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Bending Dancers

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She was stretching out her arms when someone came in, she turned expecting Korra and was surprised to see an older girl standing in the doorway watching her.

“Hi I’m Kuvira, I was wondering if you knew a Korra Avatar; but I think I’d rather stay here and get to know you.” She said coming in an letting the door close behind her.

Asami blushed, something she was getting use to do now. Although she still didn’t understand why she was blushing all the time“I’m flattered, but I do know Korra. She’s my
roommate, how do you know her?” She asked with a smile as she faced the new girl.

“She and I…” Kuvira was cut off and Korra came in looking a little green in the gills.

“Were nothing to each other and won’t be ever again. Now if you’ll excuse us, Asami and I have some steps to memorize.” Korra said putting her arm over Asami’s shoulders. Asami looked between the two girls awkwardly.

“Come on Korra I know things didn’t end well between us, but I thought maybe we could try to be friends. We are going to the same school after all.” Kuira said addressing Korra but giving Asami a wink. Korra looked like she was getting really mad, so Asami decided to step in.

“Now really isn’t the best time though. We’ve got a big showcase coming up next weekend, maybe we can get a cup of coffee later this week.” Asami said quickly putting a restraining hand on Korra’s shoulder.

Kuvira smiled and gave Asami another wink and nodded. “Alright, see you later Korra; you too Red.” She said with another wink as she walked out the door. Asami sighed and blushed, that girl was smooth.

She turned to Korra and crossed her arms. “You going to explain what just happened or do I need to kick your ass first?” Asami asked not bothering to hide the fact she was little perturbed. Korra sighed and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Well see it was last year she and I……We that is… was……..we were…….a couple.” Korra finshed looking like someone had punched her in the gut.

Asami looked at Korra, careful to keep her expression neutral. “I’m guessing it didn’t end well?” She said carefully and Korra looked up at her shrugged.

“Yeah we weren’t right for one another that’s all.” Korra said with a smile. ‘Look I don’t really go around telling people that I….well that I’ve dated girls so if we could keep that between you and me, you know friends, that would be great.” Korra said sheepishly and Asami couldn’t help but laugh.

“First off who am I going to tell, my pillow? And second I can understand why you would, I mean I’ve thought woman were attractive before. That’s not to say I acted on it, but I still thought they were…you know…” Asami finished lamely feeling that same odd sensation in her stomach she was starting to associate with Korra.

Korra beamed and pulled her into a hug, make her feel like she was being crushed; although it was a nice kind of crushed. “You’re the best ‘Sami you really are!” She said pulling away and then moving about to warm up.

Asami was glad she started her warm ups, otherwise she would have seen how Asami’s cheeks began to burn with the compliment. She could not for the life of her figure out what was going on with her and Korra, or why Korra giving her a hug send a thrill down her spine. She shook her head, it was just because she was such a good friend that was all. After all she’d never had such an amazing friend before, these feelings were normal…..she hoped.

Kuvira was back, and she was hitting on Asami. Korra felt her blood boil at the mere thought of Kuvira laying a hand on Asami. She couldn’t tell the other girl the truth though, no it was to much even for Korra; she didn’t want to relive that drama again. She would tell Asami, if Kuvira kept coming around’ but not till then.

Korra watched Asami in the mirrors reflection, careful to make sure the other girl didn’t catch her. Truth was she watched the paler girl a lot. Watched the way her cloths shifted when she moved, the way her tone body gracefully moved across the floor with an ease that astounded her. But that was all she was going to do, just watch from afar; she swore she would never get involved with a female friend again.

The guys came in a little later and Korra smiled at Mako who looked at her and gave a nervous smile. Bolin was talking with Asami in a heated whisper, which seemed to making Asami mad. “No!” Asami yelled and ran out the room. Korra turned to Bolin who sighed and shrugged.

“She’ll back in a few, enough time for you two to work out whatever you two are.” Bolin said and then stepped out of the room, presumably to go find Asami. Korra turned to Mako nervously.

“Hey.” She said softly and he smiled and leaned forward and lightly kissed her lips. It felt just like night, and internally Korra frowned. Mako was a good kisser, his lips were soft and warm. But something was missing, there was no electric shock down her spine, no fireworks bursting behind her eyes. It was nothing more than a good kiss.

“I thought maybe we could go out to eat after practice? Bo is meeting and girl and I don’t like eating alone, plus it would be nice.” Mako said taking her hand lightly in his. She smiled and nodded, what did it matter if there were no fireworks? Mako was a good guy and Korra liked him. Maybe fireworks would come later, you know with time.

“Yeah sounds great.” Korra said softly and lightly kissed his lips again, a hallow feeling settling in her chest. Having a boyfriend would surely make her loneliness go away, he could be there for her when she needed him. But for some reason those thoughts didn’t make her happy, they didn’t make her sad either; they just made her feel empty.

She shook her head, she was thinking about this way too much. By the time Mako was warmed up Asami and Bo had reappeared, Asami looking like the world had fallen apart. Korra was about to ask when Bolin shook his head not too. They danced for hours and Korra watched as Asami threw herself into the movements, the Asami she knew disappeared and instead there was a swan.

Korra had forgotten about going to dinner with Mako, she was about to chase after Asami when Mako called her back. Asami hadn’t spoke the entire night and Korra was worried, luckily Bolin seemed to know what to do and left and Korra caught sight of him putting an arm over her shoulder as she cried outside. “Ready to grab a bite?” Mako asked with a happy smile.

Korra looked at him, inside she was shocked. Their friend was obviously in need and all he could think about was going to dinner. She was about to give him a piece of her mind when she remembered that Bolin was with Asami, she would talk with her later. “Yeah lets go.” She said with a smile looping her arm through Mako’s as they left the building.
Korra was surprised when she came back to the room and Asami wasn’t there. She showered and tried to wait for her friend, but the minuets turned to hours and when the sun came up Korra could be found sleeping in her bed; while Asami was still nowhere to be seen. Korra and Mako spent Sunday looking for Bolin and Asami, no one seemed to know where they had gone; and Korra was getting worried.

Finally as the sun began to set Asami appeared, with Bolin in tow. Bolin had an arm over her shoulder and her eyes were puffy from crying. “Thanks again Bo, I don’t think I could have gotten through all that without your help.” She said giving the big teddy bear a hug.

“Hey what are friends for? Beside I’ve known you like my whole life, who else could help you sort that much stuff that fast.” He said with a laugh and Asami joined him, although it was a weak laugh at best. Asami closed the door and turned and was surprised to see Korra.

“Hey.” She said with another weak smile walking over to her bead and pulling out pajama’s. Asami was still wearing the cloths she’d had on during her their practice session. Korra watched her for a second before speaking.

“Are you going to tell what happened? I mean you and Bolin have been missing since Saturday night!” Korra said not bothering to hide the fact that she was hurt and irritated. Asami sighed and turned to look at her and Korra could see how exhausted the other girl was.

“Family trouble, I had to go home and do some things. Bolin came to help me, I tried your phone but you didn’t pick up. And Bolin called and told Mako last night.” Asami said carefully. Korra looked at her shook her head.

“No way if Bolin had told Mako then he would have told me. And we could have come to help you!” Korra said getting a little angrier. “I mean I’m your friend too! At least I thought I was. But I guess I’m only use….” She was cut off and Asami turned back around glaring at her.

“You want to know what Bolin was helping me do?! He was helping me pack my things from my fathers house. That’s right my father kicked me out because I won’t pull out of the showcase. Bolin was helping make sure that my father didn’t take everything from me. Sorry I didn’t call you, or think about how it must feel to be left behind. I was more concerned with where I’m going to go this summer, and how the hell I’m going to eat and…” Asami broke down and started crying.

Korra moved to comfort her but Asami moved away from her. “I’m mad at you right now. I can’t believe you would say something like that.” Asami said looking at Korra with hurt in her eyes. Korra looked shame faced and sad.

“I’m sorry.” She said softly and Asami looked at her once before throwing her arms around her in a hug.

“I’m too sad to be mad at you.” She said as tears started falling again.

And like that night so many weeks ago Korra and Asami fell asleep in Asami’s bed, although this time she was in Korra’s arms. Korra for her part was just trying to make up for being a bitch in the beginning, she wasn’t thinking about the fact that Asami was soft and warm, or the way her body fit hers. No she was comforting a friend, and that came before any growing attraction she might have for the other girl.