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Bending Dancers

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A week was long enough right? Dating for a week was totally enough time before having sex again….at least that’s what her mind was telling her. The more logical side of the ivory skinned girl was saying that no, no a week was not enough time; but when hormones come knocking people rarely listen to logic. Asami and Korra stepped out into the cool night air and for a second clarity came over them. They looked at one another and blushed as they smiled.

“Korra maybe we should go for a walk, you know talk?” Asami said a little shyly. Not five seconds ago she’d been ready to jump Korra right there in the middle of the dance floor. She had literally thought about running her hands all over her naked body. After the dance they’d just shared, the closeness they were feeling from it, she didn’t want it to end with the song.

She didn’t want the next time they slept together to be like the first, she wanted there to be sweet nothings whispered; and I loves you’s to flow like water in a spring. She wanted to slowly feel Korra climb higher and higher because of the attention she was giving her. Last time had been in the heat of the moment. They had felt something and let it carry them away, next time she wanted them to get carried away with a deeper feeling.

Korra nodded and took Asami’s hand as they started to walk around the campus. It wasn’t a very big campus, most of the students didn’t live there; there were only a few students that lived onsite. Even Bolin and Mako lived off campus. There was a cool breeze blowing and the moon was bright and full in the sky over head. It was the perfect night for a moonlit stroll.

“Korra?” Asami asked nervously trying to broach the topic that was foremost on her mind without royally screwing herself later.

“Mhm?” Korra said giving Asami an encouraging smile.

“You know I like you as more than just someone I want to sleep with right?” She asked as a blush heated her face and neck.

Korra blushed as well but smiled and nodded. “Yeah I do. You know that goes double for me? I mean we were great….in that way…..but I like being with you. You’re not just some piece of ass to me, you’re so much more than that.” Korra said softly as she looked away shyly.

Asami beamed and stopped and placed both her hands on Korra’s cheeks. “I feel the same way! I was a little worried that maybe…after what happened last Sunday….maybe you’d think I was easy or something; or worse that I was just trying to get in your pants.” Asami said feeling like an idiot for saying that but hey she had to get the air clean between them.

Korra smiled and leaned forward and lightly kissed Asami. “I would never think that about you. I was worried you’d think that about me.” Korra said placing her hands over top of Asami’s. Asami smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek, again she wanted to say those three little words that were flowing through her heart; but she still felt like this was too soon.

“I’d still really like to go back to our dorm though, but we can just talk and sleep; until we’re really sure we’re ready.” Asami said softly and Korra nodded with a smile.

“Good idea, let’s not throw anymore monkey wrenches in. At least not till we head off to Alaska, its really cold up there so you never know.” Korra said playfully and Asami laughed and wrapped her arms around her neck in a hug. She bit her tongue as the words threatened to spill out.

Her heart was over flowing with feelings for this girl. This wasn’t like any relationship she’d ever had before, she felt so much so fast. Maybe it was because she’d known her for so long; or maybe it was because she’d liked her for so long even though she’d tried to fight it.

“Hey why don’t we go get some icecream before heading to bed? You know one last treat before start getting ready to leave this place. We’ll get our finale grades on Monday and then…..well technically everyone else is still in school but we’re out. I feel bad for the poor suckers that start next year. They’ll lose three weeks of summer break to start here in the fall.” Korra said steering them off campus to the convenience store nearby.

Asami nodded as she slipped her hand into Korra’s. “I don’t know I mean we goof off a lot at this school. I mean there is a lot of structure, but at the same time everyone just kind of walks around in their own artistic world.” Asami said with a sigh.

Korra nodded as they looked over the icecream choices. “That’s true, plus those first three weeks are more about the art programs than for school, which makes it more like a three week summer camp and then school.” Korra said grabbing a pint of mint-chocolate chip and a chocolate chip cookie dough. Asami smiled kissing Korra’s cheek.
“You really do know my tastes don’t you?” Asami said as they made their way to the counter. A little old woman was waiting there with a smile.

“Well you know me ‘I’m the perfect partner’ remember.” She said with a wink. The old woman scanned their purchases as she watched them with squinted eyes. “$7.96 is your total” she said in a hoarse voice. Korra pulled out her wallet and Asami tried to grab her own money but was stopped by the shorter girl.

“Hey I got this, I got to treat my girl right.” She said with a wink. The older woman glared and took the money, but both girls were oblivious to this. Asami leaned over and placed and soft kiss to Korra’s cheek as she wrapped an arm around her waist, whispering something in her ear.

“Excuse me but could you both leave now.” The older woman said in an angry tone making both girls turn to her in surprise.

Korra’s head snapped up at the sound of the womans unhappy voice. She’d been watch then ever since they came in, and her expression was one of disgust. Korra was hoping Asami wouldn’t notice, she’d dealt with these kind of people before when she’d dated Kuvira; but Asami was new to this world. Everything was good at school, the people that weren’t cool with it just avoided them and kept quiet.

“Sorry we’ll be sure to take our business elsewhere next time.” Korra said stiffly taking the bag in her hand and taking Asmai’s hand in the other. She turned to leave but Asami was watching the woman with a calculating gaze.

“Are you uncomfortable with us being here?” She said evenly, Korra knew that tone though; that was Asami’s business tone. If this woman wasn’t careful she was going to be bulldozed over.

“As a matter a fact I am. I don’t like serving your kind.” The older woman said with a glare. “You two go against everything right in the world. A woman should never be with another woman, it’s just not right. You don’t see female animals with other female animals. You’re kind disgust me to no end, and to think I use to believe you two were such wonderful young women. You make me sick.” She said and spit on the floor.

Korra was about to yell and get mad, but Asami placed a hand on her shoulder as she smiled at the older woman, not a good smile. One of those smiles that the bad guy gets when he knows something you don’t.

“I bet you’ve never been driven insane by someone before have you? You’ve never had someone know you so well they can guess what you want and need before you even know. Have you ever had someone touch you in such a way that even the most normal physical contact turns into something that has your blood burning.” Asami said slowly and with a look that had Korra going weak at the knees.

The woman sputtered a few times but Asami wasn’t finished yet. “I’ve been with a man before, and he never worshipped me like she does. I’ve had a man touch me, make love to me; and none of them ever tried so hard to make me happy. So you go ahead and be disgusted, go ahead and judge us. But this girl…no this woman right here has made me feel more than any man. You’re just a simple minded fool with rose colored glasses. We’ll be sure to go to some other store in the future, have a nice night.” She finished and then took Korra’s hand and pulled her after her.

Korra was stunned, she hadn’t expected Asami to stand up like that. Not that she thought Asami was a push over or anything, but she’d never dealt with the haters in the world; and damn she’d just put that one in her place. “Holy crap Asami that was….” She stopped as she noticed angry tears going down her girlfriends cheeks.

Korra made Asami stop and pulled her into her arms. Asami wrapped her arms around Korra’s waist and hid her face against her neck, sniffing lightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get so upset.” She said softly as Korra stroked her back.

Korra couldn’t stop the laugh that came out. “Asami that was amazing. You handled that so well!! I’m so proud of you. And don’t ever apologize for something like this. I’m sorry but she’d just the first one, there’ll be more like her out there. I understand if you want to get out before…” She was stopped as Asami pulled away from her suddenly.

“Are you kidding me?!? Were you listening to anything I was saying?!?” Asami said losing the tears and looking even madder than before. Korra flinched, she hadn’t meant it like that.

“Asami you know I didn’t mean it like that. You know how I feel about you, but I don’t want to see you hurt. I heard everything you said, and I feel all that and more; but I don’t want you to regret this.” Korra said carefully laying it all out. Asami gave her a final glare before sighing.

“I don’t regret this, I won’t regret this. The only thing I’ll regret is letting you go.” She said softly and Korra smiled and pulled her back into her arms and gave her a tender sweet kiss. It wasn’t like all the kisses they’d shared before, Korra could tell. There was something deeper in this kiss, something promising, almost magical.

Asami kissed her back, slowly raising her hand and touching Korra’s cheek with such softness it made Korra moan. Korra sighed as they pulled apart and smiled at one another “I love you.” She heard herself say like from afar.

Her mind instantly started beating her up, this was too soon they’d only been dating a week. Asami had just had her first encounter with the world and here Korra was saying she loved her, no she really was going to…”I love you too.” Asami whispered with a soft smile making Korra’s mind halt.

Korra smiled and took Asami’s hand. “Come on we’ve got some ice-cream to eat.” Korra said tugging the taller girl after her. Asami smiled and nodded “Yes we do, and I hate melted ice-cream.” Asami said seriously. Korra laughed and looked at the girl walking beside her, she’d said she loved her too…..Life was good.