheeks, even his lips. "Jareth oh my god I thought you were dead I was so scared don't do that to me again or I'll kill you myself you jackass!"" Her words running together.

He replayed them to try and decipher what she was saying.

After a few minutes he pushed her away gently. "Sarah. calm down. Please..I was just grievously injured."

Sarah backed off, then blushed. "I'm sorry. I was just so worried. Do you need anything?"

"Water." He rasped. She handed him the flask. He took a long drink. "Help me up please."

She stood up and gently help him stand. He was a little weak, but now that he was healed his body would regenerate quickly.

He asked her for a wet cloth, so she got the scrap of t-shirt she had been using earlier, wrung it out and handed to him, he wiped as much blood as he could off of his skin.

"I will be fine by morning. That...thing almost killed me before I killed it. Everything got tossed about. I hope we have adequate supplies to make it. We lost a day we had gained, maybe even a day and a half." He grimaced as he sat on the rock he had been leaning on.

Sarah stood there, her mouth open. "You almost died!" She exclaimed. "Why are you are worried about supplies?!"

"We have to move forward, Sarah. We have no choice. There are still a few hours until dawn. Could you make our beds up please?"

Sarah stuttered. 'I..okay." She dug around. "I can't find your bedroll, it might be in the bushes."

"Then we will have to share. We can look in the morning." He said.

Sarah took her blanket and got the pillow which had been underneath Jareth's head. Laying them out she waited, unsure.

Jareth rolled his eyes. "We are adults, Sarah, it's just for a few hours. "

He unfolded the blanket and got in scooting back then holding it up for her.

She crawled in next to him turning so her back was to his front. He folded the blanket over her.

She was trembling but it wasn't from cold. She could feel the warmth of him on her back.

"Are you cold?" He asked. She nodded so he wouldn't think any different.

He pulled her against his body, laying his chin on her neck "Relax, Sarah. I'm not going to ravish you. Believe me I do not have to energy to even try." He teased.

She tried to avoid pressing hard against him, and soon he was breathing deep and even. She drifted in and out but didn't sleep much. When she finally did fall asleep, she wasn't aware how her body relaxed into his, and he came to briefly. She didn't know he tightened his arms and cradled her so reverently against himself, that he buried his face in her hair, trying to find comfort in her warm presence.

Jareth was the first to wake. It was later than he had woken in a long time, probably mid morning. At first he did not want to move, his face still pressed against into Sarah's dark hair.

They needed to move because they had lost the day they had as a cushion and needed to go quickly.

"Sarah we need to get up. Now." He said next to her ear.

She yawned and stretched, moving away from him, embarrassed at their closeness.

"Do you feel better?" She asked.

He got up and stood, his knees wobbling a bit. The hulking beast lay some 30 feet away, and it was starting to smell. Soon the scavengers would come and they needed to get away. The scavenger birds were vicious and would gladly attack anything living or dead near their prey.

"We need to go, Sarah. Gather as much as you can, and we will leave. I will find some food along the way."

She hopped up and looked around finding everything she could. Everything seemed to be there, just scattered.

She found Jareth's bag near the carcass of the hairy thing, trying not breath, she snatched it and threw his things inside.

"Found my bedroll." He announced pulling it out of a bush. "Do we have it all?"

Sarah nodded. She put the scraps of her shirt and wrapped them in a plastic bag from her pack, not wanting to leave any trace of them there.

She turned and watched Jareth trying to move the beasts' body. He pulled something out from underneath. His sword, covered in dry blood. He rinsed the blood off and sheathed it.

He could here screeches not too far away. The carrion birds were tracking the scent of blood and death, and coming closer.

"Let us go, Sarah. NOW. MOVE!" He commanded.

He walked as fast as he could, his sore body protesting. Sarah walked with him, looking back, the sounds unnerving after what had happened the day before.

After an hour or so, He slowed. "We are safe for now. They are dining nicely and have no care for the small traces of blood that may be on either of us."

"Gross!" Sarah said, thinking about birds eating at that smelly thing back at their previous camp. "I'm surprised they didn't come yesterday."

"Wasn't starting to decay well enough for them to smell it. Takes a day or so." He explained.

"But if they would have.."Sarah answered.

Jareth frowned at her. "Do not think of it. It did not happen. You need to put it out of your mind now, Sarah, so we can carry on."

They stopped for a little while and ate some fruit they found, then continued on. They didn't rest much because Jareth was trying to make up time.

Sarah was tired, dirty and needed a break, but she tried not to complain. She knew it was his ass on the line here. She just kept silent and followed Jareth's lead. usually she would have argued but it would serve no purpose at this point.

They kept going until well after sunset. Jareth relented when it became too dark to see more than few feet, and they found a spot.

"Is it safe at night to go into the river?" Sarah asked. She looked at the water longingly.

"Yes, The river is not called Tranquility for no reason." He answered as he sat up the fire. "I may join you when I am finished here."

Sarah stripped off all of her clothes except her bra and underwear, no longer concerned what Jareth saw, and waded her way into the water. She wished it was a bit warmer but it did feel good anyway, she dunked her head and came up flinging her hair out of her face.

"Be careful, love." She heard behind her.

"Oh I didn't know you were so close." she crossed her arms over her fabric covered breasts. The cool water made her nipples hard and she hid them from his view.

She turned to face him.

His hair was down and he was shirtless, his pale skin glowing slightly under the full moon.

"I believe we should stay within sight of each other, just in case." He said, stroking her cheek with a fingertip. "I would not want anything to happen to you."

"Me either. I mean I wouldn't want anything to happen to you either..again. I don't ever want to go through that again. You scared me Jareth..I thought you...and I would be..." Her eyes filled with tears.

He stepped closer causing the water to ripple and laid his hands on her arms.

"I'm alive, Sarah. No need to cry anymore. I will not leave you."

She stepped forward into his arms, and he hugged her close, comforting her.

Sarah pressed her face to his skin.

Damn he smells good, she thought. He was warm and kind...and so very different than she had ever expected her childhood villain to be.

She stepped back and he took her face in his hands, looking into her eyes. "We will make it Sarah. I have faith in you. As long as you reciprocate, we will win. Do you trust me?"

Afterwards, she would not know who kissed whom, all she knew was that her lips were touching his, and it was incredible.

It was gentle at first, but then it changed. He urged her mouth to open, and his tongue touched hers.

The passion flared between then and the kiss deepened, she took her arms from her chest and slid them around his neck, her breasts against his chest.

His fingers threaded through her hair. Slowly they slid down her back to cup her backside, pulling her closer.

She could feel him already hard against her stomach. Her nipples brushed against his chest and she shivered from the sensation.

He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, their lips never losing contact.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes. "Sarah," He whispered "My Sarah."

She shut him up with another kiss. She felt herself being turned, carried out of the water. She was laid down on the soft surface of his bedroll.

Sarah lifted her chin and he took the cue, attacking her neck with his lips and tongue, nipping at the hollow of her neck.

"Jareth..I need you, please." She gasped out. This time she was begging him not to live, but to love.

He pushed himself up. "Sarah, are you certain? Maybe we should not..."

"No. I want you. Don't stop." she begged.

He pulled the straps of the bra down her arms, finding the clasp between her breasts he snapped it open. She sat up and it slid off her body.

His eyes softened. "You are so beautiful." He sighed. He took her breasts in his hands rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. He bent down and sucked one into his mouth, making her back arch up to push her breasts to his lips. He moved back and forth until she was writhing beneath him.

He sat back and hooked his fingers under her panties, pulling them down and off, continuing his discovery of her body, her stomach, her thighs, the sweetness of her sex. He buried his face between her thighs, licking and kissing her hot, moist center. She grabbed onto his shoulders and moaned, her release coming quickly as he worked his mouth on her.

He nuzzled his way back to her lips and kissed her with all the pent up feelings he had harbored all the years they were separated.

Sarah was pushing at his leggings trying to get them off. He sat up and practically ripped them off of his body, then settled himself between her legs. His rock hard erection pressing at her entrance demanding entry.

"I need to be inside you. I can't wait anymore." He said. She nodded, waiting.

WIth a thrust he had buried himself in her welcoming heat. They both groaned at being joined. After all these years, the one thing he had desired most. Sarah. His champion was his, finally, completely.

Sarah once again had her legs around his waist, linked at her ankles. She had no intention of him go anywhere. He thrust hard and she took it all, liking his aggressive pace. Never had she had anyone fill her the way Jareth did. All along he was the missing piece that she could never find.

They ground themselves together, both needing release. After all the frustration, the hardships unnumbered, the dangers untold. They deserved this. This moment, this feeling.

Sarah screamed his name as her orgasm exploded inside her, her body tingling and shaking as her muscles contracted and released.

Jareth followed closely behind, his body spasming as he filled her with his seed, moaning her name again and again. She could feeling him pulsing inside her, and it made her come again around him, her body gripping him.

Sarah's body relaxed against the soft blanket beneath her spent body. She let all her stress melt away as he placed kisses over her face and neck, unwilling to remove himself from her body.

Eventually the kisses slowed and Jareth laid his head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat and breathing slow down to normal.

He reluctantly removed himself from her and rolled off, laying on his side and watching her.

"We should not have done that." he said and moved to lay on his back, staring at the stars.

She turned and looked at him, confused. "What? You didn't want to? I mean be with me?"

He turned back and smoothed her hair away from her face, looking at her tenderly. "I have wanted you more than I have ever wanted anything." He said, the truth spilling out. "I just don't want this to make things...confusing for us. Later."

Sarah moved closer. He grabbed her blanket and laid it over them. "Let's not think about later Jareth. Right now all we have is each other. I needed you. You were there. We...I'm an adult and no virgin. I don't regret tonight. No matter what happens." She snuggled her face into his neck, breathing in his unique scent.

He held her against himself through the night. As dawn was breaking they made love again. This time slowly, enjoying each other. Their time was limited, they did not wanted to waste a minute.