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Bending Dancers

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She tasted so good…that was the only thing Asami could think about as Korra carried her upstairs. She wanted to taste more of her, she had tasted more of her but that had been so long ago now. She remembered the feeling of Korra beneath her, the taste of her on her lips, her smell surrounding her. This time would be even better, they were Korra’s house; her very essence permeated the air.

When Korra set her down it was like a rope snapping, she didn’t care if they’d only been together a month, it could have been a week for all she cared. At this moment all she wanted was her lips on Korra’s and their bodies all tangled up in knots. Asami smirked as she pushed Korra against her bedroom door and shoved her knee between her legs. “Tonight I get to ravage you, you can help me out later.” She said in her ear in a breathless voice as her hands wandered to the hem of her shirt.

Asami’s hands slid under the blue cotton shirt and touched the toned abs beneath, Korra shivering at the contact. Asami let her hand and mouth trail slowly, careful to keep Korra against the door; but then Korra let out a whimpered moan as Asami’ knee moved higher and Asami’s resolve cracked.

Asami pulled away and grabbed Korra and started to walk her backwards to the bed, all the while stripping off her clothes. She pulled the hem of her shirt and yanked Korra’s shirt loose from her body before attacking her neck again. Korra complied, completely happy to let Asami take control; she’d get her revenge later.

As Asami mouth worked on Korra’s neck her hands attack her jeans; which without looking at them was proving difficult. She gave an angry growl as she had to move away from the tender spot that had Korra moan to move down and get her pants off. Korra’s hands were tangled in Asami’s black hair, her back arched as Asami’s mouth moved over her supple skin. “Asami.” She sighed as Asami’s hands finally unclasped her pants and tugged them down.

Asami’s head came back up with a smirk, survey the fairly naked woman in front of her. “Well there now, lot less clothing!” Asami muttered pulling Korra to her for a kiss.

Korra laughed and wrapped her arms around asami’s neck, she was still a little taller. “Yes but you still have all your clothes on.” Korra said with an unhappy pout. Asami looked at her and rolled her eyes with a smirk.

“Fine then undress me. But That’s all you get to do.” Asami said in a very commanding voice. Korra looked at her surprised but smiled excitedly. “I guess I’ll settle for that then.”

Korra said and moved her hands down Asami’s torso to the hem of her shirt. She lifted the shirt up and Asami lifted her arms as Korra pulled it free of her body.

Asami could tell Korra wanted to do more, and wagged a figure no at her, to which Korra pouted and lowered her arms and forcefully yanked Asami’s pants down. Asami laughed and kicked the offending clothing away, her lacy red bra and matching underwear were all that were left on her body. Korra was slightly less matching. A sports bra and plaid boxers, she claimed the boxers gave her a nice breeze; but Asami thought it was really because it was almost as though she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Go lay down.” Asami said as she placed her hands on Korra’s hips. Korra walked backwards until her knees hit the bed, then she fell into it and smiled up at Asami. Asami crawled over top of her with a smile as she began to kiss her again. Asami moved over every plain of Korra’s body, slowly removing the last of her clothing as she reviewed all Korra’s most sensitive spots.

Asami was grinding her thigh into Korra, and Korra was moaning and arching; pushing her herself onto Asami harder and moving in whatever way she chose. Asami was busy fondly Korra’s tanned breast, her tongue lavishing the soft flesh. Asami would have to say her favorite part of Korra were her breast. Korra wasn’t super chesty, but what she did have was perfect.

Asami was enjoying the way the warm flesh moved under her mouth, completely engrossed in her desire to sample Korra she didn’t notice as Korra quickly approached her release. Korra was panting and the force with which she was grinded into Asami’s legs was getting harder and harder with each passing moment. Korra was about to let out a cry when Asami caught on and quickly covered Korra’s mouth with her own; gladly swallowing the scream and moaning at the sensation of Korra twitching beneath her.

Finally Korra settled down and Asami moved to lay next to her with a smirk, happily laying her head on Korra’s shoulder and wrapping her arms around her waist.

“If I don’t get to make love to you tonight you could at least take off the rest of your clothes.” Korra mumbled as she came back down to earth. Asami laughed and kissed her shoulder, quickly removing her own undergarments and snuggling back down next to Korra.

“Next weekend, when I can finally scream your name.” Asami said closing her eyes, sure she was turned on; but she was a screamer and that had almost gotten them caught last time. Korra nodded and pulled Asami on top of her, sighing at the warmth of Asami’s body on hers.

“Good night my little frozen toed lover, I love you.” Korra said kissing Asami’s cheek and shifting so that Asami’s toes were not against her skin.

“Good night to you my overheated engine, I love you more.” Asami responded with a laugh rubbing her sock covered foot up Korra’s calf making both of them giggle a little.

Korra had always thought morning were evil, but she would gladly wake before the sun if it offered her a chance to look over her sexy girlfriend without clothes. At some point in the night Asami had rolled onto her side and Korra had rolled to spoon against her back. Asami was breathing softly, and Korra couldn’t help but push her face into the other girls hair and take a deep breath. “I love you.” She said softly.

She laid there for a while before getting and putting clothes on and walking down stairs, her mom was already making breakfast. “Morning.” Korra said happily as she pour coffee into a cup. Senna looked up surprised.

“You’re awake before ten and you said good morning? Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?” Senna asked teasingly placing a kiss on Korra’s cheek. “Asami is a good influense on you. She’s a lot better too, nothing like the last one you brought home.” Senna said turning back to the stove. Korra rolled her eyes and took a sip of her coffee.
“Come on mom, Kuvira wasn’t that bad at first, she and I really did like one another in the beginning.” Korra said sitting down at a stool at the island in the kitchen. Senna turned back to her daughter and rolled her eyes with a frown.

“No you were fixed on her, she was not fixed on you. I mean she didn’t let you hold her hand or even hug her in public, and kissing?! Spirits I saw you kiss her once and she freaked because people saw. Kuvira was cold and seemed to only care about you when no one else was there. Asami is very different, I can’t look over at you two without seeing some kind of contact. And I know you two have your hands all over one another when you think no one is watching…..okay so I don’t know but the looks you give say that you do.” Senna said waving her spatula around as she spoke.

“And I’ve seen the way she looks at you, I mean I know you’re still in the honeymoon phase but she looks at you with this light in her eyes. And you are ten times worse, its like shes the sun in your life.” Senna said throwing a glance over her shoulder. Korra was smiling and listening, she was happy her mom liked Asami….really happy.

“So about last night…?” Senna said coming over with an odd expression. Korra paniced praying her parents hadn’t heard her and Asami, but the look her mother had clearly didn’t have anything to do with sex. “What’s her family like? She seemed thrown off last night after the dance, and Katara said something about being alone. You haven’t said much about her life other than being distant with her father and about her mother passing.” Senna said placing a plate of pancakes in front of Korra.

Korra sighed and ran a hand over the back of her neck. “That’s all I know really. Hiroshi and her are going to try and patch things up and her mom died in an accident. She doesn’t have any other family and growing up her dad was pretty busy so I guess she spent a lot of time alone. I know last night you all really touched her, you know welcoming her into the family like that. I think she really wants to be a pat of a family but just hadn’t been able to.” Korra said as she dug into her breakfast.

Senna nodded and smiled placing a second plate beside her. “I see, well then I’ll just have to make sure she gets the full treatment here. Speak of the angel herself good morning.” Senna said going over and kissing Asami’s cheek. Korra smiled as she watched Asami’s face light up and a pink tinge hit her cheeks.

“Morning.” She said and sat next to Korra. Korra leaned over and lightly pressed her lips to Asami’s cheek before whispering against the skin. “Good morning gorgeous.”

Asami smiled and leaned over and captured Korra’s mouth with her own. When she pulled away she pouted. “I woke up to a cold bed.” She said in mock sadness.

Korra laughed and gave asami another kiss. “I’ll make it up next weekend.” Korra said with a wink and Asami smiled happily as she dug into the food in front of her.

Senna watched the girls with a warm smile before walking over between them and lightly running her fingers through her hair. “Korra tells me you’re going to join the tribe and do the tribal dance during the summer solstice festival.” Senna said focusing on Asami’s hair and leaving Korra alone.

Asami swallowed and nodded. “Yes ma’am, if that’s alright. Korra’s been teaching me the steps.” Asami said quickly, Korra could here the nervousness in her voice.

Senna chuckled and kissed Asami’s cheek. “Of course!! You’re family, and family always participates. We’ll need to get you some formal dress wear for it, you mind coming with me to town today so we can get you fitted? Katar’s a really great seamtress too, she’ll be helping to get you ready.” Senna said going back to her pan to finish making breakfast.
Asami beamed. “I would love to!! Of course that’s if you can spare me?” Asami said with a playful smirk.

Korra faked being hurt. “Fine I guess you can abandon me here, leave me all alone in this…”

“Oh you’re coming to, you’ve grown so you’ll have to get a new fitting as well.” Senna said over her shoulder and Korra groaned for real.

Asami laughed and leaned over to whisper in Korra’s ear. “Don’t worry we can sneak off later to find something fun and naughty to do.” Asami said before placing a kiss just in front of Korras ear.

“Sounds great!!” Korra said a little to excitedly and Senna turned around confused.

“Asami whatever you’re doing to make my daughter so easy to handle keep it up.” She said with a laugh.

“I think I can do that.” Asami said with a wink at Korra and Korra leaned over and snuck a long passionate kiss.