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To Tame the Chosen One

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Harry shifted uneasily, not making eye contact with any of the Death Eaters around the room, nor with the Dark Lord sitting a few steps ahead of him. They'd lost, Voldemort had won and now he had to suffer the consequences. Harry forced himself not to try and run, the urge nearly overwhelming.

Harry glanced around the room, the silencing barrier around him stopping him from hearing anything happening in the meeting.

Voldemort's cold red eyes scanned the room, locking with onyx ones momentarily. "Severus, my most loyal one. You brought me they boy, against all odds. You deserve a reward. What would you have?" Severus bowed. "I ask nothing in return for doing what makes my Lord happy." Voldemort nodded appraisingly. "Have the boy, my pet. Potter is yours to do with as you please." Severus bowed again. "I thank my Lord most humbly."

Harry flinched when the silencing barrier was dropped, looking around again, noticing several of the Death Eaters leering at him. Lucius was watching him with a cold smirk, as if he knew the fate that befell the Golden Boy. Harry glanced around, trying to find a way to escape, before his gaze fell to Voldemort, waiting to hear his fate.

Voldemort looked at Potter and smirked- coldly. Severus eyed the boy with disdain. He had no idea what the Dark Lord wanted him to do with the boy. "Severus, you seem almost displeased." "No, my Lord, merely.... Uncertain. Of what to do with the boy." Voldemort chortled darkly. "I do believe it has been some time since... Young flesh founds its way into your bed.”

Harry paled, shaking his head and starting to step backwards, eyes stuck on the commanding figure of his ex-professor as he tried to think of a way out.

"Potter!" Severus barked. "Get back where you were." Voldemort smirked. "I'd do as your master bids, boy. Severus is prone to... Harsh punishments for disobedience."

Harry whimpered softly, taking another step backwards as he shook his head again, unable to form any words, his throat clenching with the thought of even trying to speak.

Severus' eyes flashed dangerously. "Back. Where. You. Were. Potter. Now!"

Harry shook his head and turned around, sprinting for the door

Severus snarled and threw a locking charm at the door before Potter even got five steps. "POTTER!" He roared.

Harry slammed into the door, frantically trying to unlock it, the task impossible without his wand

Severus twirled the stick of holly. "Looking for this, Potter?”

Harry turned around, face pale, "give me my wand!" He yelled, cursing inwardly at his lack of an eloquent argument.

Severus scowled. "Don't speak to me like that, boy!" He hissed. Voldemort watched Potter closely. He was aware of the boy's wild magic but so far it had not come to his rescue.

"GIVE. ME. MY. WAND!" Harry yelled, hands curling into fists as he spat each with ferociously.

Severus narrowed his eyes. "You asked for it, Potter. Crucio! "

Harry screamed, falling to the floor as excruciating pain raced through him

Severus cancelled the spell after a few seconds. "Get up!"

Harry whimpered, slowly pulling himself up, hands shaking at the force of the spell on his nerves

Severus pocketed the wand. "Interesting thing, the Cruciatus. The pain is amplified when your own wand is used against you."

Harry glared at him, eyes filled with pure hate, leaning against the door weakly

Severus chuckled. "I think I may just enjoy having you around, Potter. I must thank you again, my Lord."

Harry kept glaring at him, pushing his magic towards the door in an attempt to unlock it, “I’m not a fucking possession” He muttered under his breath.

"You are welcome my loyal" Voldemort smirked coldly, "you are dismissed" he roared to everyone

Severus pointed his wand at Potter's back. "Incarcerous!"

Harry was unable to stop himself from letting out a cry as ropes bound their way around him, pulling him back towards Severus as he struggled, the grip only tightening the more he fought to free himself

Smirking Severus cast mobilicorpus and floated Potter from the throne room. He had never been so generously rewarded before, now was time to enjoy the spoils of his bounty.

Harry tried his hardest to fight the spells, eyes wide with terror as he considered the fate that awaited him.

Severus chuckled. "Fight them all you want, Potter. You'll not break free."

"Let me go!" Harry snarled, his mouth still free

"Oh gee can I think about that? Hmm. No, Potter. I do think you'll make a wonderful masterpiece tied to my bed."

Harry screamed, fighting against the spells with everything he had

Severus laughed. "Oh do scream, Potter. The Death Eaters do love the theatrics. "

Harry snarled at him, glaring fiercely at him while still thinking hard about how to get himself free

Severus grinned. "Now. My rooms here or back to the house... Where to go. I think we'll stay here tonight. This way, Potter."

Harry growled at him, "Like I have any fucking choice of which way to go!"

Severus turned and slapped Harry. "Watch your mouth, boy!"

Harry yelped, face stinging from the slap, "why the fuck do you care what I say?"

Severus repeated the motion. "Don't swear at me, Potter. It'll only serve to cause you problems."

Harry fell silent, trying his best not to cry, knowing there was nothing he could do. A clear red handprint stood out against his pale skin.

Severus nodded once, enjoying the contrast between the red and the bright green eyes of his bound captive, "Very good. Despite your lack of ability to brew it seems you can learn something new."

"I can brew" Harry spat, trying in vain to distract the man enough for the spelled ropes to loosen

Severus threw his head back and laughed. "Potter, you have not brewed one decent potion in the seven years I have taught you."

"Because the fucking Slytherin’s throw things in my cauldron" Harry snarled

Severus snarled at Harry, raising his hand to slap Harry again but thinking better off it, not wanting to ruin the perfect print on his cheek, "Every brewer knows to put a shield charm over the cauldron! It's taught in first year!"

Harry fell quiet, "I was probably getting distracted by your bloody Slytherin’s" he said quietly

Severus narrowed his eyes. "It was covered in the first lesson, Potter and you were there. Bottle fame. Brew glory. Ringing a bell?"

Harry looked down at the floor, "sorry" he whispered, unable to think of anything else to say

Severus blinked stupidly for a moment. Potter had just apologised? "Perhaps you will endeavour to pay attention in future. Knowing small things like that can save your life in the event of a potions accident," he said gruffly.

Harry nodded, staying quiet as they kept moving, figuring the spells would only lift when Severus wanted them to

Reaching his rooms Severus set Potter on the floor and cancelled the Incarcerous.

Harry looked at him nervously, "what are you going to do to me" he whispered

Severus raised an eyebrow. "What scares you more? What I might do to you or what will happen tomorrow?"

"What's happening tomorrow?" Harry asked quietly, fear creeping into his voice

Severus smirked. "I guess you'll find out when tomorrow comes. Strip and go in the bathroom. You're covered in blood from the battle."

Harry looked at him, face pale, before his hands shakily went to his shirt buttons

Severus gathered towels and shampoo for Potter to use, pausing to admire the flesh slowly getting exposed.

Harry stripped slowly, trying to hide his flesh from Severus as much as he could

Severus snorted at the boy's modesty. "I assure you we have the same equipment. Stop dawdling."

Harry dashed to the bathroom, blush rising in his cheeks

Severus bit back a laugh, until he saw the scars. "Potter... Don't slip and break your head!"

Harry jumped into the shower, washing himself quickly and efficiently

Severus leant against the sink and patiently waited for the boy to clean up.

Harry stepped back out about ten minutes later, wrapped tightly in the towel

Severus pointed to the bed. "Go sit down."

Harry walked over slowly before perching himself on the edge of the bed, "Please tell me what's happening tomorrow?” He whispered

Severus combed Potter's unruly hair. "Give me one good reason why I should?"

"Please… master" Harry whispered, looking down at the floor, not wanting to give the man the satisfaction but knowing it could get him what he wanted to know

Severus smirked behind Potter. "Tomorrow will be when the other Death Eaters who helped win that battle get their own toys."

Harry nodded a little, reading between the lines, "Ron. Hermione. Neville. Luna" He whispered

Severus nodded then answered, realising Potter couldn't see him. "Yes. There is quite the clamour for Granger, surprisingly. The Weasley boy will not fare so well. As for Longbottom and Lovegood, they both have decent chances"

Harry nodded with a soft sigh, "Do you know where they will go?"

Severus paused before answering. "Depending on if the Dark Lord grants what they want I know who wants them."

"Can you please tell me?" Harry asked quietly, needing to know the fates of his friends.

Severus again paused then answered. "Bella wants Granger. Dolohov wants Weasley. Lucius wants the Lovegood girl and Fenrir wants Longbottom, to train the cubs of the pack."

Harry nodded, letting out a soft whimper as he considered the fate that awaited each of them. It was well known that Malfoy had been looking for a blonde girl to create another child, to make sure the trait carried through. Luna would have an okay time.

Done combing Severus summoned a jar of pink goo. "Lay on your stomach."

Harry looked at him nervously before laying down, shivering a little

Scooping out the paste he smoothed it over Potter's back, massaging it into the flesh.

Harry turned back to look at him, confused about what he was doing

Severus locked eyes with Potter. "To remove the scars. The tissue with become too knotted with time and start to wrap around your spine, crushing your cord."

Harry nodded a little, "I didn't think of that" he whispered

Severus snorted. "I'm not surprised with the incompetence of the healing abilities of the school- or lack thereof. Roll over."

Harry rolled onto his back, sighing softy

Severus rubbed the paste into Potter's chest and stomach. The boy was thin- rail thin- but there was hidden muscle, especially in his abdomen. Moving onto Potter's thighs he realised that beneath that skinny frame lay untold muscles.

Harry shivered as Severus's hands worked over his body, looking up at the ceiling determinedly

Severus decided to see just how placid Potter had become. Sliding his hands further up Potter's thighs he brushed dangerously close to the boy's manhood.

Harry stiffened, hands clenching into fists as he started to wriggle away a little

Severus placed one hand on Potter's stomach and pressed down, holding the boy in place. His other hand brushed over Potter's flaccid cock.

Harry cried out, shaking his head and trying to pull away, despite the hand holding him in place

Severus felt the cock in his hand slowly come to life. "You can fight all you want, Potter, your body with still react to stimuli," Severus spoke quietly, bluntly.

"Stop!" Harry spat out, trying to pull himself away

Severus growled. "Perhaps you've forgotten that the Dark Lord gave you to me for me to do as I pleased."

Harry shook his head, "like I could bloody forget that!" He yelled, trying his hardest to push Severus away

Snarling furiously Severus flicked his wand and scarves appeared, tying Potter's wrists to the bed posts.

Harry tugged furiously on the scarves, trying to wriggle his hips away from Severus

Severus rose and unfastened his frock coat, setting on a chair across the room. Chucking darkly he started on his waistcoat.

Harry paled, shaking his head and tugging harder, "no!"

"Struggle all you like, Potter. It isn't going to make a difference. You're mine and I do what I wish with what is mine."

Harry growled, magic whipping around him and snapping the scarves, before he lunged for the door

Severus snarled and threw Immobulus at the boy.

Harry crashed to the floor, eyes wide with fear, trying to press his magic against the spell.

Severus stalked to where Potter lay. "You're only making this harder on yourself, boy."

Harry's eyes flicked around the room, trying to find any way to get out of the situation

Severus towered over Potter. "There are no other exits apart from this one." Severus cancelled the spell.

Harry scrambled around so he was facing Severus, shuffling back a little

"The door is locked," Severus said quietly, advancing on Potter.

"Let me go" Harry ordered, scrambling backwards

"No, I don't think I shall. I don't take orders from snivelling Gryffindor’s."

"Fuck you!" Harry snapped, slamming into the door as he scrambled back some more

Severus smirked. "I think you'll find it'll be me fucking you, Potter. Get on the bed. Now."

"No!" Harry yelled, standing up and yanking on the door

Severus chortled. The door refused to budge. "I wasn't asking, Potter. Get on the bed or I will drag you there."

Harry ignored him, trying to unlock the door with his magic, which was refusing to work

"You can't override my magic. My rooms means the wards and spells only obey me in here," Severus moved directly behind Potter.

Harry wheeled around, face paling again as he realized how close the potions master was

Severus smiled coldly. "I'll tell you once more. Get on the bed."

Harry shook his head, fear covering his face

"Fine." Darting forward he grabbed Potter around the waist and threw the teen over his shoulder, carting him like a sack of potatoes to the bed.

Harry kicked at him, wriggling around and trying to get away

Severus smacked Harry's arse- hard. "Quit your wriggling!" He snarled.

"Let me go then!" Harry snapped, kicking his legs harder, as a handprint that matched his face emerged on his arse.

"For what? You can't go anywhere. To what purpose should I let you go? So you can kick me? Bite me? Punch me?"

"So I can fucking kill you!" Harry yelled, feeling himself being shifted

Severus paused in his steps and burst out laughing. Putting the boy down, he smirked. "Take your best shot, Potter."

Harry let his magic blast out, watching dumbfounded as the wards protected Severus from his magic

Severus felt the blow but no harm came to him, it was like being pushed by a four year old. "You'll have to do better than that, Potter."

Harry leapt at him, kicking and punching as hard as he could

Severus parried the blows with ease. A kick caught him in the shin making him wince slightly, though he imagined it hurt the boy more since he had no clothes on.

Harry fought against him for a few minutes, his body starting to slowly get tired, the hits hurting him a lot, he was still sore from the battle

Severus caught Potter's wrists in one hand. "Stop this futile scrapping with me," Severus hissed.

Harry whimpered softly, letting himself be manhandled onto the bed

Severus backed Potter against the bed and pushed him down. "Are you quite finished with your paddy?"

Harry nodded slowly, lying limply on the bed and watching Severus silently.

Severus grumbled quietly, gathering clothes for the boy to wear the next day. Standing over the boy he scowled. "I will be back in the morning. I expect you to be calm and non-violent when I do. Any fighting back and consequences will happen. Am I clear?"

Harry nodded slowly, trying to keep a hold on his tears, not wanting to cry in front of the older man

Severus sneered coldly. "I will return at 8am sharp. Though I do not expect you to be awake as you have no alarm, I do expect you to get up when I say."

Harry nodded again, "Okay" He croaked, voice wavering slightly

Severus nodded once and turned for the door. Standing with his hand on the door knob he turned back. "Goodnight, Potter."

"Goodnight" Harry whispered, facing away from him

Severus grimaced at the weak sounding voice and shut the door behind him. Resetting the wards to accept and let out only him unless someone was with him he went to the room next door- also his.

Harry cried himself to sleep, curled up tightly under the covers

Severus returned the following morning. He moved relatively quietly, until it was time to wake the boy. "Potter, time to get up."

Harry woke up slowly, before remembering where he was a bolting upright

Severus smiled, though not friendly. "Good. Up you get and in the shower, we have a long day ahead and I won't have you looking all messy."

Harry nodded, moving quickly towards the bathroom, the scars all removed overnight

Severus couldn't help but admire the lithe body, the steady movement of muscles beneath lightly tanned skin.

Harry washed quickly, coming back out still undressed

Severus used drying charms on Potter, while attempted to charm the boy's hair into submission. "Your clothes are on the bed. If they are too big I can alter them."

Harry nodded, moving over and paling a little when he saw the clothes

Severus narrowed his eyes. "What is the matter, Potter?"

"I-it’s just briefs" Harry said quietly

Severus cocked his head. "What were you expecting? Dress robes?"

Harry shrugged a little and grabbed the briefs, blushing crazily as he pulled them up his legs

Severus nodded and shrunk where needed. The black material clung where required, but left enough to the imagination. Summoning a cloak he threw it over Potter's shoulders.

Harry looked at him nervously, "h-how am I meant to act?" He asked softly

Severus frowned. "Well, that depends entirely on the situation. I expect you to obey a direct order. You cannot go to your friends unless I allow it. Don't test me, Potter. You won't like the results."

Harry nodded a little, "I'll try" he whispered

Severus nodded once. "Good. Now upstairs to the throne room. Decisions are to be made shortly."

Harry nodded, following quietly after Severus.

All of the other fighters from the battle were held in cages, all of them worried about why they couldn't see Harry

Severus stood to the left of the Dark Lord. "Kneel," he ordered the boy. A cushion appeared for Potter's knees.

Harry fell to his knees slowly, the hood of the cloak falling down as he did, gasps coming from the cages

Severus carded a hand through Potter's hair. "Good, pet." Voldemort rose. "I invite my faithful to name their claims on our... Guests."

Harry kept his gaze on the floor, shivering a little. Lucius stepped forward first, bowing low, “I wish to claim the Lovegood girl”

Severus muttered a warming charm over Potter.

Voldemort eyed the room and no one seemed bothered. "Granted. Wait until the end before taking your prize."

Harry glanced up at him thankfully, before glancing over at his friends

Greyback stepped up next, "I want the Longbottom boy" he smirked

Voldemort again saw no objection and nodded. "Again, wait until the end before claiming your prize. If you plan to change him I require notification prior. Understand?"

Greyback nodded, grinning a little as he stepped back to the group.

Soon enough, Hermione had gone to Bellatrix, Dolohov had laid claim to Ron, the Weasley Twins had gone to the Lestrange Twins, and Ginny had gone to Draco.

Voldemort nodded. "Might I remind you that your masters, though fair to a degree, will be swift to punish you? Anyone caught disobeying their master beyond their control will be killed. Am I understood?" He looked at the teenagers.

The teenagers all nodded, looking pale and nervous.

Harry glanced up at Severus, "Sir? May I say goodbye?" He asked quietly

Severus looked down at Potter. It had been on his tongue to deny the boy but he had behaved all morning. "Very well. You may go say goodbye to them."

Harry stood up and moved over quickly, hugging each of his friends in turn

Luna smiled softly at him. "Don't worry, Harry. It'll all work out."

"How Luna?" He asked softly, "we're slaves" he whispered, hugging her gently

"Not forever. Trust is earned, Harry. Not given freely."  Harry nodded a little, kissing her forehead, "stay safe Luna" he murmured, before saying goodbye to his friends and moving back over to Severus when the man crooked a finger silently

Luna smiled again. She looked up Lucius. "Permission to stand, master? My knee has locked."

Lucius nodded shortly, standing and waiting to be dismissed

Luna rose and slid her hand into Lucius'.

Voldemort glanced around the room. "Dismissed."

Lucius squeezed her hand and led her to the floo as Luna followed silently

Lucius stepped through the floo to Malfoy Manor

Luna stumbled through and bumped into Lucius' back. "Sorry master. I lost my footing."

"Easy pet" Lucius murmured, tracing her face

Luna's smile was blinding. "I am at ease, master."

Lucius smiled, tracing her face lightly, "so beautiful"

Luna blushed. "Thank you, master."

Lucius leaned forward and kissed her gently, "bedroom"

Luna nodded. "Yes master. Which way?"

Lucius pushed a hand onto the small of her back and gently guided her

Luna moved fluidly and without fear. She knew, somehow, that he would not intentionally hurt her.

Lucius followed with a smile

Luna sat with her legs tucked under her on the edge of the bed.

Lucius leaned sown and kissed her

Luna hummed quietly, letting the older man kiss her.

"Good girl" Lucius murmured

Luna smiled softly. "Thank you, master."

Lucius smiled at her, sitting next to her in the bed

Luna looked to the ground.

"My late wife was only able to give me one child" Lucius said quietly

Luna nodded. "You wish for another child?" to which Lucius nodded, "And you will give me one"

Luna smiled. "Yes, master, I will do my utmost. I would be the child's mother though? I cannot do this if my child is to be taken from me."

Lucius smiled, "Of course pet, I wouldn't dare take your child away"

Luna's smile was bright. "Then I will give you a child."

Luna took a chance and kissed the blond back.

Lucius smiled into the kiss

Luna reached up and ran a hand through the shoulder length blond hair.

Lucius ran his own fingers through her hair, "so beautiful pet"

Luna smiled shyly. "May I ask a question?"

"Of course pet" Lucius smiled

Luna smiled. "Might I be called Strawberry and not pet?"

Lucius smiled and nodded, "sounds perfect"

Luna smiled and blushed. "Strawberries are my favourite."

"Are you hungry my strawberry?" Lucius murmured

Luna nodded. "Yes, master," she said quietly.

Lucius nodded, heading downstairs and summoning a house elf

Luna sat patiently on the bed.

Lucius came back up with a tray, containing a vegetable stir fry

Luna remained looking at the floor. She knew her place.

Lucius sat down and put some onto the fork, holding it out to her

Luna gently slid the food from the fork to her mouth.

Lucius smiled, feeding her the rest of the plate

Luna ate silently.

Lucius put the plate to the side once it was empty, pulling her into a kiss

Luna hummed quietly. She quite enjoyed being kissed by the Malfoy patriarch.

Lucius dominated the kiss, fisting a hand in her hair

Luna moaned softly, ashamed of the desire racing through her.

Lucius smirked into the kiss, hands going to the hem of the small white dress shed been put into

Luna obediently raised her arms.

Lucius pulled off the dress, kissing her neck softly

Luna moaned again, slightly louder.

Lucius gently pushed her back on the bed

Luna obeyed with a smile.

Lucius started kissing down her body

Luna writhed under the soft kisses.

Lucius smiled, working her panties down her thighs

Luna gasped softly, she'd never had anyone see her like this.

Lucius smirked and captured her mouth in a kiss

Luna moaned quietly.

Lucius smirked a little, "are you a virgin my strawberry?"

Luna blushed. "Yes, master. I have done nothing more than kiss."

Lucius nodded with a smile, reaching down to slip a finger in her

Luna gasped and moaned. It was an odd feeling but not unpleasant.

Lucius slowly slid his finger in and out

Luna flushed red at the sounds she was making.

"So pretty" Lucius murmured, kissing her again

Luna blushed darker at the praise.

Lucius slowly slid a second finger in, working it around slowly

Luna winced slightly but soon found the discomfort passed.

Lucius murmured softly to her, distracting her with a kiss

Luna hummed in pleasure.

Lucius soon had four fingers working in and out

Luna writhed and whimpered softly. She had no idea it could be so enjoyable!

"Are you ready for me?" Lucius murmured

Luna nodded. "Yes, master."

Lucius started undress himself

Luna shivered in anticipation.

Lucius crouched over her and slowly pushed inside

Luna whimpered. It hurt. More than she'd thought it would.

Lucius kissed her softly, "breathe my little strawberry"

Tears leaked from her eyes. "I'm sorry, master. It hurts. Just.... Just push in. One go."

Lucius nodded, pushing himself all the way in

Luna cried in pain, clinging to her master's shoulders.

Lucius stopped moving, kissing her gently

Luna whimpered but kissed back. The pain was more a dull throbbing now. "I think you can move, master."

Lucius nodded and started slowly moving himself in and out

Luna grimaced at first, the movement causing pain, but it soon gave way to something else.

Lucius moaned softly as he kissed her again

Luna shifted her hips and gasped. "Oh gods!"

Lucius smirked a little, wriggling his hips slightly

Luna moaned. "Again, master!"

Lucius did it again with a smirk, before slowly starting to thrust in and out

Luna moaned loudly.

Lucius moaned as well, coming inside her

Luna blinked. Oh. Of course her pleasure wouldn't be important. How foolish of her.

Lucius smirked, pulling out and nestling his face between her thighs

Luna looked down. "Master? What are you doing?"

"They say orgasms help to aid conception" Lucius smirked, pressing a soft kiss to her clit

Luna hissed a breath in pleasure. She'd barely been touched and already she could feel her body pulsing.

Lucius grinned, slowly licking and sucking

Luna moaned and writhed around. "Oh, master!"

Lucius grinned, reaching a hand up to slowly stroke her nipples

Luna panted softly. "Master.... Oh master...."

Lucius grinned, "Come for me strawberry"

Luna arched her back and clutched at the sheets. "Oh master!" She screamed, her orgasm washing over her in toe curling waves.

Lucius sat up and pulled her close

Luna curled into her master.

Lucius held her close, kissing her softly

Luna accepted the kisses and offered them back freely.

Lucius smiled, "Sleep now strawberry"

Luna smiled dreamily. "Goodnight master."

Lucius gently tucked her into bed before climbing in next to her

Luna curled herself around her master.

Lucius drifted to sleep, holding her tightly

Luna fell asleep in the warm embrace of her master.

MEANWHILE (follows Severus and Harry after the meeting)

Severus silently bade Harry back over.

Harry walked back over to him, silently going back onto his knees without being asked

Severus carded a hand back through Potter's hair.

Harry leaned into the touch slightly

Severus gently tugged on Potter's hair. "Up," he murmured.

Harry stood slowly, keeping his eyes down

Severus bade good day to the Dark Lord and motioned Potter to follow him.

Harry followed slowly, wondering what else faced him that day

Severus led the boy outside, the day was early still and the sun shone brightly.

Harry looked around curiously, not understanding what was happening

Severus motioned for Harry to stand at his side.

Harry moved where he was told to, resisting the urge to make a run for it

Severus took Potter's arm and apparated away. Popping back into existence outside a shop he entered and pulled Potter with him.

Harry looked at the shop curiously

Severus tugged Harry along. "Keep quiet in here, do not say anything out of turn, keep your hands to yourself and don't look anyone in the eye."

Harry nodded, gaze firmly on the floor

Severus opened the door and went straight the clerk. "I require an.... Informed person to help me pick out the best equipment here. Namely a collar."

Harry visibly stiffened and paled

Severus dealt with the manager, picking out a silver collar with a disc on- his initials charmed into it- along with a lead that could be attached, a variety of dildos and vibrators, a set of cuffs, a blindfold, and a few other implements.

Harry let out a quiet whine when Severus moved over to a display of gags

Normally Severus would have ignored that whine and bought what he wanted but something about Harry's whine made him decide against it.

Harry let out a soft sigh of relief when they moved away from the gags

Severus finished up with having Potter sat in a chair for his tongue piercing.

Harry shifted nervously, "what's he doing?" He asked, seeing the needle

Severus glared at Harry for speaking. "He is going to pierce your tongue."

Harry let out a quiet whimper but let his mouth be opened

Severus nodded. "It will hurt briefly, but I have a pain potion with an anti-inflammatory."

Harry nodded, looking towards the different piercings that could be put through his tongue, face asking a silent question

Severus nodded. "You may choose which one you want. The bars only, anything else won't work."  Lucius smiled and kissed her gently

Harry nodded a little, pointing to a plain silver one, hoping that it would draw less attention

Severus nodded once. "We'll take the plain silver one," the said to the piercer.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut as the piercer readied the needle

The piercer sterilised the needle then held out a potion to Harry. "Hold this in your mouth for two minutes then spit it into that sink."

Harry nodded, taking it and obeying the instructions

The piercer waited for Harry to spit the potion out and grasped his tongue on a small vice like contraption and stretched the organ out. "You might want to hold his shoulders down, they tend to jump." Severus nodded and placed his hands on Potter's shoulders, though not pressing too hard.

Harry whimpered softly, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to think of anything but what he was about to have done

Severus squeezed Potter's shoulders. The piercer held up the needle and swung it down through Harry's tongue. Having the bar ready he swiftly followed with it and fastened the ball bearing in place. Within seconds in was all over.

Harry whimpered softly, the piercing hurting a lot, blinking his eyes open

Severus brushed his thumb over Harry's throat. The piercer cleaned the piercing and nodded at Severus to administer the pain potion. The potions master did just that.

Harry calmed slightly, sitting up again and trying to get used to the intruder in his Mouth

Severus thanked the piercer and paid for everything at the counter. At the last minute he turned. "Is there anything you would like, Potter?"

Harry shook his head slowly, glancing around the shop

Severus shrugged and paid for his purchases.

Harry let himself be led from the shop, keeping his head down

Severus turned and tipped Potter's head up with a finger under his chin.

Harry looked up at him, slight glare in his eyes

Severus smirked. "You are unhappy."

"I didn't want a piece of metal through my tongue!" Harry snapped with a glare

Severus smirked. "I don't see why not. They're very erotic." He dropped the glamour off his own.

Harry's jaw dropped a little, before he quickly recovered and crossed his arms over his chest

Severus' smirk widened. Grasping Potter's chin he kissed the boy suddenly, his tongue bar clinking against Potter's, having taken advantage of the open mouth.

Harry tried to pull away, pushing at Severus

Severus gripped Potter's neck, refusing to let the boy pull away until he was ready.

Harry pushed against the hand, trying to pull out of the kiss

Severus finally broke this kiss, nipping at Potter's lower lip. Grabbing the boy's arm he apparated them back to the manor.

Harry pulled himself away from the arm once they landed

Severus growled at the boy. "Potter... Don't test my patience."

Harry kept moving away, glaring fiercely

Severus' eyes narrowed. "I'm warning you," he hissed.

Harry turned and started walking away

Severus snarled furiously. "Crucio!"

Harry fell to the floor in pain, fighting to remain silent 

Severus kept the curse in place for three minutes. "You. Will. Obey!"

Harry panted softly as he laid on the floor, body twitching slightly

Severus approached and hauled Potter to his feet.

Harry glared at him weakly

Severus chuckled darkly. "Come, Potter. There are things to be done."

Harry stood on shaking legs, following behind Severus, "please call me Harry" he whispered, "or anything but Potter"

Severus cocked an eyebrow. "What's wrong with your surname?"

"Nothing. I just don't like being called Potter" he said quietly

Severus frowned but nodded slowly. "What would you rather I called you?"

"Harry. “He whispered, "or whatever you want, just not Potter"

Severus sighed heavily. "Very well, Po- Harry. Come along."

Harry followed after him quietly

Severus led Potter back to the bedroom and began sorting through the purchases. He found the collar and turned to the boy.

Harry whimpered softly but stayed still

Severus crooked a finger. "Come here, Harry."

Harry took a tiny step towards him slowly

Severus nodded. "Good boy, my pet. Come closer."

Harry took another tiny step

Severus smirked. "Come on, my pet. I swear you no harm."

Harry took the final step nervously

Severus unclasped the collar and fastened it around Harry's throat. "This will alert me if you are in danger as well as let all know who you belong to. However, should you disobey me to the point of putting yourself at risk of getting yourself killed it will shock you at a high jolt."

"How high?" Harry asked nervously, looking at the floor and trying to get used to the weight around his neck

Severus smiled coldly. "Enough to incapacitate you but not enough to cause you to lose consciousness."

Harry nodded weakly, knowing that would hurt a lot"

Severus' gaze softened marginally. "However, should someone touch you in a way you do not like, it will shock the other person, leaving you unharmed."

Harry nodded again, "what are my rules?" He asked softly

Severus nodded. "You do not let yourself be used by anyone. I am not joking in the slightest when I say you are mine. You will do as told, disobedience results in punishment. Starting from tomorrow night you will share my bed, not have it to yourself. You may ask me any questions but with anyone else you do not speak unless asked a direct question."

Harry nodded, making sure to remember each of the rules

"What are you doing?" Harry asked as Severus started taking his cloak off

Severus frowned. "Taking my cloak off. We aren't going back outside, I don't need to continue wearing it.”

Harry nodded, leaving his own on, not wanting to stay in just the black briefs

Severus crossed his arms over his chest. "I have things that need brewing. Can I trust you to come along and keep your hands to yourself?"

Harry nodded slowly, before asking softly, "Am I permitted to have a book sir?"

Severus frowned then nodded. "Yes. Go pick what you want from the library."

Harry moved quickly, choosing a book about defensive magic

Severus waited for the boy to return with his choice. Once he did so Severus led them both to his lab.

Harry followed a step behind him, still wearing his heavy cloak, book under his arm

Severus opened the door underground and shut it behind them, wards instantly rising.

Harry stiffened a little at the feeling of the wards

Severus crooked a finger for Harry to follow. "The wards are to keep people out. If I'm working with a volatile potion I cannot afford to have some bumbling idiot come storming in and distract me. The results could be fatal."

Harry nodded, following after him slowly

Severus pointed at a workbench opposite his own. "You may sit there. I have no objection to questions or discussions but do not distract me if I appear to be counting."

Harry nodded, sitting down and opening the book, "What potion are you brewing... Master?"

Severus gathered ingredients. "Mostly I am restocking our supplies. Burn salves, pain relievers, headache potions, hangover potions, blood replenisher and so on."

Harry nodded a little and turned to the book, starting to read

Severus chopped and minced what he needed for the blood replenishers.

Harry read silently, glancing up every once in a while

Severus kept an eye on the boy while he brewed. There was every chance that Potter would use the opportunity to either try to escape or blow them both up.

Harry slowly shifted towards the door as he read, waiting until he knew Severus had to look down for a stirring procedure before he leapt towards the door

Severus had two choices. Risk using magic and the possibility of blowing them both up or wait for the collar to react. Fuck it. Wait for the collar.

Harry made it to the edge of the wards before the collar reacted, a shock racing through his body and sending him to the floor

Severus smirked darkly. "I did warn you. You seem to have forgotten the rules already."

Harry panted in pain, trying to stand up and keep moving, hoping he could fight through the pain

Severus watched Potter try to fight the collar, the shocks increasing in their intensity.

Harry managed to make it halfway out the door before another shock hit, this one strong enough to knock him unconscious

Severus levitated Potter back into the room, after the potion was at a stable stage, and shut the door, re-warding it. ‘Stupid boy,’ he grumbled silently.

Harry woke up a few hours later, head pounding as a result of the shocks

Severus silently handed over a headache potion.

Harry took it quickly, before slowly sitting up as the pain eased

Severus returned to the hangover potion he had been doing before Potter woke.

Harry slowly eased himself off the bench, moving back to his book

Severus brewed through his list of potions. Finally, he started one for personal means.

Harry kept reading quietly, glancing up and trying to figure out the different potions

Severus bottled and labelled all but the last one.

"What's that one?" Harry asked, regretting asking the second he saw the evil smirk sliding over the potion masters face.

Severus smirked. "One for personal use. You'll find out what it's for soon enough."

Harry frowned but nodded a little, turning back to his book

The last thing Severus did was place unbreakable charms on the vials.

Harry finished up with the last chapter of the book, sweating under the cloak

Severus dusted his hands off and stretched the kinks out of his back from being hunched over cauldrons for hours.

Harry watched silently, still getting used to the bar through his tongue

Hearing the clack of Potter's tongue bar against his teeth, Severus smirked. Severus flicked his own against his teeth softly in thought.

Harry shifted a little, fingers tracing over the collar

Severus watched Potter closely.

Harry let his hands fall into his lap, hair falling in a curtain over his face, having grown to shoulder length during the extended camping trip

"Come. You could use a haircut. We both could."

Harry nodded and stood up, taking a deep breath

Severus led them back to his rooms. Pulling a chair into the middle of the room he directed Potter to sit.

Harry sat down, pulling the cloak close around himself

Severus moved the clasp of Potter's cloak up so he could bare the back of the boy's neck.

Harry sat still, not wanting to anger him further after his escape attempt earlier

Severus used his wand to snip off the excess hair. He left it quite long, as he recalled it being in Potter's fourth year.

Harry was glad he left it longer, the longer it was the tamer it was

"You are done," Severus tapped Potter's shoulder.

Harry nodded and stood up, still sweating under the cloak

Severus paused.  "Are you too warm?"

Harry shook his head, yelping when the collar sent out a small shock for lying to him

Severus grimaced. "Take off the cloak if you are too warm."

Harry glared at him, shaking his head, not wanting too much of his flesh to be on display

Severus growled. "Take off the cloak. Now."

Harry froze under the tone, hands shaking as he slowly undid the clasp of the cloak

Severus held his hand out for the bundle of material.

Harry handed it to him with a scowl, arms moving to cross over his chest

Severus smirked cruelly, but threw Potter a lighter cloak.

Harry quickly wrapped it around himself with a slight blush, looking at the ground

Severus rolled his eyes. "Come, we have one last job to do."

Harry nodded and followed after him silently, wondering what more the man could want

Grabbing some floo powder he pulled Harry against his chest and threw the powder down. "Malfoy Manor!"

Harry went pale as he realized their destination, feeling slightly happier when he realised Ginny and Luna were there somewhere

Luna placed dinner on the table for her master and smiled softly at him.

 Severus strode into the room. "Lucius. I apologise for interrupting your dinner. May I sit?"

Lucius nodded, "Would you like a pillow for your pet?" He asked, thanking Luna softly

Harry followed behind, glancing at Luna before looking at the floor

Luna offered a polite greeting to Severus. "Good evening, professor Snape. Would you like something to eat?"

Severus nodded. "That would be appreciated Luc. And yes Miss Lovegood that would be lovely"

Harry stood next to Severus' chair as the man sat down, gaze firmly on the floor

Lucius smiled, "So what brings you here Severus?"

A pillow appeared next to Severus for Potter to kneel upon. "I am aware of why you wanted Miss Lovegood." Severus clicked his fingers as he spoke, pointing to the pillow

Harry knelt slowly, stiffening slightly when he felt a hand in his hair

Lucius nodded a little, "I believe most were aware, but found no problem with it"

Luna looked at Lucius. "Master, may I ask?"

Severus carded a hand through the boy's now shorter hair. "You misunderstand, my friend. I have no problem. I came to help."

Lucius turned to Luna, "You may ask" He said firmly, glad Severus approved enough to help

"Could I sit with professor Snape's pet, master?"

Severus cupped Potter's chin and stroked his thumb over soft red lips.

"If Severus permits it" Lucius nodded

Harry shivered a little at the touch, both liking it and hating it at the same time

Luna turned to the professor, her eyes downcast. "May I sit with your pet, professor Snape?"

Severus nodded. "You may." Severus pressed down on Potter's lower lip softly, parting the soft lips.

Harry stayed absolutely still, not sure what Severus was doing, tempted to try and jerk away from the touch.

Lucius smiled, "So Severus, you mentioned helping me?"

Luna sat beside Harry. "Hi Harry," she murmured.

Severus smiled at Lucius. "Yes. I have ways of increasing chances of conception and have enough medical training to see you, and Miss Lovegood, through the pregnancy safely."

"Hey" Harry said quietly, reaching down to grab her hand

"They would be most welcome" Lucius smiled

Luna smiled. "You seem in good shape?"

Severus smiled. "Excellent. Is it just the one child you wish for her to bear?"

Harry nodded a little, "I'm scared Luna"

Lucius shrugged, "Maybe more, we'll see”

Luna frowned. "Why? Professor Snape seems to be treating you kindly. Is he not?"

Severus nodded. "It would have been nice to continue the Snape line but... Well... My…ah ... Proclivities do not allow it," he chuckled.

"He's get a look in his eyes" Harry whispered

"Our Lord didn't tell you?" Lucius asked quietly, "His research shows that Potter is a carrier"

Luna frowned. "What kind of look?"

Severus frowned. "A carrier? You're sure?"

"Like he's holding back from ripping my clothes off and fucking me on every flat surface he can find" Harry whispered

Lucius nodded, "Our Lord knows of your desire to have children and that's why he gave Potter to you"

Luna chuckled. "Why is that a bad thing? You are attractive, Harry. Though a little underfed."

Severus sighed softly. "I must thank him properly."

"I'm scared it will hurt" Harry said truthfully

Lucius nodded a little, "I recommend not trying until the boy has a bit more weight on him, otherwise you could lose them both"

Luna nodded. "It does a little, at first. But then it's wonderful Harry. I promise."

Severus nodded and grinned. "There are contraceptive charms until then."

"I'm scared Luna" Harry murmured

Lucius nodded with a smirk, finishing his food

Luna sighed. "Yes Harry but why? Are you scared you'll like him? Master is kind to me, Harry. Trust me when I say it will work out. Even in the darkest moment when you think it won't. It will."

Severus snagged a piece of meat of Lucius' plate and took a bite from it. Blowing the steam off, he lowered his fingers to Harry's mouth.

Harry smiled softly at her, "when did you get so wise Luna?" Harry opened his mouth and let the meat in, moaning softly at the flavour

Luna shrugged. "No one ever listened before."

Severus gently popped the meat in Harry's mouth and licked his fingers clean while Harry chewed.

Harry smiled and hugged her softly, "we all should have" he murmured after swallowing

Luna patted Harry's back. "It matters not now. Shall I remove the dishes, master?"

Severus slid a chart across to Lucius. "Record Miss Lovegood's bleeds on this for me. The best time for conception would be three or four days once the bleeding has completely stopped. Of course, that doesn't mean don't get your practice in."

Lucius smirked a little, "thank you Severus" he said softly, before turning to Luna, "yes please strawberry"

Luna nodded. "Of course, master. May I ask?"

Severus chuckled softly. "Ever the polite young lady, Miss Lovegood."

"You may ask" Lucius smiled

Harry glanced up at Severus, missing the hand in his hair slightly

"May I get a drink of water? I'm awfully thirsty."

Severus lowered his hand back to Harry's hair, running his hand through it.

"Of course love" Lucius smiled

Harry let out a soft sigh, leaning into the touch

Luna blinked at the endearment but fetched a glass of water for herself.

Severus looked over. "Would you be kind enough to get my pet a glass?"

Harry looked up at him thankfully, slowly leaning his head against the man’s thigh

Severus paused and looked down at Harry before stroking the boy's cheek.

Luna passed a glass to Harry.

Harry took the glass and took a few sips, closing his eyes

Lucius smiled and patted his lap

Severus kept his hand on Harry's cheek.

Luna smiled and climbed up, not even blinking when one arm slid around her waist and the other hand into her panties.

Harry kept his eyes closed, liking the soft touches

Lucius glided his fingers over her clit softly, kissing her neck, "when was your last bleed?"

Severus couldn't help the genuine smile that twitched at his lips.

Luna's breath hitched.  "About two weeks ago. Depending on what the date is."

Harry hummed softly, opening his mouth as a finger slid over his lips

"Today is the twentieth of July" Lucius said quietly

Severus pushed his finger into Harry's mouth, running the pad of it across the boy's tongue.

Luna moaned softly. "Then it was two weeks and three days ago."

Harry smiled a little, letting Severus's finger roam his Mouth, still tasting faintly of the spices from the meat

Lucius nodded, marking it on the chart as his finger twirled around her opening

Severus gently swirled around Harry's tongue bar.

Luna hummed quietly. "Please, master," she begged.

Harry whined softly, the touch stinging the fresh piercing

Lucius smirked, "go to bed strawberry, I'll be up soon. Put on something... Special"

Severus moved away again. "Still sore?"

Luna pouted softly but did as her master commanded and slid from his lap. In the bedroom she pulled out a see through nightie with nothing else on.

Harry nodded, "stings a little" he whispered

Severus pulled out a pain potion for Harry.  "Here, my pet."

Harry took it quickly, sighing softly when the pain eased

After a few moments, Lucius stood up and said goodbye to Severus, telling him Draco would be down for dinner soon if he wanted to stay

Severus nodded. "Thank you. Enjoy yourself," he smirked.

Harry looked up at Severus as Lucius left the room, "are we going or staying?"

Severus looked down. "I plan to stay and see my godson. I imagine you would like to see Miss Weasley?"

Harry nodded slightly, sitting up straight again

Severus ran his hand back through Harry's hair.

Harry hummed softly at the touch as the door opened

Ginny entered first.

Harry kept his head down, scared to look

Ginny waited for Draco to sit and be given her instructions.

Draco gestured her down with one hand, smiling at Severus

Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he realized Ginny looked good

Severus smiled at his godson. "Draco. How are you?"

Ginny sunk to her knees on Luna's vacated cushion.

"I'm good Severus, and yourself?"

Harry smiled a little at Ginny

Ginny looked at Harry and gave a brief smile.

"Quite well, Draco. How have you been with your pet? Any problems?"

Draco shook his head, "she's been very good" he hummed, "yours?"

Harry looked up at Severus as Draco asked

Severus chortled. "He's given me problems but it was to be expected. He's been extremely well behaved of late."

Harry looked down at the floor, shifting nervously

Draco nodded a little, reaching a hand down to stroke Ginny's hair

Ginny smiled softly at the touch.

Severus looked down at Harry. "Pet? You are nervous."

Harry nodded a little, despite Severus not asking a question, keeping his gaze on the floor

Draco smiled, gently leaning Ginny's head on his leg

Ginny complied easily.

Severus frowned softly. "Why are you nervous, my pet?"

"I require the bathroom" Harry whispered

Draco kept stroking her hair

Severus nodded. "Miss Weasley, would you be so kind and show Harry the bathroom?"

Draco let her stand up.

Harry stood slowly

Ginny led the way silently.

Severus turned back to Draco. "How are things? Are they truly okay?"

Harry waited until he came out of the bathroom before hugging her gently

Draco nodded, "she listens and doesn't fight"

Ginny smiled and hugged back.

Severus snorted. "We're getting there."

Harry smiled at her and they headed back

Draco laughed softly

Ginny knelt back at Draco's feet.

Severus chuckled with Draco

Harry knelt back next to Severus, leaning his head on the man’s thigh

Draco returned his hand to Ginny's hair

Severus cupped Harry's cheek, his hand occasionally running through the messy black hair.

Ginny sighed contently.

Harry smiled softly at the soft touch, humming quietly

Draco stroked her hair gently

Severus smiled down. "Are you happy to stay or do you want to go?"

Harry shrugged a little, smiling nervously up at him, not wanting to say the wrong thing

Severus sighed good-naturedly. "Gryffindor’s. Perhaps we could stay for dinner Draco?"

Draco smiled, "I have no problem with that. I assume your pet will eat what he is given?"

"He will eat from my hand, yes. Any allergies, my pet?"

"Raspberries" Harry whispered

"Okay. No raspberries, Draco."

Draco nodded, "how does Moroccan marinated lamb with potato gratin sound? With lemon and strawberry tart for after?"

Severus looked down at Harry.

Harry smiled softly, "I love lamb" he whispered

"Excellent. That sounds wonderful Draco."

Harry sat quietly as they waited for the food, stiffening when his cloak was removed

"Just so it doesn't get dirty. You can have it back when you're finished."

Harry nodded, feeling exposed but not wanting to fight and get shocked again

Severus ran his hand through Harry's hair soothingly.

Harry leaned into the touch

Upstairs Luna sucked Lucius into her throat.

Lucius gripped her hair firmly

Luna hummed around him, loving the hand twisted in her hair.

Lucius pulled her off him and up to kiss her hard

Luna moaned into the kiss, her body thrumming with desire.

Lucius pulled her into his lap

Luna smiled at him and kissed his jaw.

Lucius groaned softly

Luna moved her lips to the blonde’s throat.

"So perfect" Lucius moaned

Luna blushed and unbuttoned his shirt.

Lucius pulled her down for a kiss

Luna moaned into the kiss, awaiting further instruction.

Lucius slid his hands down her body

Luna shivered delightedly.

Lucius pulled her dress over her head

Luna raised her arms and wound them around Lucius' neck.

Lucius pulled the dress off and kissed her firmly

Luna pressed herself against his chest.

Lucius' hands ran down her body, sliding her panties off

Luna stepped out of the thin material.

Lucius kissed her firmly

Luna hummed softly.

Lucius slipped his hand between her legs

Luna's breathing hitched. "Oh master..." She moaned.

Lucius smirked and slid a finger into her

Luna gasped softly, parting her legs wider.

Lucius kissed her deeply again

Luna ground onto Lucius' finger.

Lucius moaned softly

Luna blushed.

Lucius worked a second finger in

Luna thrust against the digits.

Lucius grinned, kissing her again

Luna daringly thrust her tongue in Lucius' mouth.

Lucius moaned, grinding his hips against her

Luna hummed.

Lucius slid his fingers out

Luna whined in complaint

Lucius grinned and pulled her down on his cock

Luna cried out loudly. "Master!”

Lucius held her there, moaning loudly

Luna shifted and raised herself up before dropping back down

Lucius moaned loudly, bucking up

Luna rode her master, pushing her master closer to orgasm.

Lucius groaned and came deep in her

Luna threw her head back and cried out. "Master!"

Lucius slowly stroked her clit

Luna shuddered and moaned, loving that her master was still inside her while he continued taking her pleasure higher.

Lucius kissed her hard, hands moving up to caress her nipples

Luna moaned loudly, whimpering in pleasure.

Lucius latched his mouth onto one of her nipples

Luna brazenly thrust her chest into her master’s face.

Lucius slid out, sliding his hand down to slowly caress between her legs

Luna whined at the loss though it soon turned into a moan.

Lucius grinned around her nipple, slowly stroking her clit

Luna wriggled against the finger stroking her, desperate to come. “Master… please!"

"Come for me" Lucius whispered, sucking a love bite on her neck

Luna's head fell back and she screamed as her body grew tight then snapped and her orgasm raced through her.

Lucius held her close as she came

Luna collapsed against him, her body hummed pleasantly with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Lucius grinned and kissed her softly

Luna kissed back sweetly.

Lucius yawned a little, "Sleep now My strawberry"

Luna nodded. "You'll stay, master?"

Lucius smiled and nodded, "I need to sleep too"

Luna nodded and curled up tightly.

Lucius wrapped himself around her

Luna fell asleep in seconds.

Severus bit back a groan when the food was placed before him. It looked and smelled delicious.

Harry moaned softly as the smell drifted to him, having not had such nice food since Bill and Fleur’s wedding

The moan when straight to Severus' groin. Cutting off a little meat he used his fingers to lower it to Harry's mouth.

Harry pulled it out of his grip, letting out a soft whimper at the taste

Severus ate some himself then gave Harry a bigger bite.

Harry chewed happily, sucking some of the juice off Severus' fingers

Severus bit his tongue to keep from moaning. He could see Draco trying not to laugh at him.

Harry looked up at him innocently

Severus narrowed his eyes though not menacingly.

Harry smirked a little, opening his mouth for more

Severus gave Harry more meat.

Harry sucked on his fingers again

Severus did moan that time, he couldn't hold it back. His pants were too tight for his cock.

Harry looked up at him with a smirk, finishing the bite, nervous about what he was doing

Severus' pupils were blown wide.

Harry sighed when the next bite didn't come, reaching out to grab some for himself

Severus slapped Harry's hand and glared at him. "Wait!” He hissed and cut another bite.

Harry whined softly, hand falling to his side

Severus slid the next bite into Harry's mouth.

Harry chewed happily, humming softly

Severus fed himself then Harry in turn.

Harry whined, waiting impatiently

Severus handed more food down

Harry chewed with a smile, humming a little

Severus fed Harry what was left on the plate.

Harry smiled widely, leaning his head on him

Severus stroked his hair.

Harry sighed softly, looking up at him

Severus looked down and cocked an eyebrow in question.

"Can we go soon?" Harry asked quietly

"Yes. Thank you for an excellent meal Draco."

Harry smiled a little, glad he was listened to

Severus rose and bade Harry to follow.

Harry stood and walked slowly after him

Severus pulled Harry against his chest and floo'd them away.

Harry stumbled a little as they landed

Severus kept Harry upright then dragged him off to the bedroom.

Harry yelped softly, still in just briefs

Severus kicked the door shut and turned to Harry.

Harry stood In front of him, facing the floor

Severus strode forward and wound a hand in Harry's hair, "You've been teasing me, my pet."

Harry kept himself still, body stiff

Severus crushed his mouth against Harry's brutally.

Harry kissed back for a few moments before realizing what he was doing and trying to pull away

Severus wound his arms behind Harry's back, stopped his escape.

Harry growled, trying to pull away as hard as he could

Severus bit Harry's lip, though not hard enough to draw blood and backed the boy up against the bed.

Harry kept struggling around, growling softly

Pushing the boy onto the bed he flicked his wand and the scarves from their trip to the shop wound around Potter's wrists, binding him.

Harry yanked against them, twisting on the bed

Severus unbuttoned his shirt and shucked the thin material off.

Harry kept yanking on the scarfs, trying his hardest to break them with shots of magic

Severus smirked darkly. "They are imbibed with magic. No amount of struggling will slip you loose. Did you think I had forgotten your earlier transgression?"

Harry looked up at him nervously, still frantically trying to free himself

Severus shook his head and waggled his finger mockingly. "I told you before we went to the lab that distracting me was dangerous. Had you not had the collar on I’d have had to of stunned you, and risked blowing us both up."

Harry frowned at him, tugging furiously, letting out a quiet whimper

Severus unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants, letting them balance in his narrow hips.

Harry shook his head quickly, trying to kick him

Severus walked over. "I can bind your legs as well," he warned.

Harry just tried to kick him again, managing to clip his shoulder

Snarling furiously Severus bound Potter's feet to the bottom posts, still leaving enough slack for... Activities.

Harry let out a yell, trying to free his feet again

Severus dropped the pants off his hips and bared the twitching length in them. He'd worn no boxers.

Harry's face paled and he shook his head, "no!"

"Ah ah! I warned you there would be consequences of breaking the rules, my pet. Just because you were behaved at the Malfoy's doesn't mean you've gotten away with it. But the punishment is lesser than what I had planned."

Harry kept trying to escape, body going limp when he realized there was nothing he could do

Severus smirked darkly. "Good. Now that you've stopped struggling...."

Harry went pale, looking at him terrified, "please! Don't!"

Severus ignored the plea and found the unlabelled vial from earlier.

Harry frowned, "what is that?" He yelled

Pouring a little into his fingers he smoothed it over his slim digits. "Something for you."

Harry's face paled in realization, shaking his head desperately as he started struggling again

Severus knelt between Potter's legs, slicked hand glistening in the light.

"No!" Harry screamed, trying to shift himself away

Bending the boy's knees he bared Potter's arse to him. Running a slicked finger down the crack Severus pressed between them.

Harry let out a scream, trying to pull himself away from the touch, "stop!"

Severus pushed his finger into the tight ring of muscle.

Harry let out a cry, trying to pull himself away in any way possible

Severus pumped his finger, twisting it around, searching.

"Stop!" Harry cried, trying to push Severus out

Severus pressed a second finger in. Scissoring them, he stretched Harry out.

Harry howled, shaking his head and trying to get away, bucking his hips suddenly

Severus added a third finger, making sure he wouldn't hurt the boy on entry.

"Stop!" Harry screamed, voice starting to go hoarse, continuing to tug frantically on the restraints

Severus added a fourth finger and twisted them around inside Harry. "So tight..." He growled.

Harry sobbed loudly, "please?" He cried, trying to clench his muscles to force Severus out, something in the lubricant stopping him

Severus pulled his fingers out and slicked his cock up.  "This could hurt a little," he warned quietly.

"Stop!" Harry begged, "please" he cried out, trying to clench himself shut

Severus sat back a moment. "I don't understand you. You spent the entire meal teasing me, making me hard. I get you back and you're suddenly all shy and coy!"

Harry whimpered weakly, "please" he whispered, knowing that he wasn't going to stop

Severus growled. "Answer me!"

"I was fucking hungry!" Harry yelled, yanking on the scarves

"So you thought you'd tease me then retract it?!"

Harry shrugged, "I'm a fucking virgin okay!" He yelled

Severus reeled back. "Well, no wonder you're so tight." Hedging back forward, he lifted Harry onto his thighs and positioned himself. "I'll do my best not to be too harsh."

Harry whimpered softly, squeezing his eyes shut

Pressing forward into Harry he palmed the boy's cock to distract him from the pressure further back.

Harry groaned loudly, pleasure and pain shooting through him

Severus pressed further inside, sliding in inch by inch until fully seated.   Giving over to the pleasure he felt he thrust into Harry at a fast pace.

Harry yelled and cried out, a few moans slipping through as Severus hit his prostate, whimpering a little

Severus slammed into Harry, using both hands to jerk the boy's hips, forcing him back onto Severus' thighs.

Harry cried out loudly as Severus slammed into his prostate, the movement still burning slightly

Severus stroked Harry's now weeping, hard cock and continued fucking him with vigour.

Harry gasped at the touch on his cock, pleasure shooting through him

"That's it Harry," he growled. "Moan for your master."

Harry let out a whine, shaking his head, before a loud moan burst out from a slam into his prostate

"Good, my pet. Let me hear you."  Severus picked up the pace further.

Harry kept letting out moans, unable to keep himself silent no matter how hard he tried

Severus pulled on Harry's cock, driving the boy's pleasure higher. "Come, Harry. Now!"

 Harry groaned loudly and came over his hand, crying out as his body spasmed in the restraints

Severus threw his head back and slammed into Harry a final time before growling out his own orgasm, spilling inside him

Harry panted softly, laying still under him

Vanishing the restraints Severus rolled off Harry and to the side, exhausted.

Harry curled into a ball, shivering a little and feeling confused

Severus sat up, the muscles in his thighs trembling a little from exertion.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut, thinking he was still in trouble from earlier

Severus summoned a salve. "Lay back a moment. This salve with remove most of any pain you're in."

Harry slowly moved into an easier position, hole clenching desperately

Severus scooped a generous amount out and smoothed it over Harry's hole.

Harry let out a soft sigh of relief, feeling quite empty

Severus sat back. "I'm getting a shower," he announced.

Harry nodded, "I'm going to sleep" he said quietly

"Very well. Goodnight, my pet."

Harry nodded a little, curling into a ball and drifting to sleep

Severus stepped under a hot spray and chided himself for not being more careful.

Harry slept badly at first, only slipping into a peaceful sleep after he was joined in the bed

Severus tugged Harry against his chest and fell asleep.