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And You Left Them There?

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“Where are Jimin and Taehyung?” Seokjin demands when Jungkook shows up alone.

The youngest shrugs as he takes his seat at the meeting table. “They got stuck in the elevator at the station,” He explains.

“And you just left them there?”

“I can’t do anything about it. They’ll need the help of security.”


It’s a box, a giant box, suspended in the middle of whatever number floor they’re on right now—it’s impossible to tell since the electricity has been shut off completely, probably due to the current snowstorm—is one of the most horrific situations Jimin has ever found himself in throughout his short twenty-one years of life. Jimin doesn’t understand why the generator doesn’t kick on or why this had to happen just after most staff in the building left for their lunch break.

“We wouldn’t even be in this situation if you would have been on time like you’re supposed to,” Jimin snaps at Taehyung. Taehyung who is infuriating because he always manages to remain calm, even in tense or uncomfortable situation like this. Taehyung who is very appealing for the same reason, creating a sense of safeness for Jimin who freaks out over the smallest things. Taehyung who is Jimin’s best friend and the one person Jimin would want to go down with if he were to go down like this.

Jimin’s phone buzzes with a call from Namjoon. “And great, now the boss is calling me because we’re late, Tae. Since I’m older I’m going to be in trouble for this, and it’s all your fau—”
Jimin stops in the middle of his word when Taehyung easily removes the phone from his hand, declining the call and setting the phone aside—the two having been sitting in the elevator for the past three minutes. “You’re really too tense, Jimin.” Taehyung gentles.

Namjoon is not exactly the most patient person in the world. In fact, if there were an award for the most impatient person, Jimin is pretty sure Namjoon would have been winning every year since he’s been born. He doesn’t take well to his team being late or skipping days, and he really hates being ignored. “What the fuck, Taehyung?” Jimin demands and tries to lunge for his phone to call the boss back, but Taehyung keeps him pinned down. Fuck taller people, Jimin thinks. Even though he’s stronger than Taehyung, Tae always takes him over easily just because of their height difference—at least, Jimin likes to blame it on their height difference. “Do you want to get me killed?”

Jimin still completely when the distance between him and Taehyung gets shorter within seconds, and a breath gets caught in his throat when Taehyung has his forehead resting on Jimin’s—his hot breath tickling Jimin’s lips as he breathes against them. It feels like the temperature in the elevator goes up by quite a lot as Jimin’s cheeks heat up with how much of his personal space is being taken up by the other. “You know, we could try doing something to pass the time,” Taehyung whispers just before crashing his lips against Jimin’s.

It’s insane that Jimin almost melts against his friend, their lips moving in perfect harmony with each other. Surely it’s strange that these two are just friends, but this seems so normal. For them to be so close like this, enjoying each other’s company, Jimin able to taste the vanilla flavored chapstick on Taehyung’s lips. That one perfect moment lasts until Jimin feels a swipe of Taehyung’s tongue over his own lips, asking for an entrance. Jimin shoves Taehyung away, successfully that time, and he quickly gets to his feet. Whatever Taehyung has in mind, Jimin’s almost certain he’s not comfortable with it.

“Taehyung, they have cameras in here,” Jimin reminds his friend.

Taehyung smirks as he stands up with Jimin, looking down at the smaller male. Jimin hates how small he feels compared to everyone on the team—excluding that Yoongi guys he’s gone on a couple of missions with. “Jimin, the power’s out.” Taehyung easily reminds Jimin, and then Jimin feels like an idiot for ever having tried that objection. “Do you remember why we were assigned to be partners?”

Although this is a fairly large elevator with only two people in it, it’s beginning to feel a little cramped in there—especially when Taehyung steps forward, closing Jimin in against the wall. Jimin swallows. “Because you’re supposed to teach me about the world we live in,” Jimin says, trying his best to avoid eye contact wit his friend. Another infuriating thing about Taehyung is how dominating he can be. Jimin hates that about the younger one. Also that Taehyung has more experience in pretty much everything, having joined the team first.

Taehyung steps closer again, and his strong hands grip Jimin’s hips and lifts Jimin up just enough to set him on the handicapped railing. He presses his body against Jimin’s, which helps Jimin stay in the position Taehyung had put him in, and his hands move from Jimin’s hips to his thighs as he begins rubbing soothingly. “Then let me teach you,” Taehyung whispers. He spreads Jimin’s thighs to allow himself to fit more comfortably between them, and Jimin instinctively wraps his legs around Taehyung’s waist as the younger kisses him again.

This time, Jimin allows Taehyung entrance, and he easily decides that the feeling of Taehyung’s tongue exploring his mouth is one of the best things Jimin’s ever experienced—just that is good enough to make Jimin forget the horrors of being suspended so many feet in the air. A soft moan escapes Jimin’s mouth when Taehyung presses his own body forward, grinding against Jimin in just the right way. “Taehyung,” Jimin gasps into his partner’s mouth.

When Taehyung does it again, stronger this time, their already passionate making out turns into a mess, Jimin panting into Taehyung’s mouth and salivating. When he draws back for more air, he can feel the saliva that surrounds the area around his mouth, some spit hanging from his bottom lip. Before he gets the chance to wipe it away, Taehyung grabs his wrist to stop him and licks it off himself. Gross, Jimin almost thinks, but they did just have their tongues nearly shoved down each other’s throats—and Jimin somehow finds the action to be really fucking hot at the same time.

“It’s a shame we have such a limited amount of time to get this done,” Taehyung coos in Jimin’s ear. “Otherwise I’d take my sweet time,” He says as he slowly pushes Jimin’s shirt up his body, his cold hands a nice contrast to the thousand degree temperature in the elevator. Jimin’s breath hitches as Taehyung’s thumbs barely graze over his nipples, and Taehyung’s warm lips connect to the exposed skin of Jimin’s collar bone. “And fucking wreck you, Jimin.”

Instead of removing Jimin’s shirt, which is what Jimin had been expecting him to do, he shoves one hand through the collar of the shirt, shoving a mouthful of fingers into Jimin’s mouth. The other hand leaves Jimin’s chest to start working at the fastenings of Jimin’s jeans. “If you don’t want this to hurt like fuck, being your first time an all, you need to coat them well.” Taehyung demands.

Jimin knows that this moment was bound to happen between him and Taehyung eventually, but he never imagined it being like this. He at least hoped that it would be somewhat more romantic—in the bedroom, maybe with a candle light—but he’ll settle for something really hot, passionate, and spontaneous like this, as well.

He sucks Taehyung’s fingers, focusing on the saltiness of the other’s skin. He almost bites down to suppress a moan when Taehyung’s other hand slips into his now opened jeans, gripping him through his underwear and pumping him way too half-heartedly. Jimin small, bitten off moans are muffled around Taehyung’s fingers, and Jimin tries to distract himself from the amount of friction down below by focusing solely on getting Taehyung’s fingers slicked.

When Jimin is sure that he’s done a decent job, he jerks his head back at the same time as he rocks his hips with Taehyung’s movement. “Please…” Is all Jimin says before Taehyung backs off, allowing Jimin’s feet to his floor once again.

“I’m going to take care of you,” Taehyung assures him as he tugs Jimin’s pants down. Taehyung reaches behind Jimin, teasing the elder one’s entrance with his slender finger.

“Be gen—ah,” Jimin’s cut off mid-sentence as Taehyung’s finger pushes past Jimin’s entrance. Jimin tenses, gripping the handicap bar tightly, the metal cool and slippery against his sweaty palms.

Taehyung’s warm breath trickles past Jimin’s sensitive skin on his neck and ear as Taehyung takes the flesh into his mouth. “Are you okay, Jimin?” He asks.

When Jimin nods, Taehyung sends a trail of small nibbles down Jimin’s neck, starting from his ears, and he inserts a second finger before exploring inside Jimin’s ass. Taehyung’s long fingers allow him to explore deep inside Jimin, parting and curling inside Jimin’s entrance—forcing throaty moans and lewd sounds to come from the elder one. “Tae…” Jimin breathes out his friend’s name, unable to believe the sensations he’s experiencing right now.

Jimin gasps and jerks his hips back when Taehyung begins lapping at Jimin’s nipple just as his fingers locate that sensitive spot in Jimin’s ass. Jimin’s hands move from the handicapped bar to Taehyung’s waist, and he rests his head in the crook of his partner’s neck, licking Taehyung’s collarbone. His skin is sweaty and salty already from how hot it is in the elevator, but Jimin still thinks he tastes amazing.

Two fingers evolve into three, and Jimin becomes a moaning mess, trying to place kisses to Taehyung’s throat, but he mostly just gasps and moans at the slick feeling of Taehyung’s fingers moving inside of him—opening him up in preparation to be fucked. Probably fucked senseless, knowing Taehyung.

With the absence of Taehyung’s fingers, Jimin’s ring clenches down around nothing, and Jimin lets out a small cry with trembling thighs. Taehyung places a hand on Jimin’s shoulder and pushes down on him until he gets the hint and lowers himself to his knees. It’s really nerve wrecking to to do this, but Jimin also anticipates what’s to come.

Small, trembling fingers work at Taehyung’s belt and then the fastening of his jeans, getting them opened to reveal his large cock. Jimin’s breath stutters at the sight, and he looks up at Taehyung from his position on his knees. “Be a good boy, Jimin, and coat it well,” Taehyung instructs him in a gentle voice. If this were anyone other than Taehyung, Jimin would probably be terrified out of his mind right now, but he trusts his partner. Besides, he knows that this Taehyung’s attempt to get him to not be terrified about being stuck in the elevator.

Jimin sighs as Taehyung’s gentle fingers card through his hair, and he leans toward Taehyung’s dick, lapping at it carefully to get used to the idea. Actually, Taehyung doesn’t taste bad. He almost tastes sort of addicting. Jimin smears the pre-come from Tae’s tip over his own lips as he had seen many people in the porno DVDs the boss keeps stored in the common room do, and he takes Taehyung into his mouth.

“Oh, Jimin,” Taehyung moans as Jimin begins bobbing his head cautiously. All of Taehyung’s touches and tugs in Jimin’s hair remain gentle as Jimin gets used to the feeling. He constantly voices words of encouragement to let Jimin know that he is doing a good job. Jimin is thankful, truly thankful, that Taehyung is so patient and understanding with him, especially in times when he gets nervous like this.

“That’s enough, baby.” Taehyung hums, pulling Jimin off of him with the hold he has in his hair. The pull is slightly painful, but it gets Jimin’s mouth off of his dick with a slick pop, and Jimin has a moment to catch his breath before Taehyung is forcing him back to his feet.

“You can use the bar or the wall,” Taehyung tells Jimin as he turns the elder around to face the wall. “But you are going to need to support yourself.”

It’s good that Taehyung is able to walk Jimin through this as well. Honestly, Jimin couldn’t ask for a better person to have his first time with. Jimin grips the bar with his right hand and places his left on the wall. He relaxes at Taehyung’s gentle fingers trailing soothing touches from his shoulders down his arms before he’s nudging Jimin’s legs apart with his knees. “Relax for me,” Taehyung whispers as he nuzzles his nose in Jimin’s ear.

Jimin tenses when he feels Taehyung’s hard cock presses to his entrance. “Relax,” Taehyung annunciates the word slowly. Jimin takes in one deep breath and relaxes his body on his exhale. Once he’s completely relaxed, Taehyung pushes inside.

The younger works his way in slowly, Jimin gripping on the handicapped bar for dear life as the stretch is more painful than he had anticipated—his eyes screwing shut. Taehyung stops to pull back out and push himself in further every once in a while until his entire cock is sheathed in Jimin’s ass, his hips flushed against the curve of Jimin’s cheeks. “Okay?” Taehyung asks in a shaky exhale.

Jimin nods, and that’s when Taehyung begins the gentle roll of his hips. It’s too hot for this, but with the way Taehyung is being so gentle and caring, licking up the trails of sweat on Jimin’s back as he fucks into the elder with a slow grind, Jimin can’t bring himself to care about the heat much.
The knuckles that’s on the hand that’s gripping the bar begin to turns white from Jimin gripping so tight, and his other hand leaves the wall to tangle in Taehyung’s hair behind him when Taehyung nuzzles his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck.

Jimin knows that Taehyung is being gentle with him and starting him off slow because he doesn’t want to hurt Jimin, but it’s not enough. It’s honestly not enough, so Jimin pushes back against Taehyung’s next roll forward. “Taehyung…” Jimin moans as Taehyung begins sucking on Jimin’s neck. “Go…faterrr…”

“I can do that,” Taehyung grunts as his hips snap forward with incredible force next time. Jimin yelps, having been caught a little off guard, but he ends up moaning when Taehyung tucks a laugh in his neck. “God, Jimin, you are so fucking beautiful,” Taehyung expresses, causing Jimin to blush furiously. Maybe sweet talk is his weakness. “I want to hear that melodic voice of yours.” He says and pounds into Jimin harder, locating Jimin’s prostate.

“Ah…Tae…there…” Jimin moans, and he can feel Taehyung trying to hit that spot every time, causing Jimin’s moans to get louder and higher pitched every time he succeeds. Jimin hopes like hell there’s no one in their direct vicinity, or they’ll definitely know—or wonder what’s going on in that elevator. “Fuck, Taehyung…” Jimin gasps as Taehyung readjusts his grips on Jimin’s hips, causing him to slip. “More,” Jimin demands.

One of Taehyung’s hands leave Jimin’s hips to tease one of his nipples while the other wraps around Jimin’s cock. The loss of support forces Jimin to hold himself up completely, and his arms easily start to grow tired from fatigue. Taehyung being an ass and teasing him too many ways possible, digging his thumb into Jimin’s tip as he abuses the elder’s prostate not helping at all.

Jimin loses almost all the strength in his arms and just rests his entire weight against the elevator wall as Taehyung continues to pound into him. “Fuck…ah…Taehyung,” Jimin moans as he releases in Taehyung’s hand and all over the elevator wall—Taehyung follows shortly after, releasing his seed into Jimin’s ass.

Jimin pants and almost collapses to the floor from the loss of support when Taehyung pulls away, but the younger keeps him up. “Fuck Jimin,” Taehyung pants as he helps Jimin slide to the floor without collapsing. “That was good.”

“Yeah,” Jimin tries to catch his breath. “Well, for me it was better than good.” He says. When he looks over and sees the mess they made, he rests his head on Taehyung’s shoulder with a whine. “They’re going to know something happened in here.” He pouts.