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Bending Dancers

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The next morning the girls got up and met the boys for coffee, Korra holding out her hand as Mako handed her a 20. Asami and Bolin could not keep from laughing at his face, but he was a good sport and waved them off as they headed into the city for a little girl time.

“So where to first?” Korra asked throwing an arm over Asami’s shoulder. “Well I guess to the mall, the one stop shop for everything. Plus I know the places to get good deals, since I apparently need to get some longer sleeved shirts.” Asami said pulling Korra’s arm through hers.

It felt nice having Korra next to her, almost perfect; if only her heart would stop pounding in her chest. “Yes you do! Alaska is warmer in the summer, but you my friend are like an ice cube all the time. I will of course lend you my heat but even I can’t keep you hot.” Korra said with a wink.

Asami knew she was playing but it sent her heart fluttering to hear her friend say something like that to her. She almost broke her resolve not to tell her, but then she

remembered how rare it was to have a good friend….and she needed Korra more than Korra knew. She would not risk their friendship, just being like this with Korra would have to be enough.

“Korra?” Asami said softly. Korra looked at her with a smile. “Thank you. You know for letting me come home with you this summer, I don’t think anyone could have a better friend.” She said with a soft smile. Korra blushed and pushed her chest out playfully.

“Well you know me, best of the best. Seriously though, don’t thank me yet. My parents will put us to work. But you can meet Kya’s mom, and Naga!! And I’ll take you camping, and we’ll watch the northern lights!! Oh and the festival!!! Every year our tribe, yes I have a tribe, holds this old time like festival for the spirits. I’ll teach you the dances and we can do them during the festival!!” Korra said excitedly.

Asami listen intently, already getting excited. “I can’t wait!!!! Do we have to wear something special to the festival?” She asked happily

Korra looked at Asami carefully, looking her up and down. “Yep, but no need to worry about that. You focus on getting some warmer sweaters, I’ll worry about your tribal stuff.” Korra said with a wink.

Asami laughed and then looked at her curiously. “Don’t I have to be a part of the tribe to do this tuff?” She asked as they came to the malls entrance.

Korra smiled and pulled her onto the escalator to head to the second floor. “Yep, but don’t worry about that either. You’re family now, Mako and Bolin were mad when I said they’d have to wait a year to join. This year you get to, next year we’ll deal with them.” Korra said with a wink. Asami laughed and after that they set off to the different stores to get Asami what she would need.

Once their arms were loaded with bags, Korra’s parents upon hearing what Asami was going through, had informed Korra to use their credit card to get her everything she would need. Asami had be careful to find things that were on sale, but there several things Korra had insisted on her getting. They could not agree on where to eat, and then they remembered the big showcase and chose to get something light instead.

They stopped at the coffee shop Asami had been at yesterday, they split a sandwich and had some tea. Korra laughed as Asami sipped at the tea and sighed. “What I like to make sure its perfect first.” She said with a pout. Korra laughed again and this time Asami joined her.

They left the coffee shop and rushed back to the school to get ready. After dropping the stuff off at their dorm they made their way to the auditorium to get ready. Asami pulled on her costume, which was interchangeable, Once the second half of the dance started she would rip a seam and it would change into a more colorful costume; the original color’s were red and black. Korra was dressed similarly but her costume was shades of blue and white.

Asami stood at stage left watching people file in, her father sitting down in the reserved section. She swallowed nervously and stepped back. Korra noticed and peeked out and then put a hand on Asami’s shoulder. “It will be fine, we’re going to do amazing.” Asami nodded.

“Yeah but….I have another spot later in the show… partner called in sick a few minutes ago. His replacement’s never practiced with me, I mean it’s a huge thing…”
“I’ll do it with you.” Korra said with a smile. Asami stopped and looked at her friend. Korra had practice with her several times, her partner wasn’t as dedicated as she was; and Korra understood her desire for perfection.

“Really?!?” Asami asked incredulous. Korra smiled and nodded with a shrug.

“Why not, I mean I know the steps and I know how to dance with you. I mean it won’t look as nice since I’m an inch or two shorter…” Asami cut her off with a hug.
“Thank you thank you!!!” She said and then ran off to find Kya. “Kya Korra says she’ll do it with me instead!!!”

Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami came off stage huffing and puffing; but smiling like mad men. The showcase intermission was going on and they were all congratulating one another when Mr. Sato appeared. He pulled Asami aside and Korra watched closely as they spoke. He said something and Asami smiled and they hugged before Asami came back over.

Korra raised an eyebrow to her and Asami gave her a smile before giving her a hug. “He said he thought we were great, he sorry for what he did.” She said as she pulled away. Korra looked at her with a smile but then Korra frowned.

“Does that mean you won’t be coming with me for the summer?” She asked softly, already feeling the weight of being apart settling on her shoulders.

Asami laughed and gave her shoulder a light push. “Not on your life. He may have said sorry, and I love him, but he hurt me and I’m not going back to that life. I like my life now.” Asami said with a smile. Korra was glad that back stage was a little darker otherwise Asami might have seen how badly she was blushing.

“I’m really glad.” Korra said and gave her friend another hug. A few more performers went on before Asami’s number was up. She stood next to the curtain in a solid white costume breathing deeply. Korra came up behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder; she’d changed as well, a green and brown costume with golden accents. “You’re going to do great.” She said softly giving her a one armed hug. Asami turned and gave Korra a smile that literally melted her heart.

“I know it will be perfect because you’ll be there beside me.” She said softly and Korra almost leaned in to kiss her. But right then the curtain closed and they had to get on stage quickly. The dance was fairly simple, but it required being able to express a lot in only a few movements.

They started center stage Asami in front her left hand stretched forward, her left leg up high in the air behind her. Korra’s right arm was around her waist, her left was clasping Asami’s her left leg aligned with hers. “Let’s wow them.” Korra whispered in Asami’s ear, Asami squeezed her hand slightly. The curtain lifted and the music started and the world slipped away.

The first few steps had Korra and Asami moving perfectly as one, if one took a step forward so did the other; If one breathed in so did the other, they were perfectly in tune with one another. Once the song was fully in swing Korra released Asami’s hand and placed both on her waist, lifting her up into the air with ease.

When Korra set her down Asami moved to the right but Korra held her right hand tightly and spun her out before bringing her back in, Asami’s arms crossed over her chest and Korra took her hands again and they swayed for a moment, their face’s so close Korra could almost kiss her. Then Asami moved and Korra flipped her onto her back and spun her around before releasing her to dance in a circle around Korra.

When Korra stood back up she took Asami’s hand and lifted her arm up and Asami spun under it across the stage. As the ending of the song came Korra lifted Asami again, Asami arched her back out, her hands on Korra’s shoulder as Korra spun them around before slowly lowering her down; letting their bodies rub together.

Korra felt like her skin was on fire, she wanted to hold Asami; pull her in for a kiss, but she couldn’t. Once the curtain came down Korra put Asami on her feet and leaned forward and lightly kissed her cheek. Asami looked at her surprised but smiled. “You were beautiful.” She said softly with a smile.

Asami smiled and leaned forward and kissed Korra’s cheek back, a light blush appearing on her cheeks. “So were you. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else on the stage with me. Let’s always partner together from now on.” Asami said giving Korra a dazzling smile. Korra nodded and returned the smile with one of her own.

She knew there was no way she could move on from Asami, after several months of living with this girl, spending time with her; being best friends with her…..she knew for certain she was in love with her. And by the way Asami was smiling at her, maybe just maybe she’d have a chance to win her over. After all in a month she’d have her all to herself for the summer, plenty of time to win her over… least she hoped so.