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Tactum Sanitas

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Jim jogged down the corridor towards the medical bay. He had been alerted that their most recent away mission had not gone as planned. In fact, from what he was told there had been some serious injuries and the team had been beamed directly into Dr. McCoy's sick bay. As he approached the double doors there was crowd gathered, all hovering anxiously in groups of two or three. Upon closer inspection he realized the people outside sick bay were nurses and a few members of their away team being treated for minor burns and cuts.

"What's going on here?" The Captain asked. He caught a nurse by the arm stopping him in his path to run a tricorder over an ensign. The nurse was a little perturbed in being derailed from his task but upon recognizing the Captain he lowered his expression.

"Sir, we are treating the others out here in the hall. Lt. Commander Spock has received some serious injuries and Dr. McCoy ordered us out, for privacy's sake." Jim's expression lifted in surprise his blue eyes wide. It must be very serious for Bones to kick everyone out of the med bay, indeed even patients who need care.

Just as Jim opened his mouth to reply a startled cry rang through the doors. Even though the doors were shut tight the wail was loud and desperate enough to stop everyone in the hallway in their tracks. That couldn't have been Spock, not the ever calm ever stoic Spock. Another pitiful cry squeezed its way past the doors and in an instant Jim knew this must be dire. He ordered the other staff in the hall further down the corridor. Once everyone else had moved away Jim pressed his ear against the door. His heart pounded in his chest, his cheeks must have been hot because the metal of the doors was strikingly cold on his face. He could hear Bones cursing and moving things around.

He could do this, he was Captain and if Spock really was hurt as bad as it sounded he was going in there. He just needed to pull himself together. Another wail had him bursting in. So much for that plan.

Spock did not even notice that Jim had walked in he was in too much pain. His eyes were closed and he was chanting, trying to maintain some sort of control. The away mission was supposed to be routine. There was a small crew, a few science officers and security personnel but somehow it had all managed to go wrong. They were attacked. Everything had happened so fast, so fast in fact that Spock had his hand crushed in a door. Bones had immediately given him some sort of pain medication and yet it was not working. Spock was trying to control the sounds coming out of his mouth, he had already let slip too many sounds of distress. Bones waved his friend over and leveled him with a look that Kirk had rarely ever seen. Serious was not the word for it. Not even the life threatening Space scared face that Bones gave him the day they first met would compare.

"Bones, how bad is it?" Jim tried not to look at Spock, tried not to look at the mangled fingers on his right hand. They were twisted, bent at an odd angle and were a pea soup green color. It made Kirk's stomach turn.

"Not going to lie Jim, it's bad. I've dosed him as much as I dare. Problem is he is still in too much pain for me to really work on his fingers. I need to reset them,'s not...that easy. Never is, with his kind." Leonard needed a drink. A big one. He knew more about Vulcan biology and culture than most, and in his line of work that was saying something. Since he was first given his roster for the Enterprise crew he decided to study up on all the different lifeforms he would be caring for. It was only logical. Bones gave a gruff laugh. Logical, indeed.

"What do you mean 'not that easy'? I mean look at him Bones, he is barely hanging in there. What can I do to help?" Jim looked so earnest, his blue eyes shining.

"Well, to be honest Jim, this is extremely delicate and personal. I don't know if Spock will let you help, but damn it I have to do something. I considered hypo-ing him into oblivion....but something about his Telepathic mind is keeping him conscious. I think it is a way to protect himself." As he was talking the Doctor was loading another hypo spray, his brow was furrowed as he spoke. Sweat gathered there and at the base of neck. Throughout this all Spock was kneeling on the floor his damaged hand clutched closely to his chest. He was also sweating, which was a marvel. A small whimper made it past his iron will. Any minuet now Spock knew he was going to lose all self control. Never in his life had he endured so much pain, not even the great Pon Farr could rival the shear agony he now faced. He fell back into chanting, hoping beyond all hope that vocalizing might help his concentration.

"Delicate? Per-personal, you dare tell me that this is too personal? Just spit it out, he is gonna lose it, then we will have to deal with a broken Vulcan and I'm not about to explain that to Starfleet Command!" Jim was nearly as frantic as Spock was. "What is the big deal and make it quick, Bones."

"Ok, ok. Vulcan's hands are very sensitive. Not only because they have almost three times more nerve endings in their hands but also because it is the mode for their telepathy. That being said they, meaning Vulcans, use their hands for bonding and as an alternative to the sexual act itself. So, touching is highly personal and this is extremely painful. We are about to reset his fingers and possibly cause him severe sexual pain." Jim was staring. Actually staring at the doctor. It was too much, too much information too fast. But it had to be done right? Right.

"Right, well it is that or...or broken fingers. I guess, I will hold him and you things?" Jim ran a hand through his hair. This was going to be awful. Awful and awkward. Bones stepped behind Spock and jabbed his neck with yet another dose of pain killer. He then knelt down, to be eye level with his patient.

"Spock, listen to me pointy, hey...there you are...Ok Jim is here and he is going to help me get you back right. But, it's gonna hurt, and it well I hope things won't be uhh...distressing for you. And...I'm sorry." Bones would later deny his apology, and anyone who asked got threatened with a booster shot for the Marqualian Pox. As Bones spoke he motioned for Jim to come around behind Spock to help hold him.

Jim felt odd, being this close to his first officer. He was on his knees his chest pressed warmly to Spock's back. Spock barely registered that Jim was there, until he felt an arm, a sure arm wrap around his torso. At this moment neither could tell who was keeping whom upright, Spock was sure if Jim was not holding him by now he would slumped on the floor.

Bones was on the floor, keeping his eyes on Jim's. He slowly reached towards the mangled hands. The left hand was guarding the right, keeping it closer the body. The moment that the doctor made to pull that hand out of the way Spock's eyes widened.

"Don't." He rasped. Well, thought Jim, he must be far gone to use contractions. The captain tightened his grip minutely. Bones tried again and this time he said, "Hey, come on. I need to see that hand. I'm the doctor here, remember?" His voice was deep and yet soft, trying to pour all that unused bed side manner into one sentence. He kept talking, "That's it. Jesus, man, these look bad. Just let me look at them, not going to do anything yet." Spock's left hand now lay limply in his lap. Bones' hands were now sweetly wrapping around Spock's right wrist, thumbs moving in gentle circles.

Spock now finally looked down at the hands touching him. The pain was still screaming at him, but a new sensation was blossoming, one of heat and desire. Bones ran his fingers over the last three digits assessing the damage without applying any sort of pressure. Spock's face had gone slack, his mind torn in two. Never before had he experienced this level of pain and pleasure together. His cheeks he could feel were flushed and no doubt bright green. Jim had tightened his grip yet again against the trim chest in his arms. He was watching with an odd fascination, and in a crazy moment he was struck with an idea. Blue eyes searched for the doctors, he was ready. They both were, now only if they could hold onto a hurt pain crazed Vulcan.

"Ok, Spock, now I have to fix these fingers. On my" Before he could get to three Bones pulled his patented early strike maneuver. He grabbed all three fingers and pulled them into the correct alignment. At the very same moment Kirk had managed to sneak his other hand down and run his fingers over Spock's left hand which had been forgotten in his lap.

All of this came as too much for the poor Vulcan. Thank goodness he was already on the floor, because if not he would have collapsed at that very moment. Spock's mouth was frozen in a silent scream, his right hand in agony and his left in ecstasy. Bones swore and fell back onto his ass. He needed a drink, in fact he wanted a few. Jim extracted himself as calmly and as carefully as possible before sitting back on his haunches unsure of himself at the moment.

Spock was...well for lack of a better term... checked out. He did not know if the drugs had finally caught up with him or if it was all the nuro-chemicals that were flooding his brain but he was numb. Bones and Jim hauled him up and got him into a bio bed. He was still in his Science officer uniform so they decided to try and make him a bit more comfortable. There had not been time when he arrived to get him into a gown. Jim went for his regulation boots and Bones began to pull his shirt up and over his head being mindful of his injured hand. If the good doctor noticed the wet stain on the front of his pants he did not say anything. He would finish changing him and cleaning him up when the Captain left. Doctors were funny that way, about patient privacy. Besides, Bones thought, he had embarrassed his fellow officer enough for one day.

"Well, that was....not fun." Jim couldn't think of anything else to say. Him and Bones decided on that drink. They sat in the middle of the floor, in the med bay with nothing but the quiet thumping of Spock's heartbeat coming from the bio bed. They would have to fill out reports about the day but neither felt inclined at the moment, they would rather drink in silence and wait until Spock regained consciousness. They would have to tell him what happened....