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Ace Attorney: Skits & Giggles

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The attorney thought he was going insane. For the past several weeks, every time he wanted to do something, it would vanish entirely from his mind, reoccupied with a new task to complete. It's as if his whole entire schedule revolved around these chores, but none were ever done as he constantly shuffled back and forth in the office. Piles of paperwork remained unfinished, he missed one of Trucy's shows, a celebratory dinner and almost forgot to use the bathroom. One time he fell asleep on the floor with his buttocks present to the world as people entered the office, getting a grand view of the oceanic behind of justice. Apollo and Athena would notice how flustered and irritated he became when he would stop at a door frame and ruffle his fingers through his spiky hair in aggravation.

"Ugh! W-Why?! Why can't I remember?!" Phoenix stomped as he would then conveniently go on to whatever he was trying to complete for the day. The two attorney's turned and saw how his fists clenched tightly as he stormed back to his desk, seeing the intermingled fingers block part of his wrinkled frown.

"Boss? Is there something wrong?" Athena asked.

"I just… everytime I remember something to do, it would completely fly away in several seconds!" Phoenix husked.

"Maybe you just need to clear your thoughts." Added Apollo.

"I'm trying, Apollo… I think-" Phoenix stopped. He promptly stood up robotically and walked down the office, turning to the bathroom. Athena and Apollo followed. They saw their boss just about to remove the toilet scrubber and conveniently scrub away at the ceramic thinker seat until he paused, dropped the brush and bolted out the door, almost crashing into them in the process.

"Mr. Wright! Be Careful!" Athena stumbled backward, completely dumbfounded as Phoenix headed towards the office door.

"Mr. Wright! Where are you going?!" Apollo flinched.

"Gotta head to the trial!" He yelped.

"What trial?! We don't have a client!" Athena trounced.

"Don't be silly! Of course we do. And I'm late!"

Phoenix slammed the door. Apollo and Athena remained frozen how their boss just made a picture frame fall off the wall from the crash. Before they could respond, the attorney returned, excitement teeming from his expression. "We got a pool!"

"Wait! WHAT?!" The attorney's shouted. "This is an apartment building! Since when did we have a pool?!"

The crazed attorney ran towards a somehow magically generated pool outside of the office apartment, which was strangely and magically changed to a one story house.

"Somethings not right here…" Apollo squeaked.

"Nonsense!" Phoenix jumped into the fresh water pool with the exquisite technique of Michael Phelps into the water with his suit still on.

"Mr. Wright, there is something weird going on and you're acting like Orla?!" Athena angrily chastised.

"You two need to quit fooling around and...ooops! Gotta make lunch!" Phoenix swam towards the ladder like a professional lifeguard until he hit his head on the concrete border.

"Ow!" Wait… where's the step-ladder?!" He frantically screamed. "It's gone!"

Phoenix panicked. "Help me you two!"

"We can't!" Athena and Apollo wailed.

"WHY THE HELL NOT?!" The blue attorney had a hard time keeping his head above the water.

"We don't know how!"

"Help! Where are you going?! GUYS?!" His arms waved wildly as he saw his employees walk back inside the house.





"Muahahahaha! Take that, you foolishly foolish fool! You destroyed my perfect record and the cost is your life!"

"Franziska...?" Edgeworth peered over his step sister's shoulders, watching her laugh at the soon to be drowning victim in the computer monitor playing SIMS. "I hope you are aware those are just replicas of the original Wright Agency workers." His finger tapped his bicep lightly as they crossed against his chest.

"Be quiet, little brother!" She scoffed. "If it were legal, I would have done it ages ago! His life is not worth going to jail for!"