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Bending Dancers

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Three weeks later Asami woke up to an empty bed, which was weird because 1 Korra never got up before her and 2 Korra had been in this bed when she fell asleep. Asami stretched and slowly sat up and looked around the room, her’s and Korra’s bags stood near the door; ready for the trip to Alaska. “Korra?” Asami called softly hoping the other girl was nearby. Asami frowned when she didn’t receive a reply.

Asami got up and pulled the cloths laid out on Korra’s bed on, then she pulled her bed sheets off and stuffed them into a bag. She was coming back from brushing her teeth and putting make up on when Korra reappeared. “Good you’re awake. Close your eyes and come with me.” Korra said coming over to her and smiling. Asami crossed her arms and pouted.

“No you didn’t even leave a note to sa….”She was cut off by ad kiss, she gave in with a sigh and smiled.

“Good morning babe.” Korra said softly. “Now close your eyes and take my hand.” Korra said laying another soft kiss to Asami’s red painted lips. Asami did as she was told taking Korra’s entire arm and pulling it near her as she laid her forehead on her shoulder and followed her out of the room.

They walked down the stairs and out into the bright daylight, Asami pushing her face further into Korra’s shoulder. They stopped and Korra disentangled herself from Asami. “Stand right there and don’t move.” She said and kissed the taller girls forehead lightly. Asami listened as Korra’s footsteps ran off, then another set approached; she knew them too but she couldn’t place them.

“Asami?” Said a deep voice she knew all to well and she opened her eyes and turned to see her father looking at her with a sad smile. “I realize I’ve cause you a lot of pain, and I don’t expect you to forgive me any time soon; but I wanted to say goodbye before you head off to Alaska. Korra thought it would be good if we got closer.” Hiroshi said and looked off to where Korra had disappeared.

“Korra is a very wonderful person, I think I judged her too quickly. She seems very intent at making you happy. Asami I love you, after I lost your mother I think I lost sight of a few things. Your showcase dance….it was beautiful, and I think I have Korra to thank for that. She seems to have brought out a side of you I never knew. Perhaps after the summer you and I could get to know one another better, I could get to know you a better?” Hiroshi said nervously and looked at his daughter.

Asami smiled and wrapped her arms around her father in a hug. “Of course daddy, I’ll call you while I’m up there okay?” She half asked half told. Hiroshi hugged her back and smiled as a tear slipped down his cheek.

“Sounds perfect. Now go, have a good summer and take care my littler firebug.” He said giving her a kiss and then walking away. Asami watched him and a watery smile, she didn’t even notice as Korra came back up beside her.

“I knew you’d been thinking about him, I called him this morning ant told him you needed to see him before you left.” Korra said rubbing the back of her neck nervously. Asami gave her a watery smile before pulling her into a hug.

“Thank you, you….you are the best girlfriend anyone could have.” Asami said softly in her ear and then pulled away, taking Korra’s hand in hers. “Come on, let’s finish packing and get to the airport.” Asami said excitedly.

Korra smiled and nodded as they jogged up to their dorm room. They quickly finished throwing things into their bags and then paused to look around, this room held a lot of memories. “I’m going to miss this place.” Korra said with a smile.

Asami wrapped her arm around her girlfriend from behind and laid her head on her shoulder, Korra reaching up and holding her arms. “Me too.” Asami said in a whisper and then kissed Korra’s cheek before pulling away and grabbing her bag. “Come on, I can’t wait to see your home!” Asami said opening the door.

Korra grabbed her bag and nodded, going out of the door Asami following after her; they barely noticed the soft click of the door as it swung close on a chapter in their lives.

The first plane ride was nice, they sat and played cards and Asami read out loud from some novel about a boy with some serious psychological issues. They cuddle and kissed softly as the clouds rolled lazily underneath them, the plane was pretty empty for this time of year. They had a layover in Canada and because of the time difference it was early afternoon when they landed.

While they waited for their connecting flight they grabbed a late lunch of breakfast, seriously losing a couple hours was pretty good when it came to food. Then they sat at their gate and waited, Asami sitting in Korra’s lap.

The second flight proved to be a lot less nice, the person in the row with them was one of those overly objective Christian people that kept trying to tell Asami and Korra what sinners they were. Best part was when the girl in front of them, apparently apart of the same travling group as the woman turned around and stated that she had no right to judge them. She went on about how god loves all his children and she was giving Christians a bad name, needless to say Asami and Korra had to hide their laughter.

Finally they arrived at the airport near anchorage in the midafternoon, they were severely jetlagged by this point they’d crossed three time zones and lost several hours, and they were more than ready to get to bed; but the journey was not even close to being done. They hopped on another small charter plane which flew them out to Nome Alaska.

After three planes and a bus the girls trip was almost over. As they got of the plain Korra looked at Asami and smiled at her sleepy lover. “You’re about to meet my parents.” She said with a smile. Asami swallowed nervously and Korra kissed her cheek. “Take my hand and just breath.” She said softly.

Asami took Korra’s hand with a smile and they slowly walked out to where Korra’s parents would meet them. Korra wasn’t nervous at all, she knew her family was going to love Asami as much as she did; but she knew Asami was feeling nervous about meeting them. She hadn’t had a proper family in a long time, and her father had just recently come back to her; she was a little wary.

“Korra do I look okay? I mean my hairs not a mess or anything right?” Asami asked in a whisper as they stood waiting for Korra’s parents. Korra laughed and tucked a piece of Asami’’s hair behind her ear.

“Babe you look hot enough to melt the poles, just breath and trust me; everyone will love you. Not as much as me, but I mean you can expect that from everyone.” Korra said cheekily. Asami smiled and placed her hands on either of Korra’s cheeks.

“I swear if I weren’t already in love with you I’d have to fall for you all over.” She said pulling Korra in for a kiss. It was nice, they hadn’t been able to do anything on the plane; and sitting next to the girl that drove you wild and not being able to touch her had done its toll on Korra. Korra groaned and pulled Asami closer, flushing their bodies together.
Korra could feel Asami’s smirk as she lowered her arms to around Korra’s waist, all the while Korra’s arms reached up around Asami’s neck. Korra was about to pull away and kiss along Asami’s smooth ivory neck, down to the spot she liked to mark, when her parents chose that moment to appear.

“Torlag I found them!!” Called Korra’s mother Senna. She stopped as she got close and noticed the girls were blushing brightly, Korra wiping red lipstick from the side of her mouth. “Oh don’t stop on our account you two, its summer and love is in the air.” Senna said coming over and hugging her daughter. “Korra you’ve grown!!” She said smiling as she squeezed her arm.

Korra shrugged and smiled as her dad appeared. She ran over and gave him a bone crushing hug before realizing her family was looking at her expectantly. “Oh sorry, I figured you’d already claimed her as your new daughter.” Korra said coming back over and taking Asami’s hand. “Mom, Dad, this is Asami Sato, my oh so impressive, amazingly graceful, elegant, well mannered….”

“Girlfriend.” Asami said giving Korra a cheeky smile before leaning over and kissing her cheek. “You’re flattering me to much there Avatar.” Asami said with a wink before moving forward with confidence to shake hands with Korra’s parents. They ignored her hand and pulled her in for a hug instead, and Korra could see the happy surprise gleaming in Asami’s eyes.

“It is so nice to meet you!!! Korra has talked nonstop about you, I feel like you’re already part of the family. By the way when will that be? I mean summer time is a great time for wedding…” Korra cut Senna off with a gasp.

“MOM!!! No one is getting married this summer, hate to tell you but Asami and I want to date a bit more before making those big dissions.” Korra said taking Asami’s hand as they walked out to the car. Senna walking on Asami’s other side. Asami just smiled and blushed, pleased with how this meeting was going.

“Come on Korra! I can tell she’s a keeper, why waste time? Just marry her now and live happily ever after.” Senna said with a pout. Korra wasn’t sure how to respond to that, luckily Asami seemed to have found her voice.

“Mrs. Avatar with all do respect I don’t think Korra and I are ready for that kind of commitment. I’m we still have school to get through.” Asami said flashing Korra a smile. Korra sighed and leaned over Asami’s shoulder and kissed her cheek.

“Oh please call me Senna, or mom for that matter. Trust me I have a gift for these things, I know when a couple is meant for one another. And you and my daughter, well you’ve got that something.” Senna said with a wink. Korra blushed and was about to respond when, once again, Asami beat her to it.

“I think so too…mom.” Asami said and gave Korra’s hand a squeeze. Korra was stunned, she hadn’t expected Asami to say that. She was so happy she could have flown right then. She wanted to pull Asami to her and kiss every inch of her and make her scream her name, but that would have to wait till there weren’t people around…..hopefully that would be in the near future.

Torlag threw Korra and Asami’s bags into the bed of his truck and opened the door for the girls. They climbed in, Korra sliding into the middle and taking Asami’s hand and placing it in her lap. They talked for a few minutes, but soon enough Asami was falling asleep against the car window. Korra pulled her to her and Asami sighed and she leaned against Korra and drifted into a deeper sleep.

Senna turned around and smiled at her daughter. “She’s as lovely as you described her, more so I think.” She said softly and reached over and pushed Asami’s hair out of her face. “She seems a little troubled though, everything alright?” Senna asked softly and Korra sighed, her mom was good at picking up on things.

“I asked her dad to come and see her before we left, I think she’s just processing everything. Between seeing him and meeting you I think she’s just a little overwhelmed.” Korra said softly and kissed the top of Asami’s head. Asami sighed and shifted closer and Korra couldn’t help but smile.

“Well we have everything ready for you two at the house, we knew you’d be tired so we’ll all turn in early; but everyone’s coming over tomorrow to celebrate. They all want to meet the girl that’s got you all mushy.” Senna said reaching and tweeking her daughters nose. Korra groaned but smiled.

Korra and her mother talked for a little longer before they finally came to the house. They lived near the water, in a small village that looked out over Kings Island. King’s Island was the tribal grounds they once stayed on, but now it was more of a hunting ground; plus they held a lot of the festivals and tribal rites out there.

“Just you wait Asami Sato, you’ll be a part of this tribe soon; and one day you’ll be part of a tribe with just the two of us.” Korra whispered softly and kissed her girlfriends forehead before softly shaking her awake. “Wake up babe, welcome home.” She said as Asami yawned and slowly opened her eyes, smiling at Korra.

“Our home?” Asami asked softly and Korra nodded.

“Yeah this will be our home.” Korra said just as softly and kissed her cheek.