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Bending Dancers

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Several weeks later.

Things had not changed between Asami and Korra, the latter seemed set on thinking the worst of the former. Asami was hoping that since this coming week would be Spring break maybe she and Korra could finally become friends; although that seemed a little farfetched at this point. Asami was working on a piece from Swan Lake right now, and she wanted to get it just right. She didn’t notice as the door to the room was opened, or that the intruder stood there and watched her. She only noticed them when she looked into the mirror and made eye contact with a set of beautiful blue eyes.

“Sorry I thought it was empty I’ll just…..” Korra trailed off as Asami shook her head with a smile.

“By all means join me, we’re all working on the same piece so maybe we can help each other.” Asami said as she lifted her point toe higher and higher aiming it right at the ceiling. Korra watched with wide impressed eyes.

“I’m not going to lie I was under the impression you were horrible.” Korra said closing the door and setting her bag next to Asami’s. “I mean I heard you didn’t audition so I assumed that..”

“I hate that rumor!! I worked my ass off to get into the school! My father had no part in me coming here, he didn’t even know I was applying. I used a fake name and everything just so I would get in fair. Serves me right for trying so hard, whole damn school thinks I’m a frigging cheater.” Asami muttered as her temper flared. She was momentarily distracted and lost control and became off balance and growled as her movements were jarred.

Korra could not stop the laughter that burst out of her mouth. Asami looked at her a little concerned and then blushed. She was about to make a nasty remark when Korra held up her hand as she tried to stop laughing.

“I swear I’m not laughing at you. It’s just…I’ve never seen you mad or heard you curse and it was just so funny.” Korra said laughing even harder, she grabbed her stomach and Asami could not help but join in on the laughter. Once they had gotten back in control Korra smiled at Asami brightly.

“I think I owe you an even bigger apology. Here I’ve been judging you based on rumors and you’re nothing like that at all. Can we start over… you know like friends and stuff?” Korra said holding out a hand with a slight blush on her cheeks. Asami smiled and shook her hand.

“Only on the condition you let me help you with your Ballet, and you teach me some of those awesome hiphop moves.” Asami said with a wink. Korra laughed and nodded and them beamed.

“Oh spirits yes!! I’m failing this whole pretty delicate movement thing that is Ballet.” Korra said and Asami laughed this time.

“I’ve seen you dance, you’ve got the ability you just need some serious honing; and I am just the person to whip you into shape.” Asami said standing up on her tippy toes. Korra looked at her and groaned but compied the move, albeit a little less gracefully. “Hold this stance for as long as you can, then keep holding it. This was how I learned to control, you do this until it’s so easy you do it without thinking.” Asami said and began to leap around the room and preform all inds of weird moves all while she moved on her tippy toes.
“Damn how long did it take you to get that?” Korra muttered as she worked on staying blanced. Asami laughed and set back on her feet and began a few other warm up moves.
“I spent everyday for two weeks walking around my house like that. I went everywhere on my tippy toes, killed my feet but it takes a lot to unbalance me because of it.” She said as she stretched out her arms to the heavens.

“Wow now that’s dedication.” Korra grunted before coming off her tip toes with a ragged sigh. “Sorry I can’t hold that anymore.” Korra said looking shame faced.

“Tell you the truth I was surpised you held it that long, its been 15 minuets.” Asami said smirking and standing in front of Korra.

Korra’s smiled excitedly. “Seriously!!! Awesome!! What’s next teach?” Korra asked and Asami smiled and showed Korra the next thing she would need to focus on. The girls were so engrossed in what the were doing they didn’t hear Kya, one of the dance teachers, come in.

“That’s an excellent form Korra, looks like Asami is helping you out. And Asami, sheer perfection like always, watching you dance makes my heart swell.” She said clapping as the girls paused to catch their breaths.

Korra smiled nervously while Asai gave a bow of gratitude. “I was going to talk to you Korra about asking someone to help you, but I think you’ve got that covered now; Plus it’s one of my top students.” Kya said sitting down in one the folding chairs along the wall.

“I want to talk to you two girls about something.” Kya said gestering for the girls to come over to her. Both did, although Korra tripped once before making it over to the teacher. “I wanted to do a very special crossover dance for the first show case in a couple weeks. I wanted to see if Korra’s crew and Asami would be willing to do a little mash up dancing.” Kya said with a smile.

Asami didn’t respond, but she didn’t have to because Korra did. “We would love too!! After seeing her in action I’m psyched to work with Asami!” Korra said pushing Asami’s shoulder playfully. Kya nodded and stood up and made her way to the door.

“Great I’ll get to the work on the steps, Asami you’ll need to work on Korra’s style along with Korra working on Ballet.” She said looking at both girls. They both nodded solomly and watched the older woman leave.

“Awesome! We’re going to kill it at the showcase!!” Korra said excitedly as she grabbed her bag. Asami stood there for a second, Korra paused to look at her. “You coming ‘sami?” Korra asked stopping at the door. Asami looked up surprised.

“Where?” She asked as she pulled a sweater on.

Korra rolled her eyes and held the door open. “To get some food duh! That’s what friends do after they get awesome news and have an amazing work out.” Korra said with a wink.
Asami blushed and grabbed her bag. “Yeah sorry I didn’t know, don’t really have to many friends; just…..” She paused she didn’t think Mako counted so that left…..”Bolin.” She said finally looked even more embarrassed.

“Well add me to the list ‘sami. You and me we be mates.” She said using a terrible Australian accent making Asami laugh hard.

Okay so maybe Asami wasn’t such a bad person, in fact the more time she spent with the other girl the more she liked her; although she still hated the fact that she was dating Mako. But Asami was really cool, and super nice, and nothing like what Korra had been told to believe about her. She was really happy that they had been put in a dorm together because it was nice having a girlfriend to talk to.

Bolin was great and all but sometimes you just need a girl. Korra was so use to seeing Asami all happy and go lucky that she had to pause when she came into their dorm one night and found Asami sniffing and wiping at her eyes. “Hey….’Sami whats wrong?” Korra asked putting an arm over her shoulder.

Asami shook her and put on a smile. “Nothing nothing at all I just screwed up a lot in class today.” She said and stood up pulling away from Korra. “I’m going to go shower and head to bed really wiped out.” She said and started to hurry about grabbing her things.

“But I thought we were meeting Bolin and Mako for dinner?” Korra said feeling thoroughly confused.

“You go I’m just really tired.” Asami said almost running out of the room. Korra knew Asami well enough to know that something was really wrong, but she also knew that Asami would tell her once she was ready. Korra changed into some baggy pants and a baggy shirt, throwing a blue water tribe hat on side ways.

She jogged down to the front entrance of the dorm, Bolin was standing there looking really mad. “Hey where’s Mako?” Korra asked coming to stand next to her friend.

“Where’s Asami?” Bolin asked giving Korra a smile.

“She’s upset about something she bailed.” Korra said getting more confused.

Bolin snorted and then looked over at the bush. “She’s not coming you panty waste.” He said with a grunt. “He’s hiding in the bushes from his ex-girlfriend.” Bolin said with a knowing look at Korra. Korra’s eyes got wide and looked at Mako in shock as he came out of the bushes.

“Yeah she caught him cheating on her with Ty Lee, you know the other girl he works with in class.” Bolin said looking at his brother disappointed. Mako looked sheepish and then shrugged.

“I didn’t mean to, I was planning on calling it off this weekend; you know after the big final.” He finshed putting his hands in his pockets.

Korra leaned over and punched Mako’s arm. “Ass wipe. I’m out I gotta go take care of my girl.” Korra said running over to the school cafeteria and grabbing two pints of ice cream. Korra paused outside her dorm room and listened as she heard a soft sniffing on the other side. She lightly opened the door. “Hey ‘Sami I got something for you.” She said with a soft smile as she came in.

Asami sat up from her bed quickly and wiped at her eyes. “I thought you’d gone to dinner.” She muttered and Korra smiled as she handed her friend one of the ices creams and a spoon.

“Well Bolin told me what happened and I thought you might need me more than the restaurant needs my money.” She said popping a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. Asami did the same as she looked at the ground.

“You want to know something?” Asami said through a mouthful of ice cream.

“What?” Korra responded laying back on her bed with a smile.

“I didn’t really like him all that much. I was going to talk to him tonight about just being friends, because I like him as a friend. And I’m not crying over breaking up, I’m crying over a betrayal; but that’s just a stupid.” Asami said taking another spoonful of Ice cream.

Korra looked thoughtful and then waved her spoon around as she talked. “I don’t think it’s stupid at all. It’s one thing to break up and stay friends its something else entirely to have someone betray your trust. How long do you think it’s been going on?” Korra asked looking over at her friend whos back was propped against the wall; her feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

Asami shrugged and Korra felt a pang in her heart to see her friend so upset. She got up and walked over and flopped down onto Asami’s bed, laying across her legs. Asami watched and laughed pulling her legs out and laying them across Korra’s stomach. Korra couldn’t help the smile that pulled at her mouth at the feeling of Asami’s legs over top of her.

She frowned and took another bite of ice cream, trying to get rid of the weird sensation in her stomach. They stayed up late talking, and neither notice as they fell asleep in a heep on Asami’s bed. The next morning Korra woke up first and she was surprised to find herself snuggled under a blanket with Asami, although Asami was facing the wall away from her.

The next couple of days were awkward, Mako and Asami avoided one another and Korra spend a lot of her time keeping one or the other busy. But then one morning Korra came down and found Mako and Asami talking in the pale morning light. She quickly hid, although she made sure she was close enough to hear what was going on.

“Look I’m really sorry about what happened. I know I screwed up but can we at least go back to being friends, even if its awkward ones?” Mako asked looking at Asami pleadingly.
Asami sighed and shrugged before nodding in agreement. “Fine, but don’t expect me to be a good friend for a bit. You’re back at square one with me.” She said and then gave Mako a playful half smile. Mako laughed and nodded and Korra decided now was a good time to appear.

“Mornin you two ready to practice?” Korra asked walking over and prtended to lean on Asami, even though Asami was a little taller and that made it awkward. Asami laughed and pushed Korra a little before nodding and standing on her tip toes.

“More than ready, I bet you four perawets Bolin is the first to trip!” Asami said with a smirk. Korra looked thoughtful.

“I’ll meet and raise you ten plie’s that you’ll be the first to lose rythum.” Korra said and ducked and Asami moved to smack her. The girls ran off yelling at one another, leaving a confused Mako staring after them; obviously they’d missed when the girls became friends. When the guys finally arrived in the practice room the girls were done with the warm ups and were already starting on the intricate dance that Kya had made.

The girls worked well together, they’d practiced together for weeks and they knew the movements by heart. Korra’s left foot lowered to the ground as the tempo of the music changed , Asami paused in the form Arabesque. Balancing on her right foot with her right arm stretch in front and slightly up in front of her, her left arm and left leg stretched behind her body and she stood facing Korra’s back. Korra faced away from her, although she caught Asami’s eyes in the mirror as they waited.

The beat dropped and Asami and Korra both dropped to their knees with their arms stretched out to reach out someone ahead of them. The crawled three steps before bending their bodies down and rolling them lightly. Korra then popped up and started moving her arms and legs in some kind of hip hop sashay, Asami coming up and copying her a second later.

The boys joined in at the point and now all four moved together. They practiced the danced for several hours, each time getting more and more Intune with one another; although as Bolin pointed out Asami and Korra certainly didn’t need that. They were all soaked in sweat when they called it a quits, Bolin walked with Asami out of the room leaving Korra and Mako alone together.

Mako looked at Korra sheepishly and Korra had the strangest urged too…..She gave into the urge and pulled Mako in for a kiss, her lips crashing against his…