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Bending Dancers

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Asami was towel drying her hair as she came into the dorm and found Korra sitting on the edge of her bed, her face downcast. “That does not look like the face of someone who just mastered one of the most complicated dances we’ve been handed.” Asami said pulling the towel around her neck and standing in front of Korra.

Korra looked up at her and winced and little. “I kind of need to…..something might have……..but I don’t…….” Korra threw herself back onto her bed with a grunt, her arm going over her eyes. Asami laughed and got onto Korra’s bed and sat cross legged next to her smiling.

“Come on tell me whatever it is.” Asami said pushing Korra’s shoulder with the tip of her foot. Korra groaned and looked at Asami shame faced.

“I kissed Mako.” She said finally and hid her face. Asami looked at Korra curiously.

“That all?” She asked and Korra shot up looking at her incrediluously.

“Is that all?!?!? Do I need do anything more? I mean I totally betrayed to girl code……” Korra broke off as Asami began to laugh. “What the hell ‘Sami?” She asked a little grumpily. Asami laughed and threw her arms around Korra’s neck knocking them both to the bed.

When she finally got ahold of herself she sat up and smiled at her friend. “Korra I’ve known you liked him for a while now. To tell you the truth I figured you’d have made your move by now. I could careless if you kiss him be my guest.” She said and jumped to the ground and twirled once before falling into her bed gracefully.

Korra looked at Asami and got the biggest grin. “You seriously cool with this?” Korra asked watching Asami’s face carefully.

“Of course have fun.” Asami said with a bright smile.

The truth was she wasn’t really okay with it. She didn’t want Korra to date Mako, the idea made her want to scream; but she wasn’t in acting classes for nothing. It wasn’t that she liked Mako anymore, because she really didn’t. And she wanted Korra to be happy, which is why she said yes. But still the smile she wore wasn’t real, in her heart there was ache that she didn’t understand. But surely it was just because she didn’t want to see Korra hurt…..right?

Korra hopped off her bed and gave Asami a big hug before grabbing her shower kit and heading to get cleaned up. “Asami Sato you are alright in my book.” Korra said with a wink over her shoulder. Asami blushed and little and then blink, why was she blushing Korra did that all the time. She felt her chest and her heart was pounding inside like a hammer.
Her eyes went wide and then she closed them with a shake of her head. No that wasn’t it, she was just nervous for her friend, and she wasn’t use to people complimenting her like Korra had. That was it, everything was normal perfectly normal! But then why did the thought of Korra winking at her again send butterflies into her stomach?

Asami shook her head and crawled under her blankets, thankful that tomorrow was Saturday she could skip homework tonight and get a little extra sleep. She didn’t hear Korra come in, although sometime in the night she did hear her snoring softly. Her dreams that night were confusing, most of her dreams were set in a dance; and this one was no different. She was standing along on a stage as a little girl, then her parents appeared and they dance with her across the stage; all of them smiling happily. The the stage turned red and her mother slipped from her fingers a wave of red fabric sweeping her away and then she was gone as the music changed to something frightening. Her father pulled her away from where her mother disappeared and spun her around.

Suddenly she was a young woman and her father was gliding around with her, a ring of young men standing with masks covering their faces. Her father handed her off to each young man with a beaming smile. Asami danced with each but she wasn’t smiling, her face was covered with a mask of sorrow. As each man passed her along he ripped a piece of the dress she was wearing, Eventually she stood on stage in nothing but a white leotard and her mask. Her arms wrapped around her chest and she rocked back and forth to the music alone. Her father drifted in and out, pushing her movements in one direction or the other; but never helping her. Eventually she fell to the stage floor where she lay until, as though like a puppet she rose from the floor. Her father stood behind he, directing her every movement; and she went along without fighting him until the stage went black, the only visible thing was the white mask she wore.

Suddenly the lights came on again and the song changed to something up beat and fast based. A group of dancer came onto the stage and gathered around Asami, her father moving her arms to push them away. But one grabbed her hand, she turned and she was met with the smiling face of Korra. Korra lightly tugged and Asami felt herself move in the direction the girl wanted her to move. Her father pulled harder, but she fought against him, her heart soaring as the other girl smiled and slowly pulled her into her arms.
The other dancers were on either side of the three of them, doing these complicated mock fighting dances. Bodies falling and twisting all around, it was chaos and Asami was frightened.

Eventually and with a final thrust she burst away from her father and the dancers pulled him off stage as the lights dimmed. Asami was on the ground, but Korra picked her up and dusted her off, handing her a cape to cover herself with. Then she stood next to Asami and started to move, and Asami copied her movements as she smiled excitedly. Korra reached out her hand and Asami took it, then Korra pulled her closer and closer…

Asami woke with a start and sat up in bed, it was just a dream right? She looked around her and she was snuggled in her bed, Korra softly snoring on the other side of the room; just a dream. She sighred laying back down, she knew it was dream; but she felt so disappointed in that knowledge. Why was she so sad that it was just a dream. She slowly drifted back into sleep asking herself that question.

The dreams that came were even worse than the ones before and when she next woke up she had to rush to the bathroom to vomit.

Korra had been surprised when she’d come back to the room and found Asami asleep, she’d wanted to talk to the other girl a little more and make sure things really were cool between them; some part of her had the feeling Asami really wasn’t okay with her dating Mako. But she didn’t want to wake her friend so she slipped into bed and drifted into a peaceful sleep. When she got up the next morning Asami was already gone, at least her body was. Her stuff was all over the room so Korra knew she was here somewhere. She got up and went to the bathroom and was surprised to hear someone retching into the toilet. Korra peeked at the bottom of the stall and instantly knew who was inside. She lightly wrapped on the door, laying her hand against it and feeling it push open.

“Asami you okay?” Korra asked coming in and laying a hand on her friends shoulders. Asami nodded her head and took a piece of toilet paper and wiped her mouth.

“I’m fine just a nightmare.” She said and stood up trembling a little. Korra looked at her friend worried.

“A nightmare did this?” She asked as she looked over the taller girls paler than normal complexsion.

Asami shrugged and Korra looked at her sternly. Asami rolled her eyes before giving into her friends demanding glare. “When I was younger my mom and I were in a serious accident. I don’t remember it really, but I have nightmares about it a lot and they make me sick. Still not sure what happened but whatever it was really left a mark in my head.” Asami said with a laugh lightly pushing Korra aside and walking to the sink and getting some water.

Korra watched Asami in the bathroom mirror, her color was slowly returning and when she finshed rising her mouth she looked up and smile at Korra. “Ready to hit the books this morning? We need to get the homework done so we can spend tonight practicing.” Asami said wiping her hands.

Korra groaned unhappily. “Don’t remind me, I’ve got like four pages of make up math. I’ll never get through it all.” She said letting her head drop.

Asami laughed and pushed her shoulder. “I can help you know, not only can I dance but mathematics is a hobby of mine, can’t fix a car if you don’t know how It runs. Come on..” Asami said grabbing the other girl and draggin her out of the bathroom. They spent the morning trudging through the never ending pile of homework, but with Asami tutoring her Korra grasped the complicated math formulas and they finished all the hardest parts of their homework just before they needed to leave to get to practice.

Korra pulled black tights and through a baggy shirt on over top. Asami pulled a red leotard on over black leggings and through on a half shawl that covered her shoulder but nothing else.

“We were pretty in tune yesterday.” Asami noted as she pulled her long black hair into a bun on her head. Korra nodded and clipped her own hair back.

“Yeah I think we’re really going to wow everyone with how this dance goes. But today we’ll start working on the pair off sections. I’m a little nervous about that really, I’ve never danced with Bolin like how the Ballet coordination requires.” Korra said fingering the hem of her shirt nervously. Asami smiled and walked over and laid and hand on her friends shoulder.

“You’ll do great Korra, and if you really can’t make it work with Bolin we’ll change it up….”Asami said walking to the door and Korra beamed. Asami turned to her with a flirty smile. “Yeah you’ll partner with me instead.” She said with a wink and walked out.

Korra watched her walk out with a quirked eyebrow, Some part of her was thrilled with the idea of dancing with Asami across the stage. Korra shook her head, there was no way she was doing to play this game again. She hadn’t told anyone but she wasn’t exactly straight, Bolin knew, and her friend Opal; but no one else……well no one except her.
It had been the summer before she started here, the summer she met Kuvira. She was pretty, and tough too. She was the kind of girl you wanted in your corner when trouble came, but something had changed. She and Korra had been going out for several months when Kuvira started acting weird, the relationship did not end well and Korra had been left with a broken heart. After that she swore she’d never date another girl.

Even if that girl was her super hot, sweet, incredibly sexy, talented, with those eyes that…..Korra shook her head. No she would not do that to Asami, besides she did like Mako, he was great and handsome to boot. But for some reason Korra still couldn’t get the image of Asami’s arm wrapping around her waist, and her pale lips pressing against hers.

She shook her head and walked out of the room, no she swore when she became friends with Asami she wouldn’t put her in any situation involving her. She took a deep breath and jogged to the practice room, inside she spotted Asami talking with….Kuvira?!?!