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Bending Dancers

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The ride into town was nice, Korra and Asami sat in the back seat with their hands tightly clasped together. Senna chatted animatedly in the front seat, about anything that popped into her mind; Korra and Asami listened and snuck in a kiss when she wasn’t talking.

Once in town the fitting went by quick, but Senna was meeting some friends for lunch so she sent the girls off with some cash to go have fun. Korra bought them a couple fried fish baskets and they walked to the edge of town and sat under a tree and ate. Once the food was gone Korra started playing with Asami’s hair and laying soft kisses to her neck.
Asami moved into Korra’s lap and they began to kiss passionately. Several hours later Senna appeared, the girls were thankfully not making out anymore but were instead laying in the grass watching the clouds as they held hands. “Well don’t you two look cozy, lets head home.” Senna said and the girls hopped up and followed after her.

The week flew by like it was on fast forward. Asami and Korra spent as much time out of the house as they could, and not all of it was spent making out; and there was no sex either, Asami wasn’t into doing it out in the open. But finally the weekend came, and Korra was pumped! Asami could tell just by the way she bounced around, and the way her eyes followed her every move.

Korra had already told Asami over and over how she was going to drive her insane; after all Asami had managed to get Korra off several times and Asami had managed to escape Korra’s fingers every time. Truth was Asami had been so nervous about being over heard that first night in the dorm she hadn’t been able to fully let it go; and boy was she planning to.

“We will be back on Friday….that’s right I forgot to tell you we’d be gone for the whole week.” Tonraq said with a teasing wink at Korra. Asami couldn’t help the blush that spread up her face at the look he gave them, and Senna was worse.

“Now I’ve left you girls some ingredients in the fridge, Asami’s gotten good at cooking so I’ll just let you both have fun. Call if you need us, and Korra make sure to change the sheets of whatever bed you have sex in. Seriously those sheets I took off your bed today were just rank.” She said climbing in the car and Korra and Asami stood slack jawed as they watched Korra’s parents drove off.

“I am so so sorry.” Korra said in a very squeaky voice as her entire face turned a bright bright shade of red. Asami laughed and moved behind Korra and laid her head on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Don’t be sorry, you can make it up to me later tonight.” Asami whispered in Korra’s ear and kissed her cheek. “Now you promised you would show me your old swimming hole, and it’s warm enough today to go swimming.” Asami said pulling away and walking back into the house.

“Right right!!! Bikini time!!!” Korra said joggin up the stairs, Asami laughing as she followed after her.

“You wear a bikini?” Asami said coming into Korra’s room and watching her dig through her drawers. Korra looked up as she pulled out some blue material.

“Duh I wear a bikini, you really think I’m going to hide all this taunt thick muscle?” Korra said flexing, knowing Asami loved watching her muscles.

Asami laughed and dug in her bag and pulled out a string bikini, make sure Korra could clearly see it. “Still more fabric than mine sweetheart.” Asami said with a wink going into the bathroom to change. When she came out she was wearing one of Korra’s hoodies over her bathing suit, Korra was wearing a jacket.

“Ready?” Korra asked, her eyes dragging across Asami’s body in a languid desirous manner; although all she could see were her finally shape legs leading up to that gorgeous curving figure. Asami just smirked and walked over and grabbed Korra’s hand and pulled her down stairs.

“You go start the 4wheeler I’ll grab some towels and sandwiches.” Asami said kissing Korra’s cheek and shoving her out the back door. Asami jogged into the kitchen, Naga on her heels, she moved about the kitchen grabbing sandwiches and drinks, and few other snack like foods. Then she made her way to the hall closet and grabbed towels before walking outside to where Korra was waiting with the 4wheeler.

“You’re white steed my princess.” Korra said with a smirk reving the engine a little. Asami laughed and packed their goodies into the box behind the seat and hopped on behind Korra, wrapping her arms around her waist and leaning in very close. She laid her head on Korra’s shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“Lets ride of into the sunset……well later.” Asami said and then kissed her cheek. “Come on raise some dust!” She said pulling back a little so she could yell. Korra sped off with dust flying behind them, both girls laughing. It took twenty minutes to get to the spot Korra liked to swim at. It was a deep pond that lead out to a calm stream, a waterfall casting down some rocks at one end from a stronger river.

Asami gasped at how pretty it was, trees cast long shadow over the water and small pale flowers bloomed all around; it was like looking at a fairy garden. “It’s so perfect.” Asami said softly taking Korra’s hand as she smiled at the mystical scene before her. Korra was watching her reaction with a smile that could only be described as heavenly.

Korra moved behind her and wrapped her arms around her and kissed her shoulder as she pushed her hands into the front pocket of the hoodie, where her fingers tangled with asami’s. “I thought you might like it. Now lets go in.” Korra said kissing her neck and then pulling away and pulling her jacket off. Asami stared at Korra for a minuet, taking her in. She was wearing a very sporty looking suit, more like a sports bra and shorts, but spirits did it make her look like the finest piece of meat.

Korra ran and jumped into the water, a large splash sending water spray high into the air. Asami laughed and pulled Korra’s hoodie over her head, Korra’s eyes instantly flashing to watch her girlfriend. Asami was wearing a small black string bikini, a small gear shape on the side of the left breast; and another one on the corner of her bikini above her right butt cheek.

Korra’s mouth hung open as she watched Asami slowly and sexily walk into the water, all the while watching Korra drool over her. “See something you like there Avatar?” Asami asked as she came into the deeper water that covered her middrift. Korra swam over and wrapped her arms around her waist, the water making it that much easier.

“Not something I like, but something I love. And I have to tell you, if I wasn’t already turned on by the idea of finally getting to have my way with you tonight, seeing you in this bathing suit would certainly have done it.” Korra said leaning in for a kiss. Asami laughed and kissed her back before pushing her away and swimming into deeper water.

“You know Korra, you’re parents are going to be gone for the week now; we should pace ourselves.” Asmai said with a wink.

Korra groaned and swam after her catching her easily.

“Fine I’ll pace myself, I’ll have my way with you hear and then wait till after dinner.” Korra said dragging Asami into the alcove hidden behind the water fall and pressing her against the moss cover rock. “Now I think I remember you saying something about needing to be loud so I better hear you.” Korra said in a husky voice that already had Asami getting wet.

Korra shoved her mouth against Asami’s, her hands finding her hips and lifting her up on to the rock above so that she was partially out of the water. Korra groaned as she felt the familer tingling rising in the pit of her stomach, the feeling she always got when she was kissing this girl. “I love your mouth.” Korra mumbled moving down to Asami’s perfectly shapd pale neck.

Korra kissed her way back to Asami’s mouth and pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and sucked it. Asami let out a loud groan and Korra smirked as she pulled away. Asami’s lips were already swollen, and her eyes were heavily lidded as she gave Korra a long longing stare. Her chest was moving up and down as her breathing became shorter. Korra smirked and leaned down pulling the side of Asami’s suit down pulling a hardening nipple into her mouth.

Asami let out a soft groan, not the one Korra wanted to hear but it was a start. Korra knew that Asam’s breast were not her selling point in sex, but spirits were they the selling points for Korra. Korra wanted to see if there was something she could do to change Asami’s turn on. She slowly let her tongue wander to the underside of Asami’s breast and was surprised at the sudden intake of air.

Korra smirked as she moved up to Asami’s nipple and began to suck it again, this time she used more force. She sucked the peak into her mouth and was rewarded as Asami’ pushed her breast further into Korra’s mouth. “Spirits never felt this good before!!” Asami said in a breathless whisper. Korra’s confidence soared and she started to suck even harder, adding in a few nips.

The first time Korra lightly bit down Asami threw her head back and let out a sound Korra couldn’t believe she was hearing. It was an exclamation that was both loud and soft, a long ooooooo sound that had Korra’s heart leaping in exceiment. Korra’s mind raced with this new revelation, Asami liked it rough!

Korra pulled herself away from the fresh tasting skin of her girlfriend and captured her lips again. Asami arms were around Korra’s neck in an instant, her fingers tangling in the soft brown locks; nails digging lightly into her scalp. When Korra pulled away again she was smirking at Asami. “So you like it a little rougher aye?” She said as her hands wandered down to grasp Asami’s hips harshly.

Asami groaned and nodded “Maybe just a little…..” Asami broke off as Korra hauled Asami against her by her butt, grasping her firmly and kneading her cheek through the fabric of her bathing suit. “Okay a lot!” Asami said as she clutched Korra close to her, her breathing hitching up another level. Korra smirked as sunk her teeth into Asami’s neck, not super hard but there would certainly be a hikkie there tomorrow. Asami clutched Korra closer as another groan slipped from her mouth. Korra carefully got them up out of the water and on the the rocks, laying Asami down and straddling her waist. “Spirits I’ve been waiting to do this for so long.” Korra mumbled as she leaned down and kissed Asami, their bodies lining up perfectly with one another.

Korra used her teeth and untied Asami’s batihng suit before carefully peeling it away and setting it to the side; she didn’t want to run the risk of losing their clothes. Asami was smiling and watching, not really helping Korra along but enjoying the ride, which Korra was more than happy about. Korra was about to dig into the feast that was her girlfriends body when Asami held a hand up.

“Look here if you’re going to have me outside, which I would like to point out I have strongly objected to, you’d better be as naked as me; That’s the very least you can do.” Asami said with a sensual smirk. Korra gave her a look that sent a shiver down Asami’s spine.

“Alright then, undress me. But that’s all you get to do.” Korra said mocking Asami’s words from a few nights ago. Asami swallowed visibly and nodded as she sat up, her hands running up Korra’s sides. Korra shivered and watched as Asami pulled the tight fabric over her head, and once Korra consented to standing up, got her bottoms off.

Once they were both naked as the day they were born Korra moved back to straddling Asami. “Okay I’m undressed, now lay back and shut up as I have my way with you.” Korra said giving Asami a passionate kiss before moving down her body. Asami groaned and smiled.

“Yes ma’am.” Asami groaned out as Korra came to her core and began to tease her. Korra took her time teasing Asami, licking and kissing the sensitive skin normally hidden by yards of fabric. Asami was groaning and moaning, and when Korra found a particually nice spot she would twist and gasp. Korra was enjoying herself, she was tasting and teasing all the spots she’d missed that first time.

Korra made sure Asami flew high in the heavens several times before she gave in to her own desire to fly with her. “I can’t hold it back anymore I really need you.” Korra whispered in Asami’s ear as she came back down from her third orgasm. Asami nodded and pulled Korra to her, wrapping her legs tightly around her waist.

“I certainly won’t be stopping you.” Asami whispered back and she moved her hips against Korra’s. Korra groaned and laughed as Asami flipped them and ground into her harder. The leaned back on their arms and pushed their cores together and moved with one another. Just like with their dancing moving together in this manner was like a magical experience.

Both of them let out loud groans as they came with one another before laying back against the rocks, feeling very satisfied and foggy minded. Korra pulled Asami to her and spooned against her back, her arms going around her slim frame. “And to think we get to have fun like this for the entire week! I can have you in all those places I said when we first got here.” She said as she kissed the back of her shoulder.

Asami smiled and turned around in Korra’s arms so they faced one another. “Mhm, Plus we can try other things too. I will say I’m not against blindfolds, or a little tying up.” Asami said trailing her hands up Korra’s sides making her groan.

“Woman you are going to be the death of me.” Korra said rolling them so she was over top of Asami. Asami’s arms went around her neck as she laughed and pulled Korra to her for a kiss.

“Nope no dying till I’ve finished with you.” Asami murmured against her lips. “And I will never be finished with you.” She whispered and they both laughed. They kissed lightly and teased one another, the sound of the water fall echoning around them….that is until Opal appeared out of nowhere.

“Hey Korra Asami!! Tenzin WOAH!!!! Guys this is not the place for sex!!!” She yelled and Korra and Asami scrambled into the water amidst angry yells about privacy.