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want it all here in hell with me

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“So, the world’s gonna end in less than twenty-four hours, huh?”

Paige nods towards the clock on the mantelpiece – just about the only electrical item in the apartment that’s still working – and if just about any news broadcast from the last few weeks is to be trusted, then today’s the day.

AJ shrugs in answer. She doesn’t know how she and Paige managed to become so casual about the whole fire-and-brimstone apocalypse thing, but it seems like a better way to go about it than freaking the fuck out.

“That’s what they say. Who knows if it’s still true?”

She has no idea if that might have changed – it’s been a couple of days since the power shut down, since they were trapped in their tiny apartment with no way to contact the outside, if anything’s still even left out there.

AJ doesn’t think she cares, though: it doesn’t matter to her if the sky never lights up again or the earth erupts or the sun explodes into nothing. What matters is that Paige never left her, that Paige will never be able to leave her. The whole damn world might be crashing down, but for once, hers never did.